Rumor: Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger?!

August 11, 2008
Source: JoBlo

Rumor: Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger?!

We've heard about the prospective Nightmare on Elm Street remake / reboot for quite a while, but there hasn't been any real progress. However, now that New Line has moved in under Warner Brothers, apparently the studio has gained some new interest in bringing Freddy Krueger back. Just like Jason and the new Friday the 13th, which is also now a Warner Brothers movie, Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is the company that's hoping to restart the franchise. Ex-Freddy Robert Englund has been out promoting the release of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer on radio stations and mentioned to a few of them that he's heard the rumor that Billy Bob Thornton might play the new Freddy. We heard it on KROQ in Los Angeles last week, now a JoBlo listener says they heard it on Loveline as well.

I don't personally recall everything Englund said, but on Loveline he said that he's not opposed to being replaced and believes that the the franchise could use a remake because back in 1984 it was a film with a big concept being made on a small budget. Englund has become a legend for playing Freddy in a total of eight films, including Freddy vs. Jason, and it would be a daunting task to fill his shoes. However, if anyone, Billy Bob Thornton definitely seems like the right guy for it. Just look at that mock image above that we whipped up - seems like a good fit to me? I'm actually quite intrigued that Platinum Dunes seems to be going for a big name for the villain rather than finding someone physical to fit the role - like Derek Mears in Friday the 13th. However, this definitely isn't anything that I'm worried about. Would Billy Bob be a good Freddy?

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billy bob looks good as freddy.

Darrin on Aug 11, 2008


No one can top Robert Englund in the role he was born to play. A boozing Billy Bob! Yikes!

Pickle on Aug 11, 2008


I dunno about this one... I mean he COULD be a good Freddy... but there is no way he can do a better job than Englund. Then again I said the same thing about The Joker so who knows.

CSpuppydog on Aug 11, 2008


I'm gonna say the same thing when the hooker down the street asked me if "I wanted a good time." No thanks, Billy.

Josh M on Aug 11, 2008


LOL. This sounds like an April Fool's Day prank. If they do a reboot then Krueger needs to be played by a nobody. Noone is going to be afraid of Billy Bob. ...LOL this has to be a joke.

Viper on Aug 11, 2008


Who cares? It turned out to be a fucking retarded franchise. But of course, it's a stupid idea to go back to square one. Whatever. Billy Bob Thorton is cool.

DCompose on Aug 11, 2008


Billy Bob is a good choice but NO. Bring back Englund.

Ryan on Aug 11, 2008


I never enjoyed the Nightmare movies. Each one got worse and worse as it went along. At least the first had a good idea behind it. I wouldn't mind Billy Bob. As long as he was like Freddy in the first film and speaks very little. As he looks the part, but he doesn't sound the part.

Jesse on Aug 11, 2008


I watched and loves the original movies as a teenager. While the first two were horror films, the movies got a sarcastic tone from 3 to 6 (I lmao with every single kill xD), thats until we got a really dark and creepy version on Freedy in New Nightmare (7). No matter what actor signs for the new movie, it wont be Freedy Kruger simply because i remember Freedys face and voice, and it was Roberts. Only he can do it... i hope they give it to him... its not a part like Jason (wich uses a mask) or the Joker (wich was done only once by Nicholson). Dreckent (Peru)

Dreckent on Aug 11, 2008


If they are going for the redneck side of Freddy I think billy bod would be a good fit. To be honest though, with performances such as Ledger's in The Dark Knight, anything could happen.

Atomic Popcorn on Aug 12, 2008


So long as they get a heavy metal band to do the theme song and the music video has the band scaring Freddy in his dreams, I'm happy. Or they could have Will Smith star in it and make the theme song A Nightmare On My Street

Kail on Aug 12, 2008


Robert Englund is FREDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Aug 12, 2008


what an injustice this would be if billy bob is cast as freddy. englund is freddy and NO ONE could EVER fill his shoes! it would have to be a nobody if this was to even have a chance at making any money or get die hard nightmare fans to go and sewe this one. bad bad bad idea.

thejugfather on Aug 12, 2008


Billy Bob as Freddy Kruger? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...

Derek on Aug 12, 2008


Billy Bob or not this franchise could use a redo. Scary and intense like Saw or Hostile. Although I really enjoyed the original three, they were never really horror. Campy and unrealistic. I think Englund did the best with what he was given, and created an iconic character that we will never forget. Even if he was asked to reprise his roll, I'm not sure he could. The role would call for a physicality of the character I'm not sure he can pull off. I worked with him a couple of years ago, and he's getting up there in age and his health is up and down. We'll see...

Bryanmakeup on Aug 12, 2008


I think they should cast Bill Pullman...Pullnam?? whatever as Freddy, he is the best actor ever, (next to Alec Baldwin) and did such an awesome job in Independence Day and Space Balls!!

HOLY SHT on Aug 12, 2008


Pullman. And you are kidding, right?

JL on Aug 12, 2008


He's good, but not for horror or suspense. It would just be creepy... ... and in the wrong way.

JL on Aug 12, 2008


He's no Joe Lando, but yeah he's good!!!

HOLY SHT on Aug 12, 2008


I don't see it............................. Comedy is what he does best

insanartist on Aug 12, 2008


Englund was what, late 30s, when he did the first Freddy role? Too bad Sam Rockwell isn't older, I'm just waiting for him to get a role that widely exposes how badass he is.

Tyler on Aug 12, 2008


He's creepy enough. I only liked the first one anyway. That was a true scary original.

Richard Geer on Aug 12, 2008


HEY!! weren't you the guy who put the hamsters up your butt?

HOLY SHT on Aug 12, 2008


give it to clint eastwood's son! he would be a better choice! Fuck billy bob!

Ray on Aug 12, 2008


Maybe he'll pull a Ledger/Joker on us and just make Freddy a complete BADASS... 😐

Carlos on Aug 13, 2008


OMG...A remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. How and Why? I grow up on Nightmare on Elm Street, I even watched Freddy's Nightmares the TV series. How could you remake something that shouldn't be remade? I'm not saying that Bill Bob Thornton will be good or bad....the movie as a whole (actors and writing) better be good. Robert Englund and West Craven scared the s*** out of me with that franchise. It better be good. I hope this is just a rumor!!!!

Chanel on Aug 15, 2008


Although, I do think Billy Bob Thornton is a good actor, I don't think he's cut out for this role. Freddy Krueger will always be remembered as the original, Robert Englund. With characters such as Leatherface, Jason, and Mike Myers it doesn't matter who plays them because you can't see their faces and they don't talk. But, with Freddy Krueger, it just wouldn't be the same if it was anyone but the original. As many people mentioned in comments before, he's also remembered for the voice he had for that character. As a huge movie fan, I will see it regardless of who plays the part. But I just like many others would definitely prefer Robert Englund over anyone else.

Enigma on Aug 20, 2008


Same here; I like Billy Bob, but Robert Englund is, was and always will be Freddy. Why the jackoffs in Hollywood have to keep remaking shit that's already been done is beyond me. Granted, I am also a fan of the Halloween movies as well as Rob Zombie, and I both saw and enjoyed his retelling of Michael Myers. Zombie, at least, put a different spin on things, but I will still take Michael Myers the supernatural killer over Michael Myers the white trash psycho form an abusive home any day. And I'm sorry, Malcom, but your Dr. Loomis is a pale shadow of the raving psychiatrist portrayed by Donald Pleasence. Yes, many including myself thought Heath Ledger was a poor choice for The Joker and we were proven wrong. Still, it is nice to see that so many people online support the original Nightmare movies with the original, one and only Freddy. Pleasant Dreams!

Katei on Aug 22, 2008


FREDDY should be left alone. It's like rewriting THE BIBLE. Make a sequel with ROBERT ENGLUND telling his origin and rebooting the franchise. Enough with your remakes because your generation has nothing to say and just wants to be liked and FEAR any disapproval of an original thought. ROBERT=FREDDY

shane tea french on Aug 24, 2008


i think its a bad idea to reboot the freddy series ,just leave it alone.robert englund is a legend and should not be repalced. the only way i see another movie happening is if he comes back to reprise his role.i grew up scared shitless of these movies and it was fun ,the one face i remember is robert englund .in my opinion he is horror.

mich on Sep 21, 2008


Just bring back Englund.

boyke on Sep 26, 2008


Why does Hollywood regergitate so many of the classics is there any originality left? I love BBT sure he make a great Freddy who knows he was a funny villain, but jeez ppl where are the new stories ?where are new characters?

Super villain on Oct 3, 2008


Nobody can play Freddy better than Robert Englund. I have been a Freedy fan from the first time I watched the movies in 1984; when I was only 7. I have collect Freedy thing and there is noway anyone one could ever replace Robert as Freddy. Myself as being a long time fan could not and would not see the move because it just would not be Freddy!!!!!!

Brandy on Oct 8, 2008


Billy bob i dunno .. Englund is freddy kruger who ever replaces him had beter b good

Jonny on Nov 3, 2008


FREDDY KREUGER REMAKE!!! The old ones had very little money, 80's movies horror flicks were a dime a dozen. New line Has come a long way since Nov. 1984 when the original was released. Everybody is complaining about Billy Bob, do I really need to remind you that hes an Academy Award winning actor. Sling blade, anybody? no one? The only thing I'm worried about is that he doesn't have the most extensive backround in "character acting"....that being said,, he has done every genre of film with tremendous success... Drama- Monsters ball, Sling blade(Academy Award winner, which he also wrote and directed) Family-the Astronaut farmer Action-Armageddon, eagle eye : Comedy- Bad santa he will carry his own as always, not to mention he has Michael Bay at the healm...say what you want but he brings the money to the production and puts asses in the seats....I hope its not a remake, but kinda instead like what Rob Zombie brought to the Halloween reboot or remake or whatever you wanna call it...#14 you threw up? swallow it.....#16 bill pullman....why didn't you just reccomend they cast a pop tart, they both have just about the same amount of personality....

CHICK on Dec 10, 2008



tabetha on Feb 2, 2009


I would think Billy could pull it off. But I think its a shame they dont think Robert Englund. Englund became the first new horror movie star since Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the 1960s, so why turn the table??? I mean - wouldent we all be best off with the true son of evil. I think so. Has he retired or what is the hinder for him to play the role ? I would so love to see him in a big budget glam slam freddy movie.

Vampone on Feb 13, 2009



Trevon on Mar 25, 2009


one name will stand out above the rest.......KEVIN FUCKING SPACEY!!!! he could pull it off definatelty!

gillie on Aug 24, 2009


Easy there TREVON! Christian Bale as the pink panther... christian bale as president... christian bale as John Candy, may he rest in peace. They should let me have the role - I could do better than anybody 🙂 For real!

Vampone on Aug 24, 2009


no i think billy bob thorton is just wrong for freddy kruger!!

Steph on Aug 27, 2009


they want to do a new elmstreet they should get a women to come back not freddy robert e. is not comming back without getting a lot of money money talks

johncn1 on Dec 22, 2009

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