Rumor: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards

July 16, 2008

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Inglorious Bastards

I think news on Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards is not going to stop until the film eventually hits theaters next year. Everyone has jumped on this project as the next big WWII hit (even over Bryan Singer's Valkyrie), including myself, and the news just won't stop - from rumors to script reviews and beyond. The latest unconfirmed rumor regarding Inglorious Bastards includes both Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio as potential cast members. Apparently Pitt read the script quite early and has been talking with Tarantino, while DiCaprio is planning a meeting with him later this week to supposedly talk about the film. Although the script itself already sounded incredible so far, this film is definitely sounding better and better with each announcement - especially something like this…

This latest rumor comes from Variety, which is quite interesting because they normally never mention rumors. They say that the producers, which includes at least Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein, are meeting with five more studios to secure another co-financing partner to handle "offshore territories." Although we talked about the script review ourselves, Variety also chimed in saying that "studios said the script is vintage Tarantino and they're eager to be in business with him at a reasonable price." Although we're not too familiar with the characters, Pitt will potentially take on the lead role of Lt. Aldo Raine aka Aldo the Apache, while DiCaprio might play Col. Hans Landa aka "The Jew Hunter". You can read more about both of the characters and their involvement in the story in this previous article.

We'll definitely be sure to update you once we hear any confirmations or more casting rumors. We'll probably have some sort of news every week throughout the rest of the year - so expect more casting discussions eventually. Considering Tarantino has a full crew of misfit Jewish soldiers to fill, I expect him to finally pack it with some of the best actors currently working (or so I hope). I'm already excited for this, but the prospect of including Pitt and DiCaprio definitely has me genuinely interested. I think these two could pull it off, but I really don't think of either of them as Jewish. However, I think I'm getting ahead of myself - they really just need to be badass soldiers more than anything, and with Tarantino behind the camera, I'm sure that won't be a problem. Do you think Pitt and DiCpario are good choices?

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Now get Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone. COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even throw Harrison Ford in the mix!!! I would love to see Ahhhhhhhhhnold as the main Nazi!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Jul 16, 2008


Ewwwwwwwwwww, Hell No!!! We need some old schoolers in this movie!!!

REAL6 on Jul 16, 2008


Sweeeet rumor! Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio w/ Quentin Tarantino? too cool. Yeah, that would be a great deal....

Conrad on Jul 16, 2008


a lot of hype! will jesus be making a cameo?? he better.

alex on Jul 16, 2008


Who is next?? Tom Hanks?!?! Just kidding. I wanna see Steve Buscemi in this movie though!

Neal on Jul 16, 2008


I can't say whether Pitt and DiCaprio are good choices for these roles because I haven't seen the script and no nothing about the characters, but I can say they will make this film much more appealing to a mainstream audience. They're good actors and can pull off pretty much anything, so I don't think it will be much of a stretch for them to look and act jewish.

Keith on Jul 16, 2008


Im with #8 i say throw in Joseph Gordon-Levitt hes is awesome also.

John on Jul 16, 2008


I know Valkrie is coming out in Feb, but I think Tom Cruise should be one of the bad guys. Something different, some kind of evil role. Just my opinion.

Donald Buxton on Jul 16, 2008


two great actors who know how to act with some sweet title names behind them. Im really looking forward to this movie should be a bad ass motha!

Curtis on Jul 16, 2008


#8, and just how exactly am I supposed to look and act?

Cmurder on Jul 16, 2008


You're the actor, you tell me 😉

Keith on Jul 16, 2008


I think it is great kind of that he is casting mainstream actors. Not great as in wanting to see them, but this can finally bring his films to have a more commercial appeal and maybe have the studio feel "more secure?" after the flop that GRINDHOUSE was at the box office. As long as he gets these GOOD mainstream actors, it should still be an awesome flick.

Ryan on Jul 16, 2008


REAL6 Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy Fuuuuuunnnnnnyyyyyyy.

some dude on Jul 16, 2008


So in the original "Inglorious Bastards" the character Canfield is the only one who iived. Is Fred Williamson coming back to play his role one more time?

ponomogal on Jul 16, 2008


I think this movie has A lot of potential, and I think that brad pitt would be great for the role. And DiCaprio... well I don't know for sure if he's good for "The Jew Hunter". Although, on the other side, it could also work out fantasticly, you know... after Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker I understand that every actor and actress has A side that they never show. So maybe it will work out perfectly. I'm just saying, after "kill bill - Volume 2" and "Death Proof" I thought that Quentin Tarantino had lost his skills. But after I read some parts of the script of "Inglorious Bastards" on the internet I start to have fate in the director of "Reservoir Dogs" "Pulp Fiction" and "Jackie Brown" again. Quentin Tarantino, GO DO YOUR THING!!!!!!!!!

real good looking guy on Jul 17, 2008


Pitt and Decaprio would be an interesting mix. Ive had more respect for DeCaprio since The Departed, he can do an action role pretty well.

interl0per on Jul 17, 2008


I read the script for Inglorious Basterds last night, and it blew me away. For my money, I'd like to see Dicaprio as Private Zoller. I still haven't digested Pitt as Aldo, but the more I think of the brutal WWI scenes in Legends of the Fall, it's starting to sound right up his alley. Colonel Landa is complicated. I keep going back to Ralph Fiennes for the "Jew Hunter", but this is likely due to his amazing performance in Shindler's List. I could also see Jason Isaacs (The Patriot) or Hugo Weaving (Elrond from Jackson's LOTR trilogy) playing the cruel yet charming Colonel. I can't decide between Tim Roth or Ewan McGregor to play the British commando/ film critic who is sent in to help the Basterds execute Operation Kino. For the Basterds, I'd like to see Buscemi as the little one, and maybe Vin diesel as "The Bear Jew". For Shosanna I'd have to go with Keira Knightley. One thing for certain, this movie will be a masterpiece.

HANZOSWORD on Jul 17, 2008


Shooting starts this September in Germany! For more information visit our website.

Markus Bensch on Jul 29, 2008


dicaprio can play any role to perfecion, he is that great of an actor. pitt would have to impress me a little more to sway me, but i loved him in troy, so he can be very barbaric, just like dicaprio in gangs of new york. leo's very dynamic as an actor but very in tune with getting there. he studies the character to the highest degree and goes out on a limb to perfect the timing it takes, and etc. this is why he is the greatest actor of his generation, because he really does what it takes and more to get into character, and he put it all together at a young age, which is why he gets the roles he does, because he doesn't pick roles based off of his sex appeal to mainstream audiences. he picks his roles very carefully, and he could pull this off very easily, no matter who he plays. brad has that potential but he explores different genres of film and hasn't always lived up to them like i know he can, he is that good.

brandon hayes on Jan 28, 2009


brand pitt looks like Leonardo DiCaprio ,imean as brother

dany on Oct 21, 2010

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