Rumor: Brad Pitt in the Running for Thor?

May 11, 2008
Source: Latino Review

Rumor: Brad Pitt in the Running for Thor?

As much as I don't like posting rumors, the overwhelming response to Matthew McConaughey as Captain America has convinced me that it might be "fun" to run this one, too. I'm pretty sure I don't believe this rumor for a second, like Marvel is just teasing us for the sake of building up some early buzz, but then again, who really knows? Our amigos over at Latino Review are reporting that Brad Pitt is one of the big names in the running for the role of Thor. No contracts have been signed, but it seems Marvel has their eyes set on Pitt as the hammer wielding Norse god of thunder.

As a refresher, Marvel announced last week their line-up through 2011, which not only included The Avengers, but also Thor in June of 2010. Originally Matthew Vaughn was attached to write and direct, but his contract ended in December. Although he could feasibly be brought back on, current speculation is that Marvel is searching for someone else to direct the adaptation. Mark Protosevich, of I Am Legend and Poseidon, recently finish a new draft of the screenplay for Thor which Marvel is currently trimming down to fit into their budget. Rumors were that Vaughn's original idea was to set it in the time of the Vikings, but that wouldn't work with Marvel's plan to bring all of the superheros together in The Avengers in 2011.

In the Marvel universe, Thor was originally introduced in typical Norse mythology fashion, but as part of the modern Marvel universe and eventually The Avengers. He was first introduced in 1962 as created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, the same three who would go on to create Iron Man the following year. Thor wields the mystical hammer Mjolnir and can control the weather as well as kick plenty of ass. In the Marvel announcement last week, it was mentioned that Thor would first be introduced in Iron Man 2, in some way, before going on to get his own movie.

We all know Brad Pitt and his acting abilities, but is he capable of handling a superhero character? The reference I hear the most when discussing this rumor is his performance as Achilles in Troy. Pitt does have the look and does have the strength, so I'd say he is much better fit than Matthew McConaughey as Captain America. But I still don't believe someone as well-known and powerful as Pitt would take on a cheesy superhero like Thor. Maybe I'm wrong? What do you think?

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It honestly wouldn't surprise me. They will cast people for Thor and Captain America in the same "league" as Robert Downy, Edward Norton and Sam Jackson... and well Brad Pitt is up there in name recognition and probably isn't the most horrible of choices. Hell if I can watch Iron Man with Downy and think it was awesome I'm game for anything

Eric on May 11, 2008


I think he looks the part!

alex on May 11, 2008


Funny this rumor is surfacing. I just finished watching Troy with my wife the other night (it was on A&E HD). After all of the Avengers/Iron Man/Cap America news last week, we couldn't help but imagine Brad Pitt as either Thor or Cap America. He definitely has the looks, prowess and the acting chops to pull it off. They way he wielded his shield and the helmets he wore in Troy had a Captain America/Thor feel to it anyway. And I agree with Eric, they pulled it off with Downey Jr. Pitt wouldn't be the worst choice in the world and I, for one, would welcome his casting.

kit on May 11, 2008


Who the heck is casting threse movies all of a sudden!!!!

Iron Man Fan on May 11, 2008


Why not? It sounds good, at least now we will have a reason to also bring our girlfriends/wifes to the cinema, and they will make more money of course... 🙂

Roderick on May 11, 2008


Like you said, Brad Pitt is very well known and very "powerful" as an actor and i think he has made a great job in many of the different roles he has played over the years. Brad has also said to media that he wants to take a "pause" from acting because he wants to focus on his family and things like that. But you know money controls people these days and though Brad and Angie have a great fortune together i think that if this rumour is really true and they really want him for this role as Thor and they offer him alot of money i mean ALOT, like 25-30 million dollars, he would accept the role... On a personal note i would prefer seeing him in the role of Cap' then in the role of Thor..

Paul on May 11, 2008


hey if angelina could play fox in wanted this guy could play thor. but i would rather see an upcoming actor from that badass flick 300 take on thor. those guys would put some insane action for a blockbuster.

Darrin on May 11, 2008


Never gonna happen.

Discateia on May 11, 2008


Pitt? Oh c'mon!!!

blahman on May 11, 2008


I can picture him as Thor or Cap' but personally I'd rather see him as Cap' 🙂

silver on May 11, 2008


Anyone ever think Mark Wahlberg should play a superhero?

Reza on May 11, 2008


I don't know if this has been discussed at all...but I found it interesting. My wife wanted to go see "Made of Honor" the other day and I wanted to see what other work I recognized Kevin McKidd from. I was surprised to see on his IMDB page that he had a credit for "Thor." When I clicked over to the Thor page he was listed as playing Thor/Donald Blake. This was two days ago. I checked after reading this today and it was taken off. He's not a big name, but Kevin McKidd certainly has the size and look for the part. He's not a name like Brad Pitt, but none of us cared about Hugh Jackman before playing Wolverine...

Spence on May 11, 2008


I would agree with Pitt as Thor.

Tyler on May 11, 2008


Have you seen Troy? Brad Pitt as Thor would be BADASS.

Les on May 11, 2008


It would work, but good f*cking luck trying to make it happen.

John on May 11, 2008


Even though he doesn't look it...Brad Pitt is 45. Maybe it is just me but I think that might be bordering on too old for this particular role. imo

Janet on May 11, 2008


I think you should put some one who is well known for Thor and Capt. I mean how are you gonna put some unkown guys to act next to guys like robert downey, sam jackson, and edward norton? They would look out of place with such great actors.

Lou on May 11, 2008


lets just put morgan freeman as thor, he 's good in whatever movie he is in

Rigo on May 11, 2008


I don't think Pitt would go for it, IMHO Thor doesn't have too much character depth and I think Pitt is just too small to play Thor.

Mike on May 11, 2008


Reza I think Mark Wahlberg as Hawkeye would be pretty cool

Nate on May 12, 2008


Given he was a pretty good Achilles in Troy I wouldn't be against it, he has proven himself to be a real actor throughout his career. I am glad that the superhero movies are finally getting good actors and directors and not churning out steaming piles like Fantastic 4 etc. anymore. When you look at films like Batman Begins for example, what really made it work was that it had Bale, Oldman, Neison, and Cain, all great actors who could sell a plot that would otherwise be totally ridiculous. Now with Ledger and Eckart joining in, how can it do any less than kick total ass? Same with Iron Man with Downey and Paltrow. That said I dont think you will see Jessica Alba reappearing in a hero movie again. I think Iron Man really set a precedent, and it is making the money to prove that the formula works very well, now Marvel sees it too.

interloper on May 12, 2008


Well, being a big Thor fan im not sure why pepole think hes "Cheesy". He is easily one of Marvels biggest names and also one of the most powerful. Brad Pitt is one of those actors that I belive could pull off almost any roll known to man. Only problem is he dosent do sequels very often (if ever). So i doubt hed decide to pick up Mjolnir on the big screen.

Goose on May 12, 2008


It would be brilliant in both casting and marketing. The main reason that Iron Man made $100 million it's first weekend instead of the normal superhero neighborhood of $50 million is casting and cross-over appeal. Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow brought in not just fanboys, but Joe Average Moviegoer. And his wife/girlfriend. That's what adds up to $100 million. And that's what Brad Pitt would bring to a Thor movie.

William Mize on May 12, 2008


i agree with interloper....(although everyone made valid points) if they dont want these movie to suck as bad as F4 then that cross-over is definately gonna be needed...i mean you can throw big names around all day, but the fact of the matter is...MONEY TALKS...and gettin the same kinda of reation like IRONMAN produced is a wave Marvel is definately gonna i said about spiderman (in response to the M.Mc. proposal) your gonna want a face you can stick with through the whole series, not some one who already has a face that itself is bigger than life...its only gonna overshadow the character. word association: spiderman- toby M. Batman- Christian bale...(sorry Keaton) superman- Christopher reeves wolverine-H. Jackman..the list keeps goin. None of those i mention were HUGE STARS before those movies came along and put them there. And on a personal note: I think the biggest marketin tool Marvel has goin for them is THE LOOK-A-LIKE FACTOR....your biggest crowd of these type of films are prodominately comic fans....and as one myself it makes me wanna watch a movie more when i have a familiar face.

ScorpionKing on May 12, 2008


I can't see Pitt being Thor. And to be honest, I can't see Thor turning out to be anything BUT cheesy. However, I thought the same about Iron Man and it was an absolute riot so who knows.

Matt on May 12, 2008


i also think thee next few films, Michael Bay and Stevnen Speilburg should team up again. DYNAMIC DUO (i.e. TRANSFORMERS)

ScorpionKing on May 12, 2008


I agree with Darrin (comment 7)... Gerard Butler as Thor or one of those guys from the movie. HANDS DOWN!!!

Dan on May 12, 2008


Spence #9: Kevin McKidd could TOTALLY play Thor. He certainly has the look & acting chops, re: Rome. Only thing I'd worry about is, if the name isn't a marquee one, there's no pressure on to make a genuinely bankable movie- and this director has already committed the absolutley unforgivable act of throwing in a dance sequence for Robert DeNiro. ROBERT EFFING DENIRO!!!! So while McKidd could make the part, my main concern is this somewhat lame-ass director. I almost feel like we need a big name to keep him in line & make a decent goddamn movie. (Then again, if Robert Deniro couldn't stop him from making a crap movie, who's to say Brad could?) John Rhys Davies as Odin. 'Nuff said.

Djo Fortunado on May 12, 2008


Djo Fortunado: Watch Layer Cake.

Gordon on May 12, 2008


I'm telling ya. Go cop the Two Towers and peep Karl Urban as Eomer. Thor all day long baby!!! KnowwhatI'msayin? Word! (Sorry. I've been listening to hip-hop again.)

jason_md2020 on May 12, 2008


That'd make a GREAT Thor movie. Re-cast Donald Blake as a retiring Coke Dealer, who stumbles on Odin's Beard, and then has to take on Thor's hammer as payment for insulting a God. I'd dig that. I'd GENUINELY dig that.

Djo Fortunado on May 12, 2008


Thor a Norwegian mythological God of thunder well over 6 feet tall. Brad Pitt: SHORT.

joaquin on May 12, 2008


I think the only way Thor would become a successful franchise is to have Brad Pitt in the title roll, oh and a great script. Personally I think that Thor is one of the weakest superheroes. #30 Size of the character doesn't really matter, look at Jackman as Wolverine, nothing like the comic book.

Scorpio on May 12, 2008


With camera angles and other movie tricks you can make people up to 2 feet taller on camera^

silver on May 12, 2008


I would like it but for some reason I can't see him signing on to it.

Ryan on May 12, 2008


My first reaction is; "Awww, no! PLEASE no superstar for the role!" ... because we don't want it to be a "Brad Pitt movie" ... it MUST be a THOR movie ... BUT then again ... seeing how well RDJ worked with Iron Man ... (we'll see how Hulk goes) where the character stayed the "big name", not RDJ ... perhaps it could work ...

RoccoS on May 13, 2008


of course, I think there is one slight problem that might crop up ... Think of the eventual meet-up in Avengers ... If you have 10 of the TOP names in Hollywood acting in the same movie (hell, even 5 would be huge), how will you be able to afford to make the movie if each of them will be demanding a good many millions in salary?

RoccoS on May 13, 2008


I hear that Djimon Hounsou is supposed toplay the Black Panther which would be cool BUT I also hear that either Jaime Fox or Tyrese is up for Luke Cage. Not cool. Anybody else hear that Leo Dicap. might play Cap?

Dee on May 13, 2008


Well, if Pitt is to big name, hows about they give it to Tyler Mane (Micheal Myers in Halloween, Sabretooth in X-Men), giving he already has an association with Marvel, has long blonde hair, and is friggin MASSIVE!

Dave on May 13, 2008


And CANNOT ACT. They should definitely consider Mane for a supporting role, the way he's done in any other acting job he's had. Perhaps as a henchman of Loki, or Balder the Brave. It seems to me no one is aware of the greater Norse Mythology around which Thor is based. No response to casting Odin? C'mon- if you guys can get that enthusiastic about THOR, you should at least know who his DAD is, right?

Djo Fortunado on May 13, 2008


Wilhelm von Homburg would have been great...but he's dead. With the real bang-up job everyone's been doing with casting lately (sarcasm) maybe they'll get Ryan Reynolds.

angrykid on May 16, 2008


I dunno, maybe he does look a bit like but I would like to see and older,kinda more primitive, thor.First things I would like him to have a beard; everything to bring thor closer to the original norse god feel, and the Ultimates version.If Pitt can pull that off, (and that's big "IF", I would rather have someone else...) then he has my vote-

Shinma on May 16, 2008


Hmmm... I'd admit that Brad looks and could play the action part, but I don't know if he could take this low-key, almost B-list (as compared to some other Marvel heroes) part with all seriousness. Plus, would he be willing to work in "Avengers" with RDJ, Sam Jackson, and maybe some other big stars?

Ajax on May 16, 2008


brad pitt does have the star power to maybe pull it off. and seeing his name on the credits might interest people. but there are others who might fit the part as well: karl urban? he played eomer in lord of the rings, he also did a good job in pathfinder. triple h has the look but i don't think he's much of an actor(didn't like him much in blade trinity).

kris on May 20, 2008


Interestingly, Pitt has been quoted in the past as saying he'd LIKE to play Captain America but felt he was too old for the role. I could see him agreeing to be in a superhero movie like this. He's much more expensive than RDJ or Norton, though. I don't think it would be too likely unless he lowers his usual fee (a lot) just for the fun of doing it.

J.J. on May 20, 2008


UM NOOOOOOOO Vincent D'Onofrio should reprise his role as THOR HELLLOOOOOO adventures in baby sittttttttting remember

Jont on May 21, 2008


Holy shit- I TOTALLY never realized that was him! Good shot Jont!

Djo-Bot on May 21, 2008


13th Warrior was on tv the other day and I'm thinkin that Vladimir Kulich would make a badass Thor.

Jonny5folife on May 22, 2008


Pitt would just need to gain about 50 pounds of muscle and wear 6 inch lifts. Thor's stats in the Marvel Universe is 6 ft 6 and 660 pounds. His weight, however, is relative to him being an Asgardian God and not human. Thor is made up of different stuff than us mortals. Just put on some muscle and some rigged boots and he'll be just fine.

hellcop on May 26, 2008


I think Pitt would be a bette Captain america than Thor. I think triple h form WWE would be a better fit for the role of Thor.

thejugfather on May 26, 2008


Ok first I must say that I get tired of reading everyone saying that Thor is a weak Marvel character and a "B-List" at best. I just read that a month or so agao Thor's comic was the 3rd or 5th highest selling comic. no ifs and or buts. Now that being said I must be the first to admit that it will be tuff translating him from comics to the big screen. Everything that I have seen (made for tv incrediable hulk) with a Thor in it has failed worse then I care to say. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Thor is an over the top character and that will play a part as far as who is casted. Several have had a suggestion on who should play him and I must say that Pitt does have the look but not the size. (Yes sizes does play and they pick the right person for wolvie). Look what happened in X-men 3. That was about the worst jurgernat that I could even imagin. All that being said you will need to really think about the size because doing any computer add ons would just make another Hulk movie. Triple H would be a good pick because of his size, and I'm sorry to tell people but his acting is good. He has to act on a moments notice all the time and live not take after take. He did not have a big role in Blade so you can not hold that against him. Heck look at the Rock he has made a couple of good movies. Anyway thats enough about the actor. I hope they do go with another director because after reading a couple of qoutes from him I did not get any warm fuzys. How are you going to make a movie from a comic book when you call it silly. Give me a brake, you need some one that knows a little about what he/she is making to do any good with it. As far as Odin is concerned I would go with a classic actor since they will more then likly have a small role. Some one like Sean Connery. With Odin having alot of facial hair and where lots of armor/furs all the time size realy makes no diffrence here and Sean has the depth in the eyes to pull off wisdom.

Thunder God on May 28, 2008


okay another thought on who should play Thor, how's about Kevin Nash? Good actor and has the height and the look of a Norsman.....

thejugfather on May 30, 2008


Pitt as Thor would be as bad as Ben Affleck as Daredevil...we saw where that one went...FLUSH!!!!! Pitt would be better suited as Captain America for the simple reason of acting skills, Thor has his one-liners, Cap has dialog that just won't stop. Another reason...body, Pitt would be an anorexic Thor, you need someone with a build remember, THOR IS A GOD!!! 1200 lbs. by the way. Everyone is down on Jr. playing Iron Man but personally I thought he did an excellent job as Tony Stark, errogant and self centered...who better to play the role. Pitt..........Captain America Triple H...Thor One more thing just for the record, when justice league comes out, Wonder Woman is an amazon so just pray they don't pick some skinny, short, popular actress. Lucy Lawless would be perfect.

Benjamin on Jun 3, 2008


captain america is 6'2" thor is 6'6" pitt is? c'mon find a good tall actor

alex on Jun 5, 2008


all i have to say is 3 letters.......... HHH

Thor's Macdaddy on Jun 6, 2008


Triple H Should get the part I think He looks more the part than any one else.... Brad Pitt could play Loki...

Marc on Jun 15, 2008


the perfect person TRIPLE H, not questions asked, pit might be ok but i just don't see it, it definitely wont ruin the movie but it surly wont make it

stephen on Jun 16, 2008


Vladimir Kulich of 13th Warrior fame has the size, accent, and Nordic look ALL READY! Thor was demonstrative but not effusive so Vladimir is damn dear perfect for the role.

E-dizzle on Jun 16, 2008


STOP- Think about it!!! Brad Pitt would be perfect for the roll of Captain America (end of story) I also agree with E-dizzle, Vladimir Kulich was born to play Thor.

DB Loves comics on Jun 17, 2008


Gunter Schleircamp (s)? would make a perfect thor. Pro bodybuilder, acting exp(beerfest) blonde, accent, just add long hair and a hammer!

activated on Jun 20, 2008


I think that Triple HHH From WWE is The man To Play The Character Of Thor not Brat Pitt

Billy Soler on Jun 21, 2008


Triple HHH has the size, the shape he also did a very good performs on blade.Who ever fallow Wrestling HHH Play The Role Of a King in WWE,He named him self the KING of KING,just Like Tor,HHH IS THE MAN for Tor NOT Brat Pitt Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Soler on Jun 21, 2008


Pitt could do extremely well in this movie. However, though he does look similar to Thor, God of Thunder, he's popularity might change his chances dramatically. Seeing someone who plays in the movies he does. . .it's quite different seeing him being able to be the equavilent of Superman. Then there is the fact that Thor is 6'6, and is weighing at 645lbs., in that circumstance, Pitt doesn't fit the bill. So you can see those two problems. We might need a giant nobody. And this is the reason why he won't play in this movie. He is still young, and dosen't carry the face expression of a well trained warrior with hundreds of years of experience. I doubt anybody is that good of an actor-That's why they have to use someone with experience. Look at the face expressions on the two's faces. Death is with Thor. Not so much with Pitt.

Johnathon on Jun 22, 2008


I don't exactly think he would be the best choice as Thor. The typical image people would get when they think of a viking, especially a god viking is a huge man that looks like he would rip your face off if you even look at him wrong, and i just don't think brad is big enough. i would like to see a huge person take this role, but I hae realized that there isn't typically any big actors that could really live up to this character. So I am torn in my thoughts

Ty on Jun 27, 2008


typically I don't like the idea of big movie stars overshadowing a film with their presence, but the mavel superhero universe is an exception. I love the idea of big stars playing superheroes because it gives the heroes the larger than life feeling that we're supposed to associate with them. I actually thought of pitt for thor before I heard of this rumor, and i'm sure he could handle the roll. That said I'm more worried about having an actor that would like to stick with the roll for multiple films than an actor that will nail the roll in only one film. If Brad's willing to stick with Thor, the avengers, and wherever else marvel decides to go then he's our man, but if not someone else is needed. I read someone somewhere suggest Triple H. HA!!!!!

Tidus on Jun 28, 2008


I think pitt would be a great choice for captain america but he just dose not fit the size needs for thor.

shane on Jul 2, 2008


Come on now, I'm as big of a Brad Pitt fan as any. He is one of the best actors of today as any, but he isn't quite what I envisioned in the role of Thor when I first thought of how great it would be for Thor to be made into a movie. Brad has neither the height or the muscles (I am not saying that he doesn't have muscles) required for this role. He would also have to either grow his hair past his shoulders or wear hair extensions. The best person who is not only well suited but best suited for this role is H.H.H. from W.W.E. (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Tim on Jul 3, 2008


Letty mentioned Karl Urban??????? cmon now this guy weighs 160 soaking wet? think about it folks this one cant be done with cgi or prosthetics! this one will take no less than a man of 250 lbs 6'6" HHH anyone?

Thor's Macdaddy on Jul 11, 2008


Thos is supposed to be Huge, he's a God. Brad pitt is too...normal. I would go with one of those WWF wrestling types. You need a physic that really stands out and turns heads.

Bob13 on Jul 13, 2008


Gerard Butler HAS to be in this movie... either Thor or Captain America. the guy is a really good actor. and i know u guys saw 300...

MJ on Jul 21, 2008


please no wrestlers and bodybuilders...e need actors, gerard butler would be great and brad could do it as i said ACTORS...

Sol on Jul 30, 2008


WHAT!!!!!! THOR!!!!!!!!CHEESY!!!!!!!!!! This man is a balls out thundergod who can easily hand Superman his ass on a platter marvel superhero....... In the comics Thor is badass my friends. I am a HUUUUUGE Thor comic fan and let me tell you, if they don't get it right it will definetely suck just like Ghost Rider sucked (WHich is a freakishly awesome comic so I was really disappointed.

mr.poopy on Sep 5, 2008


THOR the mighty God of thunder!!! he should be BIG, MEAN and whoelse can be the perfect guy for this???? he is game fo this...TRIPLE H! HHH...king of kings! just look at him and he is used to carrying the sledge hammer. make him hold the hammer of thor and you'll see the similarity. imagine this producers, thousands are watching him in the ring,what more if you cast him as thor, not only would you tap the comic lovers to watch the'll even get the fans of wrestling to watch this. Millions around the world. in fairness to his acting...he was good in blade. he would fit hte part just right since he is definitely a good actor coz day in day night he is doing it everyday!!! TRIPLE H!!!!! please triple H! if you're not down with it i've got two words for you.......SUCK IT! btw,can MARK DACASCOS play IRON FIST??? he was good in BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLVES isn't he?

Barbie Bearneza on Sep 13, 2008


TRIPLE H!!! HE IS PERFECT!!! 6'6 huge guy and what the... just look at him he already looks the part!

BBB on Sep 13, 2008


ei now that's something new.... Mark Dacascos as IRON FIST?? yup that is good! a good actor, a good martial artist,a good chiseled body...PERFCECT!

pangsot on Sep 13, 2008


matthew fox as GIANT MAN...

flash on Sep 13, 2008


I think Brad Pitt would be awesome as a superhero! The thing people forget about Brad Pitt is not only is he stunning physically and a great dramatic actor, he's actually really good at comedy! Even though Thor wouldn't be a comedic movie essentially, there does need to be an underlying element of not taking yourself too seriously in Superhero movies. As for the "size" requirements, acting skill HAS to take precedent over physicality! Please stop suggesting wrestlers for these roles just because they're big! Their crap acting diminishes the film and superheor films in general. We don't want to revert to the Batman Forever days where character's were cast based on looks and therefore had no character!

Claire on Sep 17, 2008


i think brad pitt would be a great thor but daniel craig would be a great captain america

sam on Sep 21, 2008


Hell no. I didn't even like his acting in Troy.

Will on Sep 24, 2008


Brad Pitt has always been my choice for "Thor"

Technut on Sep 30, 2008


Brad Pitt....never!!!!!!he couldn't even pull off a european accent in Troy.....let alone a norse accent........never....

theori on Oct 2, 2008


The only one to play THOR is the wrestler Hunter Hearst Helmsley or Triple H. He would be an amazing THOR. He has the look and the Braun....

Lisa on Oct 3, 2008


Naaaahhhhhh!!!!! Pitt is too small for thunder god and HHH is way too much to handle the outfit. it should be someone more like Thor himself

Shajjoo on Oct 30, 2008


Daniel Craig.

gregg23860 on Nov 2, 2008


well what i heard was tyler mane was gunna play thor and i think that would be a way better choice, because thor isnt all scronny i mean, hes pretty damn big and pitt just isnt buff enough

jake on Dec 16, 2008


If I find out he is playing Thor for real, I swear I'll get everyone I know to boycott the movie.

Veilhelm Endori on Jan 26, 2009


Brad is too short too leanly muscular and simply not brawny enough so he would never suit the role of Viking god Thor

Love_Brad on Aug 15, 2010


Thanks for writing up this post about Brad Pitt. Its interesting to see the reaction of society when it comes to a famous actor such as Mr. Pitt vs. the super hero role of Thor. Hopefully whoever they decide on inevitably will make good on the role.

Brad Pitt Photos on Aug 18, 2010


he is cheesy

jbjfun on Nov 18, 2011

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