Rumor: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Back on the Big Screen?

November 28, 2008
Source: Moviehole

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Didn't we already get enough big screen Buffy in 1992? Before "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" became the hit TV show, it was first a movie starring Kristy Swanson and Paul Reubens. With the recent $80 million success of Twilight, apparently Hollywood is interested in digging up everything vampire related it can. And because they never do anything original, it's back to franchises we all know, like "Buffy." Australia's Herald-Sun newspaper (via Moviehole) claims that Joss Whedon already has a script ready to go and is waiting for a studio to commit. Didn't we learn not to trust rumors like this with Serenity 2?

Honestly, I wouldn't take this rumor too seriously if I were you. There's no real source of the rumor and it seems like nothing more than a way of hyping up Joss Whedon, since he's been striking out recently. I'm sure some Hollywood studios are looking at more vampire projects, but I feel like it has become increasingly cliché to say that every time something becomes overly successful, Hollywood immediately jumps on similar ideas just like it. In reality, it works on a case-by-case basis and is never guaranteed. I think this time they're quite wrong - I really doubt we'll ever see another "Buffy" movie whether you like it or not.

However, I do know that there is still a strong "Buffy" following that probably would make another movie at least a mild success. How many of you would want to actually see this happen?

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Me! Wanna see it badly!!!!

Spike on Nov 28, 2008


Definitely not cool, just like Spike

You are all very not cool on Nov 28, 2008


Joss Whedon has been striking out lately? Really?

ScottyR on Nov 28, 2008


I absolutely want to see it happen. It'd be even better if it drew in the events of the finale in Angel, there's a huge storyline waiting to be explored. The only problem is that the show continued in a lesser followed comic, so either it would have to be rebooted or explained to those of us that never made it to the comic book story to pick it up. However, I'm with you, Alex. There's no definite source and it's all spin on spin. Til I see some word from Joss Whedon saying he's in and the cast are reuniting, I'm not holding my breath. Cautiously optimistic, sure, but not thinking it's likely!

Michelle@FSR on Nov 28, 2008


I think this would be amazing, too bad it is just a rumor I don't believe for a second. I think it would have to follow the Season 8 comic and Angel: After the Fall. Hell, I wouldn't mind if there was a movie based only on Spike! Too bad this is just a rumor.

Stephanie on Nov 28, 2008


Why must you tease me so? I think Joss fans have become inured to this sort of thing, especially after the hype for Serenity failed to pan out. The comic books may have less of a following than the TV show, but they're still successful in their own right and it's allowed the stories to continue. As far as Joss creations on the big screen go, I'd give a lot more credence to rumors of a Dr. Horrible full-length movie.

Lady Aerin on Nov 28, 2008


a modern buffy movie would be 10 times better than that garbage of twilight!

cmedina on Nov 28, 2008


Gotta say I was quite addicted to the TV series, though that was much darker than the comedic on screen it all depends what route they take to make this good...I'd see it if they got the original cast from the tv show back together (including Angel), but that's highly doubtful.

peloquin on Nov 28, 2008


The TV series was incredible, I was a big fan and it was a great loss when it got canceled. I hope they do a movie, and I will be happy if it is as good as the show.

Alexander Gramlich on Nov 28, 2008


AWWW but I love this movie so much! Yeah I was 7 when it came out but I couldn't get enough of it! I still watch it to this day and still love it! Love the show too. I would love to see another movie, but how would they go about with it? Old school Buffy all grown up or replaced after her death? Or new school Buffy from the show?

Samantha on Nov 28, 2008


THE TV SERIES SUCKED THE BIG ONE!!!!! except the chick from american pie she is totally hot! if joss wheadon is going to do anything else he should make another continuation to the serenity series.... NOW THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!! and wotrth watching.

tyker on Nov 28, 2008


(First of all, this is all fodder for the blogs at this point...)If they do it now, they would have to recast...sorry. I think all the originals are too ah, old at this point. I would like to see what happens immediately after season 7. Forget the comics. Put them on that little schoolbus to Cleveland and let the hilarity begin. With a new cast, of course. And let us not forget all those new slayers that would popping up, a little wobbly with their powers! A imaginative casting call (with a great script, natch) could result in a good movie. Could you imagine Diane Keaton all of a sudden with slayer power? Or Amy Adams? How about Daniel Craig as Giles? Let's face it, all of this vampire-mania is Buffy-inspired, even if no one wants to admit it. It reminds me when Eddie Van Halen didn't want to admit Hendrix was an influence...but that's because I'm schizo.

kitano0 on Nov 28, 2008


You know what Alex im so sick of your sanctimonious bullshit and your so called I know everything attitude that from now on im sticking to "Aint it cool" to put it quite frankly your over zealous and lousy reviews of late has really gotten to me and im not willing to spend anymore of my precious time reading your shite!!!!!!

Dar-El on Nov 28, 2008


Didnt joss whedon go insane after trying to write a woderwoman movie. He was crying about how batman begins was good or sumthing. I bet hes still crying in a fetal position while watching a bootleg version of TDK.

McDmoonman on Nov 29, 2008


Even tough I'm a big Buffy fan (well, you can say I'm more of a Joss fan, since the quirky-but-extremely-entertaining scripts have always been my favourite thing about his shows), and I really enjoyed the original Buffy movie, I have to say that digging up past hits is not a good idea, specially when it's a pearl like Buffy. They had their time, and we remember them fondly because of that (well here in Portugal we still have some Buffy re-runs once in a while, and Angel is still going strong on Fox), but I believe any attempt at bringing it back would be a tarnish on the whole story. Buffy ended well, and it should stay like that. Why don't they take all of that money, and put it in a new season of, say, Firefly =)

Alvito on Nov 29, 2008


I would love to see it but yeah I think it's unlikely. If there were any truth to this I agree with number 12 and they might have to recast and then I don't think it would work. I definitely expect to see more vampire type movies after this and we'll see what comes of it.

Janet on Nov 29, 2008


I LOVE LOVE Buffy. and I do think it is too late for a movie. The comic book are great and some of that stuff cant be done on the big screen. If you are a true fan get the comic books.

april on Nov 29, 2008


I for one would like to see a Buffy revamp!

Conrad on Nov 30, 2008


I was a HUGE fan of "BTVS"! I was totally blown away by the series finale and the way Joss Whedon changed the entire "slayer universe" which really opened the door for this series to transition to the major motion picture screen. The best Buffy episodes were always the ones that Joss Whedon penned himself. Joss Whedon is a far superior writer compared to Stephanie Meyers. I saw "Twilight" because I had read the book and have always been a fan of anything concerning vampires all the way back to the ORIGINAL "Dark Shadows" series (yes, I am old enough to have come home from school and watched it!) "Twilight" was truly written for a certain demographic of which I am not a part of. It sounded like and felt like it was written for and about teenagers. "BTVS" was written about teenagers who were dealing with very adult situations which is the reason it was so popular among a larger variety of people. All that being said, I would hope that there are some teeth to this rumor because BTVS still has an incredible fan base! And for "april" who says it it too late for a movie.....Johnny Depp has always been a huge fan of "Dark Shadows" and he and Tim Burton are rumored to be working on a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE based on the original series which aired from 1966-1971! How's that for "too late"?.....:-)

Jay-El on Nov 30, 2008


I hope they don't use the TV cast or follow that series' history. I wasn't a fan at all of the show, especially the more soap opera-y elements. Plus I don't think the chick who played Buffy on the show (for the life of me I can't recall her name) is either attractive or talented. Mind you, I'm basing this all on having seen only a dozen episodes or so over the entire run of the series. But since this will be Whedon's project I have to imagine it'll be a 'TV show' movie rather than a continuation of the excellent original film.

kevjohn on Dec 1, 2008


OMG i have been waiting for them to make a movie and wouild freakin love to see this happen they did it with sex and the city why not with buffy

matthew on Dec 1, 2008


I think it would be the most awesome thing ever!!! I loved both Angel and Buffy infact Angel is my favorite show of all time! But as everyone is saying it would be really really hard because they have kept the story going on in comic book form and to be honest the comic book isn't even close to as good as the show was. Don't get me wrong i still love it but there is just to much change. If they were to do a movie they should do a last story ever told kind of thing, like marvels The End stuff.

ha1rball on Dec 1, 2008


Buffy and the Slayerettes stop their comic-based nonsense and descend upon L.A. to fix up now-human Angel's messy mess. Buffy and Angel make out. The end.

Allison on Dec 5, 2008


I think its unbelievable they havent made a movie franchise out of this, so much money to be had by the cast, whedon etc. by reuniting for a trilogy based on season 8 the comic book series. The cast is actually at the right age to do it now. Twilight totally sucks, True Blood is great but isn't BTVS/Angel. Time for Whedon to drop these other projects and bring back his greatest achievement in motion picture form. (That Kristy Swanson bs doesnt count)

bennyc76 on Dec 7, 2008


LOL....Bravo, bennyc76! I could not agree with you more! One of the main reasons Joss Whedon wanted to do the series was the redeem the horrible way the movie had been edited and marketed. If Depp and Burton can collaborate on a remake of "Dark Shadows" for the major motion picture screen, Joss Whedon should be able to pull together a BTVS movie! Hell, at least he'll be able to use the same actors and actresses!

Jay-El on Dec 7, 2008


I wish! Though I realize this (probably) won't happen, I really, really wish there could be another movie. Or another season! ;D

Me on Feb 23, 2009


I would love to see this happen. Buffy's the only thing thats ever really got me. Its undertones are easy to read into and they really pin point real teenage problems and I and many others I know can relate. I was going through some tough times a couple years ago and if it wernt for buffy guiding me with its clever undertones, whit andd much needed comidy I seriously think I would not have coped. I hope they do because Buffy deserves its last hurra, there will never be a more deep, meaningful and kick ass show in the world that compares to Buffy. Its one of a kind. Its legendary!

James on Mar 8, 2009

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