Rumor: Constructicons Coming in Transformers 2?!

April 3, 2008
Source: IESB

Devastator Poster

It's about that time of year. That time where for the next six to eight months while Michael Bay and company work on Transformers 2, we'll be hearing nothing but rumors, rumors, and more rumors about who is in it, what takes place, exactly how many explosions there will be, and every other last detail imaginable. IESB has the first of these rumors and while typically we probably wouldn't go about posting things like this, it's just too good to pass up. If you're a Transformers fan, once you read the rumor below, you'll agree - this was an awesome one that needed to be mentioned! Autobots roll out!

Robert over at IESB claims that the Constructicons - specifically Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul - will join the Decepticon team in their fight for supremacy or the all spark or whatever it is this time. You heard that right, Devastator is coming to the big screen! This robot is frickin' HUGE. A fan art photo created by Rise Studio has been included below to spark your imagination. This massive bot is a fan favorite among many for his combined destructive power and enormous size. If this is true, this is going to make for some insane battles - that's for sure!

Of course, some of the names will have to be changed. Bonecrusher was the Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle that got demolished by Optimus Prime in the highway fight, and Devastator was the M1 Abrams tank that also got its ass kicked in the final fight. We'll see what they come up with.

Also included in their post is a list of possible character listings which include Chuck, Sam's conspiracy theory-obsessed roommate at Princeton; Professor Colan, Sam's physics teacher; the CEO of Massive Dynamic; an FBI director, a CNN reporter, a bunch of military personnel and a few more. It's all the standard fare and I've always believed casting charts really don't tell us much. It's best we hold out until we hear some solid details from Bay or someone else intricately involved in the production.

I think the great thing about this sequel is that Michael Bay already proved that he was the perfect director to bring Transformers to the big screen (at least most people agree) and now the door is open for almost anything. What I mean is that the question has changed from "can Bay actually do a good job translating our beloved 80's toy line to the big screen?" into "what awesome robots can we look forward to seeing next?" Transformers 2, being directed again by Michael Bay, is currently slated for release on June 26th, 2009 next summer and will begin production this July.

Devastator Fan Art from Rise Studio

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Yeah.. I am pretty much gonna start camping like tomorrow.

CSpuppydog on Apr 3, 2008


the sad thing is that while this movie has the potential to be something great (having such an incredible legacy from which to draw) it will undoubtedly be a sad and pathetic hint at what could have been a terrific film! i mean, the fact that they need to go and change so many names because they screwed up things in the first movie is the first sign of what's to come... and while the above fan rendering of devastator looks fantastic, all the true fans know that Michael Bay will butcher it, transforming it into something FAR less appealing... or true to it's original conception. Michael Bay is the saddest thing to have happened to the Transformers Universe.

joshua on Apr 4, 2008


WORD! #2

bltzie on Apr 4, 2008


What I think you fail to realise #2 is that if they'd translated the robots over to film exactly as they were originally intended, then you'd have a bunch of high-pitched, vividly-coloured, stiff-kneed, and let's face it - boring robots running around on screen for two hours. And no, I'm not attacking the old cartoon, I happen to have a brother who is absolutely shit-crazy about Transformers (and he's 21) who was also laid back enough to enjoy the live-action movie for what it was - fun. I've seen my fair share of the cartoon to appreciate both it and the film adaption. The robots worked well in the cartoon, but they wouldn't of in the film. I personally think Bay did a good enough job translating them over into things you could actually (well, somewhat) relate to without laughing at them. He managed to keep, or give them a personality while keeping them rooted in reality just enough as necessary. It's not perfect, but I don't think they would've nearly as well any other way. Bay rarely does things right (looking at you, Bad Boys 1/2) so I think it's fair to give credit where credit's due.

Brad on Apr 4, 2008


I don't understand why Michael is said to be the "perfect director" for a Transformers film. What does that actually mean? Because I would have thought it would be hard pressed for just about anyone to go far wrong with regards to the action element of the film. It's the character and story elements that really needed to be paid attention to. I enjoyed the first film in the same way I "enjoyed" movies like Bad Boys - it's action comedy. That's what Michael Bay does. But I still think that the movie had a lot more potential than just superficial action comedy.

Manfred Powell on Apr 4, 2008


I dunno what every1's complaining about , were're likey we even got transformers nevermind with speilberg helping out.Of course the first movie had some flaws but it kicked f%^&$# ass. If you wanna complain lets talk about the street fighter movie 🙂

Sandstorm5g on Apr 4, 2008


Can someone then tell me, if Michael Bay is not a good director for Transformers...then who is? Yes, Bay lacks character development and drama, but he's a damn good action director. Whenever I ask this one can answer it well enough. WHO IS BETTER SUITED THAN MICHAEL BAY TO DIRECT TRANSFORMERS??? The only person I can think of is James Cameron.

Matt Suhu on Apr 4, 2008


Just look at Devastator. Awesome! I agree that Michael Bay isn't good for Transformers. Maybe he made it look too camp for my liking. But we have so far, it's probably good enough as long it wasn't a cheapo B grade flick.

Aidil Omar on Apr 4, 2008


John Woo? I mean, look what a fantastic job he did with the Hulk!! HA HA HA. The Wachowski brothers -Ridley Scott -Steven Spielberg

RStewie on Apr 4, 2008


Ang Lee directed Hulk. If you're going to make a wisecrack, at least get the facts straight.

Tom on Apr 4, 2008


I think you meant Ang Lee #9....unless you were joking and I didn't get it. =)

bltzie on Apr 4, 2008


The Wachowski brothers...perhaps, but they messed up Matrix 2 & 3. Transformers is not a typical Ridley Scott movie, one of which is because of the heavy use of CG. Steven Spielberg...I can somewhat see him doing it, but he was the one who approached Michael Bay to direct Transformers in the first place.

Matt Suhu on Apr 4, 2008


honestly, i don't think it's worth poking at other directors to see who could have, would have, might have done a better job... because it's all just speculation... i agree speilberg, wachowski bros, ridley scott may have done a great job... you could even throw names like burton, pete jackson proyas or del toro into the mix... the problem at hand is that the ever fabulous michael bay (dripping with sarcasm) has gone and ruined the legend, the legacy, the universe that is transformers... it's really very sad... and while we can all gripe, moan and complain about it... it will incite nothing more than web bashing and gossip... why can't we form some kinda petition... while the movie is still in it's production stages, grab everyone together as one voice and stop him from completely f***ing up our generation's heroes and myths... i'm all for modernizing the story... i understand the robot cartoon is something of the 80's and requires a little revamping for the 21st century... but youtube and car commercials have all shown us that it's VERY possible to create impressive, incredible, believable transforming vehicles that DO stay true to their original form. i could totally understand if the transformers had been done again and again as a live action feature and michael bay felt the need to change it up... but it's NEVER been done before... why go and change everything? INCLUDING the storyline?!?! if he wants to screw up the film with cheesy comedy and crap ass plot then fine... at least make the transformers (and their names) accurate and true to their original essence. PLEASE don't let us see another HORRIBLE mutilation of what was one of the most loved childhood cartoons.

joshua on Apr 4, 2008


aren't transformers bunch of giant stupid robots?

Jojo on Apr 4, 2008


Completely agree with Joshua, nail-on-the-head. P.S. BAN BAY!

Herbert on Apr 4, 2008


..... i guess eloquence isn't one of your strengths Jojo

philip on Apr 4, 2008


I think Bay did a great job and judging by the box office receipts, most of America agreeed.

Ryan on Apr 4, 2008


Alex you must be joking or out of your for saying that "Michael Bay already proved that he was the perfect director to bring Transformers to the big screen (at least most people agree)" I mean, almost everyone agree that he destroyed all the Transformers magic and turned Optimus and the others into clowns. Take for example the scene outside Shia La Beouf house, with Autobots acting like stupids breaking the garden stuff. Jeez, even in a different movie, this stupid scene doesn't add anything to the plot, but wait, what plot? Maybe you didn't watched the movie and you're writing like the common journalists from tv who speaks from what they haven't seen or know anything. John Woo or Shinji Aramaki, who is Appleseed Ex Machina director would've done an amazing job way better than Bay. Appleseed is another movie with meaningless plot (compared to other anime plots) but heavy on action, and it got amazing direction from Shinji Aramaki.

Reiem on Apr 4, 2008


Joshua...if it's not worth poking at other directors while moaning about Bay, then why do you want to form a petition and stop him from doing the sequel? If you're willing to stop Bay from directing Transformers 2, then you're willing to take a chance on another director who may surpass or do worse than Bay. I do give you credit though for suggesting Pete Jackson...out of all the suggestions, he may actually be up to par with such a project. But the reason why I defend Bay is because I rather watch a good movie that has deviated from the source material, than watch a bad movie that has stayed true to the source material. Yes, I agree that it's quite feasible for Bay to have kept all names and robots to their original form while "modernizing" the story. But I'm more delighted in the fact that he made a really fun, action-packed movie. Yeah, he's a bit too prideful in trying to create his own version of Transformers...but he created a damn good movie out of it. It's not a perfect movie...but it's not entirely terrible either.

Matt Suhu on Apr 4, 2008


While leaving the theater of the first film, I said something that I rarely say. I said, "now that was worth $10.50 per ticket!" How many movies can you say that about? Not many. I can almost guarantee the people bitchin in most of these posts will be front & center for part 2. I know I will. How can people who claim to have loved Transformers as a kid be so critical & white collared about the first film. Some of us just grew up too much huh? Douche bags.

Sinner on Apr 4, 2008


I want to see a Transformers Movie not a movie ABOUT Transformers. I don't want Transformers becoming clowns again. Will Bumble Bee be deaf this time?

Joe C. on Apr 7, 2008


Anybody know how I would go about getting a job on the movie set?

John on May 5, 2008


according to WIKI... "On its opening weekend, Transformers grossed $70.5 million, amounting to a $155.4 million opening week, giving it the record for the biggest opening week for a non-sequel. The opening's domestic gross was 50% more than Paramount Pictures expected." Thus Bay made a successful movie. It seems to me that a lot of fan boys don't seem to under stand that if Bay had converted Exactly from the animated series/Comic's the film may not have done as well. Bay did not just try to appeal to fan boys, he adapted Transformers so that it could be enjoyed by a much wider audience. And lets face it, Explosions, Action, and Comedy sell. It may not be what all you fan boys wanted it to be, and it was not the greatest of films, but it was successfully, and criticizing bay for making a successfully film doesn't seem right. I may be completely mistaken, but those are my 2 cents.

Chris on Jun 7, 2008


The tank was mentioned only briefly in the movie as "Devastator". If everyone remembers, the toy line for the new movie billed the tank as "brawl". "Bonecrusher" could easily be resurected from the chilly deep with Megatron, as seems to be the plot for pt2, and rescan for reasons of covert secrecy. I would expect Jazz to make a comeback as well - he is a standard in the franchise, after all. On incorrect names, there are a few children's books released for the movie that actually identify "Blackout" as "Vortex". I actually have one of them myself. What would be worse: Continue with the name errors from the 1st movie -OR- create a slight continuity issue by correcting the devestator-brawl-bonecrusher name problems for a more acurate pt2?

Les on Jun 8, 2008


You guys are all a bunch of whiney fucking nerds.. You are adults, and yet, you are on the computer complaining and whining about a CARTOON to film adaption.. Shut the fuck up, and grow the fuck up... It's pathetic, it really is.. I mean sure a little immaturity is okay, but there's a limit.. Honestly what are you trying to prove? "Oh, they're ruining my favorite cartoon show!" So the fuck what? I guarantee, that without this film, most younger kids wouldn't even know about transformers. And they sure would not have liked them.. Have you actually gone back and watched the show you all think would have done so great as a directly to live-action movie? It blows! It is so fucking stupid, everything about it. EXCEPT the plot, which Bay only improved on.. So just stop being a bunch of little vaginas and GROW UP!!!!

Blake B on Jul 7, 2008


how do you now if you made it to the movie

chris hubbard on Jul 11, 2008


My only problem with Michael Bay is that he screwed with the names. Other than that, I thought the first one was great. I wasn't hip to Bumble Bee being a Camero at first. When I saw the car lot scene, I was happy that they showed a yellow VW bug getting slammed by BBs door. I think that was for the hardcore fans like me. I have a feeling the second one will be great! #24....nice....I like your points.

Rusty on Aug 29, 2008


fan art photo created by Rise Studio is very close to what the movie could create with computer animation. However more real life vehicles would work just a good. Would like to see tidalwave come in to play as well? Maybe Michael Bay is listening? Autobots roll out!

Robert T on Sep 22, 2008


I think they should make a transformers movie like they made the star wars clone wars movie because i still like the cartoon verison better. I think that 1984 was a great time for many people.

vuebran on Feb 3, 2009


Fuck you all who hate tf2. it will kick every other movie's asses. they won't have an ass left. so what if bay screwed up a few names? relatively, prime wasn't so mr. goody two shoes, either. He fucking ripped bonecrusher's head off, adn left him to burn. some mistakes can forgive, right? like any of you assholes could do better. Need of no mr. goodies wtih half crapped-up degrees going around making the machines have giant dicks. bay rules.

Radiant Pig on Feb 5, 2009


all you bay bashers are pathetic. give me a break. aside from being a big GM commercial, the first movie was awesome! Name one comic book or cartoon that has gone to the big screen in the past ten years and nothing comes away from a movie exactly the same as it was before. ur all virgin idiots to sit here and bitch about something that made more money in one hour then you will ever see in your lifetime. heres an idea...take a chick to the theatre and watch the movie instead of taking your bi-curios friend that lives in his moms basement and thinks about dudes in banana hammocks before he goes to bed. maybee ull get to first base and have some spank-bank material for the next twelve years. until then, shut the f up about producers and correct names and all that shit. get a job and leave the house. maybee the sunshine will make ur pecker work. btw- im 28, married, own my own business, two kids, six figure income....dont throw that typicall "i know you are but what am i" shit back at me. the fact that i have taken time to type this much means i already spent more time on you haters than ur already worth. this is what i get for being a fan.....

josh on Feb 25, 2009



vuebran on Feb 27, 2009


personally i loved this movie, i went to see it twice and cant wait for the dvd. All these people complain about Michael Bay because they saw a song on Team America about how much Pearl Harbour sucked and cant really explain why he "sucks" they just want to go along with Trey Parker and Matt Stone because they are funny, which they are but in the long term not really worth basing an honest opinion on. Michael Bay produces and Directs brilliant action movies and he is perfect to direct Transformers as it is what it says on the tin (forgive the Transformers pun) an ACTION MOVIE! I love the fact that this movie doest correspond with the old cartoon series and movies, otherwise i would have to put up with watching this at the cinema surrounded by acne ridden kids dressed as the old Transformers who pick at (as some people commenting here have done) the most minute details in the film. The old Transformers could never really be translated to this format as i think people would get bored through half the film being needed to show every transformation montage which happens in the old TV Series. The old Transformers was genesis yes and it was good, but what some people need to realise is that everything must evolve or "Transform" in order to be made better. I believe that the old anime style of Transformers would not have made this movie successful in any way and thats where the old Transformers should stay, in the cartoon series.

Bassman on Jun 26, 2009


"Michael Bay already proved that he was the perfect director to bring Transformers to the big screen (at least most people agree)" You're kidding right? Or did you just not see the first movie? I'll bet you're loving the second's "epic" battle with the giant vaccuum cleaner. Btw people, the reason Michael Bay sucks is because he can't tell a story and develop characters. He just knows how to blow things up and hire art teams that like to overcomplicate designs with meaningless flourishes. You can't enjoy what moves too fast for the eye to see, so exactly what is the point of giving the robots 10000 moving parts that have to reconfigure in as little as 2 seconds depending on the scene? "What, you couldn't see that? Sucks for you, ok let's move on to the next pointless explosion!" The sad thing is there was plenty of room with this franchise to create some classics. Now we just have a couple movies that no one will remember in 10 years. (The Rock? Isn't that a wrestler turned actor? The Island? Which island? Bad Boys? Isn't that the TV show about cops?) Concentrate on special effects and you get fireworks, which are by nature momentary and so are always forgotten by the next day no matter how big the bang is. Concentrate on story and characters, and just use special effects to support them, and you get a movie that can be enjoyed for years to come. The fact is the Transformers movies did not make money because of Michael Bay, they made money in spite of him, because Transformers fans will pay for any Transformers movie no matter how disappointing it is likely to be. Thankfully, I didn't actually have to pay to see the second one. But I am advising everyone who asks to save their money and rent the DVD at Redbox for $1, or even better use a coupon and rent it for free.

Dlub on Jul 5, 2009

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