Rumor: 'Friends' Movie in the Works - Please Be Fake!

July 3, 2008
Source: The Daily Mail


I knew it! When I was discussing the success of Sex and the City with some friends, I mentioned that one of the only other franchises that could bring big female crowds to the theaters is Friends. But then I thought to myself, there's absolutely no way that it would happen! The show (thankfully) ended four years ago and they all went on their own separate ways, plus how the heck could they turn a 30-minute sitcom into a movie? Well, The Daily Mail claims that a big screen adaptation will happen "within the next 18 months." Frankly, I don't believe it, any word of it. It's just too, well, ridiculous, to be true. I know that Hollywood is looking for ways to recreate the financial success of Sex and the City, but I just don't think this Friends movie is going to happen. Keep dreamin'!

An "inside source" claims that the entire cast is now "keen" on returning to reprise their roles "under the right circumstances." They say that the success of Sex and the City "got their wheels spinning about how a Friends film could be just as big, if done right." These lines are so outrageous, that it truly is hard to believe any word of it. Check out this little bit about Jennifer Aniston. "As the biggest star of the Friends franchise, Jennifer can't help but look at what's happened with Sarah Jessica Parker and the Sex And The City film and be a little jealous. What's held back a Friends movie so far is that people were worried that Jennifer had simply become too famous to play Rachel again. But the truth is that Jennifer is finally willing to do it, and she'd love to work with that whole team of actors and producers again." Is this for real?

If you can't already tell, I'm not a fan of Friends at all. I despise the show and would be very upset to see it come to theaters. It may make some money and cause droves of girls to flock to the theaters yet again, but that doesn't mean it's any good. I actually have a minor amount of appreciation for Sex and the City, but not for Friends. As of now, The Daily Mail claims that Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer will all be back soon enough. If we don't get confirmation soon, I'm going to say this was one big load of crap. It just sounds too far-fetched to come together with a worthy script. Who does want to see a Friends movie?

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I once despised the show. And though it is not my favorite, I did buy the complete series on DVD (for my wife) and liked it for the most part. I don't see how a 'Friends' movie could work. Sex and the City had the luxury of being without laugh track..not sure a movie based on a sitcom like 'Friends' would work. I just don't see it happening. I hope this isn't true..because I don't want to see it in theaters..if it is wife will drag me.

Garrett.king on Jul 3, 2008


I love the show more than any other show to ever grace my tv screen. That said, I would only like to see a big screen adaptation for the sake of seeing the characters again. I would much rather see a one hour special on TV. I do have to wonder however what the fixation here is with FRIENDS being a female orientated show?? As far as I'm concerned the ration of male to female main characters is a good yard stick for the divide of male to female fans. I find this insistence that it would attact droves of females to the cinema in equal amounts to those of SATC completely insane! Madness, go F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you rocked my world

Michael Power on Jul 3, 2008


Bah, humbug!

Viper on Jul 3, 2008


I also am a huge FRIENDS fan ! I heard about this on the radio today and I am extremely excited! My friends and I can't wait to go see it!

Renee on Jul 3, 2008


I'm a huge Friends fan. That said, I think this is a horrible, horrible idea! The show evolved into charicatures by it's final seasons, and it finally ended. It's charm was in the characters in their 20s, facing (mostly) light life stuffs. Its characters didn't have deep drama like Sex and the City. Are these six supposed to still be the same in their late 30s/early 40s? Is Joey still a slut - because at 20 it's "sowing his oats," at 40 it's just pathetic. And Ross and Rachel have a child - but are they still going to be on/off like the show - which was a large part of the dynamic? Because with a kid involved, they can't bring that "charm" back. I could go on... This is just spelling disaster and I don't want the fun characters I loved to be ruined.

jessica maria on Jul 3, 2008


I've always hated those Friends publicity shots like the one above. It's clearly just the actors toasting their success and just screams out 'look how much money we have!' They should have made publicity shots of the characters, not the actors... just my two cents...

P on Jul 3, 2008


@Kail: I can't tell if that was sarcastic or not. I hope to god it was.

Nettle on Jul 3, 2008


I am a FRIENDS fan, cynical about how a movie version would work, however, the source material was from The Daily Mail, you do realise how much crap that knowingly fills its pages with right?

Peter H on Jul 3, 2008


Uhm... When exactly did Jennifer Anniston become too big a star? What exactly has she done since Friends that has set the world on fire? Her riveting performance in Bruce Almighty? Or her critically acclaimed role in Along Came Polly? Or is she "too famous" simply because she got dumped by Brad Pitt? I know she's had a long Hollywood career, but what she's known for is Friends and her Ex.

Juan on Jul 3, 2008


No thank you i couldn't stand friends when it was on it just wasn't that funny but to turn it into a full movie well be a terrifying ordeal. I say if there going to make a sitcom into a movie do a SEINFELD movie now that i would love and would make a killing at the box office.

Curtis on Jul 3, 2008


Alex, why on earth would you be upset if it became a movie? If you don't like it, don't see it. I don't see how that could make someone "very upset". Stop being such a misogynist.

adam on Jul 3, 2008


Well it's better than Batman...

Robert on Jul 3, 2008


oh god no

Josh on Jul 3, 2008


Friends is the greatest piece of artwork to come out of mankind since Batman and Robin and Manos the Hands of Fate, and let us not forget 2003's HULK. Such classics have graced the silver screen, and it's only a matter of time before the fates decide that the last piece of the prophecy may come into play and Friends will grace the screen as well, and then it shall be time to enjoy the rapture!

Kail on Jul 3, 2008


I do not see why this would not work. If they can get the series writers on board this could be something. Lets face it how many sitcoms about white 30 something white stupid folks are out there (or have been out there). TONS. Yet Friends were the only one that actually was fun for over a decade and had actors with some chemistry. I hope they can cook something here.

Shige on Jul 3, 2008


WTF!? dragged again by my GF to see this crapfest!!!! hope there's some nudity involved 🙂

damuh_yuzah on Jul 3, 2008


Friends is one of those shows that my fianc'e made me watch kicking and screaming when we first started dating and I'm ashamed to say that it's grown on me. During the 90s I avoided it at all costs due to being a Seinfeld fanatic (where's the Seinfeld movie anyways?!), but once the era of Seinfeld came to an end I found myself watching reruns of Friend and actually laughing quite often. I do appreciate it compared to some of the crap sitcoms out nowadays (besides Everybody Loves Raymond). I have respect for Schwimmer too as a writer, producer, actor, and director on the show...anyone who puts that much passion into a project is bound to have some memorable moments. So stop hating Alex and come to the dark side...Friends is much better than Sex and the City. I bet you've never even given Friends a real chance because I know I was way too stubborn to initially as well.

Peloquin on Jul 3, 2008


friends was an awesome show, sex and the city sucked. i would definitely go see a friends movie.

that guy on Jul 3, 2008


A lot of guys are giving this a lot of crap but I don't think this is any different then any other movie based off of a comic book, cartoon or other franchise. I think hollywood is realizing that there is the potential to get women in movie theatres just like men for midnight showings and multiple viewings. I think that we are going to start to see more movies that are geared toward franchises where the fan base is mostly female because there is money to made there. I have seen my fair share of "guy" movies and have had to sit through endless midnight showings of star wars, lotr and spiderman movies. Why can't guys get over this? Stop your bitching and complaining. Not all movies have to be made for men.

Janet on Jul 3, 2008


Always remember: "Friends don't let friends watch friends."

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Jul 3, 2008


I Am a friends fan and I am also critical of friends being turned into a movie however i know that there are a ton of people who were addicted to this show so i believe that even if it goes through no matter what it looks like there will be thousands of addicts lining up to get what they have been missing for four years.

Nathan A on Jul 3, 2008


Damn, if anyone wants to make a tv show movie it should be HBO. Bring the Soprano's to the big screen with an R rating and give it a real ending!

dac_fan on Jul 3, 2008


I enjoyed friends and the movie news is ok to me but this WILL BE BIGGER THAN SEX. FRIENDS has a MUCH larger audience that consists of MEN AND WOMEN. SEX was largely if almost entirely a female audience while FRIENDS is about split but leaning a bit more female. 55/45 maybe? It would bring more people in and I am sure a mcuh friendlier PG-13 rating will be issued.

Ryan on Jul 3, 2008


bah! a "Friends" movie??? what the hell would all of them do in a movie? go on vacation together and end up having silly sex romps and maybe even a wedding or a break up or something? stupid idea. just.....stupid.

Conrad on Jul 3, 2008


Lisa Kudrow's beaked "Who farted?" face on a 30-foot screen? Aaargh!

avoidz on Jul 3, 2008


no thanks

rissu on Jul 3, 2008


The horror...the horror...

sleepykid on Jul 3, 2008


A girlfriend forcing you to watch an episode of "Friends" is proof that she never really loved you in the 1st place.

L on Jul 3, 2008


Oh God......Please be fake!!!!!

Tirrell on Jul 3, 2008


I do own all 10 seasons too, but like jessica maria said on Jul 3, 2008, this is a horrible idea, and would not go over well. I too am questioning the plot. 'Friends' does not have enough drama to make 90 plus minutes worth of watching, and if they did, it would be way too far fetched. If they really wanted to do something to make them happy, have them buy the seasons and sit at home together and watch them, and "remember" that good times only last so long. Ten years is a great stride! You're done.

Jeremiah on Jul 4, 2008


"The One Where The One-Time TV Stars Cash In On Another TV Show's Movie Success"

avoidz on Jul 4, 2008


A) TV shows should never be made into movies unless there is an effort to take the show in a direction it can't go on TV. I like the Simpsons but that movie was just a 2hr holiday special that cost 10 bucks to see. B) That said, I agree with the Soprano's comment above. Deadwood could translate pretty well to the big screen, but I'm not sure if those quite fit in the same box as standard TV series. If someone shows up with a Seinfeld movie, I'm done with going to the movies. C) It might be just the resolution on my screen, but doesn't it look like Miss Cox has got a hand full of Lisa Kudrow's right breast....well, maybe it's just me.

tired on Jul 4, 2008


There's a report on IMDB that's quashing this rumour from various sources. Phew! - that was close.

sleepykid on Jul 4, 2008


I fricken hate this show.

790 on Jul 5, 2008


i am the biggest fan of this show!!!! omg when i herad that there was gonna maybe be a movie i pliped out! im so excited! i want to be an actor and friends is my role model. ilove them. i would llove to see them again with all there problems and see were they have been! im so excited! FRIENDS ROCKS MY SOCS!!!!

GAEL on Jul 6, 2008


i first thought this show was boring... lol but i was like 10.. then i got older and im still obsessed with it!! seriously it was the best thing on tv! lol the only bad part in it was the 'on a break' thing!! lmao if they do end up making a movie out of this it will surely be much better than what sex and the city did!! that show just was stupid!! xD

Alixx on Jul 6, 2008


I'm a HUGE FRIENDS fan and for good reason... the show changed the sitcom landspace forever. i am not so sure about the friends movie though... although it might be really good if they came up with an appropriate storyline but just making it to make more money is simply stupid... they would loose out on die-hard FRIENDs fans if they made a crap-fest out of it. ! SATC has nothing on friends... just a bunch of whiny past-prime pinups...

Viral on Jul 7, 2008


i absoultely love friends even watching the behind features the producers and team look like a really big b unch of happy people. the atmosphere from behind the scenes looked really cool. I think it could work. We would need to see ross and rachel marry properly this time!!!! And they cannot be no more breaks :L

edel on Jul 8, 2008


Is it just me? or is "Monica" holding on to "Phoebe's" Breast in that picture.??? haha... something to look forward to? Psyche!!

Jullian on Jul 11, 2008


I quite liked this article, very honest and you totally showed your own opinion. But i'd have to raise my hand for the last question. I'd see the movie. I know it's your opinion that it'd suck and i respect that but ..I'D WANT A DAMN MOVIE!!!!!!

kate on Jul 13, 2008


I love the show and I thought the writers, producers and actors were really great. I trust that if they're willing to make a movie, it'll be enjoyable. Though, I'd be happy even if they did a new Thanksgiving episode on TV. Either way, I'm all for it!

Tiffany on Jul 24, 2008


I LOVE FRIENDS. i would personally love to see friends hit the big screens, and so would everyone i know. i watch the episodes over and over, they never get old. but it would be great too see some new material. i for one certainly hope the rumors are true! BRING ON THE MOVIE!

green. on Jul 29, 2008


I personaly don't think a movie would eb a good idea, but I have a new site that keeps you posted on any reunion (or movie) possibility... ALso has galleries with images and videos, episode guides, scripts... Current news on the on Jul 30, 2008


i would be first in line to see a friends move!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE them lol

tiara on Aug 1, 2008


Friends is the best show ever created. If you dont think its funny...then you must be the most boring person alive and have NO sense of humor. This show is absolutely hysterical and i watch season after season ever day. I have dvr and i record reruns downstairs and thats all i watch when im downstairs. when im upstairs i just pop in one of the dvd's. i have every season and even though i have seen every episode 100 plus times..i still am in love with this show. i am still so mad they even ended it. I HOPE TO GOD there is a friends movie. it would KILL sex and the city. i want to know what else happens. i want to see how rachel and monica have raised their children. soo whats up with joey? wonder if rachel and ross ever marry?? i have so many questions and am so curious! i cannot wait for this movie. i've never been more excited. PS-SEINFELD SUCKS.

Morgan on Aug 2, 2008


I dont get it... does the person who wrote this article hate friends?.... I heard that it was just a rumour...but THAT could be a rumour, i hope, because if they do make f a friends movie, it would be.. like really great!

R.Beef on Aug 18, 2008


i think there shud be a movie because freinds is boss 🙂

ryan on Sep 8, 2008


YES YES they should make a friends movie i personally think it would be great but ill tell u something they shouldn't have ever made a "sex in the city" movie from my view i think it was a awful and crappy film. F.R.I.E.N.D.S for ever

jessica on Sep 18, 2008


Loved sex and the city, will definitely watch a friends movie too! Esp if there was a Rachel/Ross wedding 🙂 Oh wait thats too much like sex and the city :/ Well what ever, i'd pre-book my seat before production even started! Haha

SamSaysMore on Sep 26, 2008


okay i love friends its one of the best shows on tv STILL!! and if you despise the show soo much why have you published this article probably because your tooo gayyy to do anything else !

me on Dec 22, 2008


What the hell! I never use to watch Friends cause every one else did ut it is easly the best sitcom ever, and is inmy favourite shows LOST, 24, Prison Break and Friends and when it comes to films, tv i know what I'm talking about this article is crap. Written by someone who needs to watch a bit more of tv and films. Honestly everyone is entilted to their opions but come on yours is just stupid.

Lincoln on Jan 8, 2009


I hope they do make a movie. Honestly, I got into the show the summer after it ended, but I own all 10 seasons and can tell you every little detail. I love the show to death and would love a movie. Yes, they must have a great storyline, otherwise, don't do it. But, I have a lotta questions. When did Ross and Rachel get married, if they did? What is Joey up to? How is baby Emma, Erica and Jack? Did Phoebe and Mike have kids? Plus, they could bring a lotta old guest stars and recurring characters to the film that we only saw a little bit like Emily for example. The movie would have to bring back Richard and of course Janice!!! And also use Ross & Monica's parents, Rachel's family, Phoebe's sister, Ursula. Besides, if SATC can be a movie, why not FRIENDS? SATC is so gay. P.S. Don't write the article if you hate the show retard! Try getting a life!!!!!

Adam on Jan 13, 2009


Friends was great because it was how I wish my life had gone. Great friends and beautiful women. My life didn't go like that. Bring back friends NOW! it's fun for gods sake!!!!!

I love Friends. on Jan 14, 2009


They need to make a movie it could be rachel and ross getting marred

adam on Apr 26, 2009


Whoa! It seems like the person who wrote this hated Friends, and that is the weirdest thing I've ever heard...Seriously, did someone HATE Friends?!? It was a hilarious show, with great actors and writers and one of the most important in the 90's. And it'll be the best sitcom forever, for sure. "The show(thankfully) ended 4 years ago..." WTF?!? You must be retard and without sense of humour if you didn't laugh with Friends! I couldn't be more dissagree with this crap. Sorry for acting so violent xD

Josh on Jun 18, 2009


Friends was great. I hope they do make a movie!

??? on Sep 28, 2009


You SUCKK friends is awsome. i lovee the showw and i hope there is going to be a movie. LETS KEEP OUR HOPES UPP .. 😀

ALessandra on Nov 11, 2009


friends is a classic:) i loved this show!! hope they do come out with a movie ,that would be ahh-maznn:D

tori on Feb 17, 2010


They can pull it off. But I think it would be for the best if Joey was seriously ready to settle down, Rachel and Ross... married. Chandler and Monica dealing with normal twin problems. Stuff like that, funny light humored and well with the Charm they had in their 20s just in a different setting. Please please bring the Friend Movie fantasy into a real life event! I know it will make a ton of money. I dont want to dog on Sex in the city but they made 4 of the sluttiest charactors into a very good movie, they can do it with 6 of the funniest!

SarahBBB on Aug 4, 2010


OMG dont you dare bad mouth my favourite sitcom! if you dont like keep your comments to yourself and not post a article about! and i hope there is a movie!

hey hey hey on Jan 2, 2011


how dare YOU i mean have u every seen friends obviously not cause this show makes you laugh yur brains off n believe me i know comendy i live on comedy. IF they make a movie i would be SOOOOOO HAPPY the show never failed to make me laughed also if they make a movie it would still be funny also i agree with SarahBBB cause i heard sex n the city was good amazing actually so they totally can do amazing movie with friends cause well its friends so Alex Billington you must be very blam person to think friends is not funny

friendsfanic on Apr 21, 2011

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