Rumor: Hayden Christensen is Superman in Justice League: Mortal?! Updated - Not True!

March 29, 2008
Source: Cinema Blend

Hayden Christensen is Superman

After Ken referred to Hayden Christensen as "very wooden and extremely uninteresting" in his review of Jumper, he's apparently now moving on to step on Brandon Routh's toes and assume the role of a younger Superman in Justice League: Mortal?! Okay, so this is 100% an unproven rumor, so don't take it as more than that - at all. Apparently Cinema Blend received a scoop from a woman in British Columbia, Canada who "cornered" a drunken Adam Brody in a bar up there and used her charm to get some details out of him. One of them was this bit about Hayden as Superman. Talk about one hell of a rickety story…

Apparently this woman says that Brody started rattling off who was there in the room and who was playing who, one of which was Hayden and Superman. Apparently the entire cast and crew is up there scouting locations since they just got booted out of Australia. Of all of the rumors that have ever hit about casting for this Justice League movie, Hayden was never in one of them. He wasn't even mentioned on that long list of "kids" who were going in for auditions last year. However, he isn't really someone who is that far off the map. His makeup and hair would need a little work, but he could fit the role… at least physically, I'm not sure about mentally.

So there you have it. That's the thin thread this entire rumor is hanging on. However, I'm not alone in speculating that it might be true. Hunter over at SlashFilm is running this, too, and so is Neil over at Film School Rejects. It's a very interesting prospective to discuss. Does this help Justice League: Mortal at all? In fact, I think most would argue that it hurts it. It's already in a bad position, and you throw Hayden can't-act-worth-a-shit Christensen into the mix, and people will really be angry. I think Jumper was his last straw - it proved to people that he really can't act worth a shit. Am I wrong?

Before you go off tearing this thing apart, just remember that I'm not reporting this as fact, but instead purely as a rumor. I'm not trying to say that he really is or will be Superman in the Justice League movie, but rather asking the question - If Hayden is cast as Superman, what would your impression be? So have at it, let us know what you think, and in the coming days we'll try and get this confirmed (or hopefully debunked).

UPDATE: The original source, Cinema Blend, did some snooping over the weekend and got the official word straight from Hayden's reps - "this is not true." There you have it! We knew this rumor didn't sound too real - who would trust a couple of drunken people? Either way, it was fun while it lasted but now it's been debunked. Stay tuned for more legitimate updates on the Justice League movie as we hear them!

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LOL, and let's not forget Vic at, who reported it before both of the sites you mentioned. 😉 Vic on Mar 29, 2008


It's better casting than the short latino rumors, but worse than anybody else you could name. So, the role moved from crap to slightly less than crap. Or maybe a better quality of crap. It's now crap+1. Guess that makes it a win!

woohoo! on Mar 29, 2008


oh my god if this is true this movie is gonna be worse off then it already was, Hayden cannot act what so ever he has no emotion its like watching a tree its justs terrible, he is going to give Superman a bad name. Lets hope this is not true or this movie is doomed and should be put to rest.

Curtis on Mar 29, 2008


i can only see hayden as superBOY! he'd actually be great as superman-prime...the evil cry-baby version of superman.

Matt Suhu on Mar 29, 2008


more likely Superman would give Hayden a bad name. He can do better than this peice of crap movie. by the way, its not true, you guys are idiots

noway on Mar 29, 2008


Oh yea? How do you know? You friends with Hayden?

Alex Billington on Mar 29, 2008


more evidence this movie is destined to suck, some fool over on the mtv board that called alex out tried to defend it by comparing it to tim burtons batman, spiderman and a couple other films that were "destined" to fail but ended up being hits, thats because those films had a decent cast, there isnt enough talent in this film to get one decent performance and besides, how did hayden keep getting parts after star wars episodes 2 & 3? why did star wars bring him back for episode 3?

harrison on Mar 29, 2008


WTF! Its like their trying to make this film suck. I'm gonna go cut myself... jk. (not really)

silver on Mar 29, 2008


Why does this guy keep getting acting gigs? He must have a really good agent that can broker deals out of thin air and bullshit. The guy can't act to save his life. Jumper was one of the worst films I've ever seen. I wanted to ask the film makers to send me those two hours of my life back. Now, he's going to be Superman!!! WTF? It would be cheaper and much more emotive to cast a sheet of actual steel.

Trent on Mar 29, 2008


Hayden will not be he cant. hes much better then that!he doesnt need to do sum 3rd grade movie!

ajla on Mar 30, 2008


This guy should be taken out and shot so we can all be put out of our misery, I was going to give this movie a chance even after all I read about it but if this rumour is true I will never polute my eye balls with this shit in a million years!!!!!

Dar-El on Mar 30, 2008


I really could care less about this Justice League movie and, oh crap, what's the other one going around! Anyway, it WOULD be smarter for the studios just to let each Superhero have their own flick and WAY more profitable. Imagine, one movie with 5 superheros making $200M, or 5 movies with 1 superhero making $200M. Get it? The only reason why the studios are combining them is because alone, they know these 3rd and 4th tier superheros (except Batman and Superman), couldn't make a buck so they hope to put them all together to make something and spin-off from there. If they did these movies alone, then move over ELEKTRA, there will CERTAINLY be a worse and bigger flop then you.

Ryan on Mar 30, 2008


Casting Hayden would be a terrible mistake; he doesn't possess anything close to the amount of charisma that the role of Superman would require! Superman is an icon of strong morality and virtue who holds immense convictions for the prevailing of goodness in our world (a world that is not even his own)!!! No offense to Hayden, but not only is his level of acting not up to par for as huge a role as this, his whole character does not seem fit for such a legendary figure as Kal-El! To me, if this Justice League movie is going to be worth my time and money (and let me say: I am a HUGE fan of the Justice League), I would have Tom Welling play the role of Superman. To the core of my being I believe he is the best actor to ever play the extraordinary role; too many people just write him off as being just a "teen heartthrob," but I'll beg to differ and state that, if you ever take the time to watch the amazingly well-written show that is Smallville, you can see for yourself what a mature, superb actor he is!! It would be horrible to see Hayden get the role!

Lorelai on Mar 30, 2008


Not a fan of this casting, but I agree he'd make a decent Superboy Prime.

John Madden on Mar 30, 2008


i like your thinking trent, lets petition the studio that if they want it to suck but also get watched, they need a piece of steel in the shape of a man(they dont even need to paint it) that they can wheel around and just type up his lines and put them in a bubble like in the comics, hell id go see that over hayden

harrison on Mar 30, 2008


ROFL!!! Here is a movie that was alive, then dead, then alive, the dead and now alive again and they are trying to kill it with bad actors? I would rather sit around and have a Family Guy style ipikack drinking contest. First one to throw up has to watch this stinking piece of film from start to finish!

Jamison on Mar 30, 2008


Lets pray for the sake of the movie this 110% rumor. I personally feel he destroyed Star Wars. He was the worst anakin I could ever imagine. I mean the man lacks any luster or emotion. When he's happy he looks blah. When he's sad he looks blah. and when he's angry he looks like a spoiled brat. Maybe if they just pose him like gumbie they can CGI his expressions and have someone else give an emotional performance. -JD

Jaybear on Mar 30, 2008


Hayden Christensen is kryptonite to any movie he appears in 😐

avoidz on Mar 30, 2008


I did say before some comments on how pretty much hayden's performances always suck. I will now take it back for one small second. I LOVED "Life as a House" That movie was SO beautiful. I think he needs to stay away from the sci/fi action thriller genre. Life as a house was his ONLY good movie. I don't take back what I said in comment 17 though. I still feel exactly the same as I did then. (Which was about an hr ago.)

Jaybear on Mar 30, 2008


Well, i'd hope they go with the classic idea of Superman - insanely powerful, fast, durable, and blindly heroic. He wasn't, until the 1990s ever portrayed as an intellectual superhero, and if he'll be paired with the powerless super-genius Batman, i hope they think to go back to that. "It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then...he shoots fire from the skies, and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him." - Batman (Superman/Batman #3)

Anonymous on May 21, 2008


somehow missing my own point - i wanted to get across that a brilliant, witty actor may actually ruin Superman.

Anonymous on May 21, 2008


Holy Shitza....Why don't they cast Adam Brody as the Hulk, Rikki Lake as Wonder Woman, Carrot Top as Batman, Wil Farrel as the Flash....then they can have a completley f...up cast! YEah

Jake on May 29, 2008

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