Rumor: Iron Man 2 Might Be Shot in Glorious IMAX 3D?!

September 11, 2008
Source: Collider

Iron Man

Oh no! This isn't really confirmed news, but a report from our friends at Collider today quotes Jon Favreau as saying that he'd love to do Iron Man 2 in 3D and even potentially shoot scenes on IMAX, just like The Dark Knight did. Considering Iron Man is currently ranked as the #2 box office earner this year, I imagine that Paramount and Marvel might be up for giving Favreau the budget he needs to do both of these. The report is a bit sketchy and Favreau only said that he wants to do it in 3D, not that they actually were going to - but time will tell if they actually make it happen. Although I'm not the biggest fan of 3D, I'm going to let this one slide and still remain considerably excited to for Iron Man 2 to hit in 2010!

Favreau attended at a press conference for the Iron Man DVD and said that he'd love to do the sequel in 3D. "He also called the IMAX Dark Knight footage a game changer and he said he’d love to shoot part of Iron Man 2 in IMAX." And as for the 3D, "it's all about the cost, but if they can make it happen he'd like to do it." This is very exciting news and I know I'm not alone when I say that it would truly be badass to see Iron Man in glorious IMAX 3D kicking Mandarin's ass for two hours. As I said, I hope Paramount and Marvel do give Favreau the money he needs, because if this actually happens, it could potentially give The Dark Knight a run for its money in 2010. Do you think shooting Iron Man 2 in IMAX 3D would be awesome?

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Heath on Sep 11, 2008


I wanted to see TDK on imax but sadly my Imax hasn't put it on yet. Some shots of Iron Man would be cool on imax aswell

buttons on Sep 11, 2008


Not gonna be close to DK but may break 400 million, imax or not.

Al on Sep 11, 2008


Lots of explosions in IMAX??? HELL YES

Chris W on Sep 11, 2008


All the great superhero movies had Imax. Why not Iron Man 2

??? on Sep 11, 2008


This is a tough one, most of The Dark Knight's IMAX scenes were shot using practical effects, Iron Man was mostly CGI and it's a safe bet that the sequel will be too so I'm not sure how that would look compared to The Dark Knight.

SlashBeast on Sep 11, 2008


Yeah, CGI IMAX will cost much more, because they would have to do double the work. DARK KNIGHT was very impressive for their lack of CGI and the CGI that was there was EXTREMELY impressive, because it looked all practical and make-up. 3D IMAX though has been done forever with all of those documentaries so I think that will happen. With all of this RealD now, by 2010 almost every theater will be equipped with it.

Ryan on Sep 11, 2008


Yeah Alex its to bad you are a non-believer in the 3D movie revolution.

Donny on Sep 11, 2008


Just the thought of seeing Iron Man 2 in IMAX 3D is making me drool.

Drew on Sep 11, 2008


Oh boy. Now I'm even more excited. I actually was hoping that sometime during its run in theaters, Marvel had an ace up their sleves and were gonna re-release Iron Man in IMAX. A man can only dream, right? But it didn't happen.

Alfredo on Sep 11, 2008


only the flying scenes should be in Imax

Darrin on Sep 11, 2008


as much as i liked dark knight and iron man. One thing i know woould look great in IMAX is some fuckin porn

Drake on Sep 11, 2008


Stop using 3-D. It makes it more like a ride than a movie. Just stop.

Christopher on Sep 11, 2008


not 3D! just IMAX is good, but not 3D...

crAziemutant on Sep 12, 2008


Hell yeah. You have to love the sheer scale of it. IMAX FTW!

Gnuboss on Sep 12, 2008


@ 11... I sincerely hope they don't decide to only shoot pieces of the film in 3D because it's too much of a shock to the viewers to switch back and forth (take your glasses on and off) during the film. It removes the viewer from the illusion of the film and reminds you that you're sitting in a theater which ruins the experience. I like 3D as much as the next, but it needs to be all or nothing. Superman Returns shot "only the flying scenes" in IMAX 3D and we see how well that went.

Peloquin on Sep 12, 2008


I would love Iron Man in IMAX 3D. But that would require some good action and considering the fact that only 3% of the movie had the actual Iron Man, I don't care.

Micah on Sep 12, 2008


IMAX yes - 3D PLEASE NO!!!

Rob on Sep 12, 2008


If the films in 3D I will not see it until the dvd comes out.

790 on Sep 13, 2008


Number 1, I don't he's trying to bite off of Nolan's "The Dark Knight" but rather TDK has revolutionized filmmaking so greatly that talented directors such as Favreau is taking note of the amazing way IMAX filming can make a film. Not to fancy about the 3-D, but I think by that time the technology would've advanced just a bit, and it may turn out just as great as the first one! What a summer this was!!!

Conrad on Sep 13, 2008

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