Rumor: Keanu Reeves as Spike in Cowboy Bebop Movie?!

July 30, 2008

Keanu Reeves as Spike

Just last week IF Magazine discovered that Fox is developing a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie based on the popular anime series. Remarkably, the project still isn't officially announced and Fox is still keeping it under wraps. However, a good friend inside the industry who is a very reliable source wrote in to tell me that the film is being fast tracked inside the studio and will most likely be out by 2010. He also revealed that Keanu Reeves has been attached as the lead character Spike for over eight months now and is still set for the role. Unfortunately there isn't a writer or director attached yet, but with some new forward momentum coming from last week's announcement, I don't think it will take too long.

Yep, you heard that right, the same guy who played Neo will be taking on the role of Spike Spiegel, a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate who is haunted by the memory of his time in the organization. As we mentioned previously, the show first aired in Japan in early 1998 and was brought over to America in 2001 on Adult Swim. The series follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters traveling on their spaceship, the Bebop, in the year 2071. If you're looking for more details regarding this live-action Cowboy Bebop movie, here's yet another juicy tidbit. With Keanu Reeves involved, it's obvious this is no small project. My source also told me that if everything stays the same, the budget on this will be insane.

Whether or not you believe it, the new trend in Hollywood is Asian culture. The first three big films that will open the door for more to come are Dragonball, Street Fighter, and Tekken. And we already announced live-action adaptations of Akira and Ghost in the Shell as well, so why not throw Cowboy Bebop into the mix as well? By 2012 we'll probably see all kinds of anime and manga adapted from Berserk to Hellsing and more. Jumping back to Cowboy Bebop, I have a feeling the initial reaction to Keanu is going to be negative, but just look at Day the Earth Stood Still. After seeing some additional footage, Keanu looks like the perfect fit for Klaatu and I can't wait to see that. Can we give him a chance in Cowboy Bebop?

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thats cool, keanu is cool, i dont know why people give him such a hard time, there are worst actors out there. Cowboy Bebop is awesome and with Keanu on board, no doubt its gonna be cool!

Lou on Jul 30, 2008


should be interesting. Hes doing a few things i see. Cnt wait for TDTESS!

BIG R on Jul 30, 2008


Hmm... I'm down.. At first I was like WTF!!! Thats bad casting.. But now i've calmed down and thought about it a little bit, and yeah he'll probly do well... I'm all for live action anime movies..

Blake B on Jul 30, 2008


Keanu definitely has my vote, seeing those two pics side by side. He definitely has a striking resemblance to renegade Yakuza Spike Spiegel. His physique fits, plus all the kick arse martial arts experience he got from the Matrix movies will only make it betta!

Nwazo on Jul 30, 2008


he is to old for this!

mke on Jul 30, 2008


if not keanu, you know who kinda would look a lot better for spike! Adrien Brody! he kinda looks like him.

Lou on Jul 30, 2008


My first reaction is to agree with #6. However, Keanu Reeves is a good actor, so maybe he'll be able to pull off the persona that is Spike. That and I can't think of someone who is right for the role.

Whatwasthatfor? on Jul 30, 2008


Adrien Brody? Man, Spike is supposed to be good looking and rough around the edges. Brody is neither of these.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 30, 2008


Well my first reaction to the announcement of this movie was pretty negative, and although I'm not a big Keanu fan I actually think he's perfect for the role. a lanky yet physically fit all around cool dude. take neo and mix in some bill and ted and it should be interesting.

Alexander on Jul 30, 2008


I like Keanu Reeves a lot, he is very underrated. And he is great in those type of characters. The most important for this project is: WHO will direct it?

Sam on Jul 30, 2008



Kent on Jul 30, 2008


i love love love keanu but i do think he's a bit too old for this role. needs to be a guy in his 20s

ybne1 on Jul 30, 2008


you know...i think keanu is a good pick for this role. and the bigger the budget, the greater it'll be. i imagine the atmosphere to be a bit like blade runner, but larger and more technology based.

Matt Suhu on Jul 30, 2008


as much as i don't want this film to happen, keanu would be great for this role. nice casting

Darrin on Jul 30, 2008


absolutely not. Keanu can play mysterious and stoic well but he literally acts exactly the same in every movie. spike as a character is very expressive, he moves around alot (watch the fight scenes from the show) he is emotional and rash and reactive. keanu is none of these things. honestly i dont even know if he'll make a good klaatu.

Tait Howard on Jul 30, 2008


plus, spike is lanky and skinny. keanu may have a similiar face but he's got the completely wrong body type.

Tait Howard on Jul 30, 2008


Keanu is waaay cool! Sometimes, too cool for his own sake. Let's be real, Spike has HIS face!

Sam on Jul 30, 2008


Nice! Im in. I think Keanu Reeves is perfect for this part, but I don't dislike him like others so..... who knows

Traveler on Jul 30, 2008


I really would hate to see Keanu portray Spike... I love Cowboy Bebop, and I love Keanu Reeve's movies, but I hate Keanu Reeves. He can't act

Mr. Pockets on Jul 30, 2008


Keanu was ace in Street Kings. If he mixes Tom Ludlow and John Constantine, he will make a great Spike. And, for real, that "can't act" spell that people use to say about him is unfair. A man can't be Ted Logan and Neo (or Tom Ludlow, for that matter) and still labelled as someone who can't act! Those characters are different from each other as they can be!

Sam on Jul 30, 2008


I never thought I would think this, but Keanu would make a pretty good Spike I think, though there may be better Im sure. I think his real problem is that he takes a lot of crappy scripts, which makes him seem 1 dimensional with his acting.

Breach on Jul 30, 2008


Good, Reeves is great. I never figure out why people give him a hard time. #19 why do you hate him, he's not in the news being a dumbass and a coke head, can you give a proper explanation of why you hate KEANU REEVES??? And Reeves can act watch A, Scanner Darkly, or Rivers Edge.

Xerxex on Jul 30, 2008


I can't think of any other actor who looks so much like Spike. Maybe Adrien Brody, but not quite. He doesn't really have an action hero vibe, while Keanu's Matrix skillz could come in handy here. Hard core fans will probably holler for an unknown or a young newbie to be cast, but I think the reason the studio is willing to give the film a big budget is because of the big name attached. Minor star gets a minor budget from them and Cowboy Bebop deserves a big budget. Look at how cheap and cheesy Street Fighter looks. A cheap Cowboy Bebop could easily end up like that. And of all the big names that the studio would give out a big budget to, Keanu best fits the role. I'm sure they wouldn't mind casting Matt Damon or Bale or Crowe, but Keanu is actually a good compromise with the fans between big name and most fitting to the looks and type of the role IMO.

Deb on Jul 31, 2008


I'm sorry for Dave13, he will hate this when he sees this. lol.

SillySil on Jul 31, 2008


Interesting that the anime character has more of a personality and more depth than the actor that could portray him. Why is it that people just insist on hiring people like Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise for everything, regardless of whether they fit, or if someone else would be better suited to the role. Why the heck not pick someone with a less recognizable face, perhaps someone that better embodies the character? They would save money, and make a better film without insulting the original source. People liked Spike on Cowboy Bebop because he WASN'T boring, so why cast Keanu Reeves? I cringe at who will get cast for the rest of the characters.

Limmic on Jul 31, 2008


"People liked Spike on Cowboy Bebop because he WASN'T boring, so why cast Keanu Reeves?" Because he's probably the farthest from 'boring' among Hollywood actors.

Anakin McFly on Jul 31, 2008


Well unlike Mr.25, I think Brad Pitt would make an excellent Spike. Spike is laid back and funny and sarcastic and has an 'i don`t care' smile. Everything Brad can do. He doesn`t even need to dye his hair because evidentially actors don`t need to look a thing like the anime characters (see the upcoming DBZ movie) But Keanu...? I mean I loved him in Matrix but everything else? He`s monotonous, uses the same face for every emotion, and has the warmth of a snowpea... That isn`t Spike. I wouldn`t choose Adrian either. Too old and too...what`s the word...well, all the movies he plays these very stiff, polite, well polished characters and I just couldn`t see him playing Spike. And don`t even suggest Nicholas Cage because I have only three words for anyone who does. HE. CAN`T. ACT. ^^ That is all.

Torq on Jul 31, 2008



zwandaba on Jul 31, 2008


Pitt? Bale? Damon? For Hell, none seems like Spike! If it is to depart from the look of the original character, so hire an unknown. Keanu looks like Spike. Well, Spike looks like Keanu Reeves, he is like a Keanu manga. And, for real, anyone who saw Street Kings knows the guy can act the hell out, he was great in it, that opening scene with the Korean guys sold me on him big time (basically a Asian looking guy mocking two other Asian looking guys...). Shame few people saw it and still thinking he is the God-like pensive Neo. He isn't like that. And to call Keanu boring or dumb shows none of you guys knows a thing about him. The guy is very funny and wit (see Matrix Revisited or Devils Advocate commentaries), the problem is that he doesn't give many interviews and, REALLY, never appears on the media selling his private persona as it was a character. He hides the whole time and only shows up when promoting a movie. IMO that is why so many people relates him with his characters, as the real Keanu never really shows his real face.

Sam on Jul 31, 2008


of all the people!!!!!!!! seriously the man is a plank, how can he ever be able to carry the suave coolness of spike. he only ever plays detached characters, and on top of that if anyone has watched the episodes u'll know that despite his matrix 'training', he lacks the fluidity and grace of spike's fighting style and is probably to old to ever be as limber as spike. if the world was a sane place, i would leave this beauty of a show as an animation, and pump up the budget on that!!! (Bill and ted's bogus adventure should not even be used as an example to highlight mr reeves dynamic acting ability) *********despair

grham on Jul 31, 2008


I hope the producers are speaking to the creators of Bebop to get more of the backstory. I'm sure they know who Spike was based off of originally, and that goes for the rest of the characters as well. I think Keanu can pull it off, but I'd like to see more comments from the creators. And Yoko Kanno better be producing the soundtrack for this.

Diego on Jul 31, 2008


The only argument i see against Reeves being Spike is that he can't act. Other than that he fits the bill perfectly. Just gotta have some faith that he can pull this off, because i definitely agree with comment #23, there is no better actor that can fit the role like Keanu and if u get a no name newb actor it might not the fame and high budget is needs to be a good moive. So all u cyring babies need to stfu and just have a lil faith in Keenu this time. He might impress.

OrangeMysterio85 on Jul 31, 2008


I was barely able to read that article. F*** NO KEANU! why is he still employed? he can't play spike! well my day just got ruined.

dave13 on Jul 31, 2008


I'm with 32 (except it didn't ruin my day), Keanu seems like a poor choice. I agree that they look similar, but Spike's supposed to be 27, and Keanu's 45 this year. New face is likely a better option, but if Keanu's already attached.... I hope they reconsider--or at least cast better for the rest of the gang. Think they'll die Keanu's hair greenish. πŸ˜‰

Dee on Jul 31, 2008


I really dont agree with Reeves as Spike. The only person i can think of with the true fluidity of Spike would be an actor like Jason Statham. although im not exactly sure how well that would work out. i dont hate Reeves but he really does not have the right fit with anything about Spike. especially in speaking.

Kyle on Jul 31, 2008


No to Keanu!! 1) He's old (Spike is 27). He won't be able to be the swift, able-bodied kind of guy Spike is. If you think his experience in the Matrix will pull for that... that was nearly a decade ago and pretty much all CG. 2) He can act a little, but Spike has real depth and real charm. There's no way that Keanu can pull off so much vibe. He's a frickin sex symbol in the animeverse for Christ's sake (see link): 3) Maybe the dub has bewitched me, but I'd really like someone with as sexy a voice as Steve Blum to play Spike. Can you imagine Keanu having to say "my my right eye sees the present, while my left eye sees the past" without it sounding completely cheeseball? Nuh-uh. I can kind of see DiCaprio playing this role, but I'd prefer a B or C class actor putting on the honor of Spike. I wonder if this is going to play up on Vicious or just be some goofy bounty hunter movie. We should remind the execs that this is the single-most popular anime in the entire United States (not so much in Japan). And I swear to god they better use the same music! P.S. Alex, either you used Wikipedia or are a fan yourself. If it's the latter I have a good deal more respect for you. ^_^

Nettle on Jul 31, 2008


Daniel Day-Lewis. completely impossible, but he should play Spike. right body type and looks, but too old. In reality, I think it should be someone more like Jim Sturgess, after physical training, or Billy Crudup, whose unfortunately pretty short.

a-ritt on Jul 31, 2008


What sad news...if Keanu is playing this role, Spike will end up like every other character he has played since Bill and Ted...they should get Ben Whishaw for the role, who played the Jokerman/Thief aspect of Bob Dylan in "I'm Not There." He totally has that chain-smoker, insomniac look, and is a fantastic actor. And I hope that they can incorporate the cool influences from the show, like the feel of film noir, french new wave, 60's spy movies, and modern sci-fi. I hope it doesn't suck...

Oliver on Jul 31, 2008


You know, it's the voice that is so crucial for Spike, I don't think Keanu's beach vibe is right for Spike. I'm not saying I have a better choice, I mean, the appearance is fine, but the voice is going to be a failure.

Paul on Jul 31, 2008


He actually fits the part.......Hope they don't screw up the rest of the people

insanartist on Jul 31, 2008


Can't belive they didn't mention Jame's Cameron's Battle angel as for Reeves, my 1st impession is what? with that heavy surfer-accent, and that dumb look thats always on his face, i can't see him as Spike... but his looks are close, and if he can get the attitude, he might be OK

zipper on Jul 31, 2008


F***. Nevermind. πŸ™

Eirraca on Jul 31, 2008


Reeves is totally wrong. Spike has easy swagger and charm. The same kind of thing that made Sean Connery good as Bond, while Roger Moore seemed stiff. And as someone else above brought up, Reeves voice blows it - no slag to him - just completely miscast. Off the top of my head, this guy would be better - They've got to use Yoko Kanno for the music - no questions asked.

giantrockstar on Jul 31, 2008


PLease let this project fall into the pits of hell. I shudder at the thought of Keanu Reeves as Spike. I could see it now, Danny Devito as Jet Black, Lassie as Ein, Mary Kate Olsen as Ed, oh god, i think im gonna be sick.

suddenlysuicidal on Jul 31, 2008


He's too old!!! though I like the fact that there is a big name attached to the project but we need someone younger!!

mike on Jul 31, 2008


Ryan Renolds!!

EvoDC on Jul 31, 2008


More importantly, who is going to get cast as Faye Valentine? And will Hollywood keep her yellow two piece outfit?

Bob on Jul 31, 2008


Cowboy Bebop is already cast! Jeffrey Donovan as Spike Bruce Campbell as Jet Gabrielle Anwar as Faye It's pretty much Burn Notice on USA only with a serious budget. The movie pretty much writes itself.

Byrd on Jul 31, 2008


PLEASE GOD NO!!!!!!! Worst.. actor.. EVER. ;_;

UGH on Jul 31, 2008


Keanu as Spike? Oh god no...

HollywoodGame on Jul 31, 2008


@#48 Byrd: Where'd you find that? That sounds... perfect. Gabrielle Anwar has some pretty tiny boobs compared to Faye's, but nothing else seems bad about any of them. I even googled Bruce Campbell and got a picture of him with a prosthetic arm from another film.

Nettle on Jul 31, 2008


I think adrian brody would be much better...

Halfcabbage on Jul 31, 2008


You've generated quite the buzz Alex! Congrats. Way to go on your exclusive scoop man! And Keanu as Spike gets a thumbs up for me too. It's okay with me.

pepperup potion on Aug 1, 2008


oh for the love of all things sacred, WHY?

darkcloud on Aug 1, 2008


i don't care who plays it as long as they get the look and the voice right, damn spike makes me wet.

MEOw on Aug 1, 2008


ooh i really am with 38 πŸ™‚ 37 has a good idea too keanu is to stiff for the role.. physicly his good bu the voice and his move.. :/

rahciach on Aug 1, 2008


No. There is somebody far superior to play Spike... Lee Pace from "Wonderfalls" and "Pushing Daisys" fame. He looks exactly like him and is the appropriate age...

Andrew on Aug 1, 2008


OMG! you're so right! XD Lee is great and so tall πŸ˜‰ but can he play badass? ._.

rahciach on Aug 1, 2008


I was actually excited when I first heard about this movie...until now. Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite television shows of all time, and trust me when I say this - Keanu Reeves is no Spike Spiegel. I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Squeak on Aug 1, 2008


it would be a travesty if he played spike! They need someone who can actually act to play him!

me on Aug 1, 2008


There goes my enthusiasm for the Cowbow Bebop movie.

Pato2747 on Aug 1, 2008


KEANU SUCKS!! his only good film was Breakpoint, he should've retired after that! If Christian Bale wasn't playing John Connor he would be nice for that, but I'm placing my bet for Jake Gyllenhaal!!! he's young enough for the role

David on Aug 1, 2008


David, kill youself now. You're way too stupid to live.

foxy on Aug 1, 2008


Keanu Reeves isn't a bad actor, it's just that his role in those Bill and Ted movies cause him to get roles as stupid people, thus making him unlikeable in quite a few movies. Give the guy a chance.

Booze Zombie on Aug 1, 2008


Whenever I think of Keanu trying to act 'dangerous', all I see is him taking a single huff out of a cigarette, throwing it down, and stepping on it while looking like an insomniac on crack. That's not Spike.

Rob on Aug 1, 2008


When I think of a live action cowboy bebop movie. I think of Johnny Depp playing spike.

Justin on Aug 1, 2008


Insomniac on crack....that is freekin hilarious.....but really.... Keanu needs to step out of these type of roles and get into some pure, real and deep emotional range! I mean......make me feel its real Keanu and stand up for some academy cheer!!! Rachxoxoxo

Rach on Aug 2, 2008


"Can we give him a chance in Cowboy Bebop?" No. No, we cannot.

MRL on Aug 2, 2008


f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ck! why not john cusack?

nooooooooo on Aug 2, 2008


What's with all the irrational Keanu support? He catches crap because he's an incredibly wooden actor. Yeah, he looks okay as Klaatu. But Klaatu is *supposed to be* uptight with inhuman emotions, so his wooden acting suits the role.

Not Paul Shaffer on Aug 2, 2008


I don't care who plays who. No live-action movie needs to be made. Period. Squabbling over who plays what role is pointless. NO LIVE-ACTION MOVIE SHOULD BE MADE OF BEBOP.

Lil on Aug 2, 2008


I'll keep it going - Johnny Depp's too old. Keanu has absolutely 0 swagger. Jake Gyllenhal looks like a monkey - go watch Bubble Boy again. Cusack is a little too old and doesn't have the baddassery (my word). As much as Jeffrey Donovan blows them all out of the water, I know I can get some agreement on this sentiment from the realm of nerddom - Bruce Campbell as Jet or I walk!

Byrd on Aug 2, 2008


"NO LIVE-ACTION MOVIE SHOULD BE MADE OF BEBOP." Eh, I don't see why not. The live-action Akira is a potential disaster, and the live-action Dragonball was doomed from the start, but Bebop should be a pretty easy translation. It could work particularly well if they get a highly-stylized director. Robert Rodriguez, maybe. Get him to stop making stupid ass Red Sonja remakes and Tarantino-fueled intentionally crappy movies and get him back to his roots.

Not Paul Shaffer on Aug 3, 2008


Noo. Don't spoil this anime masterpiece, please.

Vanechan on Aug 3, 2008


Stephen Dorff as Spike Bruce Campbell as Jet There's your movie right there

Spike785 on Aug 3, 2008


keanu Reeves is an amazing guy i think he is perfect to play spike and quit the crap guys he deserves this part jeez

dino_robot on Aug 3, 2008


Hell NO!!! Keanu is too old to play Spike! and... he can't act!

C. on Aug 4, 2008


I think Keanu for this part is good. Not a perfect fit, agreed. He is a little too old for Spike, #77, and he isn't a high calibre actor, but he has made leaps and strides in recent years. I wonder if you saw A Scanner Darkly, which was very creative and entertaining especially since it had Robert Downey, Jr. and Woody Harrelson in it. I think it's good that Keanu has this kind of ambition to keep doing these varied roles despite the bad rap he gets for his acting. Props to Keanu and a big ol' go fuck yourselves to the rest of you. Maybe you're upset that he's famous and you're not. Either way, I look forward to this and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

JL on Aug 5, 2008


he can't act, cause all he does is act...... and he doesnt have a good life or an emotional range within that life, to bring into all these B grade back to back roles... Rachoxox

Rach on Aug 5, 2008


Keanu CANNOT pull off Spike he cant act, but im with the rest of the crowd when i say A LIVE ACTION BEBOP IS AN ABOMINATION AND SHOULD NEVER BE MADE! But if they are going forward with it get a better actor, someone who can be a believable Spike, as cliche as it sound having recently watched Fight Club and Snatch i think Brad Pitt could pull it off. I think he would do quite well and then i saw someone mention Jeffrey Donovan and i think he would be absolutely perfect though i dont know about his martial arts ability. I really hope this project dies just like the Eva on did.

Thanatos on Aug 5, 2008


Tahmoh Penikett as Spike I like Bruce Campbell as Jet

Cymon on Aug 6, 2008


Keanu should get married and be happy and love his wife heaps.......and then he would be able to act.....cause he will be all warm and fuzzy instead of dark and demonised. The poor guys has been through so much, but haven't we all........time to move on and get happy Keanu and bring it to the screen. Sorry, but I cant watch him in any of these robotic films. I mean, I was at the Street Kings premiere and I had to walk out. Its just not the 'true' Keanu, all this darkness that he is portraying. \ Keanu to me, will always be the cute surfer, tanned and healthy and hot in Point Break....not these pointless, unrealistic hereos that were first a drawing and or someones paranoid nightmare(Matrix)! Each to their own opinion however, but in my opinion....Keanu is yet to become the man he truly is and this sort of B grade film just doesnt reach the league that he needs to rise up 2! Reach Keanu, dont fall into averageness again just because it is safe!!!!! Rachooxox

Rach on Aug 6, 2008


Wait, Keanu in The Day the Earth Stood Still is playing Klaatu instead of Gort? When I found out he was attached to the movie I thought someone had finally recognized him for the robot he is. Also, Keanu as Spike sounds about as fun as driving nails through my eyeballs.

readabook on Aug 7, 2008


Keanu is the most underrated actor , It's all rep in the biz, Keanu is not the first actor to struggle first out of the gates in the begining of his career , His rep will never change because people are ignorant but i have seen all his work and he is great in alot of his movies early on there was growing pains , The Matrix masterpeice i don't blame keanu for the sequals i blame producer Joel silver and the sister's Directors for that , Speed Classic and A Scanner DArkly special , His collaboration with River Phoenix is magic and Devil's He stand toe to toe with Pacino, sur perhaps he should have made (1995) Heat that would have helped i think Deniro could have added something to his craft and helped his credibilitiy, It's all rep but to me the work stands out and critic Gene Sieskel before he past said good things about Keanu and his work in "little Buddha " i feel Keanu Grew up but the rep will never change i'ts a whixh hunt at this point

jade on Aug 7, 2008


who gives a toss what he has been in, gone in, done before or even after, by the looks of it........its not good enough and he is not in the lime light for being a philanthropist either, he is just not inspiring the way Bono, Bill Gates, Angelina etc are...its just boring really! And if you aren't in the A +++ league, then you may as well never have gone to Hollywood in the first place. Win at your chosen game or get lost ......or shall I say lost-er! Rachxoxo

Rach on Aug 8, 2008


keanu is a gr8 actor....i wonder why people say that he cannot act....he has ptrayed so many different roles and he is perfect for the role of spike....the both look alike....i think keanu should work more n choose mayb a negative role....for a change u see....

Nishant on Aug 9, 2008


I'ts all reputation in the biz , people being negative towerds Keanu has and always be , He's not the first actor to struggle first out of the gates but he's been crucified for more than others , Theres actors actress that have oscars are nominations and there not great Cathrine zeta -jones , Queen Latifa . It's all Reputation because the work stands out , yes he has a poker face but alot is internal he has come along way but for me i rather see Keanu than any other actor because he's not fake like most of the industry Anglina goth one day mothe hen the next , keanu has always been the same and he is a philanthropist he just doesn't have to tell everyone he gives alot of his money away and has even said that " money is meaningless"

sar on Aug 9, 2008


Reputation is definitely not on Keanu's side and he is loooooong out of the gates I am afraid. Like he has been in 60plus films. His work stands out because he is able to physically take on a role but I believe that he is emotionless because he doesn't believe in true love......alas why he is the only man in Hollywood not married. As far as I can tell and have been told Keanu uses/pays women for sex and takes out allll his baggage on them and then moves onto the next one without an incline of love or respect for a commitment.....hence why he is emotionless in his films as well as in real life. 'Money is meaningless', I am sure for a guy that works the Hollywood system and kisses industry ass while he tops up his bank account to over $400 million. It's sad and its pathetic and his manager is even more so. Being a philanthropist is very important in todays world, because as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer......people are dying and starving because of this sin of greed. Keanu doesn't care because he is too busy feeling sorry for himself...cause his baby and girlfriend he he picked making Matrix in Australia and leaving them....OVER....caring for them! So in fact alllll his Matrix money is indeed blood money! But instead of giving that money away and correcting his 'bad choice'....he takes it out on others and hides in the shadows with his demons and the women he uses for sex. The guy is a loser, its best to face the facts world. He is like hellbound for sure. But feel free.....go give him your money at the box office so he can get richer and become a dirty old man........and think geeeezzz yeharrrrr, you can help create that in this already corrupt world! YAHOOOOOO.....NOT!!!!! Rachxooxox

Rach on Aug 10, 2008


Wow, Rach that was honest. Thank you. Now no one is allowed to say he's a good actor.

Nettle on Aug 10, 2008


The only people that say that he is a good actor is those that feel sorry for him. 'Pitying' someone can earn millions! And Keanu is good at making people feel sorry for him....thats how he gets most of his female into bed....then he throws them some loose change...... As for the industry folk....they think he is angelic cause he kisses ass, but then behind closed doors he doesnt give a long as he can scull his expensive wines and buy $50K prostitues now and again while he gets off on porn! Rachxoxoxox

Rach on Aug 10, 2008


look, this is not supposed to be a movie. They are taking a big risk by making it into a movie. This is going to be hard as crap to make live action. I am a huge fan, and i know too much stuff is going to be really fake looking. 90% is going to be CG. So whats the point? Keanu Reeves cannot act. He will be a horrible Spike. And i can only imagine who will be faye. I think the only thing they may get right is Ein. So yeah, this movie is going to be horrible.

Stormy on Aug 14, 2008


jim sturgess for spike?

teehee on Aug 14, 2008


keanu reeves is a freaking bobblehead. there is no way he could ever be as cool as spike. spike has more awesome in his pinky than keanu reeves will ever have in his entire life.

leanne on Aug 17, 2008


cowboy bebop was truly and awesome series with so much depth to it...I am extremely distressed to hear that fox and keanu reeves are the main names behind its movie form...I see no subtlety in Keanu Reeves' acting and Fox is just there to make a bunch of money. I am doubtful that the movie will be anywhere near as good as the cartoon series. so so so sad ...please change the people behind this movie.

Barry on Aug 17, 2008


Keanu Reeve = poo poo head

Sapan on Aug 17, 2008


Has anyone actually seen cowboy bebop?!?! how could you even think about making a live action movie about it with Keanu Reeves? I bet he has never seen an episode in his life or has even heard about the anime. I will be boycotting this movie, unless they get a better cast. FOR SHAME on you FOX, bunch of money grubbing jerks.

Jeff on Aug 17, 2008


Rachel you are a psycho ignorant idiot

jade on Aug 19, 2008


Rachel who do you like paris hilton ,britney ,lindsey and angelina for someone who doesn't like keanu you sure have gone psycho in saying so for me keanu has good qualities that i like and i understand there is bashers but you really dont know what you are saying , Hate is baggage and keanu will go on making movies if you like it or not so take a midol

kate on Aug 19, 2008


If Reeves could in fact pull it off, it could be the performance and revival of his career as a credible drama actor (which he was in the early late 80s to early 90s). Suffice it to say, I feel Reeves is completely wrong for the role. Though he could pull off the physical aspects, he's still too old for the part. They need someone in their late 20s early 30s to be sure. Then on the other hand, a more mature actor may be the ticket to pulling off Spike's world weary swagger and charming dangerous charisma. I for one would opt for someone like Ryan Gosling. He's perfect for Spike. Tall, rough features and small eyes. He's got the physical quality and the acting chops to boot. Proving a romancer in The Notebook and a dangerous force in The Believer and a brooding presence in Half Nelson. Vera Farmiga is perfect for Julia (Just check her out at the end of The Departed in that black trenchcoat---spitting image!) Amanda Bynes or someone like her for Ed is inspired but unlikely. I'm going to have to go with Ellen Page. She's perfect. Faye is next to impossible to cast. They'd better go with someone unknown, though it will be hard to sell it that way. Rhona Mitra or a more in shape Anne Hathaway would be decent (though none of those actresses I feel have the chops to play Faye. If Angelina Jolie hadn't starred in every other action film for the last six years, she'd be good, but she's too well known and familiar to play the role. For Jet, they should cast somebody like Ving Rhames. Cowboy Bebop was one of the greatest achievements of popular culture and art of the last decade or so, in any medium. If Hollywood screws it up, its likely as a fan I'll never forgive them. However, that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to it.

Zeiram on Aug 19, 2008


Each to their own opinion in what knowledge they have observed/acquired about the subject of Keanu! Shining a light on the truth can hurt, but alas it stands as is!!!!! So back off! I 'hope' Keanu improves in his career and deals with his emotions, so that his work shines more than it has done, same goes with his personal life. But alas this type of role isnt going to help his cause....IN MY OPINION!!!!!!! Whats Midol? Is that a drug that makes the rich richer while turning the human race into non opinionated zombies? I rest my case! Rachxoxox

Rach on Aug 20, 2008


rachel get a life please , and the real boblehead actor is Gorge clooney , Midol is for p.m.s which is for crazy smelly fat cow women that don't know what they are saying why don't you try acting out , it's pretty stupid to write a million comments bashing keanu when you can go feed the poor do something with your life and talking about emotions all these people think there shit don't stink look in the mirrior everyone all of you sux thats why Keanu is a movie star and the rest of you are nobody's

jade on Aug 20, 2008


There are so many better casting decisions then Keanu. and i agree, fox is probably just backing this to make money off of an already awesome franchise. although i agree that they couldve casted worst, i just dont see keanu as a cool headed guy like spike spiegel. and knowing the movie industry, i know theyre gonna have a fucking terrible soundtrack compared to the series

Jason on Aug 20, 2008


jade stop popping pills and get a real opinion that people actaully can learn something from.... and while you are there make sure you get a neck collar for the hound from hell role that you have appointed yourself to. Rachxoxo

Rach on Aug 21, 2008


Arrrgh, this film shouldn't be made FULL STOP! All this talk about physical attributes and action skills and Keanu not being lanky enough or lanky enough is stupid - Spike is a fictional character and a very stylised one at that, so how could they really find a human that resembles him? I can see what a disaster this could be - hopefully they don't base everything on the film (such as costume - which I can already see becoming a tack-o-rama fiesta if so) it would be more suited if it was more the story and plot they base the film upon. Its not going to be a surprise if Fox makes a real flop out of this - it definately will not do the original justice. Also I never thought Keanu would have so many fans considering all he does is stare into space like Mischa Barton - all those who think he is so great really should go rent out "Much Ado About Nothing". The bigger question should be who the hell will play Faye??

boba on Aug 22, 2008


Lee Pace should place Spike. Hands down, all seriousness. The man is a chameleon. Watch Pushing Daisies. Now watch The Good Shepherd. Now watch Infamous. The man is A CHAMELEON. He has plays a bit younger than he is, and, physically, he's perfect for the role. Unimaginably tall, lanky, angular, fit. The nose, the smirk. Dye that boy's hair green and GET HIM IN THIS MOVIE. I think the cast should be 'B'-listers and unknowns. Stop forcing Hollywood Star/letts into roles they don't fit just to bring a bigger box office draw. Get some weird androgynous kid to play Ed, the WEIRD ANDROGYNOUS KID. That said, and though I recoiled instinctively at the idea, Anne Hathaway as Faye would not be terrible casting. She's very sexy, but she can be sort of a goof and a spazz. She's not married to an idea of always looking a certain way on screen, and that's better than, say, Angelina, who I don't think would be suited to Faye's more mad-cap qualities, not to mention the fact that she's too old. MOST of the Hollywood players people have been talking about for these roles are too old. Including Keanu. Though that is HARDLY the biggest reason not to cast him. This movie is a bad idea, and this is why: It wasn't made five years ago. If, five years ago, they had gotten a team of artists together to make this movie- actors with a passion for the project, writers who were addicted to the show and understood the genre, and a director with vision- Julie Taymor, David Fincher, Cameron Crowe, Guy Richie, Robert Rodriguez.... But that's not what's happening. Fox is letting Keanu Reeves' manager jump on the 'we're turning serious anime films into blockbuster hits' bandwagon. There was a rapid influx of superhero movies that did extremely well. They're going to hope the same thing happens here. But whereas John Fevreau, a die hard fan and extremely passionate filmmaker who loves BOTH mediums equally, took Iron Man to a new level of quality for superhero flicks, I don't think Cowboy Bebop- though God knows the material more than deserves it- will be given the same treatment. It makes me sad.

awerats on Aug 26, 2008


Okay, here's the deal with Keanu. He is, indeed, a poor actor. I know acting - I have a master's degree in it, have performed off-broadway, regional, etc., and have coached many, many actors, including a couple who've been on Broadway. I adore the craft of acting and can say without a shadow of a doubt that Keanu Reaves is a bad actor. This doesn't mean he shouldn't be a star, though. Stardom and acting talent don't always go hand-in-hand. He's good looking and kinda interesting, but is no actor. Someone blamed his performances on typecasting. Nope. He has had a wonderful range of opportunities - it's just that he does the same thing over and over. He blocks. He holds his breath. He's just far too conscious of himself - and it's okay. Many actors suffer through that, and I guess if I were him I wouldn't be too concerned about changing anything either. It's too bad, though, because he probably has the potential to do something quite wonderful. Aaaaahhh...if only he'd allow me to coach him for a while.'s nothing personal, Keanu. I still watch your stuff. Just wish you'd delve a bit deeper into the craft is all. S.

steve on Aug 30, 2008


105, your choice for Spike is unbelievable. YOU should have done the casting. Lee Pace would be so perfect for him... for any of you guys who don't know what he looks like, go here: As for Faye, I'd pick Kate Beckinsale. She's definitely got the face and the body. And come on, she's such a badass. πŸ˜€ But seriously, guys, you never know... Keanu might actually be able to pull this off. Stop whining about his personal life... oh, and to all of you who keep saying "ZOMG WTF HE CAN'T ACT", lay off. He's not a "plank", he's just often cast in very detached roles because it's what he's best known for! Keanu is an ACTOR, which means he's going to BE whoever he's cast as. In other words, he's not going to act like Neo in Bebop, he's going to act like Spike. Just try to have an open mind, because Fox isn't gonna listen to us, no matter how much we complain. -.-

Rynn on Aug 30, 2008


"the bigger the budget, the greater it'll be" that's probably the most foolish thing I've read today. There are dozens of movies that come out every year with huge budgets and they're absolute crap. Keanu is a horribly flat actor and I'm really surprised by all the people saying how perfect he would be for this role. Spike is a very subtle character, so a lot of his personality comes out through his small expressions and body language, something Keanu is horrible at doing. He couldn't even cough realistically in Constantine. Infact, use that movie as an example. In the Hellblazer comics John Constantine was full of personality, almost like a dark rundown Spike in someways. The smooth yet reluctant kind of character. All that vanished once it was translated to the movie. Keanu kept none of that personality, instead turning him into a boring cardboard cut out with a huge budget backing him up. This movie really should never be made. I hope they at least get Ron Perlman to be Jet, that would be perfect casting. *end rant*

Wage on Sep 3, 2008


Oh and P.S. for Faye Valentine it should be someone like Ziyi Zhang, just look at her in 2046, perfect, and she's an amazing actor. You guys do realise Faye is Chinese right? She's from Singapore, so I don't know why everyone's suggesting American/caucasian actors for her.

Wage on Sep 3, 2008


109 - Why would Ron Perlman be perfect casting?, he hasn't even got the look or facial features of Jet, he's just big. 110- You don't have to be Chinese to be born in Singapore, remember cowboy bebop is set in the future and has characters from all races throughout the series. Faye Valentine isn't even a Chinese name.

baz on Sep 4, 2008


i agree with #15, he just isnt expressive enough to pull off. I really cant imagine Keanu in that role. Sure he has a similar appearance but just at his roles in The Matrix, Constantine, A Scanner Darkly, and Bram Stoker's Dracula - all the same emotionless, slow talking performance with breaks in odd places. My vote, if it has to be a well known actor, would be Jonny Depp. He's got the range and he's got the look, and I think its a roll that would interest him.

Sam on Sep 5, 2008


Keanu as Spike isn't bad. Brad Pitt would be better though. I would take this news with a grain of salt though, because look at the Dark Knight. God knows how many rumors were floating around about who was going to be the Joker. Even if Reeves is cast, why count him out? He may do really well. No one thought Ledger would be a good Joker at all, and he kicked that role's ass. I wonder how/if they'll do his hair. I think as far as Spike's hair goes, they shouldn't try to get it as poofy as it is in the anime. They should go for realism. The only character who's hair needs to keep with the anime is Vicious.

Alex on Sep 5, 2008


Brad Pitt as Spike hahahah. Depp would be ideal for good looks and personality for Spike but would probably be too lazy to learn martial arts

joe bloggs on Sep 5, 2008


Keanu Reeves is a horrible choice for Spike. Keanu did a good Neo because he practically created Neo. There really was no Neo before Keanu which means that the Neo they wrote about could be adapted. Brad Pitt is a worse choice, as is Johnny Depp. In fact, I don't think you could get much worse than Johnny Depp who is equivalent to a girl, compared to how manly and nonchalant Spike is. Why do we need Hollywood actors? Why can't they choose a tall, good-looking Jewish man who is a good actor, but unknown? If you make this movie a Hollywood movie, it will be ruined.

Broggi on Sep 6, 2008


Joseph Gordon Levitt might make a good Spike... if they can make him look a little more... tough? I also enjoy his acting, so who knows? He's already rumored to be playing Tetsuo, isn't he?

Broggi on Sep 6, 2008


As long as Yoko Kanno does the music, I'd go see it. Even if all the actors are terribly cast for thier roles, Kanno's score will make the entire movie worth watching.

omgshoes on Sep 6, 2008


See, I'm dying inside at the idea of them making a Bebop film, but with Reeves, there is a little hope. Appearence wise, the idea that he's too old is ridiculous, for starters, Reeves looks brilliant for his 40 (I think he's 40), and Spike's age is completely irrelevant to the plot. Keanu rocked the suits-and-smokes look in Constantine, so I think he can pull it off in this. The only problem is the hair... As for acting ability? Well, it'll be an action movie... I think I'm just relieved. I was worried they were going to cast a "oh-he's-so-hot-right-now" tool. All things considered, it could be a lot worse. I'm more worried about Faye, to be honest... If they cast Angela Jolie or Jessica Alba, I WILL be throwing numerous tantrums.

yaface on Sep 8, 2008


Johnny Depp as spike? Brad Pitt as Spike?! Neither of them look or act at all like Spike. Johnny Depp is waaaayy too old for it, and does not look the part. He's a good actor, but does not fit the role. Same with with Brad Pitt, he's a great actor, but does not fit the role. Why is everyone focusing on big name actors, that's the worst way to cast this. I'd agree with what another poster said and go with Lee Pace, he seems like he'd do a good job, and he's not a huge hollywood actor either. And Ron Perlman would be great because he DOES look like Jett, and IS a good actor. He has that perfect demeanor of a guy who tries to act tough but is actually a softy when pushed. Yusaku Matsuda is who Spike was mainly based off of, he was a very famous Japanese actor. You can see in his movies how he had that perfect balance of cool smooth one moment, and tripping over his own feet the next. The actor who plays Spike has to be able to get that across. You can see how similar he is here (in the red shirt), although he's more on the serious side in this. But by the end of it all, this movie should just not be made, like so many comic/cartoon remakes.

Wage on Sep 9, 2008


Hey 111 are you retarded or have you just never watched the series? In My Funny Valentine, the doctor who is in charge of taking care of Faye is the one who names her when she wakes up. This is because her medical records, birth certificate etc were destroyed/not found. Keanu Reeves is a block of wood, there are no two ways around it, he cannot act, give lines or anything even remotely close to something of Spike's calibre. Spike is awesome, Reeves is not. Johnny Depp could do Spike easily especially with that Capt Jack swagger and he could pull off looking like 27. Bruce Campbell for Jet, hands down

Travis on Sep 9, 2008


120- Doesnt mean that she is still oriental and has to be played by a sinagpore/chinese actress Bruce Campbell is too old, overweight and not tall enough to play Jet. Don't know why Ron Perlman's name keeps popping up to play Jet, he's too old aswell even older Bruce Campbell. People are forgetting that Jet is meant to be 40 and Spike 27 Ron Perlman doesn't even look like Jet. Compare the pics Now this fanboy has got the right look

sm on Sep 10, 2008


Everyone should see Depp playing Agent Sands in Once Apon a time in Mexico. He plays a corrupt FBI agent but plays the role with character like Spike. Dark, funny charming, cool and violent.

sm on Sep 10, 2008


Heres a name no ones mentioned for spike : mark dacascos He's one of the few who can act and has excellent martial arts skills.

kyle on Sep 10, 2008


To 121, you need to look at that Ron Perlman image again.(not the best photoshopping in the world, but it gets the point across.) Oh and the fanboy picture does not show up.

wage on Sep 10, 2008


NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why must people ruin perfectly good Animes and videogames by making rubbish live actions! πŸ™

Liam on Sep 10, 2008


124 - i love your photoshop skillz XD <3 i'm with lee pace to. guy is amazing actor i every movie different person.. even his body language changes... not my perfect spike face but it'll do. my perfect spike looks kinda like this

R. on Sep 11, 2008


Keanu Reaves is an amazing actor, always in choice movies, but he would be a horrible Spike Spiegel, he's too slow, not tall nor slanky enough either. I think they would have better success at keeping it close to the actual show by finding a different actor, maybe a newer or lesser known one. Now, if they want to make tons of money and only have an okay movie, stick with Keanu.

Krista on Sep 11, 2008


i agree totally with u up there. i don't hate keanu. BUT SERIOUSLY, he cannot pull off a Spike. Johnny Depp, anybody? always seemed like such an easy pick for me.

achtzehn on Sep 15, 2008


as much as I love Johnny i think he's to old for spike :< and maybe he is cool but phisically they're not a match. i'm gona say Lee Pace. He's tall, skinny, with amazing voice and actor skils. he probably playd every possible character and he is different every time. even he's body language changes. so yeah.. i'm staing with lee even though his face is not as regular and spikeish, he does have something cool in apparance. Keanu... i'd love him in my "own private idaho" and well yeah he was neo but as a spike? he's just to serious... and he always talk so stiff...

Kumi on Sep 15, 2008


124- Perlman is too old and short to play Jet. He needs to be much taller than Spike who is already 6ft tall. Jet is suppose to be 37 years old and psycially fit as he use to be cop

vv on Sep 17, 2008


When I first heard about this movie, I had mixed feelings. I mean, Cowboy Bebop has the potential to be a great film if done right. With Keanu on board...I have some hopes for this movie. I just hope this film does justice to the Cowboy Bebop franchise. A Hellsing live-action movie would be AWESOME.

Elizabeth Reyes on Sep 19, 2008


i cant wait to see what comes of this. this is one of those animes that just wont leave you alone, even if you dont watch anime regularly. and this may also be the door that opens to many people as to the culture of anime...lets see what fox can do shall we?

john on Sep 21, 2008


and as for a cast: i would like to see keanu do spike and definatly Beau M. Billingslea(the voice of jet in the dub) would be a great pick for jet and as for faye.....jessica alba..hands down and ed...well any kid would really work

john on Sep 21, 2008


Jessica Alba? I will boycott the movie. I am still adamant about my opinion: keep a Hollywood cast as far away from this as is physically possible. Unknown actors is the way to go... we want the emphasis to be on the characters and the movie, not on the actors in the movie. Keanu Reeves is not a good actor and neither is Jessica Alba.

Broggi on Sep 21, 2008


Keanu Reeves isn't a terrible actor... but i don't want him touching anything that already has a huge fan base that is going to criticize him, he won't do it justice. Plus he looks a bit too old now. Jessica Alba has never done a good movie, if she was in it, it would be a guaranteed suckfest. Let's list her sucky movies, shall we? The Love Guru Fantastic Four Awake The eye Good Luck Chuck Honey (skipping Sin City cause some like it) Into The Blue That's just about every movie she's been in since 2000.

xghjxj on Sep 22, 2008


enjoy your fail, FOX. Keanu Reeves is NOT Spike Spiegel... That's as dumb a move as casting Vin Diesel for Jet Black. -_-;;

panuru on Sep 26, 2008


Okay, so I've always wanted to see a live-action version of Cowboy Bebop. This is my favorite show of all-time, and I constantly have to explain its genius to others since most people I know don't like animation. The animated film didn't do the show justice, just being a long version of one of the few less-consequential episodes. This could easily be the best action film ever or the biggest opportunity wasted. With Keanu Reeves, I'm saying the latter. The story is so well-told (so many cinematic devices), has so much depth (we care about the characters, which is rare in action), and the set is infinite (since it's science fiction). But I've always wanted to see an "unknown," maybe someone from a martial arts background, play Spike. There are too many obvious choices with the main cast. There are too many Hollywood things that they could do to this. Keanu Reeves is one of them. I went through the actors mentioned here and thought about them. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt could work if he is willing to get the martial arts training. Same with DiCaprio, who I think of as being one of best of the A-list. Maybe Ben Whishaw or Jake Gyllenhaal...(Beau Billingslea would make a great Jet, as would Bruce Campbell or Ron Perlman.) Please, though, just finding a tall, good-looking Jewish man with martial arts skills would be easier and cheaper than putting Reeves on a diet and hiring stunt doubles. If they give this to someone who understands and loves the show, this could make George Lucas look like Ed Wood. If they forget that this should be pulp-arthouse-noir, it's just a star vehicle floating through cinespace. ***Done preaching to choir***

Shucks~Howdy on Sep 30, 2008


okay. i love keanu, but not so much for his acting. and trust me, the role of spike will need acting. I agree with an unknown. There is such a huge fanbase for this show that there doesn't really need to be star-power to sell it. It's still safe to go with an unknown. And... I think I know of a good unknown that can do the part. Aaron Lazar. He's a broadway actor that's just started his way into film. He's been in a couple of comcast commercials and was an extra in New Amsterdam. I've seen him in Les MisΓ©rables, so acting, yup. Way up there in his "can do" list. Anyways, he fits the character. Has the same body structure and athletic, as well as the skills to bring spike to life! Take a look at his gallery! There's a photo in there at a bar... ZOMG it's frickin' Spike!!! He's the perfect candidate!

Key on Oct 2, 2008


Terrible.... just terrible, I'd be like if they cast George Bush to star as Barrak Obama in a movie, complete opposites, just being "barely similar" won't make for a good movie, I'd almost prefer they voice over (using Spike's voice actor) while using a guy who just looks more like him. Because you can't shove any dildo into the role of Spike Speagle, no matter "what" he played.

Forte on Oct 3, 2008


Those guys Lee and Aaron Lazar def fit. I am the only one who thinks Edward Norton belongs in this film?

Nzr on Oct 5, 2008


Edward Norton is a great actor, but I am convinced that this movie will be infinitely better if it stays clear from Hollywood. All they need are great, unknown actors and a kickass writing team. You want to sell the work... the movie... not the actor. Personally, I don't think Ed Norton fits very well in here... but he's still a great actor.

Broggi on Oct 5, 2008


It doesn't ,atter if Reeves is the best actor in the fucking world (He's not.) They need to get someone who is the same age as the character. Spike is 27. 27! I don't think Keanu can pull that off now that he's OVER 40!

BayMustDie on Oct 6, 2008


Keanu SHOULD NEVER PLAY SPIKE! I think Jared Leto should play Spike. Go watch Requiem For a Dream and see for yourself. My other choices would be Josh Hartnett or Casey Affleck (he was pretty badass in "Gone Baby Gone". Who's with me?!

Actor in Iowa on Oct 9, 2008


Keanu would be interesting... But I think Lee Pace would be a better choice... Tall, lanky, expressive eyebrows.... YUH.

Sparky on Oct 13, 2008


Someone else that I just thought of to play Spike could be Matthew Fox. He's tall, lanky, and expressive eyebrows (you'd know what I mean if you watch lost) and his voice is pretty close. The only downfall is his age, but it all depends on where the Cowboy Bebop timeline in the movie is taking place.

Actor in Iowa on Oct 13, 2008


Didn't Fox already make a live action Bebop? Wasn't it called Firefly or Serenity or something? Seriously, they should be calling the production crew for Firefly back specifically for this. The Old west and Asian mixes where mirrors of the Bebop world. And of course Joss Whedon is an amazing writer and already has the feel for that type of world down. Humor with some serious story together. They really would just need to recast Firefly and be set. (Not saying I don't like the cast, that show was awesome) I'm not to keen on Reeves as Spike. Echoing what others said he's never seemed energized enough. And in everything I've seen him in, he always seems rather dumb or thick. If he says "whoa" I'll be likely to throw my popcorn at the screen. Lesser to unknowns would be better for the whole cast. And yes, Yoko Kanno has to be involved. The music in that series tied the whole feel together. She's also one of the best. But it's fox so who knows what we'll be stuck with. :/

AMgirl on Oct 14, 2008


i say bring back the anime man i mean live action would be cool and all but bringing back the series would be way better man.

hector on Oct 21, 2008


this is gonna sound wierd but i like keanu reeves despite his horrible acting. but if they cast him as spike spiegle they are all going to hell! im not very helpful though,i cant picture anyone kick ass enough to play spike.

jay on Oct 26, 2008


NO!!!!! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! the live action idea is bad enough. finding someone good enough to play spike?? that'll never happen. and why does it have to be friggin live actionnn?

soraya18 on Oct 27, 2008


I can't say I'm happy with the idea of a live action movie. I'd really miss the English cast voices from the show. And Keanu Reeves doesn't fit the part. If they're going to do this, I suggest looking for someone new; an actor no one's familiar with. And yes, if they're going to bring it back, bring back the series.

Matt on Nov 8, 2008


yeah we dont need another freaking live action there are making every thing live action now and that sucks balls!!

hector on Nov 8, 2008

152 I'd really love that spike were played by johnny depp, would be interesting. keanu reeves just doen't have that "that"

An on Nov 9, 2008


Okay before anyone says "I already said that" i only read up to post 25 or so and i have to say something cause you people are retarted and pissing me off. First of all Cowboy Bebop is the greates anime series ever made. So why re-make something that is already great? Are they remaking the movie for those who don't watch anime? To that i say too bad for those people they'll have to miss out on this great series or watch the anime. So there suppost to re-make the series into a movie and why would you try to remake something that is already perfect. You know the movie will not live up to the standards of the anime meaning that it won't be as good. And as far as Keanu Reeves goes i don't think he has enough acting talent to play a role such as Spike's. Spike is way too cool of a character to ruin. Just leave the show as it is and it you want to see Cowboy Bebop watch it how it was intended. Oh yeah by the way that side by side picture looks nothing like spike and you people who think it does look like him you all are dumb. Hollywood is going to ruin this wonderful series.

The Boss on Nov 9, 2008


As much as i love Keanu Reeves (actually i hate the man) Spike speagal needs to be played by someone who isn't fat. Thats like getting Robin Williams to play Desert Punk. Doesnt fit.

King Donut on Nov 11, 2008


Keanu reaves aside, does anybody else think that Ron Perlman would make THE PERFECT JET?

Jason on Nov 13, 2008


I reallly hope he stays with this, I have actually grown to completely think of keanu as the live action spike, I think he could really pull off the role as he'll get so into spike and his feelings and relate to them, especially the stuff with Julia. All I can say for those who think hes the wrong guy, at least its not Mark Wahlberg.

Bex on Nov 20, 2008


Don't look at it as a lesser of two evils. I'd rather them not make this movie at all than allow Hollywood to abort it on the big screen in front of us, for all to see.

Broggi on Nov 21, 2008


Keanu looks the part, but his voice is just so damn emotionless... Get Steven Blum for the vioce and I'll be happy.

lolcast on Dec 3, 2008


I think this guy looks just like Spike. He is tall, skinny, and has the hair and the face.

Fortissimo on Dec 3, 2008


too bad george clooney is too old because i think he would be perfect for the role. i mean his character, Danny Ocean from the Ocean movies seems similar to how spike would act. this is just my opinion of course.

-SX- on Dec 7, 2008


If not Reeves, then how about Orlando Bloom as Spike? I think he'd do pretty well. And what about Tom Sizemore as Jet? I agree with the person that suggested Kate Beckinsale as Faye. She does resemble Faye a bit in her Role as Selene in Underworld and she can certainly nail Faye's attitude. But most of all, it's cuz I'm a slavering Kate fan. ^_^

LCB on Dec 17, 2008


I'm a Keanu fan but I have to agree that he's too old to play Spike. Same case with Pitt, Clooney, Damon etc. Better put in someone fresh faced to play Spike. Keanu can play the bad guy in the movie.

Lucy on Dec 17, 2008


Adrien Brody would be a waaaaaaaaaaaayyy better spike. If Keanu Reeves cares about this film and the fans, he will not play Spike. Please Keanu, cast Adrien Brody as spike.

A.D.Colabel on Dec 18, 2008


Aight, whether you're a Keanu fan or not, you have to admit that as soon as he appears on stage the movie becomes a "Keanu movie". I can't even see him as Neo in the Matrix any more. He's just Keanu Reeves to me no matter what role he plays. That said, I'm not too familiar with his work as a producer, but I hope he will take a lot of input from Shinichir? Watanabe, Keiko Nobumoto and the rest of the creative force behind the original series. And this better not be another rubber-suit, bad dialogue let's make this look like the cartoon-fest. Put on a nice suit, play some jazz and a clever storyline and this movie will be set without all the glam of hollywood. /agree on Kate Beckinsale as Faye. No Tom Sizemore as Jet. @ the Boss, you know exactly why they're doing it and you know you can't stop it and you knew it was going to happen eventually, so might as well roll with the punches on this one and just remember, this is NOT a part of the series. I mean... Vicious dies at the end and Spike may or may not have also. This is likely to be a prequel which SUX but you just have to take it out of context or your mind will disintegrate.

stilldeciding on Dec 18, 2008


Also /agree on AMgirl

stilldeciding on Dec 18, 2008


keanu reeves must not be allowed to play spike. theres no way he can capture that devil may care laidback attitude. no other suggestions though...

beboplives on Dec 19, 2008


also... the smile is one of the most important things about spike. has anyone ever, ever, ever seen keanu reeves smile like that? Johnny Depp could pull off the smile, but not the look... but lets face it, no matter who they get, its not gonna be the spike we all know and love.

beboplives on Dec 19, 2008


It would just be better I think for all of us, if then live-action movie weren't made at all. The cartoon is way too amazing to have Hollywood just fuck it all up to make a quick buck. The only good thing about making this movie is hopefully getting more people interested enough to watch the series to see really how amazing it can be.

Blake on Dec 20, 2008


Shave and fix up the dew and he almost looks like Spike Spiegel. And maybe (agreeing with #170) it'll probably be a good idea to air this on T.V., not late at night, and show people this one of the best anime ever to see how many people like it. I know my grandma likes it.

Dude on Dec 21, 2008


Reeves bares a resemblance to Spike physically allright, but I cant see him portraying the brooding nature of the character. Adrian Brody though, that I can see.

TJ on Dec 22, 2008


He defiantly looks a little like Spike, but I don't know if anyone really COULD play spike well (Maybe Christian Bale?) But Reeve sis either to serious ( The matrix, the day the earth stood still) or TO FREAKING GOOFY! (Bill and Teds). But if he could do it right, it could be very good.

Gizmo on Dec 22, 2008


This is the all-time worst idea. Bebop is my favorite series of anything and this news is like that of a death in the family. Reeves is a horrible actor and a bafoon. This isn't a sit around and look pretty character - it's not all "whoas", "two parts of my brain are competing?", "it has to be that way" and "let's go for the 2 point conversion"'s in this role. This just yet again goes to show that studios will ruin everything good eventually. Reeves' thoughts read like a teleprompter in his vacant doe eyes.... Spike Spiegel? Arguably the all around coolest fictional character of all time? My day is ruined. I guess anime isn't cool anymore - thanks Hollywood. Thanks for the update!

mikomi on Dec 23, 2008


I think Keanu would be good in the role, it would be bloody hard to cast the other characters but you can pretty much garantee it will be an overall bad film, because it is hollywood who is making it, and hollywood cannot make an anime-to-movie film. I also wouldn't trust the project to an indie filmmaker (i am one myself, so i know it would be way out of their league), what i think should be the focus of the film is that it is being made at all. yeah, it will not be an amazing film, and i will be willing to stab anyone with a fork who goes in there expecting it to be and comes out saying "aww that was crap!" because we all KNOW it is going to be BAD. So just enjoy the idea. I think Keanu will do fine, even if it's only in relation to the film as a whole. We just have to accept it.

NJ Finch on Dec 23, 2008


LOOK AT THIS! So basically Keanu has already been chosen for the part, there is probably no way around it now. And it actually sounds like he is enthusiastic about it and is going to try his best, hopefully. And Keanu may have the dark hair and all but he just doesnt look like Spike. Spike is tall and pretty skinny and Keanu just isnt quite there and plus Spike is 27 and Keanu is like 44. Anyways to the point, this person here is a very close friend of mine who I think looks EXACTLY like Spike. I know its kinda difficult to see from the picture but trust me he does. It is seriously as if the character of Spike was based off of this person, no joke. All of my friends, who are avid fans of the show, completely agree that he is the real life version of Spike. Even a few of my family members, who havent really seen the show regrettably, say he looks just like him. I probably know more than 15 people who say he is the spitting image of Spike. This guy is tall, about 6'2" and skinny. He has the hair, the face, even the personality and the voice. I mean Im serious when I say that he is the real life version of Spike. So, PLEASE, if you could take a second and tell me what you think it would be greatly appreciated. It seems that everyone else on here is posting their ideal person for Spike and I want to do the same, even though this person really is the IDEAL person for the role. Its just too bad that he wont be, for he would really make the greatest Spike, but like I said, Keanu is most likely going to be Spike whether we like it or not. Sorry if this is cheesy, I just had to get it out there because Ive felt this way for so long.

Okami on Dec 23, 2008


God FUCKING Dammit. I can just hear the executives at FOX already: "First off, we gotta ditch this soundtrack. We were thinking more along the lines of Nine Inch Nails or Tool. People just don't want this crazy jazz stuff. What? Look we focus tested this several times, people don't like the jazz. We're just trying to hit the widest audience here. Oh yea, and get Keanauauou on this . We need someone kind of action-y for Spick. What? Oh right, SPIKE. Whatever. And about this "Ed" character. We're not really sure how to market him. Her? Really? See this is what I'm talking about. So we think it might be just easier to replace Ed with a funny CGI alien character that can make wise cracks while the action is happening. We have some mock ups of the toy already, cute ain't it? It'll help pep up this depressing tone don't you think? Basically what were going for is a Matrix, meets Bladerunner, meets Wall-E romantic comedy, saving the galaxy, summer popcorn extravaganza. Trust us, this is gonna make SO much money."

ChrisL on Dec 29, 2008


hahaha! oh man. i love you Christ (177). perfect description. im a huge fan of cowboy bebop and i am dreading this film, not as much as im dreading dragonball though.

zero on Jan 5, 2009


and i also love you too mikomi (174).

zero on Jan 5, 2009


i could play a better spike than keanu. holy fucking shit. there's no point in making a movie if you're just going to put keanu in it. oh and mickey rourke as jet.

matt on Jan 5, 2009


"Can we give him a chance in Cowboy Bebop?" NO! That's a horrible casting choice and I think Bebop fans need to show their reaction to it in droves. Keanu Reeves can never do justice to the role of Spike.

Daniel on Jan 10, 2009


Hollywood's going to rape this film till there's nothing left but some overbudgeted film. I love cowboy bebop but please leave anim to the professionals. I just saw the trailer for the dragon ball z movie and I almost shit my pants at how horrible it looked.

Jreilc on Jan 11, 2009


Has anyoine seen Thumbsucker? Keanu's role in that (a philosophising dentist) makes me think he could actually pull off the `easy chalm' of Spike. Is Bruce Willis too old for Jet? He's plaid an aweful lot of `ex-cops' already, why not another one? But I like the Ron Perlman idea. Could Selma blaire pull off Faye then (hellboy reunion) I know she's not as curvy as the cartoon evrsion, btu few women are. No ideas for Ed.

Earlofthercs on Jan 13, 2009


adrian broady would be waaaaay better.

julietoscrnvmbr on Jan 14, 2009


No! Not my Bebop!!! Of all the anime series they could taint with Keanu Reeves, it just had to be Bebop. This sucks, matrix or not, he is just not Spike. What next? Dakota Fanning for Ed?

Catillac on Jan 16, 2009


This is the fucking worst thing that could ever happen to anime....

someone on Jan 16, 2009


I have my reservations.. I wouldnt mind seeing it if it were well put together. But noone wants to see Keanu or anyone else ruin the series for perspective new fans. This idea is taking a huge gamble on whether or not existing fans will dish out the 10 bucks to watch it. Guess we'll see when Dragonball hits theaters

Germz on Jan 16, 2009


Found this on 4chan... hell yea! Anyhow, I hope this is a trilogy... or something with sequel potential. The series isn't exactly open ended >.>

Anon on Jan 16, 2009


lol but i think he's not suited for the role. but it would be funny to see him in that messed up afro hair style that spike has

frost viper on Jan 17, 2009


mark wahlberg = spike! lol, idk... but NOT REEVES PLSSS

OK on Jan 17, 2009


Find a real martial artist. Why can't Hollywood find someone who studied martial arts from the very beginning before that person started acting. Why don't talents scouts go to tournaments or MMA tournaments and grab a real martial artists. Where's the next Steven Segal or Jet Li or Jackie Chan. Go find a real master not some Hollywood fake.

Patrick Burks on Jan 18, 2009


I just want hollywood to give back all of my anime........IS it so much to ask for to leave an awesome anime alone?

Banks on Jan 19, 2009


Is there no god? I dont know whats worse Keanu ruining the only anime I ever loved or all you brainless morons saying it will be good? Of course fox is responsible, who else would so blatently butcher something beautiful? I bet they club baby seals on their down time Keanu may not be the worst actor to ever live but to actually say he could play dont deserve to live, tell me where you live so I can bludgeon you to death along with your entire family to destroy your inbred gene sespool!! Take a note from Cecil b. Demented, bad cinema must be punished with extreme violence, if you cut these people open and hang them by their intestines for making crappy movies, they wont make them anymore!!!!!!!!!

Stills on Jan 19, 2009


LOOKING THE PART AND ACTING THE PART ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS YOU IDIOTS. maybe he could look like spike but he will NEVER ACT LIKE HIM you leave that movie theatre wanting to kill yourself and im gonna want to help you for giving that fuck the thumbs up in the first place. Hes going to do to Bebop what episodes 1 2 and 3 did to the Star wars genre

Stills on Jan 19, 2009


Here dipshits hows about someone who looks the part and can ACT THE PART Adrien Grenier, if he cant do one can, hes the guy they should be lookin at and him in costume NOT ONLY DOES HE LOOK THE PART THE GUY IS SPIKE HIS REAL LIFE PERSONALITY IS IDENTICAL TO SPIKE HES THE ONLY PERSON I DEEM ACCEPTABLE EVEN IF ITS NOT HIM I SURE AS HELL IS NOT KEANU CANT ACT REEVES

Stills on Jan 19, 2009


i want to cry mainstream hollywood has ruined everything it touches now its turned to my precious anime the only thing left not turned into live action bullshit, god help us all....

Stills on Jan 19, 2009


any people commenting here saying "oh yeah good idea!" or "omg he's perfect!" need to stop watching movies and stay away from the internet. you fail. you're retarded. you have no idea how awful this is. KEANU REEVES? he sucks! sucks hard and fast! he is a terrible actor, he's ugly, and boring. and just the worst, ever, pick. do you understand cowboy bebop? seriously? have you watched it more than a few times on fuckin adult swim? do you understand cowboy bebop is heralded worldwide, and is a masterpiece? thats like remaking Casablanca and casting Paris Hilton for the leading role. you fucking idiots... fucking... idiots... you have ruined one of the last good things in this world!! i hope you're happy while you praise the worst decision of the century!!

depressed person on Jan 19, 2009


Am I the only sane person here? Keanu Reeves is an atrocious actor. Spike = supereffinomgawesomelolol. Keanu = FAIL. I think a live action movie would be awesome if down well. But if his name stays on it, I hope it never comes into being. Damn you, Hollywood, stop giving him roles.

DutchessRabidPengi on Jan 19, 2009


All about Adrian Grenier as Spike...Shucks, howdy. Almost makes me wish Spike had green eyes.

Shucks~Howdy on Jan 19, 2009


#177 hit it on the bloody f-cking head.

Shucks~Howdy on Jan 19, 2009


So I was watching a movie on a plane and remembered, hey, what about Eddie Furlong? He has the whole poetic nose thing working. And he can act.

Shucks~Howdy on Jan 19, 2009


HOLY SHIT! #177's choice looks just like Spike!

Thomas on Jan 19, 2009


Scratch that last comment, meant #176!

Thomas on Jan 19, 2009


I want megan fox as fey

miche on Jan 20, 2009


I could play as Spike, I have the same messy dew, basically I got the same attitude as him. All I have to do is shave...I'm only 16 though. Spike is like, 22 or something.

Dude on Jan 20, 2009


Kill? Bludgeon to death? Seriously with millions of people world wide starving to death under the thumb of brutal dictatoships some of you folk really think that a (subjective) bad casting decision on a live-remake of a (admittedly excellent) cartoon series is the worse thing someone can do and deserves the death penalty? I mean, gees, no wonder execs ignore the internet; they think its full of crazy people. Calm down. Protest if you must, but protest intelligently. So many of you are acting like terrorist religious extremists about this, and you know most sane people rightly ignore their opinions too.

Earlofthercs on Jan 21, 2009


NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fox needs to be stopped. They've ruined Dragonball, they've ruined just about every other movie they made recently, they're going to ruin Cowboy Bebop, can't they just take a year break to get their heads straight? We don't need anymore live action films of great anime.

Kevin on Jan 22, 2009


keanu reaves is the worst actor on the face of the planet - i don't understand how this guy still has a career, fox at least pick a real actor like james franco or johnny depp. k. reaves absolutely ruins every single movie he is in with his robotic monotone acting - he SUX!!!!!! why are you f%&*(^&)ing up cpwboy bebop with the shittiest actor on the face of the planet!!!! bruce willis would make a great jet. ppl pls complain on this actor k. reaves he is horrible!!!!

athfbirdwatcher on Jan 24, 2009


Everybody pls start boycotting against the shittiest actor in the world keanu reaves being in a live action film by fox for cowboy bebop...he totally sux n ruins all movies why don't they pick james franco for spike, jett could be bruce willis...tricia helfer could be julia, cillian murphy or shane brolley could be vicious, sophia myles who played erica in underworld could be faye, dakota blue richards from the golden compass might make a really good ed character

athfbirdwatcher on Jan 25, 2009


This will never work... I swear to shoot every copy I find... For those of you who think Keanu Reeves can act... I have 3 words. Brahm Stoker's Dracula. end of story

supermanwich23 on Jan 28, 2009


oh... and I totally agree with James Franco... though his voice would be a little high. the body type and face are 100 times better than Reeves.

supermanwich23 on Jan 28, 2009


Supermanwich23, you ever read the book? Keanu's Johnathan Harker was actually a pretty faithful rendition; he's a boring and stiff character! But like I said before, Keanu's body of work is alot broader than people give him credit for, if he wasn't too plain old for the role Id actualyl say give him a chance.

Earlofthercs on Jan 28, 2009


Yeah forget Reeves, I agree with Stills Adrien Grenier is perfect. But more important in my mind is who plays Faye, I'm kinda thinkin Megan Fox. mmmmmmm

moontrip on Jan 30, 2009


Fully, the Ultimate choice would be johnny depp!!!

Wizum on Jan 31, 2009


Keanu - HELL NO!!!!!!!!!! I think we should try out Jensen Ackles for the role.

Ryuu0470 on Feb 1, 2009


Jensen Ackles - Spike Spiegel Cerina Vincent - Faye Valentine ?????????????? - Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV Viggo Mortensen - Jet Black Jordan Ladd - Julia Michael Rosenbaum - Vicious Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Ein Carlos Mencia - Punch Paris Hilton - Judy Donald Sutherland, Randy Quaid, and Christopher Walken - The Three Old Men Graham Greene - Laughing Bull

Ryuu0470 on Feb 1, 2009


Okay, here is who I think they should cast: Faye - Kelly Hu - She's got the hairline, asian backround, body, and heartshaped face with cute lips Ed - Ellen Page - She won't get older, she has the face and body, and she tends to play young kids. she could pass as a young boy/girl [just like ed] Jet - Gerard Butler - He is barely taller than keannu reeves, but he's a lot bulkier, and has a great voice What do you guys think?

dominica on Feb 5, 2009


Personally I think Vin Diesel would actually be a pretty good fit for spike, if he could play the role well.

Chris on Feb 16, 2009


Christ, I meant to say a good fit for JET! Sorry about the confusion.

Chris on Feb 16, 2009


Sorry to tell but i started watching anime from this serial"cowboy bebop" keanu hasn't got the cool looking of spike if adrian brody makes a nose operation make it a little tinny it would pe ok....and that Gabrielle Anwar c'mmon she need boobs man...u saw faye valentine white her sexy look...big boobs nice looking body bad girl atitude....when i saw Gabrielle Anwar from the photos i way she needs to be more sexy that she is....Let's just hope the story line will be better that the actore. I think Bruce Campbell will be good in Jet's rolle...he is Jets tipe....strong...bold....only he need some beard let's just hope.... P.S. i really like Spike i hope keanu doesn't make a bad impresion of Spike

Zack on Feb 16, 2009


sorry for bad spelling i'm from romania:D With* needs* be*

Zack on Feb 16, 2009


Never ever seen or heard of Cowboy Bebop... but Keanu Reeves in the starring role?? Count me in! Sure he's not superiorly talented...but given the right material, I'm confident he'll make it special. I actually look forward to seeing this. Been waiting for an interesting Keanu project for a while now!

Sinoun on Feb 26, 2009


Man First gits, that gonna bomb because they arent going to make that movie anywhere just as the anime/manga. then Akira. Now Cowboy Bebop!? wtf!? hollywood is gonna make these animes not live up to their names and they are going to have some stupid not even close to resembling actors play the characters? These flimmakes need to watch the anime for themselves and make exactly like the anime/manga it self. Keanu doesnt really meet up to spike's personality.

Jes on Mar 3, 2009


They should have Adrian Brody for spike Kelly HU for Faye Ellen Page for Ed Viggo Mortensen For Vicious Gerald Butler for Jet

Jes on Mar 3, 2009


Cowboy Bebop IS the greatest anime ever created and Keanu reeves plain and simply does not have what it takes to play Spike Spiegel. i truly think they are not going to capture the image of bebop, and that is going to dissapoint me badly, cowboy bebop has been my fav. anime since 2000. think about it, hollywood lately has been misinterpreting alot of our favorite series or video games into a movie. Dragonball "evolution" Street fighter "others i cant think of right now" believe it or not plans to make americanized versions of "death note" and "Bleach" and more have been rumored. People are going to watch these new movies and think "wow, cowboy bebop is lame,or dragonballZ is lame...while not ever knowing what the actual series or original's that stemmed from it were. but most of all, keanu reeves playing spike...? no. <.< but it seems that way.

crisseven on Mar 5, 2009


This is stupid. Keanu Reeves is stiff and awkward in every movie he plays. On the other hand Spike is easy going and always to the flow. I will be sorely disappointed if Reeves plays this part and ruins Cowboy Bebop. But, I really want him to do well if he is going to play the part. I feel this is a new trend that needs to stop. There are good traits about anime and manga that cannot be replicated by real people. That is why many people love anime. They need to stop making remakes of our favorite anime tv shows. Just my feelings-Nick

nlee2681 on Mar 10, 2009


I love cowboy bebop! Once the movie gets out, I swear to be the movie fan! May Keanu be the best Spike Spiegel of Hollywood! I hope the one who'll be Faye Valentine would strike the fans of the expected sexiness and agility of the character!

maricel on Mar 22, 2009


I just read nick's comment. Your right! Spike is a lazy, funny and easy-going guy! I hope that if Keanu will play the role, he'd be showing this very opposite side of his person really well and won't disappoint the fans of the cowboy! πŸ˜‰

maricel on Mar 22, 2009


the perfect spike would have been brandon lee, he had the martial arts skills, the looks, plus i think he would have done a good job playing spike, too bad hes dead

great cook iiams on Mar 26, 2009


oh yeah, i can see jet beeing played by jeff bridges

great cook iiams on Mar 26, 2009


ok people here's what we do we get brandon lee's ghost to take over a guy who looks like spike and we takes steve blum's voice and we got spike people problem sovled

hector on Mar 27, 2009


We all love brendon lee, but he couldnt pull off spike either. They are going to have to find some kind of unknown, independent actor that looks like him and would be able to play the personality. Cause keannu reeves sure as hell couldnt. Only reason he was picked to play spike is to get the movie some hype...cause i hope to god they're not serious about reeves = spiegal Even though i got nothing against reeves as an actor...sorta. (dumb giggle)

crisseven on Mar 27, 2009


Well, it doesn't seem like a total dud( although I don't total have confidence in Keanu Reeves ). However, if they touch Hellsing.......well, we might have some issues there.

Rayna on Mar 29, 2009


Keanu Reeves is to old to play spike (27), may he could bulk up and play jet but i think they should get relatively unknown actors. I think the film will take many years to develop seeing as they have no writers. Maybe Keanu should just sit behind the scenes and help get the film on its feet as a producer.

cj on Mar 30, 2009


You guys are idiots. Of course the CARTOON will be suave while moving. It's being drawn. Hello. My god. I think Keanu will do well if he is indeed playing the role. And, stop acting like you know him, debating his personality. If someone's going to go through with something, you should support them. Because quite frankly, I highly doubt you're doing anything with your lives. Oh besides sitting behind a computer screen and mocking actors.

Rachel on Apr 1, 2009


Whoa...haha, i think your right, but no-matter who it is, you cant really say anything about what thier doing with thier lives...dont gotta hate or anything...<,< ahha. But this is what this forum type thing or whatever it is, is our opinion on upcoming movies or castings, doesnt matter what its for really. But being sensible as in knowing who he is "as an actor"...he would not be able to play spike,comparatively the two are nothing alike nor identical, it has absolutley nothing to do with his me anyway. Just hopefully in my opinion he doesnt go through with it, or fox recasts. I dont have a problem with reeves...haha, i loved Bill & Teds excellent

Crisseven on Apr 1, 2009


reeves is alright but it looks like they are merely going ofr a physical match. I honestly can't see reeves playing wise cracking spike. Plus how will they do the martial arts stuff? Thats one of the series hallmarks, the epic fights.

justin on Apr 5, 2009


Keanu Reeves isn't the first person I think of when I think live action actor for Spike, but I'm sure his action film experience makes him physically prepared for the task. I don't know who else I'd consider for the role. Other than That PLEASE don't make "Burn Notice Bebop" PLEASE!!!!

Alisha on Apr 5, 2009


Could be good......... OH wait its got keanu reaves in it!!!! Wtf spike really?? really? the boy cant act, wooden as a post! they better do this justice, I loved the anime, probably my favourite. I know i sound like a whiny internet nere but i dont want to see this go to shit on Apr 8, 2009


Keanu Reeves should not be cast as Spike. Simply put, he is not the right type of actor for spike's personality. I'm about 95% certain he won't be able to, and does not even have the capacity to carry the role properly. He makes a good physical match but none of the acting Ive seen from him indicates that he would be able to act the character. Unless you guys want a lame action movie that you forget about tomorrow, I definitely suggest that taking chances with a lesser known actor is a better risk than to cast Keanu Reeves.

Az on Apr 10, 2009


My vote goes for Christian Bale. He's got way more character than Keanu. If anyone plays him though, he'll have to lose a whole lot of weight. Spike is one skinny maw.

Beau on Apr 12, 2009


God what an awful casting choice! First Constantine (a character inspired by musician, Sting) Now another character full of life and emotion played by a wooden, listless actor who, frankly, has played the same role for the last decade and a half. what the hell happened to Ted "Theodore" Logan? I enjoy watching Keanu, when the role is good for him. (i.e. The Matrix) The Day the Earth Stood still was perfect. A wan, robotic alien? Perfect role for Reeves. Spike Spiegel? Fuck you Hollywood.

Jason on Apr 19, 2009


my friend and i were just discussing who would play spike if they ever made a movie and we decided on keanu reeves. we both think he'd be great even though he's been kinda spaced out in most of his recent movies. but just think all the way back to speed...he might pull it off.

tammy on Apr 27, 2009



NOONYA on May 1, 2009



NOONYA on May 1, 2009


......the show and original movie were perfect as they were. Why do people feel the need to remake something that is already good? And Keanu Reeves? With his monotonous overly serious same character he plays in every movie he's in? That isn't Spike.

Harrison on May 8, 2009


Every time I hear someone mention Cowboy Bebop and Keanu fucking Reeves in the same sentence, I literally twitch. Everybody thinks he's such a good actor because he can memorize lines, but the fact is he can't act. Acting is feeling, literally BECOMING a character in a film, not saying just the lines with convincing inflection (which Keanu doesn't do anyways). Look at Al Pacino, Malcolm McDowel, Daniel Day Lewis, or anybody with talent when they act; Pacino turns red before slapping his wife in the Godfather II, because he actually feels the emotion. Keanu, he's just fucking talking, and I feel robbed watching one of his films. Aside from that, why make a Bebop film? The show said everything it needed to within the 26 episodes.

Roland Pleasant on May 10, 2009


Keanu Reeves just doesn't fit the role, and it will be almost impossible to improve on the original series. He just doesn't have the soul for this role. The only way they could have made this half decent would have been if they have casted a absolute unknown actor for this role, but with Keanu in it everyone already knwos that the movie will be missing something.

Fox on May 22, 2009


Actually I think he's going to be okay after he grows some hair and shaves, really.

avi on Jun 8, 2009


Does anyone else think James Franco would be a better choice besides me? Keanu is ehhh to me, all around. Not because I am a Cowboy Bebop fanatic, but because I have always been so-so with him. He plays the same person in just about every movie. That's not really acting, is it? That's pretty much type-casting. Plus, while Spike isn't 15 or anything, he certainly isn't as old as Keanu is.

Nikki on Jun 17, 2009


In response to Fox's comment, they had to cast a known actor like Keanu because the movie, as is, will be hard to grasp for a lot of people: It's a bounty-hunter sci-fi flick from 2071, based on an anime from 10 years ago. That being said, I'm not sure how I feel about Keanu potraying a character like Spike just yet. However, from previous roles, I'm pretty confident he'd be able to pull off that quiet sarcasm that makes his character so unique. I'm anxious to see who they cast for Faye, though.

Katie on Jun 18, 2009


its so so wrong on so many levels. they endend bebop leaving us for more but i for one was happy with that and making a u.s live film is just wrong. the casting will be all wrong as i bet they will make jet a black guy like that guy off the green mile (cant remember what he's called). they will try to make it fit the story befor spike died and it will be a mess. look how bad dragon ball was, the americans cant do anime. and i have also been told that a death note film will be made in the u.s. whats wrong with them leave things alone

pigghammer on Jun 19, 2009


Still if they do to movie I suggest they fire keanu... Well perhaps he can play a bad guy or so... I vote Adrian Grenier to play spike! Keanu is to stiff when he's acting and looks way more cleaner than Spike ever would. Plus Adrian's got a more I really don't care coolness. (and his smile's cuter πŸ™‚ )

Froukepouke on Jul 23, 2009


Having given some thought to the subject.. for Jet Black if they want to go with the original look I would think Vin Diesel would be a good choice. If they wanted to stray then the actor tat did his voice would be darn good (Beau Billingslea) Oh, and to the poster of comment 121 thanks.. I am that jet πŸ™‚

Jet_Texas on Jul 25, 2009


too old.

keanu reeves on Jul 31, 2009


i want to know who thay are going to get to play the three old guys that show up in almost every show and the movie too.. that is the best gag in film today thay have to have them in the show (ie) movie!! what do u think

wiskybob on Aug 5, 2009


Fuck Fox.

rift rider on Aug 10, 2009


I love Bebop and consider it "perfect." This is really painful. Keanu has been misplaced in sci-fi for a good decade, but this takes the cake. I thought Keanu as Constantine was the worst casting of all time, but this is actually worse. Why do the suits do this? Why do they keep casting Keanu in sci-fi? The answer to all such questions is "follow the money," so I guess cutie-boy brings in the ladies and the, um... I do not see any appeal for straight guys... don't straight guys make up most of the target market here? Hmm. Maybe not. 251's comment seems correct... $$$... "they" need Keanu to bring folks in. I just can't understand WHY he brings them in. I mean, there are actual ACTORS out there. It is just a bit sad to see a project ruined before it begins. I can just ignore the whole thing I guess, and make sure nobody I knows pays money for it. I love 252's opening sentence. πŸ™‚ Indeed. And of course 257 has already said it perfectly. 177, 208... thank you for your excellence in journalism.

Manatee on Aug 14, 2009


176... holy smokes I followed your link... wow. That guy looks so much like Spike it's eerie. Heh, I guess this clearly doesn't matter if Keanu's on board, but can your friend act? Even Dakota Fanning would be a more appropriate pick than Keanu.

Manatee on Aug 14, 2009


Why must these roles be filled by famous actors? Unknowns are always the way to go.

Jason on Sep 7, 2009


In my opinion, the best Spike would be James Franco, the best Faye, Eva Green, and the best Jet, of course Bruce Willis! πŸ˜‰

Morgana on Sep 7, 2009


Plz don't let him fuck up Cowboy Bebop like he fucked up Constantine. There are so many better actors for a part that cool and this comes from a fan of the series.

Bjorn on Nov 12, 2009


Unkown actrs ARE the way to go... i can understand why others would say keanu would play a good spike, and im sure the casting for Spike isnt going to change -.- but no...just no...they gonna make bebop lame in the eyes of those who never witnessed the actual greatness of it.

Criss on Nov 13, 2009


yeah i 100% agree with criss people who dont even know cowboy bebop will think what the f is this garbage just like dragonball evolution i pray they will respect the show and dont mess it up

Jordan on Nov 14, 2009


I'm friggin psyched for the release of this movie. I'm a big Keanu Fan.

pyaolyangshen on Nov 19, 2009


NOOOOOOOOOO...i'm happy they are making the movie but i'm scared...dragonball was alright but i'm just a hardcore dbz fan and i love bebop have all the soundtracks and ect. but keanu as Spike..he maybe dopey like spike but he is not spike i will not pay to see this movie if keanu is in it. THEY COULD DO WAY BETTER

bailon on Nov 28, 2009


Spike should be a moody character and I think Reeves has totally proven he can pull off that kind of character, moreover, taking into consideration his efforts with the matrix I do not think he will short change learning Jeet Kun Do. Well, I read some of his reviews and realized that he'll try to do his best, because he's a true anime fan.

dildo on Dec 30, 2009


I was watching an utterly bland movie "The Informers" the other night and noticed the actor Jon Foster's in it, and I think he would be a good candidate for Spike. Firstly, Height - Foster is 6'0 - Spike is 6'1-6'2 Age - Foster born in 1984 making him 26 or so in 2010 - Spike 24-27 Body Type - Both lean and lanky Basically I think someone who could play Spike does not necessarily need to a known 'actor' but someone who could pull of his unconventional lifestyle and view of it. I think Foster could be that guy, even the way he smoked a cig looked just like Spike would. I don't Reeves is a good fit for Spike, one he is too old, two he doesn't having the acting skills to do so, and three he is a better fit for the cold antagonist Vicious if he is the film(which he has too be, no way they leave him out).

Michael Schuler on Jan 5, 2010


Reeves wouldnt even be able to pull off Vicious! haha, Vicious if you remember...was also pretty

Criss on Jan 7, 2010


well im sorry but i realy love cowboy bebop you have no idea and keanu as spike f no he is to stiff for that no emotion what so ever then again spike seems emtionless sometimes to but he got swag keanu..nope not so mutch

Jordan on Jan 7, 2010


i think this is a horrible idea keanu reeves could never pull off the role of spike the only actor i instantly thought could play spike perfectly is the actor who played Kazuo Kiriyama in Battle royal.

jon on Jan 11, 2010


I think keanu will be a great choice but the part of Faye will be harder to fill

heather on Jan 15, 2010


These flimmakes need to watch the anime for themselves and make exactly like the anime/manga it self. Keanu doesnt really meet up to spike's personality.

Dildos on Jan 24, 2010


i always wanted to be the one to play spike πŸ™ i've even got one dark brown and one light brown eye!...and i'm a fuzz-head like him!

spike spiegel on Mar 20, 2010


Toby Kebell from Rock N Rolla would be a great Spike. He's an excellent actor who also fits the 'look' category. Just watch some of his scenes. Hugh Laurie, though he's a bit old would be another good choice. Too bad James Dean isn't around, huh?

bluej on Mar 27, 2010


Another though. Robert Down Jr. WOuld make a good Spike.

bluej on Mar 27, 2010


This is going to be interesting. I'll see it just to find out who plays Ed.

Rose on Apr 18, 2010


Wait a minute everybody! .....they already made a bebop movie. END. lol

Criss on May 4, 2010


keanu is wayyyyy to old to play spike, the character is supp to be 27. seriously why is fox ruiing this belowed anime with this guy who cant act, his last cpl movies even tanked its not even good marketing on the their part, he should not be in this movie he totally sux - he is bill n ted in every movie, he ruined constantine, he ruined the matrix, he ruins every movie he is in. can anyone start a boycotting website that will get FOX's attention? that if he is in it they wont make any money and this film will tank as punishment for ruining our beloved anime series, WTF are they thinking - they cant do this WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just cant stand him, he isnt even good looking anymore, he is a piece of crap heroin addict who f-ing sux. i have met him b4 and he is a total druggie. i have had friends meet him b4 too when he came to a benefit n my friend was like i dont see wht the fuss is about he looks totally sic n anerexic - he heard her and turned around. please all do us a favor n f-ing o.d. so you can stop ruining movies ass*****

athfbirdwatcher on May 29, 2010


james franco would be a great choice for spike or get an unknown, [he has certainly proved himself in milk] at least he can act and bring women in, ron pearlman would be great for jet, they should find some good unknown shakspearian actors for faye, ed and vicious, here's a concept why not cast the best up and coming actors from asia? why do they all have to be white?

athfbirdwatcher on May 29, 2010


how can you not love keanu? he would be great in any role!

johnnyp on Jun 4, 2010


"keanu is wayyyyy to old to play spike, the character is supp to be 27" it wouldn't make any difference...

yuice on Jun 8, 2010


I really hope this isn’t a disaster. I love cowboy bebop so if this turns out as bad as the dragon ball z movie its just going to suck. In my opinion Hollywood should just leave cowboy bebop alone before they make a classic anime into some joke. If it turns out as good as speed racer I won’t be so disappointed. But a word of caution if this isn’t accurate enough cowboy bebop fans will hate it and keanu reeves for making this movie. I just hope sunrise and the creater take precaution before selling out to Hollywood.

christina on Jun 14, 2010


Relax. Even if the movie is just terrible you'll still have the anime to go back to. And I think this movie will be pretty good if they do something like "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".

Greg on Jun 21, 2010


But my biggest problem with finding a good actor to play Spike is his voice. Spike has a very cool and unique voice which to me is one of the things that makes the character. Keanu's voice wouldn't work well at all paying Spike. Jame Franco might be alright as Spike.

Greg on Jun 21, 2010


Well, as long as its gonna be a piece of crap anyway, you might as well get Uwe Boll (the worst director ever!) on board to direct it. Seriously, get someone who can act their way out of a paper bag not Keanu "Whoa..." Reeves. Someone mentioned DiCapprio, and I'll second that - he's never really done Sci-Fi, but I'm fairly sure thats more about finding the right project. Ron Perlman is such a lock for Jet, its almost typecasting. The trouble is, Keanu's agent owns the rights, so we're probably stuck with him. Unfortunately, the whole ball probably got rolling specifically as a "vehicle" for Keanu - thats how Hollywood works. The Sci-Fi/Comic Book genre seems to be the only one that will put up with his half-assed acting anymore, and thats why his agent buys the rights for these kind of projects.

Marvelicious on Aug 27, 2010


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newera hats on Sep 26, 2010


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Sports cap on Sep 26, 2010


It's just weird to picture Keanu Reeves watching anime.

Megan on Dec 5, 2010


HAHA out by 2010

crove on Apr 2, 2011


They choose Hugh Jackman as prefect of spike spiegel. πŸ˜€

jade on Sep 24, 2012

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