Rumor: Marvel Wants Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America?

June 12, 2008

Rumor: Marvel Wants Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America?

Talk of Marvel's Captain America character has been immense since Marvel first announced that it they were making both The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers by 2011. Immediately following that story, a casting rumor hit stating Matthew McConaughey was in the running as Captain America, but that was quickly debunked. Then his shield appeared in Iron Man on Tony's work bench and now there's buzz about the appearance of Cap himself in The Incredible Hulk. Now we can add another casting rumor into the mix - Leonardo DiCaprio. Although he's not signed and hasn't even been offered the role, he is at the very top of Marvel's list. The one thing that I'll take away from all of this buzz is that Captain America is going to be a huge hit - people love to talk about him more than any other superhero!

Our friend El Mayimbe over at Latino Review reveals that DiCaprio is at the very top of Marvel's list for actors they want to play Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Before you get too far into this rumor, let's clarify exactly what El Mayimbe uncovered. All this means is that Marvel wants DiCaprio to play Cap, but he hasn't even been offered the role or most likely even talked to yet. He could even read this headline and be shocked to discover that this is even news to his ears. Additionally, they report that second on the list is Brad Pitt, who has been mentioned as better fit for Thor previously. Either way, these are two very solid A-list actors that Marvel is on the hunt to sign for their big upcoming superhero films.

For the sake of discussion, lets say DiCaprio does end up getting cast. Would he be a good fit? In comparison to McConaughey, I'd take Leo any day. He's a much better actor who has a greater emotional range and actually has the ability to play someone as iconic as Captain America. In fact, I'm actually quite energized by this rumor - hence why I decided to mention it today. This is probably the first time I've ever actually been satisfied with a casting rumor on The First Avenger: Captain America and that's impressive. If he ends up getting the role, I'll be quite happy (especially in comparison to McConaughey). I think Leo could actually do Captain America justice and I wouldn't mind seeing him become the new iconic superhero for many years to come - given The Avengers is likely to continue on for more movies.

As we all know, Marvel is really stepping up and taking things to the next level with their upcoming films. They've implemented crossovers (in Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk so far) and are working on establishing the central universe within all of the films. By the time we get to The First Avenger: Captain America in May of 2011 and The Avengers in July of 2011, Marvel will have definitely become a cinematic powerhouse. For these films to become a true success, they'll need to put together phenomenal scripts, bring on great directors, and cast powerful leads. And as it stands, Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely a step in the right direction. Let's just hope they get Jon Favreau back on for Iron Man 2 and the Marvel's future will definitely be looking bright!

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WHY!!!!! why in the hell would you chose a "pretty boy" for captain America? Capt is a hardcore badass, at least in newer marvel comics. why soil it with this kind of actor! i am strongly against this option and think that it would be a huge mistake.

taurinh on Jun 12, 2008


........YES! but will he do the sequels?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jun 12, 2008


Clive Owen would be better. 😛

Jonny on Jun 12, 2008


Hell Yeh both I think would be awesome as Captain America. Though, I would prefer Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America and Pitt for Thor.

Manic on Jun 12, 2008


Uh, regarding your statement (opinion)..."Captain America is going to be a huge hit - people love to talk about him more than any other superhero!"...yeah right!! Get off the bad kool-aid...ever hear of SUPERMAN?

Rex on Jun 12, 2008


I used to hate Leo but after seeing The Departed and Blood Diamond i have really come to enjoy him, i think he would make a perfect Captain America, he is a phenomenal actor and fits the part pretty well. I hope this rumor is true because that would be excellent news.

Curtis on Jun 12, 2008


Rex, he's talking about super hero movies. Of all the super hero movies in the works or potentially in the works, Captain America has the most buzz. There's very little talk about a sequel to Bryan Singer's Superman movie, probably because there's very little news so far. Batman has plenty of buzz, but it's more of an excitement for a sequel rather than starving for a first appearance. Also, the clear excitement for Captain America isn't just to see Cap on screen, but the opening of the doors to the Avengers and future crossover movies. A Captain America movie represents a lot in terms of the future of Marvel movies.

Chris H. on Jun 12, 2008


I don't like Leo but I have relized he is a good actor and he would make a great cap, but he would realy need to bulk up. None the less, I think they should sign an unknown for the role.

dac_fan on Jun 12, 2008


"Captain America is going to be a huge hit - people love to talk about him more than any other superhero!!" Bahahahaha Didn't your Mama ever tell you not drink and write at the same time. I can think at least a dozen off the top of my head that are better and more talked about. Captain America was cool, back in WWII. I think the old Captain and Thor are the weakest of the superheroes. Aquaman even giggles when he sees those two.

Scorpio on Jun 12, 2008


I'm concerned that Leo might be too scrawny for the role. Even when he bulked a little for the Departed he was still smaller than most of the guys you saw in the movie. When Thomas Jane was picked to be Punisher I was worried that he would be too small. Punisher is rarely the underdog in terms of size. He was the big mother-Fer that you're afraid is lurking down a dark alley. Even with the training, Jane did not visually fit what Punisher was supposed to look like. It always bothered me that everyone was bigger than the Punisher, except for Saint's son and wife. However, it does seem like Marvel is following the look and feel of the Ultimates comic. Captain America is big, but nowhere near as big as he is in the traditional comics. Leo could pull off the Ultimate version, but he'd still have to bulk up quite a bit before I could see him and say "yep, that is Captain America". Leo's voice is what really bothers me. Even when he acted with anger and rage in the Departed, it still seemed kid-like. His casual voice is high pitched with a nasal noise that makes him sound like a rat, and it doesn't help to also have a sort of rat face to go with it. They could go down the Thomas Jane path with Leo in terms of voice. Thomas Jane used a very unnatural voice for the Punisher, if you've seen him act in other movies you know what I mean. He had to maintain that character voice throughout the entire movie. If they could coach Leo to do something similar, I'd put my stamp of approval on this.

Chris H. on Jun 12, 2008


I think he is talented and could pull it off but I don't think he would be interested in the role. He's stated a number of times that he hated the hype that came with Titanic and at some points regretted taking the role. He tends to shy away from his fame so I don't know if I see him taking on a role like this for those reasons.

Janet on Jun 12, 2008


"Bahahahaha Didn't your Mama ever tell you not drink and write at the same time. [...] I think the old Captain and Thor are the weakest of the superheroes. Aquaman even giggles when he sees those two." You should take your own advice, Scorpio. When you drink and write you almost always end up saying something incredibly stupid.

Chris H. on Jun 12, 2008


so that means leo did a cameo as captain america right?

Darrin on Jun 12, 2008



Garrett.king on Jun 12, 2008


Leo is too small for Cap! He would have to at least add 30-40 pounds of pure muscle first.

Mayhem Studios on Jun 12, 2008


Leo would only be good as Steve Rogers prior to the super-soldier program. Then Pitt should show up as Captain America. If not, then Leo has to grow at least 8 more inches and bulk up big time before the first shoot takes place. But regardless of the scenario...I still say NO! Just because he's a good actor doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be good for the role. There has to be a little physical resemblance somewhere.

Matt Suhu on Jun 12, 2008


Leo would NOT make a good Captain America. Wait, I take that back. He'd make a GREAT Steve Rogers BEFORE the Super Soldier serum, but not a great Captain America AFTER the Super Soldier serum.

Chris @ on Jun 12, 2008


I'm sorry but even if Leo is a good actor, Cap is not for him.

Redge on Jun 12, 2008


I wasn't initially sold on the idea of Leo, but after thinking about it, I think he would surprise us and give us a good performance. Let's just hope that the right director gets in the chair.

Fisherman on Jun 12, 2008


Leo isn't the right build and he is too pretty to play Cap. I would take McConaughey or hell even HHH from the WWE as the new Cap. Gotta find someone muscular and tall with flaws. Clive Owen is too dark. Gerard Butler from 300 could do well but might as well find an american to fill caps shoes. But if your gonna choose someone with the build and somewhat of the looks then I would choose Michael Fassbender from 300.

Tyler on Jun 12, 2008


He's pretty short isn't he?...I'd say he's too short.

Jeff on Jun 12, 2008


clive owen is not AMERICAn...

Chris on Jun 12, 2008


I say Josh Holloway as Captain America! Perfect fit.

TheJastrom on Jun 12, 2008


I would say Eric Bana he has the right build and has the best voice I think...but he already did the hulk once...and remember he wasnt terrible as the hulk...the hulk was just bad as a movie

Maxx on Jun 12, 2008


i agree with the people who say that Leo is too small for the role. when i see posters and comics with Capt. America on it, i see this ripped, badazz dude. Leo just isn't that dude......ha! (sorry). Now unless he packs on sum muscle, he would probably fit the role but in my mind i'm thinkin of this tall, muscle-bound dude that's not a scrub at acting. maybe if McConaughey didn't suck at acting, he would have this role in the bag, no questions asked

theTruth on Jun 13, 2008


no doubt that Leo is a very good actor, but IMO he doesnt have the stature of Cap. , hope Marvel does Cap justice casting the right person for the job.

Andrew on Jun 13, 2008


#23, Totally agree with the Josh Holloway as cap, that just looks great! And I don't really understand all the pretty boy arguments, Steve Rogers is portrayed as a really good looking dude in the comics, so theres totally nothing wrong with that. Not really against Leo as Cap cuz he can always bulk up for the role, like all actions stars do. Plus he's a great actor, that's always nice.

Nate on Jun 13, 2008


OMG - well the number of posts says it all really... this guy is a great actor, but as a superhero - sorry i dont buy that - he'd have to grow a lot of muscle too!!

nha on Jun 13, 2008


The real question is whether Marvel could afford someone like Decaprio or Pitt for multiple films - every successful comic film thus far has had lesser known or unknowns as the main character to ensure that they can afford them for multiple films. Remember Tobey Maguire got a HUGE pay rise for Spidey 2 & 3 (from $7m for SM1 to $30m+ for SM3) if they had cast a superstar to begin with who asked for a big fee for the first film, then no studio could afford them for multiple films unless they gave them huge back end deals in which case it would not be worth making the film for the studio. People like Maguire, Downey Jr, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Ed Norton are all great actors but they were not superstars on the same level as say Will Smith, Tom Cruise etc. and so it made sense to hire them financially. Nowadays no one cares about star names that much. They care about properties and characters - as long as Cap Am is made well and with a great (lesser known/unknown) actor it will do great. Captain America is the draw not the actor playing him. The role will make the actor the star not the other way round (exactly what happened to Jackman, Maguire, RDJ etc). And if you would like to see the same actor play Cap in multiple films then you should hope they hire someone as good as Decaprio but no way near as expensive.

Sumit on Jun 13, 2008


He can maybe do Bucky's part, the little boy!

Rodpop on Jun 13, 2008


Realistically, Leo would never do Captain America. He's too big of a star now and gets to pick his roles, pick his director, and ensure a great movie is in the works before filming it. Sorry to say, but Leo is bigger than this role and wouldn't do it unless they brought a great script and director to him first.

Phil on Jun 13, 2008


Too short

Dr.Duvel on Jun 13, 2008


MARVEL GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!!! Leos' way to scrawney, he would have to gain like 100 pounds for the role, Captin america has some muscle not some dorky computer geek build. And why in hell would you even want him, So he can tell us what was eating gilbert grape? Next thing you know theyll have Johnny depp as Robin in the next batman. FFFUUUUUUCCCKK!!! Marvel is on top and everyone keeps saying there the power house thats going to set the standard. I do belive this but if they make moves like this, they wont be. And now your gooing to say wait wait wait but they had Rob downey as Iron man and that worked out. HAAAAAAAA' Yeah they got lucky on that one. That wont happen twice, Downey even told them he was the right role. But can you see leo pulling that shit, Id just start laughing.

THERBLIG on Jun 13, 2008


Sure, he can act, but having blond hair DOES NOT mean you look like Captain America. Cap is built like a tank. Unless DiCaprio can slap on another 50 or 60 pounds of pure muscle and lose that youthful innocence look that makes him all the rage with seventeen year old girls, this is a terrible, terrible choice. Brad Pitt as a second? A little better. At least he's got the build, and I could probably see him ordering around a Norse God, a technologically enhanced multi-billionaire, and a rampaging gamma-irradiated monster. My vote is for either Daniel Craig or Gerard Butler. Leo DiCaprio would make a great Bucky.

Peter on Jun 13, 2008


Also: Proof that Daniel Craig would make a great Capt America:

Peter on Jun 13, 2008


I think DiCaprio is a great actor, but he's not a superhero. Neither is Brad Pitt. You don't want A-list actors to play superheroes. I think Marvel is getting a little cocky with the success of Iron Man. C'mon just sign Jon Favreau for IM2 already. Stop thinking it's all you.

Christopher on Jun 13, 2008


Peter, I would not pick either one of those two actors because their accents would just show through and make cap. a mockery. Anyway, with Leo, I would not like him because he just seems too scrawny. I am not just talking about his size, but his voice is also weak. If you ask me, McCounghty might be better than Leo (Actually, I'd think that they would be on the same level). I think Marvel sould hire an unknown actor.

Ajax on Jun 13, 2008


I dont think Leo is a good fit. He will cost alot and getting him to do a sequel is up in the air. Plus, he will cost too much (see Tobey Maguire example). Look for a no namer or up and coming actor who will define himself as Capt America. Choosing a big name will shadow the character. Clive Owen and Daniel Craig? Its Captain America? Not Captain Britain!

Da Doc on Jun 13, 2008


too short... too baby... not really against leo but the greatest fantasy or dream of every superhero fan is to see their favorite superhero come to life, at least on the big screen... so i think marvel should really really think this one over and over... guess i'll go with someone unknown, it would be a great fresh start both for cap and the fans...

miracle disease on Jun 13, 2008


I was thinking, if Leo won't do it (let's face it, the guy has a lot of really good projects waiting for him in the wings, and he doesn't really go for the paycheck role that much), that MATT DAMON can be a good Cap.

The rocketboy on Jun 13, 2008


Leo is my height, 1.83m. How the hell is that short? Sure you don't want a midget, but let's try and not go for the oversized guy, that won't know how to act. Go for a good actor that isn't short, and Leo is certainly not short. Now, Leo? Cmon, Leo would never do this. He's simply too good, and has such a quality career that it just doesn't make sense for him to play a Marvel super hero. Cmon. Get real.

Discateia on Jun 13, 2008


Oh and love how people drop the word short, and then mention the likes of Matthew McConaughey (same height) and Brad Pitt (Shorter), Matt Damon (shorter). And no, you don't need Captain to be built like a tank, you need a Captain that is built, doesn't look like a skinny fool, but that's really the easiest part. Say Cristian Bale from Batman, that's a good build. We are going for stuff that could pass for reality people.

Discateia on Jun 13, 2008


I think Pitt would be a much better pick. Leo is a little too scrawny (I don't think he can bulk up big enough) and his voice isn't right. Leo I think is too "above" this material (look at his line-up now coming out!). Pitt would do this probably and he is a pretty good actor too. Pitt is by far the best choice in terms of Marvel's wish list.

Ryan on Jun 13, 2008


They should get Michael O'Hearn - - currently Titan on American Gladiators - and before you panting fanboys all go - 'POO POO' - may i remind you that he already played Clark Kent/Superman once, yes it was 'just a fan film', "World's Finest" - - but it was professional done on all levels and he was d*am good, and yes, he is 45, but here is a RECENT picture of him - - statistics online vary, but he's between 6 foot 2 and 6 foot 4, and clocks in between 220 and 240 lbs. oh, you can download "World's Finest" here - - same director also did "Batman: Dead End", and here's the download link for that - (sorry for the non-clicables, had to re-post this minus clickable links as it wouldn't go up with all of them, guess it was the spam filter)

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 13, 2008


@ Tari: Actually O'Hearn has a copy of the Captain America script and seems to have been approached about A part in the film, if not the main role. There's a link about it at but I can't find it right now.

Chris @ on Jun 13, 2008


Sumit, I completely agree with you, that's a good way of looking at it. And seriously, Alex, LEO??? He's scrawny, he's too high profile, and he just doesn't look the part. Has anyone considered Matt Damon???

Reza on Jun 13, 2008


Reza: I did. Check no 41!

The rocketboy on Jun 13, 2008


Matt Damon would do a great job playing Cap.

abel on Jun 13, 2008


Yeah, I don't know if he'd be a good candidate. He'd probably try to give Cpt. America a ridiculous accent.

Joshua on Jun 13, 2008


No one has considered Matt Damon and no one will. Are you kidding? As much as I like Matt, he's too short. He doesn't have the look for Cap. No. Not Matt.

Chris @ on Jun 13, 2008


Size doesn't matter in the film. You can make someone look as big or as small as you want to in a film. (Elijah Wood in the hobbit was in reality only 5 inches shorter than McKellen, but McKellen looked like he towered over Wood). So the height isn't an issue. And if any of you have read a Cap comic, you know that Steve Rogers is a very nicely dressed clean cut person. He isn't a run and gun badass. Captain America is the badass. I personally don't think that Leo can be what Captain America is. He could do Rogers, not cap. @45 - O'Hearn looks...fake? I don't know, but when you look at his pictures he just looks rediculous, almost too much. Plus, I don't see what would stop marvel from grabbing a big name. They already did it twice (Norton and Downey Jr.) @47 - I think Matt Damon would be a hard sell because too many people would relate him to being Jason Bourne. If they could separate him from that role its possible, but it would be hard. So I can't see them getting Damon. Downey and Norton didn't have any previous action type roles that defined them. Norton had his Fight Club and Rounders, and Downey Jr. had his dramatic roles here and there (of which Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang was my favorite, a must see for Downey Jr. fans), but neither had roles like Damon did in the Bourne trilogy. I would love to see Brad Pitt as Thor, not as Captain America. I could however see him filling either role. Whoever is cast, once we all find out, I bet we will all say "Man, he is perfect for this role!" We have no reason to believe other wise do we? I can speak for myself and many others when I say that I was extremely happy when I(we) found out who Iron Man and the Hulk were going to be. So until the official press release, why not throw around some crazy ideas, because who knows who will be right! And if anyone cares, and I had to pick one person right now to be Captain America, it would have to be (and this is for me) Matthew Fox. I know its crazy, but he is a hot commodity right now, and his masked performance in Speed Racer left me wanting more. Dye his hair blonde, grow it out a bit, add a few pounds, and viola! Instant Steve Rogers/Captain America success. Thats my two cents!

Andy Adair on Jun 14, 2008


Oh, and Fox is only 3 years older than Norton, so age shouldn't be an issue, and Fox is listed on IMDB as 6'2".

Andy Adair on Jun 14, 2008


Nathan Fillion for Cap. 'Nuff said.

Banzai Jim on Jun 14, 2008


PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DO NOT DO IT.. i mean... this would be worse the Afleck was for DD he is to small... he does not look like a person that could lead UA

kingdom on Jun 14, 2008



Artwonk on Jun 14, 2008


Will "Captain America" do ANY business outside of the US? I mean the rest of the world kinda hates us. Does anyone really think they'll go see a movie that they will feel is a big American cirle-jerk about how awesome we are?

biaachmonkie on Jun 15, 2008


I think Leo would make a terrible Cap. On the other hand, I thought Toby would make a terrible Spiderman and I dont think anyone could have played the role any better than Toby has. As far as Thor, the best Thor possible would be the WWE wrestler Tripple H. He is known as a King. He carries a sledgehammer. He looks and acts like Thor. He has done movies. He would be perfect!

pitbullcomputers on Jun 15, 2008


he'll be good as the small, sickly (pre super soldier serum) steve rogers.

phyrexian on Jun 15, 2008


This is terrible for Marvel fans. What could be worse, Leo as Cap America or George Clooney as Batman. I would have to say Leo would be worse. This guy is a pretty boy puss. I have to say I would boycott Cap America if this loser is the star. I would also sell all my Marvel stock as this is a terrible terrible decision. Leo sucks!!!

I hate Leo on Jun 15, 2008


Leo is not muscular enough to be Cap america.... The best captain america would be Vin Diesel.

Mile on Jun 15, 2008


I would not even think twice of watching the film if Leo is Cap America.... dont just put any random guy for Captain America. Marvel movies have been excellent thus far, dont kill it....

Mile on Jun 15, 2008


Captain America = BRUCE WILLIS

Mile on Jun 15, 2008


I honestly think the actor to portray Steve Rogers/Captain America would be Brenden Fraser!

JAy on Jun 15, 2008


Brandon routh could be a good choice had he not taken the Superman's role

Guo Yuan on Jun 15, 2008


Daniel Craig is my choice just make him bulck up, who ever they get they will need to bulk up

stephen on Jun 16, 2008


Brendan Fraser would be a quality choice. He has the look, the size, the build and the voice, plus he can pull off both the badass and the comedy in equally satisfying measure. Fraser is the only real choice for cap. Leo Di Caprio is the most retarded suggestion I have ever heard, bar none.

Grummy on Jun 16, 2008


I would hate to see Dicaprio as Captain America. He simply doesn't fit the role; Cap is supposed to be the big, strong, tall idealized American hero. Dicaprio is scrawny, looks like a kid, and has the voice to match. He would be an annoying Captain America; he could play a "young" Steve Rogers at best. And Brad Pitt is just too overcasted as the "pretty boy" action hero to play Captain America (and Lord God, don't case him as Thor). If Marvel is just trying to find a big name actor to play the role, then the choices we're looking at here aren't the best picks. Brendan Fraser could play a decent Cap, if only his hair was blonde and his yelling voice wasn't developed for comedy.

Mark on Jun 16, 2008


Umm.... isn't he a little too short?

Joey The Hamster on Jun 16, 2008


brendon fraiser or daniel craig i think would be great as cap but dicaprio is to boyish an dsmall for the role. camera tricks can only go so far and in teh comics cap is pretty well built! brad pitt maybe because of the build and all but i think he'd be too costly for the film and how many sequels has he done?

thejugfather on Jun 16, 2008


I think he'd be ok. No one saw Heath Ledger coming for the Joker, everyone was surprised, many were worried. Then we saw the makeup. *shrug* Leo's surprised many with his acting abilities, and I don't doubt he can do it again. And I'd much rather have him than, say Pitt or Damon (two rumors I've heard). I also heard a rumor about Orlando Bloom, but I'm chalking that one up to mental instability. So, Leo gets a vote for yes, but mostly because I can't think of any other A-listers that could fit the role properly. You've got to have someone big-name to lead the Avengers, and you've got to have an American. That cuts out a lot of the playing field.

Zeph on Jun 16, 2008


Matt Damon...he's got the blue eyes, blond hair, all-american boy look, the right age, and we know he can do action (the Bourne films). Yep, he'd have to bulk up like crazy and maybe some lifts for height (Although as far as I can tell, Cap isn't unusually tall). The only catch for me is, I just don't see it in his personality. There's something a little light about him, like he's geared more for humor than being the leader-of-men / authority figure / master tactician that Cap is. As someone else mentioned about character interaction; I don't see a Norse thunder god doing what Matt Damon tells him to do. Whoever plays Cap, he needs to move through this picture like a leviathan, unquestionably respected and even held in awe as a living legend and all 'round tried and tested badass. Also, I'm personally a little pleased that everyone else here also seems to understand that there is some amount of darkness and gravity to the character of Cap. I can't think of anyone else though. Perhaps a relative unknown is in order?

Matthew on Jun 16, 2008


why not put in will smith to take the role of the legendary Cap. America...why not??? samuel jackson appeared as Fury.... 🙂 lol

Joe Law on Jun 17, 2008


leo's not right matt damon yes I could see that really a good match

Tyler on Jun 17, 2008


You know, that Brendan Fraser as Captain America idea is not nearly as crazy as it sounds. Plus, Brendan will do it CORRECTLY, despite his preference for comedy roles.

Balabanto on Jun 17, 2008


Hey, I never thought about Fraser before. But now that I think about it, he WOULD make a good Cap.

Ajax on Jun 17, 2008


kk, in #45, I did say Michael O'Hearn, and he'd be my preference, but I do like Brendan Fraser too now that his name has been mentioned. And re #75, I don't think it's so much that he prefers comedy roles, but more like that's what he gets offered all the time - a form of type-casting, but at least it's not as one particular character. He's certainly got the actual height for it. And let's not forget that Michael Keaton was always thought of as a comedic actor before he did that movie where he played a strung out addict, and then he did his two Batman roles, and did - I think - a credible job. Height is not everything, Some actors are 5 foot 10, but they don't come across that way. They 'project' taller. Of course, it's also hard to ignore that some actors are short, and a lot shorter than they'll admit too. Quite a number claim 5 foot 10, but that's in their dreams (Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, etc). And then you do have some short actors who it doesn't seem to matter, Mark Wahlberg, for example. Whoever thought he'd turn out to actually be able to act? He's work-man-like, and not necessarily Academy material, but he's watchable, and bankable. Keifer Sutherland isn't that tall either, despite having a father around 6 foot 4. Odd thing though, he was a late grower. I remember him being between 5 foot 4 and 5 foot 6 in the Bay Boy, but he's about 5 foot 9 or 10 now, but projects taller. He's much more believeable as a kickass action star than Tom Cruise. But I digress, so back to Captain America casting. Since it is a franchise sort of property, it's probably not that important to cast a major known name in the role. It might be smarter to cast an unknown, and sew him up for a 3 picture deal right at the start. That way, you don't pay too much, and you don't have to worry about him refusing to return for sequels or holding out for a king's ransom. I mean, really, whoever heard of Mr Routh before he landed his Superman role? I thought he did quite well, and he had the right attitude too, including eating right and working out like a mad fiend so he could gain 20 lbs of muscle for the role.

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 17, 2008


Hm, now I'm on a roll: While I don't mind the idea of Brad Pitt for Thor, I'm thinking maybe O'Hearn would be a better casting choice for that role too. Plus, unlike Pitt, he'd do sequels, and be willing appear in related movies as the character.

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 17, 2008


If its Leo as scrawny, disease ridden Steve Rogers during WW2 BEFORE he becomes steriod-powered Cap, then sure.

Bob on Jun 17, 2008


I think the perfect Captain America would be Mark Wahlberg. He has that "All American" look with a hint of renegade.

Tex on Jun 18, 2008


o'hearn i think is a tad too muscular but has that all american look of Cap down pat! maybe a good choice though if he can act!

thejugfather on Jun 18, 2008


If you ever check one of Marvel's trading cards you'll see that Cap is at least 6.2 tall and weights 240. He is a leader, someone who imposes respect and loyalty. Also, Cap's fight style involves a lot of acrobatic and martial art moves. You see Caprio fitting all that? No way!

Eduardo on Jun 18, 2008


When Hugh Jackman was casted as Wolverine, I thought it was a mismatch, but Jackman has made the character his own. Leo actually has the acting chops to make Captain America his own. Also, remember that Michael Keaton is too skinny to be Batman as well. Yet today, there are those who think he's a better Batman than Christian Bale. In any case, I think Leo would make a better Gambit.

PlanetComicBookRadio on Jun 18, 2008


Ummm let's try not just using all A-list actors. Chances are it would be really dumb if they did. Movies tend to become corn-ballish if you have a bunch of overpaid celebs. Imagine if they had used a bunch of big names in LOTR. If you're going to only list the big shots, why not throw in George Clooney and Matt Damon and just call it Ocean's 14. If they try too hard it'll end up being lame.

Nart on Jun 19, 2008


Okay guys, I think I got just the guy. How about Casper Van Diem who played Ricco in Starship Troopers? I agree with most of what's been said. No star with too big a name for all the reasons mentions. I did think Brandon Frazier was an interesting name to throw in the hat. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Whoever they get though, he not only needs to build as many of you have mentioned, but he also has to be able to project that rare mixture of being a square jawed "boy scout" type character, who can turn it on and kick ass when it's the right thing to do — ala Superman. Thor is my favorite Avenger but I do have a fondness for Cap as the long-time rightful leader of the crew. Although I haven't read it, I love what Marvel did in Civil War with Cap by making him go rebel with a cause. That was true to what Captain America is all about and in keeping with the soldier out of time spirit captured in the Ultimates. IN STAN WE TRUST! Go Marvel! Shut up haters!

Goldilocks on Jun 20, 2008


@#85 - Casper Van Diem? kk, he's got rugged boy next door good looks, including a square jaw, and of course, he's got a great physique (height?), BUT he can't act to save his life. CVD comes from the clenched teeth and widening eyes school of 'acting', if you can even call it that. he's almost as bad - or is it good - as Hayden Christianson when it comes to playing wooden. from a biz point of view, he's not a-list, so he'd be affordable, and likely to return for a sequel, but that pro can't outweigh all the cons.

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 20, 2008


i'm going to have to go google for his name, but there is a not-well-known big blond muscular actor who played Aquaman twice in the previous seasons of Smallville. and no, not the guy currently playing Green Arrow/Oliver Queen who did that really bad Aquaman tv pilot that should never have seen the light of day.

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 20, 2008


Speaking of Smallville, there are two excellent actors in the CW show, Supernatural, that should be part of the new Marvel movies. Jensen Ackles, playing Dean Winchester, should play Captain America. And Jared Padalecki, playing Dean Winchester, should play Thor.

Hulk vs Iron Man on Jun 21, 2008


hey #88, you're kidding right? first, they are not 'excellent' actors. they're adequate and do well in their roles as tv stars. both do look nice, but neither of them would be right for the role you've suggested. Jensen Ackles is short and lean, and while Jared Padalecki is tall he's super skinny. And while it is possible to dye really dark hair blond, or snap on a wig, they'd both very clearly be wearing dyed hair or a wig. however, not being that well-known, they could likely be easily signed - at the start - for sequels.

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 21, 2008


DiCaprio has alot more chances of being Captain America then Pitt does at Thor. But Captain America is the one of the leaders in Avengers-along with Iron Man and Thor-and with a bit of training, he could be just perfect. Captain America is the Batman of Marvel, but again, Captain America is said to be more popular. In the recent Batman movies he looks exactly what you would call intimidating. Captain America can be both intimidating and jolly, as we could call it. While having jolly, he doesn't have 6'2ft. of intimidating.

Johnathon on Jun 22, 2008


uh...spider-man is the batman of marvel...seriously, most non-comic book fans haven't even HEARD of captain america. find a kid who doesn't have a spidey action figure/costume/bed spread/slippers

Tucc on Jun 22, 2008


jensen ackles is captain america if u dont know him look him up, does an amazing job on Supernatural and is about 6'1 if he could put on about 30 lbs of muscle he would be perfect

Joe on Jun 23, 2008


#92 -- See post #88. Jensen would be perfect. Relatively unknown and he can be comical when called for. He doesn't need to get buffed up either, they can do the same make-up effects they did for Tobey Maguire.

Hellboy DVD on Jun 23, 2008


i mean i love Leo but he just dosent have the vocie and really tired of Brad pitt so i say he could play his side kick Bucky and brad pitt being so skinny right now id say he would be a good ant man he have to work out again to be thor.

dan sich on Jun 24, 2008


He'd need a dye job, but I think he's pretty bad ass in BSG; Tahmoh Penikett (Helo). He'd be affordable with the BSG run at an end.

Voice o' Reason on Jun 26, 2008


Why don't Captain America and Thor star in the same movie and it can just be titled "Gay"

uumm on Jun 28, 2008


jensen ackles looks like a little kid! not at all a good look for cap! cap is supposed to be a leader and playing in the sandbox waiting for a daiper change.

thejugfather on Jun 29, 2008


i meant NOT playing in the sandbox waiting for a diaper change....

thejugfather on Jun 29, 2008


I think Matthew looks like cap but needs to be a better actor while leo is a perfect actor but needs to be taller and buffer

jacob on Jun 30, 2008


Leo's not a bad choice for Cap. I think they should go for Thomas Jane. Now that a new Punisher movie is coming out, he can be further disasscociated from it. And we all know that Jane can be buff and badass. As for Thor, I think Brad Pitt may be a good idea for the Dr. Donald Blake side of the role. But for Thor, the God of Thunder, not so much. The perfect person to play the thunder god part would be Triple H. You need someone big and imposing for the role, and Brad Pitt, is not that guy.

boostergold74 on Jun 30, 2008


Captain America needs to be played by a mans man not the girly men so popular these days. (I read that men were men in the 1940's somewhere on the internet, so it must be true.) Lionardo may be a great actor but he just doesn't fit the bill. Someone mentioned elijah wood in Lord of the Rings, it got me thinking.... hmmm elijah wood as Captain America.... which I quickly dismissed as a preposterous though amusing image. My thoughts however then drifted towards Viggo Mortensen. Apparently his mother is American, which puts him above Clive Owen and the other suggested british actors (which I think is a must - if we cant find an American to play the all american hero, then we all suck). Plus if Aragorn cant tell Thor where to go, who can? (he already took down, or was partially responsible for taking down, one demi god type eyeball thing, and he can do it again!) Then completely randomely and without reason I thought of the following actors who I thought would do a better job than Leonardo di Caprio at playing the Captain. 1. Michael Biehn - He fought a terminator and the Aliens, I bet he could take on some Nazi scumbags - plus he's American. 2. Matthew Settle - Captain Ronald Speirs from Band of Brothers. He's already battled Nazi Scumbags - and he's American. 2. Eric Bana - who is australian, and completely undermines my point that Captain America should be American. 3. Keifer Sutherland - Captain America crisscrossing the globe in an effort to torture more people may not play as well as it does for Jack Bouer, but hell, I'd pay to watch it I dont care what you say. 4. Nathan Fillian - someone else suggested him. I liked him in Serenity and Firefly. 5. Ben Bowder from Farscape and Stargate - hey if people can suggest any old tv star they feel like then so can I. 6. Matt Dillon or Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210... hey, I just said they'd be better cast then Leonardo, not that they'd be good. 7. Kermit the Frog, again, see the comment above.

No S#!T, There I was! on Jul 1, 2008


yeah I know, I cant count, shut up!

No S#!T, There I was! on Jul 1, 2008


I think the perfect person for the Cap't is Jensen Ackles. He has the face, the toughness from being in Supernatural, and the American acsent for the role. The villain should be Red Skull. Red Skull should be played by Paul McCrane(Jack Bauer's brother in 24).

Jack on Jul 1, 2008


Leo should NOT be the Captain. He doens't seem right for it. I agree with Jack, Jensen Ackles. Heis tough, has humor, has the American acsent, and has that face of the hero. He could do it best. He is even awseome in Supernatural. He would make a great Cap't. -----------------------------------------Jensen Ackles for Captain America----------------------------------

Luke on Jul 3, 2008


Actually #89, Jensen Ackles isn't short. Jensen Ackles is 6ft 1. It just so happens is co-star, who says he's 6ft 4, is in actually probably around 6ft 5 1/2 which makes Jensen look short on Supernatural. But put him next to "normal" people and Ackles suddenly looks bigger. Also, he's not scrawny. He's got broad shoulders, one of those natural "V" shaped physiques, which means all he'd have to do is some more intensive workouts to get into Captain America shape. He's 3/4's of the way there already, he just might need to add more bulk. He's also a versatile actor, who can do drama, comedy and action very convincingly. He excellent at portraying layers of motivation and emotions. Dean Winchester on Supernatural is a bad-ass so if Captain America needs to be bad-ass that clearly wouldn't be a problem. He also gives off a vibe of being a natural leader, the sort of person you'd trust with your life - so again, if Captain America needs leadership ability, I don't think Ackles would have any problem portraying that.

Kim on Jul 3, 2008


I think Screech from Saved By the Bell should play Captain America. He needs a job right now. No wait, I should play Captain America because I don't have a job period.

me on Jul 7, 2008


MIKE O HEARN all the way! I think he would be a great CAPTAIN AMERICA. He has the the build and size and looks 🙂

richard c on Jul 11, 2008


Mark Whalberg would play a great Captain America. He is all american. Has made some good military films and has a look like he has some baggage or has been jaded about something.

Mark Whalberg on Jul 13, 2008


Leo as Captain America ? I'm sorry to say I felt like vomiting when I read that Leo would play him ! Leo is a good actor and all but he does not have the hard edge physical appearance that Cap does ! Plus Leo has more of a pretty boy look to him ! Have you seen McConaughey in Reign Of Fire ? He was a bad ass in that movie ! Matt McConaughey , Mark Wahlberg or even David Boreanaz would be a good fit for Captain America ! just don't use Leo...please !

Steve on Jul 14, 2008


Why not have John Cena or Stone Cold play Cap. They've both done action movies recently and they both have the perfect build for a super-hero. Triple H would be perfect for Thor and he already has great chemistry with Cena and Austin. They just need more range as actors, which I'm sure they would gladly work on. Leo might be a good actor but DAMN lets keep the pu$$ies out of the hero movies (have you seen the rumored cast for JLA).

Mike on Jul 15, 2008


Go to Gregg Plitt .com to see the only choice for captain america! This guy is trying to break into the acting industry and his body is exactly what captain america would look like with his shirt off. he is a muscular guy period. when you see him you will understand. not to be bias, but superheroes have incredible powers that are somewhat grounded in reality so if a superhero can do all these incredible things then his body should look the part. if gregg plitt got the role of captain america and a a shirtless scene was on screen the audience would say damn! that is what captain america looks like, he is ripped. of course he is he is a supersoldier, his body is superior to everyone around him. he is not built like a regular man who has few muscles here and there. who ever reads this and visits the aformentioned site will agree I PROMISE!

Myrie on Jul 15, 2008


kk #111 - if i can't have Michael O'Hearn, i'll take Gregg Plitt - he's definitely awesome!

Tari Akpodiete on Jul 15, 2008


If they cast Leo then I won't be able to watch the movie. Emotional Range? Really? He is a horrid at best actor..

Rob on Jul 16, 2008


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be perfect if he didnt suck at acting 😛

Aza51 on Jul 16, 2008


I doubt whether Leo would even take the role. I heard some of the other choices include: Paul Walker, Thomas Jane, Matt Damon, and Aaron Eckhardt. What do guys think? Aaron Echkardt, aside from his height, could possibly work, but he's already Harvey Dent in TDK. And please, ppl, do not even put Matthew McC on the list. He would make a terrible Cap America...

Gabby on Jul 17, 2008


Oooo I just read about Jensen Ackles and Brandon Fraser, interesting choices to throw in there. Jensen definitely has the look.

Gabby on Jul 17, 2008


Gerard Butler HAS to be in this movie... either Thor or Captain America. the guy is a really good actor. and i know u guys saw 300...

MJ on Jul 21, 2008


i read online that mat damon might be capt america also id choose mat over leo any day

alex on Jul 27, 2008


Leonardo DiCaprio as Cap. Marvel What the heck are you thinking? hes wrong for the part and so is Brad "PRETTY BOY" Pit. They are way too old for the part. I would tolerate Mat Damon as Cap. but thats because i loved him in the Bourne Movies I would love to see John Cenia as Cap at least he would fit the part

Ruth Caps #1 fan on Aug 10, 2008


I think John Cena is the perfect size and has the perfect look for what Cap should look like.

Chad on Sep 6, 2008


I don't think Leo would take the role. Unless he happened to be a CA fan. Otherwise, it just doesn't seem like his style or taste. It's not like we're talking about someone who would have to take this role for the sake of their career, because clearly, Leo does not need help in that department at the moment.

Maria on Sep 20, 2008


i think cena is to buff sorry about that one but i think daniel craig should be c.a. i think he could pull it off

sam on Sep 26, 2008


you guys are f***ing crazy. leo's too short? the friggin guys 6'2"! and they do make muscle suits for anyone trippin about his build. how tall do you gotta be in your dumbass eyes to play capt america? 6'5"? 6'6"?? and your not gonna find ANYONE who would make a better fit for that role than him. sure they could find someone whos 6'4" and 230lbs of pure muscle but he wont be an affective actor. you guys are naming people cause your fans of that particular person and in no way shape or form are you thinking about how affective he would be at representing capt america. bulky "movie stars" are never good actors, they make good wrestlers, but not actors. and those of you thinking of someone british, or european, or australian WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??? captain america is american. how the hell are you goin to even think about someone who isnt american to play captain america?? gawdamm you guys are friggin retarded!!! no wonder all of you are virgins

reaper24 on Oct 2, 2008


Leo As Captain America? As much as I love his work he's too short and too skinny to play Cap.

Dan on Oct 2, 2008


Brad Pitt as Captain America Matthew Mcconaughey as Thor Matt Damon as Antman Eva-Longoria Parker as Wasp

Shannon on Oct 12, 2008


Adam Baldwin from firefly/serenity he's got the hieght, the built, the square jaw & he's played the soldier type rather well before (ID4)

andrew on Oct 19, 2008


hands down, Matt Damon should play Captain america!

Cordale on Oct 21, 2008


And Damn, Greg Plitt does look like captain america, but can he act? Thats where they went wrong with the character before!

Cordale on Oct 21, 2008


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be a great Submariner. If we can forget his acting. I don't like Leo as Cap. Leo is a great actor, he might even be that tall (it's a surprise for me...), he might even get bulkier, but heck, he doesn't give me the impression that he could be Cap. I might be surprised, though: Cruise did a helluva job as Lestat in "Interview with the Vampire", and I would NEVER expect him to be that good. In fact, that's when I started to respect the man as an actor. I would go for Brendan Fraser. By the way, I would have gone for Brendan Fraser as Superman, too. If Fraser can get blond and believable as blond (not as teh guy, what's his name, in "Alexander"). Hey, I'm Brazilian, and I think we would watch a Cap movie without any problem. I think it is clear for every comic book fan that Cap is the spirit that moves America when America is what America is supposed to be - and not when some people do things under its name that would make Cap blush. In a way, Captain America represents the ideal of justice and liberty, and thus represents all of us who wants things to go right.

Ricardo on Nov 16, 2008


Jason Lewis is definately the look of Captain America. All American, fresh, but still looks like he can throw some punches.

Tyler on Nov 21, 2008


You're an idiot

Pete on Dec 6, 2008


Well, I didn't know this Lewis, so I googled him up. At least, he looks the part. I don't know that he can act, whether he is tall, or if his voice sounds like Cap should (Leo's doesn't...). But I think someone less well-known would be a good choice. Especially if they really want to tie all the films up together. Imagine how much they would have to invest in actor's salaries alone, with Ed Norton as Banner, Jessica Alba and crew for FF, I-forgot-his-name-great-actor as Stark, etc.? Someone's gotta be cheaper.

Ricardo on Dec 10, 2008


matt damon would be perfect for cap... buff him up a little...

wes on Dec 18, 2008


Isn't Damon a bit short? I might be wrong. I think he would have been perfect as Daredevil. They chose the wrong side of that duo...

Ricardo on Dec 18, 2008


AS LONG AS I HATE HIM, TALKING ABOUT LEO IN THE DEPARTED, i think matt damon fits better than dicaprio as cap; bisides, he has all this badass but good looking thing...

spam on Jan 6, 2009


Hope the guys sitting in those stuffed chairs at the boardrooms read this... Damon, I say; or someone completely unknown. Cheaper, taller, stronger, AND a good actor. C'mon, that's not impossible. Oh, may I ask for someone with a voice similar to Sean Connery's? Os is it asking too much? lol

Ricardo on Jan 31, 2009


i think Mark Wahlberg would be a good Steve Rogers and Captain America, plus he has acted with Edward Norton before so i think he would be a good choice for Cap

Captain America on Feb 2, 2009


Something everyone does not seem to consider is that Captain America s not in is late 30's early 40's. When Steve Rogers goes through Operation Rebirth he is maybe 20 years old. Everyone mentioned would actually be too old to play Captain America. By the time he gets frozen near the end of WW II he is nomore than 24-25 years old. So the actor play Cap has to be much younger than all these names that are being tossed about.

Ruben on Feb 15, 2009


bingo on the age thing. noone gets thats. everyone wants some guy with bags under his eyes. they are all good but TOO old. i like jensen ackles from supermatural as cap

andrew on Mar 12, 2009



RADAMES on Apr 12, 2009



RADAMES on Apr 12, 2009


Give me a break!! I have been waiting for this movie for decades and if Leonardo DiCaprio gets casted for the part of Captain America I would beat the @$#@ out of something. Captain America is not a pretty boy. I wish you guys would get some balls and get a no name actor who fits the description. 6'2 240 lbs. Actually Arnold's competing physique is the same stats as Steve Rogers. Stop looking at the damn $ signs and find someone who doesn't have a name. Just like the Incredible Hulk movie. Edward Norton was not as good as Eric Bana as Bruce Banner. Robert Downing Jr. is the best effort yet but Marvel, please get off of the "big" name actor wagon. Leonardo would ruin everything. Cap should be your biggest hero yet don't let us down!!! People reading this please post more on how Leo would suck for this role. Side Note I wish that Wolverine would have been the short bad ass he is supposed to be in Comics 5'3 195 lbs. (without adamantium)

Jonathon D H on May 4, 2009


ACTUALLY EVERYONE Joe Johnston is in talks/looking at a sumwhat unknown. Much the way they did with the Superman movies after Christopher Reeves. By way of Kayo Anderson Media. Johnston is looking at a Real Aussie/American Hero a US Veteran, Actor, Stuntman, and former Pro Athlete TJ Austin see the following. This guy is the real deal right height, build, eyes, and does all his own stunts like Jackie Chan. Lets help get him the roll. Support our Soldiers. See the link vote yes for this Real American Hero to be the next CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Thomas Renshaw on May 9, 2009


#143 - dude, crack is whack, so put down the frigging pipe ok? and stop with the ridiculous 'support our troops' crap in trying to solicit support for someone totally inappropriate. just because someone is in the military, that does NOT automatically make them a 'hero' or mean that they should get a role based on that. he's probably a nice guy, and maybe even a good stuntman. no idea if he can act. i guess they could slap a wig on this guy, given that he's got a hardcore male pattern baldness thing going on. and maybe they could send him to the gym to take care of that big beer belly he's clearly sucking in in those IMdb pictures from that link you supplied. and while it says he is 6 feet, looks closer to 5 foot 10 when he is standing beside someone else, and Captain America is actually taller.

Jaisne Blue Sexton on May 9, 2009


If leo decrapio gets picked as captain america i will make sure that no one i know and they know will see that movie. Only cause it is not a right pick for that charachter. If anyone the movie castors should pick someone that as soon as you look at him you say hey that was a great idea. I mean this would be as horrible as what they did to the dragonball z movie that was f..kin awful.

Timothy Kopasz on May 13, 2009


I think Arron Eckhart would make a good captain america

Steven on Jun 26, 2009


Leonardo DiCaprio is a pansy. i think that John Cena would be great as Cap if you don't agree with me rent the The Marine. he would be perfect as Cap marvel was bought out by Disney so i wouldn't put much stock in the Cap movie being made much less released in 2011 like marvel promised

Caps Fan Girl on Sep 11, 2009


when i first heard about that Leonardo Di Caprio playing Cap i was excited. he's a really good actor and he fits Cap. everyone seems to think that he's overly buff, but if you look closer, he's muscular and lean. he can move fast. and he needs to look like he can move fast. i get so sick of people saying they want John Cena playing Cap or Triple H playing Thor. they are just thick thugs that are fat, too huge and can't act. these super heroes are compelling and emotive. they have feelings and can come across as human beings with much symbolism. how the hell can Cena or HHH play superheroes. i'm 100% for Di Caprio

omega-rob on Nov 11, 2009


actually @omega-rob aka #148 - it's not that people think DiCaprio is 'buff'. while he can act, he's a skinny little runt with a pretty girl face. there's nothing 'heroic' about his proportions. that's ok for a lot of the roles he plays, but not for Captain American. the role requires a manly looking man. unless maybe they do it like they did Ray Winstone in Beowulf (2007). CGI in a decent body. heh!

Tari Akpodiete on Nov 11, 2009


But what you need to remember, the film is in WWII and for that, they would need someone that looks young

omega-rob on Nov 13, 2009


@omega-rob - good point. now that i think about it, Leo D would be PERFECT for the pre-Capt America role. seriously. he'd look great in WWII suit. great face for it too although he is starting to look a bit more 'adult' now. all the smoking doesn't help as that ages one's skin. now the only thing is who for the actual Capt America role. then again, if he bulked up a bit, ala Brad Pitt (for Troy), he could do both roles, but he's pretty skrawny at the moment.

Tari Akpodiete on Nov 13, 2009


I'm sorry i just dont see how Leo could be Cap. if the Rock can make the transition from wrestling to movie star then John Cenna can too at least he has the look and he can do a action movie. name one action movie that leo has done? hes know for his romance and drama roles hes not an action star. it would be the worse the Jackman as Wolverine.

Caps Fan Girl on Nov 14, 2009


What about Paul Walker for Cap

Dave on Jan 20, 2010


Paul Walker is cute and I might be able to see him as Cap who ever Marvel pick is going to a big role to fill i can only hope that they pick the right guy weather its a young unknown actor or an actor that been around the block If they mess it up then i might never buy anything marvel again I'm still mad at them for killing Cap off and the editor say after he did that that Cap wasn't relevant any more and then they pull a Superman and bring him back sort of with this whole Captain America Reborn crap.

Caps Fan Girl on Jan 20, 2010


Leonardo or Brat Pitt? to be Captain America?Good Idea,Two way thumbs up,Both are good actors.go...

Alex5sibug on Apr 7, 2011

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