Rumor: Matthew McConaughey Possibly Captain America - Blasphemy!

May 6, 2008
Source: Cinema Blend

Rumor: Matthew McConaughey Possibly Captain America

Say it ain't so! Hot on the heels of Marvel's announcement yesterday of a Captain America movie for 2011, a scoop from Cinema Blend names Matthew McConaughey is one of the actors in the running for the lead role. Please tell me this is all just a big phoney rumor like Hayden Christensen as Superman! It would easily be the biggest travesty in all of Marvel history if McConaughey was cast as Captain America. The scoop says that although the film is still three years out from release, they're currently searching for their star and he is one of the few that is being considered. I really hate talking about rumors like this, but everyone is hungry for something to chew on after Marvel's announcement and here it is.

While Cinema Blend claims their source is reliable, this whole idea is not only a bit far fetched, but a final decision won't be made for quite some time. In case you're not familiar with Captain America, he is (typically) the altar ego of Steve Rogers, a sickly young man who was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum in order to aid the United States war effort. He can be identified by his American flag-like uniform and indestructible shield that can be thrown as a weapon. In the most recent comics, he has become the leader of The Avengers, which seems like the direction Marvel is going in with the movies: The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers both in 2011.

The real question regarding the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America is how they're going to turn him into a character that can actually be appreciated in today's day and age. Captain America was originally created in the 1940's as patriotic government propaganda in order to help encourage even more animosity towards the Nazis. Matthew McConaughey is not only a piss poor actor to begin with, but he really doesn't seem to find the iconic Captain America that I envision. Not only does the right person need to be a very commanding actor, but the character needs to really be adapted into modern times and given the right story to succeed in a world where patriotism isn't the biggest focus anymore.

I'm pretty sure I know that everyone is on the same level of me in my distaste for McConaughey as Captain America. Instead, I'm curious to hear what people really think about the character and who might be a better choice consideration the aspects of him. Leave your thoughts below!

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last time i checked, Captain America wears a shirt, personally i hate the idea, i rather have a no name than put McConaughey in it. or at least someone who'd appreciate the role, why not give it to Ryan Phillippe.

The Delightful Deviant on May 6, 2008


Β idk about matt not appreciating the role or not but he's by far one of the best actor in a long while in my opinion.

guest on Apr 18, 2012


Oh, that's not fair. You gave no replacement for McConaughey. While he might not be the best to take the role, I'll take him over the no one you suggested. The Delightful Deviant offers Ryan Phillippe which might be good, but his acting is wooden, which could workout I guess. I say why not Matthew Fox or Josh Hartnett. Maybe not the best suggestions but it's still early. With marvel announcing the line up for their next few movies, the casting will have to be perfect for all this to work out and making it all the way through to the Avengers movie.

Cecil on May 6, 2008


I would think Matthew would be great! He's got the physique and the action appearance. I'm up for him playing the role... or someone totally new.

nha on May 6, 2008


While I agree that Matthew McConaughey isn't the perfect choice for Captain American, to dismiss him as a "piss-poor actor" is a little harsh. He's not that bad. Wooderson, anyone? Unfortunately, he tends to choice romantic comedy roles that do little to improve his reputation. Thats what I love about these old-school superheroes, man. I keep getting older...they stay the same age.

Kelly B. on May 6, 2008


I've got only a few problems with McConaughey. Phillippe sounds much better, while Matthew Fox or Josh Hartnett introduces the dye-job. My favorite has always been Matthew Lillard. I know, when Marvel first started bandying the property about, Brad Pitt was frequently mentioned, but that was ten years ago... back in the early 1990s, it was Dennis Quaid. Given the Downey Jr. success, they'll get someone well-known. No unknowns in Marvel movies.

Andrew Wickliffe on May 6, 2008


What about Ryan Gosling?

Kelly B. on May 6, 2008


If we wanted Steve Rogers to be a pothead who can't act, we could hire one of my friends. Please, for the love of god, pick someone that, oh i don't know, makes sense for the role.

Derek on May 6, 2008


Scott Speedman

Discateia on May 6, 2008


yeah matthew would totally kill it. I dont think he could last long in the costume with having to take off his shirt. And he always looks homeless.

therblig on May 6, 2008


The minute you put Mathew Mcconaughey in to play captin america this movie is destine to fail,when holly wood makes these movies they must be wise on who they choose to as lead superhero for example Christian bale,Toby Mcguire and now recently Robert Downey jr. please choose someone else.

APOCALYPSE1 on May 6, 2008


Personally, I think you might have to go with an unknown for Captain America. While Iron Man proved that unconventional casting can work, a lot of Robert Downey Jr.'s personal history lined up with the character and that made the transition easier. Captain America - as much as any super hero since Superman - represent an ideal. To slap some celebritity into the role would overshadow that.

Tom Brazelton on May 6, 2008


#8 - I like the idea of Scott Speedman. He's not a household name yet, but familiar with most sci-fi geeks for his role int he Underworld flicks. He's actually a pretty cood actor too. I think with a character like Captain America, Marvel is going to be forced to use a lesser known actor. Cap is way to iconic to be play by a well known actor. If would be hard to forget you're watching (insert overpaid, well known actor here) and enjoy the movie. Downey Jr. nailed it, but it's been a long time since he was considered a bankable actor, if he ever really was. When casting they have to remember that Cap is a bigger than life boyscout. Putting smaller guys like Phillippe, or Gosling won't work, unless they use 2 different actors for a "before and after" Steve Rogers. Matthew Fox is too lanky, and McConaughey is too much of a pothead to take serious as an actor. I don't dislike him, I just don't think he's a good fit. With Marvel big announcement about Thor appearing in Iron Man II, I'm curious who everyone would like to see cast. My pick for Thor would be Vin Diesel, or maybe even a WWE wrestler like HHH, who has done some acting before (Blade: Trinity).

TCox on May 6, 2008


ooo....Matthew Fox could be really cool. He did a nice job as Racer X in Speed Racer. He's already warmed up to wearing a mask and costume!

kevin powers on May 6, 2008


I hate hate HATE Matthew McConaughey. It is extremely painful watching him on the screen. He IS a piss poor actor. Why? Because he's always preening. I've never seen an "actor" more in love with himself. And I can't remember the critic, but in one review for one of his films, the reviewer said "McConaughey is not nearly as precious as he thinks he is". And that nailed it. I wish he would work with a director who would knock him down several pegs. In short, if McConaughey plays Captain America, count me out.

Rob on May 6, 2008


How about Paul Walker from The Fast and the Furious??? I never really liked him in any movies till i saw Running Scared!!!

REAL6 on May 6, 2008


I agree that McConaughey would be a poor choice. I vote for Matthew Fox. Speed Racer this weekend will show his ability to be pull off a costume.

Napier's News on May 6, 2008


It's gotta be Aaron Eckhart.

Ian Kazimer on May 6, 2008


Thomas Jane is perfect for any comic book hero role.

woogie on May 6, 2008


Vin Diesel as Thor? Come on .............If Thor is made, you almost have to cast Sean Bean in the role. As far as Captain America, I don't think McConaughey wouldn't be terrible, he'd have to lose the "aww shucks, I'm from Texas" thing he usually brings to his roles. Aaron Eckhart might not be bad, I think Brad Pitt would probably be pretty good. He's a tough role to cast, you need someone big who can act, they have to have presence, and they can't over-shadow the role.

Shane on May 6, 2008


Nick Cage could actually be great to inject a little character into the role. But he was already Ghost Rider... McConnohey's only good line ever was in Dazed & Confused: "I love high school girls, I keep getting older & they stay the same age." Typical smarmy dick talk. Hardly Cap material. Each Marvel characters' strength on-screen and on paper comes from their inner conflicts, Cap's being his "Survivor Guilt", from the post-war Kirby books. Cheery boyscout that he is, he's still wimpy Steve Rogers inside that serum-grown soldier hide, so the actor would have to be able to portray that depth somehow. M.M. is not capable. Haven't read Brubaker's stuff but I hear it's top rate material. Maybe I'll come up w/ a name after picking that up. I like Vincent D'onnofrio as Thor. Ever seen 'The Cell'? He is so awesome in that.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


I agree with woogie, Thomas Jane did an awesome job as the punisher.

Nelson on May 6, 2008


Trying to wrap my head around how you guys think the same actor could star as two Marvel characters. Either you guys are nuts, or you've been hittin' the sauce. And btw- top notch acting involves a little more than looks, i.e. Triple H's "acting" experience doesn't qualify him to do a starring lead role, and portray an actual character (aside from himself, or another version of his on-stage persona). Brad Pitt can actually act, but I can't really see him as Cap either. We need someone who can make me a bigger Cap fan than I ever was, the way Downey's doing for Iron Man. Someone who's had actual military experience might be good. Or something close. Spielberg put his actors through serious boot camp to prepare them for Private Ryan. Maybe Tom Sizemore could be an interesting choice. He's believable as both the "Football Quarterback/Captain" aspect of the character, as well as having the inner game to actually inject Cap w/ a sense of life.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


It has to be an unknown because of the fact that when you re casting Captain AMerica you re not casting a character you re casting a presence, he has to command respect without saying much. If there is an actor in it that has been in other movies, ANY other movies, than all we ll be seeing will be the roles that they have done previously. Captain America is a big, strong leader, while being an imposing presence, the first thing you notice about him is that when he walks into a room and speaks, EVERYONE shuts up and listens. Any movie where he is a character, even the Avengers Movie, will be 40% him and 60% divided by the other characters. Someone almost like Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) which as Superman could have presence without saying much. However Captain America is more serious then even a Superman. Anyways, just my 2 cents

Logan on May 6, 2008


I agree--Aaron Eckhart. he's got the jawline for sure... Im good with Thomas Jane too. Ew. NO to bongos McConaughey! Will this be a comedy? Please give Cap some respect Hollywood.

cyn on May 6, 2008


Aaron Eckhart and Scott Speedman are two outstanding suggestions. Or a complete newcomer. Like they did for "Superman Returns" with Brandon Routh. Who I thought captured Christopher Reeves essence beautifully.

Rob on May 6, 2008


I think a no name is the best bet. As far as chaning him to fit the times that is the opposite of what they need to do. He needs to be Cap with his 1940's values. Just bring into focus the best parts of that maybe with some sort of terriost action (maybe eco terroirst or something so we stay away from other controversies). That will bring a feeling to be patriotic for the country. That doesn't mean he needs to endorse any actions or revile any actions of the country, just be patriotic. Support the ideals that America was meant to stand on.

Stirling on May 6, 2008


Actually, Logan, I think what you actually need is a seasoned actor who's never had their time in the Limelight. Brandon Routh did Soap Operas before he did Superman Returns. He sounded like Chris Reeve, but he didn't REALLY add much depth to the character (discounting the fact that Superman is now a naval-gazing pouty face). If Sizemore's come through rehab nearly as well as Downey has (they've worked together, in Nat. Born Killers. Maybe Downey can give him some tips...) then he'll be just the kind of hungry, under-recognized talent that this role needs. (my two cents. I should be a freaking casting agent. Oh, that's right. I am my own casting agent, for a play I wrote this summer... ah, the joys of creative labour...)

Djo. on May 6, 2008


Personally I'm not a fan of the man, but I wasn't a fan of Robert Downy and thought that him as Iron man was idiotic just cause I honestly didn't like the guy. But what happened it was an awesome movie and he did a great job. So I'll hold off all my opinions about casting after I watch the movies.

Eric on May 6, 2008


Thomas Jane would be great since he is no longer the Punisher, is really physically fit, and is a great actor. I also agree with #6 in that the very first person I thought of was Ryan Gosling...he's a great actor (see Lars and the real girl)...he just needs to get huge ala Christian Bale going from 110 lbs after "The Machinest" to jacked a huge at over 200 lbs for Batman Begins like 1 month later. Furthermore I think Gosling would have made a MUCH better Anakin...but that is a different argument for a different day...

Cmurder on May 6, 2008


Plus, if we're going to be picturing an actor's previous roles when we see him on-screen, we've already seen Sizemore in the trenches, during WWII. Any of these other actors you're mentioning are too 'good-looking' and/or young to really fill the iconic presense of this character - to make him believable. Besides, even if Cap's a super soldier, he still has to have been "thawed out" in the fifties. Anyone under thirty wouldn't work. Anybody w/out some degree of experience won't fill the role. 'Pretty good' acting simply won't cut it. (This guy has to lead the Avengers, folks) And Aaron Eckhart is already Two Face. Get over it.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


mcconaughey isnt a bad actor, he just doesnt fit the role, i dont think speedman would be a good fit either, matthew fox on the other hand would be great, good actor and commanding presence, just needs to grow the hair out and dye it

harrison on May 6, 2008


Matthew McConaughey cannot be seen without his southern drawl accent coming from the one side of his mouth. Even when he becomes commanding in We Are Marshall it rings so loud and clear I cannot possibly expect that an acting coach could fix it. Not that there's anything wrong with a southern accent, I think as a guy who was born and raised in New York City and represents America a southern accent would be out of the question. No accent is preferable, or as little of one as possible. He could be a nice Hawkeye, with his full-of-himself attitude and you could say he learned how to shoot when he was a young boy hunting with his dad in the south. I'd be pretty okay with that. Everyone is hitting excellent points. Captain America is the quarterback for the Avengers. When he talks, everybody listens. He is the boy scout that always does his duty to God and country, etc. We could have a young actor for this, since Cap joined the service in 1941 around the age of 18. By the time he was frozen in 1945 he'd be in his early 20's. Of course it doesn't have to be an exact age, but we would then need a relatively younger actor... relative to Robert Downey Jr. who is 43 years old. Not only must the actor look good, but he must have the voice and the ability to verbally take command.

Chris H. on May 6, 2008


Ni... Ni.... Ni..... Nicholas Cage. TAXI!

Dr.Duvel on May 6, 2008


Dr. Duvel: Nic Cage was already Ghost Rider. Thought about that, too. ... if they pretend Ghost Rider never happened, just like they did w/ Ang Lee's Hulk, it might work. But that's too recent to be serious possibility. Such a shame- I could easily picture him doing a fine job in the role.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


How can anyone with a straight face even consider someone like Tom Sizemore!? First, he's bat shit crazy. And I'm talking near Gary Busey level. Then you've got all of his baggage. Way too much to ever be considered for another Hollywood high profile film. Being with Heidi Fleiss, filming himself having sex with hookers, going to jail. Not to mention he's too old, ugly and a schlub.

Rob on May 6, 2008


One name: Andre 3000. The Captain America this country NEEDS.

Aswipe' Melendez Johnson on May 6, 2008


"...where patriotism isn't the biggest focus anymore.". I'm sorry, that line was almost drowned out by reporters pestering candidates about their piffling flag lapel pins. πŸ™‚ But yeah, McConaughey is such a backwards choice. I hope it just turns out to be some fanboy trying to start a wishlist rumour.

Mark on May 6, 2008


I also have to agree with both Logan and Djo. Logan hit the nail on the head when he described that Captain America is a presence more than anything. When he walks in it's as if the Pope just came in. The guy embodies power, courage, righteousness, honor, etc. When you look at Nicholas Cage there is no way in hell that you would see that. He's a goofy looking guy. A great actor with strong verbal skills, but you don't fit a square shaped piece into a star shaped hole. It will never fit. Tom Sizemore is big, and not the muscular kind of big. He is also too old and his voice sounds like he's a chronic smoker. It's the kind of voice I hear at my local diner all the time. I agree with Logan and Djo that the actor must be of unknown or little known identity. Someone else hit it just right as well, that Captain America is as iconic of a character as Superman... maybe even moreso. This means the casting must be perfect in look, attitude, and in verbal ability. In other words, don't FORCE a good actor to fit the role. It just won't look right. If there isn't a perfect fit among the hollywood lineup, go for an unknown. Whatever it takes to get the right guy for such a prestigious role.

Chris H. on May 6, 2008


You'd be surprised what the prospect of a killer, career-making role will do to an actor/actresses workout regimen. These guys have handlers, agents, and trainers that can focus them on becoming a character like a goddamned Laser. I'm not saying Tom Sizemore's perfect. But to make Cap BELIEVABLE (grew up in NY, survived WWII, etc. not to mention ANYONE who's survived the front lines of a war & went head to head w/ Hitler would HAVE to be Batshit-crazy- yet likably commanding), we don't really WANT "perfect" abs, jawbone, hair, etc. Pick a talented actor w/ a checkered past, who lifts weights in their free time, and can pull a genuine NY accent w/out being forced or unnervingly obnoxious, and I'll show you the Captain America that can fill theatre seats. Give us something we've never seen before. Give us an actor who can actually portray redemption onscreen, and embody America's checkered past - and undying Will, all in one performance. (But please, someone w/a degree of experience)

Aswipe' Melendez Johnson on May 6, 2008


Oops. Gave away my Secret Identity there for a minute! Looks like I don't have what it takes to be a Costumed Avenger. Yes, America. I am Aswipe' Melendez Johnson.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


Why not Neal McDonough? I think he's a great character actor who really needs a chance for the spotlight. Just check him out in Ravenous and tell me he wouldnt be a good choice. If he bulked up a little more, it could really work. -Jd

Josh on May 6, 2008


What about this guy, from Band of Brothers?

Djo. on May 6, 2008


Good call, Jd. Since I'm stepping out to lunch, I'll toss this out for laughs: Kelsey Grammar.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


If they were really considering Matthew McConaughey it would make me wonder the direction that they would be going with the movie. I don't think I have ever seen him in anything other than romantic comedies so I have a really hard time picturing him in this role. Some commenters mentioned Ryan Phillipe but I don't see that either but yeah I could really get behind Kelsey Grammar. πŸ˜‰

Janet on May 6, 2008


OK, since you guys are going in a different direction for Captain America nominees, here are some of my choices: Ray Romano Danny Bonaduce Hulk Hogan Kenny G Larry Hagman Fabio

Rob on May 6, 2008


What about Daniel Craig? hes got the size and could have the screen presence. He also looks like the type thats been in some fights, hes not a real pretty boy. I think anybody who plays him has to be a decently sized man who has great screen presence.

Goose on May 6, 2008


Stephen Colbert should play Captain America.

M. on May 6, 2008


I'll actually go out on a big limb here and DEFEND Matt as a choice. Does anyone remember "A Time To Kill"? The guy can act.... he just hasn't done it recently.

Jeff on May 6, 2008


I think Ryan Reynolds would be great!

Daniel on May 6, 2008


Ryan Reynolds is already playing Deadpool, in Wolverine.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


Cap America (and Thor!) are REALLY tough choices. Captain America - Josh Brolin? As for Thor, i've only seen his character in those Avengers cartoons, but make The Rock grow long blond hair and he IS Thor...cocky, arrogant, funny and ass kicking! :op

chrisUK on May 6, 2008


Why not Brad Pitt? I think he can still fit the part with a little bulking up. I'm pretty sure cap's always been portrayed as a really good looking guy in his mid 30s. I thinkhe can still pull off being a little younger

Nate on May 6, 2008


what about will ferrell, he would fit the role well

zach on May 6, 2008


If you've seen the old, late 80's Cap movie, they guy in the suit talks like Will Ferrell, when he's portraying that creepy nudist who's always in the Hot Tub. πŸ™‚

Djo. on May 6, 2008


Since you're saying Cap should be adapted to modern times (a statement I fully agree with), why not go with a modern decision? I say why not enlist Will Smith for the roll? He's a bigger star, can out-act, and is a much bigger B.O. draw than anyone all these other people are suggesting. (unless they're saving him for a Green Lantern role, that is)

kevjohn on May 6, 2008


Just see Southland Tales, for flagrant proof that the Rock simply CANNOT act.

Djo. on May 6, 2008


Yeah, Will Smith IS a bigger B.O. draw. His ass stanks! (and he's already playing a superhero in Hand-cock)

Djo. on May 6, 2008


i could see brolin playin the part maybe, as for sizemore hes just too old and doesnt have the build to pull of the captain and in further defense of mcconaugheys acting abilities, i changed my mind and i think he could pull it off, remember U-571? great movie and he had a commanding performance the whole time how about brendan fraser, david duchovny, mark wahlberg, josh hartnet, id say dennis quaid but hes in GI Joe, jason london the other guy from dazed and confused, jason segel, val kilmer, or viggo mortenson?

harrison on May 6, 2008


Brolin would be one mean, kick-ass choice. I could see it. Then Javier Bardem as the Red Skull. (or Daniel Day Lewis... !)

Smedley Munchkin Lazslow on May 6, 2008


I don't know why anyone hasn't mentioned Hayden Christensen for this role yet. He did bring Darth Vader back to the big screen, talk about screen presence!

Seriously on May 6, 2008


This guy is an amazing actor - after a few pushups I think he's the man for the First Avenger.

CoJo2 on May 6, 2008


Sorry Alex but I have to disagree with you on this one. Frailty, Two for the Money???? He usually makes bad choices but he has some decent acting in him and I think he wouldn't be the BEST choice but I wouldn't think he would be a bad one either.

Ryan on May 6, 2008


This expanding list of great actors makes me sorely wish Steve Rogers wasn't blonde haired & blue eyed. Just picture Matt Damon, in that ridiculously whiny "Team America" voice, as Cap. "But I'm Matt Damon! Wheh, wheh, wheh!" Brad Pitt could do it - but fact is he probably wouldn't. Same goes for Clooney. I say Eddie Furlong as pre-serum Steve, and Brett Favre as post-serum Steve.

Djo. Sizemore. on May 6, 2008


For Captain American, what about Mr Bourne Identity himself, Matt Damon?

iDavid on May 6, 2008


Actually I like the idea of Damon. Especially after showing his action chops in the Bourne series. Oh yeah...screw the hair color. They made the Kingpin black in Daredevil. Hair color should not be an issue. And now a curve ball pick...Nathan Fillion (No, really I'm serious)

jason_md2020 on May 6, 2008


What about ... Bruce Campbell?

Seriously on May 6, 2008


The "reliable" source that Cinema Blend is claiming is none other than Marvel themselves...sorta. If you read the Marvel Ultimates comic line you can see a new age of most of the Mavel heroes. The Avengers are called the Ultimates and they are headed by Nick Furk. In this line of comic Fury is black and he favors Samuel Jackson...on purpose. In one of the issues they all sit around joking about who would play them in the movies. Sam Jackson for Nick Fury, Lucy Liu for the Wasp, Johnny Depp for Tony Stark (go figure- that didnt wash), Steve Buscemi for the Hulk aka Bruce Banner( another no-go), Matthew McConaughey for Cap't America and a few others I dont remember. Cinema Blend is just being GHEY claiming they got a "source"

Gfunk on May 6, 2008


Ryan Phillippe as Bucky, just so we can watch him die. πŸ™‚

Djo on May 6, 2008


I personaly think Ben Affleck would make a great Cap. America anyone agree?

DAC on May 6, 2008


The Ultimate line actually suggested McConaughey for Giant-Man and Brad Pitt for Cap. One of my dark horse picks for the role is Ed Burns. He grew up in Queens and kind of looks the part. He might not be perfect, but I'm kind of liking the idea. Plus he did the whole boot camp thing with the Private Ryan cast.

Mongo on May 6, 2008


no. and no to matt damon as well, he will ruin it with his whiny lil bitchy voice, ive hated him since he sat crying in the fetal position throughout saving private ryan while everyone around him was killing germans. besides hes tied up with about 4 movies including bourne 4 til 2010 as steve buscemi couldnt be bruce banner, how about as cap america? buscemis the man

harrison on May 6, 2008


Like I said, Burns isn't perfect but I like him better than a lot of the other choices being tossed about. Most are too old, too fat or just plain wrong for the role. One knock against him is that he tends to whine in most of his roles. I think thta might be the characters though.

Mongo on May 6, 2008


Harrison, Don't mean to shatter your illusions, but Matt Damon did not sit "crying in the fetal position throughout SAVING PRIVATE RYAN while everyone around him was killing Germans." That was just a character. Matt Damon was playing pretend. Acting a script written by someone else. Movies in general are a game of 'pretend.' Remember? Like your parents taught you.

M. on May 6, 2008


I'm sorry #59, but if Hayden Christensen never acts again, it will be too soon. He butchered the character of Darth Vader, and I will never, ever forgive him. What a little bitch. Josh Brolin is an interesting choice, as is Nathan Fillion. I can see them both in the role. But I still think Gosling could probably do a good job. If he bulked up, which he would (he got fired from a movie he was gonna do because he deliberately gained weight for his character and the director didn't approve). He's a very talented actor, he's committed, and hes got the look.

Kelly B. on May 6, 2008


"I personaly think Ben Affleck would make a great Cap. America anyone agree?" Ben Affleck was already Daredevil, if he was the Cap then it would destroy the universe.

Kail on May 6, 2008


yea his character did, and to me it seems he plays that same role in all of his movies just on different levels of whiny bitch

harrison on May 6, 2008


If they could get Steve Buscemi as pre-Serum Steve, it would not matter who they cast b/c that would simply be THE ULTIMATE. Alot of people despise Ed Burns - myself pretty much included. He's like the Hilary Clinton of acting. Plenty of potential & cred, but he just polarizes people. (Difference is, I can't name one person who really fanatical about him, either...) I accept the Sizemore thumbs down. But as long as we've moved past all those hot young actors that could NEVER fill this guy's boots, I am cool. I think the funniest would be Steve Buscemi as weak Steve, and Stone Cold Steve Austin as post-serum Steve - but in a way that he keeps reverting back to weak Steve, a 'la the HULK. (And Ben Affleck DID destroy the Universe. The second he took up his friend, Matt's advice, and thought he'd make a good actor.)

Djo. Sizemore. on May 6, 2008


Oey vey..please not Matthew. I like him in other stuff..but not this. Geesh...please find a no-name and give them a chance. the captain!

Bry from Chi on May 6, 2008


First person who comes to mind is Scott Speedman; I think he'd be excellent. Matthew Fox is an interesting thought... he could be OK. Casting Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, or Ryan Reynolds would be catastrophic for this role.

Lorelai on May 6, 2008


When's the next writer's strike?

wm on May 6, 2008


Captain America playing bongos...naked

wm on May 6, 2008


Cheyenne Jackson

Dmillerium on May 6, 2008


I like Ben Affleck but he is such a hit or miss actor. Everytime you go to see a movie of his you're wondering "am I going to get good Ben or bad Ben." Also, like someone said before he played Daredevil and I don't think you would ever see them pick another actor who has been a major character in a different franchise. I just don't see how that would work at all and for that reason Damon and Craig couldn't be serious contenders either imo. The people who brought up Craig it made me wonder would you not have a problem with capt. america being played by a foreigner? I never really care about that stuff personally but if they did go with someone who wasn't american I feel like some fans would just go ballistic.

Janet on May 6, 2008


What about Karl Urban...could work out well...

teagan73 on May 6, 2008


What's wrong with McConaughey? He was in one bad movie, and a couple of kinda 'meh' movies, and people write him off? I think he'd make a pretty good cap, considering the possible alternatives out there.

Squiggly_P on May 6, 2008


I was joking when i said ben affleck, lol I can't belive its gone this far. Just for the record I do hate Ben affleck. Oh and dont forgett he was superman to, to bad it was a different universe. If it had been the same perhapse he would have died.

DAC on May 6, 2008


The best choices for Cap. Mark Valley (Boston Legal) George Eads (CSI) Josh Holloway (LOST) Josh Duhamel (Transformers) Kevin Mckidd (ROME) Jason Lewis (Sex and the City) Best for Red Skull. Bill Nighy (Pirates - Davey Jones) Stellan Scarsgard (Pirates - Bootstrap) Timothy Dalton (007) Richard Roxbury (Van Helsing) Daniel Craig (BOND)

shawn on May 6, 2008


what about Ryan Reynolds although I see him as more of the Flash type of guy. Eric Bana anyone? Wadda about Bruce Willis, or Kiefer Sutherland, hell maybe even Mark Wahlberg. Gerard Butler without the accent. Sean Bean maybe.

Xerxex on May 6, 2008


You idiot - explain why he wouldn't be a good Captain America, or go down as just another Hollywood hack.

batfreak on May 6, 2008


If they cast McConaughey I will be VERY VERY angry. How can they even consider him for the role after the great choises of Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man and Edward Norton as the Hulk. #14 is absolutely right. I like Aaron Eckhart or what about Christian Bale.

Iron Man Fan on May 6, 2008


Don't screw this up Marvel. NO McCwhateverhisnameis.The best choices I've heard are (in no order) Josh Brolin Brad Pitt Scott Speedman Matthew Fox Eyes and hair are no problem to fix, bulk is changable. The problem is Cap will probably be in more than his solo movie and Avengers so it has to be a younger guy (early thirties). And I really think Captain America should be AMERICAN so no Craig (sorry). The main criteria are: look good with blonde hair and blue eyes can get Cap'n buff not too old (for future installments) American (actually a strong preference not a qualification) most importantly be able to hold his own against the likes of Robert Downy Jr. and Ed Norton (who might eventually join the avengers...Hollywood) so this will be a reallly tough role to fill and i think the best choice is an unknown or relatively unknown with strong acting chops. Because come on RDJ will defer to him or hold the same amount of authority and yeah screw Superman, Captain needs to have a daunting presence. Thanks for reading If Kiefer Sutherland was 10 years younger...:(

silver on May 6, 2008


oh yeah i think Aaron Eckhary might be the best idea I've heard i dont give a shit if he's Two-Face entirely different universes or Thomas Jane he is the Punisher no longer. Those are my two favorite "well known" actors. Ben Affleck already ruined Daredevil for me and I got this weird feeling about Matt Damon...even though i think he's cool

silver on May 6, 2008


Matthew McConaughey as Cap? Hellz no, how he gonna sling the shield with those 'T-Rex' arms of his? Plus he has yet to prove he can shed his southern accent, I'd take him as John Walker USAgent but not for Captain America.

PimpSlapStick on May 6, 2008


@ #83 Karl Urban shouldn't play Cap. HE SHOULD PLAY THOR!!! Go back to LOTR and take a good look.

jason_md2020 on May 6, 2008


I kinda like the Josh Duhamel idea for Cap, I can see him in the role.

PimpSlapStick on May 6, 2008


#5 you want Shaggy as Cap? WTF

PimpSlapStick on May 6, 2008



silver on May 6, 2008


The best suggestions so far (not ranked) are Josh Brolin Nathan Fillion Scott Speedman Bucky: Chris Pine, maybe, opposite Fillion or Brolin. Not enough age contrast to cast Pine opposite Speedman. if we each get to suggest one actor who would be amazingly bad, how about Justin Long? Hi, I'm a Mac, and I'm non-threatening. I like Justin Long, by the way. Just sayin'.

emilio on May 6, 2008


Squiggly_P wrote: What's wrong with McConaughey? He was in one bad movie, and a couple of kinda 'meh' movies, and people write him off? I think he'd make a pretty good cap, considering the possible alternatives out there. One bad movie!?? I count six. "Fool's Gold", "Failure to Launch", "Sahara", "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", "Reign of Fire" and "The Wedding Planner". I'm sure the upcoming "Surfer Dude" (puke) will be added to this list. Let's face it, McConaughey has only starred in one or two good movies. The rest (and not the bad films I listed above) were not really a Matthew McConaughey film. But more of a ensemble movie.

Rob on May 6, 2008


Mark Wahlberg. Who's with me?

Glodokboy on May 6, 2008


JOSH HOLLOWAY! thats the guy! not well known, and he can kick some ass! just watch LOST!

Lou on May 6, 2008


Why not cast Lito Lapid!

Doodle on May 6, 2008


or Ace Vergel

Doodle on May 6, 2008


I love how the comic controversies on FirstShowing always get 100+ comments lol πŸ™‚

silver on May 6, 2008


JOSH LUCAS should play Captain America

michaelsdca on May 6, 2008


Holy crap I didnt even think of Josh Holloway!! Wow go lost fans I actually think that would be a pretty good choice

Nate on May 7, 2008


How about John Cena from the marine? i know he's a wrestler but with some acting lessons he could be alright, plus he's pretty much unknown... And he's big enough and built enough for the role, but he probably lacks the depth that is needed too... He's got another movie coming out in 2009, lets see how he fairs as a lead detective?

Matoojo on May 7, 2008


McConaughey as Cap?? Just the thought sends chills down my spine. Cap can't be played by an "actor" that has sold his soul to the romantic comedy genre. My choice is JASON LEWIS. He's a relative unknown, a pretty good actor, and looks exactly like Cap. Just see for yourself:

Daas on May 7, 2008


I think Speedman is the best choice named so far. John Cena has the look and could have the additude, but this really dosent need to be another crappy WWF movie. Plus i doubt he can act in a serious blockbuster type movie. On a different topic someone mentioned Karl Urban for Thor, thats perfect and that would free up Jacon McKidd (who i think looks the part of Cap) to play Steve.

Goose on May 7, 2008


Well just my two cents but..... NO mathew M., Im sayin no to thoimas jane...he is already the punisher. NO to ANY wrestler, they definately would have the physique to pull off the look but definately not the experience and depth you want CAp.'s character to be portrayed... Definately is okay with Josh H. i actually saw in a WIZARD mag., Spiderman 3 on front cover, and they were talkin about makin more marvel movies, they threw around some names and he actually was thought to be a good hero character( not sure who they had him cast as). I dont think you wanna go with a huge name on this one for one reason...that person is gonna forever be know as that character and you dont want to get stuck in that mind frame i.e. When you say toby Mcguire ---spiderman--no one will know him as anything else....that would cause alot of negative and mixed reactions from movie fans. The Best person for thor is definately DOlPH LUNDREN....the russian badass who has done alot of action movies...jus might work! but unless you have someone made for the part like Angie Jolie as tomb raider, then your takin a chance on any actor......american cinema now a days is a tough crowd to please! I think marvel should be very careful too, if the wrong person plays the role a messes it up, it will be hard gettin the comic book fans back on the first HULK that flopped and the second and third X-MEN but that was more of the story directors that screwed that up but.....thats all im sayin... I welcome comments........

ScorpionKing on May 7, 2008


Well just my two cents but..... NO mathew M., Im sayin no to thoimas jane...he is already the punisher. NO to ANY wrestler, they definately would have the physique to pull off the look but definately not the experience and depth you want CAp.'s character to be portrayed... Definately is okay with Josh H. i actually saw in a WIZARD mag., Spiderman 3 on front cover, and they were talkin about makin more marvel movies, they threw around some names and he actually was thought to be a good hero character( not sure who they had him cast as). I dont think you wanna go with a huge name on this one for one reason...that person is gonna forever be know as that character and you dont want to get stuck in that mind frame i.e. When you say toby Mcguire ---spiderman--no one will know him as anything else....that would cause alot of negative and mixed reactions from movie fans. The Best person for thor is definately DOlPH LUNDREN....the russian badass who has done alot of action moviesand would be perfect for the Viking GOD...jus might work! but unless you have someone made for the part like Angie Jolie as tomb raider, then your takin a chance on any actor......american cinema now a days is a tough crowd to please! I think marvel should be very careful too, if the wrong person plays the role a messes it up, it will be hard gettin the comic book fans back on the first HULK that flopped and the second and third X-MEN but that was more of the story directors that screwed that up but.....thats all im sayin... I welcome comments........

ScorpionKing on May 7, 2008


i know this is hard for everyone to deal with..... but matthew mcconaughey has shown me on a couple occasions that he is a total badass.... 1.) just watch the movie frailty and you will see that he is actually a legit actor who stole the show in an awesome film 2.) he got arrested for playing the bongos high in his house in austin, apparently he was causing enough of a ruckus for someone to call the cops! i know that comic book movies are really touchy when it comes to big name actors but give the man a break, its not his fault the ladies love him

big stone on May 7, 2008


There's a missing piece to Iron Man's success that many of you are missing: -Robert Downey was not the first choice for Tony Stark, it could easily be argued that he does not resemble him AT ALL. -For every Blonde, Blue-Eyed dollface on this list- REALIZE that you're essentially saying David Hasselhoff should have played Tony Stark. Yeah, he looks just like Tony did in the comics, and yes, he's a well known actor. BUT DOES HE HAVE T.A.L.E.N.T. ??? The Public, who are not comic fans, who have little clue who Iron Man is, who simply love to see great actors in entertaining movies - are eating this up NOT b/c Robert Downey looks like the guy you see in the comics, but b/c he's an artist at what he does, and Favreau's been investing several years into this project as well. There's a rare breed of skilled character actors out there, who- IN THE RIGHT SITUATION (Downey's being, this is his career-making role, and he's HUNGRY FOR IT)- can carry almost an entire film, w/ the help of an equally talented director (Favreau's also got kids to feed, and needed a hit). My point being - slice all guys who can get by on looks alone OFF THIS LIST. They don't NEED to play Cap, so why would they invest ANYthing extra into a role that - particularly if they've never read comics in the first place - have little to no understanding of. Mccaunahey (I refuse to EVER spell this name right) could be that guy. He needs a career change. BADLY. But what extra can we expect from him? We'll end up with a smarmy Icon of Liberty, broadcasting to the whole world that, in fact, THIS is what America's all about. So the real question here is not who looks like the 2-Dimensional character, STeve Rogers (forget physique, forget the eyes, the hair- Downey had next none of these): But who can FILL this role, and defy ALL of our expectations, to flesh this pulp-symbol cum-propaganda hero, into something not only believable, but worth spreading the word about. My new 2 cents: Marvel should NOT slate movies on their schedule, nor announce actors, until Directors are attached who will bring equal skill to realizing their characters to the screen. PLUS: (as I'm beginning to detect w/ the Hulk) Marvel films will each require enough CGI-rendering time and money to invest in a quality product. Otherwise, we've seen time & again they're perfectly capable of making movies not worth seeing. The New Marvel studios may be onto something with Iron Man, but we and they are kidding themselves to think it was as simple as- throw a million at a good looking actor and you've got a hit. Iron Man's Success is a bit more Alchemical: timing, talent, hunger, word-of-mouth combined w/ aggressive promotion, stretched out over a year or so... It's not formulaic, and I'm not convinced simply "casting a star" (a'hem, Matthew Mccaunahey) is going to make the Public "Believe" in Captain America. (Okay, that's about 5 cents)

Djo. on May 7, 2008


I can't believe they are seriously thinking of McConaughey. He is a total beach bum and smokes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much of whatever he's on. To hire him is to kill Capt. and the Avengers. However, I do like Mathew Fox or Matt Damon. They both are fine actors, a bit gritty for our post-9/11 world, and they aren't big household names yet (well not Damon, thank you Sarah "I fucked Matt Damon" Silverman). But do not hire Daniel Craig. Why? BECAUSE HE'S BRITISH! IT'S NOT CAPITAN ENGLAND! And #12, HHH would be a good choice for Thor. They're both kickass, they both wield a hammer, and they look exactly the same. Maybe if he gets a few acting lessons, it could work.

Ajax on May 7, 2008


Anyone who needs acting lessons to play this role is OUT. This guys is supposed to LEAD the Avengers. They're not supposed to lead him. LEAD ACTOR=An actor who can lead an ensemble. Plus, Trimple H is too mean to play America's Biggest Boy Scout. Wrestlers as film actors: Nope (see Southland Tales for proof). Niles from Frasier: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers. Kelsey Grammar: Captain America. Malcolm in the Middle: Bucky (just to watch him die) Leonard Nimoy: Aged Prince Namor, telling Cap's story as flashback. Daniel Craig as: Captain Britain.

Djo. on May 7, 2008


I would have to say the one person that would nail the part visually that is. would have to be The Natural Randy Couture. Now I know What your thinking. Can he act? And the short answer would have to be probably not. But I was just going by who whould truely look just like Captain America. And lets face it the guy is damn near being a super hero anyway.

Cluffy101 on May 7, 2008


Vin Diesel!

ni.Je on May 7, 2008


Let's get back to the root of this article. Would Matthew McConaughey be a good fit for the part. Well, let's think like a marvel exec for a second. This would be at least a 3 picture deal. With The Avengers being on the ticket too, you would need someone who is as recognizable as Robert Downey Jr. to fill that part. Also, let's face it, Matthew's acting skills aside (and I do think back in the day he put alittle more effort into it, A Time to Kill, Reign of Fire), the Marvel guys need a guy to play the part that will draw in the Female audience also. As guys, we are going to see this movie, even if Paul Reubens is cast. I can think of others that I would prefer to be in the part, like Matthew Fox or Ryan Reynolds, but I can see where McConaughey would be on the top of a very short list.

mjs on May 7, 2008


See, that's what I like a Comic Book characters. I keep getting older, and they stay (roughly) the SAME age.

Djo. on May 7, 2008


I think McConaughey is a terrible chose for cap. He just doesnt fit and that is the bottom line. first off his personality is all wrong. Lets fast it hes a f'n retard. And second he jst isnt big enough.

Cluffy101 on May 7, 2008


Ryan Reynolds is an awsome idea. He's an awsome actor and he can play a serious role a very well. (amityville horror, smokin aces). Plus he is a big f'n guy. He was hugh in Blade. He seems to be the perfect choice . Then again I heard e was supposed to be The Flash in he JLA movie.

Cluffy101 on May 7, 2008


justin hartley would be an awesome captain america. young, blonde... not THAT well established name.

jacob1112 on May 7, 2008


this discussion is terribly prescient -- starting at 4:47 "[matthew mcconaughey] sucks donkey ass" πŸ™‚

kevin powers on May 7, 2008


Justin Chambers... I just saw him in Zodiac on Showtime and he looks like he could definitely pull off the roll.

cap on May 7, 2008


I just keep thinking people are missing the point. Forget the marketing, forget Marvel for a second, this is being brandied about by us, the public on the web who follows these movies that we find near and dear to us, extremely intently. Cap is an ideology. Forget how other countries see him, hell forget how our modern angst ridden society sees him as "Too Goody Two Shoes", try and think like him for a second. He could care less if people think he is too Boyscout-ish. He does what he does, simply because the ideals are virtueous and honerable and right. Not right for America, or in a self interested way, but right because the ideas of freedom, and justice, and fairplay, and hope, and with hardwork advancement , and independence, and a society where the convergence and melding and acceptance of all people, only strengthens it, not divides it. He represents what is best in all of us, and not all of us being soley Americans, but truly all of us, which is what America was (perhaps someday will be again), was suppose to stand for. Now take those ideals, wrap them in a body of physical perfection, and most importantly, the undying will of a man who truly believes in these ideals and is willing to fight for them completely unselfishly, just because they're the right thing to believe in, and you have Steve Rogers. Picture also a man who is close to 300 lbs of physical perfection,between the age of 23-27 yrs old, and combat skills, and war time experience fighting the evil that was the very antithesis of his beliefs, and ther you have Captain America. Now try and picture any known actor being able to fill that role. I'm not unwilling, but I just can't seem to do it. It is very important that the actor is physically believable, and that he commands the presence that is Cap. Mathew Mc doesn't do that for me, nor does anyone I can think of. I'm not against a known actor, but I have to believe him, and no one comes to mind. Iron man worked because Tony Stark was damaged, and jaded, and spoiled rich boy who self indulged and lived to excesses, but had a re-awakening, just as RDJ did, which made his connection to the character, believeable and gave him good source material to pull from to do this role. He has talent he can act, but along with this he had connection and viability to do this character. Who do you know can connect with Captain America and what he's about, to also pull off this role. Yes it's acting, but I'm a firm believer that both the actor and the director and the public has to look at this person playing the role, and buy in that he fits the potential, otherwise, it's just a money making machine throwing dollars at any popular person, dressing him up in a suit, and cashing in. Tristan

TRISTAN on May 7, 2008


I think he'd be good. But to those who bash him: Keep in mind that he _was_ arrested for possession of marijuana when his neighbors complained about the music. He was also naked and playing the bongos. How can you not like that.

aditya on May 7, 2008


haha yea kevin(123) i watched that same clip earlier and was gonna post it, summed up everyones arguments nicely and after what 126 said, what could be more american? i still think he can do it

harrison on May 7, 2008


First things for Scott Speedwhatever and Josh Brolin not a hope in heck should they play Cap. America. Second....there are only four guys right now that should be remotely considered for the part of Cap. America. Matthew McConnaughey, Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler, and maybe Thomas Jane. The reason is simple for these four to be considered and all the others to be disregarded. The reason is not only are you doing a Captain America movie but you are also doing an Avengers movie with this actor in the CA role. You need somebody who will be able to fit in and not be intimadated or star struck by the likes of Samual L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr. or Ed Norton. You need an actor not a look alike like Brandon Routh was. You need someone who can elevate their performance and hold their own while all the while putting their own little touch to the role. Say what you will about Matthew McC. but I think he could potentially be the right choice for CA.

chester on May 7, 2008


damn i just went on google and saw pics of this dude JASON LEWIS, and he is Captain America! and if you want some one who can act then i say Josh Holloway!

Lou on May 7, 2008


The Cap should be a guy that represents the ideals this country was built on. He should be like a mascot of everything this country (says that it) stands for. He should be someone we can believe in and respect. Somewhat like a Superman of the Marvel universe, but like what #125 Tristan said "300 lbs of physical perfection". Bongos, Reign of Fire, marijuana or not I can never see myself supporting Matthew McC.

silver on May 7, 2008


At the same time, remember how much everyone bitched and moaned about Heath Ledger getting cast as the joker? There was nothing but doom and gloom posts all around the internet about that casting choice and not a one of us can deny any more that it seems to have been the perfect choice. Maybe McConaughey will surprise us all and really nail the part. I doubt it, but I also wouldnt be floored if he did.

Goose on May 8, 2008


McConaughey? That'd be a definite stepdown from Downey and Norton in Marvel Studios's Iron Man and Hulk. Brad Pitt would have been great in the role ten years ago. To goose, at least Ledger had an Oscar nomination before he was cast as the Joker and the cynicism went into overdrive.

Chris on May 8, 2008


To Aditya: I was arrested last year for beating a dude up and had weed on me. That certainly doesnt mean i would make a good cap. It just means I should have ran faster and I suck at hiding pot. Then again I wasnt naked so you never know i guess.

Cluffy101 on May 8, 2008


"300 pounds of physical perfection, between the age of 23-27 yrs "? Are you joking, no. 125? Captain America is a big, physically idealized warrior, but there's no way in hell you'd want him played by anyone in their early 20's, and certainly no one weighing in anywhere near 300 pounds. Have you ever looked at WWE's Brock Lesner? He looks like a muscle bound freak, he's 6'5"... and he tops out at only 265. A 300 pound muscleman would be a terrible choice for Cap, who has always been portrayed in the comics as being agile as the greatest olympic gymnasts.

patrick on May 8, 2008


Patrick (134) Marvel used to put out a series of books on their entire Marvel Universe, complete with stats and powers and weapons, (and even some physics lessons in how the could work). This was in the late 80's. There Cap was listed as 6'4" 285 lbs, able to bench over 800 with effort. I have seen the Ultimates Hero Universe Dictionary listing him at 6' 3" and 250, and the current marvel site lists him 6' 2" 240, all saying he presses 800 pounds or better. Check: Now you are correct he does have amazing agilityand gymnastic skills, but he also has huge size and Mass. His Generic build of 6'2" 240 puts him at The Rocks size in Scorpian King. But even more muscular to bench 800 pounds (The Rock Can't do that), So picture that, and all the gymnastic ability you talk of. I agree my 300 pound statement was a bit of an exaggeration but it's a mixture of the previous Marvel Specs from 240-285 that they themselves state. Check it out. He was Born somewhere between 1912 - 1917 according to marvel too, so by 1941 when he enters the super soldier program he'd be 24 and basically stops ageing, again check it out. So although experienced and mature mentally and wise beyond his years, his looks are still quite young. Hard combination, for any actor to pull off. But you're focused specifically on the physical, it's his soul that is the real challenge here, and buying in that the actor that plays him can do that justice (pun intended). It's always been his total immersement in the founding principles of our democracy (The ideals we say we aspire to have) that he totally champions because he whole heartedly believes in them. His very presence commands respect and a feeling of security and admiration for he represents what we all strive to be. No one I see as 'the popular' or 'in the publics eye' choice, is believable to me. Mathew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, etc. To me it would have to be someone that is experienced but has yet to make it big, or a complete unknown. If someone did mention a well known actor that could fit the bill, I'd be fine with it, but I just can't see it so far. Tristan

TRISTAN on May 8, 2008


matt damon

kien on May 8, 2008


A'hem. Ya'll need girlfriends. Stats schmatts. Hobbits were different sizes than the actors, b/c do you really want to watch midgets or dwarves covered in hair when they can find a creative solution? (Granted, Willow was cool, but Jackson's movies are pretty damn innovative) Ever hear of 'Movie Magic'? I agree we need an actor of impressive stature, but please, for the good of Society (and your ability to socialize w/ the opposite sex)- leave the fanboy Stats out of this.

Djo Fortunado on May 8, 2008


Djo' Movie Magic, yup , Same Magic they used in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, what a beaut that was, even with well known accomplished actors (Just a comic book gone awry,,,,,in hollyweirds hands). Or Daredevil, or FF. My point is actors alone aren't enough, it is the culmination of story, directors insight into who the character is, and an actor with the chops to play that character and be believeable, along with effects, and Movie Magic. as far as :Hobbits were different sizes than the actors, b/c do you really want to watch midgets or dwarves covered in hair when they can find a creative solution? (Granted, Willow was cool, but Jackson's movies are pretty damn innovative) That's a ridiculous statement. Of course we need CGI to aid in believeability, and in P.J. LOTR, he uses many great tricks to alter the characters from a distance (Both CGI, Midgets, and children for far shots for point of reference against the human population.) and close ups are a reference between each other, so when two hobbits are together he doesn't have to make them different than interaction of any two Human size actors, it's only in reference to their surroundings( trees, houses etc). That's different than CAP, OK let me put it another way, Why is the HULK CGI instead of a person in green makeup useing point of reference technique to make him simply look larger than human. Because they can't find a human that's 8 feet tall and weighs a thousand pounds, and because they can't use the overlay technique to adjust smoothly to a human body who'll exist in a huge portion of the film. That's very tough. It's easier to do him as completely CGI. Oh and by the way, since stats don't matter, it would be ok with everyone if the hulk were 5'10" and weight 185 as long as it was solid green skinned muscle.....and throwing tanks around........ think about that,,,,, My point is, it needs to be a realistic representation of what we "Fan-Boys" (who are a huge reason why these characters are so popular so that these movies are even being made, and why Jon Favreau spent so much time listening and reacting to what fan-boys wrote to him about Iron Man), see it as. Just think about my Hulk example, if you'd be ok with the 5'10" hulk than you're not a fan-boy, if not, well you're in with the rest of us. Now Cap is human, he's just a stacked guy, physical perfection. That's what he has been defined by and what we have come to expect, so yes, they have to be close to that to make it believable or else it will likely suck. By the way, I'll ask my wife if I can get the girlfriend you suggest. Or better yet, I'll give you the number of my last two, either of them will certainly be "Justice" for your lack of Fan-Boy Tolerance. Tristan

TRISTAN on May 8, 2008


I'm gonna pimp out Nathan Fillion again, and more to the point explain why I think he'd be a great C.A. In Serenity & Firefly he played a veteran with a very deep sense of honor, captained his crew and always gave a great delivery whenever he had to give a monologue. (Among being a grade-A ass kicker, Cap often was called upon to give rousing speeches.) When Fillion played this character I had no problem buying into his performance that this character would die for his friends, his crew, and most of all the moral high ground. Loyalty, leadership & a sense of honor. Everything Captain America is & everything the guy playing him has to bring to the screen. But that's just my $.02. Your mileage may vary.

jason_md2020 on May 8, 2008


Ouch. Please, the more you defend yourself the more frightening you get. I was only ragging on you, bro. Simple one liner response would've sufficed. I'm a fan too- but to put it one way, know those pins of Wolverine, saying "Bite Me Fanboy"? Why would he say that? B/c he knows how to keep his cool. So chill out. These are comic books, bub. πŸ˜‰

Djo Fortunado on May 8, 2008


Djo, If it came across as anger rather than sarcasm you misread it. It's not angerat all, maybe passion for a character that i really feel strongly about. I'm not losing my cool at all. or here for your one liner; "Angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry" πŸ™‚

TRISTAN on May 8, 2008


Lucas Haas? Why would Robert Downey Jr. be another superhero or Bale for that matter? Typecast anyone???

wm on May 8, 2008


I nominate Tristan to play Cap, he's got the monologues down to a tee! πŸ™‚

Matoojo on May 8, 2008


Marvel should take a lesson from casting the wrong people in big roles, Nicholas Cage ruined Ghost Rider. Then again he ruins everything. He couldn't even play a bald guy if he had to and he is!!! One person no one has mentioned he has that "super hero physique" and can actually pull off serious roles is Ryan Reynolds. Most people know him for doing comedy roles, but go watch him in Amityville Horror. He would be perfect for this.

bARBARIAN OF A NEW ERA on May 8, 2008


Hes already cast as Deadpool and he was mentioned earlier up the list. While he would probably do great at the role (hes on of my favorite actors) id much rather see him as deadpool than as Cap.

Goose on May 9, 2008


I forgot the Reynolds was to be deadpool and i agree he will make a much deadpool at that. matoojo is right though Tristan should be cap.

Cluffy101 on May 9, 2008


Oh what about the guy from Transformers and Hitman? What is his name ? Someone get back to me on that please. Anyways his name aside. The guy is a good actor and very serious but not without a sence of humor. Perfect for the role of cap and the guy is hugh in Hitman. He would wear the uniform and blend into the charactor with ease. What say ye?

Cluffy101 on May 9, 2008


NATHAN FILLION!!!!! Just give him some blue contacts, a bleach job and juice him up already. Sheez.

Paigey! on May 9, 2008


I think the conclusion is that no-one can seriously be considered for the role of Captain America. So you have no choice but to go for the one that no one would POSSIBLY take seriously: hence, Matthew Mecunnuhoy.

Djo Fortunado on May 9, 2008


Captain America needs to be a no name or someone who has made a name with hero characters like Brad Pitt (Achilles). Captain America should be a no name just like Superman Returns. Lets face it no one would have expected Brandon Routh to be a close comparison to Christopher Reeves but he was. As for Thor, I have one movie for everybody to think about- 300!!! If Gerard Butler can hide that thick accent of his, he is the perfect Thor. We already saw his cockiness and confidence as King Leonidus, why not the confident Thor? Think about that one. 147- Timothy Olyphant was Hitman and Josh Duhamel was in Transformers. Both are bery good suggestions for Captain America. Only if Josh Duhamel were to put about 30 pounds of rip on.

Dan on May 9, 2008


A lot of people are thinking of Josh Holloway to portray him, but I don't really think so. First of all, he (or his character on LOST, I honestly don't know if he is like that in real life or if it's just an act) has a really thick, Southern accent. There's no way I would be able to take cap. seriously if he had that. Second, and maybe more importantly, I am not sure if he can take on the role. I do not know of any other work he is in, and he only plays a con man on an island on LOST. While I do like him, I don't know if he is the best choice. 150- Yes! I agree 100% now. Gerard is the only choice for Thor after 300.

Ajax on May 9, 2008


Might I suggest it'd be like Stallone in "Judge Dredd"...physically ideal, but otherwise...

L'il Matt on May 10, 2008


Okay, I'll do it. All you had to do was ask. I'm built, good looking, a big fan of Captain America, and I teach acting. Sign me up, please!

Marcus on May 10, 2008


Hey, I know this guy. He'd be PERFECT!! We should put an upcoming star in the role of Captain America. Who's with me! Trust me, he will be awesome!

Steve on May 10, 2008


i know this may not be the popular choice, but i like Brad Pitt as Captain America, i was watching Troy for the billionth time last night. Pitt was able to run around and do fancy action hero moves with a shield strapped to his back, not to mention he is blonde, doesn't appear to look too old not any worse than McConaughey anyway, he has the chin and the eyes. also in the Ultimates comic they joked around that Steve Rogers looks like Pitt.

The Delightful Deviant on May 10, 2008


Well, Marcus #153 would probably be better than McConaughey. MARCUS ALL THE WAY!

Ajax on May 10, 2008


i like the idea of aaron eckhart but he's gonna be in batman, jason lewis i think would also be a good choice, someone who i think would be good could be ben mckenzie people may think a bit teeny but he's was good in junebug and he's ment to be in the new stanford prison experiment and he's in the age bracket of late early 30's so he would age into the role for future sequals

declan on May 10, 2008

159 I mean the guy already did Captain Awesome in Chuck, he looks the role to a T and could propel this guy into stardom. I mean seriously for only havinjg limited screen time in the show Chuck he stole a hell of allot of scenes.

Boomba on May 10, 2008


I got it, the man that should play old Capn America, is a T.V. actor, who is a fellow cast mate of Matthew Fox. Josh Holloway. He would have to change his voice and beef up a little, I mean if Christian Bale can sound America this San Jose Californi could sound like Good Ole Cap'n America.

Xerxex on May 10, 2008


What do you guys think about David Boreanaz, Christian Kane, or Scott Caan? Personally I would go with Timothy Olyphant, but these other guys are interesting prospects.

m.penn on May 11, 2008


Captain America (Steven "Steve" Grant Rogers) is 6'2", 240 lbs, Blue Eyes with Blond Hair. The eyes and hair is no problem, but the actor should be able to fit the height at least 6'1" minimum and the actor's appearance should also fit an age around 28 to 35 (38 is pushing it). Someone who is overexposed and a bit short shouldn't play the part. Like : Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt (is too short and already being rumored to play the part of Thor anyway), Brandon Routh (already ruined Superman, but who knows). Who ever's going to play Captain America should be a fresh face and have to be an American, like: Josh Hartnett--> 6' 3" (21 July 1978), Charlie O'Connell--> 6' 3" (21 April 1975), Josh Duhamel-->6' 3Β½" (14 November 1972), Noah Wyle--> 6' 2" (4 June 1971), Tom Everett Scott--> 6' 2" (7 September 1970), and Matthew Lillard--> 6' 3" (24 January 1970).

Riordan on May 11, 2008


Riordan ever heard of movie magic? You don't think Elijah wood is really 4 ft. tall do you? With camera angles you can easily make someone up to 2 ft. tall (not that i want someone 4' 2'' to play Cap'), but I agree that the actor should be at least physically imposing. My picks are (in no order): Matt Damon- has already achieved bad-ass status (Bourne), can also act (THe Good Shepard, THe Departed, Good Will Hunting), can have blonde hair and blue eyes Brad Pitt- he can be bad-ass with a shield (Troy), can act well (Se7en & Fight Club), blonde hair blue eyes. Personlly I'd rather see Pitt as Captain that Thor (and definitely over Matt McC) Aaron Eckhart- Ryan Reynolds was Hannibal King and is now going to be Deadpool so why cant Two-Face be Cap? He has the acting chops, blonde hair, blue eyes and American. He just needs a lil' bulk Thomas Jane- I would love to see him as Cap' because he can have blone hair, blue eyes, can be a bad-ass, to my knowledge a good actor, and he is extremely dedicated to his roles ( he put on 30 lbs. of muscle for the Punisher). And he is not the Punisher anymore Ray Stevenson is. Captain America should be like the US mascot or poster boy and the actor should be someone we can take pride in and respect. I think CA should be not only more bad-ass than Superman but also more intimidating like what Logan said when he speaks everyone shuts up especially RDJ πŸ™‚ As for Thor the best choices are Sean Bean (LOTR), Gerald Butler (300), Kevin Durand (Lost), and Karl Urban (LOTR). With Sean Bean being the best and most bad-ass choice. The others just don't compare to Sean Bean in my book they are just Plan B's. He just screams Thor. πŸ™‚

silver on May 11, 2008


One of my first thoughts for Captain America is Thomas John Patrick Welling who played Clark Kent on the TV series SmallVille.

Brad on May 11, 2008


Thomas Welling is around 6'2 or 6'3 in height with the right build (perhaps with a bit more training) and a "pretty boy" face who would appeal to the female audience no doubt. I haven't watched SmallVille enough to know if his acting abilities are up to the task.

Brad on May 11, 2008


dulph lundgren or zack morris from save dby the bell would be a good choice

richard fairbrass on May 11, 2008


I think you need a younger actor, someone like Devon Sawa, who isn't into much right now. A person with a name would ruin this character.

Jessica Lugo on May 11, 2008


silver on May 11, 2008, I agree, Matt Damon is too short and also way out there to play C.A. Imagine C.A. wearing high heel boots, LOL, and I don't want to watch a movie filled with camera tricks just to hide the actor's obvious imperfection. Bad Ass you say, Nobody expected R.Downey to play Iron Man and he still kicked ass. If you're not worried about height, Josh Duhamel and Skeet Ulrich look much better than Damon (he Suck and still look like a kid). FYI Brad Pitt is the top choice to play Thor already.

Kim on May 11, 2008


still cranking out the super hero movies? yawn.

galactus on May 11, 2008


has anyone suggested Cole Hauser yet? I watched tears of the sun the other day and he was pretty good in that, he's also not bad in pitch black. He's only 33 and i'm sure (like just about anyone) could bulk up if put on the right fitness regime.

Matoojo on May 12, 2008


Garrett Hedlund

txlamb on May 12, 2008


I got it Rosie O'Donnell wadda ya think? C'mon Rosie as Cap'n America nobody would want to messd with us in fear of being devored in her evil storm of no use.

Xerxex on May 12, 2008


Haven't people already been nominating Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy? Don't watch the show, but he seems to have the look and physique. He's fairly low profile which is what you want, but he also has mainstream awareness

MonkeysFirst on May 12, 2008


Oh my Gosh, Damon doesn't even fit the height requirement not to mention that his face is to square and young looking. Damon, on the other hand, is a perfect candidate to play the role of James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes also known as "Winter Soldier". He will have enough time to prep for the "Invaders" as "Winter Soldier". You guys don't worry he'll get his chance to play a Marvel Hero. Now for those of you who doesn't even know who "WINTER SOLDIER" is, PLEASE educate and familiarize yourselves with the Marvel Superheroes characters and their alter ego before recommending any actors who doesn't even come close to these Superheroes. Make sure you have a single Marvel Comics and know a thing or two about any Marvel Characters their background and their alter ego. PLEASE stop making silly suggestion and read some Marvel Comics and get to know the Marvel Heroes and their background first.

KoolGenes on May 12, 2008


I read Marvel Comics all the time, dude. That's why I honestly think David Letterman should play the Red Skull. Marvel's best move is not to take themsevles too seriously (i.e. Spidey's script for the first two movies; full of fanboy easter eggs, but chock full of jokes letting regular people KNOW they shouldn't take what they're seeing on the screen 'seriously'. That's the trouble w/ making a Cap movie. There's nothing funny about Captain America. There's also something really silly about trying to picture him in reality. Let's face it, boys. Marvel's stuck. There. Will. Be. No. Good. Captain America. Movie.

Djo Fortunado on May 12, 2008


Dennis Quaid. If he was 10-15 years younger I'd love to see him take the role. Then again, you never know with makeup artists and digital graphics these days.

Nick the Greek on May 12, 2008


Captain America could absolutely be a fantastic movie. There are so many different avenues and approaches they could take to ensure that it resonates with movie fans today. Remember you are making a movie for movie fans, not a movie for comic fans. You can completely change his orgin story to the current events of today. Instead of having him as the son of Irish immigrants, you can have him from say Texas. Or you can have him frozen as in the comic books and brought back to this time period and have him as a fish out of water in todays time exploring the new world. It is true isn't it, like it has been written, Captain America doesn't need to find America maybe America needs to find Captain America. Again, this could be a complete rewriting in orgin of Captain America that is more relavent in todays world. The one thing that I think Captain America could bring to the movie is a sense of charm, romance, chivalry and especially nobility that will endear him to movie and comic book fans alike. Don't be afraid of change and make a good movie based on principles of character and it could be something that people haven't seen in awhile which would make for a great movie. I personally think that Matthew McC could bring a certain charm to the role and elevate it to new hieghts.

chester on May 12, 2008


Ugh Xerxex don't even joke like that, i threw up in my throat a little just thinking about that πŸ™ K so who do they hardcore fans think should play CA? (asked in a serious non-sarcastic tone) And yeah I heard pitt was in the running to play Thor I just don't like a lot of the other suggestions. I'll admit I'm not a comic-reader but i know enough to get by...or so i thought:) And sadly i don't think you could get Damon to play a side-kick. And i can't picture Tom Welling with blonde hair.

silver on May 12, 2008


That and Botox.

Djo. on May 12, 2008


The key to making a good Cap Movie has little to do with casting Cap, in the end. First you need to highlight the more Iconic aspects of the character, pinpoint what about his story makes him stand out and worth watching an entire movie about, including not only his inner conflicts, but fight, chase, action scenes, etc. If they want to do the classic Cap, show a detailed, depression-era America that young aspiring immigrant artist, Steve Rogers, can come into and build up wild dreams of one day defending, Patriotically. Then, rejected at the recruiting line, he's pulled aside for the soldier serum experiments, and essentially exploited as a 'Symbol of Liberty' etc. and sent to the front lines. This is all told in flashback scenes, as an iceberg is drifting from the arctic, slowly melting to reveal the shape of a man. Show the pivotal battle that had him "killed", and have a shadowy figure (Namor,* in an easter egg appearance that hints at future film appearances) hurl him onto dry land. Instead of having him thawed out in the 60's, have him thawed out NOW. (or, the now that Tony Stark living in) Throw in a couple sight gags, like Cap flinching when he sees a guy in the corner of his eye who looks like hitler, or somebody making a crack about him wearing his underpants on the outside, in his old pics (but please, for the love of God, give him pants by now). Throw in Easter Eggs like an ultra exaggerated perspectival shot of his fist, as he's swinging around to punch the screen (a la every Iconic Kirby shot, from the old covers, etc.). And have the Red Skull be a somewhat laughable but believably maniacal nutcase, who emerges from the dark when he hears his old nemesis is back. The REAL trick is HOW ON EARTH do you modernize the Red Skull, after the Cold War? I'm at a loss. If anybody has any pointers, feel free to throw 'em my way. Oh, and Marvel's single smartest move? Have a Tony Stark or SHIELD cameo in EVERY Marvel movie from here on, leading up to the Avengers. That way, they build up the spectacle in the public's minds- which, just like their comics, will also pique non-fans curiosity to check out their other characters. Make mine Marvel, and make Cap into something this country can believe in, again.

Djo. on May 12, 2008


KIMBO SLICE should be Capt. America... or Kurt Angle (already has the costume)... what about Mr. T. Then you get the Gubenator Arnold to be Thor and they could be the old dudes in the Avengers. Wait Thor is Triple H and Mr. Vince McMahon as Capt America. For who else embodies the American way other than Hacksaw Jim Dugan.

Jason T on May 12, 2008


surely the filmmakers will use the ultimates story line for the avengers movie? they've already chosen the samuel L jackson nick fury, so one would think they'd progress with that. The writers of the ultimates series even said themselves that they imagined it as a movie when they created it...

Matoojo on May 12, 2008


Djo, you should write screenplays πŸ˜‰

Brad on May 12, 2008


mark wahlberg as hawkeye would be great. screw the blonde haired blue eyed captain america, thats the super race hitler was trying to make anyways. thomas jane would be great, or neal mcdonough, maybe even val kilmer but hes kinda old. casting captain america will make or break the movies. they have to get it just right like robert downey jr, tobey macguire, and alfred molina as doc oc. if not we will wind up with a crappy movie mainly because of the lead role, ala ghost rider/ nick cage ( come on!? that guy couldnt act his was out of a paper bag) the person they cast needs to be atleast 6 foot tall, and a pretty big built person. cap america needs to be physically intimidating. thor also, but they have more room for error with thor, since he is not a national icon. zakk wylde for thor by the way. i think matthew m. could do it, but it would be close.

glynn willson on May 13, 2008


I think Pitt should be Captain america, he has the acting chops to pull it off and do it well enough to satisfy most of us. Karl Urban is my pic for Thor, hes got the look and hes a decent actor. As well as thor needs to be.

Goose on May 13, 2008


I say Patrick Warburton (yes The Tick) as captain america it would give him a chance to be a serious actor. I say he has the chin for it and with some personal training the shape. Matt as Captain America would be unpatriotic. I really think Warburton could pull it off.

Patrick on May 13, 2008


Warburton as Cap, George Costanza as Bucky, Kramer as the Red Skull, and Louise Dreyfus as Wonder Woman. (What the heck, why not?) Oh, and Newman as the Submariner. (Except that he's already Microchip in the Punisher sequel...)

Djo on May 13, 2008


What about Kevin KcKidd from Rome and Journeyman? He has a great commanding presence, and is believable as someone who's incorruptible, and who's motivation really is just to do the right thing. In line with prior suggestions, I think Matthew Fox would be fantastic (it's hard for me to get past the thought of dying his hair though..) as well as Mark Wahlburg. Kevin McKidd seems more senior though, in age if nothing else, which would be a bit better aid in commanding everyone's attention in the room. Lastly, I don't think Matthew McConaughey is really that bad of a choice. He's got the looks and the charisma spot on. Though he's not a bad actor at all in my estimation, I must admit that Matthew Fox and Kevin McKidd would definitely do a better job as far as the acting goes. KEVIN MCKIDD FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!

Mike on May 13, 2008


Maybe they should have Cap played by a different actor for each era, just to appease this goddamned Thread!!!

Djo on May 13, 2008


Either Dylan Bruno or Barry Pepper...both of those guys would rock in the roll.

Jeremy on May 13, 2008


anyone said scott caan yet for cap?

eddyeast on May 13, 2008


I think Ryan Gosling is a perfect fit check out this pic he is a little youger in this pic from remember the titans but you'll get the picture.

Tom-E on May 13, 2008


john cena

mike on May 13, 2008


WWE John Cena as CAP!

mike on May 13, 2008


Don't dismiss Paul Walker as a possibility to play Captain America, and the guy who played Speed Racer Emile Hirsch could play Bucky! And for the Avengers movie they should get the hot Jessica Biel to play the Scarlet Witch along with Doug Jones (Silver Surfer) to play the Vision, Matt Fox could be cool as Hawkeye and finally Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson to play Wonderman.

Venom on May 13, 2008


emile hirsch as bucky i like and the rock as wonder man is a great casting choice. what about meagan fox as scarlet witch . doug jones as vision is visionary, but might have to do a voiceover. mark wahlberg as hawkeye is top knotch. the avengers movie is it. this is the big one, all other superhero movies will not compare to this one. not spidey, bats,x-men, jla, or any other title. too many iconic characters and well known actors such as rdj, sam jackson, ed norton are going to be in it. rdj, sam jackson and ed norton are heavyweights. they really are. you need someone who can hold their own. no way to matt fox, paul walker not a chance dude. if brad pitt is thor which i think he could pull it off, then their is only one choice for captain america and that is matthew mcC. with all the pressure of iconic characters and actors in the fold, he is the only one i could see pulling this off.

chester on May 14, 2008


Daniel Day-Lewis should play Captain America HE IS AMAZING!!!!!

Chris Wyman on May 14, 2008


He already did, when he had the American Flag draped over him for his penultimate monologue as Bill the Butcher. That's the REAL face of "Captain America". No to John Cena. Unless it's Ultimate Cap & he's killing people left & right, I can't see it.

Smedley on May 14, 2008


NICK CAGE as Captain America? Are you on drugs? Ryan Phillipe?! The guy is a charisma vacuum. McConaughey is BLEH. Aaron Eckhart's not a bad choice, but he's Two-Face now. Matthew Fox?!? Dye-job Cap, eh? It would be horrible. TOM JANE or an unknown, for me. He's not the Punisher anymore so go for it (he was horribly miscast in that flick anyway).

Moorish on May 14, 2008


i really don't care for Mattew McConaughey as the patriotic hero. Aaron Eckhart isn't a bad choose either. but in my honest oppinion, though as strange as it sounds, i really think Matt Damen would be an great choose. he is a big named actor, but after Iron Man's leading role. i really believe it is possible. i think this because Matt Damen has that All- American look and though he is a a little smaller the early capt., before the serum, was small. He has the look, and if he can Buff up and take the role with a forceful and powerful acting style. Matt Damen would be the Prefect Choose.

ryry on May 14, 2008


i suck at spelling

ryry on May 14, 2008


Yes, you do! I agree Thomas Jane is a possibility. I heard nothing bad about the Punisher flick, and am not sure why he was re-cast quite yet. He could add a little depth to the Cap we know- give him a little more attitude than we're used to seeing, and make us believe that Cap would want to pick up a gun at any moment, but uses his willpower & chooses not to, and kicks ass by other means. I think the opening Shield helicarrier scene from Civil War was the single sequence that made me appreciate Cap, in ALL of my years of reading. They'd do well to learn from that, that he's a conflicted character- why physically is capable of kicking the snot out of anybody, but always tries to resolve things diplomatically first. (Then, since no one ever wants to do that, he ends up kicking their ass.)

Djo on May 14, 2008


How about Jake Gyllenhaal? Got the all-american look, already played a soldier in Jarhead, and held his own acting wise in scenes with Robert Downy Jr. in Zodiac...

jason_md2020 on May 14, 2008


Horrible. Awful. Disturbing. Sleezy. Piss poor actor. HOW ABOUT THE TRANSPORTER!!! That guy has the jaw line, the physique, and he is a better actor than MM. Awful casting choice. no brad pitt either, blech!

Frank on May 14, 2008


ted danson... google it and tell me his face doesnt fit

ian on May 14, 2008


Kevin McKidd! He was great in Journeyman and his character always took charge and provided stellar leadership. Plus, McKidd could pull off those WWII-ish old school sensibilities in a modern era where guys like Tony Stark run things.

thrILL! on May 15, 2008


kevin Mckidd, i agree in every movie i've seen him in he him shown a commanding role and he has a good look for it. and however sad Ted Danson is on CRACK and really needs to seek help. he is 59 years old and will more then likely die before they start production. plus, no, your a retard.

ryry on May 15, 2008


Woody Harrelson

Required on May 15, 2008


w/ Eddie Furlong as Bucky.

Djo. on May 15, 2008


Although John Cena would rock looking like Captain America, he can't act. I really do hope they don't cast Matthew McConaughey. Nothing against him really, and the role could work... but there are other actors who would be better suited for the part. Cap is one of Marvel's flagship heroes. They need to make the role a perfect fit. Similar to how they chose Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. It's going to be interesting who they're lining up for the Thor movie.

Mike on May 15, 2008


Whoever the pick, to be atleast 6 foot tall, and a pretty big built person. cap america and television.

Jack on May 15, 2008


How about Adam Baldwin from Serenity and NBC's Chuck. And talking about unknown actors, how about that blonde guy on Chuck, Ryan McPartlin, they already nicknamed him Captain Awesome there, he's is the epitome of Captain America. Just my thoughts on this subject. Love MM but no to him being Capt. A or any of the goofy suggestion on here.

Shortstax on May 16, 2008


Cap's the quarter back of the Avengers, commands attention, needs to be a "no-name actor", how about a casting call to see if an actual quarterback can act - Brett Farve: size, leadership, humulity. Anbody want to jump on this wagon? Storyline almost needs to be a modern Rambo, a little late to tie in with 9-11 but something could be worked out. Terrorist as the new "Nazi/Commie Menace" villian in every situation is getting predictable though. And as far as the Avengers movie goes, it will be interesting to see how the bring in the rest of the characters including the Hulk. The Biggest let down I have with these movies is A. They try to do too much (Batmans #2, #3, & #4, Spidey #3) and B. the threat needs to be credible/believable (LOVE the FF since I was a youngun' but FF #2's Galaxus (sp?) sucked).

flatheadrider on May 16, 2008


I agree with you flathead on a lot of your points. One though is casting a unknown as Captain America is very risky. Look to Brandon Routh in Superman Returns. A complete failure and now what can you do about it. BR can't act, no appeal what so ever. James Marsden is more appealing as Lois's boyfriend than BR is as Superman. He is so bad that they don't even want him if they are going to do a Justice League movie. They are going to end up doing a reboot, just like HULK, for Superman all because BR was that bad. I heard they might try sequel but it will be a complete disaster. Reboot or JLA movie is their best bet. Hugh Jackman accomplished it with Wolverine, but those first X-men movies laid the groundwork to all the other comic book movies. They could afford to make a mistake. They didn't but they had room to play. In today's market, you might get only one chance and one chance only to impact popular culture with these characters or they could be sent to the movie graveyard. I gotta go with Matt McM. I have to say, I know he can pull it off. An unknown is too risky and you really will not be able to tell until the movie comes out on how people will respond to the unknown. Matt McM. has the potential to pull it off. You know his strenghts and weaknesses and you can use it to your advantage.

chester on May 16, 2008


He got the size and he can do the tough guy role, watch "Reign of fire" Plus he is American, Sorry but if another Briotish Actors pretends to be American I will Puke. Hell He will be a better choice than the guy they got for Punisher Warzon. I can smell the Bargin Bin DVD sales now.

Dion on May 16, 2008


Jason Lewis IS Cap. He looks exactly like Cap, just see for yourself:

Daas on May 17, 2008


From reading the other posts i am torn. I agree that Mmc may be a poor choice but he was awesome in reign of fire. I like the idea of Paul Walker. but both actors would not be as big or as muscular as they would need to be as the cap. Doplh lundgren would have been perfect 10 years ago Daniel Craig is a great James Bond, but he couldnt be the ultimate british agent as well as the ultimate american, and he is a little too old. Of all the actors mentioned i would have to choose Ryan Renolds, but i feel that it would be unlikely as he already has his comic book persona of Deadpool.. so i am still at a loss as to who should be cast

steve on May 17, 2008


Whoever said Javier Bardem for the Red Skull... Sent a shiver down my spine. Hells yes!

Joe on May 17, 2008


I think Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield from Prison break) would be great as cap! He has the right commanding presence - even when not talking. I can just picture him keeping his cool in a chaotic situation and with one phrase/command bringing order and turning the tide in his favour! The conflicted brooding stratigist who is out of his element (because of the 50years that passed while he was on ice) but still constantly looking out for the people around him, and never giving up no matter what the odds are. He wouldn't even need to shout 'Avengers assemble'. Just whisper or say it - cos everybody listens and falls in line when he talks!

Fab on May 17, 2008


How About Val Kilmer... He's An Amazing Actor... If He Were To Get Fit And Bulk Up.. He Would Be PERFECT! And He's Not Too Young And Not Too Old... And Has The Depth For The Role...

RDF on May 17, 2008


Cole Hauser, if he isn't gonna act like a dumbass, or act like Matthew M.

JD on May 17, 2008


How bout Heath Ledger?!? .....too soon?

Jorge on May 18, 2008


Thats in serious poor taste Jorge. Jason Lewis is still the best choice imo. Just look at him:

Daas on May 18, 2008


Neal McDonough from Band of Brothers !!

DS Bond on May 18, 2008


Someone mentioned Paul Walker...I think he is good. I also like Gerard Butler but he is not blonde like Mr Rogers or maybe DiCaprio?

Maria on May 19, 2008



Daas on May 19, 2008


What about Dugray Scott, Josh Duhamel or Jason Statham I think Matt Damon and Thomas Jane are great choices also I also think you are under estimating Matt MCM from Reign of Fire.

lizbeth001 on May 20, 2008



John Doe on May 20, 2008


you guys dont know sheet! bill cosby is CLEARLY the best choice.

peanut on May 20, 2008


I've got a few who I think fit the spirit of Steve Rogers, but I know they'll never be selected: 1. Chiwetel Ejiofor from 4 Brothers, Inside Man, and most recently Red Belt 2. Will Smith 3. If he could affect an American accent, Djimon Hounsou. I would have followed him into hell watching his performance in amistad.

AJ on May 20, 2008


Jason Lewis does look the part, but how is he as an actor? Looking at his IMDB im not sure how good he is. I liked Mr. Brooks, but honestly cant remember who he was in it.

Goose on May 21, 2008


I don't care who plays Cap'n myself. I am just interested in how they will portray him in the script. I don't care how tactlessly patriotic it comes across, i just want to see the beacon of Manhood and valor subtly feed us his chivalrous moral code while he beats the shit out off assholes and/or terrorists and/or Nazis.

Anonymous on May 21, 2008


What about the WWE guy from "The Marine"....? Just a thought.

T on May 21, 2008


I think, john cena is okay. I also thought of Matt Damon as the only person with such skills to pull this off. He has all the characteristics of Captain America the problem is the height. Damn! i wish he could add a little more height.

Christopher on May 21, 2008


No WWE people. Cap needs to be someone that can hold their own against Ed Norton & RDJ, not someone who just "looks" the part. I agree with alot of the choices so far such as Thomas Jane (not Punisher anymore), Josh Duhamel, Jason Lewis, Brad Pitt (not likely), Matthew Fox, and MAYBE Matt McC (bc of Frailty).

Yum on May 21, 2008


Why not David Boreanez? He has played in a role that showed drama and action. He is over 6ft tall and won't look like a wuss in the costume. My other choice and yes I'm a fan is John Cena. He can look the part and with good writing and directing he can pull it off. He has also visited troops in Iraq something none of these other so called canidates have done. I hope whoever takes the role is serious about it!

Scott on May 22, 2008


Hmmm... So nobody else thinks Wentworth Miller (Scofield from "Prison break") would be great for the role??? I think he's one of the few actors who can express a lot with his eyes - which is a really important aspect for the type headgear Cap wears. Someone whose eyes are too static is gonna look like a dork in a carnival costume! And cap must be someone who does NOT need to talk to communicate!! Cap is about 'presence'. Although some actors might look the part I dont think they have the a strong enough 'presence' (ie. Thomas Jane, Josh Duhamel, Jason Lewis or Matthew Fox). Anyway, just my opinion. I couldn't be less involved from the decision-taking at Marvel if I was on another planet! hehe πŸ™‚ BTW Has anyone else heard the news that the first cap movie is gonna be a period piece and the rumour that Matthew McConaughey as Cap is definatly NOT true. Here's the article: ps. If you wanna see Wentworth Millar as a soldier i believe he acted the part as a ghost in an episode of 'Ghost Whisperer'. Wentworth Miller for Cap!! πŸ˜‰

Fab on May 22, 2008


okay im gonna go way off to say this: Ben Afflect for the cap. granted daredevil was bad but he was awsome in hollywoodland playin george reeves, plus he was in pearl harbor so that gives him ww2 credit. i believe that if he studies as hard he did george and bulid himself up, he could pull it off. my second option is matt damon though. as for thor: Triple H. now i am not a fan for wresting films but he's the only 'actor' that has that apperance. him and the rock and steve austin are the only wrestlers that can act but i dont want to see any wrestling moves. now i do remember the old incredible hulk movies from the series ''The Incredible Hulk Returns'' in 1988 where Eric Allan Kramer played Thor. Now Thor is a god so he could be as old as he can as long he still in shape. hold on if you dont know who he is, he was in robin hood: men in tights and he was Bear, the gay guy in american wedding. those are mine choices.

T. Carter on May 22, 2008


Ryan Reynolds, yes the Van Wilder guy. He was good in Blade Trinity. He has good range acting wise. I just can't see Mathew McConaughey playing the role.

Surfpete on May 23, 2008


THANK YOU JESUS!!! Check this out people...

jason_md2020 on May 23, 2008


They can't choose Josh Brolin to play Cap', Brolin is playing George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's film. There's no way in hell an actor who played treasonous a-hole Bush could play Cap', it would ruin the film.

Dean on May 23, 2008


"well all i can say is i love Matthew Mc Conaughey !" am up for him. hes a good actor and for he is really the ideal actor for capt.America .my heart is melting evrytime i saw hes sexy smile.

LEN on May 24, 2008


Mathew would be great! He can be commanding, strong and badass! C'mon guys! Riegn of fire anyone?

Robbie on May 24, 2008


People you can't imagine playing a role are usually the best ones for it. I think so atleast, i man Downy for Ironman!? I was sceptical but after I watched it THREE TIMES (every single one better than the last) I loved it, no other actor could have pulled it off the way he did.

Robbie on May 24, 2008


How about Neil Mcdonough from the series tin man? i thought he fit the role very well. much better than Matthew McConaughey, but once agian we may be suprised.

Steve on May 28, 2008

246 just look and tell me its not a perfect match!!!

Steve on May 28, 2008


How about John Cena? Hes definetly buff enough and can kick some ass... and why does everyone think cap has to be a good actor, u do realize hes a goody tooshoes right? dont get me wrong, i love cap but u dont have to be a great actor to be U.S. brown nosing boy scout.. as far as making him fit modern times thats not hard. captain america stood for what the U.S. stood for, as we know our beloved country has fallen far from its former self and if us common people can realize this im sure the great captain america can do the same. but hes still a super hero because if the goverment wont be there for us innocents then he sure will!!!! GO CAP!!!

Darin on May 28, 2008


How about Luke Wilson. Or Gerard Butler. If Luke Wilson could bulk up he would play a pretty sickly looking fellow. Gerard Butler can already play a great commanding presence on the screen we have seen that.

john on May 28, 2008


Bruce Campbell

Cutler on May 30, 2008


Actually, the guy that could look the part, is a name but POSSIBLY wouldn't overshadow captain america would have to be Matt Damon.

Cutler on May 31, 2008


How about Daniel Cudmore (Colossus) since it seems that the X-Men series isn't going in the direction of giving him a big part. He would make a good Cap since he isn't a really big name.

steve on Jun 1, 2008


you need someone who has a body thats close to captain america to start with mayby goldberg as cap or kevin nash leave mathew for something like aquaman

lynn blevins on Jun 1, 2008


Just remember that when looking for someone to play Cap, they need someone who looks like they represent the whole country. Someone who really is: America. So, how about Mark Wahlburg? He's really an old fashioned attitude guy who I can see representing America.

Chris A McLellan on Jun 1, 2008


Damien Lewis, Ed Burns, Neal McDonough... all good choices. More importantly, Cap needs to be written for and played by someone who can show his leadership and innate love for this GREAT COUNTRY! I know plenty of my fellow Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen who love this country and believe in what we are doing (and read comics). The men and women I serve with every day represent what Cap and his movie should be about. It's about sacrifice, giving your all for your country and other people; it's about being willing to lay down your life for the guy who never worked a hard day in his life and complains that his latte is too cold, his cab to expensive or for the lawyer who went to Florida for Al Gore in 2000 with orders to see too it military absentee ballots weren't counted. In 1942 the New York Times wrote we were losing WWII. When we got hammered in Kasserine Pass and Guadalcanal was a long slog the NYT wrote we were losing the war. When D-Day and the Normandy Breakout was struggling the NYT wrote we were losing WWII. When the bulge happened before Christmas in 1944 the NYT again wrote the war was lost. And yet somehow our grandfathers managed to whip the Nazi's and Imperial Japan. If you depend on the left media in this country you will always get their censored, dishonest view. Notice the War in Iraq has been off the news this year - anyone know that terrorist acts worldwide have dropped by 40% since 2000? Not going to hear that on CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN. For those of you who don't like my comments, pick up a rifle and walk a post.

Bill on Jun 1, 2008


I say why not Matthew? I can give only one reason. There were many others that were good like his action roles in the past or his body. I ask, Have we all forgotten his role in Reign of Fire? Now you might not have liked the movie and the role he played but he did buff up and take a running leap at a dragon. I think that means he could pull it off. SO I am good with him playing Cap'....But it is still early on maybe they will find a no name.

Everyone should have a little Captain in them on Jun 1, 2008


Since someone else brought it up first i think that Thor should be played by Triple H of the WWE. I think that he has the look and the build and if you take into fact that he can deliver the lines they give him on a weekly basis then he must be a hell of an actor.

Everyone should have a little Captain in them on Jun 2, 2008


Damn I agree with 108 check that dude out. He has the look and I have seen him in some stuff and he can act pretty good. I think he would make a good choice also.

Everyone should have a little Captain in them on Jun 2, 2008


I think the guy that started the rumour that Matthew McConaughey is going to play Captain America must be someone who has a big short position on MVL!! That's no way that dude can be the iconic Captain America. I think Matthew Fox is a good choice but if we like surprise and controversy, why not The Rock? hahaha that'll be fun. Edwin

Edwin on Jun 3, 2008


chuck norris thats it

anth on Jun 4, 2008


Matthew McConaughey was my 1st choie for Cap years ago...... What is the matter with you people amI the only one who saw "Reighn of Fire" He did an excellent job as a leader in the role he portrade in that movie is acting is top notch..... You cannot compare to his acting ability to a soory movie good critics can tell the diffrence.... "Sahara " another excellent movie also "A Time To Kill" I'm not even a big Matthew McConaughey fan but let's keep it real what other natrual blond thats big enough to pull it off? I mean really? I have a whole list of marvel heroes that I picked years ago....I'll put my list out one day soon....... Brad Pitt as Shatterstar? Hmm sounds like a perfect fit to me...... or Jean claude Van damme as Gambit HELLO????? He's Cajun Right?

Marc on Jun 4, 2008


# 18 is on off his rocker... Thomas jane is a midget it was a poor choice for him to play "The Punisher" he is a good actor but he was casted poorly..... maybe as puck from Alpha Flight... Did any of you guy's read the comic books? Or are you just picking people you like instead of what was good for the story..

Marc on Jun 4, 2008


Oh and Bill #253 first of political views have no place here..... Its just a movie about patriotism but since you put it there I have to tel you this. ALL votes should be counted, absentee ballots for The military as well as those that mysteriously dissappeared in florida and Ohio..... You want to be a patriot? Then question your goverment. I cannot still find any one to tell me why we are still in Iraq, Bill can you answer this for me? There are no weapons of Mass destruction, it's been proven time and time again that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 so I say again.... Y'know it's scary when people become so blindly patriotic that they forget How Nazi Germany began it began as BLIND PATRIOTSM alot of Jewish people said well it'll pass the goverment would never listen to these people..... The rest is History...... Oh P.S. I'm Still serving my country in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years and would gladly die for it IF NECASSARY, but I put nothing past my goverment be it Right or Left with all the rotten things our goverment has done too, they are all full of it, and you extremly niave if you think one is any better than the other.... you want to be a true American? A Patiot? Listen to both sides think long and hard about your future, check your history, then make a decision...... A True Patriot knows when his country is doing Right and recognizes when it's wrong and will act on it.......If He Loves His Country

Marc on Jun 4, 2008


doesn't matter because they debunked ths rumor McC isn't gonna be Cap...

Silver on Jun 5, 2008


Marc # 261 for Cap. (Or at least let Cap use that monologue in his movie)

Djozer on Jun 5, 2008


I can't be cap I don't have blond hair or blue eyes.... I am a part time stage actor (amature hobby) but I'd be better playing "Black Panther" or "Bishop" from the Xmen... (That's right I'm a Black guy) sometimes the characters do work well with diffrent creeds like Micheal Clarke Duncan Playing "King Pin" but Michael Jai White or Micheal Dorn would be a much better choice than me..

Marc on Jun 6, 2008


Marc- ever read "The TRUTH" by Kyle Baker? It's a pretty wild story, tying the Tuskegee experiments to the Super Soldier program. Very controversial, but very well done and yeah, as a black man himself, Kyle Baker takes an interesting angle on the idea of a Black Cap. Judging from your 'monologue', I think you'd really dig it. From all you've said, I'm still not convinced you'd be a worse Cap than Matthew "High School Girls always stay the same age" McCoughonhay. πŸ˜‰

Djo on Jun 6, 2008


I'll make it my personal mission to check that out.... Thanks for the heads up dude. That sounds really interesting... They did have one guy who was black I think he was the 2nd U.S. Agent or Patriot or sound supper soldier guy I'm not for sue but I'll look it up... Djo You are the man!!!!

Marc on Jun 6, 2008


see after running through a handful of peoples suggestions it seems that there is a pattern of hatting McConaughey and i don't blame them........ total douche. Enough said on that point. As for a Captain America possibility Damian Lewis gives us the sickly look but not the overwhelming feeling of hope and justice that the cap exudes. I definitely agree that Neal McDonough has the potential and the looks to portray the cap very well but I'm not sure that he has the acting ability to pull such a powerful roll off. This role needs to be played by someone who we have not seen in a while, someone that will put their all into the roll as if they were really the captain putting their all into saving the day. Unfortunately the one person i feel has the acting ability to do this job has been on the silver screen more often then damn near any other actor and also he does not have the body for it. That actor is Tom Hanks. He has the ability and the passion for such a role but he does not have the muscular build and blonde office style haircut. So with that i suggest Aaron Eckhart. He has the hair, the physique, and the strong jawline to really make the character a believable one.

patrick on Jun 8, 2008


Patrick you do have a point.... I still like Matt though..

Marc on Jun 8, 2008


Yeah!marc am with you. still like him no matter what .lets cheer for him.

len on Jun 10, 2008


Matt For Cap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc on Jun 10, 2008


If this douche fag of an actor got the role, I would probably have to kill myself, after killing off everyone else who would ever wanna see McConaughey as Cap.

Josh on Jun 12, 2008


Everyone knows who should play Captain America....none other than MMA legend Randy "The Natural" Coture...they even call him Captain America, and he looks well suited for the role!!! Check him out, you'll see what I mean.

Fred Foxx on Jun 13, 2008


I feel Mathew McConaughey could make an alright choice...Captain America is a Leader of Asswhooping...sooo lets get someone like Gerald Butler to play him πŸ˜‰ hes jacked! he already trained with a shield! (300) and come on he can so quote something like " This is America!!!" instead of " This is Sparta!" if not Butler then maybe Thomas Jane...a freaking shame now punisher sequel for him πŸ™

Kyle on Jun 13, 2008


Thomas Jane is a munchkin and shouldnt have played the punisher don't get me wrong he can act pretty good but Matt has them all beat... I've notice that people who don't want Matt to play Cap simply dont like Matthew McConaughey and it has nothing to do with the fact that HE IS a box office actor who can get the women to want to see him as well as the guy's who want to see cap on the big screen... This means a bigger budget which means better special effects and depending on the writers a better story. I wouldnt mind a no name but why bother.... He simply fits the role whether you like him or not.... Just saw "The Incredible Hulk" Awsome!!!!!!!

Marc on Jun 13, 2008


Josh #271 lay off the coffee and Red Bull dude.... Or is it you dont have a girlfriend? I sense alot of pent up tension in you buddy.... You need to whooo Saaahhhhh.....

Marc on Jun 13, 2008


matt mc. is possible the worst choice you could have to play cap!!! plain and simple, he is a midget, (i can say that... i got the ok from a midget) as well as his arms are shorter then his torso, yes he has the muscles but has little brain and less acting skill. Yes marc i can see how having a well known actor could bring in money and girls (which we all know would never see a comic book movie unless they follow the rules of the french.... smelly... and have armpit hair) but how much are you truly willing to sacrifice for a higher budget?! The script/story is going to be written with the comic book in mind... not the actor and with that set in stone matt mc. is, as aforementioned, the the worst possible choice you could EVER EVER!!!! IN ALL OF EVERS!!!! make for captain america

patrick on Jun 14, 2008


I like your Tenacity and admire your passion but I still like Matt Mc... Besides no one is gonna notice his arms anyway.... I will say this there are definitly other actors who could do it... I was just impressed with the role in "Reign of Fire" He kinda made the movie.... He really isnt a bad actor he did an outstanding job in "A Time To Kill" so it definitly isnt his acting ability..... He has just done some movies that suck...... But I respect your answer at least it was well thought out and you didnt just say ya didnt like the guy.... You at least had specific valid reasons and thats cool with me....

Marc on Jun 15, 2008


gerard butler all the frackin way, no surrender no retreat!

bate noyle on Jun 16, 2008


did you just say fracking? as in battleshit gelactidump? yeah...... no......

patrick on Jun 16, 2008


Choosing the right Director, Actor and Screen writer is no doubt the most important decision in a movie. If you look at some of the successful Super-Hero movies, the actors didn't necessary look the part but it is the charisma and energy they brought that made the characters shine. BATMAN BEGINS - Christian Bale, although initially a worried choice, worked because the Director saw the intensity that Bale can bring to the screen of a dark, disturbed character similar to his early performance from American Psycho. SPIDERMAN 1&2 - Director Raimi sticking to the original costume was the best choice and Tobey is a good enough actor to be Peter. IRON MAN - Robert Downey Jr. was able to portray Tony Stark to perfection because of his real-life connection to that character. Captain America is a born leader. He is the ideal of what America was built upon. His presence would demand attention and respect from everyone around him. He is ultimately the perfect soldier/boyscout. To portray such an awesome character, we need a great Actor, not a WWestler or sport athlete, because he has to be able to produce that kind of leadership and presence. There's not many actors that come to mind but I can think of a couple. Matthew Fox's performance in LOST as "Jack" was so impressive that made me nominate him as our Steve Rogers. When he's leading the survivors without hesitation I immediately picture him as Captain America because that's how Cap is like- fearless, selfless and strong. Matthew Fox's got that look and deep voice that just demand authority, plus he's tall and built too. He just need a hair dye and blue contacts which can be fixed easily. I have not watched Speed Racer yet but from the picture of him as Racer X, I am convinced he can pulled it off. Ironically, I think Josh Holloway from the same show is not a bad choice either but I think Thor would suit him more. Brad would've been a great choice but frankly he's just a little bit old now.

Jon on Jun 17, 2008


your definitely right about fox having the presence and stature for the job and although i did not really get into the lost series from what i saw of his work, i liked. In speed racer he was also way up there on the list of actors that did a relatively GOOD job on the movie. Fox for sure has the potential i am just worried that with a motion picture such as this he might have some troubles right off the bat but for now ill second the fox notion following my previous suggestion of Aaron Eckhart.

patrick on Jun 17, 2008


Man there are few good suggestions and a lot of horrible ones. All I can say is BRUCE WILLIS. Ok, I know he may be a little old, but does it matter that much? No. But hear me out. He has the perfect facial features. Just add a lil stubble for a rough pro-America look, [and yes I know Cpt America was clean shaven..] and he'll need to buff up a bit, but other than that I believe only he can pull it off. And how American is Bruce? Exactly, this movie needs to feed off of the pro-American propaganda that the comic books did. Give audiences a proud feeling of being an American, which G Bush had so unfortunately striped away. May I also mention that Bruce has also played a super hero type character in Unbreakable. Any to make a long argument short. If any one can pull this off, it can only be Bruce Willis.

C. Womack on Jun 17, 2008


the only prob with that is u forget that in the comic book Steve Rogers was somewhat of a sickly looking person before the experiment took place. Bruce cant be sickly and skinny and all that he is too much of a "super hero" and so unless they intend on having two different actors at the beginning of the film Bruce couldnt pull it off the whole way through

patrick on Jun 17, 2008


ah, true that. but as I mentioned he needed to buff up, meaning hes not as big as he use to be so they may have to graphicly enhance that for the first few scenes, then do some shooting after he gets back into shape

C. Womack on Jun 18, 2008


Also to mention, what actor would be able to pull off the skinny then-to buff? Make up can fix sickly, but thin ppl really cant get big. So, they may have to settle with a thin-med build sickly guy. But, I do see your point.

C. Womack on Jun 18, 2008


Only person that can really pull the sickly thin to fairly buffed is Christian Bale. Watch Machinist and Batman Begins. Bale normally weighs around 185 and dropped down to 121 for β€œThe Machinist.” He then went all the way up to 220 when that finished in order to get ready for β€œBatman Begins.”. No one can touch what Bale has accomplished, the guy is extremely dedicated to his work. As for Bruce being Cap, sorry I don't really agree. I can see where you're coming from on that though. After watching Die Hard 4 again, I can see an Alex Ross' Cap on Bruce's facial feature.

Jon on Jun 18, 2008


aaron eckhart!!! for captain america..if you really want a serious actor

Kyle on Jun 19, 2008



patrick on Jun 19, 2008


McConaughey has a very low percentage of being Captain America. Because he is known for his comedies. Not a serious fighter. He is not known for his brains either. And Captain America is not the smartest in the avengers, but has some proper wit. Bale cannot either because Captain America will fight with Batman in the Justice League VS Avengers. That will be the fight of a lifetime.

Johnathon on Jun 22, 2008


Matt Dillon

Jay on Jul 13, 2008


Matthew McConaughey as Captain America? Absolutely not.The man who has a obsessive compulsive need to walk around bare back and disrobe at the drop of a hatin order to continually maintain his reputation as lord of all celebrity beachbums as the shield wielding warrior-super patriot himself? Once again,no. Cap is a icon,when I think of Captain America,I think of apple pie,the national anthem,the star-spangled banner,the indestructible shield ,a boyscout who can still kick your ass like Superman,a super-soldier out of his own time,a born leader smashing a two-fisted yankee punch into the face of evil everywhere.That`s Captain America.All of that may seem over the top but then the guy is basically draped in the American flag from head to toe.I don`t think over the top should be a legitimate concern for someone like that.McConaughey can`t step into Cap`s folded boots.If a Captain America movie is going to work particulary in the post-911climate everything that makes the star-spangled Avenger what he is will have to be embraced.If they try to run from it and turn away too far from the source material and give him a contemporary twist like Smallville did Superman it won`t work McConaughey couldn`t exist as Captain America in the world that the movie would have to create in order for us to see McConaughey as this powerful wartime superhero. The man who would be Cap is out there Marvel just has to keep looking.But look past Matthew McConaughey.

jrobert on Aug 2, 2008


when i was watching tv the other day i flipped passed this show talking about young actors of our generation and one person was mentioned that i thought might have the ability to be cap if not the sickly version. Im a little bit reluctant about saying this but James Van Der Beek is very much the american prodigy. He has played the southern all american football quarterback, and with that role he also showed his acting "leadership" skills. He has the look he just needs to buff up a bit. Verdict?

patrick on Aug 2, 2008


You have all good choice, almost all. Just remember however that captain america is an army soldier with a great physic after the experience. I know is not a great actor yet but if he is well surrounded, John Cena will be incredible. He is physucally the best of all to put the role to his real image.

Christian on Aug 5, 2008


i would have thought society would have learned their lesson by now. Wrestlers do not equal actors. We have seen this MANY a time with our friend the mono-toned muscle bound Dwayne Johnson a.k.a "THE ROCK" and later the aforementioned John Cena in a little film called "The Marine" (which was sadly just on). Yes they have the physique but give any dedicated actor a few months to prepare with a trainer and you could make Jack Black look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (during his body building days). So obviously physique is one of the lesser factors in deciding what actor would do true justice to this epic role.

patrick on Aug 5, 2008


Paul Walker is the perfect choice! He's not too young, not too old. He can pull off the "before" and can certainly pull off the "after" and would be very credible as the leader of the Avengers. Great idea 15!!

Joe on Aug 20, 2008


Oh...and Bruce Willis for Nick Fury!

Joe on Aug 20, 2008


mc conaughey, captain america??? what's next, an italian red skull?

flo on Sep 7, 2008


the thing with paul walker is that hes never played a straight laced role. All hes played is beach bum, scruffy cali guys hes never played a role that i would consider him a great actor, Good actor yeah but not great. His characters have always been the same he never had to cover his voice or prosthetically change his face hes only done one roll tossed into different scenario plane and simple.

patrick on Sep 7, 2008


Shawn Ashmore! AKA Bobby Drake/Iceman. Just kidding. How about Nathan Fillion? Jason Statham? Scott Bakula? Bruce Willis? Justin Timberlake? Matt Damon!

Ghiadon on Sep 11, 2008


see u were goin in the right direction when u hit Bruce Willis but then just killed it with the last to like straight massacred it

patrick on Sep 11, 2008


Honestly, I go with Aaron "The Chin" Eckhart, if nothing more than the lantern jaw.

neddy on Oct 1, 2008


if aaron eckhart is cap. i would be the happiest fan boy ever

patrick on Oct 1, 2008


Bruce Willis, seriously. He has the skill, the reputation, he can do action, he's a thick-looking guy that has a believable frame when he works out. He doesn't look like a body builder, he just looks like a tough dude. Absloutely his best quality is the ability to be flawed and still project leadership. His only real downside is his age and that's not a big issue. Cap has been depicted as anywhere from a 25 yr old Super Soldier to a 60-ish grizzled old veteran. You really gotta have a guy who can project boy-scout and authority. Captain america once put out an all frequency call to the ENTIRE United States military saying (paraphrase) "This is Captain America! The Command Structure has been infiltrated! All forces hearing this call ignore all orders to the contrary and converge on my location immediately!" ...and they did. He basically picked up a radio and took over the whole U.S. military in about 6 seconds. Cap's authority doesn't come from him being the boss, it comes from the idea that he simply wouldn't tell you to do something that doesn't absolutely need to be done. I really doubt McCounaghey could pull off that kind of demeanor. Hell, Willis couldn't do it either, but he'd come closer than Matthew.

Durt on Oct 2, 2008


Thats a hell of a good argument. Recently ive been thinking about how for all of these comic book live action movies they have brought in no name actors for the roles, some great some..... well not so great. That got my thinking, what if they got an actually army member one whos been in the service, preferably a high ranking officer. If they did that they could get someone whos been in those types of situations knows how to think on their feet, yell orders and be followed in an instant in a life or death situation. Plus it would get a lot of the "research", that movie makers always say they do, out of the way because they would have a first hand record of the military life standing in front of them. Anyone agree? Disagree?

patrick on Oct 2, 2008


I think they should set the captain america movie in the 1940s.

Matt on Oct 13, 2008


I would suggest they visit both Army Bases and Marines Bases and search for a real and true american hero to play the part as Captain America. What better way to cast the role of a hero with a real american hero.

Patrick on Oct 15, 2008


Why not Anthony Michael Hall? Not only does he have a sharp enough physique and the appropriate look for the role, but he also comes from the same physical background as Steve Rogers.

Joe on Oct 16, 2008


because its anthony michael hall

patrick on Oct 17, 2008


Better choice than Matthew McConaughey. Besides, he does the intense bit pretty darn well in "The Dead Zone".

Joe on Oct 22, 2008


well honestly i love matthew, and even movie of his is a favorite of mine πŸ™‚ not only does he have the looks to die for, he is an amzing actor too!!

darah on Nov 12, 2008


crack is bad i hope you realize this

patrick on Nov 13, 2008


Jason Lewis is definately the look of Captain America. All American, fresh, but still looks like he can throw some punches.

Tyler on Nov 21, 2008


thats not a god awful idea actually

patrick on Nov 21, 2008


Dolph Lundgren if we could go back 15 years in time.

Chris on Dec 4, 2008


Christopher Gorham (an old boyfriend from "Ugly Betty"). He's got the wholesome all-american look.

cjhernandez on Jan 24, 2009


eh itd be like getting the dude from kyle xy (dont ask me y i know that show...) u get a lil of the feeling but in the end ur left wanting cuz the actor almost feel cheep like they didnt want to spend a lot of money paying a worthwhile actor

patrick on Jan 24, 2009


They will do the same thing that Sam Raimi did with Spider Man. Ger an actor who can pull off the acting part and be able to bulk up so he looks the role. When they find that person we'll all say I can't believe they chose him. And when we watch the film it'll be as good as we thought it should be.

Scott on Feb 8, 2009


Eric Dane from greys anatomy, I think he can make a breakout role if he was casted as Cap. Plus he just has the look of a military man... If they do pick a no name for this movie than they will have to do the same for Thor. Just to even out the playing field...

jason on Mar 23, 2009


HELL YEAH Matthew McConaughey - he's been my choice from the beginning. Forget the stupid naked bongo stories - he's an actor and would meld right into the part. Just go back and watch Reign of Fire and see how deeply he'll get into character (especially an impassioned military character). He's the man for this part, he'll add personality to Cap who deserves a personality. You get a no-name, that's fine - but don't put in some bland personality and expect it to do justice to the story. Matthew has my vote. And for Thor? Don't make the same mistake you made with Elektra - pick someone who IS the part - get Vladimir Kulich - the guy who played Buliwif from 13th Warrior. Thor should be Scandanavian, not Hollywood.

Albin Johnson on Apr 6, 2009


Why hasnt anyone mentioned Brad Pitt? I think he would be best for the role of Capt. America. Mainly, from his Role in Troy (Achilles).

Naron Williams on May 26, 2009


because recently none of brad pitts roles were truly believable after you see an actor so many times in so many roles its hard to connect to the character (at least in my book) unfortunately the last time he was in an enjoyable and believable role was in ocean's 13 and MAYBE (depending on you who are) the curious case of ben button

patrick on May 27, 2009


McConaughey would be the perfect hawkeye not Cap as for who it should be play Cap either be aaron eckhart or an unknown (no brat pitt or matt damon) and for who ever said john cene, just shame on you!

someguy on Jun 29, 2009


I like Keven McKidd for Captain america. He's got the seriousness to him, or even Anthony Michael Hall. He almost looks like he took the Captain America route through the years... young skinny dorky kid, then no he almost looks like a totally different person.

MorninSta480 on Jul 18, 2009


McConaughey was pretty smash mouth bad ass in Reign of Fire... but as Cap... I'd honestly say no, sure he might be ale to play the humble wholesome Steve Rogers and capture that character from the 60's waking in the modern age and protray it pefectly with his often times empty and lost gaze he has in all his movies... so what if he's a pothead or had pot in his possession that has nothing to do with Cap... Origionally I had the idea of Chris Pine cause he did a good job as Kirk but even if he beefed up would he have the stature? or just look like a fatter portly and buffed up kirk lol? This guy would in my opinion would be a perfect fit cause he can have the wholesomeness Steve exudes and the Leading presance as Cap... that man would be Josh Duhamel... think about it he was kick ass as the CO in Transformers and also had some realism as one being terrorised in Turistas.... why not Josh? And when one made the mistake of saying he was in Hitman I had to tip my hat and say a mental thank you for the RedSkull... why not Timothy Olyphant? He plays good psycos and sleazy types... Scream 2 and The Girl Next Door.... Hell he could probably even do a good job as a back up Cap with his acting chops lol nah I still say he'd make a great Red Skull As for picks like Mark Wahlberg and Nathan Fillion? Nice picks but Marky Mark just has too soft a voice to be commanding enough and Nathan is just too funny cause he seems to play the awesomely awkward captains lol.... If thats the case why not Kevin Sorbo... or that guy who played Leonidas in Meet the Spartans... Cap with painted on Ab's? lol

80Dubyah on Sep 14, 2009



LEEE777 on Jan 4, 2010


Does Matthew McConaughey hold a law degree ?????

Dr Donadams on Mar 30, 2011


He told Larry King Live on TV that he had a law degree. Does he???

Dr Donadams on Mar 30, 2011


Does Matthew McConaughey hold a law degree ??? He told Larry King Live on TV that he did have a degree in law

Dr Donadams on Mar 30, 2011


Does Matthew McConaughey have a law degree ??????

Dr Donadams on Mar 30, 2011

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