Rumor: Pixar is Pursuing Monsters, Inc. Sequel?!

August 1, 2008

Monsters, Inc.

Oh what a wonderful day! Pixar is one of the few production companies that can actually make great sequels. Well, they've only ever made one (Toy Story 2), but it was pretty damn good I'd say? MTV caught up with Pete Docter, who wrote and directed Monsters, Inc., at Comic-Con and asked him about the potential for a sequel. His answer: "We've thought about it… We've got a couple ideas." Of course they've got ideas, but does that mean they'll ever see the light of day? MTV followed up with Docter yet again, and his response this time was a nervous "I can neither confirm nor deny." Cryptic answer or just more fan speculation? I'd love to see a Monsters, Inc. sequel probably more than a sequel to any other Pixar movie (even Toy Story)! So let's just hope there is actually some truth to this rumor.

Unfortunately over the seven years since Monsters, Inc. first arrived, Pixar (and anyone working there) has consistently denied any truth to Monsters, Inc. sequel rumors. They insisted that they were not in the business of making sequels, with Toy Story being the one and only exception. And the sad truth of the matter is that almost all of Pixar's movies have been so amazing that I'd love to see a sequel of any of them, especially Monsters, Inc. Alas, here we are, seven years later finally hearing some buzz on the matter. And since Pixar officially announced that Cars 2 is in development for in 2012 and Toy Story 3 is in development for 2010, this may mean they've finally broken down and realized that sequels can potentially be as great as originals (and The Dark Knight has only further solidified this).

So hopefully this means Monsters, Inc. 2 may one day see the light of day! Even if we won't get to see it until 2013 or 2014, considering they've already announced their slate through 2010. At least it will be an unforgettable day when it finally does arrive! Anyone else agree with me?

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So many movies planned for Pixar...but they are all so far away. I hate waiting

Mr. Pockets on Aug 1, 2008


I hope they do monsters inc and the incredibles but please please please dont do another Nemo... should be left how it is! Also, interested to see how they do a cars 2

AndyUK on Aug 1, 2008


This is going to be something Pixar is going to enjoy doing. But i hope they bring out with their movies a little more faster.

John on Aug 1, 2008


I kind of want to tell Pixar not to fall into the trap of doing sequels. To me, their brand means quality. And when they're coming out with original concepts like Wall-E and UP!, it doesn't make sense to contiuing mining the same wells. I mean, Toy Story 2 was an exception because Disney was going to make that sequal and send it straight to video. They did the noble thing by taking on the job to protect the characters and ended up with one of the few movie sequels better than the original. But now that Lasseter is in charge of the whole thing... there's not that risk of their characters being co-opted like that. So why do a retread? That said, Incredibles 2 would be frickin' boss.

Tom Brazelton on Aug 1, 2008


No. Out of general principle, just no. It would undoubtedly be good, but... no.

Devon Shaw on Aug 1, 2008


I'm not in favor of Pixar sequels. I want them to keep coming out with original stuff. they're one of the few groups in the business doing so. Though maybe an incredibles sequel. They did set themselves up well for that one. The others... not so much. And a Cars 2 is eh. So, overall, I agree with #4.

dave13 on Aug 1, 2008


I hate the idea of Cars 2. Now an Icredibles sequel, now thats a sequel just waiting to happen.

Lee on Aug 1, 2008


I'm rooting for an Incredibles sequel. I love pixar, but that one was, by far, my favorite.

Nathan on Aug 1, 2008


absolutely i'ill be one of the dying fellow to watch monsters inc sequel! that being said, i love the way pixar is coming up with fresh concepts for every movie 🙂

bala on Aug 1, 2008


Just as in Toy Story 2 and hopefully all other sequels... the original cast is a must! Viva la Pixar!

Dave V. on Aug 1, 2008


monsters inc2 not so much interest as in the incredibles2! cars 2 might be worth it but i think they should stay original and away from to many sequels as they tend to water down the product

thejugfather on Aug 1, 2008


I don't really care about sequels much, but I am TOTALLY there if they go through with this one!

Feo Amante on Aug 1, 2008


Hire me for new ideas.

t.pfeffer on Aug 1, 2008


OMG!!! Something with billy crystal and John Goodman and Pixar........!pleasure overload!

sng.Sheep on Aug 1, 2008


This is the one Pixar movie I never liked. Bring on THE INCREDIBLES 2.

Ryan on Aug 1, 2008


Add me to the list of people who want to see THE INCREDIBLES 2.

Edward on Aug 1, 2008


Anything they do will be good. But because of that let them concentrate on fresh ideas. I read item after item on this website about the latest planned sequal to mediocre movies, or of some 80s reboot, or TV show to movie adaptation. New idea movies are rare, new idea movies with mass appeal even rarer. They've got lightning in a bottle, let it feed new ideas, that will be the greatest legacy they can leave.

Warren on Aug 2, 2008


Yeah, I'm totally there for The Incredibles 2 as well. Or even better, instead of a 2, do The Incredibles up like a series of James Bond films, always keeping the quality high - never any numbers. But that's it. None of the other Pixar movies need a sequel.

Feo Amante on Aug 2, 2008


So let me get this straight... Theyre pondering on a MONSTERS sequel, CARS 2 and TOY STORY 3 in development.. BUT NO F*CKING INCREDIBLES SEQUEL!?!? THE HELL MAN!? >_<

Carlos on Aug 2, 2008


I really want the Wall-E 2. Are you know, when it go out?

Dj.Gabee on Aug 20, 2008


When the article quoted Pete Docter "I can neither confirm nor deny", Pete was quoting straight out of Monsters!! It was an inside reference that the reporter obviously did not get - whew - waaaaay over his head. I believe Monsters will not happen based on my info. Misdirection, conjecture and unanswered questions are exactly what Pixar wants.

cooldood on Sep 3, 2008


yea im totally with the thought of sequels to pixars movies. Especially the incredibles 2 would be good seeing they have left it wide open with the ending to the incredibles (1). Pixar makes quality movies and i would like to see more.

Da Bom on Jan 8, 2009


totally agree, want to see another Monsters Inc...want to see what happened to Boo and the gang!!! Please???

Judi H on Apr 1, 2009


im with everybody else incredibles 2 would be beast. monsters 2 not very possible since boo is already in her room, no more scare stuff and no more laugh stuff monsters are no longer afraid of humans monsters 2 just doesnt seem possible. cars 2 since there cant be a doc anymore since paul newman died so theres not much of reason to make cars 2

max s. on Oct 24, 2009

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