Rumor: Ridley Scott Acquires Werewolf Script?

October 28, 2008
Source: Bloody Disgusting


Is Ridley Scott going to apply his cinematic sensibilities to the subject of werewolves? The news is oddly timely considering that Halloween is right around the corner, but that's just what Blood Disgusting is reporting. And even though we chase news from time to time, following the legendary director's movements like a stalker is just something we have to do, even if the development is big on surprise and light on details. Apparently Death Sentence scribe Ian Jeffers, who also rewrote the script for the upcoming adaptation of Castlevania, has sold an original story to Scott surrounding everyone's favorite full-moon critters. The first question we need to ask: Will Scott direct or produce the rumored project?

Unfortunately, we don't know that answer at this time (or much else). Obviously, anything Scott decides to helm is a huge development in the industry, but he's produced nearly 60% more projects than he's directed (including In Her Shoes if you want to get specific). Another question that readily comes to mind is what kind of footing such a project might have in the face of the 2009-slated Wolf Man. After all, you would think a werewolf film lead by Benicio Del Toro, Hugo Weaving and Anthony Hopkins would be the definitive modern take on the classic big screen monster. And I'll not dig into my skepticism of writer Ian Jeffers, given that his only credibility to-date is James Wan's generally disliked Death Sentence.

All of this is to say, I don't think we can get our hopes up for seeing werewolves through the eyes of Scott. I'm up for any movie of this sort, however, so I'm intrigued regardless. Whether this rumored project even gets off the ground will probably be heavily influenced by The Wolf Man's performance at the box office. That film isn't due to come out until April 3rd of next year, so I imagine there will be little further developments on this tidbit of news until then. Are there any other big werewolf fans out there?

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I think the progression is natural. Vampires ------> Zombies ------> Werewolves I think that Scott directing would be wonderful, as he seems to have a pretty keen eye for good, original scripts.

William Mize on Oct 28, 2008


so this makes ridley's what 7th project lol

nelson on Oct 28, 2008


Well... We've got not only Wolf Man next year, which will probably be pretty good, but also Underworld 3. If they come up with a great story, bring it on.

Lucian on Oct 28, 2008


Sam Merlotte ("True Blood") is a were wolf...he barks in his sleep, was seen running naked through the woods, and disappeared the night of the full moon...hmmm

Peloquin on Oct 28, 2008


hell yeah! this would be a departure from the norm for Ridley - and his fantastic visual eye would bring a lot to the table. I'd go see it!

dom on Oct 28, 2008


Werewolve movies are the bomb! But if he does it, he needs to do it in Real Make-up. Not CGI. It kind of takes away the scare when it's too computer generated. However, wouldn't this push back Nottingham even more?

The_Phantom on Oct 28, 2008


This screenplay must be pretty amazing if Scott bought it straight-up from a fellow with only two other major writing credits to his name (not that I'm knocking Jeffers' ability). If this thing actually happens, it ought to be awesome, regardless of whether Scott directs or produces. And I agree with The_Phantom-- keep it as real as possible and minimize the CG!

Werewolf News on Oct 28, 2008


CG werewolves were only cool in Van Helsing. We need more like American Werewolf In London. I still think the props in that one rock.

abomination on Oct 28, 2008


sounds cool but i don't really see it happening, for discussion whats your fave werewolf movie. For me its Dog Soldiers 🙂

Silver on Oct 29, 2008


Life changing news,,,

790 on Oct 30, 2008


#4 Incorrect. He's a shapeshifter.

MBD on Nov 8, 2008


I believe a shapeshifter can change into any form they desire and Sam has thus far only changed into a dog. So I stick by my assertion that he's a werewolf until I see him change into anything else.

peloquin on Nov 8, 2008


I concede after tonight's were right and I was wrong. However there are werewolves among them, just Sam's not one. Wonder who is....

peloquin on Nov 9, 2008

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