Rumor: Sly Stallone Tackling Cliffhanger Next?!

February 16, 2008


He just never lets up, does he?! After successfully revisiting and finishing off both the Rocky and Rambo franchises, Sylvester Stallone is tackling another one - Cliffhanger. The 1994 action film was about rock climber Gabe Walker who gets involved with a group of criminals who are searching for lost money in the Rockies. A very brief report from PR Inside claims that Stallone is gearing up to reprise the role in a sequel titled The Dam. I can't say if this is real or not or just a rumor, but one thing is certain - everyone wants Stallone to bring back his characters!

The report from PR Inside claims that Sony studio execs are in negotiations with Stallone to revive the character for Cliffhanger 2: The Dam. That's literally all they said. Who this came from or where this came from is missing. Considering it was officially announced previously that Stallone would be directing and acting in two completely new action movies, I don't know when he would find the time to make this. Especially considering he's already 61 years old. Everyone's already complaining about Harrison Ford being too old in the new Indiana Jones, and he's only 65. Imagine a 70-year-old Stallone climbing mountains and killing even more criminals.

When I was talking with a friend recently about the new Rambo, we actually joked about Stallone doing a new Cliffhanger as well. It turned into a discussion of what other great movies in Stallone's past would be awesome to see remade. How coincidental that this turned from a dream into a rumor and possibly even a reality. As much as I'd like to say this is ridiculous that Stallone is coming back and finishing off all of his films, both Rocky and Rambo were great. As long as they stay at that level, I'd be happy to see Stallone come back again as Gabe Walker, or Cobra, or John Spartan, or Judge Dredd.

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YEah this has to be false, or at most Stallone isn't involved. He said on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show that he was not involved in doing a sequel to this and joked about how bad the first movie was.

Kent Aron on Feb 16, 2008


Not Judge Dredd pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

bltzie on Feb 16, 2008


OMG!!!! please tell me alex you remember me saying he should do another cliffhanger!! hahaha

ha1rball on Feb 16, 2008


oooookay nevermind i guess i should read the whole article first!! you mentioned me in there!! hahaha iiiiim dumb!

ha1rball on Feb 16, 2008


he can reprise his role as a geriatric john spartan, and bad guys attack the elderly home and all he has to fight off the bad guys are his three sea shells he uses to wipe his ass and a bedpan for reloading

harrison on Feb 16, 2008


Bring back Tango & Cash!

soundtrackgeek on Feb 17, 2008


I remember watching Cliffhanger in a matinee back in 1993, and just about everyone laughed at the movie, its dialog, and corny characters - John Lithgow hamming it up as "Eric Qualen" was the highlight. But I still watch it whenever it's on FTA television, and occasionally rent it (where's that super uncut violent version, though?). If Stallone brings an older Gabe back to the screen, be sure to throw Leon in to the mix again; he was hilarious 🙂

avoidz on Feb 17, 2008


Who's complaining about an old Indiana Jones?! Send them to me!!!!

alex on Feb 18, 2008


It's going to be interesting to see if this becomes a reality! Two other possible sequels that could have great potential on screen, if done right, would be "Tango & Cash" (Kurt Russell is still around and still kicks a$$) and "Cobra" (why not have Stallone's buddy Arnold Shwarzenegger play the bad guy...anyone remember the bad guy in "Cobra" was the Arnold look-alike Brian Thompson?). Either way, Stallone is on a roll and I'm sure he'll be careful about choosing a follow-up to "Rambo"!

Spider on Feb 18, 2008


Haha, another Tango & Cash; now that would be interesting 🙂 It'd be fun to see Stallone as Marion Cobretti again, too.

avoidz on Feb 18, 2008


First part was awesome, that will be nice

free online games on Feb 20, 2008


LET the man do what he does kick ass and take names. cliffhanger 2 will make money and put asses in seats and that is the name of the game. sly rocks

Justin on Feb 20, 2008

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