Rumor: Stephenie Meyer's New Moon Already In Development

July 5, 2008

New Moon

I'm hesitant to write about this, but I know it'll bring in the Twilight fans. One would assume that since the Twilight feature film already has an excessive amount of buzz surrounding it, the studio would already preparing the sequel. STYD reports that this indeed the case, although it's only a rumor at the moment. Summit Entertainment, the distributor who is putting out Twilight this December, has already optioned the rights to Stephenie Meyer's New Moon and is developing it for release in December of 2009. Although I'm not personally into the series at all, I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that it could potentially become a thrilling new vampire franchise similar to Harry Potter or the Saw series, but for pre-teen girls more than anything. Yes, I did just compare Twilight to Saw

What I meant to say is that the Twilight series, from what I can tell, has a big and strong enough loyal following that it could easily become a self-supported franchise with new films being released each year. Summit could work through all four (or more) of the books, releasing them every December, as long as they continue to remain good and the fans continue to flock to the theaters in droves. The only way it might be able to achieve such success is if the first film becomes a mainstream hit that extends beyond just all of the fans of Stephenie Meyer's books. Is it possible? Sure, but I have no interest in the series at all and the first teaser trailer really didn't do much to change my mind. Maybe I'm just missing the point of it?

As for development on New Moon, STYD was told by the producers in March that they've "got the [sequel] script ready to go and come December we want to shoot it." They explain that weather is one of the reasons that they want to shoot right away. "Obviously, you know the next book and know we can go out into the sun a little bit more. Hopefully we'll have it ready to go and ready to start prepping for the beginning of next year." That sounds like a good sign for Twilight fans, but it isn't official yet. I'm sure Summit is actually waiting for money to show up in their wallet from Twilight first before they start throwing more towards a sequel. Does the idea of a Twilight series sound appealing to you?

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Well that's a stupid question. Of course it sounds appealing. New Moon is actually the reason I became hooked to the series. I liked the Romeo and Juliet aspect of the story and, although being without Edward was extremely difficult (and quite boring), the Edward/Bella reunion and the Volturi experience made it all worth it. And for those who didn't enjoy New Moon as much as the other books, the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart alone will make for another great film, and its a good thing that they're willing to churn these books out so quickly before this whole thing has a chance to lose steam. Plus, being that Robert Pattinson and the rest of the vampires are naturally going to age, this is a much more ideal schedule. A movie a year is very doable.

Michelle on Jul 5, 2008


O.K. before I read the books, I thought to myself - this is so cheesy! A vampire, come on. But then, I picked up Twilight and in a matter of less than 3 days, read all the books. There is something about them that makes you so want to believe that Bella and Edward are real. I will absolutely be at the premiere of Twilight and all other movies they are smart enough to make. I promise if you pick up these books, you will not be disappointed.

Stephanie on Jul 5, 2008


It's funny because my experience with Twilight is near exact to Stephanie's. There was something about the books that had me coming back for more like a hungry puppy with food dangled in front of my face. It gave me the same feeling I had while reading the Harry Potter series--a sense of mystery, fantasy, excitement--except with a handful more romance. I think if a movie series is truly to be made, there needs to be an emphasis on the darker side of things and Bella's voice must remain true since her character is so easy to relate to. Maybe I'm shooting words out the ass, maybe I just woke up and I'm feeling pretty cranky and hungry but I have hope for this Twilight ordeal and I'm excited to see what happens.

roflcakes on Jul 5, 2008


..but for pre-teen girls more than anything..... It's not just for pre-teen girls, there are a whole lot of us out here that are just as dedicated or maybe even more to the story Stephanie has given us. For us I think it's being able to relive young romance, along with all the trials and tribulations rapped up in a suspenseful thriller. Truth be told I am way more hooked than either of my pre-teen daughters. They started the addiction but I definietly took over and have been going at full steam ever since. Currently, I'm counting the days until Breaking Dawn comes out. But, the movie is definitely on my list too, and I would love to see all the books portrayed on the big screen!!! If you still think it mostly for pre-teen girls you should head over to TwilightMoms and see the gathering of people we have there!

Missy on Jul 5, 2008


Not all Twilight fans are teens. There are many adult fans as well. The story transcends age. I know I will support any movie they make.

Julie on Jul 5, 2008


Thanks for the article. Let me begin by mentioning that I am not a teen. Like many adults who are fans of the Twilight books, I discovered this series through my teenage daughter. In reading them, I was amazed by the beauty of the writing. Throughout the series Stephenie Meyer does a wonderful job of presenting the many aspects of love: family, friendship, loyalty, commitment, seeking first to understand, self sacrifice, etc. So many people think of them as teen books, but surely, one can agree that the above mentioned themes are certainly not age specific. They are for everyone. Bringing these beloved characters to life is the next part of the dream for its many readers. Many of my friends are looking forward to the production of these movies. They are parents (mothers and fathers) of my daughter's friends, her teachers, my colleagues at work. The fan base is expanding even as I write this message. So the answer is Yes. It is most definitely appealing if New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were also to be made into movies. I doubt that anyone would remain disappointed.

Innamorataditwilight on Jul 5, 2008


I agree with those above me who said that the series is not just for "pre-teen girls." I don't fall into that category and I LOVE the series, which has themes that are essentially universal and not restricted to a certain age category. I'm eagerly anticipating the release of "Breaking Dawn" in August. I'm looking forward to the Twilight movie and although "New Moon" is my least favorite book, I'll still be excited to see it on screen. So yes, absolutely...the idea of a Twilight movie series sounds very appealing.

Hazel on Jul 5, 2008


The determining factor will be the box office in December. I know the budget was small, but the advertising budget will be the same as for bigger budget fare...about $75 milliion. So, the fans will have to justify the sequels at the box office. I hope they get the chance to do all for novels and that the actors will continue the saga, but they will have to film them quickly so our favorite vampires won't show their age. 'New Moon' was the most gut far (Breaking Dawn may be the final nail in the coffin πŸ˜‰ ) but I really want to see the Volturi!

Wendy on Jul 5, 2008


Okay, first of all, guess what? I am a pre-teen. I discovered the books through friends and only just finished twilight. After finding out that there was to be a movie version of the book, i was over the moon! i went into obsession mode (ha) just like i had just before the recent harry potter movie came out. I soon found the trailer on the internet and found that it was EXACTLY as i imagined everything in the books to be. Ecstatic, i showed my family the trailer. NOW HERE IS THE IMPORTANT BIT My sister, 17 watched it and, afterwards, i was shocked when my hard-to-please sister was actually impressed, to further my astonishment, she picked up Twilight and asked if she could read it. Astonishingly, my father asked to do the same...weird. After my mother took interest in the movie too and my 7-year-old brother asked me explain the entire workings of Stephenie Meyers vampires I think i have made it clear that this movie is sure to be a killer amongst all ages.

Martina.luvs.twilight on Jul 6, 2008


Isn't it a bit early to start thinking about New Moon? From the recent 'completed scene' that was released online, the quality looks as good as any given episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which, while acceptable for the small screen, would look extremely shoddy on the big screen. Not that I expected anything more. The book was mediocre and suffers from overhype- I bought a used copy and honestly TRIED to like it. Now that Harry Potter is finished, I'd like to find a new addiction, and although I could tell by the likes of the fans that I would probably find it melodramatic, bland, drawn out, and generally lame, I opened the book with an open mind. And I was actually pleasantly the first two chapters. Then the whole book quickly descended into a mush of eye candy, purple prose, shameless filler, sparkles, sissy boys, and enough melodrama to make cheap Spanish soaps jealous. I expect the movie will be much the same, only minus purple prose, because it's very unlikely that they'll mention on the screen, in text, that Edward is "seraphic and has pale, iridescent skin like the purest marble of the gods, through which you can see his veins. And although he's an eternal teenager, he looks like a statue of Adonis, and he sparkles in the sun as though his skin were made of diamonds, or perhaps his body is faceted." Personally, covering yourself with ice is gaudy. Huh. I wonder if his teeth sparkle, too?

Petra on Jul 6, 2008


Oh, the delightful tutoring of we simpletons by the academic and eternally boring. How insightful. Thank you, Petra. I really enjoy reading the opinion of people who went in expecting something more than guilty pleasure out of a YA book about a teenage girl falling in love with a VAMPIRE. Were you expecting Falkner? Keats, maybe? LOL. I think Edward's manjuice sparkles, too, Petra. It's all very Machiavellian of him, don't you think? Eh, forget it, I think you completely missed the depth of Twilight by ignoring the deeper meaning behind Edward's penile sparkles. Too bad for you. Kthanxbai~

Michelle on Jul 6, 2008


Well, when I have teachers, friends, or any other people whom I respect raving about something, I usually expect it to be good, or at least interesting and not full of filler. And no, I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking... but a solid plot, characters I can care about, and a lack of passive voice would have been nice. I guess I'm technically a YA, so I've read my share of YA and don't think I'm above it. Hell, I enjoy most of it. Twilight was just silly, though, and I fail to see how so many people have been sucked into it. I think the movie will help expose some of that silliness to fans. Not that they don't deserve a good movie- if they can make a good movie out of Twilight, great. It would be nice to see more movies that are actually better than their source material.

Petra on Jul 6, 2008


But if they are enjoying themselves, and genuinely feel some sort of connection to the characters, for whatever reason, what's it to you? Let them have their fun. Stop being such a wet blanket. So you don't get it. You don't like it. That's cool. You don't have to. And I'm sure your reason for NOT liking it makes perfect sense to you. But what I cannot stand is when people try to make other people feel bad for something they enjoy.

Michelle on Jul 6, 2008


I actually know a number of guys from all age ranges who enjoy the Twilight series. For anyone who is sceptical I suggest that you atleast read the first book and then deside if you like it or not

Alice on Jul 6, 2008


I agree with what everyone else is saying about the ages - I'm sure a great deal of pre-teens have read these books, but it's very much like Harry Potter in that it's not a children's book. The people I know who have read them are in their 20s and even my grandmother is a fan now.

Kendra on Jul 6, 2008


Can everyone please stop talking about the whole 'Twilight fan age thing'? We are allready well aware that many people who are not preteen enjoy the series and it does not need to be repeated a million times without comment on the actual topic. I personally do not believe a studio should talk sequel until a movie has come out. I understand that in certain instances like Harry Potter or LotR it's okay because they are a done deal. However, with a movie like Twilight a sequel won't be made unless the movie does bank. It just irks me. It seems like nowadays EVERY movie has a sequel, especially ones who don't deserve it IMO. That raises a interesting question in my mind. Since Twilight is a book series, can the first novel really stand on it's own movie wise without a sequel? If it were to not be continued would the story be able to satisfactorily end? Or are the sequels required for movie to work? (ie LotR or Harry Potter)

duca on Jul 6, 2008


I think the first can stand alone. There is a definite beginning, middle, and end. Sure, a question or two about the character's fates would be unanswered, but the story itself could stand alone. As of right now, their fates are still up in the air going into the next book. But I think they may be jumping the gun a bit in that their planning the sequel already. It's probably a blessing and a curse that so many people feel deeply connected to the books. If fans don't like how the first book is portrayed, the sequels aren't going to go over well.

Kendra on Jul 6, 2008


You asked us- "Does the idea of a Twilight (film) series sound appealing to you?" My answer = Yes, it does. I've seen lots of crappy movies lately - Indiana Jones, Zohan, Love Guru...I can go on. Good cinema doesn't always come from well established film franchises or popular box office actors. If the adaptation of the first one is done well, then I would hope the other books are optioned and similar care is taken with their adaptations to film. Personally I would love to see how certain scenes from book 2 (the cliff dive, Italy) and certain characters (the werewolfs) are brought to life on screen. Lastly, I really don't get why the fact that the books are categorized as YA, or that Twilight the movie has buzz, is so off putting to many.

Elaine on Jul 7, 2008


You open up a whole can of whoop ass when you decide to categorize Twilight fans! books are aimed for that age level true but books nowadays are read by anyone and any age and knowing Twilights huge fan base *to which you so kindly invited us means that such a huge fan base is of course filled with plenty of baby boomers their kids, Daddys and yes some grandpappys/mammy's. Great article anyway, I will always remember u compared the great love story Twilight to Saw.... always

casandra on Jul 7, 2008


Ps. just a quick question Why would you ever write about something your not passionate about?

casandra on Jul 7, 2008


Casandra - Because I love bringing news to people as long as I feel like it's worth it. I'm very optimistic and although I'm not a fan of the Twilight series, I respect that there are fans (a lot of them) and in turn I want to treat them with news that they want to hear. But in the end it doesn't mean I can't have my own opinion... I'm very curious to see Twilight - but based off of the clips and trailer that I've seen, I don't expect I'll like it at all.

Alex Billington on Jul 7, 2008


Well im glad there is respect fan or no fan and this article was very much appreciated. until December.....

casandra on Jul 8, 2008


I am painfully awaiting the 4th book. I read the first three just in the past few days. Yeah I knoe, took me a while to pick them up, but once I did I felt compelled to go sleepless, untill I could not keep my eyes open before I could put them down. I am an adult too, so I resent all the implications that only a teenage girl can appreciate these books. Any person who has a yearning for a belief in love and fate and all that jazz would instantly become addicted to this series. It has modern shakespeare written throughout.

Sin76 on Jul 10, 2008


I was bored to death with new moon as there is so little Edward. Jacob isnt a compelling character at all and neither is the actor. I hope they beef up Edward's role in the film.

alison on Jul 11, 2008


I'll admit it, I didnt like New Moon as much. But it did help with the development of the story as a whole. As for talks of a movie I'm thinking not every Twilight fan will enjoy it, mostly because the eye candy wont be in the bulk of it. Who knows? Maybe the first movie wont be welcomed by all as it is by its fans and they wont be compelled to make a sequel.

champion of woman[WKUK] on Jul 14, 2008


Well... My 13-year-old (hates books) got them for her birthday and pestered me (35-year-old bookworm) until I read them. She also pestered her 60-year-old grandmother into it. All of us agree that "New Moon" is the best for action and extreme emotions. Guess what... my husband is almost done with "New Moon" right now. 9-year-old son can't wait till the movie comes out. Talk about an age spread on these. I love to read - will read anything - yet I don't re-read books right away. Usually I wait a year or so on the really good ones. Since mid April, I have read them 7 times and am almost through the 8th go round. I find new things each time. The movie(s) should be taken separately from the books. Same basic premise, but if you walk into the theater expecting the movie to be perfect, you will be disappointed. The books are mostly Bella's thoughts - ever tried to act out thoughts? Not only that, but the casting doesn't look like your imagination. Why? Because as Stephenie Meyer put it to a young lady who complained about Kristen Stewart, "of course not. She isn't you." THAT is what makes the books so good. Personally I hope to see all four onscreen!

Lea on Jul 15, 2008


My visions of Bella and Edward were very similar to the casting choices. I'm really just happy to see the book(s) onscreen and brought to life.

champion of woman[WKUK] on Jul 15, 2008


I will say I am NOT a teen. Infact my friend (who i will say is also not a teen) was the one that got me hooked on these books. I dont know what it is but these books are like a drug. you read the first one and then you want more. It is almost like the book breaths and lives. Although i will say that it took me a few trys to get into the second book new moon. I will be there watching the first showing with my friends (even if this is a "pre teen" movie.) And i hope that they make movies out of all of them. i am so excited to see how they compare!

F on Jul 19, 2008


I felt the same way you did about these books when my friend recommended them to me. I said, "I am a college graduate and there is no way I'm stooping as low as a young adult book". I'm so glad that I changed my mind! These books are ridiculously addictive. They're such fast reads that I can finish a book in a week by just reading it on the bus and it makes time fly. When I put the book down all I want to do is pick it up again. I have also missed my bus stop by miles on several occasions due to my complete attention being put on this story. Give the books a chance. If the movie(s) are half as good they'll be hits.

Liz on Jul 23, 2008


I have to agree with everyone else who said these books are addictive. I only picked up the first book because I read an article on the movie and it sounded good but after i read the first book (in a day and a 1/2) i then had to go get the next two and shut myself away and read and I was totally sucked in. I also agree that to call these books "teen" books is a bit of a stretch...I'm 35 and I LOVE them. I really want to know when and where the premiere will be so I can go I have to see and possibly meet Robert Pattinson...he is the PERFECT Edward.

Christie on Jul 24, 2008


Ok Iam trurlly addicted to the twilight series, I really dont want to see the twight movie, I LOVE the book and the rest of them too but this movie just doesnt seem like it will be that great, it might really ruin the books for everyone. Im much more excited about Breaking dawn, that looks awesome. I think they should have left a perfectly fine book alone not everything has to become a movie. I may be prefectly wrong, Ill just have to see the movie to be sure.

Kate on Jul 26, 2008


I don't think it'll be as big as Harry Potter (what is, nowadays?) but I think that it will definately reach beyond just those who have read the books, because the fans will take their friends and families etc. Also, it is being released near christmas when we're always forced to watch these crappy chick flicks or kids films; fairy tales and fantasies, so Twilight will be a refreshing change. If the first movie is a big hit, of course there's going to be a sequel, but I think by then people will have already decided whether they like the franchise or not and may choose not to go and see the second/third/fourth movies. I just hope the film makers don't repeat what they did for "a series of unfortunate events" and cram one or two books together, as some of the detail is lost.

gig girl on Jul 30, 2008


I think you would love it and get it if you read the books! If you have time you should read twilight before seeing the movie, you will see it in a whole new light.

Kat on Aug 5, 2008


first of all.. i almost cried when i realized then try to disregard the fact that Edward will never exist in real life. They better make this movie to comfort fans (mostly female) who wish the opposite. just to see with their own eyes that Edward is there (i thank Robert Pattinson with his handsomeness and superb acitng skills to make that possible) and for everyone to appreciate the essence of the story. haha πŸ˜€ compliments to Kristen Stewart too for portraying the perfect Bella. πŸ˜€ she may look stoic (i admit) but she's strong. She has those fierce eyes that convey mystery. Humanly perfect for Bella. Amazing. Those were the exact eyes that Edward wished sooo much to look into. He must be wishing still to read Bella's thoughts. πŸ˜€ Did anyone ever consider Renesmee having her own novel? I mean, think about it... Life would be a twist when you're half human and half DEAD. haha xD

Julie on Aug 10, 2008


I can not wait until December for the moview! I just found about the book series during my recent flight. I knew about the movie and was already excited! I am an adult and love these books! I bought the first three books and have read them all during my vacation this week. I am on a search mission now to find the final book. The actors chosen for this movie is totally awesome, the best! I hope that they do other movies but PLEASE have the same actors..I hate when they switch actors. PLEASE, PLEASE do other movies!

Annie on Aug 12, 2008


I would just like to thank everyone who posted (positive) comments about the references to "pre-teens" and ..well ..just everything amazing about the Twilight series in general. I no longer feel like a CRAZY PERSON for having my entire reality warped while reading all four books in roughly four days. I can honestly say I'm completely amazed, obsessed, in love ..and again reality is very off balance. As my over thirty year old sister [pre teen?] would say - "There is no reality. It's only Twilight". I would have to agree with some people that New Moon was not my favorite ..not enough Edward. Maybe Meyer's will give in and write a book of that though Edward's eyes like she is doing with Midnight Sun. I doubt it, but we could pester her with letters forcing her to, right? Blackmail anyone? DON'T LET THE SERIES EEEND!

Danni on Aug 16, 2008


I've gotten my mother, my sister, my cousin, my aunt, my teacher, and my older brother's 18-year-old macho best friend to read Twilight and they all immediately flew to the book stores to buy New Moon afterwards. My cousin was the hardest to get to read 'em. She took a month of convincing but she's totally hooked now. Give them a try, You won't be disappointed πŸ™‚

alexandra on Aug 16, 2008


I've just recently picked up the Twilight series because all of my friends are in love with it. Unfortunately, I am so far unimpressed. I've only just finished the second book, but I have little hope that the series will get much better. I think that Bella and Edward should be emotionally stronger. That's my main problem with the book. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to read the third and fourth book, though, because I'm giving it a chance. I am excited to see the movie, as odd as that might sound coming from me. I'm hoping it will be better than the book, and plus I love Robert Pattinson! πŸ™‚

Maggie on Aug 16, 2008


oh my god.. i just wnat it so much. I love all the 4 books and it would be so great to seeall of them on the big screen, itΓ‘ also my intention to do an auditon for the poart of jane, i thnink it will be difficult but who knows maybe i can get it =)

Adrish on Aug 18, 2008


I'll admit, being a hardcore Laurell K. Hamilton, L.A. Banks and J.R. Ward vampire fiction fan didn't endear me to read a vampire love story about "the eroticism of abstinence". I scoffed at such a tame depiction of a relationship between a mortal and a vampire without even trying the books. Months after reading that article, Breaking Dawn came out and every bookstore I went to (I practically live at them) had a display. I was between books, it is rare that I don't have at least three lined up behind one I'm currently reading, and picked up a paperback edition of Twilight and New Moon. Why not? I already loved vampire novels and it only set me back $20. I did feel a bit silly surrounded by young girls at the display myself being over a decade older. Nonetheless, I devoured them in two days and raced back to that very shiny black and red showcase to pick up Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Stephenie Meyer transports the reader back to school where one look from a crush could get your heart beating faster and blank your mind. After finishing Twilight I compared it to the very first vampire novel I had ever read back in 7th grade, the Silver Kiss. I remembered how I reread that book too, the anticipation and relationship in that book paralleling Edward and Bella's now. I am lucky enough to be able to read books and see them as a movie in my head rather than seeing their words. So it is only exciting to me that her series may spin into a movie franchise, including any possible rumors regarding New Moon. I do think the fourth book deviates from the first three and that it would be the most disappointing onscreen. Twilight looks promising although I probably go well after opening night to avoid any adolescent screaming throughout. Erika A Phoenix transplant via Chicago

Erika on Aug 24, 2008


My sister just got me hooked on the books. i've read the first 2 in 3 days. Twilight i only put down because i was at a wedding. The second book I picked up at the airport and read the whole thing in one day. The bond with these characters only leaves me wanting more!! I'm so glad that Stephenie Meyer has brought these characters to us...I'm 34 and reading these books, even about someone much younger, has truly impacted me reading habits πŸ™‚

gwena on Aug 25, 2008


I have to admitt I am a teen. BUT I did get my mom to read Twilight and my aunt so yeah Twilight is ageless. No matter how far into the future we go everyone will always be able to relate right? True love never dies =] I love the series and am hugely anticipating the release of Twilight in november (yay three full weeks earlier) My locker in school is full of pictures of the book and the incredibly handsome Rob Pattinson. So you can call me addicted, obsessed even as far as stalker. But back to the article now that the movie is getting closer I think enough money with come in through Twilight for a sequel but I am alittle nervous that if people see New Moon they will be dissappointed and won't be interested in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. I know New Moon didn't catch my full attention from the lack of Edward. So yeah it is a little premature to think about New Moon but the count down is on less than 80 days to go til Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS I know I ramble alot =]

edward x lover on Sep 3, 2008


I'm a mom of two, so I'm not in the "pre-teen girl" category. I admit, when my sister told me about the story line- I was a bit hesitant. But I gave it a shot and I was amazed. I read all the books in 4 days- which meant staying up till the early hours. But I was actually waking up excited to read. I love these books and can't wait to see the movie. I've never been so in love with a series of books and I would be elated to find out that there would be multiple movies.

Rebecca on Sep 9, 2008


Appealing doesn't even begin to cover it - and I'm not a teenage girl. I have no shame in admitting that I am almost 30 years old and I fell in love with fictional characters. I truly enjoyed the fact that Stephenie Meyer wrote these stories from the perspective of a high school girl. Sometimes we all need to escape - whether it is from our own high school lives or from the endless bills piling up next to the dirty laundry. These characters are beyond an age group or genre. Anyone who is willing to open their heart and experience these books for all they are will not be disappointed. The Twilight series is fantastic.. and I will have my butt firmly planted in a theater seat on opening night. And of course I'll be wearing my 'I love Edward' t-shirt πŸ™‚

MLL on Sep 10, 2008


Warning to people in happy relationships-these books made me doubt myself. How could I be satisfied with my 'normal' love life and not hold out for a Bella/Edward like love after reading this. I was in solid depression for about a week. The book made my physically hurt in some spots (Edward's absence etc.). It really took me back to my first love feelings and made me remember what it was like wanting to be with someone every moment of every day . . . and the "waiting". I also read all 4 books in 4 days. After reading the books, I felt like the Cullens had become my family and friends and missed them when I was done reading. I had to immediately re-read them before I could calm down. I thought I was absolultey crazy until I started reading some of these posts. Now I have calmed down and am back to "normal" life. I just can't wait for the movie (hopefully movies).

Wistful on Sep 22, 2008


I started reading the Twilight series only last week and became OBSESSED with it. I am a teenager but that doesn't mean adults can like it, too. Just read above. Almost everyone is reading the series because it's so thrilling. I even have a guy friend (no, he is not gay/homosexual) who is reading the series. It's great to see that New Moon might go into production soon. I know the movie will be amazing. And the actors look great (especially Rob and Kristen.) The series brings so much excitement and life to you, it's so fantastic and I can't see how people cannot be into it or like it at the least.

Cynthia on Sep 27, 2008


i loooove twilight and it's series! obviously a sequel sounds appealing....and don't categorize the twilight readers....there are guys and adults who read them too alright...and with your judgement it sounds like you haven't even read why don't you go read the books and then judge the way the movie hasn't came out yet soo don't start yapping your stupid views yet....the twilight series are the best and the movie is going to be awesome aswell orite and i am sure many people would agree... boys/adults!

Sarah on Oct 5, 2008


omg. i just finished reading the first one. it's very addicting[: i'm glad my friends told me to read it. at first i thought i wouldn't like it cause i'm one of those people who hate reading. but once i started reading the first one, i got hooked onto reading it like it's my obligation or something. and i swear; the twilight series is like a drug. i'm so happy they're making the book into a movie :DDD it's all over my myspace. but you know what would be cool? if they made a whole entire t.v series. that would be nice. well anyway, Stephenie Meyer, BLESS YOUR SOUL!!! πŸ˜€ i can't wait till i get new moon[:

Ashley on Oct 5, 2008


well i am not a reader at all i think the last book i remeber reading was the hungry catipillar by eric carl in like first grade. so my teaher made me read for ssr and the first couple chapters iwas a little bored but when it comes to hot guys living forever im al in so as soon as they mentioned edward i was in love with this book. i am dying to see this movie and i would give the world to meet Robert Patinson and Kristin Stewart but in any case this book is good for girls because its a true romance a forbidden love just like a modern romeo and julliet but its good for boys too because who doesnt like action and fighting and vampires oosing blood all over? I mean seriously just read the book whats not to love?

Sydney on Oct 9, 2008


I am a 42-year-old, stay-at-home mom and I'm completely addicted to the Twilight Saga! I'm reading it for the second time right now... My 20-year-old daughter brought me the books after she read them...and loved them! She's read them twice and now listens to the audio CDs while she's at work! We have everyone we know reading them, and even men my age are just as obsessed! So, is not just for teens, or pre-teens! I really don't even think they should be catagorized as such... My daughter and I love this story so much we even got Twilight tattoos! We can't wait for the movie(s)...and are thrilled that Robert Pattinson is playing Edward...he is perfect for the part!!! He and Kristen Stewart are exactly how we pictured Edward and Bella while reading the books... Stephenie Meyer has really impressed me as the only author to ever move me with her words the way she has! I read all four books in a week...I could not put them down! Stephanie made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me scream! lol I think about this story everyday, and I dream about it everynight...everyone does! I really hope Stephenie finishes Midnight Sun! I've only read the first chapter and my heart pounded away like crazy while reading it! Thank you, Stephenie! Keep up the great work! I am now one of your greatest fans!!! xoxococo

Coco on Oct 14, 2008


I am 23 & I love these books. I was so amazed by these books that I suggested that my two younger cousins read them. Which works out great because they need to read for school & they are so excited to see a book that they enjoy so much being made into a movie. The three of us will be there opening night to see this amazing love story. I wish I was lucky enough to be Bella Swan & I think a lot of other girls regardless of age would agree. My two younger cousins were fighting the other day over which one was more like Bella in real life. I guess we all want our prince Charming just most people wouldn't have thought of him in the form of a Vampire. But have you see Robert who plays Edward I think every girl can imagine him as her Prince Charming & I personally hope I get to see him play Edward in all four Motion Pictures.....

Leah on Oct 14, 2008


Sigh... well well well... Twilight is not only for teens, of course not! Is for 30 middle woman with a shitty sexual life too!. Admit it. The only appeal of Twilight is "Eddykins hawtness". This is not going to be BIG. Seriously. Anyone here read Breaking Dawn? "Don't burn it return it" Anyone?... The movie looks crappy. Sorry. "You are impossible fast... and Strong... you skin is pale white and ice cold..." WTF?. And please look at the numbers... the fanbase are teens and 30 middle woman. Obsessive, yes, but I don't think they have the money to go and see the movie again and again. People outside the fanbase are gonna think "Oh this is another paranormal romance movie..." And this thing, I mean the "Twilight craze" is mostly a "Bomb" in USA and UK. Harry Potter was a mundial bomb. So it's not comparable. Oh and by the way, if the are gonna do a New Moon movie, what is gonna be about? Bella goes Emo for 4 months... is that possible in a movie?, in Eclipse well I don't think the fad is gonna live for that, and Breaking Dawn?... Yeah sure... They are gonna do a movie about a sex-addict!Bella and her Rosemary's baby, The demon of spawn Nessie... Yeah Sure... Oh and yes i'm a TEEN, a "young adult" actually, and yes I read the books... I had read better stories in Quizilla or

Smut on Oct 15, 2008


Well, now that the series is (for now) over, I am glad that the movie is coming out soon to fuel my obsession. What else would I do, when I have read and re-read the books, and watched the trailers over and over? I would definetly like to see all four (and possibly 5) movies come out, for the books were fantastic. My only concern is that the movie will not carry the same amazing feel as the books do (as in Harry Potter 5) πŸ™ , but I think that I won't be put off if they are- I'm still a book-lover! I wouldn't mind so much- I understand that it is hard to create a movie based on thoughts. Either way, for good or bad, I have ben wholy sucked into the movies, and I desperatly await the coming of the other movies. ?Twilight ?New Moon ?Eclipse ?Breaking Dawn ?Midnight Sun

smile on Oct 19, 2008


And another thing- I dont condemn any who aren't as crazy about the series as I am. My friends got me hyped up with the series, but my family isn't into it. I get it- its not for everyone. Just, seriously, the book (or movie) has its good points. This series gives a whole new take on vampires ~give it a chance!~

smile on Oct 19, 2008


I most definitely think they need too make a new moon movie! It too is the reason I got so pulled into the story. I'm so infatuated with how real I believe the story, and how she makes everyday things happen in the book. Of course in every day life, we don't always get a happy ending, but we do like the perspective of it. I like both points of view. Having her with someone who is the utter most important thing too her, and also having her love someone who is much more compatible. The series in a whole needs too be done in Saga of movies, Just like the books. They don't need too go around the script. Which is going exactly as the book says and not doing it in different ways. Like many, I have been pulled into the series, read and re-read twice. The movies will just fuel my hobby of reading them so much more, I do understand that it is hard to base a movie on the thoughts of other people, but it has been done before, and made a sucess by some of the greatest directors of our century.

Amanda on Oct 20, 2008


Well I think that Twilight will be a hit and will get #1 in the box office. You have no idea how many of my friends have read all of the books and will be there when the movie comes out. I know I will. Twilight was soooo amazing. Before I had read any of the books I thought it was gonna be kinda stupid.. A girl falling in love with a vampire.. werewolf?.. really? Yeah, I thought it would be lame. But my best friend fell in love with it and had bought it for me for my birthday in may. I had probably put it off for a good month or two then decided to read it when i heard they were making a movie. After that, it became my all time favorite book. I bought new moon and eclipse the day after i finished it. It got to a point where i couldnt put it down. I had to read it. I finished all 3 in a matter of days, a week at the most. I know I could bearly wait till breaking dawn came out. The Twilight Saga Series is and will always be my favorite.

Michele on Oct 21, 2008


OMG!!!! i so wish this was true! i cant wait to see how they're going to make the huge wolves, and how big they will look, etc. i luv New Moon, because thats when the werewolves/shapeshifters are introduced into the series!! EEPP! i cant wait!

Julissa on Oct 25, 2008


Alright, so I am the girl who reads mostly Stephen King and who enjoys Nathaniel Hawthorne, Shakespeare, all that stuff. I figured I'd get that out on the table first. I bought Twilight over the summer for something to read by the pool that weekend. I was bored the day I bought it and thought that I'd read a couple chapters just to have something to do. Instead, I finished the entire book in a couple hours. Haha. I was definitely addicted, and I still can figure out why. Probably it's because I could honestly relate to Bella's character, especially in New Moon. I mean, that book was like inside of my head at the moment. I think that's why these books have become so insanely popular. You can relate to the characters and they seem real. I finished the series soon after that, and I got my sister, mom, and best friend, all to read them, even though they NEVER read. Haha. Also, I know a few guys who are getting into the obsession. The movie is going to be a hit and makes tons of money, I bet. People like the idea of this fantasy world. I just hope the movie stays true to the book and you can still love the characters the way you do in the book. We'll just have to wait and see :] BTW, the movie comes out on my BIRTHDAY!

Lauren on Oct 26, 2008


ok so i am like 15 and i am in lovewith the twilight saga i am one of those teens that only reads when nessary but when i pick up twilight i was mazed that i just couldnt stop the books are awsome i constntly talk about the series (my friendshaven even read the boks and they know em by heart) reaing the series has also helped me out in any ways i actually have made the choice to abstnt till im married. if they dont continue series into a movie i will highly be dissapointed. i already have the date and time set forwhen i go.

imani on Nov 7, 2008


Yeah I would like the twiligh series become movies. I rally want to see some of the characters like the voltairs and wolfs come to lif e and some of the scenes as well.

lauren on Nov 10, 2008


the books are amazing!! There isn't a soul I know that has read the twilight books and not liked them. And guess what..? I just saw the movie tonight!! IT WAS PERFECT! I mean I was baffled. Summit did an AMAZING job. When I heard who was playing who, I was a little iffy on some of the actors they picked. But when I saw the movie...BANG!!!!!! AMAZING! The acting was sooooo great too. I thought that Robert and Kristan did a great job and praise them for how awesome they are! I bet it was exciting for them and I want them to know that THEY ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, at the end of the movie, it ended like they were going to make new moon. I'm pretty sure they are, and if they don't...I WILL DIE! haha. I really think they should. They should make all the books into movies for heavens sake! Why wouldn't they want to!?

Emma on Nov 21, 2008


yeah i agree. The series is not just for "pre teen girls" as you say. It could be for anyone. My mother and my aunt absolutely love it. My boyfriend hasnt read the books but he went with me to see the movie lastnight reluctantly and after it was over he said he wished he would have just read the books. He actually wants to borrow my books now. And in the movie theater there were quite a bit of older men and younger guys more my age like 16 and 17. And a bunch of guys i knew from schools that said they read the books and actually liked them. So it really is for anyone at all ages. Not just women who like a good love story. So everyone i know including myself are all anxiously looking forward to the new moon movie.

amanda on Nov 22, 2008



Alex on Nov 22, 2008


I am so excited about New Moon. I haven't read the book but I think I am going to now. The movie was wonderful. I very much so enjoyed it. And I can't wait till New Moon comes out. Hopefully they keep the characters as the same actors. If they changed that it wouldnt be that great.

Kristen on Nov 24, 2008


i cant wait until new moon it isn't my favorite book of the series but i love the ending the twilight movie was so good i hate that i have to wait to see new moon

rebecca on Nov 24, 2008


So they are making new moon..and its going to very good. but in my opinion new moon was a great book.they all were. Jacob is freakin great. and u need to get over it. kay. I mean Edward is freaking great too dont get me wrong but Jacob completes the story. so get over it.

the one and only on Nov 25, 2008


twilight and new moon suck hsm3 for the win

booge on Nov 25, 2008


New Moon is going to be a much better movie since the first movie was such a hit at the box office so I am overly excited about the production....o and Booge is it? High School Musical 3 is a good movie but you don't have to be such a prude about the our choice in movies.....I'm positive that one day u will grow up and know that you rely should be more kind...But to all the twilight lovers out there "recces peaces"

tommy on Nov 26, 2008


twilight is an amazing movie! it was not as good as the book just because all movies based on books leave out many details. I think anyone who is able to read should read these books, they are the best books ever written. Congrats Stephanie Meyer on your success! read the books if you haven't, you won't be disappointed. Seriously

alyssa on Nov 26, 2008


i seriously cant wait for all the movies to be made!!!! twilight rules!!!

rebecca on Nov 27, 2008


Another 42 yo fan here! Judging by the crowds at the cinema, I would definitely agree that this story spans all age groups! My two teen daughters got me interested and I read all but Breaking Dawn before I saw the movie--twice. I believe Kristin Stewart is {almost} perfect as Bella, while Rob Pattinson is amazingly perfect as Edward. Seeing him in interviews, its as though he doesn't quite get it, yet no one seeing the film would ever know that. He has Edward down pat--its scary. And sexy. And yummy. And beyond beautiful. I get so tired of reading about the "teen angst" in this story. Its incredible, really. Edward is not truly a seventeen year old, but a wise, gentle beautiful man. Bella is an old soul who is extremely mature for her age. Maybe my view of it is different because of my age, but I'd rather see it my way than that of a screaming, giggling, antsy 13 yo. Even my 14 year old daughter was annoyed by it as we tried to watch. At any rate, I see this story(film) as a wonderfully deep, amazingly beautiful love story. I think so many of us wait (im)patiently for our own Edward(or Bella) to come along. That someone who we can instantly bond with;someone who would die for us and us for them. Some of us are lucky to find that, but I believe its rare. This movie brings out what I think we all desire deep in our hearts. Thats what I see. Thats what I get from it. I feel what Bella feels. I feel the pain that Jacob feels. I feel Bella's depression when she thinks Edward is gone from her life forever...and I feel her try to heal, though you know he will never escape her heart. This book may have been written for young adults, but I truly think it takes an "old soul" to understand it. Right now, Edward and Bella's story is a big part of my life. I love it. I think about it all the time. I wonder if my Edward is right before me, or is out there waiting in the wings. Eventually, as I am a pretty sane person, this obsession will fade away and I will move on to something else. For now, I am loving every second of it. Thanks Stephenie. From all of us "old obsessed" women out there! πŸ™‚

Kristine on Nov 29, 2008


i totally agree im 16 yrs old and all through the movie pple were laughing and i was thinking this part is not supposed to be funny be quiet i am so waiting for my edward

rebecca on Dec 1, 2008


OMG i read the whole series through out thanksgiving break (i was sick) but i am soooo exctied for the fourth one and Ed and Bella to be close ans kissy the chemestry is beyond real and in moon i am soo excited for the begining when Ed leaves i am soo ready to yet again cry my eyes out and then Bella with the motorcyle becoming a little rebel meeting Jacob jumping off the cliff in the water passiontaly saying i love you Edward Ugh and then the nice cars and the Vultari eeekk soo excited and then after Edward is finally back and they talk about it passionatlyy but i def want sooo moringg kissing and show more afffectionn pleaseeee

Julie Brown on Dec 2, 2008


Cranes –

Julie on Dec 2, 2008


Kristine...I JUST said the same thing you did, to a friend, about 5 minutes ago! I was just saying it takes someone old enough to have experienced love and loss, to REALLY understand this story...and what each person is going through. I was absolutely CRUSHED when Edward left Bella in the forest and I also felt her pain and her healing. I have felt that pain and reading this story brought it all back to the surface! In doing so, I believe it has helped me heal, also. I felt everyone's feelings, thanks to Stephenie! I also saw the movie twice and I loved it...I loved it even more the second time! I thought everyone did a great job and Rob and Kristin were perfect as Edward and Bella! I thought the entire cast was perfectly chosen and did an awesome job! I am now reading the series again and I'm in the middle of New Moon. I'm enjoying the books even more the second time around. I can't wait for New Moon and the other sequels and I really hope they make Breaking Dawn! I loved Breaking much I got a tattoo! :p ~42 y.o. fan! πŸ™‚

Coco on Dec 2, 2008


I actually saw the movie first, then I read the partial Midnight Sun that is on Stephanie Meyers website. After that, I read Twilight and am going to hunting for a good deal on the rest of the books today. I bought Twilight yesterday afternoon and read it all the way through last night. Not an easy feat for a mother of two whose husband is away for a military exercise. I am sure that the rest of the books will be great and that the movies will rival Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings in mood and effects. Although the movie and the book were different from each other, they still held the same core values, they were both very good. I suggest that all of you fans read the small piece of Midnight Sun. It is very interesting to see things from Edward's point of view. Also I think Mrs. Meyer may need some support on that matter because of the circumstances surrounding the partial post.

Megan on Dec 3, 2008


Ok, so I read all four books within a week, it became sort of an obsession. I felt broken-hearted whenever I had to leave them and go to work even. I became so involved with those books I could think of nothing else, they even filled my dreams. When I finished the last one a couple of days ago I never expected the reaction that followed the very next day. I was completely broken hearted that the story was over. I honestly didn't care very much for the movie, I felt that Edward was too harsh and it didn't show his smug/witty humor and Bella in the movie seemed a bit dead, I just didn't see the chemistry between the two whatsoever. I think that if I were someone watching the movie who had not read the book beforehand, I would have been completely lost and confused and wouldn't have gotten it at all. But, because I do love the book so very much, I was happy to have just been able to see the characters and story acted out in film (even though the movie I made in my head as I read was so much better). Even though I am sad that the story has ended, I know that it ended absolutely perfectly and that the only reason I am so heartbroken is because I could only wish that I was Bella Swan and live such an amazing life as hers full of love, mystery, and happiness and vampires like the Cullens really existed. So very very sad to be thinking and wishing such things. But, eventhough I am extremely excited for New Moon to come out in theaters, I can't wait for these emotions that the Twilight Saga has left me with to go away so I can continue to live my life already! Any book/story that can leave you like this after reading is truly worth reading, however painful it might be. Oh well, I'll be moving on to Wuthering Heights tonight (Bella inspired me to read it), hopefully it will take my mind off of things for a while.

Alexandria on Feb 3, 2009


I love the Twilight Saga series books!! they are so awesome!! I am reading the book Breaking Dawn on chapter 22 promised..I cant believe Jacob imprinted on Renesmee!! Its wrong!! I hope everything turs out well at the end of the book. Its just so sad the the story is ending!! please please please IΒ΄m begging stephenie Meyer to write at least one more book (beside Midnight Sun) IΒ΄m speaking for all the Twilight Lovers. Well...Peace and Love to all the twilight lovers and to stephenie meyer

Clarissa on Feb 4, 2009


twilight was only released in South Africa recently bout decem......... my cousin was blabbering bout the book and i become interest since am a sucker for books oh am not a teem am an adult young adult...........i never read the book but the movie i was hooked the movie is haunting me everyday...........i cant wait to get me all four books soon soon i will get me those books.........personally i do hope they dont change the cast.........the cast played brilliantly in the movie my heart was jumping all around the movie theatre i will get me the dvd too actors and actress played well cant wait for the 2nd movie to hit the screens gorg storie yes indeed a diffi love story i have encourage everyone i know to go and see the movie even my boyfriend who hates love story movies loves it. Stephanie Meyer you are a real entertainer to cum up wit such a brilliant story line.

chandre on Feb 6, 2009


you know people that make a negative remark about the twilight saga are just jealous that they dont sparkle. its the best book i've ever read.stephanie meyer is the best writer. also u know wat am not a pre teen am in my twenties and i have to say i love this story i have to say its better than romeo and juliet. dami march3 2009

damilse on Mar 3, 2009


Well, your blog isn't correct at all. New Moon's set date is actually November 20th, 09. They did a three book deal with Stephenie Meyer, and they are already filming New Moon. You shouldn't really talk about movies and books that have so many fans, and act like you know what you're talking about. You're most likely to get a lot of complaints from people who do know the series better than yourself. Thanks.

Erin. on Apr 7, 2009


everyone should love edward and jacob because they are both hot and sexy See Ya!!!!

edwardsgurl on May 26, 2009

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