The Boondock Saints Sequel Finally Greenlit?!

March 18, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Boondock Saints

This isn't really a rumor, but it's standing on rather shaky legs, so until it gets officially confirmed by the studio and actually starts filming, we'll call it "speculation." One-hit-wonder filmmaker Troy Duffy announced in a video on YouTube (via SlashFilm) that Sony Pictures has finally greenlit a sequel to The Boondock Saints. After 9 years since the cult classic first arrived in 1999, apparently a sequel has finally been given the go-ahead. However, as SlashFilm points out, this has been in production hell for years and still might not yet happen, but only time will tell.

Duffy mentions in the video that Sony has given the film a greenlight and that they will begin filming sometime this summer. Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and Billy Connolly were all mentioned as "excited" to return for the sequel, although Willem Dafoe (as far as we know) won't be back. Although Duffy chose to announce this fittingly on St. Patrick's Day, his video was quickly removed, which either means it's not true or they're waiting to officially announce it at a later date.

The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day, as the sequel is called, apparently has been in the works for a while. In 2002, Duffy said that the film had found financial backing and would have twice the budget of the original. However, legal problems delayed the film and its been laying dormant until now. Although the original Boondock Saints only made a measly $30,000 in theaters, it went on to become an immense cult success on DVD and currently sits with a 7.8/10 on IMDb.

We'll keep you updated on the progress of this sequel and whether it does actually happen. In the meantime, for all you Boondock Saints fans - would a sequel still be welcome 10 years later?

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HELL YEAH!!! I absolutely loved the original. It was one of those films that I didn't even know existed until a friend of mine showed it to me 2 years after it left theaters. I bought the DVD right away and watched it several times. When I heard there was going to be a sequel I was very excited but its been taking so long I kinda forgot about it. This is GREAT NEWS! I really hope they go through with it, and hopefully bring back Willem Defoe, his character was hilarious. I'm SO excited for this, it kinda makes me feel like river-dancing!

Tim on Mar 18, 2008


Lets put it this way, when i discoverd this film and showed my freinds it did not leave my DVD player for 30 days straight and was watched everyday. That film was amazing i hear Duffy is a douchebag, but the film was amazing. I will be First in line to see this if it comes true. And Shepeards we shall be, for thee my lord for thee, power hast decsended forth from they hand that our feet my swiftly carry out thy command. ALL SAINTS DAY FUCK YA

Ripper on Mar 18, 2008


A sequel to a monumental turd of a film? Let's pray to the non-existent sky-god that it doesn't happen.

Ricky Roma on Mar 18, 2008


is that question even worth being answered

dennis on Mar 18, 2008


and the fact ricky roma used the word turd proves hes a clown and has no idea wat hes talking about

dennis on Mar 18, 2008


Boondock Saints was simply on of the grestest movies ever made and is one of those films that only gets better the more you see it. I've seen it at least 100 times and would not hesitate to watch it another 100. It gets a bad rap from Tarantino lovers as a rip off of his style of film, but I am also a Tarantino film lover and I say Boondock Saints is a welcome addition to the genre which Tarantino and Robret Rodriguez help revolutionize. I've been hearing about All Saints Day for half a decade now and cannot help but get my hopes up once again that not only will it be given the official goahead, but will also kick at least as much ass as the original! "I can't believe that just fucking happened! it dead?"...haha, priceless!

Cmurder on Mar 18, 2008


One of the greatest movies ever made? Fuck me, what a load of rubbish. It's empty-headed nonsense. The characters are ridiculous, the device of Defoe's character revealing what happened in each crime scene is incredibly repetitive, the action is silly and the writing is adolescent at best. And to make matters worse, we're meant to hero-worship a group of morons. We're meant to think that they're great people. We're meant to identify with them. But instead they're a bunch of reprehensible twats. Yet Troy Duffy, eternal child he is, is in love with them. I mean, I can understand how pre-pubescents could be seduced by the film but I'm amazed that adults can't see through the bullshit.

Ricky Roma on Mar 18, 2008


Just watch it for the first time and i really liked it and will buy it if i see it, im really looking forward to seeing a sequal tho William Dafoe was hilarious in it and kinda disappointed he wont be coming back.

Curtis on Mar 18, 2008


Actually, it's not repetitive at all. If you'll remember, we never see what happens during the saint's "raids" until Defoe's character relives it through the crimescene. Up until that point, the audience has never seen what happened. And as far as "empty-headed nonsense" goes, what would you describe almost every other film of the same or similar genre as? Is terminator empty-headed nonsense too, since obviously no one in the audience can relate to being a terminating machine sent back through time to kill a future resistance leader? What about Kill Bill or El Mariachi? I can't relate to those characters but I can relate to their feelings for revenge and doing what's right in their mind. The same feelings the brothers go through in Boondock saints.

Cmurder on Mar 18, 2008


I liked it when I first saw it, just like most people, because I didn't know it existed. Then everyone started treating it like the holy grail of indie cinema. I think it's an alright movie, but overrated, which sort of ruins it for me. I can't watch it anymore. All the praise brought out the stupid dialogue and... the fact that the mob is so fucking cartoony. Remember the scene were they fall in from the vents? On the mob meeting where the boss was just pacing around and leering at everyone? What the fuck? I'm not IN the mob, but I don't think they carry on like Lex Luther.

DCompose on Mar 18, 2008


that loser Duffy still alive, huh?

carg0 on Mar 18, 2008


Cmurder: That's exactly why the film is repetitive. We go from one crime scene to another where Defoe looks around and then explains what happened. It's the same gag over and over again. And then when he started acting things out by making guns with his fingers I wanted to puke - it was so cheesy. And as for empty-headed nonsense, there's nothing wrong with a good genre film. When they're done right they're incredibly entertaining. It's just that this is a very poor example. It's just masturbatory wish-fulfilment. I mean, you bring up The Terminator, which is an excellent film. And it's excellent because it shows a lot of imagination, because the director is skilled and because it's just damm good fun. But The Boondock Saints is badly written, badly constructed and badly acted. Nothing works. Plus it leaves a nasty aftertaste. Like I said before, we're meant to get a kick out of these characters' actions. But they're complete tossers, people you wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. Compare this, say, to Reservoir Dogs. Not once are you asked to hero-worship the characters. They're presented to you and however you respond is up to you. There are no attempts to twist your arm like Troy Duffy does. He's so in love with his creations he doesn't realise how imbecilic and nasty they are.

Ricky Roma on Mar 18, 2008


Well to each his own I guess. I personally think the acting was great. I thought Defoe was at his best and the actor who played Rocko also had a superb supporting role as "the funny man" with some great one-liners..."I can't go buy a pack of smokes without running into 9 guys you fucked!". I personally could relate to the 3 main characters at least through their interactions with one another. If that makes me a "reprehensible twat" well so be it I guess. I do agree with you about Reservoir Dogs...Tarantino has an uncanny gift with dialouge (except for the character he played in "Death Proof"). As far as a lack of construction and imagination, I thought the construction of the film was imaginative in itself, and also well put together when all was said and done. With that being said though, please don't think i'm even remotley trying to compare Duffy to Tarantino. While I personnaly thought Boondock Saints was awesome, i'm pretty sure that even if 'All Saints Day' is a go, Duffy won't be able to make lightning strike twice.

Cmurder on Mar 18, 2008


I agree with you DCompose.. I thought the film was ok, and I'm still wondering why everyone talks about it like it's some kind of awesome art-piece. I don't really know if a sequel is necessary. The contrived "interviews" at the end of the film just killed a movie that was only OK to begin with and left me not wanting a second part. I really do think the director is just full of himself.

Alfredo on Mar 18, 2008


I am pumped, but it will probably suck

Laura on Mar 18, 2008


I agree the acting was a little cheesy but Defoe was amazing. The one liners and just some of the circumstances were pretty funny. Like when they accidentally shot the cat and and the whole rope gag. No one said it is an art piece but a lot of people can relate to the main characters in that you see people getting away with crimes on the news and you wanna do something about it but you can't. The movie wasn't repetitive and if you think it is then half the movies ever made are repetitive then. There are tons of movies that use the same approach multiple times in a movie but thats the trade mark more or less of the director. But I agree with must of the people in here in saying that the second one is probably going to suck but it doen't matter I'm still going to see it.

Caleb on Mar 18, 2008


I'm curious. My friend introduced me to the original, I went and bought it. I remember loving it a few years ago, but haven't watched it since. I admit that it's a flawed, but fun film.

Zach D. on Mar 18, 2008


Was Dafoe really that amazing? It was pretty cool seeing him go through the murders, but that whole thing seemed undeveloped. He did it three times, but it seemed like some gimmick to chop up the plot and make it more interesting. I could have done with them doing it in a linear way and saving time by having something about their father. Or maybe something more about the mob instead of them sitting around talking about how their job isn't "fun" anymore. Back to the father, or I guess he was their father I can't remember, he just comes in at the end, curtain is ripped off, ta da, but who really gives a fuck? It's like Irish Punisher with a gay cop thrown in for... the sake of having a gay cop? Oh and remember the last gun battle in the suburb, while DaFoe is going through it and the music swells and he's conducting an invisible orchestra with his sweaty hands? The climax to his weird insanity that happens ONLY in that scene? What the fuck?

DCompose on Mar 18, 2008


finally, been waitin for years but better late than never first was a great film, better than anythin tarantino made, im just afraid its been so long between films that this one will suck, but who knows ill still go see it

harrison on Mar 18, 2008


I found out about this a couple months ago from Ron Jeremy(yes, the pornstar). He was doing a Q&A thing North Bay and said he was acting in the flick.

Brough on Mar 18, 2008


Everyone that I've ever showed this movie to has turned around and bought it. One of my favorite flicks of all time - which I guess is saying a lot. Been following this sequel for a while and was beginning to think we'd never see it. I'm all for a sequel - make it happen!

Boo-Yah on Mar 18, 2008


NOOOO.... don't take MY FAVORITE film and dump it into sequel HELL. I am like harrison#19, It will probably suck.. and of course make no comparison to the first, but I will still go see it to see how bad they can jack it up

Dusty on Mar 19, 2008


The Boondock Saints was an extraordinary satire with extreme violence that was so in your face you practically needed a visor not to be blinded by the action! Normally I don't care for sequels to movies at all (unless their part of series - which then it technically wouldn't be a sequel), but I guess I am referring to a follow up with most movies just don't work and end up making the the first one look even better (i.e. Matrix Reloaded, Beverly Hills Cop 2....) But for this one, I would definitely like to see this story and character continued. I trust Duffy, I think he will do a good job. But if Dafoe isn't going to be in this new one, than he better come up with a heck of a supporting character to fill that void, cause Dafoe was great in the original! "I think the word you're looking for is symbolism". - freaking hilarious! The Boondock Saints - so damned good!

Conrad on Mar 19, 2008


Uh, hasn't anyone seen "OVERNIGHT", the documentary that shows not only why Boondock Saints didn't have a bigger theatrical distribution but show how much of an ass Troy Duffy is? There's no way anyone's going to sign on to this unless Duffy magically gives up his rights to Saints and someone else takes over. THE REASON THEY'RE HAVING FINANCIAL BACKING PROBLEMS AND THERE HASN'T BEEN A SEQUEL YET IS BECAUSE TROY DUFFY'S A DICK AND NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH HIM.

Will Ryan on Mar 19, 2008


i'm stoked. i absolutly loved the first one. i'd watch it several times in as many days. slowly getting other people addicted to it! So of course. I hope it happens! and soon!!!!

heather on Apr 13, 2008


i saw boondock saints some years back when i was just as blown away as everyone else. i went out and bought it the next day and watched it over and over and over. this movie isnt about life lessons and relating to the characters. its purely entertainment. some people are looking at it like we're handing out academy awards. sit down, shut up, and enjoy urself. this sequel i believe will be just as awesome, if not even better, than the first. troy duffy may be an ass bag, but he puts together a hell of a movie. and if u disagree, then u should have a toilet dropped from a 4th story window onto your head. just dont read too deeply into it. so have a coke and a smile douchebags. ALL SAINTS DAY WILL BE THE SHIT!

Will on Apr 18, 2008


I don't see it as the audience is supposed to love the main characters. They are anti-heroes. They are doing what can be seen as good, but in a violent and criminal way. They are supposed to be looked at as evil and good at the same time. Yes, that makes them that more appreciable in todays society, but they are not the good guys that we are supposed to love every aspect of. We are supposed to hate a part of them and love a part of them, not worship the all of them. That is what makes a good film, that the main characters, the "heroes" of the tale are not knights in shining armor, they do evil, they hurt people to get what they want, yet they still work towards a larger goal that is good in some way. I, for one, would love to see a sequel that is well done and not shit. I am very prepared to be disappointed. Boondocks Saints is an amazingly well done film. Dafoes character is great, and the thing he does with explaining each scene is clever and a good way to show what happened other then just simply showing it, as it builds his character as a bit of a loon. The brothers are well developed though the introduction scenes in the start of the film as people that have some rather vile traits. The bartender was a brilliant idea, and had some great lines for a guy that was in about a minute of the film. Rocko was a great comedic relief that brought that extra something that was missing. The father brought everything together in the end with his helping his sons to go off and hunt evil where ever it was. I thought the news interview at the end was funny. It provided something that can be a great closing as well as a great tie in to a sequel.

Saigio on May 21, 2008


Saigio: Couldnt agree with you more. I saw it in 2000 on VHS and i was one of those people who told everyone to see it. And for all you people putting down an obviously good movie why dont you go look up something you actually like and comment about that. Instead of wasting the time of people who actually like the movie. See i wasted like a minute writting those last two sentences. Hopefully the sequel if there is one will be at least a little decent.

G-ORIO on Aug 2, 2008


I agree. If you hate the movie so damn much, then why do you guys sit here and make it a point to vent about it and let everybody know how bad you think it is? Again, go comment about a movie you actually like. The movie was amazing, granted the production value was not top notch, the story line was original and strong, and was very daring during the late 90's. Will the sequel ever hit the screen, or even the reel? Who knows. But at least we have the original. Besides, sequels are never as good as the originals anyway LOL.

dublinray on Sep 19, 2008


Just to update this, I attend the University of Toronto and the trailers are outside my lecture as I speak. This film is definitely in the midst of being filmed.

Lza on Oct 29, 2008


Mr. Roma must be in a Coma, but thank God for anal retentive whiners and bitch-ass complainers !!!!! Contrast is a wonderful thing !!!! Saints fans don't want to be like everyone else! So carry-on Mr. romo, 7 times when , drop the "n" and you got whe whe whe whe whe whe whe, the whiners national anthum. Nothing will take the smile off a Saints fan

jeff matteson on Oct 30, 2009


Roma- Device? what device are you talking about? You know it's just a flashback mixed in with the present (and great editting), right? Or did that go way over your head? Let me know, cause I want to know if your just stupid or plain haven't seen the movie. Peace.

Gregger's on Oct 31, 2009


****It seems that every blog I have read lately has been moderately hostile toward the film... May I ask why you seem to have nothing better to do than type YOUR "mindless" non-sense in a blog about a film you cant seem to tolerate? Let ME remind YOU that you clicked the pages and followed the links only to read all the things that all the others on here may have written. I have also seen the movie 100+ times. It does still get better every single time. If you have nothing better to argue than, "The mob was cartoony so it sucked," or, "Its a 'turd,'" I would suggest someone tie you down so you would be forced to watch it everyday of your insignificant life. The movie is fantastic. So gently pull the tampons out of your asses and go back to blogging about Twilight or the Power Rangers. Oh yeah, Ricky Roma, youre a TOOLBAG.

ncheadle on Nov 1, 2009

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