Rumor: Venom Getting a Spin-Off Movie?

February 4, 2008
Source: IESB


We know not to trust too many unconfirmed reports, but this rumor is just too good to pass up. I really doubt that it's true (but I would be happy to be proven wrong), but at least it's a good one to discuss. IESB is reporting that Venom from the Spider-Man universe is getting his own spin-off stand alone movie. The only thing that's officially reported is that they've "confirmed that 'the studio' has met recently with several 'A list writers' about a spin-off film." As to which studio or even any more details than that, there is nothing, which makes me think this whole rumor isn't very sound. Know before you even read on that we're not trying to claim that this is true, but we're just discussing it simply for fun.

Venom is a villain from the Spider-Man universe that was spawned after an alien symbiote attached itself to Spider-Man. Once Spider-Man shed himself of the symbiote, the alien life form had gained the same powers as Spider-Man and passed them on to another host. The most well-known human host was Eddie Brock, who wore the symbiote suit and was transformed into Venom. The character is commonly known as Spider-Man's arch-enemy and is a super villain in the Marvel universe.

IESB claims that the project is moving forward at Marvel Productions, who recently signed an interim agreement with the WGA in order to continue work on their projects despite that the writers strike hasn't been fully resolved. This does technically mean that Marvel could be meeting with writers and working on scripts for any of its projects, but this doesn't mean that a Venom spin-off is one of them. Initially the rights to a Venom movie were owned by New Line Cinema, but since then they have reverted back to Marvel. And considering Marvel Productions as a company of its own is really ramping up its films, who knows whether a Venom spin-off is realistically in their sights or not.

This whole rumor seems very far fetched. Not only are they working on a Spider-Man 4, which is apparently a true rumor, but a spin-off movie based on a villain that was both well established and killed in the last movie just doesn't make sense. Of course they can break off from the Spider-Man universe that Sam Raimi created, but I think Marvel is smarter than that (look what happened to DC and Justice League). On the other hand, the biggest hype on Spider-Man 3 came from Venom. He was the key to their marketing and he was the essential part that made it so damn financially successful, despite the bad reviews. I easily remember seeing more Venom shirts at the midnight showings of Spider-Man 3 than Spider-Man shirts! So when you look at it that way, financially speaking, a Venom spin-off could be successful.

If they did do a Venom movie, what kind of story would it have? Could there be the possibility of exploring the characters of Carnage or Scorpion? Would Spider-Man even be involved? I haven't heard of a very big blockbuster that's based around a villainous character. Most movies are based around a hero or a good guy, or even just a protagonist, even if he's not all that good. With Venom, would they turn it into a movie where Venom escapes being caught and goes on rampages? Will someone please clarify this and pitch a good idea for a story!

As much as I'd love this rumor to be true and Marvel to try exploring a darker comic book character, I really don't think it would happen even if it was true that they were considering the possibility. I really hope I'm wrong, but I fear this is just a big rumor. However, that doesn't mean it's not fun to consider the idea and dream big dreams of Venom wreaking havoc on the big screen; that is, a lot more havoc than he wreaked in Spider-Man 3! I thought Topher Grace did a great job as Eddie Brock and eventually Venom, but there is a LOT more to explore with the character. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to Thunderlips from deviantArt for the awesome Venom drawing.

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i think it would be amasing if they produce a whole film based around venom. who is to say that he died at the end of spiderman 3? he just vanished. but wouldnt it be cool to carry on the story from there with venom, he has had everything taken away from him by spiderman his arch-enemy, so dont you think he would be just a bit pissed of but excuse my language i would be fucking mental! just think of it, he unleashes his rage and all his pain and setting out to gane his revenge, all the good scenes there could be in the film. we all know that venom is much stronger than spidy so imagin all the ficht scenes in it. but if they do make this film i am hoping they bring in much more marvel characters like carnage or mabye king pin or rhino. just imagin like in 1 of the origanall games the fight with venom and rhino wow that would be amasing, lol im gettin goosebumps just thinking about it:P anyways thats wot i got ta say and ill be back to check wot everyone else thinks. cya marvel fans 😛 and rock on marvel film producers

kcrazy monkey on Feb 4, 2008


Theres is a problem with making a villain movie. You have to want to root for the villain. And Venom really doesnt have any likable qualities. So what would the plot be?

Heckle on Feb 4, 2008


Well Heckle the thing about Venom is that he isn't really a super-mega-evil force... in the older Spider-Man comics he is sort of a good guy and goes around saving people... he juts hates Spider-Man more than he wants to save people and isn't as forgiving... But I think if they do it right, like completly ignore Spider-man 3 and retell Venom's origin and cast someone else as Venom, it could be ok.

CSpuppydog on Feb 4, 2008


It sounds nice.. and dangerous. The evil roll in the Spiderman saga is only cause spiderman exists. In a solo venom universe, it could turn into a "the fugitive" kinda movie. Like "Catch Me If You Can" but in a very, very dark sense. And, if the idea is making more than only 1 movie, they can explore and twist the carnage story making it as a venom event. Topher Grace MUST be involved... imagine Logan without Hugh Jackman.

Aburto on Feb 4, 2008


Terrible idea...Venom is not worth a starring role. Used as villian is enough. Bring him back in another Spider-Man movie or show the true origin in a Secret Wars movie but after that I'm against a Venom solo movie. I've been reading comics since I was 13 and after 23 years of that I'd have to say that there are at least 1,000 characters that are more interesting and deserving of a solo movie. I hope they don't do this. - Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson on Feb 4, 2008


still venom is sweet and i think he is just as cool if not cooler than spiderman

Nick Antonas on Feb 4, 2008


It would be interesting, but I think they should just continue where they left off in "Spider-man 3" and somehow a peice of symbiote is still alive and would lead to the birth of carnage. Im sure they can figure it out. I hope.

Joe Ortega on Feb 4, 2008


It'd be cool. Venom can be an antihero of sorts.

Batzarro on Feb 4, 2008


Alright well first off Venom is "clearly" the greatest villian/hero in the marvel universe he is a guy that was basically stripped of everything he valued by spider-man, what else is he gonna want except his death? Well and as for as far as the story goes it should start off where spiderman 3 left off he got out of the explosion, but not unharmed.....he must recooperate till hes strong again being if im correct venom in the comics had to consume human brains to heal, or "power" the suit, or eat lots of chocolate bars(like i said im not sure i think i remember hearing somethin about this) but since eddie didnt want to become a cannibal he ate lots of chocolate to satisfy the hunger so it should start off with him doing small robberies for the food, and stuff, but in return he busts some other more important robber oddjobbs like a bankrobery or somethin....while staying as far away and out of spidermans business, but the film should eventually bring in the birth of carnage either in the end or in the middle where spiderman, and venom must team up to defeat him which is a good thought also to think the little "spidey" fans wont go see this movie allowing it to get a R rating so carnage can have his fun......

Donavin on Feb 5, 2008


And to add to what i just said "spin-off" may be a key word, so this is the Darker part of the spiderman universe as venom as our star, he could beat some real baddies like rhino, or even help them, or better yet throw rhino threw a building, cause hes harming innacent civilians? Or maybe runs into a few other baddies like sandman again as a "good" alliance, cause there are actually allies by force, or be mortal enimies....besides spidey of course who doesnt stand a chance against venom....just lobbing around my ideas, dont shoot me lol

Donavin on Feb 5, 2008


I wouldn't say that giving Venom his own spin-off film would be a horrible idea...but it wouldn't necessarily be the best either. They tried that in the comic book world with a series called Venom:Lethal protector. Not all that bad but no where near as great as he was in the spiderman comics. Another thing that needs to be remembered is that the Venom from Spiderman 3 is not the Venom from the comics. A few of the depictions were accurate but his overall personality and root cause for acting the way he does is depicted in a very different way then in the comics. If his character would have been giving the proper attention it would have turned out much better in my opinion. However, even given more attention Venom as a character for story is very shallow and not much to work with. As awesome as the idea of him is, he is all action without any depth or purpose besides hatred for Spiderman. Not the greatest character for film. Villains like Lizard and Kraven could bring alot to the table and are ones that I would love to see in the next film. All that being said I have to respond to Donavin in comment 9 for bringing up the villain Carnage. Another character without much depth, but if they could ever put together a spiderman movie based on the Maximum Carnage series, and do it right, I would be overjoyed. Not much of a story but it would be the greatest superhero action movie ever.

Ken Evans on Feb 5, 2008


how do you not want a venom movie? The reason why spiderman 3 actually got all of its dues from is the venom fans, which was basically confirmed, that thee were more people wearing venom shirts, opposed to the black colored spidey, or red spidey combined. And carnage in a spidey movie wouldnt be all that great for the fact, he is a crazy killer, he needs an R rated movie to get his fullfillment, which is where the spin off comes in....little kid spidey fans, dont need to see it, but our venom, and carnage fans will get what they rightfully deserve...

Donavin on Feb 6, 2008


If you want a great Spider-Man story for a movie they need to do Kraven's last hunt the story took place in Web of Spider-Man #31-32, Amazing Spider-Man #293-294 and Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132 you could get all 6 issues for probably less than $30 and its also available in trade. Venom was awesome at first he hated Spider-Man and wanted him dead...then he got a long tongue and I stopped caring I didn't even know he was a good guy (sorta) I felt like they ruined a great character and really have not read a comic with Venom in it in probably 15 years...Although there were quite a few symbiotes in the latest Avengers comics this year. If they make it I'll probably go see it...can't be any worse than Ghost Rider. -Kevin

Kevin Johnson on Feb 6, 2008


Why do you guys like constantly say that it isnt gonna be as bad as (insert stand alone film) i mean come on those movies werent all that bad, dont get me wrong elektra blowed lol, but ghost rider was awesome, i mean seriously venoms own movie is gonna be the next best marvel movie guaranteed.

Donavin on Feb 6, 2008


Ghost Rider was not good it didn't even tell the story right at all it was weak!!!

Kevin Johnson on Feb 6, 2008


Thats what im talking about, i dont read the comics, so i didnt really care, the whole story explination at the begining, and stuff was good enough for me, but venom i really care about compared to ghost venom is gonna be an A grade film at bear minimum

Donavin on Feb 6, 2008


i think that Venom should've stayed alive in that 3rd Spider-Man. that would've really gave the audience a shock, on top of that for Venom to be spidey's nemesis, he sure didn't put a fight. i mean come on, for someone to be ur rival, don't they have to continuously get in dat ass from time to time. i must say that rivaly btwn. spidey and venom SUCKED! they could've made a longer fight or even put those two in S-M4. speaking of this, this reminds of another rivalry that could've went better. the 1st Batman film, Joker v. Batman. blasphemy!

theTruth on Feb 12, 2008


Spider-man3 was such a let down. The first 2 generated all the hype for the 3rd film. I love the concept of Venom (an alien parasite which models itself after spider-man! awsome!), however I do not think that a sounds story could be generated from the character. Lets face it, the story is the one thing that defines this movie genre. If the story and dialog are good, then the action will take care of its self (thanks to technology). Spider-man 3 deviated too far from the comics... Marvel needs to stick with what made the comics so great! P.S. I love how D.C. comics is taking a more "realistic" direction with Batman... CAN'T WAIT TILL JUNE!

David Knapp on Feb 12, 2008


Venom should have been the only villain in the 3rd Spiderman movie, then they could have focused on the story more. If written correctly a venom movie would be great.

rex prime on Feb 12, 2008


see now thats what im talking about for god sake we need a great writer, that is divoted to venom, to a complete spaz about him to really get what he deserves which is an honest to god rampaging flix! Which is why they meet with A-grade writers about this project =P

Donavin on Feb 12, 2008


How can anyone POSSIBLY be saying this would be a bad idea?? Venom is probably one of the, if not the, most successful villains in the Spider-Man universe. People keep saying, "how can they base a movie off a villain?" how quickly we all forget that in his later days, Venom became less of a villain and more of an "anti-hero" and god knows there are plenty movies on such individuals. What makes or breaks the project is the storyline and the actor. Don't get me wrong, Topher Grace did an admirable job as Venom in Spider-man 3, but in my opinion, the guy who played Sandman would have made a better Venom, off of being basically double the physical size of Spider-Man, and Venom was significantly more muscular than SPider-Man. As for the storyline, Carnage would receive a much greater financial success, but the movie would have to be extrememly long. And AMEN to the guy who said a spinoff should be R-rated. I mean cmon, if we remember the comics, how much of the story was dedicated to bashing people's heads in and "eating their brains"? Carnage would work in an R-rated movie, and so would Venom. Venom alone would b pushing it for PG-13, but it's possible.

Spencer on Mar 2, 2008


Finally some good credit towards it due!.......I thank you for that little religous thanks you gave me aswell!!!! XD But yes for a spectacular venom film needs to be an R rating but low on the R high on Pg-13 if anything, but with carnage a solid R so we can see the true pyscho in carnage, and the creepy venom we come to know and

Donavin on Mar 3, 2008


ok 1st of all donavin u make good points and yea a venom movie has 2 be made for us older fans im 16 so i would like 2 see a darker side 2 him and he is the reson i like spider man he was in the 1st ever comic of spider man i got and i loved him spiderman 5 plzz bring Venom & Carnage 2 the plate or just Venom but make venom ryt!!!!! carnage is the skinny god damit venom is the tank and i didnt like the person who played him he was also skinny i like a movie 2 get the facts ryt i dont care if the diracter dosnt like the bad guy he is getting payed good money 2 make him good so wtf he did a crap job since i was a kid a wanted a spiderman movie since the 1st i wanted venom in the movie and now he is we get 30min of a Venom Carnage mixed up thing i could cry donavin u should add my msn any way they should make a venom spin of 18+ i can get in 18 movies lol and in the venom spin off plzzz 4 the love of god make it Venom vs Carnage with some other ppl and as 4 spiderman 1 2 and 3 there good but venom made spiderman 3 go sky rockit wot dose that tell u so birng him and maybe carnage into 5 0r 6

mark on Mar 10, 2008


I believe that a Venom stand alone would be awesome, but I agree that it would have to be a R rated movie to really be Venom, and that's pretty unlikely for Marvel. I also agree that they should bring Kraven into the movies, when I first started reading Spider-Man, it was Kraven that really got me hooked, I absolutely love his very deep and mysterious animalistic ways

Jeeves on Mar 30, 2008


I think that it could have a good story. It could be about Eddie Brock trying to control himself and not become venom permanently. And with that he could do a little rampaging. I think he should be separated from the symbiote, and thrown in jail. However....the symbiote can come and take him over again, so venom busts out of jail. But....a small spawn could be left of the symbiote in the jail cell....and that takes over no other than Cletus Kasady, which in turn transforms into carnage. Carnage busts out and wreaks havoc! Venom then gets territorial and decides to take carnage out...but that's easier said then done...resulting in some cool fight scenes. There can also be loads of police trying to stop them as well. I think that the symbiote should fully take over Eddie Brock, but he controls it in order to be able to defeat carnage. Both fight to the "death", but venom comes out on top after an atomic blast from the army kills carnage but destroys venom's suit (symbiote). But it could spurge a sequel in saying that venom's symbiote survived as well as carnage, and in this sequel, toxin (a spawn of carnage) could be introduced. Personally I think this could work, but it also has to be about Eddie’s struggle to deal with his new curse and that he must learn to control it in order to defeat carnage. Could prove to be a kick-ass movie if they made carnage and venom actually looks like the comic version (not the spider-man 3 version of venom that sucked)

Bryan on Apr 29, 2008


Well you got it for the most part, but then alot of spidey fans are gonna be complaining its spidermans "job" to defeat carnage, OH BOO WHOO!!!!! The only reason spidey 3 was such a profit is because the damn director said venom was gonna be in it, but ended up giving him only 20 minutes of screen time max, and trying to kill him with the goblin bomb, when we should have no fear of his death, because he supposedly died in the comics, but turns out to be a returning villan, and the good knews is they have to stay true to the comics. Ok well besides my nice little rant there, the suit must be better made than the spidey 3 one, a good excuse would be that since Eddie just got the suit, and didnt know ALL its capabilities it was in the larva stage of use (pre-suit) and as he learns to control it the web like features fade and begin to form the REAL venom and his own image, or if that doesnt sit well with you cause it just got detached from spideys suit the web marks are embedded into the symbiote for a short period of time till it finds its new look. I know for a fact that they should bring in some spidey baddies that havnt made it into the big screen in this, basically making this movie satisfying for all the nemesis fans, like rhino (sorry, but hes gay =P) have venom mess him up a bit trying to be good, but ends up destroying parts of the city (maybe cause he used light poles as bats...=P) so hes seen as a villan, but is trying to be good. Also it needs to almost be a "spooky" movie, I love venom the most out of all the marvel characters, and I want him to be so scary, Ill piss my pants, Like when he came outta no-were on spidey 3 and grabbed spiderman that was perfect!....Kinda made me jump, but gave me satisfaction spidey is gonna get his ass kicked...=P. I think they should make this a very action packed movie, basically making the start where he "died" in spidey 3 so he can explain it or maybe when he bonded with the symbiote. Well i sure did type ALOT.....hope you guys enjoy...=P

Donavin on Apr 29, 2008


yea, and if they made a sequel they could use other villains from the spidey universe that haven't made it into theaters yet cat...electro....kraven the hunter...maybe even mysterio, that'd be cool. If they made a sequel, they should use toxin.....that would rock! I think they should just pretend like spidey 3 never even happened with the venom movie. The new incredible hulk is acting like the first hulk film didn't even exist. They should do that with venom and start him out being huge, long-tongued maniac looking beast. Not the pitiful wimp he was in spidey 3. I think it would be awesome to see carnage's body morph into weapons on the big screen. Man oh man, it will be sweet! But they have to do it right...or else it will suck

Bryan on May 1, 2008


yo wats up im a DETICATED spider-man fan seen all the movies, 1st one 10 times...the 2nd 5 times((didnt have much of a liking to it)) now the 3rd one sad to say i only seen it Twice because i was soooooooooooo fucking let down man....since the 1st one i hoped they put venom in the 2nd but i realized that was too soon then 2 came out and i found out venom was gonna be in it!!!! i jumped for joy until i found out wack as sand man was in it...and wtf is the "New Goblin"!? Harry was suppose to probably become HobGoblin but they fuckin killed him!!! and they made spider-man 3 about bullshit sandman and him killin uncle!!!! ok its was multiple this wrong with 3....Eddie Brock wasnt that fucking skinny!! he wasnt skinny at all! he was like a young Arnold ((the terminator)) and when they gave him the suit that was the only part they did right about him in the bell the ended is where i was soooooo close to walking out the theater...died by a fuckin Goblin Bomb!? are you serious?? they were better off killin him with a fall off the Impire State buliding man....everybody who loves comics knows only sound can harm him....nthn me personally i think there gonna bring him back into another movie because they cant do that like that at all this venom spin off i give credit to the people who were saying he fights rhino because he crosses path with venom and the him goin to heres where i think this would be good...picks up after this explosion from spider-man 3 that "killed" venom ((which nobody acknowledged he was dead in the movie which leads me to believe he's not and will be comming back for revenge)) but he is very injured and lays low for awhile((BUT! they get a dude lik the guy who played sandman kudos to the guy with that idea because he fits the "venom" criteria buff short hair good right??))...he has no place to go so he plans to do some lil jobs robbing stores then plans to rob 4 banks but on the 4th he finds rhino there and is taking his money...then rhino charges venom causing a fight that causes soo much damage to the city....but venom is so caught up in the fight forgets about the police...they know how to spot him because spidey gave them the heads up about the suit or he shows up with a sound wave machine to seperate venom the police swarm eddie brock capturing him and spidey dules with rhino but they dont show that((or spidey stops venom but rhino charges spidey sending him flyin knocking him unconcience and rhino gets away))....Doc conners is give the symbiote and holds it....but one night he didnt secure it so it finds its to a locked up in jail eddie brock.....of course the symbiote is traveling threw peoples cells but it ends up spawning off a piece in the cell next to eddie....brock turns back into venom then breaks out hoping to get his revenge and leaves....then they go back the cell that had the symbiote piece left behind...only to find a phycho Cletus Kasady...he sees it traveling towards him but he backs away then the symbiote leaps at him he falls it transforms spreads over his body black...but he lets out a dreadful NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO then turns red and he lets out the most craziest/evil demonic laugh you will hear...then he gets up camera 180s from behind to his front then he lefts up his head looks at the camera and laughs again with that big mouth of his and then the movies ends....which creating a sequal....idk it was just a thought but pleaz comment about that as the venom movie lol pce

RiLeY on May 1, 2008


Ok well very well put, but im sick of all the hero movies being all about the story.....I want to see venom tear someone in half man! I wanna see pure unmeasurable chaos! Like Ghost rider.... there was a little too much story, and less action....flip it, and put some other baddies in their this movie WILL be golden! =P

Donavin on May 2, 2008


I think that the first film, assuming that they are making more than one, should be full charge into bock's curse. It should be about him trying to control the beast that is slowly taking over his life. He tries to fight its power but gives in many times. He learns that the only way to keep him powerful is to consuming humans while in the suit (the first human can be that little boy with the in the comics). Brock cannot control himself and before long he is destroying the city, unstoppable. The military can fight back, but it doesn't affect venom. Simultaneously as venom reeks havoc (Eddie not being able to remove the suit) a man named Quentin Beck should be introduced. Beck recently fired from being the main special effects wizard for the local film studio, tries to prove that he can use his effects for something better. He dons the name, mysterio, and sets out to destroy venom. They confront each other and fight. Venom finds it difficult to escape from Mysterio's various tricks and gadgets, but eventually prevails after various battles. After one more final attempt of the police, police officer Patrick Mulligan succeeds in separating Eddie and the suit. Eddie escapes and the suit disappears. Mulligan is appointed chief of police on his way home sees a large figure jump onto a rooftop. This is venom. I think that this could work for the first installment, and then carnage and toxin are introduced in the following. It'd be nice to introduce some of spider-man's villains that ma7 never make it to be in the spider-man movies, but are still really cool. Rhino would work in the next installment with carnage as well.

Bryan on May 3, 2008


In the comic series venom turned into a "leathal protector" in his own comic series.The movie would probably be based on that idea.Also marvel characters have a habit of coming back from the dead.

Havoc on May 7, 2008


u ppl are crazy! a venom spinoff would be perfect, especially if they put the insane carnage in. Also putting in toxin wouldn't be bad since he will NEVER make a spidey film. in the comics he made a brief alliance w/venom and carnage so then he could break up with them then venom and carnage could work together to defeat toxin(just in case u guys dont know toxin is basically a hero and ally to spidey)then battle each other in an epic SHOWDOWN!

Aaron on Jun 7, 2008


i think they should make a venom movie,because venom is the only reason i ever got into spiderman and thats been since 1993,but what would be cool if they do make the movie is put sin-eater in it,the guy that set him up or framed him or carnage, screw spider man 4 we need a venom movie.but the face-off between venom and carnage that would be huge it would be just like the comic.

Robert Parker on Jul 8, 2008


Venom is one of spider-man's deadliest villains and i think he shouldn't have died in spider man 3.However maybe John Joner Jameson's son (the astronaut) could be the key to the new Venom if he goes to space and comes back to earth with the alien substance which could result in the rise of Carnage. The other costume at the lab could give rise to Venom as Jameson's son.

A-one on Aug 2, 2008


They can make a spin-off from the movie. Doc Conners has a some of venom in his lab. Just the only thing is how do you go on without eddie brock which was a horrible choice to have topher grace play in the first place. I would like to see this happend but seems as if giving any life to brock or the alien seems like a piece of shit story line. If they do it i would see it but this will be hard to pull this one off.

Steve on Aug 12, 2008


Well in Spider-Man 3, Eddie always refers to himself as Edward Brock Jr. so why can't Edward Brock Sr., furious about his son's death by the hands of Spider-Man somehow obtain the peice of Venom symbiote that Dr. Conners still has (I am aware that that is somewhat contrived...but it's better than "oh just cause he was disintegrated doesn't mean he's not out there). This could set up a Venom of the proper build, for the next Spider-Man and set up a Venom/Carnage spin off for the future by having this Venom sent to prison. As far as a spin off in that direction, you wouldn't need any other villians than that...However if you were to eliminate the Spider-Man element I'd recomend a change in venue. I also agree that Carnage requires an R rating, however a slight deviation from classic comic personality, would be to give more depth to his psycosis. Perhaps he's only got that total mad man hysterics while killing otherwise he's rather emotionless and arrogant. Something along those lines should shut up the nay sayers about how good a character Carnage can be.

Eledraug on Aug 27, 2008


People plz venom,venom,venom! Doesn't anyone care about... "CARNAGE"? Carnage was the most sedistic spiderman villain so shouldn't and surely you guys remember Venom a envy of Carnage. Eddie Brock (photograper)+ Symbiote = Anti-hero but Cletus Kassady (murderer+convict+psycho) + Symbiote = Carnage (more powerful than Venom). Rest my case. In comics Carnage was too powerful for spiderman so he needed venom (tragic). Hence a side Venom movie is worth the vote. Don't put down Venom movie unless you know say something about Carnage.

Symbiote GREATIST Fan on Sep 5, 2008


Here's my idea: It al starts as you see Eddie Brock Taking pictures of spider-man in action for the daily bugle. Spider man donning his black suit takes off, then he attempts to rid of the suit in a dark alley. He tears it off, and swings away. It latches onto brock, and he becomes venom. He then starts to drift off into his own world at work, then gets fired. He then lives his life as a criminal, and that is the whole part of the movie. He encounters villains such as Scorpion, Kraven The Hunter, Carnage, Lizard. Scorpion was hired to fight spiderman , as Kraven also wants him to, Eddie goes to Dr conners for help with the Symbodiote, and the Cassedy, AKA Carnage. Venom goes along rampaging through the town killing millions, you could get like the army into it, it would be awesome. Good idea

Jeff on Jan 20, 2009


I would really like topher grace to reprise the role They could make a good story in this, in the movie, you only see up to eddies stage where he loves what the suite is doing for him, but they could explore further into him trying to reject it, trying to overcome its in fluence. It could look closer into eddies past and fill out the border spiderman 3 set

Adam Duffied on Jan 24, 2009


a spinoff would be great but they should drop topher grace completely, he plays a good scrawny funny guy in that 70s show but he doesnt play a good beastly venom, they should completely start over with venom forget all that bullshit that happened in spiderman 3 he could have several long fights with carnage before carnage escapes and heads to a dark alley while being chased by a cop named patrick mulligan ,in the alley carnage reproduces a new symbiote and flees while it attacks mulligan and spawns the birth of toxin have toxin stand up swing away and end the movie

jimmy on Jan 29, 2009


ok that would be effen amazing but doesnt dr.connors still have a sample of venom who says that that piece doesnt get out and find someone or self contains himself and becomes the venom think about it watch the movie. think about..

jayrulz on Feb 27, 2009


ok w.e. jimmy just said holy shit i never thought about toxin and hybrid and shevenom and all those other ones damn good work that would be great but they should involve spidercarnage in that like have seqel starting with spider carnage and venom fighting cletus cassidy dieng and then carnage a venom dual it out and toxin ends by merging himself with them makin one symbiote hybrid being all three making his own spi-off now thats trully amazing!

jayrulz on Feb 27, 2009


i thought topher grace and the sm3 version of venom was cool. topher was great as eddie brock, special effects and cgi can handle most of the venom details.

Nikolai on Jul 16, 2009


hell ya, just make him creepy. u need to give em a mentaly unstable persoana but at the same time he thinks hes doing what right. think split persoanlity, since well it accually 2 personalities hes allways fighting with. and eddies mental battle against the suit never flees. hes got a battle going on in his head threwout the whole movie all the while hes going around spilling guts in his own sense of street justice. picture like flash cuts to scenes while hes dolling our street justice into mental battles with the suite's persona trying to piece together right from wrong, reality from skitsophrania. dude this movie can rock. think of that movie, with the kid and girl were haroin addicts? kept flashin scenes around, well that what its like in venoms head. this can work

matthew69 on Aug 5, 2009


and he deffanitly needs more drool and slobber

matthew69 on Aug 5, 2009


I find it funny that people say Toper Grace did a good job in movie and should return. To be honest, Eddie Brock and Venom weren't in movie at all but 20 min if that. So how can acted so well with less than 5-10 min screen, you kidding me? Don't bring back that fake Venom. Bring in the real body builder Venom. Have new actor for Venom. I think movie will be good if they stick well with character and add Carnage as villian, have spideman mentioned in story.

Joey on May 1, 2010


Topher Grace as venom ruined the spiderman3 movie. Venom should be big, dont really understand why they picked Topher Grace. Thomas Church (Sandman) would have been a much better venom haha.

Joedutchcost on Apr 17, 2011

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