Rumor: Will Smith Cast as Captain America?!

September 8, 2008
Source: MTV

Will Smith

Stop the press! This just in - an enormous casting rumor for Captain America has just hit! Apparently Derek Luke, who stars in the upcoming Miracle at St. Anna, told MTV that "they offered Will Smith Captain America." You heard that right, apparently the latest superhero casting rumor to hit is that Will Smith is Captain America! This is very, very far from being official or confirmed, so just be sure you know that this is one big rumor, nothing more. It's such a big rumor, that I couldn't go without posting it, so here it is to discuss. Is this good news? It could be! Will Smith is undoubtedly an incredible actor - at least in movies like The Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend. I'm just wondering if it'll be too big of a shock for most comic book readers to accept?

"Just shows you how times have changed," Luke mentioned. I hate to bring this up, but I think it'll be the most poignant area of a discussion: a black Captain America. To be perfectly clear, I have no problem with it, and I support Will Smith. However, as far as I know, there hasn't been a black Captain America in the comics or in the character's 67 year history. But that's all besides the point, especially since we saw Samuel Jackson take on the role of Nick Fury in Iron Man. The First Avenger: Captain America is slated to hit theaters on May 6th, 2011, so we've got some time before they finalize this role. And considering Matthew McConaughey was rumored before, don't expect this news to be the final news for a while. So what do you think - could Will Smith pull off Captain America??

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I don't mean to sound racist but.... Wasn't Captain America white? This is kind of like offering up the role of a live-action afro-samurai to Phillip Seymour Hoffman...

The Real Alex on Sep 8, 2008


There was a black captain america in the comics, and theres a younger version now in the young avengers. Will Smith is such a good actor I think I'd be able to look past the colour of his skin. Although when I picture Steve Rogers a lean blonde caucasian does come to mind. Also Nick Fury is black in the Ultimate universe so It isn't such a stretch for Sam J. to play him.

Nougat on Sep 8, 2008


He's a great action actor, while i wouldnt mind seeing him the play the part, but cant picture him as captain america

Pete on Sep 8, 2008


Captain America equals boring -- even with Big Willie style

oh,hai on Sep 8, 2008


Exactly! CM was a white guy. Why would cast a black man to portray and white super hero character? That would just be a poor casting choice. If they are going to do this movie, please do it right. It would be better to have an unknown or fairly unknown than an already huge star. No offense to big willie, he's an amazing actor but he is not right for this role.

K on Sep 8, 2008


Sure, Captain America is white in the comics and if the movie takes place in the same time as the comics it might not work to change that, but Will Smith really personifies everything I'd want to see in a modern Captain America. He is a great actor and a lot of people look up to him not only because of his stardom but also because of his values and integrity. The main problem I see with this rumor is that Smith already did a super hero with Hancock. I'd love to see him as Captain America though.

Andreas on Sep 8, 2008


I like Will Smith but this type of casting is as off as the idea of Nicolas Cage playing Superman.

Frame on Sep 8, 2008


Will Smith can definitely pull it off. All you guys trippin on Cap being and remaining white, are definitely NOT representing the ideals of the Captain America character. Lets ask Stan "The Man" Lee what he thinks.

Cyfer1 on Sep 8, 2008


I'm a black man and i just wanna say this... while Will Smith is a great actor, i have to agree that it wouldn't fit for him to be Cap. reason being i heard the film was gonna start out in WWII or something and i {realisticly} don't think at that time they would have picked a black man for the super soldier project and turn him into a superhero.... but maybe i'm being too PC...

DDOT3 on Sep 8, 2008


Captain America is such a ridiculous character that anything done to shake it up even a little is more than welcome. Will Smith would be great in this role.

Pdorwick on Sep 8, 2008


Ok. Will Smith could be the worst person for this role. I'm not racist, but Captain America is white. I think changing that much from the original comic would be a TERRIBLE idea. Also, the whole Will Smith personality doesn't match Captain America at all. I do like him, but he's not for this part. Please let this be nothing more than a rumor.

Peter S on Sep 8, 2008


Will Smith would be a Dynamite Fit. Wouldn't bother me if Capt. America, or any Other Super Hero, was a different color on Film. It's all on how well the Attitude/Emulation of the Character is Played. Does anyone know who was the Real 1st Black Superhero in Comics was?? (Interested to know).

Scully on Sep 8, 2008


his personnality doesnt equate to a tight wad that captain america would have to be

Pete on Sep 8, 2008


I agree with Cyfer1, Cap really is supposed to transcend things race and politics and be a symbol for the best of America's ideals- racism isn't one of them. If the actor and script is good it really is irrelevant how closely the actor matches the hero's psychical type- unless you are one of those people that wants adapted movies to march in lock-step there with source martial. But I don't see much of a point to that. I go to a movie that adapts original martial to see something *new* that also keeps the core ideas of its source martial. Captain America being white was incidental to the era that he was created in and not essential to the character.

Staatz on Sep 8, 2008


A) This is a Rumor, that probably won't come to fruition. B) As much as people enjoy Will's movies this just isn't a good fit. This isn't like the idiots that were upset when Common was cast as Green Lantern, there's an actual basis for an African American member of the Lantern Corp. but changing the ethnicity of Cap just doesn't fit the character or time period. Granted Tuskegee experiments etc... were using African American Soldiers, but I doubt the "everyman" "Super Soldier" project would have gone the same way.

Rob on Sep 8, 2008


Okay, I don't know much about Captain America, but I think I like this. I like it when movies go against the widely accepted norms. And I definitely favor Smith over McConaughey even dispite his skin color not matching the conventional Captain America. I mean, Matthew McConaughey? Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? He plays the same narcissistic, self-involved douche in every movie. What's the big deal, anyway? It's just a movie, and a comic book movie at that.

JL on Sep 8, 2008


#2 Ultimate Nick Fury is based on Samuel L. Jackson, they had his permission to use his likeness years ago, so it was very apropos for him to be utilized in Iron Man and the new series of Marvel Studios films.

Christopher on Sep 8, 2008


Wasn't Aaron Eckhart rumored? He'd be perfect...

Cedric on Sep 8, 2008


Will Smith is definetely a great actor but making Captain America a black man changes his entire character. I'm not being racist but WW2 America was a very different time and I don't think the US goverment would have picked a black man to undergo the testing process to become Captain America.

SlashBeast on Sep 8, 2008


The first several batches of Super Solider Serum were tested on black soliders, but only 1 case took. Then they tested it on Steve Rodgers. Also the new Patriot in the young avengers is his grandson or something like that. Also I am mostly for a while actor, but does it really matter? I mean look at I am Legend. If you read the book and the previous movies, the main guy was white, but did any of you care when you saw Will Smith play him in the new adaptation?

Syko on Sep 8, 2008


I like Will Smith as an actor but please, this is BS... a black Cap. I like Jet Li too, why not an Asian Superman while we're at it, maybe everyone on Krypton looked like Asians and Supes capsule crash landed in China instead of Smallville. I hope this stays as it is and nothing more, a Rumor!!!

Omega728 on Sep 8, 2008


"I'm not racist, but..." That line always cracks me up. Will Smith will do a fine job as Captain America.

Arslaan on Sep 8, 2008


Rumors had Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America and THAT was just stupid. Will Smith is an excellent actor and would/could have the proper build for this. IMO, disregard the race of Captain America and just get the best character for it, if that is Will Smith, then I will be there for it.

Mike McRorey on Sep 8, 2008


Come on guys, yes, Captain America is white. But movie making is a business, and businesses need to appeal to a wider demographic. It makes sense that the studio is going to want to have a culturally diverse Avengers team. So if the studio is going to take some liberties with the race of one of the characters to better appeal to a wider demographic, who's the best pick? Captain America. Iron Man and the Hulk are already cast, and can you really see them throwing out a black Thor? I personally love the idea of Will Smith playing the Cap. I think that Willie has always been a big summer blockbuster actor who just so happens to be really fuckin good at acting. So why the hell not!? When adapting a comic book character to film, certain liberties NEED to be taken. The mediums just don't line up as well as comic book fans would sometimes like them to. So if the change that they make to Captain America is that he's black, let it slide. Marvel has been making some great casting decisions as of late, and if the masterminds that thought of RDJ as Iron Man, and Ed Norton as the Hulk, think that Will Smith is Captain America, then let it happen!

Icarus on Sep 8, 2008


I think Jonah Hill should be Capn America.

Renaud on Sep 8, 2008


I would rather see him play black panther

dac_fan on Sep 8, 2008


Just like the remake of CANDYMAN is gonna be a whiteguy. Come on!!!

REAL6 on Sep 8, 2008


Yes! That would be genius casting Will Smith as Captain America. I grew up loving Captain America. Even watched those cheesy 70's/80's Captain America movies. I for one would love to see Will Smith in such a terrific role. Come on... Will Smith and Robert Downey, Jr. together in Avengers! Sweet!!!

Art on Sep 8, 2008


Smith would make a great Captain America...the interpretation from the comics doesn't have to be so identical to the original envisioning of the character. I would think an experimental program such as the super soldier serum would be tested on a person a little lower in the peking order back in the early 1900's rather than a caucasian individual anyways. Not to mention the political overtones of the country electing it's first black president (hopefully).

Peloquin on Sep 8, 2008


Jesus can everyone who opposes a black man playing captain america please google isaiah bradley? He was technically the first captain america.

hayden on Sep 8, 2008


#20 yeah, but the character Will Smith played in I Am Legend is nowhere as iconic or well known as the character of Cap. America... so there's no comparison. #26 Better yet, why not have Brad Pitt play Black Panther... that would make sense right?

Omega728 on Sep 8, 2008


Will Smith????????????? So much for Marvel getting it right. Damn! Talk about a huge leap in the wrong direction! Thank goodness it's just a rumor!

Pickle on Sep 8, 2008


As far as I know (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here with actual comic sources) but the very first Captain America was Steve Rogers. An attempt by Project:Rebirth to re-create that experiment (the data was lost when the lead scientist was killed shortly after Steve was turned into Cap) resulted in Isaiah Bradley (a black man) developing similar abilities to Cap, and taking over his mantle for a period of time. His descendant is now Patriot of the Young Avengers. Ok, comic book geekery aside: F**k Will Smith. A black Captain America? That would be like if they made an X-Men movie where Cyclops was a girl. While it would make the whole Cyclops/Jean Grey romance much hotter, it just isn't happening. Why mess around with the character we all know and love? The only reason you'd cast a black man to play someone who has been white for almost 60 years worth of comics now is for pure shock value. It's the movie studio using someone's race as an advertising gimmick, which is far more racist. Beyond the race issue, why Will Smith? If they did decide to go completely against comic continuity and cast a black guy, why not pick someone who can actually act? Maybe someone who doesn't insist on recording a lame rap song for every project he's in? Not to mention, could you really see Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark being inspired by and then following orders from Big Willy Style? I don't think so. I don't buy this for one moment because Marvel isn't dumb enough to make this big of a casting blunder. It's a rumor, pure and simple.

Peter on Sep 8, 2008


just pick a damn good actor and get it done asap! i dont care who...just make it damn good...(nw i sound like a damn good actor too :P)

xcv on Sep 8, 2008


Race aside, Will Smith is approximately 143 times the actor that ANYONE else who has been mentioned for this role. They might need Will in this to get me into the theaters. Captain America is only one step ahead of Hawkman in terms of being the least interesting mainstream superheroes. If it were up to me, I'd cast a Muslim in the role. That'd REALLY piss off the narrow-minded flag-waving rednecks I live around. 🙂

kevjohn on Sep 8, 2008


I agree with # 18. Aaron Eckhart would be the way to go. He has the look and definitely proved his acting chops in TDK which is what Marvel seems to be continuing to go for when it comes to casting their leads. Not the biggest Cap fan, but I'd have to say that Eckhart has the jaw to play him. I mean, that's all you pretty much see of him most of the time, right?

David on Sep 8, 2008


wow peter. you really don't know what a good actor is do you? will smith a bad actor? that's why he keeps getting roles right? and he hasn't made a song for a movie since wild wild west. actually there are only 3 movies he did that for... yes steve rogers was the first. bradley stole the costume intended for rogers.

toolips on Sep 8, 2008


@toolips There is a vast difference between a "good actor" and a "popular actor". Will Smith is a POPULAR actor. He's very likeable, he has charm and charisma. He's even managed to pull off some serious dramatic roles. But he's in no way a GOOD actor. I wouldn't give him an Oscar for anything he's ever done. Would you? Wait, don't answer that - you probably would. And THAT is why he keeps getting roles. What's next? Shia Lebeouf as Cap?

Peter on Sep 8, 2008


So, now what? a White Luke Cage??, I'm a big Will Smith fan and I don't meant this as racist, but I would like to see a more accurate film version on the comic, and I wouldn't think that the US would make a black man a Super Soldier on the times of WW2.

Apttp on Sep 8, 2008


i don't care who the actor will end up being, i just wanna know how much they're gonna fuck up the costume they make for him.

LeeMan on Sep 8, 2008


@ peter you're an idiot

toolips on Sep 8, 2008


@toolips Well, you got me there. Consider me put in my place. Well done, sir (or ma'am, hard to tell with the internet).

Peter on Sep 8, 2008


I don't mind it, but I really hope this doesn't turn out to be hancock 2.

Darrin on Sep 8, 2008


You all need to stop being so racist. What? You all think only a white man can represent America? Grow up already. Times have change.

White Man on Sep 8, 2008


Personally, I think Will Smith will do a great job in the role; I don't care that a black man is playing the role of a traditionally white character, it doesn't bother me at all. Howver, just because somebody wants to maintain the tradition of Captain America and have only a white actor playing the role isn't, in itself, racist. That reasoning is very subjective, so to claim that the person is racist in their view is incorrect.

Keith on Sep 8, 2008


I'd take Will Smith over Matthew McConaughey any day! @ Peter No, he's right. You ARE an idiot.

Joshua on Sep 8, 2008


i could totally picture this working. Will Smith is big money. For those saying this wouldn't be im just saying BUT wouldn't it have made more sense for them to test the syrum on an African-American soldier or even an asian one for that matter if they wanted to cast Jackie Chan or wouldn't be far-fetched for the gov't to mind sacrificing one of them

bigelowbeats on Sep 8, 2008


This is a rediculous rumor. Come on people. All I would see is the Freash Price as Cap, lol He would have to buff up at least 30-40 pounds and how would a black dude end up in Germany.

mayhemstudios on Sep 8, 2008


Will Smith as Captain America? Awww HELL Naw!!!

MacGruber on Sep 8, 2008


BLASPHEMY! #17 your right on! Scully.... please, come on!

Mulder on Sep 8, 2008


No matter who they cast...this IS Captain America... Apparently his real name IS Steve Rogers.

Viper on Sep 8, 2008


I agree with white man. cap can be played by some one white or black. Plus i don't know if its just me but marvel universe feels kinda split. theirs the comics and then the film universes. The films don't fallow the source material to close any way. other wise Gwen Stacy would be dead, Dr. Doom would rule Latveria, and the x-men would be wearing spandex. So it really is more about how good of an actor Will Smith is. Personally I think it could work just fine.

taylor on Sep 8, 2008


I like it but in the Avengers, Will kind of won't fit in. He makes his movies darker and deeper and he won't fit in while playing with Donmey and Norton.

Dave on Sep 8, 2008


51 comments and i still didn't get it what this entire thing has to do with "racism"... i mean i have no problem with will smith or whoever plays captain america (yes, skin color shouldn't matter) however i do prefer, if i could have my way on things, that movie makers stick to the comics... as a comic fan, the greatest wish would be to see your favorite heroes come to "life", to see them move the way you see and imagine in comics... so if the movie is set in the time where captain america was created then i guess it would be best to stick to a white-skinned captain america, if otherwise, like the new versions of captain america as other comments pointed out, then have a dark-skinned captain america... i know what matter is the character but at least give me the pleasure of seeing my comics COME TO LIFE...

miracle disease on Sep 8, 2008


I wouldn't care, heck, i think it would be awesome. But him being black is sure to cause an uproar with the fans, so i doubt captain america will be played by a black dude.

Darunia on Sep 8, 2008


In my opinion Smith could be good in this but I'm not completely convinced, while I love most of his movies and I think he is a great actor, the writers will have to re-write some of the script to fit in with him being black and it could end up being a refreshing look at Cap and still work. So I have no problem with a black Cap as long as the writers make it work. However, as someone already said Aaron Eckhart would be super awesome cause he's personality fits Cap's better in my opinion, and after his Dark Knight performance I think he is just a good an actor as Will Smith.

Crimson Snake on Sep 8, 2008


This isn't a black v white thing, this is a why the f. do they screw around with comics thing. So would someone be pissed if Matthew McConaughey played Black Panther? Why are you racist, what about David Schwimmer as Hitler in the Cap movie since its in WWII? Why not are you anti-semitic? Stick to the comics for shits sake. #9 was right, this is taking place in WWII would they deem a black dude to be far superior to their good 'ol boys back then? I don't think so. I guess if they decide to make Cap NOTHING like the comics hell make him a gay jewish black chick for all I care. But dont expect the die hard fans to like it. BTW I'm not a die hard fan of Cap but hes an icon, why screw around with that? What are they gonna do in HULK reboot 2010 make him pink?

Richard on Sep 8, 2008


i can see a black captain america! America is supposed to be the greatest, so why not give it to a black man. I am not raciest and i believe this is a good idea

sean on Sep 8, 2008


If the actor has the chops to create the character, I say cast him... Back in the day I thought they were so wrong about jackman as wolverine, but dude can act and add realism to the role. Something I'm happy to be completely wrong about. I would not want to see MConaughey as Cap. He has chick flick, not action movie appeal. Ican't picture an actor that would make this movie anything other than ghost rider or Superman returns. There are no brianers for roles like this such as Professor X, blade & beast, but I'm willing to bet a lot of the same people here posting their outraged opinions thought the same about Sir Ian (as Magneto), Downy jr, Bale & Ledger... -just my take; you're entitled to yours.

jmoney on Sep 8, 2008


It's all about the COMICS... so stick with it!

miracle disease on Sep 8, 2008


I can't picture this working because it TOTALLY goes against the story of the comics! The super soldier serum was tested on African American soldiers before they gave it to a white soldier, this would work if they were doing an adaptation of Truth and Will Smith was playing Isaiah Bradley, but not Steve Rodgers, it just completely turns the story around! Plus: Will Smith was JUST Hancock. How could he go from Hancock to Captain America? To casual movie goers that would look rediculous.

Kail on Sep 8, 2008


Not to be racist, but the guy has to be white.

Ryan on Sep 8, 2008


i'd say just stick to the way it's written in the comics....and that is cap is WHITE!! not against will smith as an actor but to cast him as an icon such as cap would be outrageous. the story would be blown because they already said it was going to be in WWII and there weren't many blacks in that war in the first place so how could ONE sneak through and become a super soldier?!?!? smith is a good actor but this has nothing to do with that it is completely about staying faithful to the comic books, cap was white and if you want to bring him to the big screen and think you are going to make any kind of money then STICK TO THE STORY!! making him black would alleinate a huge follwing of the comic and bring in fair weather fans or people that just want to see smith in another movie but the ironman numbers will not be there if this rumor is actually true. sorry but that's just the truth and not a rumor.

thejugfather on Sep 8, 2008


Funny how all you asshats keep saying "I'm not racist..." c'mon just say how you feel one way or the other it's all good. Personally I think Will Smith does sort of fits the role of Steve Rogers personality and morality wise and he does have that clean cut yet ass kicker persona. I think I'd rather they stick to the white Cap, but their is a prescendent in the comics for a black Captain America and a plausible explanation for Cap being black. In the comics there is 'Truth' the mini-series which tells the story of how 300 black soldiers were used as test subjects in trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum many died in the process those that survived went insane with only one lone survivor Isiah Bradley. (Think Tuskegee experiment only more badass and tragic.)

PimpSlapStick on Sep 8, 2008


Another point as to why Will Smith shouldn't be captain america: The Fresh Prince of World War II

Kail on Sep 8, 2008


If I remember correctly, everyone bitched and moaned just like they are now about Heath Ledger playing someone like the Joker. Huh... I wonder how that turned out...

chekur on Sep 8, 2008


#65 - I was just going to write pretty much what you wrote. "I'm not racist but..." yeah right. Smith would be awesome in the role as long as he takes the role seriously (like Bale & Downey Jr. have) and not how he portrayed Hancock (campy and over the top).

Mat on Sep 8, 2008


Smith is awesome in almost everything he does, the movie would be good and nobody would be disappointed after seeing it. Im glad this is just a rumor though, so I can hold out hope that Randy Couture will somehow be cast as C.A. He's the real Captain America.

babykicker on Sep 8, 2008


What about guy pierce? Lol someone said that they don't think there would be a black cap in world war 2? In the truth comic. I believe the super soldier program was first tested on a black man before it was tested on Steve Rogers. Wasn't will smith offered other superhero roles of white super heroes? Its funny like they forgot he's black. But someone made a good point I think will smith does kind of stand for all the same things as cap. Then again we could have another wild wild west but I don't think cap would suck as a movie it could play as war movie like saving private Ryan have fury and the howling commandos hunting red skull or baron zemo. For it to take place in modern day give it a die hard James bond feel. Just say that scientist died before the white test subject got to be injected into him lol I love it do it do it yes! I'd love to see smith with samuel Jackson and Robert doweny Jr awesome.

Samuel on Sep 8, 2008


I think it would work. I read a graphic novel back in the day about the experiments that lead to the creation of Captain America being used on black people first, due to the racial prejudices of the time. I forget the details, if you can't tell already, but if they're going from that angle, it'd be cool. But it'd also be cool to see retardedly patriotic Captain America fighting Nazis.

DCompose on Sep 8, 2008


I'm neutral on the idea of Will Smith as Captain America. He wouldn't be my first choice, but I wouldn't mind it if he got the part. My dream pick for the role would be Matt Damon.

Drew on Sep 8, 2008


if he does get the part, and if he's playing the isaiah bradley captain america then all this race talk wouldn't even be happening...

jack on Sep 8, 2008


Here's a thing. I don't care if I sound racist or not... I completly disagree with this (possible) choice. Captain America is white. WW2 was a different era, the powers that be simply would not have had a black soldier take the super soldier syrum. Stick with the comic. Captain America is white. Get over it. I like Will Smith as an actor but when I look at him I do not think "He could play Cap." Watch 'Hancock', 'Men in Black', or 'Bad Boys'. Is that how you want Captain America to even remotely act? I don't. Why not cast Luke Cage, Goliath, Storm, Blade, or even Black Panther with a white person? If that happene people would call racism and go ape shit. So why's it okay to make Captain America black? If the part is given to Will Smith I will not see Captain America or The Avengers movies. I really, really hate to say that because I really, really want to see both those movies...but not if they're gonna fuck them up with stupid casting choices.

Jeep-Fu on Sep 8, 2008


Why should it matter who plays Captain America? Michael Clark Duncan portrayed the role of the Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin very well. I've only known one person to have a problem with that and he is a co-worker of mine...who ironically said, "I'm not racist but...." LOL!! I mean seriously, which actor in Hollywood today could have played the part better than Duncan? Duncan has the physique of the Kingpin and even when he's laughing and having a good time he looks intimidating. I say whoever can do the best job at the part should get the role as Capt America. He's not one of my favorite characters, but I'd still like to see the movie if the previews can sell it. The movie would have to be very violent though. So whether he's Black or White, it's going to have to grab my attention if they want me to buy a $10 ticket. And in response to #67, I know what you mean about Will Smith taking roles over the top...but I believe he would play this one very serious.

Lee Jones on Sep 8, 2008


This is bullshit and I don't believe it for a minute. Will Smith is not Captain America. I don't see it happening, and I won't see it happening (in the theaters) if he is. It's too radical a departure of the character, and his Xenu-worshipping ass will not be receiving my money.

Rob Oh! on Sep 8, 2008


why does hollywood feel they need to cast black people in the role of white characters? i like will smith as much as the next guy but cap americas a white dude, in this day and age or not means it would be a definite july 4th release though

harrison on Sep 8, 2008



snowy on Sep 8, 2008


Screw this cast him as the falcon if you must. or the panther or does this mean that THOSE characters could be played by whites ?

frankb00th on Sep 8, 2008


GOD plz .....

Nbizzle on Sep 8, 2008


No one here is racist, those people saying yeah right, grow up, this is about the comics.

Richard on Sep 8, 2008


This doesn't make sense from a fictional standpoint. In World War 2 Captain America was the poster boy for the American forces, no way in hell a black person would've been allowed to do that in that day and age. To put it to perspective... would anyone have bought into a Nisei (2nd-generation Japanese-American) Captain America? There are numerous characters I could buy as being of an ethnic group other than white, hell even another gender than man, as long as it fits the setting... but in Captain America's case, being anything other than a white man makes no sense from the setting given to us by the fiction.

Jay on Sep 8, 2008


Will Smith would be great for Cap...U have to start seeing pass the skin, there is a reason why most comic book heroes are white, most comics were written when been a black hero wouldn't have been accepted, plus the movie would be placed in modern time, and WS has the talent and charisma to be a great Captain America.

Elvis on Sep 8, 2008


Actually, I was just reading up on the Isaiah Bradley (Black Captain America) page on, and it seems that they could be going a couple different ways with this. Maybe he's going to be in Captain America, but not necessarily him. Cap & Black Cap could fight together in WWII. Or Marvel could be building the possibility of the Civil War in the Avengers movie, since Patriot, a nephew of Black Cap, fights on the side of Cap as a Secret Avenger. Just a few ideas to throw out there. And even if Big Willie were to be Cap, I have no problem with it, though it does stray from the comic book history. A black man is just as American as a blond haired blue eyed white man, let alone any other race. If you love the stars & stripes, and willing to die for her, a person of color could be more American than many people I know.

Rusty on Sep 8, 2008


I'm with rusty. Smith's got the build, the chops and box-office draw to do it. SHOULD SKIN COLOR MATTER??? For all we know this could better than ironman or X2, but since he's black people are saying no. Why does Captain America have to be a WASP??? Laime. I thought we were further along than this.

mista dude on Sep 8, 2008


It's not about whether he COULD play Cap. Sure he could. Marvel could develop a sudden case of "don't care about the character's history" and cast him and I'm sure he'd do an okay job playing Will Smith (cocky, goofball, strong when he needs to be, etc). It's the same role he does in every movie. Only it's Will Smith if he was a drunk with superpowers, Will Smith if he became a cop, Will Smith if he went into a pseudo-steampunk western, etc... However, it doesn't mean he SHOULD play Cap. Captain America is white. Sorry to say that, but it's the truth. Look it up. He's white. He was a scrawny little white New York kid that loved his country so much he volunteered for experiments to try to get into the war. Period. You mess with his race, or his backstory, and you're not making a Captain America movie anymore. You're making a blockbuster to try to suck every dime out of John Q. Moviegoer. Show some respect for an American icon and be true to the comic, and to the character. And for all the people bringing up Isaiah Bradley, skip it. It's not going to be Bradley - it's going to be Steve Rogers. The Captain America film leads directly into the Avengers movie, so it's the same character. Finally - here's a good test for the casting of Captain America. I can't remember where I read it, but one guy was mentioning on his blog that Captain America was the leader of the Avengers and that you have to stop and think about what that really means: Here is a guy with enhanced human abilities, but nothing too phenomenal. He's not bulletproof, he can't fly, no laser eyes, etc. Yet somehow he's able to order around a near invincible Norse God (Thor), a billionaire packing more hardware than the military (Iron Man), and a giant that could crush him in a second and just happens to be a scientific genius(Giant Man). These guys obey his orders. They trust respect (and maybe even fear) him. Can you see a Norse God that could rain lightning down from the sky and has destroyed countless Ice Giants in bloody battle willingly taking orders from Will Smith? I know I can't.

Rob on Sep 8, 2008


Nooooo!!! This isn't right, while I am not against a black Captin America, Will Smith isn't a good fit for the character. Captain America was a proud, serious character, while all of Will Smith's role are played with a type of playfulness that just isn't Captain America. (Note: By 'All his roles' I mean his summer blockbusters, not his dramatic roles.)

MrSammich on Sep 9, 2008


He's Captain America...not Captain Africa!! How are they going to have a black hero/role model when black people at the time couldn't drink from the same fountain as whites or ride in the front of the bus? Will Smith is a terrible idea and this is probably to get him to drop his potential lawsuit against Marvel for discrimination when he called Marvel racist for not allowing Hancock to be one of the Avengers

Marc Madness on Sep 9, 2008


has no one thought for a second that he may just be cast as Isiah Bradley, and it could be a small role. and if they do an origin story with Steve Rogers, and Isiah Bradley, with Steve being the "real" Cap, what would be wrong with that? lets just wait until we get some solid facts before we get our collective panties in a bunch. thats my two cents...

atg2040 on Sep 9, 2008


and just to prove my point...

atg2040 on Sep 9, 2008


i just hope it'll not be another Hancrap

lostboy_1 on Sep 9, 2008



L on Sep 9, 2008


The fact is not that the the Ultimate Nick Fury character was just black, but he was modeled after Sam Jackson. It fits to have Sam Jackson play the role of himself. As far as Captain America being black...interesting twist, but Steve Rogers was white. Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, but to have him play a white superhero is a little far-fetched. Black Panther on-the-other-hand was a black superhero and was a part of The Avengers. That would be a great movie!

Corb on Sep 9, 2008


I'm with several others on the whole historical aspect of this. NO WAY would a black man have been chosen for any sort of "upgrade" at that point in history. The Tuskegee experiments (as Rob noted) were directly OPPOSITE of that idea, and instead took healthy black men and infected and killed them. I'm a huge Will Smith fan, but this would be too unbelievable in the historical context of the story. I think he would make a great Capt America, because I think he's a great actor, a very attractive individual, he'd look great in the tights and all...but the story would suffer from either being too unrealistic or they would change it to make it believable, and that would ruin the history of the comic book character.

RStewie on Sep 9, 2008


Hahah... Will Smith as Cap... Here's to still hoping for an Asian Superman!!!! Russell Wong could pull it off...

Omega728 on Sep 9, 2008


THE FIRST CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS BLACK!!! They tried the serum on a black soldier first, to see if a human could survive. Please know your comic history before you comment people.

Malcolm Edgecombe on Sep 9, 2008


My reasoning against Will Smith as Captain America: I can't imagine 1950's USA citizens treating black people as second-class citizens, if their most famous WW2 hero had been black. Where would that leave real-life heroes like MLK Jr and Rosa Parks' actions? Unless he wore a full-body costume all the time while fighting the nazis, and nobody noticed he was black, or maybe they forgot about it after 10 years.

Luis M on Sep 9, 2008


What's next? Jim Carrey to star in the biopic of Don King... It is NOT racial whatsoever except for the people that play the race card on a daily basis. This is an fine example of what is wrong with America. Apparently, by default you are a racist... Now if they wanted to redo Spawn in a rebooted rated R manner instead of the crappy-may-as-well-been-rated-G-piece-of-crap, then Will Smith might work...

JohnnyFive on Sep 9, 2008


Will Smith can pull it off hands down. Matthew McConaughey fits the looks but Will Smith has the acting down pat. Plus a black super soldier fighting the Nazis and going up against red skull... I LOVE IT. They could even add in a twist where Red Skull tries to bring Cap to the Nazi side showing he isn't in it for the Nazi Ideals but for other things (occult etc etc). Lots of stuff to play with. 🙂

Mo Sparx on Sep 9, 2008


weren't be just complaining about piccolo not being green ... does that make me a 'speciesist'?

casey on Sep 9, 2008


If they test it on black soldiers first that doesn't make them all Captain America. They were just experiments, that's it. So if they tested it on a monkey first, does that make the monkey the first Captain America? Even though the first serum was tested on a Black soldier, he is NOT Cap America, was he known as Captain America? No! So it's that simple, why are you guys even arguing about this?

Omega728 on Sep 9, 2008


Capt. America as a Black man... If a person were to read through most of the comments that have been posted about this controversial topic you will see that the overwhelming criterion for whether or not Will Smith could play Captain America is the color of his skin. Even for you people who claim to be huge Will Smith fans and huge Marvel fans dont you think that you are being a bit of a bigot? Dont you feel that the Criterion for who should play arguably one of Marvel comics most succesful and iconic comic figures should be based on more than the color of thieir skin? The reality is, if you want to look at hollywood top grossing male stars Will Smith is right at the top. I think that actor that plays Capt. America should based upon alot more then the color of a persons skin, How about the devotion of the actor to the character or simply box office appeal and movie quality. All of you are obviously moviegoers and have propably seen films likd ID4, Bad Boys, I am legend so you know that if Will Smith is involved with a film its going to have quality action, good special effects and a relatively good plot and character arc. Basically what I am trying to get across to you haters is if you are going to hate, make it constructive at least! And if you are going to doubt on a black man your hating feels more credible when it is not one of the most succesful actors of all time black or white.

Nuff Said!! on Sep 9, 2008


In the comics Captain America was created as the poster boy for America to lift moral and help win the second world war. The super soldier formula was tested on black GI's but it failed. Steve Rogers was a week man with a strong desire to fight for his country. The formula worked and Cap was born. That's the story... period. Do you honestly think the 1940's American government would permit a black man to be the poster boy for their troops? The answer is sadly no. Therefore, if indeed Mr Smith plays Cap then it'd need to be set in modern times (which I don't like the idea of), rather like Iron Man in the recent movie (Iron Man was originally created by Tony Stark whilst injured in Vietnam in the 1963 comic). Personally I think Will Smith has all the qualities needed to play Captain America except one. He's black and if you're going to be loyal to the story America at that time would never allow a black hero for it's troops. Sorry.

Smiffy1 on Sep 9, 2008


@ Nuff Said, nobody is hating... if you did read through all the postings... you'll realize that the people who disagree with Will Smith playing Cap. is because Cap. is White... it's that simple! The character was created as a white male, not a black male.. just stick with how the character was created, that's all we're saying. It's not about the color of a man's skin or his race or how good he can act, it's about sticking to the creation of the character. Would it make sense to make the Hulk Pink instead of Green? Would it make sense to have a White actor star in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" just because he's a better actor and birngs in more at the box office? I'll be making the same argument if they decided to go with a black costume instead of the red, white, and blue, so again it's not a racial issue here. There are plenty of good actors out there that can play the character better than Will Smith and fit the part too. It's not like he's the last actor out there... If they do go with Smith for this role, as someone mentioned earlier... it's mainly as a publicity stunt. Is that constructive enough for you or are you just basing your opinion on how much an actor brings at the box office?

Omega728 on Sep 9, 2008


Hey dammit, the Cap is a Honky not a brother!! Stop casting parts like that, you dont see Gary Busey cast as Re-Run or Duane or Mr. T or Muhamad Ali do ya!!!

Hulk on Sep 9, 2008


I was agreeing with all those who mentioned Big Willie would be a good fit for Cap Am until i saw... "Wasn't Aaron Eckhart rumored? He'd be perfect…" As much as a Will stan that i am... This statement, i absolutely concur with to the fullest.

BinYe East on Sep 9, 2008


I'd MUCH rather see Will Smith than Matthew 'shirts-off-all-the-time' Mcsnatchehey. Black, white? Who gives a heck anyways? Just make a damn good film, with a solid story, superior CGI and loads of Marvel lore!

Ian MacLatchie on Sep 9, 2008


Prior to Hancock I would have said yes but after watching that I don't know if I can see him in another superhero type role. I don't want to see Hancock part 2.

janet on Sep 9, 2008


Bruce willis as Cap. Will Smith as The Falcon.

tommyturner on Sep 9, 2008


@Omega 728 If another actor is casted as Cap America, to be real with you I will propably go out and see it. My attempt to bring constructive comments to this message board was prompted by the racially driven comments that were here before I came on. But honestly man, you have to admit Black people and minorites in general are undereprested in movies and comic books and Will Smith is one of the only African Americans that have been acheive that higher level of superstar status and it is just offensive to say that in multicultural society that we live in a Black man could not play a fictional super hero because of the color of his skin. If we take this very obtuse way of "casting" a person for a role because of the color of their skin then blacks and most minorities will not have any roles. Lets look at the role call here of the number of blacks that have appeared in starring roles in recent years in Comic book movies. Wolverine Prof X Cyclops- Nightcrawler Rouge Colossus Jean Grey Daredevil Hulk X 2 Elektra Punisher Superman Batman And how many characters have been Black or any another Minority? 2 Blade- Wesley Snipes Storm- Halle Berry Dont you think their is a bit of an imbalance here? or would you suggest that thing simply keep things the way are and not give any oppoutunities to people of color? I feel your pain though and understand that you want to hold on to your vision of the character but the reality is dog, that alot of these characters were created at a time where blacks and people of color were not represented at all. Times have changed and will continue to change so you will have to get used to it. And to answer your question a Pink Hulk is simply ridiculous so is a fourty foot tall CGI one like in the first Hulk! lol

Nuff Said!! on Sep 9, 2008


@ Nuff Said, If that's your case then all you really want to do is start casting more minorities into roles just because you feel that we need to have more diverse actors in these kind of roles??? Sorry but that's a real dumb reason to just cast a black actor as Captain America. Looks like you're the one who's turning this into a racial issue. If you want more diverse super hero characters then you should create one yourself or write to the people at Marvel, DC, Image, etc. to start creating more ethnic characters. Yes, I do agree that there's an imbalance with diverse ethnic superheroes, but that's no reason to just cast a black actor into a character that's suppose to be white. Again, this isn't an issue of race here. I think you and other people who commented just made it that way. If the situation was reverse and Captain America was an African American character and they wanted to use Brad Pitt to play him, I'll feel the same way too... I wouldn't want them to cast a White actor to play the character just because Pitt is famous and can bring in money. This is strictly about staying as true as they can to the character (though we all know that Hollywood hardly ever does that). Especially with characters as well known as these. With any unknown character like Boomerang Man or so,... i could care less if they cast a Black, Asian, White, Brown actor to play that role.

Omega728 on Sep 9, 2008


WHAT ? STARBUCKS A WOMAN ? How very dare they!!!

Dr.Duvel on Sep 9, 2008


If Blade was cast with say Keanu Reeves there would be uproar. Why? Because Blade is black and to cast a white actor would mean that it was no longer Blade. Nothing to do with race. It's like saying Superman will be played by Danny De Vito. He's a little short and portly for the role but hey we can't discriminate against all the short fat people out there and he'll bring something different to the role. It won't work because he wouldn't look like Superman.

Smiffy1 on Sep 9, 2008


Oh and by the way there's Luke Cage, Black Panther, Firestorm, Deathlok, Goliath, Cloak, Steel, Falcon, War Machine, Bishop, Nick Fury (Ultimate Universe), Misty Knight but I do agree with you that until recently there were not enough black comic heroes.

Smiffy1 on Sep 9, 2008


Dont forget... Black lightning!

Luis M on Sep 9, 2008


I don't know why or how, but I could see it. Even though I never cared for cap america. (he is kind of cheesy, which is why I could see W. Smith playing him) maybe he could pull it off. It's not the first time hollywood has changed shit to their own liking.

vu on Sep 9, 2008


@Omega728 When you use an example such as test monkey imediately after talking about Black people you sound racially insensitive-Now you may be Black, White, Asian, Latino but nonetheless I found it somewhat of a poor choice for an example-maybe guinee pigs or rats- Just a heads sup..maybe im being to senstive-but still sincere- Now I agree to certain extent on keeping chracters true their origins-However, in light of Dark Knights success chracter/plot development and great acting is important and a must- African Americans were tested for the Captain America Serum, so there was always a possiblity of Captain America being Black-now could he have motivated troops-Thats a good storyline-very much current, very much relevant and something the protangnist would have to work through in order to save the day-I mean Redskull was a Red-cmon, skin color should not matter when you fighting german nazis-Nazis hated everybody damn near- Now I agree with Nuff Said Blacks are underminded in Comic roles and other roles in general but I love realism and of course, i want to remember the chracter on the big screen like i remember them in the comics- But this is 2008, lets a little bit open minded-if an actor can make you forget about skin color regarless of his/her skin color then thats great acting-if a hero can make you forgot about bigotry and racism reagardless of his skin color-Thats a Hero! Now Im just tried of bigots and racist in general and alot of the earlier comments were just that-no substance at all-those should just be deleted- I mean Captain Africa..cmon thats plain silly- Now I bet Will can make you forget about skin color-just like ben kingsley played mahama Ghandi

2cents on Sep 9, 2008


@ 2cents, Before you mentioned it, I never even saw/thought about it in that way... Again, those are the little things that people can blow up and make it into something that it's not. Anyways, I don't have to defend myself for that comment... I'm pretty sure no one is arguing the fact that there's not enough minority/ethnic super heroes, and yes I for one would love to see more diverse ethnic characters too. Still that's not a good reason to just cast a black actor to play Captain America to satisfy the need of more black super heroes, or Asian, Hispanic, so on. Why don't we just start casting minorities into every super hero movie from now on then..... yeah, an Asian Superman, what about a Hispanic Thor, or an Italian Black Panther. Why not? If all you're concern about is trying to be more diversify..... If they really want it to be more diverse then they can always create new characters like Hancock... you don't need to take an existing well known character and miscast it to just spice up role. Anyways, as I've said before... this has nothing to do with skin color. I would feel the same way if they try to cast a White actor to play Blade.

Omega728 on Sep 9, 2008


@Omega728 You don't have to defend your comment but acknowledge how it could have been percieve-I'm not trying to blow it up because if i did want to blow it would have been a bulk of post-but by me bringing this time, you can now think about what you write before you offend someone-and yes, those "little things" can been blown up-word of advise homie-maybe you don't care-but if you pride yourself on integerity and some sort of legitimacy as a writer or blogger then you may want to change your perspective-try to grow- but like i said i agree with you but my take was more leaning towards a different plot-and the ability for a great actor to make you forgot about skin color-thats my point- I like authenticity in my comics movies just like you but everynow and then I was a breakthough perfomance-if brad pitt could play Blade-geez, i would watch and be amaze and not care one bit-thats acting-

2cents on Sep 9, 2008


@Omega728 You don't have to defend your comment but acknowledge how it could have been percieve-I'm not trying to blow it up because if i did want to blow it up or out of porportion it would have been a bulk of my post-but by me bringingit up this time, you can now think about what you write before you offend someone-and yes, those "little things" can been blown up-word of advise homie-maybe you don't care-but if you pride yourself on integerity and some sort of legitimacy as a writer or blogger then you may want to change your perspective-try to grow- but like i said i agree with you but my take was more leaning towards a different plot-and the ability for a great actor to make you forgot about skin color-thats my point- I like authenticity in my comics movies just like you but every now and then but I want a breakthough perfomance-if brad pitt could play Blade-geez, i would watch and be amaze and not care one bit-thats acting-

2cents on Sep 9, 2008


i was going to post and ask say that i'm waiting for someone to make a reference to skin color, but i see comment number 119 above the post box and it's already there. will smith is amazing in everything he does so i wouldn't mind seeing him as capt. america. as i'm not at all a fan of the comics, i could watch the movie and still enjoy.

J: on Sep 9, 2008


@Omega 728 I would like to clarify my original position as too why I think that Will Smith should be considered for the role of CA. 1) Acting Ability- aside from Will Smith's obvious comical nature that will protrude in every role that he takes, He is a great actor that has great range playing anyone from a homosexual to Muhammad Ali. 2) Fan appeal- Will has enough superstar appeal to bring in any demographic to his movies.- which yes does translate into $$ in but not just sales franchise opportunities which will further add to the great Marvel Universe. 3) Why not?- I understand and have read your argument pertaining to wanting to stick to the comic book authenticity as much as possible. But the reality is homie that Hollywood and the studios are going to put whoever they can into the movie that will bring them the most papa (money). This practice has been set in place before me and you probably were born. So my question to you is why not? If Marvel studios can put Michael Clark Duncan in the role of the Kingpin, Samuel L as Nick Fury, Billy Dee Williams, Aaron Eckhart and Tommie Lee Jones as Harvey Dent. Kevin Costner as Robin Hood lol Why cant they cast Will as CA? One more thing that i wanted to clarify is that I am pro-oppourtunity not anything else. I think that when the studios finally iron out who they want in this role and for what reasons I think that all the actors should have a Hollywood go. Meaning if Matthew McConaughey does great in screen tests and looks great in the CA outfit so be it. Literary to movie adaptations always have a Hollywood twist to it. Why create a glass ceiling where just because historically CA has been a white guy he CANNOT be a Black guy. I mean historically US presidents have always been White, but Obama is going to the next President, you know? Think about it......

Nuff Said on Sep 9, 2008


I'm tired of movie rumors! I'll never entertain the idea being that 99.9% of them are not true.

angela on Sep 9, 2008


@ Nuff Said, I'm a big Will Smith fan too... if they end up casting him, I'll still be in line to see the movie, and I'm pretty sure it'll be an action pack movie like all of his other movies, but to me it wouldn't feel like a real C.A. movie. At the same time of course I know that Hollywood is all about trying to cash in the Big money. But I'm sure that they can cash in money using a well known white actor too, you make it sound like Will Smith will be the only actor to pull this off. But my concern isn't about money or the financial aspect of the topic here, it's about who will be the best actor cast to play the character of C.A. I just hope you know that the reasons you listed there, I'm pretty sure there's other big actors out there that fits the profile and can do what Will Smith can do too, if that's all that you're looking for.... say Brad Pitt. 1) Acting Ability - He has (my opinion) 2) Fan Appeal - He has 3) Why not? I've already told you why not... because there's plenty of other actors out there who fits the PROFILE more and can do the same job Will Smith can if not better, so why would you want to change the ethnicity of the character just to satisfy your need or try to be different? The characters you listed are mainly supporting characters and they're not main characters that are as popular or well known. When you say Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Batman, the public knows who these characters are. Duncan as Kingpin... who really cares or know a lot about Kingpin besides comic fans? Samuel as Nick Fury, there is a black Nick Fury if you didn't know, that Nick Fury character was based off of him, so why wouldn't that work and besides Nick Fury isn't a mainstream character? Billy Dee Williams.... come on, you hardly even see him in the movie and he didn't even turn into Two Face. Could you really compare these characters to the likes of C.A.? If Obama does become the next President and they make a movie about him... do you think it's a good idea if they use an Asian actor to portray him? Because as you say about being more diverse, there's hardly any popular Asian politicians so why not do this to give Asians some props too... Anyways, I think we're coming off at two totally different points here. You're more about representing other races into this mainstream and bringing in the money at the box office, but I'm just more about trying to be true to the character. So we'll probably never settle anything here.

Omega728 on Sep 9, 2008


this cracks me up, all these white people saying " I aint racist but.." Because you are afraid of saying that you dont agree with black men taking white roles. And I agree with you. It isnt right. You dont see one white man taking a black role, NOT ONE. you know why, because the black "community" would throw a fit and all the white people are scared of the threat of someone yelling racism. this world is so fukin stupid. well, I am white, and I disagree. Does that make me racist? No, my two best friends are black and hispanic. Remember people, OJ still walks the streets, nuff said.

whitey on Sep 9, 2008


Omega728 Firstly, I don't feel that Will Smith is the only actor that can play the role. The topic of this discussion single's out Will Smith for the movie. I did not arbitrarily pick him out for this discussion. As I mentioned before I do believe in equal opp for the actors. So Will, Brad, Matt, Asian actor, Mexican or Latin descent if they can play the role then I am all for it. We will see what the fans say about their performance. Secondly, I think that you may be right we are on two different sides of the pendulum when it comes to race/ethnicity and because of that I don't think that we will be able to see truly where each other is coming from. I believe in equal opportunity for actors to get the chance to fill these roles and you feel that we should write to Marvel to include more diversity in their comics. Personally I feel that there is alot of diversity in the comics as it is, but when it comes to these main characters in films, they were created decades ago, so there is no way to rewind the clock. Lastly, I am not about making money in the box office solely.However, I do believe that the more money a movie particularly in this genre makes (300 mil at the box office) the more chances their are for a sequel and cross overs etc. In closing I think that you have some very valid points and appreciate the discussion because it was a discussion that needs to had more in our society. See you at the movies Omega728... P.S. This is to "whitey" Just for your info pimp, anyone that offers their friends ethnicity as evidence as too how they are not racist, sounds freaken pathetic and racist. Not only do you make yourself sound suspect but is obvious that you tokenize your friends as well. If you only knew how many roles were given too white actors over black ones then you wouldnt have made that ignorant comment, since we are on Will Smith, anyone remember "The Matrix"????

Nuff Said on Sep 9, 2008


I believe that we need to be open minded as consumers of film production. If someone is good for the role, then they should be allowed to play that role. Now I'm not saying you should cast a black man to play Hitler - the role defines the race of the man. But for the most part, the comics that are being brought to the silver screen these days are from stories written by white men, for white men. So there is going to be an overabundance of white characters. That doesn't mean that in today's world a black man should not be given the opportunity to play the character. A character in comics tends to have importance because he brings a certain dynamic or ability to the storyline. If the guy playing that character, can portray the characteristics needed to further the storyline, then he's the man for the job. We cannot remain so closed minded as to not see past the color of a character's original drawing. Who is the man behind the mask, that's what a comic is about. Having said all that - there are some AWESOME balck characters I'd looove to see on screen...Bishop anyone? Fuck he Rocks!! I.

Ian MacLatchie on Sep 10, 2008


I hope this doesn't happen. I love Will Smith but I'm getting tired of people changing movie characters just because. While we're at it why don't we remake Wizard of Oz and use all Chinese midgets for the roles. Or how about Remake gone with the Wind and cast all roles with latinos? This shit has gotten out of hand. Someone mentioned how people would be in an uproar if someone cast a white actor to play Blade or any other black super hero. That is true. So leave Cap alone and cast him the way it was originally done. He was white. This shit is ridiculous.

Obiwopkenobi on Sep 10, 2008


You do all know he's not been cast right? Now calm the f@ck down.

Smiffy1 on Sep 10, 2008


hey nuff said.... wow your a genius, you are able to see the hypocrosy within that statement, good for you, but what you didnt get was the sarcasm. people on here read shit and only see what they want to see and get enraged about it, just like everyday life. By the way, I'm not really a pimp, but thanks for the compliment.

whitey on Sep 10, 2008


like pulling strings

whitey on Sep 10, 2008


yo NUFF SAID, yo man the whitey is right. you peoples are all so ignorant, especially you man!! he's makin a point. man you all get on here and get so enraged and say the dumbest shit man. who cares, really, who cares. your being mocked bro! I'm african american, I may not be well educated, but I have common sense. More than you anyday.

Nugga on Sep 10, 2008


HA HA, sup Nugga my African brutha!! Yeah whitey go. You peeps gettin' played. The man did pull your strings..."NUFF SAID"!! What a cracka!!! HAHA. Like gittin slapped in the face aint it PLAYA!!

Charles the 3 on Sep 10, 2008


Hello, I am a Hispanic male and I am actually offended by just about everything I read on here, except for Whitey (the sarcasm portrayed rests in the name alone). It is very apparent he or she is mocking all the angry people who get on here and fight and make a big deal out of this subject. Just goes to show the nature of people, especially the enough said guy.

DSanchezpd on Sep 10, 2008


Well, let me say this: I prefer Will Smith over Matthew McConaughey, plain and simple. I like Will Smith. And the idea. *nod-nod* Besides, if he does end up getting the role, it'd be fun to watch if nothing else. xD

Lauren on Sep 10, 2008


Yeah, NUFF SAID, don't even respond when someone writes stuff like that, all you did was prove the dudes point. He/She/It whatever, threw the hook n worm out there and you bit man. Too easily provoked.

mANNYrANNY on Sep 10, 2008


To #110... ARRRR you go!! I agree with this one, NUFF SAID is the one who be turning this into a racial issue, arrrrgh lets make him walk the plank!! I be a pirate!! and a good one I be at that!!! Aint many pirates around these days. And as a pirate ARRRRGH, Id like to say that I am offended at everything said by one NUFF SAID. You be calling people ignorant?? ARRRRGGG, you be the ignorant one matey!! ARRRRGGG!!!!

My One-Eyed Willy on Sep 10, 2008


You are all right, I am a loser. And I have sex with chickens.

Nuff Said on Sep 10, 2008


@Nuff Said *whispers* could you send me a side email

Ian MacLatchie on Sep 10, 2008


I find that comment on chickens offensive and narrow minded. Whats wrong with other farmyard animals? It's always chickens. I'm not a racist but some of my best friends are farmyard animals and I feel there is no representation for them as these sexual roles are always filled by chickens.

Smiffy1 on Sep 10, 2008


I think Nuff Said argument is, Why wouldnt Will Smith be able to play him? If ya'll only argument is the color of his skin then fine-Ya'll reasons is only skin deep-but other then what other reasons do you have? Will is talented enough and honestly could pull the job off- and I would not mind Blade played by Brad pitt-that dude could make me forget about Blade being Black- Jus say i dnt want to see someone Black person playing a CA, regarless of his talent level as a actor-cause it wouldnt not be comic acurate-So in the end it is about Race-and it doesnt mean you racist but still, its about race- not talent-

2cents on Sep 10, 2008


@ 2cents I think the issue here isn't about race or talent, it's about character profile. Denzel Washington is a great actor, agree? He could probably play and do a great Abraham Lincoln character, but does that mean that he should play the character of Abraham Lincoln? No... because he doesn't fit the profile. Would you cast Kathy Bates to play Wonder Woman? Why not, she's talented right? That's all that matters to you... age shouldn't matter, or that she's a plus size shouldn't matter... is that what you're saying? I'm pretty sure Will Smith could pull off a great Black Captain America, Action, Acting, and all that, but at the end... he isn't Captain America because he doesn't fit the physical profile of the original character. If they really want to do a Will Smith C.A.... they could do a spin off, where his character uses the same serum that turned C.A. into the super soldier, but don't have him play the actual C.A. character.

Omega728 on Sep 10, 2008


@Smiffy1 You are freaken hilarious..... The real Nuff Said!!

Nuff Said!! on Sep 10, 2008


@Omega728 a better question would you rather have Will Smith or Matthew McConaughey play Ca? Lets say you are a producer/Director/Fan You've seen what Matthew and Will can do as a actors and the numbers he can pull. The only physical issue is race-which equals no blonde hair flowing- physically, their size are comaparable Will is probably taller- Who would you choose and why-? Its like movieStand instead of Lemonade stand-Would you be able to pull in a optimal amount of money on a hig budget possible high grossing movie? With Mattew? if Not mattew who would you choose, a new cat, Brad? Give me something solid

2cents on Sep 10, 2008


@ 2cents You want me to give you something solid? You haven't even given me anything solid yourself besides the fact that you think Will Smith is a good actor. Yes he's a good actor but there are other actors out there who are just as good and they FIT the PROFILE of the character more. As mentioned earlier, Eckhart would be great for this role, yeah maybe he's not the big blockbuster star that Smith is but I've already said that the financial aspect of this is not what I'm concern about. Was RDJr a blockbuster star before he did Ironman? No he wasn't and look how much Ironman took in. If that's all that matters to you then they should just hire James Cameron, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, all the big name stars to make this movie..... Right??? You want my reasons, read all of my posts again... obviously you read but don't take in the information. I've listed and explained all of my replies. Here's your reasons: 1. Smith is a good actor, 2. he can bring in the money... wow that's all the reasons why you would cast someone into a role. If that's the case then he should start in every Summer Super hero movie from now on... maybe he would've been a better Tony Starks or a better Batman than Bale too right? Your reasoning is ridiculous, you're so stuck on just having a Black super hero, that's the only base for your argument and you're the one who's making this into a color of skin issue, you're the one who's looking at ever little thing and try to make it into a racial issue, you're the one with the racial problem. As I stated, my argument isn't about skin or race... it's about getting the right best actor to fit the character profile. If you can't understand that then I don't know how else to say it....

Omega728 on Sep 10, 2008


lol..why are you getting all was a legimate question. The rumor is about Will smith, the other rumor was about Matthew? Just say Eckhart and keep it moving with your explanation-yes, its about race, cause if Will Smith was white, we wouldnt be having this discussion...Captain America can be whomever, whatever - and i already told you i would like it to be aunthentic but i got to play devils advocate because your tone and past posts suggest Will "CAN'T"do it because CA is White-i asked a question between two actors-and think im trying to snag you in a race war- obviously, your bringing up race, for the reason why he couldnt do it because thats all you have to go on- i'm not making race a issue because race is the issue- Question is why can't he play Captain America-Your answer is cause CA is White-plain and simple just say it-quit trying to dress it up-im not even calling you a racist- if Will was White, you would pick him before MAtt, right? I lets move on.. The Subject matter at hand for this particular post is Will as Captain America-nothing else and we are talking about the Marvel Fictional uinverse where anything can happen-cmon Not something as historical as Abe Lincoln...understandable point but not valid and they would tell kathy bates to lose weight and maybe she would be considered-but she is not a relevent actress that can appeal to a wide fan base-robert downey is not a blockbuster star but a star who happen to be in a suprise blockbuster movie-and now is getting his dues- And if my only two points are "Here's your reasons: 1. Smith is a good actor, 2. he can bring in the money" and yours is CAptain America is White and Smith is Black- It would make Sense- it wouldnt be acurate...blah blah race...blah blah race homie-Cmon-You have nothing Solid...

2cents on Sep 10, 2008


@ 2cent It's not being upset but it's pretty irritating when your asking me to repeat myself over and over.... I've already listed the reasons why I think Will Smith wouldn't make a good Cap A. Why are you asking me to repeat myself? If you wanted me to admit that it's because he's Black and not White.. I said that CLEARLY, read my post #103.... am I trying to dress it up? So again, read the posts before you comment.... so that people don't have to repeat themselves over and over again. Yes of course the skin color is consider, that's why I said in my opinion he has to fit the Profile. Do you know what a character profile is??? I don't care if he's black or not... if he doesn't fit the profile, he doesn't fit the profile.. what's so hard that you can't understand that concept? If they decided to cast Jack Black as C.A. I would say no too.. why? Because he doesn't fit the profile... so are you going to say that it's a weight issue now? If they want to go with Jack Nichelson and I said no, are you going to say that it's an age issue now? Come on, your ridiculous man. You have no point to your argument and you don't seem to understand what other people say, when it's typed out clearly! The topic for this post was "could Will Smith pull off Captain America??" and my answer was No. He can try to play the character but for me he will never be the character because he doesn't fit the original character's profile. So again, what's your point? You're the one who's going way off base and started considering how much money he could bring in and how much of a blockbuster star he is... what does that have to do with anything about him being able to play the character? I'm pretty sure he'll be able to make his usual action pack summer film if he was cast.. but that doesn't mean that he'll make a good Captain America... Why? because he doesn't fit the character's creation/history/profile... does that answer your question? He doesn't fit the character's profile. Actor's are turned down roles all the time because they don't fit the character's role, people are turned down from jobs everyday because they don't fit the job description... get it? If someone said that you don't fit the part because they were looking for an asian character and you're white, are you not going to understand why they turned you down? So if I was hiring for the C.A. movie... the same concept applies. You keep saying that this is a race issue, which it isn't... you choose to believe that it is. What it all comes down to is he doesn't fit the character's PROFILE. whether it's skin color, he's too fat, too skinny, too old, too young, whatever... he doesn't fit the PROFILE.

Omega728 on Sep 10, 2008


Really, it doesn't fit in with the origins of the character, as a few people have said. sure, within canon they tested the serum on black volunteers, but even if they had worked (and in one case it did), they wouldn't have made a black man into the symbol of the American war effort in 1942. In the 1940s, America was a much less diverse, much more segregated society, so the government would want their big new symbol to be white. It's not an issue of the racism of the people who raise objections, it's an issue f the historical racism of the US government.

Rachel on Sep 10, 2008


Ok so the profile in this case is Race...thats all im saying are you not understanding?

2cents on Sep 10, 2008


2cents Its kinda pointless arguing with Omega 728 dog, its obvious that when he says "he doesnt fit the PROFILE" he means that if a character is white in the fictional/ multidimensional/supernatural universe of Marvel. Then that same character needs to be casted by a white person. It seems like what you have is a battle between low creativity and open-mindedness. And trust me dog its way harder to open a mind up then it is to close one you feel me? If I can direct anything to you Omega728, it is the fact that the topic of discussion is not just "Rumor: Will Smith Cast as Captain America?!" it is also "I hate to bring this up, but I think it'll be the most poignant area of a discussion: A Black Captain America." The topic of race and if a BLACK CA would work was inserted right into the discussion intro. It wasnt made an issue by 2cents or myself, it is the issue. And quite frankly you want to say its about the profile, its about the profile and Will doesnt fit. But you havent mentioned anybody not white playing the role. So it is obvious that the top criterion for your casting selection is the color of the persons skin. And that is fine, YOU cannot see any blackman in the role. This is America you are entitled to your opinion. But i hope that you are not the casting director in Hollywood because your creativity is lacking. Original thought.... try it sometime. The Real Nuff Said!!

Nuff Said on Sep 10, 2008


In the ultimate comics when they were sitting around saying who should play them and for wasp they said Lucy liu and get wasp is white in the regular marvel where in ultimate she's what Korean? In world war 2 they wouldn't have a black man as a poster boy for the war? Correct how you fix that in the recruiting posters have a white guy dressed as cap but when the boys are shipped the meet the real cap who is black. And will smith can be serious I mean the ending of Hancock and I am lengend again serious and at no point in my opinion never over the top. And they can mix Steve Rogers origin and Bradley's. I see him mixing very well in an avengers movie really more excited about that then the cap movie love to see him fight hulk. Stray from the comics? Joker no vat of chemicles. Hulk not out in desert testing machine and rescues Rick jone (who hasn't been in any of the movies). Spider man dating Gwen Stacy first (actually no adoptation of spidey follows that spec. Spidey cartoon sorta does.) spidey having organic webbing. The change of skin of cap is more interesting then luke cage or black panther because America stands for something different a melting pot and a black man as the symbol of America is more powerful then a white guy to people around the world it shows how diverse America is or wants to be. As a black Steve Rogers it be his argument that even tho he was expiremented on against his will (or whatever) that he fights for the ideal of America and that's why he fights in the war and they could dress him up enough that in promo pics you can't tell he's black. Its fun its different and frankly that's right up marvel's alley (Harry Osborn on crack (or whatever drug he was on) Karen page having aids black cat being raped (if you read Kevin smiths spidey BC team up book) iron man drinking problem so changing cap into a black guy well wouldn't be to surprising honestly I bet mark miller wish he thought of it while on the ultimates lol) In the ultimate comics when they were sitting around saying who should play them and for wasp they said Lucy liu and get wasp is white in the regular marvel where in ultimate she's what Korean? In world war 2 they wouldn't have a black man as a poster boy for the war? Correct how you fix that in the recruiting posters have a white guy dressed as cap but when the boys are shipped the meet the real cap who is black. And will smith can be serious I mean the ending of Hancock and I am lengend again serious and at no point in my opinion never over the top. And they can mix Steve Rogers origin and Bradley's. I see him mixing very well in an avengers movie really more excited about that then the cap movie love to see him fight hulk. Stray from the comics? Joker no vat of chemicles. Hulk not out in desert testing machine and rescues Rick jone (who hasn't been in any of the movies). Spider man dating Gwen Stacy first (actually no adoptation of spidey follows that spec. Spidey cartoon sorta does.) spidey having organic webbing. The change of skin of cap is more interesting then luke cage or black panther because America stands for something different a melting pot and a black man as the symbol of America is more powerful then a white guy to people around the world it shows how diverse America is or wants to be. As a black Steve Rogers it be his argument that even tho he was expiremented on against his will (or whatever) that he fights for the ideal of America and that's why he fights in the war and they could dress him up enough that in recruiting pics you can't tell he's black. Besides marvel tends to do contravresy Harry Osborn drug od. Black cat rape victim. DD's girlfriend Karen page had aids Tony start alcholic a black cap is straight up their alley. And the reason thor iron man giant man and wasp follow cap is out of respect for his past deeds as a soldier and the bravery and courge he displays every time they go into battle together and his leadership abilities. So yeah I see will smith as cap.

Samuel on Sep 10, 2008


Hey Samuel, why don't you tell us what you really think?

DCompose on Sep 10, 2008


So casting a black actor to play Cap A. automatically makes that an original idea... WOW!!! How original... Why didn't anybody come up with an idea like that before? Sorry, but just because you want a black actor represented more in movies and you think that it'll be cool if Will Smith plays the part, doesn't mean he's right for the part. That's what you call original and creative? Please.... This topic is about a Black C.A., but if the topic was Adrian Brody as C.A., I will still be making the same statement, instead of the color of skin.. it would be because he's not built for the role, does that mean that I'm against skinny actors? No it doesn't. If by me not agreeing to this means that I'm not open minded and creative enough then I guess I'm not. I guess you would be ok with anybody playing the role, because you would be open minded to anyone. If what you say is true then that means that you've never disagree with a casting choice before... right? If you've made an opinion about a girl not being pretty enough for the role or he's not tall enough, or he's too young, then that's you not being open minded right? Because why should we judge an actor/actress base on their physical appearance, that they're not pretty enough, tall enough, old enough. Seems like that's your way of casting for movies..... in that case then I really hope that you're not the casting director! I didn't name anybody who could play the part? Like I said, read the postings before you comment. You said that, and I quote "YOU cannot see any blackman in the role." Obviously, you can't comprehend what I've said, so it is pointless to talk to someone who reads something and it automatically goes out his ass. Take the time to read and try to understand and remember what you read before you make stupid comments like this..... Read and understand what is written.... try it sometime.

Omega728 on Sep 10, 2008


Omega728 Are you really trying to draw a comparison between a person being skinny to a persons race or ethnicity? People haven't been lynched for being skinny! If by happenstance Adrian Brody was rumored to play CA I am sure you would bring you would be in this forum to express your displeasure in the decision. Adrian however skinny he is, the possibility is always there for him to bulk up, change his hair color get some contacts to create that image that you cannot escape from of what CA should look like on the silver screen. Just because a person does not at first fit the picture you have in your head of CA you should'nt rule them out. Lets remove skin color from this discussion for a moment. I mean when you first heard about the Iron Man coming to the movies was Robert Downey Jr. the first person that popped into your mind or did you have to mull over it for awhile? And then when he did such a great job in the role were you one of the few people in America that did not like the movie? If your answer "Yes, I envisioned Robert Downey Jr. in the role" then your a freaken pychic! but if your answer is "no, the idea grew on me and once I saw the movie I was convinced". Then that my friend is the kind of open mindness that I am talking about. A willingness to accept a break from conventional thought or societal norms. And yes casting a black man or any other minority to play such and Iconic hero in American culture to me is creative! Because it deters from traditional ideas, rules, patterns and is a symbol progressiveness I personally was not convinced that RDJ could do the job because of his movie resume and the type(by type I mean method actor) of actor he is. But yes I was convinced after I saw it. And I understand that you are getting hot and heavy overthere but ease down on the verbal attacks unless you are truly are getting so frustrated with the conversation that you cant attack the argument only the man. The real NuFF Said

Nuff Said on Sep 10, 2008


Well Even if Captain America is white Will Smith Is A good enough actor that he could be captain america but during worl war 2 black people weren't really aloud to do much im not racist but thats how its was so not only would that be against the way the comic books were thats like trying to rewrite history so i just think it would be a little bit weird. i am very torn bout this cause i like will smith so much as an actor i really want him to get this role but it would just be weird you know what i'm talking bout its just a lil bit different but i would see it no matter if it was matthew whatever his last name is or will smith Tanner

Wah Wah on Sep 10, 2008


See I appreciate Tanner reasoning-like he made a clear point-stated that will smith is a good enough actor to play CA but it would feel weird-real honest and sincere-mentioned a little bit of the history but didn't truly just rule it out-as if Will Smith Profile didn't fit CA profile- Tanner realizes that the topic has to do will CA race-which is the only profile issue-nothing else-

2cent on Sep 10, 2008


always gotta have both sides of the argument going because there are pros and cons bout him playing the role i think that in the comic book world alot of fans would be angry bout it because of when Captain Americas origin is like i sad WWII was when black people just started getting wrights not saying black people can't be american heroes but back then a black man bieng called captain america in a time when racism was still there and barley dying out not very smart i mean has no one seen pearl harbor when cuba gooding junior gets on the gun its like a big deal cause he was black im not racist have many black friends just saying very controversial call i though would like to see will smith play captain america cause he is so bad ass it wouldn't matter what color his skin is Tanner

Wah Wah on Sep 10, 2008


Samuel, brings up a valid point and much more insight to Marvel universe- This is an excellent storyline and Will Smith could play this role-Shit, Matthew could play this role too-See nuff said, suggest we think out of the box and be creative, I also mention that another plot can be chosen-Omega, I am starting to believe you cannot think of out the box and lack creativity-you mention all this historical White super hero Batman, Superman and say no other color cannot fit the profile, which is just race nothing else-but then you say Micheal Clark Duncans role as Kingpen was too irreverent to make a difference, you suggest big roles or elitle superheroes profiles cannot be changed-Cat woman was never Black in the comics but Eartha Kitt played her in the Television series during a segregated/racial/Jim Crow South of 60s, So the rule has been broken-and can be broken- I hate to say it Omega but you are arguing blindly and your points are full of holes- Whose to say Steve Rogers cannot be Black, and cannot lead troops to rally against the Nazi, who are killing Jews, and want to dominate the world-i think regardless of the racial inqualities and prejudice, we can all rally against the nazi-it went on in Africa-they're were battle fought do you guys know your history-spike lee is coming out with a movie about Black ww2 veterans-the concept is not far fetch- Everything you mention about profiles and Actors/Actress, has to do with beauty, age, weight, your steering away from Race because you don't want to make it the issue, when it is the sole issue with you in the case of this post-The rumor has to do with Will Smith, obviously someone threw the idea in the pot-why would someone even mention Jack Nicholson? serious in your examples..So you really couldn't be casting director, cause u fail to realize its 2008 and race is no longer a profile issue-weight can be lost, makeup can be added, faces can be alter to look different, plots can be changed or altered, I simply ask you to make an executive decision as to why you would pick one actor over another-i dnt think you could be a good producer or director, maybe a die hard close minded comic fan, CA storyline is not so complicated where a Black, Asian, or Latino man could play him.. Your so closeminded you forget the post is about: "I'm just wondering if it'll be too big of a shock for most comic book readers to accept? "Just shows you how times have changed," Luke mentioned. I hate to bring this up, but I think it'll be the most poignant area of a discussion: a black Captain America. To be perfectly clear, I have no problem with it, and I support Will Smith. However, as far as I know, there hasn't been a black Captain America in the comics or in the character's 67 year history" You must be one of those Shocked comic book readers who is having a hard time accepting the fact-can't get past the color of Captain America skin color, hmmmm, sound like your close minded not a racist just closed to the idea-

2cent on Sep 11, 2008


look what this turned into

Big r on Sep 11, 2008


Well i just read an article sayin that marvel never even approached will with any idea of this role so all this argument was very fun but there was never a possibilty that he was gonna play. Derek Luke was just talking out of his ass and didn't know what was happening so im sorry guys but we will not see Will Smith as captain america

Wah Wah on Sep 11, 2008


Just for fun - 2 points. 1 - Between Matthew McConaughy and Will Smith - I like Will Smith better; I enjoy watching him more. There are many choices - I like the idea of going with someone unkonwn frankly. And I think Cappy is a weee bit bigger than both of those guys. 2 - If color of his skin is the ONLY issue - meaning he 'fits' the profile in every other way - why not just make him white? I mean if you NEED the dude to be white - hell make him white. Tropic Thunder just did a white guy playing a black guy.

Ian MacLatchie on Sep 11, 2008


I see that if a person disagree with the idea of Will Smith playing C.A. then they're automatically just being racists and narrow minded right, just because he's black and you feel the need to defend black actors? Is that the only reason for your argument? If they were to cast a white actor to play Spawn and I disagree with that too... would you still be acting all like this? You make it sound like I have something against Black actors... When my only point is that I would like the character's represented as close to the source material as possible. If that makes me narrow minded then I guess I'm narrow minded. I guess because you feel the opposite makes you much more creative and open minded then me. I was never against Will Smith playing the part. If you've read what I posted before, I said that if Will Smith was cast as CA, I would STILL go see the movie and probably enjoy it too... BUT I JUST WON'T FULLY SEE HIM AS C.A.... but that's my opinion.... wasn't that the original topic at hand? Don't make it into a racial issue like I have something against black actors. I'm not boycotting the idea of a black actor playing C.A.... Jeeeeezzzzzz Let's try to remove skin color from the issue here? What do you think I've been trying to tell you all along! That I don't care if they cast a black, brown, yellow, green, purple actor to paly the role,.. I'll still feel the same way... just like if they try to cast someone who's too short, too tall, or too big... as long as they don't fit the profile, I'll still feel the same way, so the question here is can you get the skin issue out of your head? I'm not trying to draw a comparison between someone skinny and the color of the skin... I'm saying its all part of the physical appearance that I look for.... so there you go again, making it into a racial issue...... Nuff Said, sorry but you're really idiotic... I've never made this into a racial issue but you keep on suggesting that it is a racial issue... lynching???? Come on here..... I see that talking to you is like trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Omega728 on Sep 11, 2008


@ Nuff Said and just to point out, you tell me that I need to be open minded... but when RDJ was cast as Iron Man you were against that idea.....hmmmmmm.... doesn't that mean that you WEREN'T being open minded? Or were you as you say, psychic and predicted that he was perfect for the role? And you're sitting here lecturing me....hahahahha... that's funny. If just casting a black actor into a white role is creativity to you... then you should get that idea patent and start making money casting every black actor into a white role from now on, cause Hollywood is low on creativity right now.

Omega728 on Sep 11, 2008


@ 2cent You're telling me that I'm close minded.... you're the one who's having trouble accepting my opinion. I have no problem accepting yours. Just because I'm one of those who like their characters portrayed as close to the source material as possible... you're going off on me like I need to be more like you and Nuff Said? I've never said that I can't accept a Black actor as C.A.... I just said that he wouldn't fit the part because of his physical appearance, is this something new?.... Then you and Nuff had to go and make this into something that it's not.... Seems like the two of you like to claim that you're so open minded and so unracist, but the two of you are the first ones to jump onto the racist boat every chance you get. Like Whitey's comment #129. It's people like you two that makes situations worse than they really are.

Omega728 on Sep 11, 2008


No one is making race a issue but the topic is race-Are you having trouble seeing that? I didnt even call you racist, i said it several times but you still bring it up- I think your last post made the most sense-but i'm trying to remind in this case physical appearance is color-If will smith was white could he play the part? What else is there beside his color? Thats what I am asking you?

2cents on Sep 11, 2008


Physical appearance is color..... exactly my point. So like I said, whether he's black, yellow, brown, tall, short, fat, whatever..... that's part of the physical appearance that I would look for to cast someone into a role to keep it accurate to the source material. It's that simple and that's my personal preference and opinion. In this case it's because he doesn't fit the profile and nothing more.... but the two of you especially Nuff Said, is turning this into a Black issue... which I said repeatedly that it isn't. You tell me if this isn't directed as a racial comment: "People haven't been lynched for being skinny!" and I wasn't even pertaining my comment in that way.... So Nuff, you have issues man.... The issue I'm addressing is that he doesn't fit the profile, it just so happens that it's the color of the skin, if it's not a skin issue it could've easily be that he's too tall, or he's too short, etc.... It has nothing to do with having a problem with the idea of a black actor playing a white role which is what this has turned to. To answer your question, NO he can't play the part, he can play a similar character but he'll never be able to play the original character... because the part was written and created for a white character... he speaks a certain way, he acts a certain way, his history is based on a white character's life. No matter how white Will Smith can act, he'll never be able to do it to the point where I'm going to forget that the real Captain America is White. I'm sure if Will played CA, he'll make a good Black CA... but he'll never be the White Steve Rogers Captain America. If the movie was based off a different story and a different CA character then that's a different story, like if Will's character was to steal the serum and injects it into himself and he becomes the next CA.... something like that would work better. Anyways, I think this has gone on long enough.... if the two of you has a problem with accepting my views and opinions then that's your issue.... peace out!

Omega728 on Sep 11, 2008


Would someone who's involved in casting please shed some light on this argument...I don't think anyone who isn't in the business of choosing a cast will be able to give an informed explanation involving the strategy the studio's using here. Even if this is just a rumor I'd like to find out the pros and cons of selecting someone of a different race to play a contrasting role in any film and not just this one. So will someone who works in casting please chime in with something that doesn't begin with "I'm not a racist but..."

Peloquin on Sep 11, 2008


No! No! No! My father is a black Cuban and my mother is a white. In another article on this website about The Green Lantern Film ; the same issue came up. This time it was about having John Stewart-The Black Green Lantern as the star of The Green Lantern Film. I am going to respond in the same way as I did with Green Lantern. The Greatest Green Lantern whether it was The Green Lantern in The Justice Society or in The Justice League and The Green Lantern Corps are both white. John stewart/The Black Green Lantern did not even earn the ring. Hal Jordan created a second ring and gave it to John Stewart as a back up whenever Hal Jordan was not on Earth. Abin Sur did not choose John Stewart. When a green Lantern dies ; the ring searches for the best replacement. Neither John Stewart or kyle Rayner past the test. One of the Guardians gave kyle Rayner the last Green Lantern Ring. Please see The Sinestro War and you will see that every time a Green Lantern was killed by members of The Sinestro Corp; The ring flew away to find The Best Replacement for The Green Lantern Ring. I am tired of this political correctness. First ; it was Will Smith as James West in The Movie Version of The Wild Wild West. Then it was a black Actor for The White Fisk/King Pin. This is not the time when white actors painted their face black. This not the time of slavery and lynchings. They are in the past. Why is it that White Skinned Americans seem to think that they owe African Americans reparations and other silly ideas. The Spanish use The Black Slaves and Indian Slaves in The Afro-Caribbean. However; We Cubans don't ask for Affirmative Action or reparations. We are proud that America gave us the opportunity to live in a democratic Capitalist Country. We have done well Financially without using our ethnicity or color. Once we become naturalize citizens ; we consider ourselves Americans. My father served in The Army Rangers and I am currently in The Marine Corp stationed in Afghanistan. Please my fellow Americans stop this madness. You are not guilty of what happened to the Africans that were brought to North America as slaves anymore then the present people in Spain are guilty for what happened to the Africans that were brought as slaves to Cuba, Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 11, 2008


first off, will smith isn't a "great actor," or even a good one. he's the same exact guy in every movie he's in. that means he SUCKS as an actor. the guy has ZERO range, and would have ZERO believability as captain america. and it absolutely IS a race issue. it's a stupid double standard-- what would happen if some studio remade Shaft and cast owen wilson in the lead role? how about making a movie about jimi hendrix and casting brad pitt? the "civil rights" crowd (i.e. america's loud-mouthed black racists) would have a screaming fit, threaten boycotts, "demand" apologies, etc. will smith's whole schtick is to be "the black guy who plays white guy roles," and i, for one, am sick of it. the guy isn't even a decent actor-- he's a one-trick pony with ONE character that he just recycles over and over and over ad nauseum (if those roles have to go to a black guy, at least give them to one who can actually act, like denzel washington or don cheadle). and where's the actor who gets to be "the white guy who plays black guy roles"...? is there one? what would happen if there were? and as for all the retards on here crying about slavery and blah blah blah... no american black person currently alive was ever a slave. no american white person currently alive ever owned a slave. so it's a dead issue, done, OVER. put it to bed. as far as its "lingering effects," like poverty, lack of education, etc-- cry me a river already. every other ethnic group that came to america started with nothing and most were completely out of their cultural and linguistic element (whereas black former slaves already spoke the language and were familiar with american culture); yet the jews, the irish, the chinese, the germans, all of them were able to succeed, each generation doing a little better, until they became established and contributing parts of the american population. why can't blacks do that? some do (read about my hero, frederick douglass-- he was born a slave, bought his own freedom, and became a world-famous author, lecturer, statesman, and leader), and that proves it can be done. so why do so many blacks still choose to whine and cry about slavery over 140 years after it ended, instead of just going out and getting an education and a job? those who apply themselves tend to do just as well as members of any other race or ethnic group-- i have one black friend who got a degree and became a high school teacher, another who worked his way up in his profession and ended up starting his own successful business, and another who started out dirt poor, never went to college, but who worked his tail off until he got himself a good union job with great pay and benefits, and now he and his family are set. black people who make an honest effort succeed. why don't the rest do that?? what's their problem??? i realize this will probably never be read, since this thread has over 160 comments already, but man-- it's really depressing to see how stupid most of you are, and sometimes a person just has to vent...

devil on Sep 11, 2008


not that I have a problem with a black man playing Capt. America, but I just f*ckin hate Will Smith............really he sucks people.

jaromir on Sep 11, 2008


I reckon Cap should be played by either Gary Coleman from Different Strokes or Kathy Bates.

Smiffy1 on Sep 11, 2008


@Omega728 deuces playa, we will see you at the movies. @ Peloquin I agree, I would like to get an insiders assesment as to the pro's and con's of having a Black CA. Good call. @Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. Thats one way of looking at the issues in this country. Quite frankly I dont have time to educate you on the special nuances surrounding race issues in the US espeically between Black Americans and Whites if you havent noticed the sociopolitical imbalances in this country stem from generations of this country thriving on the backs of minorities then this post is not going to change anything. You take care of yourself in Afghanistan Brother (in arms) and stay safe. @Devil Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however yours is quite hypocritical! You say that Frederick Douglas is your hero...yet you mock and dismiss slavery it as if Frederick Douglas did not spend the better part of his life as an abolitionist trying to destroy the construct of slavery. I am not going to touch on everything you posted because like I told Ivan I dont have the time. I just find it funny that you could could call people retards for mentioning slavery yet in the next paragraph call Frederick Douglas your hero. Why dont you ask your "black friends" the teacher, the entrepeneur and the union worker how they would feel if someone told them they couldnt do the job that was historically made for a white man and if they think that all of the "civil rights" crowds are all (i.e. america's loud-mouthed black racists)? Some would say that I shouldnt even respond to your priviledged shit but the reality is that sometimes "a person needs to vent" right?

Nuff Said!! on Sep 11, 2008


Im feeling Devils post and Omega, your right on point Darkeys should not play white roles, plain and simple..they just can't be us...we are supreme of the supreme..if its made for a white person it should stay as a white person...none of that intergrating roles between racist that causes for abominations and weirdness...

Redskull on Sep 11, 2008


Nuff Said enough with that naggar talk..cmon dude! we are tired of hearing about you reverse racism-please, omega is right, Blacks should stay in their place...and thats out of white roles in movies-

Redskull on Sep 11, 2008


Okay Bt we are arguing a point that was never a chance so this has become pointless Will Smith is not gonna play the part its not coming out till 2011 so they have lots of time

Wah Wah on Sep 11, 2008


Honestly, when it comes to Nick Fury it makes sense, yes in the Ultimate Universe Nick Fury was black, they even said they based the character off Mr. Jackson. If Will Smith is playing Joshiua X, *an earlier version of Captain America, I can see that. That would be pretty cool it would explain the whole story of Captain America. I can't see them making Steve Rogers black though. Just imagine if they made Wolverine black, or somebody else it just doesn't make sense. The same thing would apply if they were to make Blade white. Thats my two cents.

madthoughtz on Sep 11, 2008


@ Redskull You should stay in special ed. It's sad that its 2008 and race is still an issue. I guess being of mixed race it's easier to look at things differently.

madthoughtz on Sep 11, 2008


Hold on, it aint different then what omega saying-im not a racist but Captain America can never ever be played by a Black Man, it aint Right-Thats like Jesus being played by a Black Man..Black Man can't talk like rogers, cant walk like rogers, cant hold the shield like rogers, doesnt have blonde hair, blue eyes like rogers, just like Omega said "because the part was written and created for a white character… he speaks a certain way, he acts a certain way, his history is based on a white character's life"...

Redskull on Sep 11, 2008


Funny you say Jesus can't be played by a black man when he was never a white man either.

SlashBeast on Sep 11, 2008


Man o Man, Lets not get into that conversation about Jesus- Theres alot of Christian that like thier White Jesus-regardless of Geographical location-and the history of the Hebrew Tribe...but Jesus ain't CA, so it doesnt matter..he's Jesus he can be played by everybody- And Redskull, you dnt even deserve a reponse but its funny, better yet Ironic you draw parralles between Omega's statements and Yours, but u just make Omega sound like ah, I dnt want to say it...

2cent on Sep 11, 2008


If Will Smith is Cap, I will never see a marvel movie ever again. I am a marvel fanatic. If they don't portray him the right way, marvel can kiss my balls.

Archangel on Sep 11, 2008


Will Smith has my vote!!! If any one of you understood the true nature of men, the circumstances, and the foundation this society was built on, you wouldn't have a problem with it either. Comic books where originally created to explain the world around us when we were scared to speak out about it. They explained wars,... even racism. A fan of the Marvel Cartoons and Movies would know that yes,.. Yes,... the 1st Captain America was obviously was not a black man. But a fan of the ACTUAL Comic Book would know there was a second Captain America and the second one indeed is of African American Decent. That's why you should always read the book before you see the movie. If you don't believe me,... here is a link for a picture: Not good enough? Read the duration of my blog or go directly to: Isaiah Bradley's tale begins in 1942, with the spawn of Project: REBIRTH....."US, British and German eugenicists tried desperately to re-create the super soldier serum that created Steve Rogers' alter ego, Captain America. Project Rebirth was tested on African-Americans. Three hundred of these soldiers were taken from Camp and subjected to potentially fatal experiments at undisclosed locations. Only five subjects survived the original trials. US soldiers executed the 300 black soldiers used for their clinical trials all in the name of secrecy. The government told the families their loved ones had died in battle. The sole survivor of his test group, Isaiah Bradley stole a spare costume intended for Captain America before he engaged in a suicide mission to destroy a Nazi Concentration camp, also attempting to breed a new super soldier. The mission ended when the Germans captured Bradley. Bradley was later rescued, only to be court-martialed and imprisoned at Leavenworth around 1943. In 1960, Bradley was pardoned by President Eisenhower and released. "While Isaiah was in prison, the government attempted to use his altered DNA to create another Super-Soldier. After 39 attempts the result was a child named Josiah, Isaiah and Faith's genetic son. Josiah X, as he would later call himself, was born to a surrogate mother, who smuggled him out of the government's clutches." Years would pass. Josiah's son {Isaiah's grandson} Elijah receives a fatal injury protecting Captain America from a blast intended for him. Isaiah gives him blood thus passing down the serum in his blood, and birthing the power of the Young Avengers new leader,... "Patriot." Meanwhile, the long-term effects of the test serum had severely damaged Isaiah Bradley's mind and body, similar in part to the effects of various steroids and Alzheimer's. Steve Rogers (Captain America) learned the truth behind the Super-Soldier program and attempted a reconciliation with the now-childlike Isaiah Bradley. However, Captain America never discovered that the true mastermind behind the Super-Soldier program was the clandestine organization Weapon Plus and that Bradley was only one in a long line of Weapons, including Wolverine and Fantomex. The clandestine experimentation that empowered Isaiah held similarities with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (Tuskegee Syphilis Study were not required to give informed consent and were not informed of their diagnosis; instead they were told they had "bad blood" and could receive free medical treatment, rides to the clinic, meals and burial insurance in case of death in return for participating.In 1932, when the study started, standard treatments for syphilis were toxic, dangerous, and of questionable effectiveness. Part of the original goal of the study was to determine if patients were better off not being treated with these toxic remedies and to recognize each stage of the disease in hopes of developing treatments aimed for each one.The study continued until 1972, when a leak to the press resulted in its termination. By then, of the 399 infected participants, 28 had died of syphilis and another 100 had died from medical complications related to syphilis. In addition, 40 wives of participants had been infected with syphilis, and 19 children had contracted the disease at birth." "Isaiah is Considered to be the "Black" Captain America, Isaiah Bradley became an underground legend among much of the African-American community in the Marvel Universe. A number of the most noted Africans and African-Americans of the twentieth century's last four decades visited Bradley as a sign of respect and, in many cases, hero worship. His visitors have included Malcolm X, Richard Pryor, Muhammad Ali, Angela Davis, Alex Haley, Nelson Mandela, and Colin Powell (as evidenced in Truth: Red, White & Black #7). Outside the Black community, however, he remains largely unknown. When he arrived as a special guest to the wedding of Storm and the Black Panther, Luke Cage was awestruck while Wolverine was totally unaware of the man's identity or importance." "In Captain America vol. 4, #28, an Isaiah Bradley from an alternate Earth became Captain America and never married. Later, he was elected president and served two terms." Please Pass This On!!!

Clarissa on Sep 12, 2008


@171-- all three of the black friends i mentioned would agree 100% with everything i posted. it's something i've discussed many times with them, and we're all on the same page. that's one of the reasons that we're FRIENDS-- we agree on things. can you grasp that, or is too complicated a concept for you? and do yourself a favor and learn how to read-- when did i "mock and dismiss" slavery? back in the 19th century, when it ACTUALLY EXISTED, it was an awful and unjust thing, and one of the reasons douglass is a personal hero of mine is that he bravely fought against it. but he wouldn't have been able to do that if he hadn't bought his own freedom and taught himself to read and write (with no help) so that he could tell his story and make a name for himself. if he had instead chosen to act like most modern blacks and whine and cry and moan and blame everyone else for his fate, he would have died a slave and we wouldn't be talking about him now. he didn't play the blame game, because he knew that once you start focusing on who you can blame for your problems, you will NEVER take responsibility yourself for fixing them. and if YOU don't take responsibility, they'll never get fixed. what i "mocked and dismissed" (and you would know this if you would emulate frederick douglass and learn to read) is not slavery or its actual victims (ALL of whom are now long dead), but the lazy whining modern "civil rights leaders" who continue to wave it around like a big fat "we don't have to get jobs" banner. those three friends i mentioned-- they never talk about slavery. they don't care about it. it was over 140 yrs ago, it doesn't affect them, it's over and done with. they know that, and that's why they're all successful at what they've chosen to do. my point is, people need to shut up with the whining and take responsibility for themselves NOW, in the PRESENT. the fact that blacks were slaves almost a century and a half ago is no longer a valid excuse for them to be at the bottom of the social, economic, educational, and health ladders. there is obviously some OTHER reason that so many blacks are unwilling to pull themselves up out of poverty, crime, drug addiction, familial dysfunction, and all the rest of the garbage that plagues them (and by extension, america). what is that reason? and note that i said "unwilling," and not "unable." is it a cultural issue?? why is it that whenever the subject is broached, idiots come out of the woodwork screaming "leave black people alone, you racist! don't you know they were slaves??!?" is there some rational reason why the slavery smokescreen keeps getting blown in our faces when we try to discuss this? could it be that some people don't WANT to talk about it?? could it be that there are some people who like things exactly the way they are? who might those people be? do you think it's the blacks living in squalor? or do you think it's the al sharptons and the jesse jacksons, whose bread is buttered by prolonging this "civil rights" nonsense?? the democrats are running a black guy for president this year, for crap's sake. so don't try to tell me america hasn't reached a post-racist point in its history, because it HAS. if some black people are still whining about slavery, then it's because they're looking for special treatment, either because they don't want to work or they're trying to score an unfair advantage in the workplace and/or educational arena. they're trying to maintain a double-standard-- the same one that lets a crummy no-talent actor like will smith play roles that were created for/established by white actors (captain america has been drawn with blonde hair and blue eyes for his entire existence, almost seven decades), whereas i think we can agree that a traditionally black character like shaft being played by a white actor would have sharpton screaming for blood. also, if you want to talk about being "priviledged [sic]" then you better be talking about someone else, you little child. i grew up white trash with nothing, living in trailers, taking showers on the front porch with a 10 gallon bucket because we didn't have running water. i applied myself, set goals, worked my way through college delivering pizza, graduated with honors, and made something for myself. and that was WITHOUT affirmative action and white guilt on my side. if i could do it, then black people, with quotas and special "black only" scholarships helping them, can definitely do it too. and i hope they do. i happen to know that poverty sucks, and i'd like to see black america escape it. but they never will as long as they keep focusing on ancient history and using it as an excuse, instead of focusing on the present. there's nothing anyone can do about slavery. it happened, it's over with. wasting energy on it now serves no purpose whatsoever. black "leaders" like sharpton and jackson could take all the time and effort and money they waste with their ridiculous "reparations" nonsense and direct it at some real, current problems. but they won't. they don't want things to change, because then they'd actually have to address the problems with black culture (like the glorification of crime and violence, the lack of importance placed on education, etc), and that's the last thing they want to do. after all, it's a lot easier to just scream "we were slaves!!!" every few months and then collect the resulting donations.

devil on Sep 12, 2008


@ devil Agreed, Sorry, I can't help but make another comment. Like you say... they're just using the "Black" issue as a way for argument. It's obvious that they're just looking to turn this into a "Black" issue although they're trying to dress it up as this being a race issue. They can't accept other people's opinions. If anyone say that Will can't play CA because he's Black and that's the reason he doesn't fit the role, then they're going to go on a "Black" rampage instead of just accepting that people like their characters stay a certain way and it doesn't have to be a "Black" thing. They're so bent on having a Black actor represented that they're closed off to other people's opinions. They really need to learn how to read, comprehend, and remember what people say or write because everything that you say on here, they'll turn it into their "Black" argument and ask you to repeat yourself over again... They mention being open minded, but their mind is already set on making this into a "Black" issue not even a race issue as they claim. If the topic was Demi Moore as CA.. does that make me sexist, closed minded, unoriginal if I disagree? Being that they're so "Open minded" and "Original" towards anybody playing the part, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have a problem as the sex of the character shouldn't matter just like the skin of the character shouldn't matter...

Omega728 on Sep 12, 2008


Devil- Honestly, You make a good Point-but there are much more social inssue involve-Slavery did place Black into a system that has affected the Black mindstate-Then you have Jim crow that preceded that -Really, take african America studies up, cause honestly all your speaking is Douglas but there still much more work after that-there still alot of hierarchly systems that have been place in society that prevent Black from Excelling-In the plessy vs ferguson case-Seperate but Equal, a little girl pick up a white doll instead of a black becuase society suggested to her that the white doll features were better-like don't you realize things are more deep rooted-its not always the pull your brichets up and keep trecking-Your Black friends sound like Uncle Toms to be honest-like Black Replublicans-you think i care about their opinions-they make up a fractions of the populations-I dnt know about their upbringings-Yes, you right in some cases you need to suck it up..Agree, but in most cases its not that clear cut-this conversation can go in many directions but it won't change your mind-Look at what slavery or precolonialism has done to so many countries-What about the native American population-Africans have never gotten retributions like Jews, Native Americans, or the Japanese-pick up a book or go to school and take a social studies-you sound misguided and ignorant and yes, closeminded-im sorry Omega- Personally, I'm just arguing with you for arguments sake-I agree with you and yes, if demi moore was to play CA, I would call you sexist and probably call myself a sexist-for arguments sake-However, I am not calling you a Racist thats a strong sentiment but your ideology seems to bring out some-You stay CA should stay White that fine but you mention you would see it, if Will was in it-it would make you feel wierd-thats fine and I agree-your not a racist quit bringing up like we're calling you one-makes you sound guilty or something...jeeeeez

2cent on Sep 12, 2008


Enough, lets just agree we disagree-theres alot of social issues in America and the world and we won't resolve in on First Showing-Trust-Devil go to school, I probably need to go take a english course-So i wont be in such a rush and post such a poor grammatical error filled post-But Devil, you bring out the worst in me-lol

2cent on Sep 12, 2008


@Devil When you write things like "retards on here crying about slavery and blah blah blah" and "like poverty, lack of education, etc– cry me a river already" their is a sense of mockery and ridicule to these statements. If you dont see that its fine like I said its your priveledge. You may not need to consider slavery's lingering effects on society, thats your priviledge. Your shear dismissal of it shows how you stand on the subject. Unfortunately for Blacks and minorities alike must consider things like Slavery, racism, classism into their daily lives because whether or not you recognize its lingering affects they deal with it daily. However, that is not to say that we all shouldnt strive and work hard for the things in our lives such as your "black friends" have. Now the fact that you asked certain questions in your comment like "is there some rational reason why the slavery smokescreen keeps getting blown in our faces when we try to discuss this? "and "there is obviously some OTHER reason that so many blacks are unwilling to pull themselves up out of poverty, crime, drug addiction, familial dysfunction, and all the rest of the garbage that plagues them (and by extension, america)." Indicates to me that you are obviously someone that realizes that blacks and minorites and by extension America suffer from some deep rooted societal problems. Those problems run deep my brother they are not smokescreens nor are they easily fixed. Now, it is very admirable that you claim to have grown up "white trash" and you were able to transcend your existence. However, I say it your priveledge because what you dont realize is that if you were black with the upbringing you are claiming that per capita you would be six times more likely to be incarcirated then your white counterpart. Think about that for a second..... I beileve that this issue is more than just " Blacks unwilling to pull themselves up out of poverty, crime, drug addiction, familial dysfunction"?. I beileve that the issue is on a societal level that will take generations from now to officially be able "put to bed". I am inept to be able to answer the question on how we could get passed all of this. The answer is better suited for a global leader or a civil rights leader, which I am neither, I am a soldier. And what do you think happens to most of those people (all races) that are incarcerated in prisons around the country( In 2007 approx 2.7 Million people)? Working to manufacture goods for cents on the hour. Does that not sound like modern day slave labor trade to you? Not to mention the fact they have to worry about things like corruption, being gang raped. HIV etc. etc. READ this words carefully so that they are not misperceived. I too agreee that a change will not happen unless a focus is shifted from the lingering effects of slavery. I truthfully beileve that if you do walk around everyday with that slave mindset that you will never achieve more then those in power will let you. But, thats not too say that slavery can just be forgotten about. You can forgive however you should not forget. You seem like an intelligent person so I am not going to belittle you as did me (the child comment), but Sir sometimes when Blacks talk about slavery and its lingering effects its not always being used as a smokescreen. Notice i said sometimes and the fact that you have friends that agree with you 100% and that you often agree on things that is why you are friends is not too difficult to comprehend, this is often the case in groupthink. Remember that "honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress" Appreciate your comments..... One last comment to Omega pain in my ass 728, 2cents and I did not make this topic about race. The conversation topic specifically asked "is America ready for a Black Captain America"?. How, in your mind does this translate into us MAKING this topic about race? please, please tell me that? And we never said that Will Smith or a Black actor HAS to play Captain America, we simply were asking Why not?, can you not see the difference?

Nuff Said!! on Sep 12, 2008


Seriously though. You all need to calm the fu@k down. Will is not going to be cast as Cap. Some would have liked it, some wouldn't. That's it. Some people like tea others prefer coffee is doesn't mean either of them are wrong. Now all take deep breath and chill.

Smiffy1 on Sep 12, 2008


@Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr I truly appreciate you insight into cubano/Black American issues particularly in your neck of the woods. Its true that one of the most destructive parts of racism in this country is when we minorities tear down eachother. Reverse racism is some stances is worst because we are all part of the one big group of minorities. Yes, sure we all have our different backgrounds cultures respectively. And that should not be forgotten, but the reality is we do not have the power structure in our society is off balance just look COC in the Marine Corps look or better yet the Chairman/Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (VJCS) First and 2nd highest in command of the Armed Foces for the past 40 or 50 years and tell me how many people of color you see...... Now, just so I am not confused I understand the idealogy and the concept of "their is no color in the foxhole". The reality is brother that when your back in the world these inbalances need to be discussed. I am sorry to hear about your friend that passed condolences offered. We do not achieve by bringing eachother down. Injustices are everywhere and they need to be addressed. Once again take care of yourself bro.

Nuff Said!! on Sep 12, 2008


@Smiffy1, what up, whats going on? your not your jovial, comical self. I think people are calm bro, you just have some deep thinkers in the forum this time thats all.

Nuff Said!! on Sep 12, 2008


@ Nuff 1) You don't even remember what you wrote? Exactly my point, you talk out of your Ass man. Let me refresh your mind. All I did was made the comment of comparing physical attributes when casting an actor. That I would pick an actor base on their physical profile to match the character role, whether it's that they're too skinny or because of the color of their skin. If they don't fit the profile, then they don't fit the profile. Now we both agree that a person's built and the color of a person's skin is part of their physical profile, right? Do you agree or not? Here's what you had to say about it: "People haven't been lynched for being skinny!" Now if that's not pertaining to a Racial remark (Black issue) then you tell me what that's suppose to mean. 2) This question wasn't "is America ready for a Black Captain America"? The question that was asked was strictly "So what do you think - could Will Smith pull off Captain America?? Your question Why not? I've answered that numerous times... but you're the one who couldn't accept my opinion unless I was converted into thinking like you. @ 2cent Yeah, you're not calling anyone racist, but as devil mentioned.... what you were trying to do is use that "Black" issue as an arguing point. WHEN "Black" wasn't even the issue to start out with... and as we both see that didn't take us anywhere did it? Now you say that you wanted to argue just for argument sake... then that's just you being stupid.... isn't it?

Omega728 on Sep 12, 2008


LOL.... guys... nice chatt'n with the both of you. At the end, black, white, yellow, brown... whatever, we may disagree on certain things but at the end, deep down inside.... we're all Movie Goers... that's all that matters....

Omega728 on Sep 12, 2008


No Omega it's not called being stupid its called debating-You picked a position I picked a postion-We debated on it-Sometimes we may even agree but for the sake of the Debate I still have to disagree-

2cent on Sep 12, 2008


#171@Omega728; First I left out that my mother is a white Puerto Rican. I do know the socioeconomic issues of The USA. However, I like to use two ethnic groups that are similar. an which I know better. My Cuban relatives including myself came to this country and quickly assimilated. We learned English immediately by immersing ourselves in the language and culture of the USA. We did not use bi-lingual programs. We worked two or more jobs to paid our way to college. I myself graduated from USC. My father before me used his GI Bill and money from various jobs to Graduate from the University of Miami. All of my Cuban relatives are now rich. Most of my relatives served in The American Military. However; my mother's relatives followed a different route. They too portray themselves as victims. Many were on Welfare and used the bilingual programs. They refuse to assimilate and even though they are born American Citizens; they still consider themselves Puerto Rican and not American.Some have lived in The Main land since the 1950s and still refuse to make their first language English. They are not as successful as my Cuban relatives, friends or myself. My skin color is like Halle Berry. I had more problems with African Americans then I have had with White Americans. In fact; The African Americans rioted in Miami a few years ago and targeted Cubans because Miami's Cubans own most of the businesses and make a large part of the police force. They killed one of my friends as they rioted and purposely targeted The police that were of Cuban heritage. You can look it up in the archives of any good newspaper in your area. We Cubans suffer reverse discrimination by African Americans. We also suffer reverse discrimination from Puerto Ricans because we are more successful then most of them. Finally; most of us are Republicans and that causes a back lash as well. My men who are Brown, Yellow, Black and White all agree that whoever plays Captain American must be white. Marines don't discriminate. We are all Marines. Race is not an issue. However; we don't care about political correctness. Captain America is White. I should be sleeping and getting ready for our morning mission. However; I think this is an important issue that affects all Americans.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 12, 2008


@Omega728 1) I do agree that the color of a persons skin is PART of the actor profile. But unlike a persons build, eye color, hair color, even height sometimes (camera angles). I mentioned a person has not been lynched because of their weight to ephasis the great difference in these two aspects of "profile" only. 2)yes the question was posed "So what do you think - could Will Smith pull off Captain America"?? But also the inside that paragraph the comment "I hate to bring this up, BUT I THINK IT WILL BE THE MOST POIGNANT AREA OF DISCUSSION: a black Captain America". This comment along with the entire intro are all part of the discussion topic wouldnt you agree? Also, i have not asked you all day to explain your reasoning. My initial post on the board was not directed towards anyone particular, your the one who called me out refresh that sh&t! It appears to me that you simply cannot handle the discussion topic and the intrusion of race in this topic. You want to make it about everything else except for race. And as far as i stand that is what the discussion intro and the topic was asking. If you cant handle the subject just get the F&*k out of the kitchen really, let grown folks talk o.k.

Nuff Said!! on Sep 12, 2008


@ Nuff said There's your problem, you're so obsess about racial equality and getting more minorities into starting roles that any mention about skin color... that automatically becomes a race issue for you.... when i mentioned that it's because of his skin color... I put it in the same category as a person's height, weight, looks, etc... but you choose to emphasize on skin color because you're the kind of person who's just looking to make a fuss about anything that has to do with the color of a person's skin. As was proven with Whitey's comment.... Like you said before, this is 2008... not every comment about skin color has to be seen as a race issue , so you're the one who needs to grow up and leave that "Black" issue back where it belongs. If I said that it's because of his skin color that he doesn't fit the profile, why can't you just accept that simple fact? Don't go telling me that I'm closed minded just because I don't see things your way. Is your opinion the only right one? You're the one who called everyone who disagreed with the idea Haters... that's why I replied to your comment and tried to explain that it's not Hate... but I guess that didn't do much good did it. Anyways, looks like your the one who's getting too hot and can't stand the heat in the Kitchen.... not me. Chill Out Man....

Omega728 on Sep 12, 2008


I will make this simple for you. Impasse = where you and I are in regards to this debate. (Because we cannot even agree on whether the topic of conversation is about race/skin color/profile etc.) talking to you = Waist of my time Here is a friendly bet though. If Will Smith plays CA it will be the top grossing movie in its genre of all time!!!!!!! ( I know, I know its not about the money with you, there is no need to say it) See you at the movies...

Nuff Said on Sep 12, 2008


Someone mentioned Aaron Eckhart as Cap. That would have been perect casting but would Eckhart follow up his stint as Two-Face with the Captain? As for Will Smith. I loved him in I Am Legend. But all due respect,he tried to replace Robert Conrad in The Wild Wild West and that movie went right in the toilet! He played Hancock and that movie was a hit this past summer! So Smith has got to stay fresh and original. I do not see him as The Ultimate Captain America Choice. If anything,I see Smith better suited as Black Adam going up against Superman if WB ever does another Superman movie! As for you people who say that Captain America is boring,well you have no creativity! I once read a story in Captain America written by none other than Frank Miller. A firefighter was given the pink slip so he went "mad" and starting lighting fires all over the city. Cap had to take him down hard. This story was written in the 80s but it rings even truer in our post 9/11 world does it not?

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


Oh what about John Goodman as Cap and Tom Arnold as Bucky?!

Smiffy1 on Sep 13, 2008


How about Ryan Philippe as Captain America and Arnold Schwarzanegger as Thor? Because let's face it Ahnold is blowing it as Governor! Right? So Arnie's got to come back home to Hollywood.

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


They should redo STEEL because it sucked bad with Shaq! Will Smith should be Steel not Cap!

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


@ Nuff Said Well here's another thing that I'll have to DISAGREE with you..... you think that just because Will Smith stars as Cap. America, it's going to beat TDK's $500+ domestic mark? Now that's crazy thinking man.... One man cast in a movie doesn't make the movie an instant hit, not just a hit but the top grossing movie in it's genre? There's so many other things involved, like a good Script, director, supporting cast, so on... These do matter you know? But I guess we'll never really know would we? Yeah man, I'll see you at the movies.....

Omega728 on Sep 13, 2008


He is such a good actor but the Black Captin America wasnt around for a while only for like 20 issues but if any one is to play Captin America I would've like to see Aaron Ekhart playing him or Smith Jerrod or Josh Dumell or Keifer Sutherland

Darren on Sep 13, 2008


OH I Forgot Ledonardo Decaprio and and Brad Pitt also

Darren on Sep 13, 2008


yea, Um Nuff Said I don't know about that one-The only other movie that could possibly beat TDK is Batman 3-As far as comic turned to movies then I could see it being third after the tdk, Batman 3..maybe..

2cent on Sep 13, 2008


Do any of you know who Isaiah Bradley is? Here i'll give you idiots the link: For those of you haven't realized that Marvel Comics has more than one EVERYTHING. By saying that, I do mean interracial versions of some other heroes and villains. I don't understand why it is a big deal. I commend those of you that understand the amount of business courage it takes to make a move such as this one in casting a black man, to play a hero who most would consider to be white in colour.

The Avatar on Sep 13, 2008


I love that they didn't edit this article at all to show the fact that this rumor was complete and total crap. and The Avatar, I wrote an Article about Isiah Bradley, that got published in a few papers. His character is rather new and came AFTER Rogers.

Kent on Sep 13, 2008


When it comes to idiots The Avatar takes the cake!

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


man wat a mess jeeeezzz ive read every post sooo far .... if they put will smith as the Isaiah Bradley CA thats fine Aaron Eckhart is a good idea but he must bulk up haha i am conservative but i empathize with the black communtiy the situation is not good at all, but this predicament is not anyones fault in particular Bill Cosby is right in my opinion. i do not agree with sharpton or jesse all they wanna do is blame others and create strife. In my opinion(cosidering im not black this may not be the right 1 soo plz correct me if u want) the root of the problem starts in the families many young african americans do not have good father figures if fathers at all and moms working full time this leaves them with no real role models to teach the the right path. if u take it 1 step at a time u can do anything. start wit the family then work up from there family is the most important

john on Sep 14, 2008


Yeah I could see Brad Pitt playing Captain America. Shit,he was ripped in Troy! And he's like 43 years old too. Still looks good for his age,though. He's fit. Pitt perfectly fits the Steve Rogers mold.

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


I am not racist. I am French and Spanish. My mom is Latina. My father is Caucasian. BUT I was surprised when Will Smith got the lead in WILD WILD WEST and I was put off when Michael Clarke Duncan played The Kingpin in DAREDEVIL. And you can see how Will Smith playing Captain America almost goes hand in hand with a black Presidential hopeful. Right? Just saying is all...

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Every Movie has more socio-poitical and Economic connotations-Thats why they could make CA Black, yes probably because of the current elections and especially if Obama wins-in all honesty-if they followed the Bradley storyline that would be a good look-however, if they did a what if Steve Rogers was Black-I wouldnt care-but it would be kinda weird- But really, and i hand this conversation with my friend-if it was between Brad and Will- Ima go with Brad hands down-he fits the profile (lol) and he is one of my favorite actors-Troy mos def shows the Capabilities of playing CA..if it was between Will and Matthew, Im sorry ima go with regardless of the storyline or profile-last movie i really like Matt in was a Time to Kill-he hasnt done it for me yet again-However, I can see Aaron Eckhart and would pick him over Will- Wild Wild west was garbage regardless of whether they replace Will with any White actor-the story was wack-And if Kingpen was White Same thing goes the movie was Garbage and hole filled-the director cut not bad-but all in all the movie was blah..and he had nothing to do with Fisk being Black..i tell you that much-i feel you on the Fisk being Black was a little whatever for the sake of Hollywood- But yea, John it really does start with the home and if, there nobody at home then there has to mentorship programs. It takes a village ya know but moreso applying the whole no child left behind would help to- ya know? We need more government job training and lifeskill programs but less wellfare-There has to be a plan perse-its never just clear cut- And I dnt like Jesse or Al, there time as influential leaders has since pass-they are more influential with senior citizens but the young people like Micheal Dyson, Cornell West-Obama-

2cent on Sep 14, 2008


i agree with most of this 2cent, but i dont think Obama has the answers although i dont particularly like mccain either Obama has done nothing to qualify him as a candidite, i cant name 1 single thing. no legislation written and voted present 130 times(in other words he couldnt make up his mind soo he just decided to let everyone know he was there)

John on Sep 14, 2008


hahaha then again i duno why i sent that last post if u dont like jesse or sharpton i wouldnt think u like Obama, or do u?

John on Sep 14, 2008


To make a point of "it doesn't matter if he's black or white" Don't forget Ripley in Alien was written as a MALE character, with a FEMALE being cast in the role.

Stuart Mellor on Sep 14, 2008


@Stuart Mellor So was it going to be Aaron Ripley or Eric Ripley? Im just curious......

Nuff Said on Sep 14, 2008


Boy, there are a lot of nut, idiots on this blog, sorry but true!! Will is a man and a great actor, he'd play the part exceptionally, who CARES what color he is??? WHY in this world does "color" always have to come up first? A bunch of racists. When I first read this, I couldn't understand why there would be a problem...still don't, and I'm WHITE. Fools.

Jaye on Sep 14, 2008


comon jaye ... not all of these people are racists. they care because its like casting black panther or storm as a white charater, it wouldnt go with the comic book. and u know many ppl wouldnt like it. i mean if its the isaiah bradley CA its all good but if they try and cast the steve rogers CA it wouldnt be correct. Will is a great actor and i would rather it be him than matthew but still...

john on Sep 14, 2008


Jaye's just an Oreo Cookie!!! LOL!

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


John,on the other hand,is the most sensible guy on this thread.

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Just chew on this, though. In 1979,Nicholas Hammond was chosen to play Captain America in the short lived TV Show. Nobody said "Hey let's get John Amos to play Cap!" Amos was the dad on GOOD TIMES for those of you who didn't know that. Back then a balck man stepping in for a white man was just unheard of. The world has really,really changed in 30 years. Has it not? Think on that.

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


i love will smith movies from bad boys to hancock but will smith as the greatest marvel superhero ever captain america served in ww2 black ppl were slaves in ww2 not leaders of armies captain america is supposed to be huge white athletic blonde and appears to be very smart and his movements should show us how just man can solve all the problems the world can throw at him i dont know who should be captain america but dicaprio is to small smith would be perfect but hes black (dont blame me blame stan lee hes the real racist) mattew mccounnay is too dumb and his acting sometimes suck he pulled off that bald guy in reign of fire if he can commit to a character like he did then i guess he would make the better choose but the memory of a captain america movie should remind us of that time in history when the world was at war and one man gave everything to reslove this issue like real people have done in history and to give them the respect for what theyve done for our country because in a way they were the real superheroes.

danny on Sep 15, 2008


i thought will smith was going to play Magneto in X-Men Origins: Magneto?

herb on Sep 15, 2008


@danny That shows how much you know about history. The slaves were freed about the mid-1800s whereas WWII took place in the 1940s.

shun on Sep 15, 2008


I am so sick of you liberals. Captain America was an inspiration to many of the soldiers in WW2. It is an insult to them to make Captain America Black. In the comic books ; Captain America was and is White. His replacement is Bucky Rodger alias The Winter Soldier is White. If you want Will Smith To play Steve Rodger's Best Friend , The Falcon who is Black fine. The Obama Cult is more in love with the man's ethnicity then they are with his experience to be president. Besides he isn't black; he is biracial just as I am of two ethnic groups Black Cuban Father and White Puerto Rican Mother. I consider myself American even though my color is similar to Obamas.My men don't consider me their black Captain just their Captain. If you liberals want to apologize for what happened to African Americans during slavery; please don't start by changing the race of Captain America. I don't care about the Army , navy , Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserves or National Guard. However; we in the Marines are Marines. We are not Black Marines, Asian Marines, White Marines, Latino Marines, etc. Every man in my company agrees that we want a White Steve Rogers/Captain America in The Movie as much as we want him in the comics.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 15, 2008


He is Captain America

Pepito on Sep 15, 2008


but being real...the first captain america WAS a black men. They used the serum on a black man before they used it on Steve Rogers, the captain america we all know.

courtney on Sep 15, 2008


I guess this rumour is dead now, Marvel has officially denied that they've ever approached Will Smith to play Captain America. That's the end of it.

SlashBeast on Sep 15, 2008


Will Smith is a kick-ass actor, so he will portray perfectly the CA role. Last night we were talking with my wife about Hancock, and the fact that it looks like a movie written for a white Hancock. Moreover, Theron says that "they were built in pairs" so they should be both white. Will did a terrific job like always and I believe he will be doing it again as a CA.

David on Sep 15, 2008


Wow! There are so many good arguments here. Ivan has valid points. Courtney knows her comics! Earlier, I stated that Nicholas Hammond played Cap. I was wrong! He played Spidey! But in the 60's and 70's,black was black,white was white and that was that. However,in 1989,the white character Harvey Dent was played by a black man. Super cool Billy Dee Williams portrayed Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman. No big deal was made about this HOWEVER Tommy Lee Jones took over the part in 1995's Batman Forever! Go figure...

Tony A. on Sep 15, 2008


I love Will Smith. He's a good actor. Loves his wife and kids. I understand he is generous in real life. As a moviegoer,I think Smith should play STEEL,the black Superman OR Luke CAGE for that matter. As an aspiring screenwriter,I would love to see Smith as a black Serpico who battles corruption in the mid 70's. In closing,I think Aaron Eckhart is The Number One Choice to play Cap. Hell,he looks like Robert Redford and he's even got a cleft chin like Kirk Douglas. He's tailor-made for the part!

Tony A. on Sep 15, 2008


Danny! Finally a man with sense. Enough with the black and white crap already. I love Will Smith as an actor, but not as Cap. Will should play Bishop. I love Obama too, but not as Pres. Experience is what everyone should look for in a Pres.

Archangel on Sep 15, 2008


"Experience" is what Washington already has plenty of. Its new ideas, concepts and a different approach to foreign policy thats lacking.....

Nuff Said on Sep 15, 2008


@peter Peter, if Will Smith is a bad actor, then could you please educate us all on what qualities make a good actor. I'm curious as to your perspective on that. Thanks. Q

Quanah on Sep 15, 2008


that's outrageous I hated when they casted Kingpin as the guy from Green Mile Kingpin was a fat white dude Hollywood doesn't care about getting any comics right they only care about milking people who will see it cause of it's name

Scott2099 on Sep 16, 2008


How about Will Smith as a black Presidential hopeful? Someone tries to assassinate him. A Russian sub disappears. So does Air Force One. Captain America(Brad Pitt)looks into these matters and comes face to face with The Red Skull(John Malkovich)working hand in glove with Doctor Doom.

Tony A. on Sep 16, 2008


Lou Gossett Jr or Scatman Cothers as Cap? Anyone, anyone?

Smiffy1 on Sep 16, 2008


Well, if Bob Dylan can be played by a woman and an African American kid, how can you people complain about Captain America being black? Hell, Zimmy might be a bigger icon than Cap! I'm really looking forward for The First Avenger: Captain America starring Will Smith!

Chema Solari on Sep 16, 2008


@The Real Alex I agree. And your not a racist for stating a fact; Captain America was/is White. Period. Nevermind the fact that Will Smith is--in my opinion--a horrible actor.

glen on Sep 16, 2008


Im black and i know its not a racist thing but nooooooo!! will smith shouldn't play cpt.america i was thinking bruce willis should play him!!!! they got that same slim shape head hahaha and bruce willis a dope actor!!!

JDRoop on Sep 16, 2008


If he were to play the truly original, Tuskegee Experiment-esque Captain America Isaiah Bradley, that would make sense. But as a black Steve Rogers, it makes no sense at all. Let's not forget that Captain America was born of a 1942 experiment to fight the Axis. 1942!! People weren't exactly into civil rights back then, so to have a black Cap, as cool as it may seem, up against the Red Skull and Hitler, courtesy of a still very racist America, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Just look at what the Tuskegee Airmen (there's that word again!!!) had to endure from the country they fought for. (Watch the film Silver Wings & Civil Rights. It's a great little indie doc. Plus, I worked on it. LOL) Even what happened to Isaiah Bradley ended shamefully. To have any other Cap come from any other origin (Viet Nam or the Gulf War, which they could easily do, sad to say) would be a huge disservice to the mythos that is Captain America, a man who was a patriot when being a patriot was more than just a word used to shame good Americans for not agreeing with a certain Party's misbegotten ideals. I appreciate the sentiments of having a black Cap on the silver screen, but no, let's just keep Director Nick Fury ebony (Sam Jackson is going to be A-Mazing) and Captain America ivory. Without that perfect harmony, we might have to endure Bow Wow as Bucky. And please let's keep Steve Rogers in his late-20's, thank you very much. Now, let's talk about a Luke Cage, War Machine, or Black Panther film. And I'm sorry, but Will Smith was horrible in I Am Legend. Though, I loved him in Hancock, so what do I know?

Geekedge on Sep 16, 2008


Courtney; doesn't know about Isaiah Bradley. She obviously didn't read the 2003 limited series Truth: Red,White & Black. First; Steve Rogers was The first Captain America. He became Captain America in 1940. The WW2 Super Soldier program operated by Wilfred Nagel alias Reinsteinl who himself was using an alias used by Dr . Abrahim Erskine started in 1942. Two years before the clandestine experiment. Reinstein's project was named Rebirth not Birth. They were attempting to re-create the super soldier serum that had turned Steve Rogers into Captain America in 1940. The sole survivor Isaiah Bradley stole a spare Captain America. Isaiah went on one mission where he was captured by the Nazi's . He was freed by American Forces,court-martialed and imprisoned at Leavenworth in 1943. In 1960; he was pardoned by President Dwight Eisenhower and released. In The Black Community he was known as The Black Captain America. In rest of the world ; he was unknown. In 2003; Steve Rogers-The Real Captain America visited Isaiah Bradley. This was the first and last time that The legendary Black Captain America met The real Captain America. Isaiah Bradley had one successful mission compared to hundreds of mission by Steve Rogers /Captain America. It's like saying that Obama has more experience in the US Senate. Again ; The Liberal Mythology continues whether it's in the world of fantasy(comics) or in the world of reality(The Obama vs McCain Senatorial experience. I won't allow lies to be perpetuated in the fantasy world or in the real world. Semper Fi Tony and give them hell.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 16, 2008



David on Sep 17, 2008


The best comic film adaptions have been the ones that adhered closely to the comic book characters. Every single time they stray from that, they fail. When will Hollywood learn?

Scott on Sep 17, 2008


#241Geekedge: What is it that you don't understand about Steve Rogers becoming Captain America in 1940. Robert Morales stated in his appendix to the Truth: Red, White and Black TPB and I quote him"Truth was originally planned to be outside of the Marvel Universe' official continuity. The editorial decision to place it into continuity meant explaining Timely Comics' first publication of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Captain America in 1940-a full year before Pearl Harbor and the true start of our story." Truth co-creator Kyle Baker further clarified the respective timeliness of Bradley and Rogers in an interview: " With Captain America , people get on my case for 'changing ' Captain America. We got a lot of grief from the Captain America fans on that series until the fifth and sixth issues came out; when it turned out that we hadn't tinkered with the continuity. Before that, everybody was very upset, because our story started with Pearl Harbor, and everybody knows that the first issue of Captain America took place before Pearl. Somewhere in the middle of the series, it's revealed that Cap already existed, and we hadn't tinkered with the timeline, and suddenly , the book is okay." you can purchase the TPB and read the interview at =4442. Tony; I agree with you that Will Smith can act as illustrated in Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness and I am Legend. Those are the only three movies that Will Smith did that I liked. Before those three movies; I hated will smith. I hated him in Hancock another one of his silly movie roles. However; I hate his role in the Wild Wild West. One because he replaced my favorite character in the TV series,Robert Conrad, who is white and two because The Wild Wild West in TV was never as stupid or silly as The Movie. It was an insult to Robert Conrad and The TV series. No matter what anybody wants because they are Will Smith fans or because they are white or black liberals who want a Black Captain America; The fact is for every Marine and Army Combat soldier from WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War and the many battles fought between Vietnam and The War in Afghanistan today who read comics see the White Steve Rogers/Captain America as an American Idol. Since 1917, Puerto Ricans have been in the American Military. The Cubans who fled the island either because of Batista or Castro have also served in the American Military force since Korea, Vietnam to Afghanistan. Puerto Rican and Cuban soldiers who read Captain America Comics know Steve Rogers is Captain America and don't care that he's white. they respect his Patriotism, Heroism and his involvement with the American Soldiers who fought against Hitler( A real racist). It is obvious that most of the people on this thread are young and idealistic. Most are also Liberal and Democrats. Most of my men who died in combat or who are still with me are white. Most of them are from little white working class towns in the West and South. Yet they were the bravest men that I had the honor of commanding. The men that I recommended for medals many posthumously were from the so-called racist West and South. Many of those that received medals saved not only white Marines but Marines from different ethnic groups such as black, Latino and Asian. They considered them brother Marines and Brother Americans. If the civilians in the USA were like The USMC ; racism wouldn't even exist. We don't want a black, Latino or Asian to play Steve Rogers/Captain American. We want a white man to play Steve Rogers/Captain America. Tony ; I too thought of Brad Pitt after seeing Troy. He is perfect for Steve Rogers. I don't want to hear about whether he is not tall enough or buff enough. Hugh Jackman was neither as short or as as buff as Wolverine; yet he did a good job as Wolverine. Brad Pitts Warrior skills especially with his shield were the reason that I chose Brad

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 17, 2008


Seriously nothing against will smith... he's a great actor, but captain america was white, and in the 40s there were no black superheros... that didn't happen until '66... and not to the avengers until '68 I would love to see will smith play the black panther, and think he would add a lot to a character that is often overlooked in comics, but is a very important character to have, but not to captain america... Only because captain america has a history that dates back to the 40s and through thick and thin, has been an icon to many, to alter that icon causes a loss of who that person is. Captain america is a war hero, a character that got a lot of people through some serious times, not something to take lightly and 'update' for current times.... Leave captain america alone. build on it, don't change it... who are you to change over 60 years of comic history?

Max on Sep 18, 2008


Here,here Max! Ivan,GOD watch over you and your men! Brad Pitt should play Cap. Smith should play a better version of STEEL. But Hollywood gave us SHAQ(LOL)as The Tin Man(LOL)because they did not want a black man showing up Superman Reeve! Oh did I just say that??? You better fucking believe I did! I just tell it like it is,brothers and sisters! Can I get an Amen?

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


Sounds as ridiculous as Tom cruise playing the last samurai!!

Zaidi on Sep 19, 2008



Tony A. on Sep 19, 2008


I was hoping it would be Brad Pitt or Matt Damon...

Akmed Shabash on Sep 19, 2008


I'm black and I like Will. I'm sure he'd do a good job, but I think that Aaron Eckhart is the best selection if it's Steve Rodgers. On the other hand, I never knew about the Isaiah Bradley Marvel character, in which case use Will.

Lemuel on Sep 20, 2008


haha thanx tony, i try my best 🙂

John on Sep 20, 2008


Thomas Jane is good for Cap too.

Archangel on Sep 20, 2008


What do you think about Daniel Craig as Cap?

Archangel on Sep 20, 2008


I Know I'm a little late to the party but...for your information there was a black Captain America, the 1st one. There was a story line done some years ago that dealt with the military testing the “super solider serum” on black americans before they gave the it to Steve Rogers (i.e. the tuskegee experiment). It is conceivable that Will Smith will play the first “Cap” early in the movie and past the baton to Steve Rogers later in the film or will only be a cameo. It is also possible the entire movie will deal with the whole U.S. Military doing experiments on black people thing, but secretly have a “super solider” who’s black and dealing with all the race issue that went on in WW2. I think thats highly unlikely because thats more of a dramatic movie then an action movie. That being said, Will Smith as Steve Rogers is a very, very, very bad idea (think wild, wild west).

SomeGuy on Sep 20, 2008


It's funny to watch people argue over why Will Smith would be bad for this role. Because he's black? Please. If that bothers you then you A) need to take a good look at what you look for in an actor and B) then you obviously aren't as attached to the Captain America character as you make out. Will Smith is a bad actor? I'm sorry but saying that automatically makes you opinion on who is and isn't a good actor invalid. Aaron Eckhart isn't going to happen either. He's just been in a DC movie, use your brains. Will Smith would actually be perfect for the roll. He's proven he can play a serious dramatic roll and has the physique to play Captain America. Lastly the film will not be set in WWII America. Just like every other superhero movie that's come out since, oh I don't know, the 21st century. It will be set in modern day America and the plot will be adapted as such. Anyone notice that Ironman wasn't set during the Cold War? Or that Gotham City isn't really the dark, gothic themed city anymore?

Beacham on Sep 21, 2008


No.. He wont do fine as Captain America, this "the character supposed to transcend black and white" is crap Steve Rogers is white, period, Who wants to see a Luke Cage movie with HHH as Lucas? Nobody, Luke Cage is black, period, I doubt seriously that under Marvel's new direction of being faithful to their adaptations that they will ever sign on a casting this absurd, maybe they will tie in the Black Captain america storyline for a future Young Avengers project that would be cool, I dont want to see an Asian Batman, or a latino Falcon, just be true to the source material, I doubt that ppl agreeing with this ridiculous rumour ever picked up a Captain America book, this should go on the Junk pile with the Jack Black GL idea. There is NOTHING racist about being faithful to the original material no matter what color, Black characters should remain black, white should remain white, latinos, asian, should all remain as they are, as for the Nick Fury thing, Nick is already black in the Ultimate Universe and since the artist USED Jackson as clear insipiration to draw Fury there is nothing wrong with that, again anyone that actually REAED the Ultimates can see Sam Jackson right there.. Fn stupid to have peple scared of saying "I dont like the idea of will smith as Captain America" with fear of being labeled racist.

matches on Sep 21, 2008


ok im a black man and i think will smith would be great as captain america (c.a.) because i dont think his skin color is a problem where all human you know what im saying there right will smith is a great actor and i think that he could pull it off easy as hell. but if they dont use will smith i think daniel craig would be another perfect c.a.

sam on Sep 21, 2008


You guys, Daniel Craig is James Bond!!! Hello! He's tied up with MGM! So he's out! Pick another. And just for the record,Jude Law should have been Bond!!!

Tony A. on Sep 21, 2008


This is interesting. Of course something like this is going to set off race issues even as a black man gets ever so closer to The White House! Now, I can see why the studios would want Smith. HANCOCK was no DARK KNIGHT but it still was a hit for the past summer. Smith=Box Office. It don't matter to Sony or whoever that he is black. I think Brad Pitt would be perfect for the role of Captain America but let's not forget that they spent a lot of money on TROY and it went bust! So the studios aren't too keen on Pitt right now. Right? Plus,Pitt is playing a goofball in BURN AFTER READING. Now,someone said Matt Damon. He might be right. And he was in all those OCEAN 11 movies and they were all successful. So, I see either Will Smith or Matt Damon getting the part.

Tony A. on Sep 21, 2008


Plus,let's not forget. Matt Damon has his own franchise. Those GOD awful BOURNE movies! LOL!

Tony A. on Sep 21, 2008


I am not really enthusiastic about Will playing C.A. for two reasons. One is, of course, race. Now, I am not racist, and I think that Will is an incredible actor. But, if we make Cap. black, then the entire tone of the movie would change. This issuse would percipitate through the entire film, and maybe even ruinning it. The second reason that I am not enthusiactic about him his the fact he is so famous. If we were to look at Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk, or even Wolverine or Spider-man, these were all people who were not curently the hottest comodity in Hollywood (Mcguire and Jackman were virtually unkown, Norton was more of an indie guy, and Downey was considered a has-been). If we put Will Smith in as Cap, then in the Avengers movie, he could overshadow everyone. I think that Marvel should go the route of the earlier films, or like Nolan's Batman. I like Smith, but I am not sure if picking him as Cap. would be wise.

Ajax on Sep 21, 2008


BTW, Tony, I heard that Pitt was rumored to play Thor, even though he would be a good choice for Cap. too. And Jude Law is too much of a wimp to play Bond.

Ajax on Sep 21, 2008


Who cares about color? Will Smith is an amazing actor and I`d love to see him portray Cap. It actually makes me even more excited to see this movie. Seeing all the new versions and ways to view some of our classic and best heroes is what's great about watching each generation's style.

Blue on Sep 21, 2008


I think Clive Owen makes a better Bond than Craig; Pitt as Thor is a good idea and I agree with ajax about Jude Law.

LH on Sep 21, 2008


Will Smith is a great actor.. to anyone who says different watch ali. however, just because he was offered a role doesn't mean he took it.. I think he has already learned his lesson with wild wild west.. that caused an uproar and fans shunned the movie.. niether him or his reps will do that again..(funny thing is i actually liked it) but if they had called it anything else it would have been a success.. anyhoo.. now green lantern on the other hand... as for cap it has to be someone who can fill the suit and the jaw.

akedo1 on Sep 21, 2008


If Marvel goes along with Will Smith being Captain America it will be a major screw up! No offense to Will, but I want to see the right white guy for the role. This is coming from a black man who grew up with the character. And I am begging you to stick to the comic book please! I've got to admit I didn't like Nick Fury being black but oh well. How many folks know about Nick? Every body and their mother knows that Captain America is white. Remember they gave Jessica Alba the role of Sue Storm and that didn't work. Stick to the comic book Please! There is the Falcon and the Black Panther for will to play. This is no time for stupid ass hollywood experiments with bad casting. It's all about a good story and consistency. That is what worked for Iron Man.

Deluxe on Sep 22, 2008


i love Will Smith and all his movies, im asian so no racist here, but a black Captain America that's just wrong.

tommy on Sep 22, 2008


Hey, What about a latin Captain?, hahaha. Could it be Marc Anthony. lol

Eiuu on Sep 22, 2008


nope not feelin it at all. will smith is a cool dude but we need to keep marvel traditional. im already pissed off Samual Jackson is playing Nick Fury...thats sickning to my stomach. marvel needs to get there shyt together cuz right now DC is kickin ass and i hate DC

djswift on Sep 22, 2008


Eiuu, if it is a latin Cap. then he'd be call Captian SOUTH America. Lol!

Ajax on Sep 22, 2008


HO HO A HA A HO! And I thought my jokes were bad!

Tony A. on Sep 22, 2008


Maybe Pitt will play Thor. GOD knows Pitt needs a hit! I actually prefer DC to Marvel BTW. Both in comics and movies. And if they do Thor let's pray that it's better than that GOD awful shit they gave us on TV when he came out with Bill Bixby as The Hulk. That shit was just gay! DC is kicking ass because let's face it Marvel sucks. They fucked up Punisher. Twice. They made The X-Men gay and lame ass. They don't know what to do with Dr. Doom. And they blew it with Ghost Rider. Nicolas Cage??? Cut me a fucking break! Well at least they are talking to Jason Statham about a Daredevil redo! But at 522 Million The Dark Knight is The Box Office Champion. Hail to the Bat. RIP Heath.

Tony A. on Sep 22, 2008


What's up with all the shit of casting Will Smith because he's black as Captain America. Did we just see Robert Downey Jr. in Topic Thunder playing a black man in Blackface. Get over it. The same assholes that say let not cast Will Smith due to the tradition of the comic are probably the same ones walking around saying we should bring back the confederate flag and slavery. After all that is a tradition and a part of American history. Give me a break!

lost in windy on Sep 23, 2008


Uh, Robert Downey Jr. was playing a white actor who undergoes a skin opeartion to TURN HIS SKIN BLACK! It's called a comic device, you ignorant counter-racist! Pull your head out of your ass!!!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Uhm, Captain America doesn't exist. He's a fictional character. He could be white, black or Asian. My god, the bigotry always seems to rear its nasty head over little things. And whites call blacks out for playing the race card.

Will on Sep 24, 2008


People need to use common sense and realize that the storyline of this movie (should Will Smith play the role) will feature cross elements of both the more recent Isaiah Bradley revision and the original Steve Rogers version. And no, I'm not blind. I'm aware that Will Smith possibly being cast is partially a gimmick. But at the same time, I'm aware that the writing would reflect the similarities in both the classic story and the acclaimed retelling of the universe in which Isaiah was experimented prior to Steve Rogers. Review movies like X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Batman series; all of which drastically changed either storylines, character's attitudes or even the look of certain iconic characters! The Captain America film would only be ruined if the storyline fails to acknowledge elements from every fan-admired version of Cap's origins - Think Venom in Spider-Man 3: Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) was skinnier (like in Marvel's Ultimate version); His full name contained the "Jr." suffix (Ultimate); The symbiote came to Earth directly from space (Similar to the 90s cartoon version); The Venom costume was more reminiscent of the initial comics' version. (Amazing Spider-Man) Marvel is known for taking elements from various versions of characters to create a condensed movie revision of the original story. I'm convinced they would yet again take the same route should Will Smith portray Cap'.

boywithbluehanger on Sep 24, 2008


well... i guess we could stop the arguement at this point considering SlashBeast informed us that the rumor is dead more than 50 posts ago (227) hahaha

john on Sep 24, 2008


Hey yeah what happened to Slash anyway??? Haven't seen him post in awhile.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Will smith would be pretty cool as Captain America, but i think they should save him for the Black Panther. That would rock!

Infamous on Sep 25, 2008


Semper Fi Ivan. GOD watch you and keep you. Brad Pitt should play Captain America. Will Smith should do a badly needed redux of the GOD awful STEEL with that lame ass Shaquile O Neal! Will could produce it and star in it. I know a couple of guys who could write a halfway decent script too!

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


I will take another movie that is not a rumor but illustrates how far both white and African liberals will go to make African American heroes. Spike Lee's new movie is a complete fabrication. Spike claims that the movie is loosely based on a true story. Some background on the actual story follows: On august 12, 1944, retreating SS-men of the 2nd Battalion of SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 35 of 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsfuhrer-SS, commanded By SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Anton Galler shot and burned the bodies of 560 villagers. They were mostly women , children and older men. There were no American Soldiers of any ethnic group in the village before, during or after the massacre. No American bank teller of any ethnic group killed any of The former SS officers who participated in the massacre. On June 22, 2005 , The Italian military court found ten of the ten former Waffen-SS members guilty of participation in the massacre. They were sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. In 2007,the yet-to be-released film was strongly denounced by the survivors of the historical Sant' Anna di Stazzema massacre and the local politicians and called for a ban of Spike Lee's movie for " a false reconstruction that does not take account of the historical reality...other wise the damage to the memory and historical truth will be very serious." None-the -less; Spike Lee finished the film which is due on September 24, 2008 in your local theaters.If a white, Latino or Asian film maker had perpetuated this lie on the American people; he would have been lambasted by historians and the media. However; Spike knows that public criticism of him during a Presidential Election would seem racism. Spike Lee himself hinted as much when he said", I believe that the political climate will help the movie especially with an African-American running for president, anything is possible. There's a new whole new dynamic in the air." This new political climate and whole new dynamic in the air will allow African-American and White liberals to make any movie where the heroes are African-Americans whether it's in the real world of Italian WW2 history or in the fantasy world of Captain America. As a Marine ; I will go to see any military film regardless of it's accuracy. However; the sad part is that Spike Lee could have made a historically accurate film about The 92nd Infantry Division. They were a segregated African-American Unit nicknamed the "Buffalo Soldiers'. They were the only segregated African-American Unit to see combat in Europe during WW2 as part of the 5th Army. They fought bravely and honorably in Italy from August 24, 1944 beating the best of the German and Fascist Italian forces and chasing them until the enemy in Italy was defeated on April 29, 1945. Germany surrendered on May 2, 1945. The 92nd lost 3,200 men and another 1,800 segregated soldiers that fought with them. These soldiers were mainly from the British and French Colonial forces. They included Africans, Moroccans, Algerians, Indians(from India not The USA), Gurkhas , Jews and Palestinians. This group also included exiled Poles, Greeks, Czechs, anti-fascist Italians and members of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force. The 92nd received 2 medals of Honor(not until 1977), 2 Distinguished Service Crosses (US Army), 1 Distinguished Service Medals (US Army), 208 Silver Stars (US Army), 16 Legion of Merit (US Army), 1,166 Bronze Stars(US Army) ,1,891 Purple Hearts(US Army), 6 Soldier's Medal( US Army),8 Orders of the Crown (Italian), 17 Crosses for Military Valor (Italian), 22 Military Crosses for Merit in War(Italian) and 1 92nd Division Colors War Medal(Brazil). The Truth is better then his fabrication. We are Americans. We have the duty to be faithful to our heroes whether they be real or fictional. Steve Rogers-Captain America is White. Those heroes in The 92nd were African-Americans. It's past my bedtime and today when it's light American Marines will fight and die for you and others like you who seem so uninformed and misinformed of fictional and non-fictional American History. lol Tony.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 25, 2008


for the dude who said d.c. is kickin ass u must be blind cuz the only good movies out of d.c. were the last two batman movies

sam on Sep 25, 2008


"Uhm, Captain America doesn't exist. He's a fictional character. He could be white, black or Asian. My god, the bigotry always seems to rear its nasty head over little things. And whites call blacks out for playing the race card" This is the most ridiculous comment to come out since this thread started.. Cap is not a radio character, he has is a Fictional character yes a CAUCASIAN fictional character, as the Black Lightning is a AFRICAN AMERICAN fictional character and Shang Chi is a ASIAN fictional character.. When portrayed in any movies any characters should stay true to their comic book counterpart, again what a retarded statement "whites call blacks out for playing the race card" NOBODY is playing the fn race card "he cound be white black or asian" huh? are you serious? no.. he cant.. he IS A WHITE MAN IN THE COMIC BOOKS please go to ANY comic book store, in a 25c bin pick up a captain america comic book, open it and SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.. NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM PEOPLE please wake up and take your head out of your asses, Will Smith is a fantastic actor, the man can act we all love his movies WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO with the fact that Cap is White? Christ almighty all ppl are saying is that cap is white in the comics so he should b white in the movie, that is NOT RACISM!!!!

Matches on Sep 25, 2008


For the people that think you all know comics need to do your homework. There is a Black Captain America. Actually there where many Captain Americas (The Super Soldier Project). Steve Rogers wasn't the first Captain America, he was the first to survive the Project. Shortly after that Isaiah Bradley was the second Captain America part of the Project rebirth. So 285 Captain America is black and white so you need to wake up. You need to go to the comic store and grab a copy of "Truth: Red, White & Black #1" For the people that do not know about Isaiah Bradley here is a fictional character biography: Project: Rebirth began as a collaboration between US, British and German eugenicists led by Dr. "Josef Reinstein" (real name Dr. Wilfred Nagel), and Dr. Koch. When WW II began, Koch took over the German program and Josef Reinstein took over the American program. Each was attempting to re-create the super soldier serum which had previously turned Steve Rogers into Captain America a year prior to Pearl Harbor. Reinstein's early attempts to refine the formula were tested on African-Americans. Three hundred of these soldiers were taken from Camp Cathcart and subjected to potentially fatal experiments at an undisclosed location in an attempt to re-create the Super Soldier formula, as seen in Truth: Red, White & Black. Only five subjects survived the original trials. In the name of secrecy, US soldiers executed the camp's commander and hundreds of black soldiers left behind at Camp Cathcart. The government told the families of the three hundred subjects that their loved ones had died in battle. The sole survivor of his test group, Bradley stole a spare costume intended for Captain America before he engaged in a suicide mission to destroy the Super-Soldier efforts of the Nazis at the Schwarzebitte concentration camp. There, he was also able to assassinate Koch. The mission ended when the Germans captured Bradley. Nazi interest in the American supersoldier was high; he was even brought before the Führer himself. Bradley was later rescued, only to be court-martialed and imprisoned at Leavenworth around 1943. In 1960, Bradley was pardoned by President Eisenhower and released. Considered to be the "Black" Captain America, Isaiah Bradley became an underground legend among much of the African-American community in the Marvel Universe. A number of the most noted Africans and African-Americans of the twentieth century's last four decades visited Bradley as a sign of respect and, in many cases, hero worship. His visitors have included Malcolm X, Richard Pryor, Muhammad Ali, Angela Davis, Alex Haley, Nelson Mandela, and Colin Powell (as evidenced in Truth: Red, White & Black #7). Outside the Black community, however, he remains largely unknown. When he arrived as a special guest to the wedding of Storm and the Black Panther, Luke Cage was awestruck while Wolverine was totally unaware of the man's identity or importance.

Cliff on Sep 26, 2008


Its a movie, its entertainment and I could care less who plays C.A as long as the script is good, the actor is good, the action is good and its worth the ticket price because i'm still pissed about the RoboCop 1 & 2 movies, the Starship Troopers movie and those dumb Super Man III and IV movies. Somebody owes me alot of money!!!

Eric on Sep 26, 2008


What was wrong with the first Robocop???

Tony on Sep 26, 2008


Hey Sam The Dark Knight has destroyed every movie in its path! It's number two behind TITANIC! So who's blind here???

Tony on Sep 26, 2008


And for your info,Eric,Frank Miller wrote Robocop 2!

Tony on Sep 26, 2008


I could have sworn Randy Couture was the REAL captain america....he likes acting so itd be a good role for him.

ryan on Sep 26, 2008


I agree with everything OMEGA said. Cast an actor that closely fits the image--THE REAL COMICBOOK IMAGE--of Steve Rogers. Is that so hard to comprehend? Steve Rogers was white. Cast a white dude. Steve rogers had blonde hair. Make sure the actor is blonde or dyes his hair. Steve was freaking tall. Get a tall guy. I mean, it's VERY VERY SIMPLE. And for the record, looking back, Michael Clark Duncan sucked as the Kingpin. Hollywood is mostly doing this for shock value. The people who are really making it a race issue (cough, NUFF SAID, 2 Cents) are the ones claiming skin color isn't an issue while calling other people to be lacking originality, open-mindedness, and racist. Yea that's all great until you stumble with.... "Lynching skinny people" Are you fricckin' serious, man? Did you really bring that into the debate? Wow man, just wow. Like Omega said, when he said he wants a white actor, he's putting the color of the actor's skin with his height, his build, his hair color--they're all physical attributes. And guess what? Even if Hollywood can't get it totally correct, it still comes the closest to what Steve Rogers looked like. If that makes me racist, then so be it. Cry me a river. Oh and guess what, I'm Black. Holy Shit!

Jason on Sep 27, 2008


Here,here Jason. Well put!

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


Capt. America is white. i like will smith in most of his roles but he is NOT Capt. America.

ed coleman on Sep 27, 2008


I think Will realizes this. That's why he turned down the role. Besides,he can do without all the racism and politics attached to taking on this project. Maybe that's why he's passing. Perhaps The Power Man Luke Cage would be more to this liking. Jamie Fox turned that one down,so Big Willy just might step up!

Tony on Sep 27, 2008



LeJon on Sep 27, 2008


Has anyone taken into consideration that Will might be up for the Falcon? Because someone says he was offered a spot in a movite doesn't mean it's the lead spot.

JClark on Sep 28, 2008


Will Smith as Jim West in Wild Wild West ..Bad casting! Blonde eyed Captain America? Have Jackie Chan play Superman and see the outrage! ~ Peace out!

SurferSam on Sep 28, 2008


Some said "Ask Stan Lee what he thinks" - and I think Stan Lee would say that the heart and soul of Capitan America is what matters, not the colour of his birthday suit.

GL-Fan on Sep 28, 2008


Oh and P.S. Starbuck was a man. Starbuck is now a woman. Katee Sackhoff did an excellent job in the role, and I'm sure Will Smith or whoever plays 'Capitan' America will do a great job.

GL-Fan on Sep 28, 2008


The first super soldier were black men, hence why the had the comic book called truth. the story that went into details concerning, the first super soldiers long before Steve Rogers, Luke Cage and Logan. Halle Berry portrayed an African woman i.e. Kenyan, although she is of African-European origin. If Will Smith is going to be Captain America, he should be the first as in the Marvel Universe. The series takes the Tuskegee Experiments as inspiration for a tale that re-examines the history of the super-serum that created Captain America. Beginning in 1942, the series follows a regiment of black soldiers who are forced to act as test subjects in a program attempting to re-create the lost formula earlier used to turn Steve Rogers to Captain America. The experiments lead to mutation and death, until only one remains - Isaiah Bradley. Nuff Said!

Mantronix on Sep 28, 2008


Why the fuck are all these assholes saying that Captain America was originally black??? A)The First Avenger is clearly indicated as Steve Rogers aka Captain America. B)Captain America hit newsstands in the Spring Of 1941. And C)Isaiah Bradley did not appear until 1942! Are the blacks trying to steal one of our pop culture icons or what???

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


The last time I looked, Captain America was white and Detective John Shaft was black. Enough said!

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Who freaking cares if the first Captain America was Black! This movie is about the Captain Amercia that we all know, the Steve Rogers Captain America,... and as was stated above... last time I checked, Steve Rogers was White! After Iron Man and Hulk, and trying to build up to the Avengers movie, do you really think they'll go with a Black C.A.? That won't make any sense. Last I heard, this movie wasn't being called, Captain America: Truth. So what's the point of trying to prove that the first Captain America was Black? Last I remember the C.A. that created the whole C.A. History was a white guy, not the Isiah Bradley character.... This isn't called, Captain America: The Isiah Bradley story..... give me a break people!

Nobody on Sep 29, 2008


Holy Shit, Will Smith as Captain America would be EPIC!!! WHO CARES IF HES BLACK!! WILL SMITH GUYS!! Will Smith! We should be honoured!

Jesse J on Sep 29, 2008


yall are f'n racist!

Jesse J on Sep 29, 2008


No. Will Smith as Steel would be epic. Steve Rogers is a white man just like Dr. Jonzz(Martian Manhunter)is a black man. It's not racism. It's called realism, Jesse! All this rumor is doing is setting off tension on either side!!!

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


You,Jesse,are a fucking counter racist my friend!

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Allright for those of you who think they just found the comic book holy grail with the "Captain america was originally black" bs here is a little history lesson Captain America/Steve Rogers first appeared in Captain America Comics#1 in 1941!! that was the original Captain America that most people are familiar with and the one found by the avengers and member of the Invaders with Namor and the Human Torch.. It wasnt until 2003 that Marvel released a Limited Series called "Truth: red, white and black" chronicling Isaiah Bradley's turn into captain america. That is called by people that actually know anything about comic books as retcon.. If they want to make a movie about the Isaiah Bradley captain america then sure will smith would be a good choice, but to portray Steve Rogers smith is a horrible choice and should never even be mentioned. as I mentioned earlier people like to cry racism where it doesnt exist you cast a white man as Black Panther and see the hell you're going to get now to make Steve Rogers a black man is ok? fn ridiculous...

Matches on Sep 30, 2008


Ok Will Smith is a great actor but I just don't care for this idea. I would rather see Matthew Fox or Neal McDonough do the part.

Technut on Sep 30, 2008


The last time the rumor was that Smith would play Superman and all of a sudden he played a Superman-like hero in "Hancock". Who knows? Maybe he will play Power Man or be in some other film that has a hero who obtains super-soldier like powers.

dnno1 on Sep 30, 2008


Get her done,Ivan. GOD speed to you and your men. Semper Fi,dude!

Tony on Sep 30, 2008


I am so sick of this reverse racism by African-American civilians. I couldn't sleep because of what happened yesterday; So I thought that I would check the email attachments that my girlfriend sends me. I thought that my comments back on September 25, 2008 would have ended this farce. Don't you reverse racists read all the comments on this thread. The First Captain America was Steve Rogers. Isiah Bradley stole one of Steve Rogers suits and went off on his one mission. A mission that resulted in his capture by The Nazis. In The Captain America Golden Age Books; he was already fighting the Nazis before Isiah stole one of his suits. In The Damned comic book, Truth: Red , White and black; it even states that Isiah stole one of Steve Rogers/Captain America's suits. It doesn't say that Steve Rogers stole one of Isiah's. Again for you damned , unpatriotic liberal blacks and whites; Captain America was an Icon to the fighting men in WW2. In the military especially among grunts ; he is still an American Icon. I just can't believe that there are so many reverse racist-Anti-America,Anti-patriotic young men back at home. You people sicken me. You call white people racist every time ; they are right about an issue. My company is made up of rural and inner city white, Black, Latino and Asian Marines who agree that Steve Rogers/Captain America should be played by a buffed, blond hair , blue eye white actor. Isiah wasn't a skinny white 18 year old patriot who was willing to do anything to fight for his country. He was willing to die in an experiment if it meant he could serve his country. Instead of calling every one who wants Captain America to be white a racist ; you should look in the mirror. You will see a racist staring back. Instead of calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist; why don't you shut up and join The Marines. We are all American Marines. We are not Black, White, Latino, or Asian. If you want to see real ethnic hatred come to Afghanistan or Irag. You want to see real ethnic cleansing/genocide come to Afghanistan or Irag where people kill each other if they are from different clans, tribes, religions , etc. I'm tire of hearing about racism in America. Most of it is just plain ignorance. However; when you get to be brothers in a military unit; you learn that we are all alike and we all want the same things. I can tell that none of you have ever served in an infantry unit ; otherwise you would not be calling people racist because they want a white man to play a white man. There are ignorant civilians on both sides. However; any one who wants an American Icon who is white to be played by a black actor is both racist and unpatriotic. Tony,I won't be back ; I will be too busy for this thread. Keep giving the ignoramus commentators on this thread hell. Semper Fi!

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Sep 30, 2008


Ivan A. Arcaya, Sr. You are a racis little bitch you must be white or by the name Russian. you cant let the new age be the new age. you have to live in the past, with the other racist bastards. get a life and leave people who are making real money alone. and by the way im a Marine BITCH. People like you are the ones that i fucked up in the Corps. You dont deserve to ware the uniforme and are a discrace to the Marine Corps. I hope your Co. or 1st SGT. sees this shit you have on the net. and by the way FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hector casilone on Sep 30, 2008


will smith is my favorite actor and is funny and just so intertaining and it would be aweome to see him play as captain america that would be the coolest

jason on Sep 30, 2008


Thanks Jason for being on my nuts..I greatly appreciate it that you can go back a hundred post from now and see how open minded I was and let these close minded bastards know that, Will Smith a Black man playing the role of a Iconic American 1940's White Super Hero is totally preposterous. Cmon, he doesnt fit the profile at all, I mean just look at him his Black. Enuff Said, use your 2cents.... Jason BTW: So how does my semen taste?

omega728 on Sep 30, 2008


hmm, this is a pretty interesting rumor... although i don't think it will come true. Will Smith would be great at playing Isaiah Bradley, but not as Captain America, that just doesn't fit IMO. I honestly don't think he would be good at playing Black Panther either. I would rather see him as the 1st black superhero Powerman aka Luke Cage. I know I've heard rumors that Ray Park (who played Darth Maul, Toad and soon to be Snakeyes from G.I. Joe) had been offered the role of Iron Fist and seeing Heroes For Hire with those 2 would be f@cking sweet.

Dared Evil on Oct 1, 2008


They offered Luke Cage to Jamie Foxx and he turned it down! LOL! Will Smith should step up!

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


This is just my opinion. I think Will Smith is a very hit and miss actor. He was really cheesy in Independance Day, absolutely terrible in I Am Legend (but i think that was down to the whole thing being bad!) but excellent in Pursuit of Happiness and I Robot (another really cheesy film). I don't think thta he should be Captain America but you never can tell can you! Or can you? Hmm lets think, Daredevil? Batman and Robin? Oh ok yes you can! But i don't think Will would make as terrible a choice as those two, however, can I remind you of Wild Wild West? I rest my case!

Phil Couch on Oct 1, 2008


@ 316 & 317, Hahahahhaha..... Do I sense jealousy here? Glad I was able to inspire you to write that little act...

Omega728 on Oct 1, 2008


I don't see how Ivan is a racist. Ivan said he see Marines as simply comrades whether they be white,black,Indian or Asian. And for the record,he is half Cubano. So how the hell is he a racist? Just because he wants Captain America to be played by a white actor,that makes him a fucking racist? Hmm,I thought The Skinheads and The KKK were racists. You know something,Hector? I think you got a hard on for Ivan. Yeah. And it sounds personal. So get off your fucking soapbox and get off the guy's nuts already! You BOTH are Marines dipshit so what makes you any fucking better?

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


This thread is getting a little too political!

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


Martin Luther King died for his cause in 1968. 40 years later,we could have the first black President Of The United States. And here we are fighting each other over who should play Captain America. All this flack over a godamn comic book character! Marines fighting Marines? WHAT THE FUCK! Are we pathetic or what? Didn't King teach us anything at all???

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


The Reverend Martin Luther King once said, "We can live together as brothers or we can perish together as fools." I guess that's why the man has his very own Holiday dedicated to him...

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


Jamie Foxx?! that would have been interesting, he's a phenomenal actor, but Will Smith should step up and take that role. The chemistry between Ray Park and him would be ridiculously good I think. Will Smith isn't a bad choice to play Captain America, just not Steve Rogers. It's like when they casted Van Damme to play Guile in 'Street Fighter'... hilarious, I mean they couldn't even teach him to speak like an american lol... not that speaking would be an issue with Smith plus Captain America is supposed to be like 22 when he's shipped off in WW2, I hate to say it but Leonardo Decaprio would be a better choice if they really wanted to stick to the script. Although I don't know how he would look bulked up.

Dared Evil on Oct 1, 2008


hey tony i said the last 2 batman movies were the only good things out of d.c. didnt i so how am i the blind one learn to read

sam on Oct 1, 2008


Im really not liking the role for Will Smith as Captain America. He is an extremely good actor but a "black captain america" will not go over too well in America. Im not racist, but i think many fans would be a little disappointed. Personally I like Matthew McConaughey as Captain America. You do not have to be a good actor to play a role in a Marvel movie. Lets look at Robert Downey Jr's track record before Iron Man, hmmm looks like US Marshalls, and Iron Man was one of the greatest movies. McConaughey would play the role to perfection, he got the body, the personality and can definitely pull it off. Yes i agree he is not up there in A-list actors like dicaprio or pitt, but dicaprio is too small and not that right mind frame for it and pitt is a little old but would be great at it too. Captain America is witty and kind of like an asshole, but saves the day, Matthew McConaughey is witty in all movies got the size for it and can pull off this movie. Yea there is great actors that play these marvel roles, norton, jackman, but lets be serious tobey mac is a terrible actor but plays spiderman to a t, because he fits the role, a little pussy ass bitch that gets bit by a spider and you no the rest...just think about it, if not McConaughey i would like to see ryan renolds as C.A., yea he is deadpool but he would still be the man

Finski on Oct 1, 2008


Captain America should be white. This is not racist. It is about characterization.

Nate on Oct 2, 2008


Will Smith is worst actor in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If He play as Captain America then Comic values $$$ will go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anti- Will Smith on Oct 2, 2008


I don't think they will let Will Smith play Captain America, because America's head is still in the toilet. People just can't be people. Whites portray American Indians in the old films and people still paid to see that shit! Americans just don't quit the crap do they? Gotta wonder why their country is falling apart. America needs a new spirit. Will Smith would be a fine Captain America in the beginning. But later they changed him

RSH on Oct 2, 2008


Hey Sam! The Superman and original Batman franchises are also from D.C. Comics so go fuck yourself you godamn retard!!! I know sign language too! Check this shit out pendejo...

Tony on Oct 2, 2008


Not to mention WATCHMEN which will kick some ass at the B.O!

Tony on Oct 2, 2008


The Dark Knight Sequel is highly anticipated. David S. Goyer is writing The Flash. Zack Snyder wants to do The Dark Knight Returns. And there's talk of a Justice League Movie. So Marvel better watch out, is all I'm saying!

Tony on Oct 2, 2008


first things not being racist. Will can not and will not be cap., its inevitable. marvel is making its own movies because outside influences cause a drift from the comics..........if Marvel really means the whole "sticking to the comics" then its not going to happen.

theori on Oct 2, 2008


I am not against Will Smith being a superhero. He makes a great one. However, what about sticking with the original comics, and the story beginning in the time of World War II? I am trying to be open-minded, but if this story takes place in the 1940s, realistically the U.S., and the U.S. Army were biased against African-Americans. It wasn't right, but that's how things were back then. They wouldn't pick an African-American for an ultimate super-soldier project, to become an icon. I know there were black soldiers fighting for our freedom in WWII, but it would seem a bit out of place for the time period, for Steve to be an African American. I would feel different if it was the Vietnam Era. Captain America was in Marvel Comics nine months before the U.S. entered WWII. He was designed by Marvel Comics to fight in WWII. Captain America was fighting the Nazis and Communism in the comic books, before the U.S. started fighting. He became an inspiration for the war. God bless all of those veterans and soldiers who fought, or still fight in any war to protect our freedom, regardless of race, creed or gender.

Steve Rogers on Oct 3, 2008


have you heard the latest rumour, woody harrelson has been cast as the lead in a new 'Shaft' remake! yeah, you can just see that happening can't you...

stan leeds on Oct 3, 2008


Verne Troyer as The Atomic Ant?

Tony on Oct 3, 2008


ok...ok...why doesn't he play Superman...or...Shazam.While we're on the Will Smith subject..did anyone see the movie "Wild,Wild,West?" Yeah, it sucked too!!Nothing like the TV I'm not a racist...just a realist. James West was white AND short on the show...there are NO actors in hollywood that could play that part but Will Smith....I'm finding that a little hard to believe! I think Will Smith is a great actor, but has ANYONE read a Capt Am comic book? He's a white dude!! Stick to the comics Marvel....I mean REALLY!!!

brian on Oct 3, 2008


I'm with Brian! And #338 was intended as sarcasm! Duh!

Tony on Oct 4, 2008


hey tony those movies sucked and how is the martian man hunter black

sam on Oct 8, 2008


Those movies sucked??? RETARD THEY AREN'T OUT YET!!! Sam you are so fucking stupid! And look up Martian Manhunter at Wiki. HE IS BLACK! On Smallville,Martian Manhunter is played by Joe Morton. And you know what,Sam? Joe is black! GOD I can't believe how ignorant you are,dude!

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


I think poor Sam read one too many Marvel Comic Books. Maybe he should try reading an inteligent book like WATCHMEN or V FOR VENDETTA. Perhaps THE KILLING JOKE. All good reads.

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


All D.C...

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


lets put into consideration who would really be disapointed the kids!!!!!!!!!

noland on Oct 10, 2008


Good point! The kids...or the war vets!

Tony on Oct 10, 2008


Matthew McConaughey as Cap... if he could work off that accent that is whaddya think?

Libre on Oct 11, 2008


McConaughey maybe but Aaron Eckhart would be perfect for this role. Him or Brad Pitt anyway!

Tony on Oct 11, 2008


My question is Why the hell are people still arguing about this?

Lauren on Oct 13, 2008


What the fuck are you Lauren? The Web Police???

Tony on Oct 13, 2008


Nope. Just a curious bystander, Tony.

Lauren on Oct 14, 2008


Okay,that's fair.

Tony on Oct 14, 2008


Thank-you Tony for coming to my defense. #315 is not a Marine. 1st; Marines don't fuck up other Marines. We are brothers and sisters in The Corp! An E-8 has no power over an 0-3. My son, Ivan A. Arcaya, Jr, is an E-10. What is your rank? My CO is an 0-4. I'm second in command to The 2nd MSOB which is headquartered at Camp Lejeune, N.C. File a complain! I'm sure my CO would get a good laugh. In fact you can even refer to me as the nickname that he gave me. Please cry about how Captain America hurt your feelings. I didn't think that this thread would still be active or that I have the time to comment. However; The Taliban had different plans for me. I will be at BMC Camp Pendleton 52 Area recovering from a shattered tricep. I will be here until I can get my doctor to discharge me. I miss my men. Anyway; I'm not here to start an argument will hector casilone. I just wanted to let you know that if you buy The Hulk Special Edition Director's Cut DVD; you will see a White Steve Rogers floating in an iceberg.I read about it right hear in FIRSTSHOWING. They have a pretty clear picture of Captain America in his uniform and shield. Tony my friend ; check it out for yourself. See you in the pages of Leatherneck. They claim that it was cut from the theatrical release but is included in The Special Edition Director's Cut. I can't remember the exact date but I think it comes out on October 21, 2008. My girlfriend will get me a Tony!

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Oct 15, 2008


Why if you say you don't think Will Smith is right for the part or that Cap should be played by a white actor people automatically say you must be racist. How about I don't think he's right for the part or that they should stick with the story that is more universally well known. And to Ivan. Semper Fi sir. I'm a soldier os I know where you are coming from. We would probably be having this exact same conversation if they were trying to make the Black Panther white or Eric Bana the Hulk again lol. Get over it people. not everything has to do with race it has to do with accuracy. And if you want ot say oh this guys just a racist. Ask Spike Lee why he's 99% of his movies have black guys? What he's not tracist it's about the relevance of the story oh yeah people in this country get you panties out of a bunch.

PCcrap on Oct 15, 2008


I agree with the above! All this PC crap is getting old real fast!!! Semper Fi gentlemen! At least you guys have the balls to keep our crumbling country safe! You guys are THE REAL HEROES!

Tony on Oct 17, 2008


There is only one guy that can play cap, and that is Mark Valley (Keen Eddie, Boston Legal)

Dino on Oct 21, 2008


Rumor debunked, if this link is reliable: Now, could Will Smith do the role? Sure -- he's got the acting chops for it. Would it work? I'm not sure -- it could be a huge success, based on the bottom line. Is it a good idea? About as good as casting Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin in Daredevil, IMHO. The difference between Smith's success in I Am Legend is that the role lends itself to a sort of generic casting. He did a great job, despite that. But IAL didn't have 67 years of history and pop culture backing the image of the role...and even though the ideals of Captain America are universal, I'm not sure changing the "image" of the icon is necessary to make the movie a success. Would one cast a female in the part, just to make a point? I think not. Regardless of who is cast, though, he needs to be a good actor with the ability to pull this off. I'm not a fan of one-character actor McConnaughey. Let's hope they find someone who fits the bill -- the legend of Cap deserves it.

noxrider on Oct 22, 2008


Here,here Noxrider!

Tony on Oct 24, 2008


But Matthew McConaughey could probably bring some fun to the role sort of Robert Downey Jr. did with IronMan. Do we want an anal retentive Cap? I think not...

Tony on Oct 24, 2008


Look it's not a matter of race. Will smith is a big actor as it is, and yes he can play many roles. Like someone said earlier, it's just poor casting. They are remaining true to the characters. There is a black captain america, but he isn't the steve roger's captain america. The black cap is an individual with the same powers who adopted the cap suit because that was what was available. Now, if will smith is to play the part of "cap" and pull it off, they'd have to make sure to make reference to this by making some tribute to the original captain america. It'd also be a completely different story arc. If they are going to make an 'original' captain america flick, then they should stick to the blonde blue eye actor, though I think jason statesmen would make a pretty good captain america. If they do choose to venture down the black capt, then like i said, it'd be a completely different story and would not be the captain america that original was based on. Here is a backdrop of the black captain america. Basically it happened during the same time. They tried to recreate the same serum and tested it on 300 black soldiers, all but one died. That one is the black cap, Isaiah bradley. He find a spare capt america costume and goes to aid in the war against the nazis and destroys one of their facilities, but is ultimately captured. the rest you can research. Once again, completely different story and not the original captain america.

jon on Oct 24, 2008


So if they went with Isaiah Bradley then this movie would have to take place in the 40s!

Tony on Oct 26, 2008


Will Smith as Captain America? Sure. I like will Smith but let me throw a couple of other names out there as candidates; Goldberg or The Rock. Personally I favor the The Rock - I think he's a better actor. Think the "Rundown" meets "Game Plan" meets the Scorpion King with a LARGE dose of American patriotism! 😉 I also like the idea of Michael Clark Duncan as suggested earlier. Not only does the actor have to act but I believe a big selling point is does the actor physically fit the part. Will is buff but not compared to Goldberg, Rock, or MCD!!!

Jim on Oct 28, 2008


I dont know if anyone has said this... but I think Tom Jane would be a great Captain America.

Shade291 on Oct 29, 2008


George Edas...hope i spelled that right....a.k.a. Nick Stokes from C.S.I. Look him up...tell me he doesn't look like a all american type guy....can act too...and has anyone thought of the end result of all these HUGE actors in one one looking at a 600 million dollar fund just for the casting???!??! seriously like the first 1billion dollar budget

Mr Chance on Oct 29, 2008


Here's another name to throw into the mix. Yes he's a bit older but would certainly fit the "macho model"...............................Chuck Norris!!! 🙂

Jim on Oct 29, 2008


im not a huge comic book nerd but it sounds to me that whoever plays captain america should be someone that you wouldnt expect to be a superhero. if he originally couldnt even join the army because he wasnt physically capable then shouldnt it be someone that you originally picture as weak only for them to become a superhero. sorta the way they did it with spiderman. even though the second and third didnt do anything for me,i think they did a good job of sticking to the comics in that spiderman was an unsuspecting hero. the one person who i see fitting this bill while also being able to pull it off in the avengers and be the leader in that is dicaprio. as much as he seems to be a little pussy shit most of the time, he is an amazing actor. hes playing teddy rosevelt for cryin out loud. and he was excellent in the departed. he could use a similar type of fighting spirit in captain america as he did in that. i think it would surprise people about how good he would be. i mean who would have picked RBJ as ironman before they made him that. or ed norton as the hulk. remember all these superheroes werent people that were born that way or that you would expect to be badass. they are people that had something happen to them and then became super. leo could do it

sme on Oct 30, 2008


De Crappio? I just threw up a little in my throat! Anyway,Will Smith should just stick to playing OBAMA when the biopic comes out!!! Now, there's a role tailor made for Big Willie!

Tony on Oct 30, 2008


Oh and #364 it's spelled Eads. Interesting choice but a Big Name Film Company would not bank on a "TV Star" like Eads even though he's got that cleft chin! A Big Movie is going to need a Big Name!

Tony on Oct 30, 2008


I just have one thing to say, if they tried to make Black Panther a white guy black people would scream, if they tried to make any black hero white you would never here the end of it, let's not be stupid here, it is just a BS rumor.

Punisher on Nov 2, 2008


Hello u ppl cant say he cant do it bc hes black duh nick fury was white in the comics and whos playn him sameul L jackson and last time i checked he was black

mooney on Nov 6, 2008


@ddot3, it wouldnt be that crazy. think about it, they were doing their first tests on humans with this super soldier serum, so it stands to reason that they would have picked a black guy. remember WWII was before the civil rights movement.

actualbutt on Nov 11, 2008


I have talked with a few fellow buddies, and we feel that a person should be brought in who has not only never been seen before on the screen, but should also be as unsuspecting in size and persona to fit into the Captain America role in the beginning of the first movie. We also think that, like Peter Parker in Spiderman, either the same actor should go through a metamorphasis (his workout) and turn out looking much different in size. This would mean that the same actor be used or bring in a second actor to continue the role. We through out some names and nobody really seemed to fit. We even looked over some photos of military personnel who may foot the bill. My thought was as mentioned, "Let's just find an unsuspecting man who has never acted, and train him to not just become the character but who would also have the desire to be the character of his own free will." Yeah, they asked me if I had someone in mind. My answer was, "Yes." There is this guy I met named Harold Sink who would be perfect. He is an artist and would fit the role perfectly because he is also rather humble. They laughed at me, which I thought would happen. I went on to explain my thoughts on this. They were intrigued. Now we are in the process of trying to find this guy, and get in touch with him. Believe me, this will take some convincing on our part to see if he would go for it. Anyway, thought I'd share this info with all of you. We hope Marvel will find just the right person to represent the American people, and not be some political or typical movie actor. This should be the best movie to ever be made.

Matthew Zimmerman on Nov 13, 2008


Will Smith would have been the best fit for war machine. No effence to the other two actors who have play/will play him, Will Smith just looks more like the James Rhodes from the comics and is taller and more of a tank than those two. And when you think of it War Machine has to be bulk and taller than Tony Stark.

Consacre on Nov 15, 2008


Yeah.. Will Smith is an amazing actor. Apart of me thinks Will Smith would be amazing for this role, but the other part of me says he wouldn't get the personality right. Will Smith wouldn't be too good at the Black Panther though, because the Black Panther is an African Prince.. and I feel as if the makers of the Black Panther should get a fresh, new face. If anything, Will Smith needs to make-up for Hancock.. and play a role like the Green Lantern. He'd be perfect for that.

KiNG on Nov 30, 2008


I Think John Ceana would make a good Cap

Vicious on Dec 16, 2008


I dont see why captain america cant be black, Goku is being played by a white guy!

Chuck on Dec 27, 2008


Maybe Luke Cage yea? not Cap A ....

Vinny on Dec 29, 2008


the first quote simply says "will smiths been offered captain america" ,is there a chance he might have been offered a role in the film as opposed to the title role ?? im thinkin will smith as a young nick fury who knew cap in world world war 2...maybe ?? plus that way they could get an unknown to play cap but still have the star power of will smith to pull in audiences ?? i dunno thats my theory though

davelove on Dec 30, 2008


I hate to get in a philosophical discussion with all you comic book pundits but think of this “CA” was a young solder that was out cast, in the sense that you want to make an impact for your country but know that you can’t…in this they wanted to create a super solder and wanted to be a force of good. Now you create a symbol and it would not matter what he looked like as long as on the battlefield he was smart and could get the job done and inspire the troops. Geee what color should this solder be??????? (I don’t CARE) For any of you that desire to have realism from the comic book world you should not have gone to see Batman, Superman, Xmen or the first Hulk, Spiderman or Ironman, for many reasons other than race…out of everyone I was probably one of the movies biggest critics and I liked most all they did. So if you have a problem with the color of the symbol of America than you more than likely have a problem with YOUR new president, because (as many of you have stated) their has not been a black or minority pres since they had a president. 😉

PablO on Jan 2, 2009


Impressed. Amazed. Amused. All of the above. I don't know what to think. This post started on September 8th of 2008 and it is now January 3rd of 2009. I have nothing except to thank you people for giving me something to do at 3 in the morning other then masturbate, play call of duty, masturbate, read 'The Buttress of Winsor' or sleep. My eyes burn but it was so worth it. I have just finished reading everything from the racist and ignorant to the mispelled and hilarious. None of which has swayed me in the slightest. I am an actor, comic geek, chinese food afficionado, sexy beast and die hard cap fan. I love him come hell or high water. I've read everything from the first page pf the first appearance to the issues on the racks right now. I've even watched some of the not so thrilling movies. And in all my reading and watching I could have sworn there was a white dude wearing the flag. You'd think it would end there. If you google Steve Rogers, odds are you'll find... a white guy. Yes this is fiction, but you have to admit there is some framework of continuity and history. I have nothing against Will Smith or Josh Lucas or Mark Valley or any of the other names that are up for actual consideration or have been spewed all over this 380 post wall. That being said what happens, happens. I want to be entertained as a moviegoer and true believer. Whats going to happen is the powers that be will cast a white guy that fits the description and we'll all be super amazed at why they didn't cast a black guy as Steve "whitest guy ever" Rogers, but we'll be fine with it and some will enjoy the movie and some will hate it and think it's crap and the actor was crap and the director was crap and blah blah blah. Then the Avengers will come out and there will be a white guy throwing the shield around and I will have a nerdgasm. But there will still be people arguing on this page about racism and who is a real marine and on and on and on. All I can hope for is that someone will post somethin so ignorant after me that I have no choice but to laugh whole heartedly as I move on and not give a shit. God bless whoever reads this all the way through.

Alex Klier on Jan 3, 2009


Will smith as cap America = STUPID STUPID STUPID

Chris on Jan 6, 2009


the only reason that will smith would not make a good cap is historical not racist. during wwII the army was still segregated. they would not have picked a black for such a project. they could barely bring themselves to have african american pilots.

rusty on Jan 12, 2009


I think i have to agree with the guy right above my post (rusty 382). There was just way to much racial crap going on during WWII for something like that to ever happen. But, if they do decide to pick Will I'm sure that he'll stand up to bat and hit a home run, not doubting him at all. Maybe with a Black Prez in office they just might do exactly as this rumor suggested. =P And a couple of southerners might have their brain pop when they hear it.. Overload! *pop*

Web Based Training on Jan 13, 2009


thomas jane (the punisher) as cap ?

Nyem on Jan 23, 2009


Ha ha ha. Will Smith ??? HA HA HA ! ... not gonna happen. Not in a million years.

Bucky Barnes on Jan 25, 2009


Look, all of you idiots calling folks racists for not wanting a black man to assume the role of Captain America are just that--idiots. Not only did Samuel Jackson make sense for Nick Fury, but Nick Fury's CHARACTER in the Marvel Ultimate Universe was based entirely on Jackson (with Jackson's approval). They made Nick Fury black in an attempt to modernize him since the original Fury was based on the then-popular "secret agent" James-Bondish look. That look is dated now, so Fury has a revitalized look. The fact remains--he was black in the comics before he was in the movies. Captain America has never been a black man in the comics, and his trademark blue eyes and blonde hair are just as much a part of him as his shield. Why piss off millions of fans, particularly those who had his early comics decades ago, by making such a ridiculous choice? Not to mention, Will Smith is incredibly expensive, and that's money that they could be using to improve the general quality of the movie. I recommend letting a young, promising actor take the role so that they can have a fresh start on their career (think "Aqua Man" for Vinnie Chase in "Entourage", hah), and also to guarantee that the actor won't play politics for money in future films where they need him to resume the role (Avengers, Captain America sequels, etc.).

Dan on Feb 2, 2009


I have great respect for Will Smith, as an actor and a person. He could perform the role beautifully. That said, I'd say he'd be wrong for it, solely on the basis of history. Captain America was run through a WWII supersoldier program. We were not a "mixed" military then - even the Tuskegee Airmen, with the incredible record they racked up, were segregated off into their own little unit and faced a lot of doubt and outright hostility. One of the people (whose name I forget) cited as heroes at Pearl Harbor was a black man... who was supposed to be, as I recall, a cook, not a gunner. With the timeframe of Captain America's origin, I'd see a black man only slightly more likely to be chosen than a Japanese American.

Ricochet on Feb 21, 2009


a black capt. america? hell, lets make the hulk blue and while were at let jackie chan play superman. i will refuse to watch it if will smith is capt. america.

lee on Feb 22, 2009


for those of you who know nothing of comics please stay out of the conversation. the first captian america was black. he stole his costume, yes, but he was the first captain. he along with 299 others were experemented on because before they injected the super soldier serum to test to see if it was safe for the average white american. (and this is not me just typeing its in the book, buy the way the story is called "the truth". look it up). now looking at the fact that this is nothing more than a rumor everyone please calm the hell down. because I think both sides of the story could be told. the first him in WWII, the second him learning more about the world around him.

the truth on Feb 23, 2009


ok for the record Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, legend of bagger vance should have gotten him an oscar nod, I know he has 2 but he should have 3, and I think he could pull off cap that being said I do have a problem with this casting, captain america became captain america in WWII and in that time period, not many people would have accepted a black man being called captain America, it would just be bad history

Matty K on Mar 19, 2009


yall do realize isiah bradley was the first black captain american made my marvel them selves

asmartman on Mar 23, 2009


They need to hire an actor in his 20s. All the actors under discussion in this thread are too old to play Captain America. Steve Rogers was 18 or so when he got turned into Cap, and then about 23 when he was frozen in the ice, so they should hire someone who can play 18.

Peter Coogan on Apr 2, 2009


Actually they should have Will Smith play Isiah Bradley in a cameo role and include "The Truth" as a back story in terms of the invention of the super soldier serum.

Peter Coogan on Apr 2, 2009


As someone alreay said way up there in this post , i dont think that W.Smith is a good choice for Cap. because since this movie takes place in WW2 and in that time there was still a high amount of racial discrimination it is unlikely that they would have chosen a black man for a Top secret army experiment that would enhance the soldier. that and i think of W.Smith in a Cap suit and i think he comes of a bit as a 70's pop or funk singer. A good choice for this role would be the Guy that plays Erik in the True Blood TV Show.

394 on Apr 26, 2009


As a black man, I'm a big fan of Captain America.. Why? Not sure, I just like him..He's badass.. But, please, please, DO NOT case Will Smith as CAP.. It just doesn't fit. Hollywood has been known to case the wrong people for Marvel movies. They tend to go to big name stars. Aren't there any other actors out there? Like casting Jessica Alba to play a Sue Richards in the Fantastic Four.. A blond hair blue eyed woman played by a latin woman.. I don't care how much you dye a person's hair or give them blue contacts, it just doesn't work. Perhaps they'll do that to Will Smith for the CAP movie.. Don't get me wrong, I like Will Smith, I think its a good actor, but not a good fit for Captain America.. But I think this is nothing more than a rumor spreading..

Marc on May 12, 2009


Steve Rogers was the original Captain America, Isiah bradley as Cap came after they tried to reinvent the super soldier serum, he did not come before Rogers as some here would like to say. Like someone else said does that mean you can get a white Luke Cage, I don't think so, that would be racist after all.

Robert on Jun 1, 2009


I hate to say this but i can not see will smith playing Capt. America. He is a phenomenal actor and i absolutely love his work however for Capt. America he is not the right guy. You have to think about the setting of a moving when you cast your movie, and during WW2 they used the soldiers as guinea pigs to see if it worked. It never did until they tried Steve Rogers a blond haired, blue eyed white guy. Not a black man, u can keep the authenticity of a story or anything for that matter if you change the base of it from the beginning. I'm not saying he can't be in the movie as another part, but Will Smith is not Capt. America. It would then ruin the avengers movie, which was an all white line-up to begin with.

brandon on Jun 8, 2009


This and the other rumors are all pretty stupid. The fact is these movies being produced by Marvel themselves give them the full creative control to adapt the movie whithout Hollywood "let's change this for the mass audience" interference crap. When comic book movies are translated to the screen exactly like they are in the books, they are better. Let's face it, when they change comic book movies up too much, they totally flop. I'm not really keen on the Hulk origin story being changed. That part totally turned me off to it, but I guess some of it was good. Anyway, if they make an adaptation of Truth:Red White and Black, cast Will Smith if you want(I'm not sure he'd be right for that one either but who knows?), it would be a f-in awesome film done the right way(word for word and scene for scene from the book). This Captain America should be based on Ultimate Captain America. It's got the best of the best of the stories. Ultimate Nick Fury is already there, just push that extra mile and there you go, Top F-in movie. Hugh Jackman could make a cameo as James Howlett during the war, and as far as actors go to play Cap, Casper Van Dien would be a decent choice. I'm just really sick of all this changing comic stories up for who-the-f**k-knows-why to adapt them to film. The effects are good enough to handle pretty much anything most comics have to set up, and there are plenty of actors who look and could play the part for all characters. If you are not going to adapt a comic film exactly, then what the F**K is the point of making them? To make furthur mockery of comics in the public forum? We all know they have a bad enough rap in scociety to begin with. Why not show the people who don't read comics what the hell they are missing out on and then both movie studios and comic book companies win along side the new readers and movie goers. Seems simple enough to me. Cheers.

John Horus on Jul 3, 2009


He's my superstar in my heart although he is black. His action is so wonderful.

Joanna Spilioti on Jul 10, 2009


I would definitely prefer to see a "white" Captain American and not a Will Smith Captain America. Marvel Comics did introduce the "Truth: Red, White and Black" mini-series which showed how during the 1940s with the U.S. embroiled in WW2 the super soldier serum was first tested on a "black" soldiers before given to Steve Rogers a "white" soldier. many of the black soldiers died during the perfection of the serum..once they perfected the super serum there was about 5 or 6 black super soldiers ..whom the military gathered into one place on the army base under pretense..and then executed all of them at once with machine guns. Only 1 of those black super soldiers had escaped. "In every war, people demand their champion. In World War II, that hero was Captain America. TRUTH is the controversial, declassified story of the African American men involuntarily subjected to the U.S. War Department's "Super Soldier" project, in a race to develop a serum that might turn the tide against the Axis powers ... if the Nazi's didn't get to it first. An epic spanning the time just before the attack on Pearl Harbor into the present day, TRUTH finally reveals the tragic sacrifice that a Black infantry unit made for their country — and what those sacrifices mean to a white man named Steve Rogers." Now if Will Smith was to play Bradley and tell his story thennnnn that would be cool.

Animaniac on Jul 28, 2009


"Steve Rogers was the original Captain America, Isiah bradley as Cap came after they tried to reinvent the super soldier serum, he did not come before Rogers as some here would like to say. Like someone else said does that mean you can get a white Luke Cage, I don't think so, that would be racist after all." Robert on Jun 1, 2009 Sorry Robert, Bradley was a super soldier with the same serum that made Steve Rogers Captain America before it was given to Steve Rogers. The super soldier serum was being perfected using african americans as involuntary guinea pigs.

Animaniac on Jul 28, 2009


"Project: Rebirth began as a collaboration between US, British and German eugenicists led by Dr. "Josef Reinstein" (real name Dr. Wilfred Nagel), and Dr. Koch. When WW II began, Koch took over the German program and Josef Reinstein took over the American program. Each was attempting to re-create the super soldier serum which had previously turned Steve Rogers into Captain America a year prior to Pearl Harbor. Reinstein's early attempts to refine the formula were tested on African-Americans. " Cliff I stand corrected..Steve Rogers recieved the serum first. Thanks man.

Animaniac on Jul 28, 2009


Cap's WWII connections do bring about a good point to consider, but when Marvel put Steve on the outlaw side of the Civil War they reaffirmed that Captain America is more of a collection of ideals, and of course the determination to see them all honored, than a physical character. The ideals and the imaginative nature of a creative project (such as a movie) make Steve Rodger's race irrelevant and Will Smith has the acting ability to be Captain America. I just hope that the nagging historical reality doesn't ruin the movie. I don't want to hear everyone restating the social state of WWII or the original Cap's race.

marvel fan on Oct 25, 2009


All you guys should read the Captain America story Truth: Red, White, and Black. The art isn't great but the concept would make a really cool movie, ESPECIALLY with Will Smith playing Cap (not Steve Rogers cap, but Isaiah Bradley cap). The story takes the Tuskegee Experiments in Alabama as inspiration for a tale that re-examines the history of the super-serum that created Captain America. Beginning in 1942, the series follows a regiment of black soldiers who are forced to act as test subjects in a program attempting to re-create the lost formula earlier used to turn Steve Rogers to Captain America. The experiments lead to mutation and death, until only one remains - Isaiah Bradley. This is a much more believable way of how a super-soldier-serum would be developed. I mean i know this is a comic book, but if you want to get more REALISTIC then ... in the reality of 1940's America the government would DEFINITELY use black soldiers as guinea pigs before using a potentially lethal serum on a blond haired, blue eyed white kid. TRUTH

TheFirstCap on Oct 28, 2009


For those of you saying Will Smith's personality wouldn't fit the character of Captain America, note that he's an actor and a good one at that. That's the entire concept of acting: Adapting to the role of a different person. That said, I think you should stay as close to home with the characters physical and personality traits as possible when taking a comic to film. If the comic's popular enough to be made into a movie, it is obviously popular for a reason. Don't going screwing around with that, unless you absolutely have to to make the transition from one media form to another work. For those saying Captain America is a ridiculous character, I have to assume that you aren't too familiar with the character. Seriously, I'm pretty sure he could totally beat Chuck Norris in an arm wrestling match. I'll give you some time to consider that. Seriously though, Captain America's awesome. Don't talk about stuff that's over your head, kids.

Nicholas on Nov 7, 2009



GT on Nov 17, 2009


I didn't read a the comments, but there WAS a black Cap. He was revealed in a limited series called "The Truth". The super soldier serum was first tested on black soldier. Some died, others had horrific side affects. There was one who didn't have the bad side affects and had the same powers as the white Captain America. He went into seclusion after WWII and is supposed to be alive and well but not doing any super heroics.

Harold Gibson on Nov 23, 2009


Im sure lots of people have said this already but, Captian America is white!!! Im black and im sure as hell not racist. I guess its cool that people are going out of the box and casting people by talent and not race. But not the best pick in my opinion. Great Actor though!!!

Shaq on Jan 9, 2010


no no and no! i prefer some who looks like him. Sorry but keep it original...the guy from AVIATAR would be a good actor for this role

Caillen on Jan 15, 2010


im not sure if anybody else has mentioned this, but the original candidate for the Super Soldier serum was a black man (based on the 90's Spider-Man cartoon . . . not sure if that's accurate in the comics), before Steve Rogers was the ultimate subject . . . HOWEVER . . . Having Will Smith as the Star Spangled Avenger would really deter me from seeing the movie. its not a race thing, its the fact that i really really REALLY dont like Will Smith. Could you imagine how hokey he would be???? the actor should be younger . . . significantly younger than the likes of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Hank Pym. the character, back in the WWII Era, im assuming was a young, frail kid in his late teens/early 20's. would a 30-some year old man lumbering around be appealing and true to the comics?

stewbondra on Feb 3, 2010


Will Smith does great action movies, I see nothing wrong here. Usually only racists and bigots have a problem with this. Let's keep in mind that Captain American is a fictional character, and isn't white, black or anything in between but ink and paper.

MPA on Feb 3, 2010


Why stop at changing the skin color? Why not make Captain America a woman? She could fight evil Dick Cheney and become president after marrying the Red Skull (also a woman!).

Claude Parish on Feb 7, 2010


you see marvel it's this revisionist shit that prevents you from being taken seriously in the film realm. it's bad enough that the cigar chomping nick fury was played by sam l. jackson now will smith as cap? i wonder how people would have felt if hugh jackman was blade. or how about vin diesel as luke cage? why not cast michael jai white as iron fist and make it a reverse heroes for hire. artistic license is one thing but when you change something just to appeal to the masses that's called "selling out".

therealist on Feb 11, 2010


As long as they dont ruin the film like what was done with the attrocious one in the 1940's, those 2 awful ones in the 1970's and that weak one in 1990 where they portayed Captain America as a limp wristed wimpy pasny who ran away from his enemies and got beaten up by them rather than be a powerhouse tough guy that he's meant to be, I'm all for seeing Will Smith don the Red,White and Blue uniform and kick Red-Skulls head like a football.

Mr Wyvern on Feb 12, 2010


Hey I'm ok with it if we can put a white caracter in the role of Storm in the next X-Men movie! Or how about a white actor as Blade for a new twist on the movie? Hey how about ..umm.. I don't know... maybe the Black Panther should be white? I mean if we're going beyond race for this stretch on the "modern" version we may as well mix it all up right? People, it's not about race dammit! It's about the integrity of the freaking character! They screwed up Daredevil when they made King Pin black! It was idiotic and ruined! They are screwing with Iron Man with a white Nick Fury. Give me a break with this crap already. Race, race, race ... can we please quit going to race every time someone wants to keep the original vision of a character TRUE TO THAT CHARACTER! I don't agree with changing the race of any character...period! I would hate to see a white Blade. Why? Because Blade was black and Wesley Snipe rocked that damn role! He was amazing that's why! Quit trying to put a spin on the original! NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGINAL WITH ANYTHING. We got to draw the line somewhere folks. Next they will want to make a black Spiderman and a white Green Lantern(I know some idiot tried to do this later on in some of the comics and it sucked)! If race shouldn't be a factor, then quit pulling the race card every time someone doesn't want to screw with something that works fine just the way it is! T.B.

Tony B. on Apr 18, 2010


There is only one black green lantern....They're all white.

Risk on Jul 2, 2010


just to make this clear there was a wwII black captain america. marvel created a comic book called "the truth". in that book there was a black captain america. the government didn't want to use the super soldier serum untill they had tested first. they choose a black man. this was a comic made in 2004.

Direwolf143 on Oct 12, 2011

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