Sam Worthington Leading Leterrier's Clash of the Titans

November 6, 2008

Perseus / Sam Worthington

Two new ancient Greek casting announcements today, both of which should be interesting. First up, Henry Cavill, the young lad who played the main character Humphrey in Stardust, has joined Tarsem Singh's War of the Gods as the lead. Second, up-and-coming Australian actor Sam Worthington will join Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans remake as the lead character Perseus. These two casting announcements were made together because Hollywood Reporter and Variety are both caught up in the "race" between these two similar projects, although to me it seems like each will be its own unique thing in the end.

The production "race" between Gods and Titans is being compared to that of Troy and Alexander back in 2004, although both of these projects have a lot more good things going for them, starting with the directors. No need to go over all the creative details on each, but neither seems to have an upper hand. Gods will start shooting in February with a $85 million budget; Titans will start shooting in April with a $70 million budget. Although Tarsem's film starts shooting earlier, that doesn't instantly guarantee it'll be out earlier - both films will have a lost of post-production and CGI work left to do after they finish shooting.

Given I'm a big fan of Clash of the Titans, I've got a bit more to say about Worthington than Cavill. I've heard some interesting stories about him, but considering both James Cameron and McG liked him enough to cast him in huge roles in their big budget films, I'm sure that means he's a great actor. He at least seems like he'd be a formidable modern Perseus in my mind (see above photo). What do you think?

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pleeeeeeeeeeeeease do not spoil the name and legacy of the original and still aswesome movie. If the new one has stop motion skeletons, it would be the ost awesome move in cinema history 😛

chrisUK on Nov 6, 2008


I was not that impressed with Cavill in The Tudors. Sure, he may look the part, but his acting seemed off.

Creighton on Nov 6, 2008


I'm sure you already know this, but in Stardust, Humphrey is the reprehensible blond suitor to the human girl played by Sienna Miller, not the main character, Tristan, suitor to a Star. It has been said that the writer of "Twilight" once thought of Cavill for her main character of Edward should there ever be a movie of the work. Though she's happy with the choice now, Stephenie Meyer did want Cavill for the role. This is good news though, because I loved Tarcem's "The Fall" and am looking forward to his next work.

Worrie on Nov 6, 2008


If you were not impressed with Mr. Cavill in the Tudors, you are obviously NOT a straight female nor a gay man. Although he has suffered three major professional disappointments, Henry still kept on going which reflects a strong character... He was too sexy to be Superman...too stable to be Batman...and too young to be James Bond...but way too good looking and talented to not be seriously considered (top 2) for all three characters... King, Warrior, half-Greek God... Henry Cavill finally has a decent role!

bwilson on Nov 6, 2008


oh man I'm so excited for both of these movies...mostly for the Titans remake because I'm eager to see what the Beasts in that flick will look like. I'm sure War of the Gods will be just as good too =)

cmedina on Nov 6, 2008


Rather low budget, for an epic, i mean.

Darunia on Nov 6, 2008


I'm more interested in Tarsem Singh's War of the Gods... that should have a unique look

f on Nov 6, 2008


Maybe CGI is getting cheaper these days (looking at the budgets).

avoidz on Nov 6, 2008


this is exciting the budget is too low for this picture to really gain momentum it should have a divine budget for its epic proportions using only technology like in avatar or up coming avengers

andre louie reyes on Nov 6, 2008


hercules movie ? thor movie ? how about OLYMPUS VS ASGARD this would be exciting if there was a cross over movie match-up . hope marvel makes good on thor… but peter berg screwed up hancock i dont expect much on this hercules, the title sounds like less demi-godlike more human struggle , unlike spartan epic movie 300 just a simple title went from mortal to godhood in the end. one of the best endings ever…..

andre louie reyes on Nov 6, 2008


Great!! Sam Worthington along with Liam Neeson will rock!!! Sam did a great job in AVATAR and will kick ass in Clash of the Titans, love to see two great actors playing together in a great film!!

George on Mar 22, 2010

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