Samuel Jackson Headlining Last Dragon Remake as Sho'nuff

October 30, 2008


Of all the films worthy of being remade, I never would've though The Last Dragon was one of them. Columbia Pictures is developing a remake of the cult 1985 film with none other than Samuel L. Jackson set to star as Sho’nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, a role played in the original by the late Julius Carry (as seen in the photo above). Wu-Tang Clan's RZA is co-producing with John Davis and Kerry Gordy while Dallas Jackson (of Uncle P) will write the screenplay. Jackson admits that he's "a huge fan of the original and look forward to bringing Sho'Nuff into the 21st century." From Afro Samurai to the Shogun of Harlem!

The plot will be updated but will follow a similar story as the original, centering on a martial arts student named Leroy Green and his quest through the streets of New York to achieve the highest level of martial arts accomplishment, known as the Last Dragon. Those who achieve the high ranking possess the Glow, making them the greatest fighter alive. Jackson's role, Sho’nuff, is one of the thugs that Green must fight along the way. Columbia is ramping up production on The Last Dragon to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Motown next year. Anyone thinking this might be the next classic Jackson role?

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You can't replace Sho'nuff! Why is hollywood constantly trying to ruin classics with horrid remakes? Samuel should be remaking Snakes on a Plane or something else that nobody cares about.

Grey2White on Oct 30, 2008


you rights son , 100% but at the same time , it's sam jackson fam ! you meatn to tell me he ain't gon be a sick-ass sho-nuff ? i'm hype cuz i remember seein this as as a 3 year old kid , CLASSIC ! i just hope leeroy and lil richoe are played by god actors , and fuck the rest ! wait , johhny , we nned a good johnyy tooo , lol !

Hoodyindahood on Dec 5, 2011


So lame. Hollywood is just out of ideas.

E on Oct 30, 2008


I turned off The Last Dragon less than halfway through but, still, I remember Sho'Nuff. Sam Jackson is the easy choice to play him. I'm admittedly a sucker for martial arts movies, but I'll wait and see how the trailer turns out.

NadaNuff on Oct 30, 2008


Too big, and too old. Aren't there some other black actors in Hollywood? Maybe get a no-name who can do funny shit. I think that works better. That way, you have no expectations going in. I remember seeing tidbits of this in Psychology class in high school... I can't remember if there was a point to it, or if it was just one of my teacher's favorite cult movies.

JL on Oct 30, 2008


im so SICK and TIRED of sammy l jacko- what a a loser!

icke on Oct 30, 2008


TERRY CREWS!!! Plus dont remake this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Oct 30, 2008


LOL! Wow. This completely, ultimately confirms.... Hollywood has run out of ideas. "Who's tha MASTA?!" - "SHO'NUFF!!!"

bozoconnors on Oct 30, 2008


You guys are crazy. This is an excellent idea. The original was good but if they amp up the action and take out the corny stuff this has potential to be a awesome flick. Sam is perfect choice. I agree he needs to hit the gym to get in shape for the role. Columbus Short from Stomp the Yard would be a perfect Leroy as well. Looking forward to it.

Malcolm Edgecombe on Oct 30, 2008


"Why is hollywood constantly trying to ruin classics with horrid remakes?" Can someone explain this thought process to me? I just don't understand how a remake, good or bad, changes the original movie in any way.

joel on Oct 30, 2008


FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! Enough of Jackson ruining movies. This movie doesnt need to be remade

slappy on Oct 30, 2008


Hasn't P. Diddy taught us that the remix of a classic can also be a classic?

Malcolm Edgecombe on Oct 30, 2008



Corey on Oct 30, 2008


It cant be done.. The style, the music of the movie is so eighties and so cult, it just cant be done. Cant remember a cult flick from the eighties being remade in a worthy way.

malax on Oct 30, 2008


You dudes are extremely crazy if you think this wouldnt be a good idea...and Samuel L. Jackson playing Sho'nuff is like the best part. Name one other black actor who has the swagger and demeanor to say lines like " Im the roughest, toughest mo'fo lowdown around this town!" you gotta be kidding me. I agree with #9 all the way this is a great idea and with the resurgence of 80's hip-hop culture in fashion and in music nowadays it wouldnt be far off. They could have the Cool Kids and the Retro Kidz do the whole damn soundtrack and I know so many young people that will listen and vibe with it. And I also agree with #10 about the hollywood remake thing. When has there ever been a remake to ruin a classic? I can think of a few remakes that made the original look like shit. Umm 1980's Punisher with Dolph Lundgren absolute shit...Remake not great but still way better.... Granted some remakes are pure shit but most of the time they are extremely bad B-Grade horror movies that shouldve never been made in the first place lol But this I think is a classic that will span generations. I was born the same year this came out and its still one of my faves...

Primo! on Oct 30, 2008


Well, At least we will still have the original.

The_Phantom on Oct 30, 2008



dac_fan on Oct 30, 2008


Kiss MY CONVERSE!!!!! SHO-Nuff! I don't know... Shouldn't Busta Rhymes have this role?????? Either way Sam did DEEP BLUE SEA & SNAKES ON A PLANE after pulp fiction. If he has fun with it why shouldn't we?

jmoney on Oct 30, 2008


"Take life one day, at a timmmme... that what a wise man said to me..."

lee Roy on Oct 30, 2008


Whos the SHOWGUN, WHOS THE SHOWGUN!!!! Dude samual should stick to comic book movies now, or lets see let them remake pulp fiction.. haha

THERBLIG on Oct 30, 2008


lol 20

Silver on Oct 30, 2008


Mayne S.J. may look simular to Sho Nuff but he's not a good fit. This movie was sooooo undervalued its a straight up classic film.

Kilo Alpha on Oct 30, 2008


Hey 18, Busta as ShoNuff and Columbus Short as Leroy and instead of martial arts...crumpin'.

Malcolm Edgecombe on Oct 31, 2008


They should have Busta Rhymes or Snoop Dogg play Sho Nuff. LOL, Snoop Fits the body frame and hella funny

DenZale WashYaThong on Oct 31, 2008


whoever says that samuel L. is not perfect for this is a idiot. the first movie was a classic and this one will be to.

Brandon Denson on Oct 31, 2008


No remake without the original... Taimak has to at least be in the remake, maybe helping the new Bruce Leroy... NOOOO....NO REMAKE!!! DON'T MESS WITH MY MOVIE!!!

joanne on Nov 1, 2008


Yes, Busta Rhymes may have been a good fit (by appearance) for it with his 90s look. He doesn't have the acting skills to do it. Sam Jackson is a good fit for Sho-Nuff and Hollywood can do so much more with makeup nowadays. I mean, I can't imagine anyone else telling Bruce Leroy to "Kiss my converse!" in his own dojo. I have a friend that looks exactly like Johnny Yu if Hollywood is This one will be good..and will NOT have any effect on the original, which was missed by a lot of people. You have to remember, the year was 1985 when it was made. For an '85 cult classic, The Last Dragon was good.

Four Turkeys on Nov 3, 2008


The first movie I ever fell in love with... The only way this works is if you put Taimak in it SOMEWHERE. Bruce Jr's sensei or something! Columbus Short?? Um... What about Diana Ross' kid, Evan. There has to be a confidence and an innocence about him. I think Sam-u-EL could do it but you MUST HAVE TAIMAK!!! Hell, he looks better now than he did then!

BlackGeisha on Nov 4, 2008


Maybe Taimak can play his Master that sent him out to find the Glo?? That would be perfect.

DenZel WashYthong on Nov 4, 2008


THE SHAME! I love this movie. As a career martial artist I saw this movie when I was 16 and it was hokey then, back in 1985. But there is just SOMETHING about Sho'Nuff: The Shogun of Harlem I love. Everything about this movie is cheese, but honestly, it's so tongue-in-cheek to me, that I embrace it unreservedly. Every time it comes on, I watch it. Give me my lashes. I take them not proudly, but I take them. Addressing the larger syndrome, as I mentioned before, some movies should be immune from the "re-imagining" (code: remake) psychosis that decades ago presaged Hollywood's dearth of anything remotely original. Others are eligible. Let's be clear: I am not against remaking old movies. I am against Hollywood remaking old movies. Hollywood -- that desolate cinemagraphic moonscape: devoid of even bacterial life, or the precious oxygen to breathe. "Tinseltown", as well as its diseased celebrity worship-mill they prop up -- as if these pretty low-grade retards were suppose to inspire us to something other than perfected self-annihilating addictions, murderous vanity and/or galactic incompetence -- is an utter [expletive]ing vacuum. Please, somebody let Richard Donner's Lex Luthor out so he can drop his nuclear bomb on the San Andreas faultline -- "Bye-bye, California!"

Accusamend on Nov 4, 2008


I can't wait to see this. You must cast Glenn Bradley as Bruce Leroy. The boy is bad in martial arts and he is sooo fine. See him in action at

Keitha on Nov 5, 2008


Everyone keeps making this about Sho'Nuff... YES! He is important be he wasn't the star of the movie!!!!

BlackGeisha on Nov 5, 2008


I disagree with BlackGeisha. Who doesn't remember Sho'nuff? He was the best actor in the movie. And I watched Glenn Bradley's trailer, who is he? He is good... maybe they should cast him as Bruce Leroy. I have no comment for a certain blogger who sounds a bit psycho. I'm glad I don't live in California.

Rodrick on Nov 5, 2008


All my friends and family knows that I have got to be the biggest fan of the Last Dragon, I've seen it a hundred times and know it word for word. However, I saw it when it first came out, so my love of it is very different than those who may have just recently saw it. I can understand why a few comment would say they didn't like it and turned it off halfway through. It's not easy to appreciate a movie in it's original form over 20 years later... perhaps that's why they are remaking it, so that those of you who can't appreciate the original (understandably if this is your first time seeing it some 20 years later), could appreciate it in a current storyline. It is in a way a classic (at least to African Americans). Credit to Berry Gordy for this amazing movie and if it takes a remake for others to better appreciate the original or to get a new generation to love this story line, then so be it. Let's remain positive on this one and allow our African American actors to embrace this challenge and tack into a different part of their skill.

No 1 FAN on Nov 12, 2008


Anyone see the old Busta Rhymes video with him as Sho'nuff?? He even did a line from the movie and he looked like the original guy! I say he should be given a run for the part.

LeeroyJR on Nov 26, 2008



p ceezy on Dec 2, 2008


This is the perfect movie to remake. I think if they find someone to play Bruce Leroy they will have something. I would get Amerie to play the Vanity role and go forward. This could be the start of something big. I can just imagine the soundtrack already.

tjhooker on Dec 13, 2008


Unless this Remake is going to be a really really good movie, they should not remake the film. The original Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon was made for the 80's era and reflects a certain culture/nostalgia that cannot be recreated unless they change the whole character/ demeanor of the movie. The music that accompanied the movie was also a big part/contributing factor of the tone of the movie. The soundtrack in the remake needs to be good. That movie was great and I am not going to sit there idle while the directors/writers and filmmakers create a sub-par/crappy remake. There is no business remaking a movie like this. Maybe these filmmakers should come up with an original idea once in a while instead of making one crappy remake after another. Seriously, most likely this new remake is going to be average at best. They should make a sequel if anything...that might be interesting if they did it right. Also, how many movies can Samuel L. Jackson be in. He is a good actor but it seems like he is in every other movie that comes out.Anyways, either produce a really really good quality remake, create a sequel, or don’t bother at all.

Kawika on Dec 23, 2008


Give me a break... WHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!! This will NOT go too well. Why? Because The Last Dragon was an awesome 80s movie that was so cheesy, that it was good. I loved the movie when I was a kid, and now I love it even more because of the cheesy 80s nostalgia. The soundtrack, the storyline, the great actors and characters made this a classic. For some reason, when I heard they were remaking this movie, I KNEW they were gonna cast Jackson as Sho'nuff... I bet anything they won't relive that spirit the movie had and make it serious. I'm glad to see the majority of the bloggers here don't like the idea either. I dunno, I don't have my hopes set high for this, tho it will be interesting to see Samuel Jackson playin Sho

Catchingbulletswithhisteeth on Jan 1, 2009


Damn all haters..Sam Jackson is da shit..let them remake the movie then judge the lookin 2 c who plays the love interest Vanity played..Christina Milian? maybe even Beyonce

L-Dig on Jan 8, 2009


Hell No! Samuel L. Jackson needs his azz kicked for even accepting this part. This movie shouldn't have been made over. They could've taken this movie to Broadway! We love this movie because all of the people were beautiful that stared in the original! Rihanna is cool in all, but she ain't no VANITY! Let's get that straight. Vanity had the hair to throw all around. Vantiy was a sexy kitten that needed to be protected. Rihanna looks like she can whip Sho'nuff AZZ! Wit her punk self; LEATHER GLOVES OVER HER FIST! Samuel L. Jackson is too damn old to play this part. This was a great movie, and they are going to ruin it. This is like hanging an expensive dress on a wire hanger! NO WIRE HANGERS! and we all know what happened when you hung an expensive dress on a wire hanger in the 80's! Samuel L. Jackson playing Sho'nuff is like Mc Cain being the president. Some things you're just to damn old to do! This is the worst heard all day! All Week! ALL NEW YEAR!

Danni on Feb 7, 2009


lol..well Danni..maybe u rite..

L-Dig on Feb 8, 2009


Sam Jack as Shonuff could work. I want Busta Rhymes though! Somebody tell me where this Ozy Reigns dude came from. I ain't never heard of this fool and my girl told me he is playing Bruce Leroy in this remake. They bet not F up my one of our classics. This is like one of the only black karate flicks I can bare to watch or that we even have. I did check Ozy Reigns' music out though. Kid can rap his ass off, but can he do all that physical shit the role calls for though? Kid got a joint I saw on ITUNES called the Last Dragon Mixtape. I sampled it and I like it a lot. I may bye it from this lil mufu*$ka. I just don't want Hollywood to be on that BS and mess my movie up man. Just don't mess my movie up man!

Loudmouth on May 29, 2009


Loudmouth is right... Busta Rhymes should be the one playing Sho'Nuff. He's already donned the wardrobe and spoken a line in his video 'Dangerous'. Check it out! He looked like Sho'Nuff. I'll have to check out Ozy Reigns before I comment on him. He may be able to rap well, but like Loudmouth said, is he going to be able to do all of the physical stuff? CAN HE CATCH THE ARROW AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE??

FourTurkeys on May 29, 2009


I love Samuel L, Jackson. He's been in so many good movies, Eve's Bayou being one of my favorites. The Last Dragon is also a family favorite. Last dragon is a movie to past down the generations. Do I think it needs to be remade? Not Really. They should have came out with a sequel back then. Will I watch the remake? Yes. Taimak is gorgous, I hear he's going to be in the remake. I dont know who's going to play Vanity's role, but they better get someone as gorgous as her, and I dont think Rihanna is gonna work. Her voice sounds nothing like Vanity's. It's just gonna fuck it up. They better find someone damn good to play Bruce LeRoy. He's so sexy, that's going to be a challenge. However, I think Samuel L. will make a great Shonuff

tiffany weaver on Jun 13, 2009


The Last Dragon is an all time classic.... Some movies should not be remade due to the sentimental values that they possess. I grew up on the last dragon, and there is no way this movie can be remade with the eighties theme. The music and the eighties swagger should I say mad the movie what it was. Please don't remake this movie

Mike on Jun 15, 2009


well,i reeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to see the remake of the last dragon,but now that i hear who's playing leroy,i might just pass.they just f'd it up for me. (hint,hint columbus short)

kingbc83 on Jul 26, 2009


one more thing if columbo's not playing leroy who's playing laura charles? keri hilson would be nice she probably would need an acting coach. hollywood please don't screw this up.

kingbc83 on Jul 26, 2009


Dude, anyone who does not like this movie is either too uptight or full of themselves. This is the greatest movie of all time. I am with you Kingbc83, I hope and pray that they will not mess this movie up. Even if they do, I still own two copies of the original one. All you Last Dragon haters, kick rocks...

JesusFreak on Aug 3, 2009


I am not too fond of the idea of a remake of this film. Granted not hearing Vanity would be a bonus, lol. But seriously. I like Samuel L Jackson but he has no reason to be in the film. I dont need a Sho-gun of Harlem that Constantly yells all of his lines. Ditch Sam Jackson and Get Busta Rhymes to do it. He looks about the closest to J.C. the third and he is still young enough to get the hours of practice needed for the martial arts work and can get get into condition on par if not superior to J.C. the third.

The last dragon on Aug 12, 2009


It's okay to to a re-make, but using old Samuel L. Jackson to scare people is crazy! How about Michael Jai White vs Busta Rymes? That's how you do it!

davidsfg18 on Oct 6, 2009


Just cop'd Last Dragon dvd and go my 3 year old loving it!!!! Classik movie and we ALL know Holloywood is out of ideas(he all the kids do now is play video games and go online,their cartoons are trash these days!!) If they an do Transformers G.I.Joe etc. why not Last Dragon.Dont get me wrong it will never touch the original movie or the score for it!!!! But let us old heads(im 29 yo lol) give it a chance.Plus Samuel Jackson is a hell of an actor!!!

megamu12 on Oct 18, 2009


I am pissed. Last Dragon is one of my all time favorite movies. i hope Samuel L gets some disease and they have to cancel it...

the 420 kid on Oct 23, 2009


They might as well make Mariah Carey the singer and let Nick Cannon Cannon play Bruce Leroy lmao

Hilcia on Dec 20, 2009


Listen folks, I'm not crazy about a remake of this classic film either, but I must admit, I'm curious 2 see what they do with it. As far as Samuel Jackson is concerned, he's a hell of an actor, but I would go younger. Busta may look the part, but can't bring it when it comes to acting. I'm sorry, but I've see Busta in one of the Halloween movies and in Higher Learning. let's face it... he just can't act! Looking the part does not a good movie make. Besides, I hear the movie is supposed to take on a more serious tone this time around. As far as the Vanity role is concerned;No! 2 anyone who said Beyonce or Rihanna. R U kidding me! A beautiful no name will suffice. Bruce Leroy? the verdict is still out on that one, but Ozy Reigns???

S3rious1 on Jan 30, 2010


I HATE HOLLYWOOD! They completely ran out of ideas a long time ago, & to remake the The Last Dragon would be damn near blastphemous!!!!!!! You can not recreate the feeling that the people had the first time they saw the glow! If anyone in Hollywood is listening, please do NOT remake this movie! IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Concerned Fan on Apr 18, 2010


I think Busta Rhymes should play Sho' Nuff.

Nicole on May 16, 2010


This better be a good remake, dont need these people messing up my fav movie.

Syn on Aug 7, 2010


First and foremost I am a life long fan of this film the last Dragon! If this film is going to be remade which in my opinion it should be left alone because the original is a timeless classic, however it should be done right and with respect for the original.  The original film was made because the producer and writer wanted to make a martial arts film surrounding an African American hero or lead character something that hollywood wasn't offering and is in short supply of today, so I am confused as to why taylor lautner a non African American is being cast as leroy green this move shows that the filmakers have know respect for the original version and have already started off on the wrong foot simply trying to make money off of taylors twilight fame an obvious ploy.  Second get a real director not RZA is this some sort of joke.  Third stick with the script speilberg wouldn't cast Will Smith as Marty Mcfly in a remake so why on earth would you cast a Taylor as Leroy green i doubt he will be able to convince us that he is Named Leroy and that his dad owns a pizza shop in Harlem!!!!!! PS I know the up and coming actor Khafre he looks just like the original Bruce Leroy but better and he studied martial arts and theater choose him, or Brian White, or Chris Brown, or an actual black martial arts contender like they did the first time when they discovered Tiamak! #Stop ruining great movies!

KrazySparkleChik on Nov 14, 2011


The flavor of Bruce Lee shone in the original was so cool, it`s hard to imagine how a remake would fare better.  Hate to see a great film tarnished. 

Vanskey on May 1, 2012

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