Script for Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards Surfaces!

July 10, 2008
Source: Latino Review, Vulture

Quentin Tarantino

Will the news on Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards ever cease? Right after our last update on the production earlier this week, news hit that Brad Pitt is being eyed for the lead and that Taratino is, in fact, keeping Bastards at The Weinstein Company (despite hope that he wouldn't considering their missteps with Grindhouse). Today is probably the best update of all, however, because Latino Review and Vulture scored copies of the script! Tarantino's Dirty Dozen-inspired WWII epic will follow eight Jewish soldiers sent behind enemy lines who are lead by Lt. Aldo Raine (the possible role for Pitt). To give you a sense of Tarantino's twisted tale, Raine tells his men: "Every man under my command, owes me, one hundred Nazi scalps. And I want my scalps. And all y’all will git me, one hundred Nazi scalps, taken from the heads of one hundred Nazi's or you will die trying." This is going to be amazing!

Raine's instructions aren't necessarily the primary directive for this ass-kicking clan of Jews, however. Rather, the "hillbilly from the mountains of Tennessee" leads his men (the "Bastards") on Operation Kino, which involves heading into Paris to attack a premiere for a new propaganda war movie put on by one of Hitler's close associates, Joseph Goebbels. Hitler and most in his high command are expected to attend. Tarantino weaves in a subplot to the story, as well, which surrounds a young girl, Shosanna, bent on revenge; her family was murdered by the Nazis, and she coincidentally ends up running the movie house. The two plots collide in what I can only imagine is a spectacular, bloody spectacle.

These events are spread across 165 pages and five chapters - Chapter One: Once Upon a Time…Nazi Occupied France; Chapter Two: Inglorious Basterds [sic]; Chapter Three: German Night in Paris (to be filmed in "French New Wave Black and White"); Chapter Four: Operation Kino; Chapter Five: Revenge of the Giant Face. Chapters One and Three focus on Shoshanna, whereas two and four the Bastards. Chapter Five brings them all together. Besides Aldo and Shoshanna, we have a glimpse of some of the maniacal characters Tarantino has created: Sgt. Donny Donowitz is known as the "The Bear Jew", and his trademark is smashing Nazis skulls with a baseball bat. The lead antagonist (besides the ever-present Hitler) is Col. Hans Landa aka "The Jew Hunter". One can only imagine the scale and evil of this bad-ass.

If you're interested in reading more, I would suggest you head over to Latino Review or Vulture. El Mayimbe has posted a speech from the script straight from the mouth of Lt. Aldo Raine aka Aldo the Apache and it's pretty incredible to read. It feels pointless to say, but this project sounds completely off the charts. Tarantino, in fact, said previously that Bastards will probably contain his best dialogue to date! And as El Mayimbe describes it, "If you took the bad guy swagger of Reservoir Dogs, the uber coolness and structure of Pulp Fiction, throw in the revenge angle of Kill Bill, set it in World War II – you get Inglorious Basterds." Is there anyone not excited for this?

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Hell yes I'm excited. This is going to be epic!

Cedric on Jul 10, 2008


sounds alright... but i kept on thinking about an over the top version fo edward zwick's defiance starring daniel craig. Bunch of jews killing nazis.

heath on Jul 10, 2008


Tarantino Murders. Anyone hear about this? Fucking retarded media. Anyway, this movie will be really really entertaining. I'm glad to see he won't let the Grindhouse defunk get him down, which by the way was awesome. If anything, I think he's going to go apeshit with this film. Bring on the old school movie entertainment, baby.

wm on Jul 10, 2008


This sounds incredible! I'm trying not to read any of it because I don't want to spoiled yet, but damn... I'm already excited! Tarantino is back baby!!

Alex Billington on Jul 10, 2008


Apparently its BastErds (with an E instead on the normal A). Wonder why Tarantino went with that spelling? Cannot wait for it though, and only one year till its ready too!

Marcus on Jul 10, 2008


After the self-indulgent inanity of Deathproof and Zoe Bell I doubt I'll ever look forward to QT again. There's always a lot of fanboy hype surrounding QT but let's be honest, he peaked with True Romance and Pulp Fiction and has been getting a free pass since (even Kill Bill doesn't measure up to his earlier work). QT's a bit like the poet in Singles, amusing at first but ultimately vacuous.

RandyG on Jul 10, 2008


Absolutely cannot wait to see how this turns out.

Nick O. on Jul 11, 2008


Sounds killer hopefully Tarantino can pull this baby off cause it would be amazing if he did.

Curits on Jul 11, 2008


Just read the first act of the script with the jew hunter and soshanna, the script seems legit and seems as mentionned everywhere to be kicking some ass big time. Gonna read it today to find out.

chandleyr on Jul 14, 2008


I'm just a messenger so do'nt shoot me but if you want to stay fresh don't look here the word on the street was indeed true, it's one hell of a kickass movie like you haven't seen in a long time. Just passing the link nothing more, feel free not to click ^^

chandleyr on Jul 14, 2008


The script absolutely rocks. What a brutal and ingenius story.

HANZOSWORD on Jul 17, 2008


the weinsteins gave money for that. film will be a provocation for every german. film will raise antisemitism. and the weinsteins get what they want. same old story as always...

joe on Nov 25, 2008


this movie is Jewish Zionist propaganda, just to justify the torture and suffering that the Zionist are inflicting on millions of people around the world. The Zionist are the Nazis and I'm not kidding, they founded Hitler and his socialist party, look it up. Please don't buy anymore of this type of propaganda of hate that these people are feeding you with.

mo on Feb 21, 2009


mo - you're a GD anti-semite. enjoy life you fucking retard.

hey there on May 3, 2009


hey there - the truth always hurts the one that can't accept it.

mo on Aug 6, 2009


Hey there you're a cretin unfortunately because Mo is actually stone cold right. Hitler just like Stalin was financed into power by international bankers primarily of jewish origin with zionistic sensibilities. The zionists didn't and still don't give two cahoots about the average jew They wanted a jewish homeland in Israel and they needed an awful lot of Jews killed to achieve that goal and lets face it they have been living off the holocaust for a very very long time. Don't forget holocaust actually means 'BLOOD SACRIFICE.' That is exactly what it was and it was done at the behest of zionists. By the way anything up to 11 million german christians were deliberately starved to death after the end of war in Europe by the British, American and Russians. How about the Ukranian holocaust. 30 million starved to death in the thirties largely by the jewish NKVD. Isn't real history incredible.

AJP on Aug 10, 2009


Seems to me that its a hate movie. Right? How come if you make hate against whites, or Germans its OK? Oh OK. BTW where is the autopsy of the negro guard at the Hohocost museum? Sure hushed that up quick. Right.with a 22. Witnesses saw different. Friendly fire. Blame the white guy.

w hingerty on Aug 12, 2009


this movie is Zionist propaganda, just to justify the torture and suffering that the Zionist are inflicting on millions of people around the world. The Zionist are the Nazis and I'm not kidding, they founded Hitler and his socialist party, look it up. Please don't buy anymore of this type of propaganda of hate that these people are feeding you with. This comment is correct. Thanks Mo. At lest someone still cares about history!

A true Semite on Aug 22, 2009


hey there uses the standard "You're anti-Semitic" nonsense whenever Israel's Nazi-Like tendencies are pointed out. Much like you are labeled "Un-American" when you question Bush or Obama. Tarantino is a mediocre director, making Zionist propaganda movies. Reminds me of what a lot of money can do behind half-ass musicians like Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Eminem, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Green Day. This movie is not entertainment. It is de-sensitizing and dumbing down.

Dormammu on Aug 23, 2009


just watched it yesterday. gotta say i need to know more of history n shit. cuz after watching it, i feel sick but dont know why. its totally self-indulgence directing from tarantino and one doesnt hv to be really smart to notice its a Zionist propaganda film.

zulfadli on Oct 22, 2009


I think Tarantino is taking a big risk here. He is using very powerful topics, full of real pain and history that is still alive. He plays upon the emotions of people. But he doesn't do this for a propagandistic end. I do not think he is showing any opinion other than making all his characters seem human. He makes almost every character relatable. No matter how horrible their intentions may be or there actions play out. We consistently see German officers, Nazis, when faced with death, exclaim, I'm a father, spare me! Or, because I'm alive and you spared my life, I will now go hug my mother. Each character is struggling in their situation to survive. To deem right from wrong, to choose a side. The dialogue is in so many languages. And Ive heard some people say they think this is a failing and thought it made the movie hard to follow. But, again, Tarantino does not do this on accident. Nothing he does is an accident. He shows how difficult it is to communicate in our world. Landa, can speak multiple languages fluently and with style and is thus capable of manipulating people in every situation. He has mastered the art of DECEPTION. And I think that is central to what Tarantino's commentary is all about. This affect is heightened with using so many familiar actors. We know these actors as people beyond their roles, and so these become just roles, and they are known to us not as their characters but as actors playing such and such a role. And such is life. We put on these masks, we play these character roles, trying to deceive people. We spend our efforts, like Landa, playing the game, trying to master it, trying to come out on top. But, Tarantino reminds us that, just when you think you're on top, as does Landa, thinking he has ended the war and secured his desires, it ALL falls apart, and nothing is as it seems. And in the end, it almost just comes down to luck. Or is it fate? Or is it all just absolutely absurd? Ah, yes, Tarantino, you are right, its all absurd.

sjmil02 on Jan 10, 2010


Tarantino is no less villain than the characters he created.His movies impose violence to humanity. Away from jewish propaganda,he wipes away any sympathy for the jewish victims of holocaust. This kind of monster movie must not find a place in our civilized world.Before this movie,I never believed in secret zionist hands ruling the world.But after this,I can say anything is possible.A vulgar man like Tarantino can not create a wonderful movie like hurt locker.He lacks the feeling of empathy to all people.One sided selfish person.Even avatar,a leftist,cowboy-indian-antagonist-protagonist cheap trick movie is far more dignified than his bloody inhumane crap.

carl cruise on Mar 14, 2010


This is the great movie. Tarantino always makes a different movies. This movie is is special too.

Biz on Mar 28, 2010

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