Second Full Righteous Kill Trailer - More De Niro and Pacino

May 23, 2008
Source: Apple

Righteous Kill Trailer

When we debuted the first trailer for Righteous Kill, the response seemed to be overwhelming positive. Now we have a second lengthier, meatier trailer for the film that deserves your undivided attention. I'm liking the story, really complex and possibly twisted, but I'm not entirely sure whether this will end up turning out that amazing. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are definitely the two that are building the buzz. As great as this looks so far, there are a few things that still worry me. First, 50 Cent is in it, and second, Overture Films is distributing. I'm sorry to say, but it's rare to see a studio as small as them actually have a solid hit on their hands, but I could be wrong. Hopefully this time I am…

Watch the second trailer for Righteous Kill:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the Righteous Kill trailer in High Definition on Apple

Righteous Kill is directed by Jon Avnet of Fried Green Tomatoes, The War, and 88 Minutes, with a script by Russell Gewirtz, of Inside Man previously. The film is being released by Overture Films and is produced by a number of pretty uninteresting folks. Righteous Kill arrives in theaters on September 12th.

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Looks a lot better but I don't think this will be AMAZING. Just decent.

Ryan on May 23, 2008


Also, did they show 50 Cent AT ALL in this?

Ryan on May 23, 2008


That just looks like one huge 90-minute cliche. The only thing remotely intriguing about the film, is why people are still so fascinated with De Niro and Pacino, they haven't done anything worth watching in years.

Jon on May 23, 2008


50 cent cant act,but it looks good

Darrin on May 23, 2008


I saw the picture and I was hoping for a buddy comedy.

The Brain on May 23, 2008


This is only the third film Deniro and Pacino have done together. In the first one, Godfather II, they didn't have any scenes together. In the second, Heat, they had two scenes together, only one in whihch they spoke. I'm excited to see who can out-act the other.

doug on May 23, 2008


it's too bad that in their big debut like this they couldn't have done something more rich like The Departed. and yeh...50 is NOWHERE to be found 🙂

Kevin Powers on May 23, 2008


50 cent is at 1:47 real quick. Pause and you will see its him.

EA on May 23, 2008


Alex ... I wrote before about this but again ... # Millennium Films # Nu Image Films are in Bulgaria and from the day they made movie until now they got just one movie that can be say it is good for cinema and it is Rambo 4 .... I am sorry but I will never believe this movie will be good and Al Pacino and De Niro were became past ...finished in my dictionary .... after they made this movie with such a low companies ... For your information I am not saying these stuff just for fun I worked in the 88 minutes AL Pacino's movie ...and what happen ...after a year and after I got the movie by DVD they premier the movie "88 minutes" in cinema .... WTF... People got the DVD and they just began to show it in Cinemas .... !!!! That is Nu Image and Millenium films company ... every actor who are near by death and end of his career begin working with these companies as like Van Damme , Steven Seagal , Dolf Lundgren , even sylvester and Morgan freeman ....and of course others ... and by this step AL and De Niro just approved that they got nothing more ...and they want to finish their carrier with silent small low budget movies .... With all my respect for them I always wished to work with them and they were my motivation in every step in movie making but ....that is their end .... Sorry for saying that but the truth must be said ...

shero on May 23, 2008


Hell yeah! I heard Deniro and Pacino hate each other in real life. I'm still a big fan of both, though.

Reverend on May 23, 2008


Man, that actually looks damn good, I'm excited, I kinda liked Departed but hated the ending so I dont use that movie as a reference for anything other then hype. This looks pretty intense.

Richard on May 23, 2008


Man, that actually looks damn good, I'm excited, I kinda liked Departed but hated the ending so I don't use that movie as a reference for anything other then hype. This looks pretty intense.

Richard on May 23, 2008


"most people respect the badge... everybody respects the gun"... i don't have both, sucks? definitely will watch this...

miracle disease on May 23, 2008


Shero has some ridiculous comments, doesn't he?! What the hell are you talking about? Why are you even comparing Pacino & De Niro to Van Damme, Seagal, Dolf Lundgren &, yes, even Stallone?(whom I respect & admire). Also, why are you refering to them as being @ the end of thier careers? Please don't respond b/c these are rhetorical ?'s & you have lost all credibility.

Sinner on May 23, 2008


This movie looks great so far, I'll definitely be watching this. Now only if they could cut out every scene 50 cent was in? just a thought.

@L3X on May 23, 2008


Just picture Heat in your mind and ask yourself, does this actually look good? The Rolling Stones song in the trailer was smart but this is not heat or the departed. Francis Ford Coppola said in an interview that De Niro and Pacino just don't care about acting anymore, just celebrity, no real effort or passion in their roles. He was right. They just do the same thing, and now they are choosing crappy scripts on top of it. I don't tend to speak out to heavily against films just from trailers, but I find it insulting that these guys followed up Heat with this. The plot looks like a relic of the 80"s.

Tyler on May 23, 2008


Sinner : See the director and see the production companies and after when you watch the movie come back and tell me about Heat or Departed .... It is not Al and De Niro ... even they can't help movies become good if the production is bad did you watch 88 minutes ???? what you will say about it ??? of course you will say it was great ... because you know that Al was in the movie ...but did the movie really was good ??? ok no Van Damme no Seagal even no Silvester .... who you want me to mention Nicolas Cage ??? ok did you watch the movie " The Wicker Man " and then what you will say ??? that movie was almost the worst movie of Nicolas Cage ...wasn't ???!!! and who are the production companies ?? again : # Millennium Films # Nu Image Films and some other small companies too I mentioned even Morgan freeman in The Contract and here you are more names like : Cuba Gooding Jr. in Hero Wanted Samuel L. Jackson in Home of the Brave Kevin Spacey in Edison and again Morgan Freeman was in the movie too I mentioned Van Damme and Seagal and others ...because they were small and now they still want to be in the ring ... by making movies with these companies and they are again and again down on the hill ..... and if you still don't understand me ....ok I will make it easy for you ... Why Al Pacino and De Niro doing the same mistake ....???? they are big but why they should put them selves in such a small bag ...that is what I meant ...but you need more time to understand what I meant because you still say ....Wow Al Pacino and De Niro .... and that is it even if they make the worst movie ever you will still fight for them ...I am not like you I am saying what it true and do not make commercial for anyone ... and do not say don't replay to my post .... when you attack some one and you don't know anything about the matter or about what he said ,....then you must wait for a punch in the face ...because you just make your self a big stuff who have no idea how small your brain is ... I said I wished to work with them and I did with Al Pacino in 88 minutes ...but the movie was not good .... do you know what it takes to say such a word against the best actor in the history and against a movie I worked in with him ????? everyone know that this movie maybe will be good or maybe will be bad !!!! but every one should know that you must not campier this with Heat or Departed ever .... see the IMDb for the crew and then come and say I am a big shot who knows about movies and actors .... ok ? long way to knowledge what is good and what is bad ... and longer time you will need to say the word of truth .... no matter if it is against your favorite actor .... and who knows maybe you are one of the crew of the new movie !!!! 🙂 and Sinner do not be such a small use your real name or a site that I can find you and we can have discussion about that .. do not hide in the name Sinner ... in stuff like this you need to show your self ...and become real .... Now I think I have the right to ask you to do not replay until you out your real name least to know that you are not working for that companies 😉

shero on May 24, 2008


Its Joe Pesci!!!! he's the cop serial killer!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT!!!!

Shelby on May 24, 2008


Shero, you're right. I must have a small brain b/c, unlike you, I write in complete sentences & I did not know that reply was spelled replay. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Also, why do want my name Hoto? I don't swing that way. Most of my homies call me Sinner anyway so you can do the same chavala. 2 suggestions. Take your medication & have that long post 17 published you sorry ass.

Sinner on May 24, 2008


Shero, im going to replay to your comment, so we are supposed to take your word on everything you comment on because you have worked on some movies, personally i think your comments are complete shit, and it sounds like your clueless. anybody can throw out names and apply a shitty movie they did, btw i thought edison was great, and 88 minutes wasnt the greatest movie but there are thousands worse, so get off your soapbox and shut up.

jeff s. on May 24, 2008


Sinner ... jeff s. ... * in what low level you are ...that even can not discuss a movie normal and all what you got is Ass or shut up or stuff like that .... real man use stuff like that when they are face to face on the ground .. not on line are really right you can use any name you want and you can say any words you want .... because you are on line .... However ... What I tried was to give some information nothing ells ... if you don't like it or don't believe it ... then do not replay or do what you want but do not say bad words ... because by that you will not change ... and I gave you names and details .... but you just comment as I am the enemy of Al Pacino or De Niro ...I am not I am just commenting on this movie nothing ells ... and by the way ... Sinner you look like the wife of Jeff s. or maybe Geoff !!!! you just appeared in the same time ... congratulation you just win the sentence : Low people with low brains watching low movies .... 😉 And do not replay as I said before ....and if you did I will not answer you from now on ...

shero on May 25, 2008


Easy guys...this is just a site to discuss movies...not to tear each other apart...although I will agree that some dumb things were said in some of the comments above... I think this film has real potential, hopefully 50 cent won't eff it up. We all know that Deniro and Pacino are legit actors, but even the best actors can't save a terrible script, hopefully this will be a solid one like The Departed or Heat. What is with rappers being put into movies, especially crime-dramas these days? Why not cast someone who actually knows how to...ACT!?!? Let rappers rap, and actors act. There are a few exceptions of course (Will Smith, haha if you could call him a "rapper"), but most of the time their acting makes you wince.

Steven Ormsbee on May 30, 2008

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