Second Full Trailer for Notorious Debuts

October 24, 2008
Source: Apple

Notorious Trailer

The second full trailer for Notorious B.I.G.'s biopic simply titled Notorious has debuted today. This is a definite step up from the teaser trailer that launched in September. This actually reminds me a lot of The Wackness (which coincidentally featured at least one of Notorious B.I.G.'s songs on the soundtrack). I'm not sure if it's going to truly glorify him or not, but the story about his rise to fame and revolution in the rap world actually looks very intriguing. I guess Fox Searclight did make a smart movie picking this up! Check out the new trailer below and be sure to let us know if you think this looks as good as we do.

Watch the full trailer for Notorious:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Notorious trailer in High Definition on Apple

Notorious is directed by producer and filmmaker George Tillman Jr., of Soul Food and Men of Honor previously. The screenplay was written by Reggie Rock Bythewood (Get on the Bus, Biker Boyz) and Cheo Hodari Coker. Fox Searchlight is distributing Notorious and will be premiering it in limited theaters starting on January 16th, 2009. Anyone already planning on seeing this in theaters?

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The greatest rapper of all time was 2 pac not B.I.G.

IanBlake on Oct 24, 2008


Trailer looked awesome.

big r on Oct 24, 2008


always preferred biggy of pac although 2pac was damn good

james on Oct 24, 2008


yo, that actually gave me goosebumps when "juicy" came on. . . this is a definite must see!

Mr. Papagiorgio on Oct 24, 2008


Every time I see the title that Duran Duran song keeps playing in my head. They did a fine job casting Biggie.

tzarinna on Oct 24, 2008


Yo ian black if u gonna dis Biggie then get the FUck Out of here ..... u should prolby wait for the big 2pac movie in the summer......NOt..haha its all about Biggie!!!

Shelby on Oct 24, 2008


That was the Duran Duran song, "Notorious", being sampled!

Spider on Oct 24, 2008


Wow this preview was a million times better than the previous. It seems like it might actually be great. The teaser left me with a 'made for tv movie' taste in my mouth.

Kyle A. Koyote on Oct 24, 2008


this looks MUCH better now.. and I am with you #5 .. good casting

Dusty on Oct 24, 2008


"It Was All A Dream" Nuff Said

Gee on Oct 24, 2008


I am not familiar with B.I.G.´s music, so, someone knows if the actor Jamal Woolard is being dubbed? or is he delivering the lines? anyway, better than the teaser.

Mario Tenorio on Oct 24, 2008


Wow...this actually looks good. I'm in...Everytime I see Derek Luke dance like Puffy it makes me crack up....

ewilson131 on Oct 24, 2008


I know Spider, it just plays in my head whenever I read the title. It's getting a little scary. 🙁

tzarinna on Oct 24, 2008


@1 First and foremost, as great as they are, NEITHER 2Pac of Biggie were the greatest rappers that ever lived. I'm speaking on a talent level not notoriety. Speaking on the film the man they cast as Biggie is on-point. On the other hand the Puff and Pac roles showcased on the trailer were pretty far from their sources.

Frame on Oct 24, 2008


biggie is a good rapper but far from the greatest he might be in my top 5 i said might why do they make pac look like the bad guy

j on Oct 24, 2008


Come on now, Ray, MalcolmX, there needed to be movies made about them but his guy. If he didn't get shot there wouldn't be a movie about him. What great things did he do? He was a drug dealer, gang member who cheated on his woman. Sure he could rap but, so what. I think that, sometimes, we look up to the wrong people. Just my opinion. However, the movie does look good.

Defeatedfrog on Oct 24, 2008


@16 How is Ray any different? In contrast he was a drug addict and also cheated on his women. The parallel between hustling (such as drug dealing) in the hood and being a king in the music industry is a real life affair and Biggie was one of the first prime examples of an artist that came from nothing to something. If he were alive today Jay-Z wouldn't be the poster boy for New York hip hop and even some contest that Biggie is the most prominent icon in east coast rap, period. Especially in the midst of the uprise of the west coast's Death Row domination Biggie's sound was responsible for bringing New York back to a winning position in the game.

Frame on Oct 24, 2008


Trailer looks great is finally stepping it up with black movie trailers. I agree with #17 by the way.

Kilo Alpha on Oct 24, 2008



werdnafaz on Oct 24, 2008


i agree with #17 in principle, although I don't really like rap. Biggie deserves a film as much as anybody. but he wasn't the first artist to come from nothing to something. Ray, Elvis, The Beatles, Dylan, they all started off nothing and became something.

scm1000 on Oct 24, 2008


Big was one of the greats, his is a story worth telling. I hope they did it right.

detroit101 on Oct 25, 2008


Things Done Changed. Big was the man because he had IT. All these little boy rappers who are trying to come up and say something are useless. People wanna feels something when they listen to music. Big had something fun to say and he did it in a way that brought a smile to people's faces. There is nothing better in the world than grabbing a keg cup and a someone puts on Ready To Die. RIP Big.

Alex Friedin on Oct 26, 2008


This is a good trailer. I like how Artie from the Sopranos is portraying the law here. I think its funny that they're using Duran Duran's "Notorious" for the trailer. By the way, number 1....Biggie was a better rapper than Tupac....hands down.

Conrad on Oct 26, 2008


I think both 2pac and BIG are so overrated cos they got shot.. :/ The trailer did look interesting, but half of that is fiction probably. #23 Think one of BIG's songs started with that Notorious ...

max on Oct 26, 2008


What is wrong with you people? First off, Biggie put New York back on the map, he put Brooklyn on the map, Jay-Z wouldn't be who he is if Big was still alive. Whether he was a drug dealer, beat his woman that doesn't take away from the fact that people felt his music through and through...just listen to Juicy and you'd understand if you ever grew up in a struggle...but I'm sure 20 of the 24 people who posted don't understand what it is to struggle anyway.

Desiree on Oct 26, 2008


idont know man! they should have picked a more bigger guy!

Ray on Oct 26, 2008


oh yeah cuz desiree struggles everymorning getting her fatazz out of bed!

Shelby on Oct 26, 2008


Biggie was good, Tupac was great. The difference between the two, while biggie had great rhythm and a good flow, is that he lacked the authenticity and honor that 2pac had. Not to mention that 2pac always seemed to weave knowledge and an overall positive message into his music while Biggie often times tried to excite people with lines like "I don't give a fuck if your pregnant give me the baby rings and the #1 mom pendant", and "Hail Mary, Fuck her, I never knew her, I'd probably screw her and dump her body in the sewer." I'm not particularly looking forward to this production because I'm sure they'll try to cast 2pac as the bad guy as opposed to portraying they're situation accurately. All in all, it’s good that the rest of America / the world recognized one of Hip-Hop’s greats. Hopefully if this is successful this could be a positive trend for the future. I’d love to see a 2pac, Krs-One, Rakim or Nas movie.

Cas Santos on Oct 26, 2008


this might be good.

darrin on Oct 27, 2008


I truly think that Biggie was a very talented artist who had dreams to make it big in life. It's sad that he lost his life because people couldn't get along and people were spreading alot of negative things to him and Tupac. Tupac was a talented artist as well. He could rap and write poetry. You would think that nothing could come in between the two but it did. Sometimes I wish that time could be turned back and things could've been resolved between thme. The rap game lost two legends. Still to this day both murders have not been solved. I think that Notorious is going to make history. It's a movie that we all need to see and learn from. Both rappers have my up most respect and always will. I will never compare one to the other and say who is better than who. They both accomplished things and had millions of fans across the world. So I take my hat off to both of them. May their dreams continue to live on and may they rest in peace.

ms. charity on Oct 28, 2008


I think the movie is going to be one that everyone will enjoy. If you ask me it is long over due. Everyone is always comparing the two individuals. As far as the art that they used to express themselves, they were both great! IMO, Biggie was a great lyricist and Pac was a great rapper. There is a difference. Biggie had a way with words while Pac had a way of telling strories from every angle. Pac's work ethic is very apparent. We see that with all the work that came out after Pac's death. I'm not saying Biggie wasn't a terrific rapper but his strong point was word play, very much like Jay-Z. I look at the two of them like the Martin and Malcolm of Hip-Hop not as far as beliefs but as far as the approach they booth took in their careers. I truly believe we can't call Biggie or Pac the greatest of all time because their lives were cut so short. There is no telling where their careers and what they would have accomplished had they stayed alive. Don't get me wrong they were both great and will always stand out in the Hip-Hop game but we always idolize our people when they are dead and gone. What about the greats the are still with us who have lived and proven they belong at the top. Ex. Old school: Krs-One, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G. Rap, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, Lords of the Underground, Ice Cube, Scarface, The DOC, and even Will SMith (not on everyone's list but he did his thing without cursing and he did it his way and now look big movie star). We take it to the New school: Ludacris, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Nas, TI, Lupe Fiasco, Fabolous, Black Thought form the Roots, remember Can-I-Bus missing in action, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Rah Digga, Lil Wayne( a little over rated to me but he worked hard to get himself out there, remember marketing and promotion now non-existant.) I have based my opinions on the artist's ability to have creative word play and battle skillz and story telling, which is what the essence of Hip-Hop when it all started to blossom in NYC in the late Seveties and Early eighties. Let me clear the fact that most of my picks were from the NY area. Number one that is where I'm from actually Jerz. Number two I'm not biased because I'm from the area but you gotta remember back then most of the if not all of them really blew up out of NYC in the beginning of the Hip-Hop explosion. I don't care where you are from, if you can rock you can rock it's that simple but the rest of the country just doesn't have as many notables in the game dating back to that era. Today it's a different story but at the same time, how many rappers can really rap and don't have a total bunch of stuff that's not saying anything and that anyone can do? Heatseeker11

Heastseeker11 on Oct 29, 2008


i can't wait to see this moive....Pac was good but big was the best ........

Mr T on Oct 30, 2008


All of you fools who say Big was not one of the greatest rappers of all time have no idea what the hell you're talking about !!!!! Hahahaha!!!! What the hell do you guys listen to? Let me guess, this crap ass R&B garbage they play on the radio? Big might not have been THE absolute greatest rapper of all time, but he was definitely ONE of the greatest rappers of all time. For fuck's sake, the man flowed like a fucking river, it was so smooth and hard hitting at the same time. The guy had natural talent. Yeah, he was a drug dealer... so fucking what. If you were in poverty and knew you could make some quick cash, you'd probably do the same thing. Anyway, he rose up from the bottom, used his talent, and made something of himself. Sounds like a hero to me. Or maybe he just doesn't fit your stupid idea of a success like these fake ass fools on the radio. and that's word, bitches r b b

Rob-B-Bob on Oct 31, 2008


Shelby...your a fuckin twat! must live in the middle of Indiana somewhere

desiree on Nov 2, 2008


i have to disagree w/ number 5. bad casting. should have been christopher walken as BIG.

otic on Nov 24, 2008


they cast a fellow bk rapper gravy as b.i.g. i think gorilla black wouldve been the best fit but giving that black is from the west coast heads would have rolled lol

swan on Nov 29, 2008


Puffy is still pimping BIG even after he's dead and gone. ALL BULLSHIT!! Go ahead and watch it and watch puffy head get bigger. NO THANKS

joe on Dec 18, 2008


fucc biggie wouldnt b no biggie without PAC. its all bout PAC and da west coast DON son. so u east coast cats besta reconize!!! west coast helped yall . we got way mo better rappers who yall got jay Z dats it we got snoop ,dre, short, mac dre, 40 water, and ice cube and mo i cant name them all

mongo on Dec 21, 2008


Does Anyone Know If This Movie Will Be In Select Theaters Or Every Theater? Email Me If You Know Plzzzzz! Thanks

Snell. on Dec 21, 2008


mongo? are you serious? The west has better rappers? might be right about considering rappers are in the same cat as Hammer and Vanilla Ice! Lmao So yeah enjoy your "rappers", but if you want to hear the "truth" you betta head over to the Def Jukies, Or Rass Kass, Or Saafir, yeah I know thier from the west coast but they are heavily influnced by the east coast heads bruh! Know what your talking about first before a cat like me pulls ya joker.

Azreal on Jan 2, 2009


I feel #31. BIG was definitely the bridge between the old school and the new school (speaking as a 35 yr. old, I have to remember that to younger cats, old school might include cats like Wu Tang and Ma$e. I know... scary.) I enjoyed Soul Food, so I know Tillman will make this film a legitimate glossy hollywood film. I don't know if it will make fans of non hip hop listeners, but I think it will do decent box office. I also have to say that judging by the trailer, Gravy looks like he's got the charm to pull off BIG. He seems a lil' too charming though, not as gritty as Chris Wallace, but I didn't know Wallace personally so who knows. Plus I'm sure Diddy was on hand to give Gravy insight. I GOTTA say though, based on looks... that chick playin' Faith?? Damn. She almost doesn't need to act and I'd be convinced it's her. The rest of the cast... Luke, Mackey, and the immortal Ms. Bassett... I'm sure will carry the hell out of this film.

D. on Jan 10, 2009


Yeah, Azreal !!! TEll'em my man !! Mongo's a fool. Probably never even heard of intelligent rap... intelligent lyrics...

Robert on Jan 13, 2009


i consider tupac and biggie the two biggest contributors to hip-hop and rap, and tupac and biggie are my fav two. truth be told, comparisons between the two will always exist till the end of time. and although i think tupac was better, arguments can be made both ways. now, saying that..i'm not sure how i feel about the casting for biggie. his face just looks too clean, he looks like..too nice of a guy. i always thought that biggie's gangster was slightly fabricated, but this cat seems like a pussy. i don't think the director necessarily captured the characters of biggie and tupac well. maybe the tupac thing is bias, or written in to create a better script. but i don't know what to expect from the writer of "biker boyz". i'm surprised you all think this guy is cast well for biggie! no offense, but biggie was a big ugly motherfucker with this giant personality. he dominated the room with his size and persona. this guy seems meek and confused. "TELL PUFFY THAT I'LL DO ANYTHING, ANYTHING!" if you watch biggie's interviews, you'll notice that he's laid back and said that he was just doing all that he could to get the money. he made plans, made moves, but i don't believe he was like .. trying to do anything. he just was. i wonder if they'll portray biggie's gambling habits, or how he would always write and record high and drunk. somehow i doubt it. so, while i will still see this movie, i think they've characterized biggie (and tupac) seriously inaccurately.

superstar on Jan 17, 2009

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