Second Full Trailer for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight

July 18, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Twilight Trailer

If you're headed out (or just coming back from) The Dark Knight this weekend, this is not going to impress you in the slightest. But there are Stephenie Meyer fans out there and there are those of you who are looking forward to seeing Twilight this December. Summit Entertainment has debuted the second full trailer and it's a slight step up from that teaser we saw a while back. I still think this movie looks rather freaky, but has so much sappy romance in it, that I don't think being creeped out is what I'm worried about. Either way, I can't lie and say that I'm looking forward to it, because the more I see now, the less I want to see later. If you're interested, here's the second trailer for Twilight, otherwise - skip it!

Watch the full trailer for Twilight:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the Twilight trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Twilight is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, and The Nativity Story. The screenplay was written by Melissa Rosenberg (of "The O.C." and "Dexter") and adapted from Stephenie Meyer's novel. Twilight will hit theaters later this year on November 21st.

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Alex, I really wish you would give twilight a chance! Think it looks both chilling and breath taking. Being someone who's read the books I can say that although the story may come across as a teeny-bopper excuse to drool over some guy, it actually is an indepth look at love and what odd are worth over coming to be with someone. Maybe the movie won't live up the book, but until that moment I'm going to remain optimistic about the whole business!

Lolly on Jul 18, 2008


I hate to say it...but I really think they went the wrong route with this director. This book has so much potential that, from the previews, it is not living up to. The dialogue, and more importantly the way the actors are delivering it, is laughable. Bella- "I'm only afraid of losing you." I don't think she's right for the role. Edward is right on 🙂 . James---jury is still out. I will see the movie because I loved the books--but I'll be sneaking in with my hat down over my face. If there is a sequel I think they need to go a different route. It reminds me of the first Hulk movie. Brought in plenty of revenue but had horrific reviews. This movie seems like it is geared for twelve years old who have no idea how great special effects can be. Hardwicke needs to remember--Twilight has adult fans too. And unfortunately we know a poorly made movie when we see one.

ewilson131 on Jul 18, 2008


Wow, does this look awful. This is love and vampires for the Heros tv crowd. Can a cast/trailer look any more generic?

RandyG on Jul 18, 2008


looks kinda goofy and cheesy, reminds me of The Covenant and not in a good way.

Curtis on Jul 18, 2008


HOE...LEE.... CRAP! You forgot to tell us, when does this show premiere on the CW? Huh, it's a movie not a tv show?? As with many products geared towards this generation, this would probably be much better with the sound turned off. That technique helped me through the brief Britney Spears era.

kevjohn on Jul 18, 2008


dude thirteen was good, lord of dogtown was good but my lord this was not good. I would expect better movie from uwe boll. Where are the advanced cgi and the great ass kicking moments. this movie is so going to flop. Sorry but between both harry potter and twilight i'll give it a tie reason being david yates, who directed the order of the pheonix, was the down fall of that franchise and twilight just looks awful.

Darrin on Jul 18, 2008


I'm getting worried.... The trailer looks cheap and cheesy but we will see how it is when it's released. I hope it's not horrible!! 🙁

Natalie on Jul 18, 2008


This really isn't a movie about action, cgi, and tons of kicking moments. Bottom line is that it IS A LOVE STORY. I don't understand why ppl are complaining about that because it's not meant to be an action movie. There are action element, but it's not a traditional "Let go kill some vampires or have some vampires kill us movie" Yes it apeals to a younger audience, yes it's about ppl falling in love and yes that what it's supposed to do. Can we please get past the fact that it's not all of that and focus on what it really is. As far as acting goes, that girl was good in Speak, but i don't think that's a well known movie. She achieves a certain numbness that makes you wonder what's really going on inside her head

Lolly on Jul 18, 2008


I know she's trying, but the dialog, acting and effects are really cheesy. *Sigh*

Nettle on Jul 18, 2008


The book was absolutely terrible. It was like a vampire love story for 12 year old girls.

John on Jul 18, 2008


Totally agree with John.. But I'd rather read them then watch this.. Looks terrible.. No offense to fans! =]] Just my humble opinion feel free to ignore!

Blake B on Jul 18, 2008


This probably is a movie for girly girls/women, which is exactly why it will make tons of cash. Remember Titanic?

Korinthian on Jul 18, 2008


I like Kirsten Stewart and all but not this movie...

Xerxex on Jul 18, 2008


What happened to the old fashioned version of vampires??? This mormon version freaks me out!!! Walking around in daylight? Falling in love with a retarded teenager? To think that probably with the same money they could bring Anita Blake's Guilty pleasures to the screen just makes me angry! I'll keep reading the Harry Potter series all over again till something better comes up. Please God, let Korinthian be wrong!!! I don't ever wanna hear " My fangs will go on " on the radio, EVER!

Fernando on Jul 19, 2008


Say what you will, but in my opion this trailer looks pretty good. The books are wonderful, and as a girl who hates reading i'm pretty obsessed with these books! I sure hope they get this movie right, or there are going to be a lot of angry adolesent girls in this world.

Mckayla Hogan on Jul 19, 2008


Does anyone even know that this was a book before a movie??? It isn't supposed to be the general, stereotypical vampire movie. The whole reason why they don't have fangs, garlic doesn't offend them, & why they can go out during the day is because that's the way Stephenie Meyer pictured them in her head, and she made sure they were portrayed correctly in the movie. She was on set with them while filming and made sure it was very true to the book. The only way she said yes to it becoming a movie was that they promised her there wouldn't be any fangs. And as for everyone getting on the trailer because there isn't enough action, there isn't supposed to be. The book is all about how he's a vampire, and she isn't. It shows how their love for one another is more profound than anything else, and that even though he must watch his every move, and resist his instincts to kill her, he doesn't. He loves her and he protects her from anything that tries to harm her. Go read the book before you say anything else about it. Give it a chance at least. If you aren't going to read the book, then wait to see the movie before saying something bad about it. It could just be the trailers that aren't amazing, but the movie could be really great if you're into the whole, love story kind of thing. You don't know anything for sure until you see it.

Kristen on Jul 19, 2008


hmm... Kirsten, sweetie? FUCK Stephanie Meyer. Who the fuck told that c*** to come along and rewrite 100 YEARS of vampire lore so she could market it to the Gossip Girl crowd?

kevjohn on Jul 19, 2008


This movie is directed towards emo overwieght self-consious high school chicks... So it wouldn't interest me anyways..

Blake B on Jul 19, 2008


I like what Meyer did with vampires because I thought it was a fresh take on them and something different. I'm not sure if the movie is going to be a good representation of the book. It's one thing to read something that is a little cheesy and over the top but actually seeing it makes it a little bit harder to swallow. I'm not sure if I like Hardwicke as the director. If they do a sequel or all of the sequels I think they should at least entertain the idea of going with a different director. As for everyone saying it looks low budget well that's because it is. They're working off a budget of something like 35million so of course none of the effects are going to be great. I blame Summit for that obviously. I really believe that this had a lot of potential but Summit didn't realize what they had and thus the amount of money that was put in the project was pretty paltry. I still think it's going to have a decent showing because even though I'm skeptical I'll still be seeing it.

Janet on Jul 19, 2008


Wow, a little hostile, huh? Take it up with her, not me. I'm just saying it's a movie about HER book.

Kristen on Jul 19, 2008


I really enjoy reading the books. And I still want to see the movie. Even if I don't think it looks good. I mean these books are going to be hard to translate to screen. And the cast is full of upcoming actors trying to prove there own. Its just that it looks like its taking it self to seriously. And that where the cheesyness is coming in. I think Robert[Edward] looks fine and is trying really hard. Kiristen[Bella] I'm not sure if its her but her lines come off so corney but I can tell she's trying what she can. I have faith in the movie and in the cast to do something atleast average, or slighlty above average but nothing better.

Stacey J on Jul 20, 2008


Who the heck said that Vampires were supposed to be "SCARY" and have "FANGS"?!?!?!? I think you are all forgeting the fact that this movie (as well as the books the movie spawns from) is supposed to be a DIFFERENT version of vampires. I think that any of you who are trashing the books and haven't even read them, then you ought not say this movie is going to be bad. I think this movie is going to be awesome! Don't sit there and say this movie is not going to make any money, because it is, you are just 1 percent of the people out there who are not going to support this movie because you have no faith. If you type in "twilight" in google, you will see nothing but FAN SUPPORT. Don't get me wrong, I have seen my fair share of corny movies, but that is precicley what I am talking about! I have watched them regardless, to give them a chance. You can't honestly sit here and say the movie is going to be bad because of a trailer without actually watching the movie when it comes out. So shut your mouths and watch the movie before you go bashing on it! I know you are all secretly fans, because you wouldn't waste your time if it was a movie you didn't like.

Jessica on Jul 20, 2008


And for that matter, I agree with Kristen!

Jessica on Jul 20, 2008


I have to say that I'm pretty worried about the movie. I'm not sure that the actors who play Bella and Edward are going to pull through. I love the books, they are AMAZING! But the dialogs so far aren't very good. I pictured something a little different. I'll give it a chance though. Maybe it won't be so bad.

Erin on Jul 20, 2008


Who said vampires are supposed to be scary and have fangs?!? Did you really just ask that dumb ass question? BRAM STOKER did for one! And his famous novel was itself based on centuries' worth of legend and folklore. Again I ask, who gave this Stephanie Meyer person authorization to squat down and piss on hundreds of years of mythology in order to make a buck with her generick Gen Y bloodsuckers? Wait, they do still drink blood right? From the way it's being described, her novels bear far more resemblance to those cheap, cheesy romance novels with Fabio on the cover than they do to any traditional concept of the vampire. This shit is one step away from a sanitized, G-rated Walt Disney version of what a vampire should be. What next for Meyers, a Frankenstein's monster that is NOT created from grave-robbing body parts from corpses? Her monster would probably be some smooth-skinned A&F model.

kevjohn on Jul 20, 2008


ewilson131 I completely agree with you & couldn't have said it better myself 🙂

leonie on Jul 21, 2008


Couldn't agree with you more. Twilight is a silly, idiotic fad that I believe has ensnared the new generation with it's sappy declarations of "eternal" love. It is a glorified version of a harlequin romance dressed down to a teenager level. It's claim on popularizing the long inaccessible vampire genre is sadly misleading because frankly, strip the vampirism out of this and you still get the same thing. The fact of the matter is, Meyer's vampires are nothing more but a sad reinvention of a classic creature that has stalked the imaginations of people for centuries. What she did with the vampires can neither be called fresh or inventive. It is just a very feeble attempt at putting a PG rating on something that requires more than a pre-teen's mind to comprehend. Vampires are not just about living forever. It is about growing old in mind, body and spirit without the inclination of that age reflecting on you visage. It is about alienation and desperation. It is about the very corruption of a man based on what he has become and does her work reflect that? I'd have to admit, yes. But very poorly done. It isn't the supernatural masterpiece that the internet has been sensationalizing it to be. A bunch of hormonal teenagers run loose. That's what they are. This is coming from a teenager who has read the books and who has endured the bad dialogue, the choppy narrative and the stereotypical characterizations and lived to loathe it's spawn. As for the movie itself, the promise they have deemed it to have seems to shine out simply off the light of the fan-hype. Sensationalized to the point of being ridiculous, the movie's overexposure to the media seems to hint that it is overcompensating for something. It seems that they are trying to cover up for something that will lack deeply once people have come rolling into the theaters. Remember Eragon? Much good the hype did, as the books are still selling like hotcakes yet there are not even whispers of the sequels. This franchise is directed towards the screaming, squeeing fans of The OC, Gossip Girl and all the other melodramatic teenage dramas that we seem to find skulking about in television. It would have been a better move for them to slate this for a TV series in The CW and leave it at that, where it would not hog any theater space for films that may prove to be a better watch than this marshmallow movie.

Hyacinth on Jul 21, 2008


LOL, Jessica #22-#23, LOL!!! That was, probably, the stupidest question I've ever read. RETARDED. Obviously, Stephanie Mormons's books are the only thing you've read. Don't worry, in about 5 or 6 years when you are 18 years old, you can ask daddy for your allowance, go to the closest book store and buy Bram Stoker's Dracula. You'll love it!!! It's gonna be hard for a while, trying to understand that vampires can't go around at daytime, have fangs and suck people's blood, humans, not deers, racoons or any other road kill, honey. But you have to understand that this book is based on centuries of european vampirelore. When you grow up with the concept of something, anything, and somebody comes along thinking they can change it to make a couple bucks, it's just not right. Because vampires are mythology, you can write a different story, different tale, different background, but NOT, a DIFFERENT VERSION!!!! Can you imagine somebody writing now a book about hobbits??? And the new version of a hobbit is tall, hairyless feet and bald??? Would you post a comment asking who the heck said a hobbit is supposed to be smaller than a dwarf and have hairy feet?!?!?!? RETARDED. That's why i'm not reading the books, that's why, (specially after seeing both crappy trailers) i'm not watching the movie, I already have a concept of vampires and they don't walk when the sun is up, they don't go falling in love with teenagers and they don't go to a miley cyrus concert. I don't have time to watch crappy movies, regardless, just to give them a chance, but since you can, go ahead and keep on filling your brain with stupidity, but before you ask us to shut our mouths, go and break all your fingers, so we get rid of your retarded comments.

Fernando on Jul 21, 2008


Im sorry, but I think they could have chosen WAY better actors...

Alexis on Jul 21, 2008


Thanks #26 Leonie :). I saw the first trailer and figured it was put together quickly...but this one pretty much confirms it for me. Pretty lackluster.

ewilson131 on Jul 21, 2008


this trailer... well the movie looks good but this trailer doesnt. and man i hate that fast walk thing that they did with james, victoria and laurent. i love rob as edward tooo but man he makes some bad faces. and unlike most of you, im looking forward to this one alot. i mean alot alot. i love the book and i love (most) of the casting. but u dont like it, that up to you.

RacheyHorrible on Jul 22, 2008


ok people its just a tory ok and me being from romania where vampires and werewolfs supposidly come from i actually enjoy the books. i really like the take on things and its something noone else would try. i dont normally like to readbut these books grab your attention. give it a chance. th movie looks like it would be good. the stunts look like they have been puled off good its not exactly easy to try too put into pictures the descriptions in the book but all in all its a great serious and the movie im really looking forward to seeing it cant wait.

me on Jul 22, 2008


Ok 'Fernando' #28 ONE stop being so rude to people & get some manners OK?! you don't talk to people like that & you must really be incredibly narrow minded to make the comments you made & TWO Stephanie Meyer is not the first one to create a story like this, so calm the hell down & just so you know vampires are not real ok?! Do you understand? Got it? Good.

leonie on Jul 22, 2008


Kevjohn #25 just so you know Bram Strokers Dracula he book is crap. Stop being so narrow minded about these books or this movie & grow up. I bet you & 'Fernando' are right little buddy boys or if not you should be.

leonie on Jul 22, 2008


ok i have to say that i think alot of you are just being close minded and not really seeing the big picture. in my opinion these books are great! i love them and cant wait for the new one or the movie but they are supposed to appeal to teenage girls (for the most part, there are alot of other people who like them also) but they are fiction, there and ment to entertain! and so what if meyer took the story and twisted it around a little? i think it turned out great i mean the books are being compared to Harry Potter. maybe they're better, mayber not either way they have a huge fan base...obviously someone likes them! as for the movie i just hope it doesn't disappoint! from what i've seen and heard they are changing the movie and making it different than the book. it may suck, it may be just another movie that goes on the shelf but who knows it may be the next harry potter? i'm not saying it is or anything but it might! from what i've seen it isn't owning up to my expectations, it looks like it might suck...atleast compared to the books but i'm still going to go see it and keep an open mind. i'm not going to judge it on the book (atleast i'm going to try not to) and for all of you who keep comparing it to the classic Dracula...Don't! don't get me wrong i love those books and think they're wonderful and unlike alot of you, i've read both! but you all are being way too opinionated about it and trying to compare them way too much! just see them as two seperate stories and don't try to tie them together! and i also don't think its fair to be bashing on the books when you haven't even read them! (fernando thats for you!) also, for those of you who are being total ass holes...stop! thats just plain rude! voice your opinion but don't be an ass about it!! you people just need to stop putting so much thought in it and look at it for what it is...a fictional novel thats supposed to be entertaining and enjoyed!

jamie on Jul 22, 2008


I am new to the Twilight fandom but I read the three books this summer and I really, enjoyed them. I can’t claim that I have read a lot of Vampire/ Werewolf books but I have enjoyed other movies: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Blade (not so much the latest one Jessica Beil/ Ryan Renolds what was that) Interview with a Vampire, even the comic ridiculousness of the Buffy movie. Yes, Twilight is different but I don’t remember when that has been a problem. Would you rather read a book that is just exactly like something you have already read? Anyway, I am going to stop getting sidetracked trying to talk to a stone wall. If you have made up your mind that you hate the books and you have read them fine, if you have not read them you might be missing out on something good. As for the movie and the point of this, I really think from the previews that the movie might be a let down. It does not look particularly well done and I don’t really like what I have seen of Kristen Stewart as Bella. But this is only going from two trailers. I will go see the movie and judge it afterward. As a side note, I just saw The Dark Knight today and I absolutely agree that it was Kick ASS!! Heath Ledger was perfect, Christian Bale worked on that lisp and portrayed once again a deeper darker version of Batman, and the story, action, and all… Great. Best movie I have seen in a LONG while. Though, I also love Steve Carrell and laughed my ass off at Get Smart.

Marie on Jul 22, 2008


Please Jamie, honey, don't compare this crap with Harry Potter, please. Originality vs. lack of it? I don't have to read the books to know this movie is gonna tank. How many fans who read the book and posted here are saying this movie is crap? Most of you guys. I'm not comparing these series with Dracula, but Dracula is the genesis of the vampire myth. Leonie, please stop being so childish and get a brain, ok? Probably you and Jessica go to the same Junior High, if not, you should. Marie you are the sweetest! Ok. You won people! I'll go and buy the Twilight book, even though I think 21.99 dollars is a little expensive for toilet paper.

Fernando on Jul 22, 2008


okay. i'm a HUGE fan of the books, absolutely love them. But seeing all of the trailers make me worried. I don't think it's going to be a very good movie, in 2 different ways. I don't think I'm going to like it as Twilight, because everything I've seen is way different from the books, and the dialogue is really lame in both trailers. And I also think it's going to be a kind of cheap movie in general. I don't know why, it just looks kind of...lame. And I hate saying that, and I feel bad, but it's just the way I feel. Over on MTV News, where they have twilight tuesdays, i feel really bad saying that, because everyone there is so optimistic. But it needed to be said, and I felt a lot of people could better relate here. And also, chill people. If you don't like it, I'm not going to say just not to comment, because you should be able to express your opinion too, but you don't have to be so mean about it. There are a lot of people out there who really enjoy this series. Just because they may be younger than you, so what? This trailer is an adaptation of book found in the YOUNG ADULT section of Barnes and Nobles, so please, just chill. And Erin, you said "Who said vampires are supposed to be scary and have fangs?!? Did you really just ask that dumb ass question? BRAM STOKER did for one! And his famous novel was itself based on centuries' worth of legend and folklore." Yes, his books were based on "centuries' worth of legend and folklore", it's true. But you said it yourself BRAM STOKER wrote about it, AN AUTHOR. He used his own creativity and wrote a story he thought of USING HIS IMAGINATION. Yes, it was based on folk lore of what vampires are and everything, but still. IT WAS A BOOK, HE WAS AN AUTHOR. Authors are allowed to make stories up, let their imaginiation create a story and different world. Okay, so Stephenie Meyer's vampires aren't your kind of vampires, that's understandable. I love vampires, and enjoy ANY STORY INOLVING THEM, and I'm open to different author's versions they create, but if you enjoy Stoker's-type, and the kind that are the norm, than that's your personal preference, and nothing is wrong with it. But please, just chill. Different people like different things. And this is not just telling you off or anything like that, Erin. This is to everyone, and I'm not trying to tell you off, I'm simply trying to get people to calm down and realize that not everyone has the same tastes. If you've actually read Twilight, you would understand that that the vampires in Stephenie Meyer's novels being different is sort of the point. The Cullen's WANT to be different. You wouldn't truly understand unless you've read the book WITH AN OPEN MIND. And if you still don't like it, that's fine. Just understand that a lot of people do, and not all vampires have to be the same. I've read many vampire books where the vampires are NOT you're typical "creepy" ones, it's not all that uncommon for an author to have their own take on vampires. I've also read a lot of books where there are the stereo typical vampire's, and I enjoy both types.

brittany on Jul 22, 2008


oh, and I'm pretty sure that this is the second TEASER trailer. I find this confusing because I was just told by a friend that they saw a Twilight trailer at The Dark Knight, but on, it was stated that this trailer is the second teaser trailer, not the real/full trailer. On the movie page there is a link to the "Second teaser trailer" and when you click it, this is what you see, so...Just saying.

brittany on Jul 22, 2008


ok Dracula is the genisis of the vampire myth, this is true. the whole idea and image of a vampire is based off Bram Stoker's image but that doesn't mean stephanie meyer isn't allowed to write a book on what she wants to and obviously people like it and fernando, your right. i shouldn't have compared it to harry potter. nothing really does. i'm just saying that people out there might like it just as much or more and that these books are quite popular and i'm sure based on the fans the movie is going to make some amount of money. and yes most of the people on here say that this is crap but have you seen the other fan sites? this would have to be the only website i've come across that has this kind of negative out look on twilight. and for your imformation, if i were you i wouldn't go spend money on something that i hate. save the twenty bucks and just go to the library or borrow it but if you are going to read it then try to keep an open mind, please?!! the book deserves that much.

jamie on Jul 23, 2008


um, i personally love the twilight series and bram stokers dracula and i totally get what some of you are saying about the change and difference between the two but they are different and i find that a good thing. like marie said, when was it a problem that something was different? would you rather read a book that is exactly like something you've already read? thank you marie i totally agree! And, obviously, some of you have already made up your minds and it doesn't sound like anyone can convince you other wise. if you've read them and hate them, fine. but if not then don't base anything off of movie trailers and what other people say you might end up liking it. i'm sorry to say but this does look like its going to be crap! i personally don't like what the director is doing (the script sounds awful) and the cast is all wrong. i'm not a huge fan of turning books that i enjoy into movies. like harry potter. i love harry potter to death but i hated the movies i dont want them to do the same with twilight! but hey, thats just my opinion. i'll make up my mind after i see it. ps- i saw dark night this weekend too and it was sick! i loved it! totally one of the better ones! heath ledger and the joker were AWESOME!

theresa on Jul 23, 2008


I completely agree with Kristen and Jessica. You both have wonderful views about this movie. I have only read Twilight and I am only part of the way through New Moon, but BOTH books are exceptionally great. These books are not meant to be action-packed, blood shedding, Rambo like movies. You cannot judge a movie by it's trailers. Some of the worst trailers EVER have great movies. Stephanie Meyer wrote these books in HER image of what she thought the should come off as. If you don't like the books or the movie, make your own!! The books are very interesting and have great potential in these movies. Read the books before you make your judgements. If you still don't like it AFTER reading the books, then fine. But don't comment on something you have no idea about. Stephanie Meyer deserves more credit than what half of you people give her. I know someone will have some bs to say about my comment, but seriously, take this into concideration if you HAVEN'T read the books.

Julie on Jul 23, 2008


Dear Jamie. Stephanie Meyers is allowed to write whatever she wants. The huge problem here is the completely lack of respect and originality. Now, please, don't get me wrong, I know it's original because is something new and obviously the fans love it, but it's not original to borrow ideas, change them and still call them the same. And here is when respect comes, respect for the lovers of the genre, not these books, the horror genre. With well defined and beloved monsters like vampires, werewolves, frankenstein, etc. J.K.Rowling wrote a Masterpiece, in the Harry Potter series you find werewolves (Lupin, Greyback), vampires (Sanguini), ghosts (Moaning Myrtle), etc. and she respected the well known characteristics of each and single one of the monsters she wrote about, yet she wrote something so different and so original that is already a legend and is gonna live through the ages. Dracula, Interview with a vampire, the Anita blake vampire hunter series, all authors wrote different and very enjoyable stories about the same monsters, but keeping the same characteristics, abilities and weakness. The point is, a creature fangless, walking around at daylight is not a vampire, she should have called them anything else, a new name, a new kind of monster, and here is where she lacks respect and originality.

Fernando on Jul 23, 2008


I am a fan of the Twilight series (books). Unfortunately I have to admit that the preview does not live up to the hype. Hopefully the movie won't be to huge of a dissapointment and ruin the books. And you should give the books a chance...all my friends read them and sadi the were AMAZING. When i asked what they were about they were like "it's a vampire love story" which didnt interest me at all! but i gave it a chance and the books were addicting! and all the people who campare it to Harry Potter shouldn't because the only similarity is it is a book turned movie. it's to bad about the movie though.

erin on Jul 23, 2008


I am a little worried too that the movie won't be as anyone expected. After watching the trailers it seems that Kristen Stewart doesnt fit the part. I mean in her acting style but she does look like a Bella to me. Robert Pattinson looks GREAT as Edward in the trailer ( hope that it is consistent in the actual movie). I hope the movie will be great and not another disappointment like Eragon ( I never read it but most of my friends said that the movie did not do the book justice and that messed it up badly...)

Kiwistar on Jul 23, 2008


I think we all need to bear in mind when writing comments on the teaser is that it's just that: a teaser. I'm a huge Twilight fan (and optimist!) and am hoping that the movie on the big screen will be a lot better than the trailer. Also, does anyone remember the movie adaption of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? The graphics and stunts in that were shocking yet it did not stop the movies from selling out and making huge money. Thankfully, the graphics/stunts improved with age (compare the Order of the Phoenix), so hopefully the same will happen with the Twilight films. If the movie does well, Summit will obviously invest more money in the saga! I'm sure Stephenie Meyer had one of the casting votes on who should portray such and such in the film. Clearly she knows her characters the best and picked the best person(s) for the job. I don't think you can really judge someone's acting ability from a 1 minute 30second clip or whatever length it is. Again, we're all just going to have to wait for it's big screen debut on December 12th and make our assessments from that. And for those who say Stephenie Meyer had no right to adjust hundreds of years of vampire lore, have you never heard of artistic lisence? Everybody is intitled to their opinion and Stephenie Meyer just decided to put her opinion on paper, which became typed and bound. That's just it: her opinion. Some people get so het up just because someone decided to go a different way to what they are used too. Change is good and Stephenie Meyer's version of vampires is different. That's what makes the world interesting : difference. And for those people who jump to conclusions about the books being for girly adolescents: you are incorrect. Give the books (and the movie when it comes out) a chance. You might be pleasently surprised!

Jane on Jul 23, 2008


P.S. There is no point in comparing Twilight and Harry Potter because they are two completely different series. Each has its own good points and bad. Harry Potter is Harry Potter and Twilight is Twilight. But of course, i love them both.

Kiwistar on Jul 23, 2008


To Jane: I love your reply. It really brings out the optimistic side of my opinion and THANK YOU for that. And your right, basing someones acting skills in a short trailer is not fair. Actually, I loved Kristen Stewarts performance in Into the Wild and the Messengers ( she's a surprissing actress).

Kiwistar on Jul 23, 2008


OMG! Give Twilight a chance Please! I agree that the trailers may not be the best representation of Twilight, but still. I also think that they got a pretty good cast, but it took me awhile, and some convincing, that the cast might just pull it off. I think Jane has a very good point as well. So please, see the movie or read the book BEFORE you acuse it.

Desiree on Jul 23, 2008


Well, I have to admit... The book is so sappy and cheesey that I lost interest for a while. The second book killed the series for me. The trailer is kind of disappointing. Kristen Stewart is one of my favourite actresses and I think she'll do a wonderful job, and Robert looks like he's really into his character too. But the storyline is a bit misleading and corny. The bottomline of Twilight is that it's a love story, this makes it look like a typical vampire movie about hunting and good and evil and stuff like that. A bad approach. Maybe it's just this trailer.

Gabby C on Jul 23, 2008


i think it's ridiculous what some of you (not saying any names) are typing about "respect" for the fans of the vampire genre. are you kidding me? this is a YOUNG ADULT BOOK, A ROMANCE BOOK, not one completely based about only vampires. and besides that, SCREW YOU GUYS. stephenie meyer doesnt owe you anything, has never done anything wrong to you, and does NOT need your stamp of approval, or need to have you agree with her version of vampires. a vampire is something that drinks blood. "Vampires are mythological or folkloric revenants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living." vaqmpires DO NOT HAVE to be horrible creatures that can't go out in daylight. and please, "all authors wrote different and very enjoyable stories about the same monsters, but keeping the same characteristics, abilities and weakness" how small of an imaginiation do you have? seriosuly, if you were a true fan of vampires, you would be able to accept many different versions of them, simply for your love of vampires, THE CREATURES THAT DRINK BLOOD. if you like the horror genre, that's great, but the first major vampire story just HAPPENED to take all of the folklore characteristics and keep them the same, and just HAPPENED to be written as a horror-type. TWILIGHT IS A ROMANCE NOVEL. WTF are you doing in the young adult section, reading TWILIGHT, if you want horror? so go to the other side of the book sotre and stfu. sorry, that was unecessary and not how i wanted that to come out. but seriously, you have to be kidding me. if you're so close minded that you can't enjoy a vampire story just because theyre not YOUR KIND of vampires., than you're a little self-centered. no one owes you anything, and authors do not need to "respect the fans" of every single little thing they wanted to write about. if they did, what books would be out there? I'm sure there are a ton of books that have something in it that someone likes that is a lot different. You just deal with it, like it or not, and move on. Go to Barne's and Noble and there are a TON of vampire books in the Young Adult section (emphasis on the YA) based on vampires that are NOT IN ANYWAY your typical vampires.

brittany on Jul 23, 2008


Fernando, don’t be patronizing. I am guessing that you are probably about the same age as I am or younger. (24) I am writing back to say that if you do buy the book or borrow it you may just have to eat your words about how much it sucks. I have to admit, I have been in your place before. I remember walking into the living room of my dad’s house while visiting during my first year of college and seeing my sisters glued to the TV watching two boys with sticks talking to a giant spider. My first thought and the first words out of my mouth were “What the hell is this crap?” They told me it was Harry Potter and the books were so good and so many people like them. I still was not convinced. I mean really what did my 13 year old sisters know? Finally, when Prisoner of Askaban came out I went with a friend to go see it. Another friend who loves crappy horror movies had recently dragged me along to see Jeepers Creepers 2 and I was 100% sure that it (POA) could not suck any harder than that movie. I ended up really enjoying POA and went on to read GOF. After reading the book I was hooked like everyone else. I really had to eat my words. I went back and read the books that I had just watched and stood in line on release night for HBP and DH. Now, you may read Twilight and still hate it. It is true that it may appeal to females more than males. But, I really don’t think of my self as a hormone crazed teenager. And I am definitely not a fat emo chick. So don’t make so many generalizations and don’t judge a book by the movie and especially not the trailers. You may be doomed to eat your words when you approach things with a narrow mind. I learned my lesson and that is partly why I read Twilight despite the hype. I hope that the movie is good, there is a lot in the book and it may not translate well. I was so disappointed with Goblet of Fire when it came out but I watched it and still went to see OOTP the night that it came out. I am sure I will do the same with Twilight and New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn if they make them. And if I don’t like the movie when it does come out, well it can’t possibly suck any harder than Jeepers Creepers 2.

Marie on Jul 23, 2008


Sorry Brittany, but to answer your post I'd have to live in a trailer park for at least 5 years and right now I have other plans. Got that brittany? Or is it you Britney? Anyway I'm writing a book about a winged creature, pale skinned, hairless, teethless, who comes out in the afternoon when the sun is up to feed off vegetables. At night, when the full moon rises this creature shapeshifts into human form. This is my new version of werewolves, it's different, but different is great. I know Brittany is gonna love the book and is going to support it everywhere writing post like "STFU, you have to be open minded, this is not your typical version of werewolves!", because Brittany has such a huge imagination. I can see Rowan Atkinson shaving his whole body to play it on the screen. Remember "Afternoon" coming soon to a bookstore near you! Brittany, why don't you go mormon like Stephanie? You see, there you can use your open mind and imagination. You'll even love their DIFFERENT version of the gospels, forget about nazareth, their Jesus is american! Not your typical Jesus Christ! You can even marry one of them polygamist guys and be Ms. Monday or Tuesday. Marie I still think you are the sweetest.

Fernando on Jul 23, 2008


I rewatched the trailer and it actually does not look half that bad. - YES, it is more a love story than action. But when I was looking through other sites ( Iknow i have no life, but i needed something to do before I went out today) I saw that some people said that I agreed with... that Summit made a Twilight MOVIE and not a Twilight BOOK. THere are parts of the book that are boring so chances are they changed the movie a little bit to appeal to the movie appeal rather than the book appeal. I already noticed some stuff in the trailer that in the book are quit different. One was that the Clair De lune part ( showed preview in the Penelope DVD) in the movie is in Edwards room while in the book it is in his car. So, Twilight movie and not book - so Twilight fans out there don't bash on the movie or trailer whatever just because it is different.

Kiwistar on Jul 23, 2008


hey fernando you keep saying that vampire are based on the dracula myth and that theyshould have fangs and not walk out during the day. come on i mean like i said i come from romania so i kow how the dracula story all started so honestly everyone is allowed to interprett things the way they want and if you dont know the story abbout dracula then you should try and learn about it because dracula was real he wasnt a vampire but the things he did was bad thats why he got the name. take it from me i do beleive i would know history about my own country. and everyone else come on stop bashing on the book its good enjoy it its a nice change and its intereting to see how this plays ut in the end. as for the movie come on veryone did their best and we all nknow that any movie doesnt always live up to the book. in my opinion the movie looks like its good and ill def enjoy it

me on Jul 24, 2008


You are just absolutely charming Fernando, absolutely charming. why anyone WOULDNT want to read abook by you is completely infathomable to me. and to answer your post...oh that's right, I AM. just like you did. and your book probably wouldnt be that great, because you seem to be a bit close-minded, but yeah, if it was a good book, i would support it, if i liked it. i wouldnt trash it because the obvious reason that youre obnoxious, OR just because it's different. a werewolf is simply something that transforms into wolves, or wolf-like creatures. so, if there's that, then yes, you DID write about werewovles. i'm not really that picky and arrogant that i wouldn't like it simply because it's different. Oh, so I see you're THAT type of person, huh? The kind that can't tolerate ANYTHING different, the kind that looks down upon other religions? That's nice, you're a real winner. How do you know I'm NOT Mormon? Oh that's right, you don't, you don't care: it's different, so let's make fun of it and hate on it. Actually, I don't happen to be mormon, but i don't make fun of it, look down upon it, OR THE PEOPLE WHO HAPPEN TO FOLLOW THAT RELIGION, because that's not the kind of person I am. I can see tryying to reason with you isn't going to work, it just doesn't when the people are arrogant and narrow-minded. So say whatever you want. I'm not saying I'm not going to reply, because I probably will, if I'm being honest. But I can see trying to show you other's perspectives and that there ARE other people in the world who think differently than you is pointless. So think what you want, talk trash, and sit up on your high horse as much as you want. But I really don't see why you would waste so much of your time and energy on something you really don't like, move on, get over it. No one made you watch this trailer, but you did. You don't like it, so don't see the movie, it's that simple. So, just because you don't like it, others can't either? Hmm, seems a LITTLE self-centered. But what do I know? I, apparently, like the wrong kind of vampires, so I must not know anything.

brittany on Jul 24, 2008


haha wow brittany i tottaly agree with you i dont think anyone could have said it better

me on Jul 24, 2008



Bram Stoker on Jul 24, 2008


I do not get why all you people keep saying it looks like a dumb cheap movie. It looks 10x better than dumb High school musical and 1000x better than American Teenager. How does it look cheap they are outside shooting the movie most of the time. you can't help how nature looks and the books out beat Harry Potter! And plus they had all those new cars to pay for and the location of the school. etc... The movie Juno was even a cheaper set. This is probably going to be a #1 selling movie and you can't judge it by a 1 minute trailer and if you never read the book. this is how the set is suppose to look i read the books twice! And the character are not generic the actually fit the descriptions perfect. What are you expecting super models to play the leads! They had to get normal looking people so it wouldn't look like they were over doing it. And the guy who plays Edward is Hot! So don't judge a movie before you even see it. A lot of people say a movie looks dumb but once they really see it it becomes their favorite.

BBREE on Jul 24, 2008


Oh and I am Mormon! And they happen to not judge things right away! And the author who wrote it is mormon. So what were you eager to see bloody vampires who are having sex all the time! Why can't there be a simply romantic action movie that is fun to watch without having it be a big time event. No movie in the world is perfect!

BBREE on Jul 24, 2008



ELLA. on Jul 25, 2008


This made me lulz. Love the book, but my Edwurd senses tell me the movie is gonna suxors.

Kana on Jul 25, 2008


i'm gonna have to agree with BBree as well. some how you make alot of sense! even though the trailer "looks a little cheap" i'm sure the movie is going to be fine, despite the fact it may be different from the books. also have to say i agree with brittany 100%! you read my mind! things are supposed to be different if not, things would be too boring!! and this book is different from other vampire novels but i still love it! why cant people grasp that? just because its different doesn't mean it has to Suck! it can still be really good!! and Fernando, you say to have respect for the genre? um...for your information, Twilight is not horror! its romance, fantasy and adventure! and i can guarantee you will not find dracula in the young adult section where you find twilight. who ever said that vampires are supposed to be horror? jk rowling wrote about them, werewolves and ghosts but harry potter is deffinatly not horror and no one brought it up when it came out! she did keep the same characteristics, yes, but thats not the point. other people use these same fictional characteristics you mentioned and use them differently. like ghosts? ghosts are technically supposed to be "scary" right? but then there are things like casper and the ones in harry potter...those are deffinatly not scary! but there are also scary ghosts in movies and books. poltergeist? that was supposed to be horror but i didn't hear people make a big fuss about it when that or casper came out! its not right when you talk about respect because the fact of the matter is, the horror genre, dracula, anita blake, and interview with a vampire are just too different when it comes to twilight. you cant compare the two! and the deffinition of a vampire does not specifically say anything about walking in daylight, having fangs or ect. just that they drink blood like someone previously stated! which in twilight they do. don't get me wrong and please don't take affense to my opinions and my response! i simply just wanted to get my point across like you clearly have! however, although i do see your point and understand what you mean, bringing up religion was the wrong thing to do!!! you just dont do that!! i'm personally not mormon either but like brittany said you don't go bashing on other religions! i don't know if you are meaning to make fun of it and hate on it because it is a little different but none the less thats just something you absolutly do not do!!!!

jamie on Jul 25, 2008


Okay, so I was reading this forum because my friend (Jamie) was participating in it and telling me how incredibly close minded and vulgar Fenando was. I have to admit that reading some of these posts made me laugh, I mean, honestly, this is a Young Adult FICTION book we are talking about here. What is the big deal? This is an entire opinion based arguement, you can't try to win something like that. Some people like action, or horror, or comedy; you can't tell them that they are wrong, it's just what they prefer. I do agree that it is unfair to make a judgement regarding a book that you have never read, but you can't do anything to force someone to change their opinion. And lastly, this is regarding those people who insist that Meyer was deliberately trying to shame the original mythology of the vampire. I personally am an expert on Vlad Tepes (king of Wallachia that Bram Stoker's Dracula is based off of) and the "original" vampire folk lore is not at all what is in Bram Stoker's novel. Bram Stoker (although quite a genius) was deeply disturbed and created his image of the vampire on his own. He did not use any previous vampire lore, only the name of a king long dead (which he also misused, saying he was from Transylvania). So please, if you want to talk about "original" mythology, know what you are saying before you make an idiot of yourself. Also, mythology is just that. Myths! Someone made it up using absolutely no logical facts most of the time. I'm pretty sure someone can have their own take on it, thats why we have so many religions that make our world diverse. Twilight is a phenomenal novel that is very well written. But honestly, if you are not a fan and you don't want to read it, no one is forcing you to be rude and insulting to the fanbase of this particular book series. Be a kind person, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Logan on Jul 27, 2008


Fernando you keep talking about respect. How about you show respect to people maybe you'll get a little back. Oh & just so you know I'm not in junior higgh, I'm actually in College (UK) & studying psychology, Sociology, World Developement & Drama & theatre studies. I also have a Canadian high school diploma & English GCSEs. Do not insult my intelligence & do not patronise me. I think you need to grow up. Oh & just as everyone else in here has said these books & this movie are/is not horror. It is love & fantasy. Please open your mind just a tiny bit. It may do you the world of good.

leonie on Jul 29, 2008


I'ma big fan of the book but I think that they'll want to get as much money as they can, so will give the movie a rating like 12a, so the whole family can go and see it, and in doing this will take some of the suspence and drama out. I'm not a fan of the casting already, as in the book Isabella claims she is average-looking, but in the film is very pretty. Also, getting actors such as Cam Giganget was a bad idea, as every teenage girl in the country will instantly hate him, as "he killed Marissa in The OC". Similarly, Cedric Diggory as Ed Cullen? Just no.

gig girl on Jul 30, 2008


I'm a HUGE fan of the books and was excited to hear that they were making a "Twilight" movie. When I first heard they were going to have Cedric Diggory as Edward I couldn't imagine how it would work! However, after having seen the 2 trailers, I see that he gets the mannerisms of Edward perfectly! And while he certainly isn't "the most beautiful man on the planet" (as Edward is described in the books) I totally see him working out. Kristen Stewart was a PERFECT choice for Bella. I'm not too excited about the Jacob Black guy, because I don't know how they're going to make him HUGE in the next ones (if there are more than 1) I am really disappointed that they messed up the car!! I had the perfect picture of Edward's Volvo and they go and give him a hatchback?!? What is up with that?? Bad form. Big disappointment there....

Jocelyn on Jul 30, 2008


Ha ha i agree with Bram stoker! moo cow oink pig!!!

Carl on Jul 31, 2008


why can't people just enjoy movies anymore; just leave things the way they are... vampires drink blood...but Twilight vampires dont... who cares. Its a good book to read - if you don't like oh well... then go read another book you would enjoy. if the movie is not like the book who cares? life goes on... and during the process of the movie Stephenie Meyer was there for the most part and she OBVIOUSLEY gave the okay to let the director and those producers to make some changes ( hopefully little ones_ ) for the movie. As for the casting... when we read the book each person has their own persepective of each character... so in ones own mind we do not have the exact same vision of Bella and Edward because as humans we think differently; we have our own opinions, thoughts and imaginations... or else we'd be just mindless robots ( although one might really doubt this generation sometimes...). So, no one is ever going to be the 'perfect' actor/actress for the part - If someone else was cast as Edward people would still have the problem with the casting.... Again... Stephenie loved the casting for this movie and she approved of it... since she is the writer she probably knows a thing or two about who she invisioned for the roles of her characters. ALthough those weren't her first choices exactly, she was happy with the end result.

ELLA. on Aug 1, 2008


There's always a reason that relative unknowns get cast in movies, and the same goes for directors. It's because the script has been turned down by even grade-z actors who would kill for work because the script/story is so lame. So here we have Kristen (WHO?) Stewart, who reads her lines like she's on valium or in a coma, you decide. Hundreds of actors no doubt turned down the part, and hundreds probably audtioned, and that's the best they could find? Time will tell, but I am guessing this movie will not do very well at the box office. Maybe $40 tops, which might be good...if it was made for $10mil. And these days, that's peanuts.

Kelly on Aug 2, 2008


uh...that was $40 million tops...

Kelly on Aug 2, 2008


okaaaay i hate all of the people who hate twilight!!! its an amazing book i am in love with it. maybe the movie might be dumb but you people need to give it a chance ... even though edward looks super ugly and bella has a man voice haha

alex and hannah on Aug 4, 2008


Curse you for saying he is ugly. You know you should hate yourself because your hating all the people who are making bad comments. So take your own advice. And he is gorgeous. I think you shound get your head out of your friends ass and see what's right in front of you. Cause obviously your gay.

BBREE on Aug 4, 2008


If you got nothing nice to say then dont say nothing at all. It makes me sick how many people come on here to put the movie/books down. If you hate it then why are you even researching anything to do with it? Get a life, seriously.

Lisa on Aug 5, 2008


i agree with lisa i mean seriously! I think that the books are great and you really can't judge anything until you acually expeirience it yourselves and then if you choose to critique it, go right ahead but you have no right to say bad thing about the movie (especially the author!) until you accually see it. you peoplw are terrible!

Haley on Aug 5, 2008


People read the EFFIN books before bitching on the trailer. You have no idea how the relationship between the two actors/actress is suppose to be. I honestly think it will be a good movie of course it wont live up to the way i see it harry potter didnt. You guys say the words ore cheesy but hello its a love/action/drama movie i read the whoel series event he 4th one and i cant wait to see this movie. READ THE BOOKS they are great and if you dont like it why the hell are you watching this and commenting it seriously people get a life......

Lizzie on Aug 6, 2008


hahahahaaaaaa my movie is going to be BLOODY AWFUL just like the books seriously lulz all the teenage girls are gonna be all like ASDNKJASBFJKGDHJGDK EDWARDDDD who, in the movie, is absolutely disgustingly ugly and the books were horriibllle bella and her sparkle boyfriend

Kat on Aug 7, 2008


!!!!! Everyone is so mean about the books! I love them, they're amazing & beautifully written, the movie doesn't look good Kristen doesn't suit Bella & I don't see the point in being optimistic which is sad cos like I say the books are amazing.

leonie on Aug 7, 2008


i really really love the story,love the books they r amazing i mean i even dreamed about them but the movie i dont think it'll be as good as the book well i hope it is..

noor on Aug 7, 2008


I love the books and the movie is so generic, the Bella is too... dramatic. This is really a bad face on the Twilight Saga. I encourage people to read the books and not judge by this movie... Leaving these books to the imagination is a lot more satisfying. Just like the Harry Potter movies, and the Eragon movie...

Dissapointed Twilight Lover on Aug 11, 2008


kevjohn, Why the hell would you think we were a gossip girl crowd? Because we are not! I HATE gossip girl, and though some twilight fans like the show it has nothing to do with Twilight, or any of the other stephenie meyer books! They don't have the same feeling. I mean, Gossip girl is about a bunch of snotty people who are superfishle--well, not all of them--and Twilight is such an origional, and deep book, unlike other teenage books with petty problems, and it's not about regular vampires either.

Mckayla on Aug 11, 2008


First of all, Mckayla, it's superficial. Second of all, you are severely disillusioned if you think Twilight is original or deep. The story line of vegetarian vampires and vampires who fall in love with humans and try not to eat them has been done numerous times before. Deep? Not really. I've read all of the books and they are a lot of fun to read, but everyone gives them way too much credit. All of the characters are cookie cutters of what the general public wants to read (Bella is so flavorless just so that the average reader can imagine herself in her shoes). These "themes" that everyone says are so crucial and important can be found in any simple young adult book. The draw with Twilight is that it's romantic in a way that involves the reader and makes them wish they were a part of the story (who wouldn't want a vampire and a werewolf chasing after you and you're also the only one who's impervious to mind reading). If you think Twilight is deep, that's ok. I'll wait for you to read Hamlet or -hell- even Fahrenheit 451 and then get back to me with your thoughts. I'm patient.

Nettle on Aug 11, 2008


Nettle 82, Ok forgetting the fact that the book is about vampires & warewolves & all that jazz the book is deep. Are you actually telling me that being completely & utterly in love with someone you would actually die for them isn't deep? That having to choose between your best friend who knows you inside out & loves you completely & the boy that is intensely in love with you & you with him is not deep? That having to leave your friends & family behind for a completely selfish reason isn't deep? Non of this is superficial it is real life which happens every day to normal people. Love is a deep emotion, making crucial decision's such as deciding to leave family & friends is a very hard thing to do. Believe me. Been there done that.

leonie on Aug 12, 2008


not gonna argue on all that stuff up there^ but i enjoyed the books, and the trailer looks ridiculous, and bella's voice pisses me off, idk it just rubs meh the wrong way : [

CGE on Aug 13, 2008


yeah the movie doesn't look too good at all, & I know what you mean about her voice I think they just chose the wrong actress as Bella it's a shame cos the character is amazing. I was defending the books becuse someone called them superficial & blatently doesn't read between the lines. But anyway straying from the point, yeah I'm not looking forward to the movie 🙁

leonie on Aug 14, 2008


ok im probably the only guy here who has read all four books and is actually excited for this movie. yes i have to admit the trailers make this movie look like a teenage soap opera made by middle school kids, but i have seen some of the leaked scenes of this movie and i realized that this movie is going to be a hit because its actually very good, the trailers take the dialogue out of context and make it look like its bad acting. honestly i cant expect anyone to think this is going to be good, but i will give it a chance because i believe its going to be a big suprise

Epic on Aug 17, 2008


why can't people read books and just enjoy it for what it is! come one people! twilight is fun to read, sure its not a mind bobbling like To Kill a Mocking Bird or In Cold Blood... or even the Sun Also Rises. Frankly, those books were thought provoking... Twilight not as much which makes it ALOT more enjoyable to read. Straight forward literature. There's a time for analyzing between the lines literature and others times people just want to enjoy reading without having to add that extra stuff in between!

ELLA. on Aug 19, 2008


I am HUGE fan of Twilight love the books and i know i will love the movie !!! I think Twilight is the best thing i have ever read and i can't wait to see the movie, i have read all 4 books over and over lol i think that Catherine Hardwicke and with Stephenie Meyer have done a fab job with the movie just looking at the trailer i just wish it was Nov 21st today so i could watch it lol, Will Breaking Dawn be the End of Edward and Bella and Wee Renesmee (Renesmee is Edward's and Bella's child just for anyone that hasn't read the fourth book ) will there be more books i hope more books and movies 🙂 Kristen Stewart was a PERFECT choice for Bella and i couldn't see any other as Bella and Robert Pattinson looks GREAT as Edward the cast of Twilight fit they are off the hook fab !!! With half of us like the books and or half like the books and the movie when you think about if we didn't have books then we would have movies because every movie starts as a person writtin' a story we wouldn't have spiderman,batman,harry potter,the golden compass,superman,Lemony Snicket,Horton Hears a Who !,Thunderbirds, The Chronicles of Narnia, The lord of the rings,Twilight,and many more all of these movie's start as books or comic books and all of them have been the best movies out there ! WELL I CAN'T WAIT JUST WISH IT WAS SOONER 21st NOV 2008 WHEN TWILIGHT COMES OUT !! EVERYONE SHOULD STOP MOANING ABOUT THE BEST BOOKS EVER AND THE MOVIE IS GOING 2 BE FAB I JUST KNOW IT WILL WITH MEYER HELP HARDWICKE ON THE SET THE IT NOT JUST MOVIE IT BEST MOVIE MADE IN 2008 ALONG WITH THE DARK KNIGHT AS I AM A FAN OF THE LATE HEATH LEDGER, I WILL BE A HUGE FAN OF TWILIGHT AND STEPHENIE MEYER FOREVER !! CHAZ SPIERS TWILIGHT ROCK !!!

Chaz Spiers on Aug 22, 2008


im so excited for this movie to come out!! I cant get my nose out of the books i just wish the guy playing edward was hotter he was so vivid in the book! lol

Ashley on Aug 28, 2008


I honestly believe the book is going to be 10x better then the movie but in another blog someone gave me a piece of advice. She said that we twilight fans should look at the two as completely different works of art. The book was amazing and absolutley the best thing I have ever read. But they can only make the movie as best they can. So I have decided to look at the movie as a rewrite of twilight. I know completely off topic but thats how I am looking at it. I am not going to walk into the theater book in hand ready to critisize every little diversion from the story.

Edward Lover on Aug 31, 2008


I've never understood the necessity of all the name calling on websites but whatever. I just wanted to point out that these books appeal to more then just the teeny boppers. I'm 35 and my daughter had been reading these books and I just rolled my eyes thinking, "Not another vampire series." I got over reading vampire stories after I read two different authors who I swear wrote the exact same story. When I read that the author was Mormon, being Mormon myself, I was very curious how she would treat this genre that has basically become nothing but blood and sex and very unorigional. I was happily surprised not only by the origionality of the vampire world she created by by the deep emotional journey these individuals take. The journey of choosing to overcome your nature and prejudices for a chance to love and be loved unconditionally is so rich in these books that I know the movie can't really touch that. But it will be interesting to see if they can try. But whether they succeed or not, the real benefit from all this is that my daughter and I have a point of reference to talk about relationships, healthy or otherwise. Love, Hate, obsession vs. dedication, instant gratification vs. sacrafice, prejudice and acceptance, these are only some of the conversations my daughter and I have had, sparked by our discussion of the story. I hope the movie allows for continued conversations.

Wendilynn on Sep 18, 2008


OK I read the first page of comments and WHAT IS IT THAT BUGS YOU ALL ABOUT 12 YEAR OLDS??? hello if you're gonna say anything in front of us you probably shouldn't say it and it just depends on your point of view on the story if your old and withering away of course you wont like any part of the story*smirks*I like the book though and i'm reading the second one very interesting covers though not creative but interesting

Sophia on Sep 28, 2008


Well... I've only read the first book so far. I totally enjoyed it although I will admit that it's an *easy* read; meaning that there's a lot of dialogue and not so much *detail*. It was absolutely meant as a young adult novel but, I loved it none the less. I do not feel that it came even close to the Harry Potter series, which are my all time favorite books. I don't know what to expect from the movie. I think they will add more *action* so that it will appeal a bit more to the male gender since the book is most assuredly female oriented. I'm looking forward to seeing (is it Rob?) the actor playing Edward because I love seeing the *Harry Potter* actors in other roles... I do not, however, think he fits the description of the perfect Edward from the book. He's cute, but not intoxicating. I'm looking forward to the movie and love the idea of a *romantic* vampire. We'll just have to wait and see if the movie does the book justice... somehow I think it's going to be hard to get any better than *Gary Oldman's* Dracula. As far as I'm concerned, he's still the vampire king.

Black Lady on Oct 10, 2008


i think that the girl playing bella is a good choice but not edward that guy just dosnt look right to me.. and the whole first part of the trailer is too much information i think they should have more focused on there relationship rather than what edwards capable of.. im not sure that ill like the movie as much as i would like but because i loved the books so much i have to give it a chance.. and sometimes the trailers are crap and the actuall movie is really good so i think all us twilight fans just need to wait and see for ourselves how the movie turns out i bet its better than we all think, i hope so anyways

court on Oct 13, 2008


would just like to say to everyone out there comparing twilight to harry potter that although i was absolutely addicted to both series of books i was not at all impressed with the hp movies and i am dubious about the twilight movie, simply because books never seem to translate very well into movies, all the seemingly inconsequential little details get glossed over or deleted and your left with just the shell of the original story, the characters are there but not exactly what you expect, the plot is mostly there but changed from what you remember. i don't believe the movie will live upto the standard of the book, but i will still go see it just to be sure that i'm not missing out, as someone mentioned about eragon all the hype and the fan backing of a book does'nt always ensure a good movie, anyone who has read the night watch and seen the movie will surely know what i mean. as for meyer not respecting the vampire genre thats what imagination is all about, laurell k hamilton created her version for anita blake, jean claude is hardly dracula! and many other authors have given it their own twist so for all you "purists" out there give it a break, if you don't like it you don't have to read or watch it, let the fans enjoy the moment and wait your turn for dracula 2.

erin on Oct 18, 2008


Personally, I wouldn't compare Harry Potter and Twilight. Both series are very different. I love them both. I read them for very different reasons.

Wendilynn on Oct 18, 2008


When I watch the trailers and the scenes of Twilight, I honestly don't see a good performance out of kristen Stewart or Robert P. It dosn't seem like they have any chemistry on screen and also the acting on Kristen's part suck. When you read the first book, there is a attraction, but not in a completely obvious way, but its still there. When Edward talks, you kind of understand where he is coming from. Also, Bella is this scrawny and uncoordinated girl who gets butterflies and loses track of time every time she is around Edward. Relooking at the trailer, I see that Kristen is a little dry on the emotions in the scenes because i don't believe what she is saying and i don't want to learn more about her. Robert P is doing a decent job considering that Edward in the book is a little hard to portray because his voice dosn't really seem musical (like what the book says). I honestly hope its not a complete waste of time when people go to see it, but all i can say is that what happens, happens.

Aly on Nov 8, 2008


The trailers are simply extrodinary and I can't wait to read the rest of the three books ! The reviews and trailers really caught my attention after being educated abouatent twilight by my kindergarten best friend. I had stopped reading books for about a year and this true love that's kind of forbidden but belle and edward are clearly meant for each other. Even though they have so many things against them. They still make a way to be together against all odds! I love what i've seen and heard so far can't wait to watch and read about the rest!

ivy on Nov 8, 2008


I absolutely loved the books...I read all 4 in a month and can't wait for the release of the movie next week. I am going in with an open mind, because I have yet to see a movie that even comes close to the book, but never the less I am excited about it's release. It might be billed at a teen book and movie, but I'm 41 and enjoyed them just as much as my 16 year old did. I hope the rest of the books are made into movies as well but I really hope that it doesn't take years to come out in between them like Harry Potter seems to do now.

Joanne on Nov 15, 2008


i love the books but i REALLY cant wait for the SECOND twilight movie to come out(new moon)i have seen the first one and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Summer on Jan 27, 2009


Well it's safe to say I was right, the movie was shit & anyone who really read the book should agree

lili on Jan 29, 2009


I love the books I own the series and they're good books, but I can't wait to see New Moon. I AM A BIG FAN OF TWILIGHT....

Katrina on Mar 4, 2009


I, Gary Anicello loved twilight and was inspired to create a fantastic board game called "The Well of Souls". It's a fun game with an incredible amount of stategy. It four players with two sets of allies. The players are one vampire, one warewolf, one holy man, and one hunter each of which have power over individuals. I will be manufacturing these games by the (5000)'s. Are you interested in "The Well of Souls" or "Twight Light and the Well of Souls"?

Gary Anicello on Mar 10, 2009


twilight is awesome I would love to meet all the charecters!!!!

siera on Apr 3, 2009


oh my god its the best movie i have ever seen in my life its so romantic the way edward will do whatever it takes to protect bella i really hope they bring out a second twilight !!!!

Paula McNally on May 10, 2009


* they should change robert pattinson to hyun bin of south korea 🙂

kharmina mutuc on Jul 24, 2009


Hm, it seems no one actually read Dracula becuase it was made abundantly clear that vampires can go out during the daytime, however they are powerless when they do so. Stoker said that they cannot change forms (smoke, animals, etc.) They even mention that in the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie that it was a common misconception that vampires cannot go out in the daytime. The whole "burn up in the sun" came later from other fiction. "Interview" had the main vampire (Louis)living on rats for a time and we certainly don't get the impression he was living on humans at the end. These are NOT new concepts.

tym on Jul 29, 2009

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