Seth Rogen/Jay Baruchel Launching Jay and Seth vs the Apocalypse

June 11, 2008

Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel

Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel are going to become the next Jay and Silent Bob. The two will star in an action comedy titled Jay and Seth vs the Apocalypse that will shoot sometime in 2009. The film is based on a short that Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg created last year. A trailer for the short ended up making its way around the internet and can be seen below. The film is simply about two loser guys who are dealing with the apocalypse. From what I can tell, they look like they're the only ones who are alive, but maybe that's part of the story. Rogen and Goldberg themselves will both write the script and produce.

The trailer itself received so much buzz, that various production studios started fighting for the rights. Mandate Pictures, of Stranger Than Fiction, Juno, and The Strangers, eventually won and is producing with Rogen and Goldberg. No director has been chosen yet. Mandate's Nathan Kahane praises Rogen's hardwork, saying, "he's busy, but he's also unbelievably focused on his business… I've never seen anyone turn around material faster or notes or whatever. He's good." The story revolves around two guys who, with the end the world unfolding and the planet invaded by monsters, are ready to kill each other after being cooped up together for too long.

Remarkably I had never heard of this short until today. But if it's as good as the trailer looks and if it delivers the same hilarity as Superbad or Pineapple Express, two other movies penned by Rogen and Goldberg, then it should kick ass! They better put together one hell of a hilarious story that actually goes somewhere though. Plus I'm amazed that Judd Apatow is not involved in this even as a producer, because he's typically the key to success with comedies nowadays. Either way, this still could be good. Check out the trailer for the short below as well and let us know what you think.

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Brilliant, I'll watch whatever Seth Rogen makes

CJD on Jun 11, 2008


After watching this trailer, it felt like... nothing (pun intended): (2003, from Vincenzo Natali, director of Cube)

Fox on Jun 11, 2008


I remember seeing that trailer not long after Knocked Up came out. I always wondered what happened to it. Now I know.

Sean Kelly on Jun 11, 2008


I think Seth has talent. I'm not seeing anything in that trailer that was funny, however.

dRailer on Jun 11, 2008


dRailer - Granted it wasn't the funniest thing I've seen w/ Seth but it was a pretty rough short cut (1 minute 25 secs?). I don't know what their intention was..However, the line about "going outside and having the monsters tear his ass out from his head" or whatever was said was quite funny.. Almost looked like a parody of "I am Legend".. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a comedy/horror movie like Shaun of the Dead, another one of my faves.

CJD on Jun 11, 2008


WOW! JUST AS I THOUGHT I COULDN'T CARE ANY LESS ABOUT SETH ROGEN, HE BRINGS US ANOTHER PIECE OF SHIT! THANK YOU SETH. The next Jay and Silent Bob my ASS. Just because he's worked with Kevin Smith on a movie, doesn't mean he's going to have gold shine on him. He's a terrible actor and he looks like complete shit. nothing about him has ever appealed to me or anyone that's SANE or has a sense of humor that is older than six years old. congrats to everyone who likes him.

Garrett.king on Jun 11, 2008


thanks for your intelligent input, Garrett. Please start a movie blog of your own so I can read more of these spot on thoughts about what/who is funny in the movie world. I can't wait! Am I laying the sarcasm on too thick?

wholemilk on Jun 11, 2008


I'm with Garrett. He wasn't even one of the better ones from the 'Freaks & Geeks' crowd that he rode IN on! Rogen's appeal ammounts to the weird techie guy in the gallows of the theatre dept. who you never really got, liked, or understood - and then you realized the two things about him everyone likes: He had a car (before anyone else) and his Dad was LOADED. In the end, we all know Seth Rogen will win. It doesn't mean we have to like him, or pretend he's funny. HOWEVER- if you guys like him, I'm not gonna rain on your parade. I'll just steer clear of the Seth Rogen parade altogether, thank you. My lack of understanding of his appeal should not block any of you from liking him. Feel free to explain his appeal - I admit I'm curious.

Django Djo on Jun 11, 2008


No just right. Looks funny as hell Big fan of Seth Rogan. He has became a Star in the Moives in just a few years and is continually funny. My guess is Garrett is just jelous.

Ripper on Jun 11, 2008


You all talk of Appel and how unfunny or Bad an actor is when YOU could not do anything close if you could people would be saying you suck. He is Well Liked by enough people that he contuines to land staring roles. Hating an actor does not make you a cool one. It meas that mabye you try so hard to find flaws in others because of your own Shortcomings as an Actor, Director of in life Period. You have a right to your opinion but why must you even give someone you dislike any attention at all unless you Are looking for some as well.

Ripper on Jun 11, 2008


Djano - Seth wasn't my favorite character from 'Freaks' either. He's the guy in the crowd that will tell a joke and then just sit there to see if anyone laughs, but then you'll hear crickets. However, I guess my appeal for Knocked Up, Super Bad, here's one - Undeclared is just the fact that he's some everyday guy who makes me laugh. It's like he's not acting, he's just saying what's on his mind and some of it's really funny...stupid conversations that people can imagine having when they're hanging out with their guy friends talking about girls or whatever...

CJD on Jun 11, 2008


Sorry, "DjanGo"

CJD on Jun 11, 2008


wholemilk (#6) Sarcasm wasn't thick enough. the more you see my posts the more you'll see I respond well to sarcasm, even if it's about me. that was a pretty good one, though. Ripper (#9) I don't have to try to find shortcomings with Seth, he's plain unfunny. I have tried and do get major laughs from the people that matter to me. All I can say is that if you like him, kudos. But personally I can't stand that fat, small toothed, irritating laugh of a man. And that's saying I am a fat, small toothed man..though I'm not sure if my laugh is irritating..perhaps I'll upload it at some point..hmm.

Garrett.king on Jun 11, 2008


CJD thank you for thinking through your reply. That at least clears up the theory of his appeal- if he's an everyman, then he must not be an everyman I can relate to. Does that make me rare? My goodness. Thank you Seth Rogen for confirming that I a m not one of the flock! (No seriously, that might actually mean that we've found an angle by which he can appeal to me. I don't know if it'll make me laugh w/ or at him, necessarily, but at least we have a workable theory for how I can "appreciate" him.... albeit somewhat askew...) Ripper- I think I lost you at "Appel". Were you trying to spell Apple?

Django Djo on Jun 11, 2008


It was a pretty rough cut, but I think it might end up being very interesting. Its very "I am legend-esk" I won't judge until I see a fully edit'ed cut. -JD

Jaybear on Jun 11, 2008


I love seth and jay, this really didnt do much for me.

Richard on Jun 11, 2008


big seth fan, big jay fan, big comedy fan, it looks original enough. Very rough cut trailer as you can tell, looks funny in an odd quirky way. Plus it's great to hear a Toy Story song put into something as obscene as Seth pissing in a bucket. Hilarious. Think outside the box guys, its better than a movie where the comedy derives from getting laid or drunk. It's different, and frankly most of the time different is good. 😀 Peace ~Movieraider

movieraider321 on Jun 11, 2008


Hmmmm.... This sure is getting a lot of attention. There must be more to it than what we are seeing. Anyways, good luck to anyone that can get a project going.

Michael Madison on Jun 11, 2008


Set Rogan's dangerously close to being overexposed.

twispious on Jun 11, 2008


i like seth and this was obviously a rough cut from what looks like potentially a VERY funny movie. to all the haters well hate on because he's still making movies and lots of people are watching them!

thejugfather on Jun 12, 2008


Thats gonna be funny and wierdly original never have I seen a film about after the end of the world.

Xerxex on Jun 12, 2008


Holy crap in my pants, even with shady B-movie looking production value, the trailer was one of the greatest I've seen this year.

Joshua on Jun 13, 2008


I agree with the whole milking concept. Seth Rogen has pretty much played himself in all of the movies he's been in, and it looks to be this way for this one too. Once we see him as the Green Hornet, we'll actually get a different perspective of him and his talent or lack thereof. But still, Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen is funny. The only funny thing about the trailer was Seth Rogen.

yyybbbooottt on Dec 15, 2008

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