Seth Rogen Thinks Ghostbusters 3 is a Terrible Idea

October 20, 2008
Source: Collider

Seth Rogen

The only good news today worth mentioning is bad news. Well, it's not exactly bad news, but it's just a rough opinion on an upcoming project. Collider caught up with Seth Rogen recently while he was out promoting Zack and Miri and asked him about his thoughts on Ghostbusters 3. Its been rumored that Sony is wooing Judd Apatow for that revival and that might mean Rogen could be involved. But after these comments, I don't think that'll be the case, although it could all change once they finish a script. "It's hard to imagine that would be good, isn't it? … It sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it."

I always love hearing Rogen's complete honesty every time he talks to press. He's not afraid to state his opinion, no matter how crazy it may be. With Ghostbusters 3, however, I think a lot of people will agree with him. "At first hearing it sounds like the worst idea ever. Maybe. I mean, that would have to be one mutherfucking good script." I know everyone agrees with him there! But what if Harold Ramis, who wrote the original films, were to be involved? "It all depends on how bad the script was. There is a point where it's so bad it’s really easy to say no. I have enough insulation around me now that I don't have to say anything."

I'm trying not to think much about Ghostbusters 3 until we get some additional solid information, whether it's a finished script or other updates. But I think Rogen's statements are going to be the accepted standard until Sony proves otherwise - and it will take a hell of a lot for that to happen. Is Rogen right?

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Edgar Write and Simon Peggs crew should be the ones to do GB3. 1. I think they would take it where it needs to go 2. Akroyd always wanted GB to go "world wide" in the films, so being set in europe would work. 3. it'd be easier to integrate less of the original GB and not worry about a "passing of the torch" type of plot.

jp on Oct 20, 2008


Ghostbusters 3 is a great idea just like Indiana Jones 4 was a great idea. Nostalgia is no reason to ruin a franchise.

Peter on Oct 20, 2008


I thought you were writing in Haiku for a second there Mondo Jay...

Peloquin on Oct 20, 2008


Who really gives a shit about Rogen's opinion??? I mean, 'Pineapple Express' was only funny when James Franco was on screen. As far as the GB script is concerned I think Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd should definitely be involved. Bring back Ivan Reitman too. Judd Apatow's involvement would only be to just boost the publicity for the film. I say if the original cast is excited to do it, why the hell not do it!

Blue Silver on Oct 20, 2008


Yeah Rogan has had what like 2 funny movies, Come one seth, Dont be mad cause your not in it. They could cast rogan as the baby from the last Ghost busters, Remember the baby that was taken fro m the bedroom by the flying transvestite with a stroller. Its been like 18 years now rogans is old enough to play that kid. Hahahaha

THERBLIG on Oct 20, 2008


... Rogen is right This is a horrible Idea... unless the Script is amazing, and they can pull off something that actually works with the original films... ...

Mondo Jay on Oct 20, 2008


I'm as big of a fan of Ghostbusters as anyone, but they should leave the Ghostbusters game coming out to be Ghostbusters 3. There should be no replacement group. There is only 1 group and they are way too old, seriously. #3 couldn't be more right.

L on Oct 20, 2008


Funny how he forgot to mention that Seth Rogen starring in the remake of The Green Hornet was as bad if not a worse idea then GB3. Comedy-wise, I'll put any Ghostbusters project (other than the cartoon, ewww) up against anything Rogen has or ever will do. He is not half as funny as that group is when they are working together.

Shane on Oct 20, 2008


wait... isnt there already a Ghostbusters 3?? so it would be GB4. i own the 3-movie pack

metalblade on Oct 20, 2008


No, there's not a 3. Unless it was animated. There are most definitely only 2 live action pictures. IMDB (for what it's worth) confirms that. Seth's a bright man, that's why he's saying how dumb an idea this is. Because it's ridiculous.

Trisha Lyn Fawver on Oct 20, 2008


The Game is suppose to be the 3rd movie. That was before talks of doing a ral movie though. So really, yea this would be the fourth. But in reality, it would be #3.

AllmightyKeim on Oct 20, 2008


#9: There is one more GB, more or less: Return of the Ghostbusters (2007) Fan made movie.

Fox on Oct 21, 2008


Unreal. I just realized there was a movie called Freddy vs. Ghostbusters. Check it out. I saw it on imdb when i was checking out the above "return of the ghostbusters" I'm sure it's awesome... Anyways, my point is that a 3rd real ghostbusters would be fun. The cast is awesome and it would be fun to see them back together. As I say on my site, which is currently a small tribute to the SAW franchise, many people get excited for a franchise to extend to another movie. It is fun to return to that story and revisit those characters. It just blows when they don't invest the money, or hire the right people to do it. on Oct 21, 2008


I don't know if I can value his opinion considering his ties to green hornet.

janet on Oct 21, 2008


# 3 # 7 # 8 # 14 Way to go! I could not agree more with you. Rogen is simply WAY over-rated, not funny and got lucky on a couple of films someone else directed and wrote. The Green Hornet ( despite some opions) is just plain wrong with him to have anything to do with. Ramis will make sure GB3 is what most of us have been waiting more. Rogen does not belong with another sacred franchise.

D-9 on Oct 21, 2008


WORTHLESS PRICK! This makes me mad, just like the comedy he is doing with Cancer from HBO. PRICK! Just jealous he won't be involved. GB3!!!! Bring it!!!!

Nut-Meg on Oct 21, 2008


In all honesty, Seth Rogan has his funny moments. But, he is not great. His opinion of this in my mind means nothing. Ghostbusters 3 I am sure would be great if Harold Ramis was on board lending his "skills". I don't think I would want to see the original Ghostbusters doing their thing, but if they went along with something like "Extreme Ghostbusters" (Which wasn't a bad show, it had potential) it could turn out somewhat decent. I don't think the new game will have any bearing on a future movie. Considering it is based on the original movies. But it could possibly give an idea of what is to come.

Silence on Oct 21, 2008


All those movies like Freddy vs Ghostbusters are fan made and thus don't count. It's like saying all those fan made star wars videos count as official Star Wars alongside the six movies. They don't even count as spinoffs. There are only two official Ghostbusters movies both starring the original cast. Anyway I'm not sure about the prospects of a new movie right now. I don't think it takes a genius to figure out that it'll need an amazing script. So Seth Rogen didn't make some kind of big revelation or anything. Looking back I don't even think Ghostbusters II was all that it could have been. Sure it had its moments but it wasn't as good as part one in my opinion. I think the game has more potential at this moment. I just hope it's true what I heard Dan Akroyd said that Atari has picked it up and it'll get published. Some movies just don't need to be made. Like a certain movie that is a Payne to watch.... but that's a subject for another time and place.

smoke_tetsu on Oct 21, 2008


Actually Ghostbusters II was pretty derivative. I mean they start off not as ghostbusters for one reason or another.. then they get their big break and become ghostbusters. So they have a montage\exposition with them busting ghosts. Meanwhile something ominous is also going on with Venkman's love interest (sigourney weaver in both movies). So they investigate and find out that big bad demon from a foreign country is a threat to our reality. They then have to deal with some bureaucrats who want to lock them up because they think they are frauds.... but they prevail when all hell breaks loose and they have no choice but to believe them. They end up conjuring up a 100 foot novelty creature... make some destruction.. blow up the demon some how and save the day. That's basically the plot for both movies.

smoke_tetsu on Oct 21, 2008


I'm kinda leaning with #3 on this one...3rd and 4th episodes of a franchise havent been doing all that well lately...Indy IV WAS a real drag...totally screwed the whole image of Indy as an adventurer...sometimes it is better to leave a series with its dignity intact...

moldybread on Oct 21, 2008


Go Fuck yourself ROGEN! Your not funny.

patriot on Oct 22, 2008


Yeah, I wish he would take the same attitude with the Green Hornet. He seems to have no problem screwing up that classic character. Gee Rogen, do you even know you don't know? Hypocrite. We're all right here screaming daily, "please don't destroy the Green Hornet" and yet you refuse to listen to us and call us fanboys and retards. You've been hanging with Kevin Smith, the unofficial "King" of fanboy geek retards, hasn't he tried to talk any sense into you yet? Or has the lure of easy money made you selectively deaf? You suck Rogen, I so can't wait until Hollywood spits you out.

HornetSting on Nov 19, 2008


I've been against the idea of a third movie for a long time. I'm a huge fan ( bigger than I'll admit here ) and am the sort of person everyone would just guess would want to see a third one but you know, he's right, it's a terrible idea. Just leave the franchise alone and accept the upcoming videogame ( penned by Ramis/Aykroyd ) as your third movie. The only exception I'd make to this is to agree with the #1 poster on this thread. Hmmm,... Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg...? Now that shows promise.

Bryan on Apr 8, 2009


Sorry, but I think Rogen is right on this one. I can't see much potential in GBIII turning out well. (Unless, like he said it has a REALLY good script.) The original cast is what everyone wants and they're gotten too old for the roles. Use anyone else and its bound to alienate fans. (I haven't seen anyone agree on ONE actor that would be suitable as a replacement) If Star Wars and Indiana Jones tells us anything, is that its probably best to leave well enough alone. To me the upcoming video game IS Ghostbusters III. It really seems to retain the spirit of the original film.

atomofish on Apr 14, 2009

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