Shia LaBeouf Talks Transformers 2 - Says It's 'Massive'

February 14, 2008
Source: Empire

Shia LaBeouf Talks Transformers 2

How coincidental is it that the week the writers strike ends is the same we week we get an overabundance of early buzz on Transformers 2. A few days ago Michael Bay was talking about how he had written most of the movie so that he could stay on time even though the strike was happening while also mentioning some more specifics on what we can (and can't) expect in the movie. Now today, Empire has an update from Shia LaBeouf on the second film. He says he has seen some of the pre-visualization that ILM has done and some of Bay's early work and he says that it is "massive".

There's no need for any further introduction, let's just get right to it. Shia LaBeouf was the star of the first movie and he's certainly already signed on for the second one.

"I know of a few things I have to work on for the next one," said LaBeouf. "I've seen pre-vizes of the action scenes and I just saw Michael yesterday. It's going to be badass. We're not making another one unless it is, and Mike is definitely not resting on his laurels - he's doing insane shit again. And the pre-vizes that I've seen… it's just massive. If the first one was any indicator of how massive massive can be, this is going to blow that out of the water. It's insane. Mike's mind was just kind of made for this - it's amazing. There's going to be a lot more characterization with the robots, which I'm excited about. I was a fan of Transformers before the movie came out. And there's going to be a lot of action… That goes unsaid, I guess."

Now that the writers strike is over, the film's writers can get back to work and put together an actual script. Bay said that he had written a general structure for the film, an outline per se, and now it's up to Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the latter two also wrote the first Transformers and the upcoming Star Trek) to pull everything together into a coherent script. Bay previously hinted at what we could possibly see in the sequel, which will NOT be Dinobots, but now it's Shia's turn to speculate.

"There's gonna be new robots on both sides. I can say that the war isn't over… It's hard to do interviews when you're not allowed to talk about the movies. It's like I give two or three things away and then I get reprimanded for it. It's never fun to get reprimanded by these people."

Unfortunately it seems we won't hear any solid details on the new bots or storyline for at least another few months, if not longer. I'm certain they're trying to keep things under even tighter wraps than last time. Although a few leaks to keep the fans at bay (pun defintely intended) is quite probable. Bay and the writers better get moving quite quickly, as the film is still trying to stick to its June 26th, 2009 release date next summer, which means they'd have to start filming within a few months. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like Shia LaBeouf is pretty damn excited and it sounds like Michael Bay is really going to be kicking it up another notch.

Interesting thing to note: this is Michael Bay's second time that he's ever made a sequel, the first being Bad Boys II.

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All I need to know is, will Megan Fox be in this sequel? Because if so, I'll disregard my hate for Michael Bay and see the movie.

Nick on Feb 14, 2008


more robots, bigger action sequences, bring next year now

Darrin on Feb 14, 2008


i cant wait this movie is going to be epic...

Curtis on Feb 14, 2008


I see this going the route of Pirates of the Caribbean, with the first one being good, and the sequels being just okay because they try to be too "massive" and epic. I want to be wrong.

Keith on Feb 14, 2008


I just hope that during the bot fights, which there will be, i hope it doesn't just look like a bunch of cables and tubes flying across the screen. maybe give some more contrast wetween the bots fighting so you can tell whats going on better. I know allot of people had a problem with this. even though the graphics were amazing it was hard to tell what was going on becuase they would blend into eachother so easily. Also, less humans and more bots. It's a movie about transformers, not people. The transformers series has always included minimal people interactions, and sometimes none. The movies should be the same way.

Avelanch on Feb 15, 2008


Haha, it seems Shia just loves saying "shit" all the time now. But anyway, can't wait for this... and Wolvie.

Alfredo on Feb 15, 2008


I justed loved the frist movie it was so cool!!! Earlier I saw it again, and I can't get enough of it. But I think the sencond movie will be better. But when I was seeing it earlier I let the credits pass and I saw starscrem going into space, so that must meen that he is going to be back. Also I hope the acters that were the soldiers, sam, and mecala. Will be there.

James on Jul 2, 2008


i am really an avid fan of Shia!!! He did such an incredible portrayal as Sam Witwicky!!! ... more power and more movie projects...

Vivian Panday on Aug 31, 2009

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