Sienna Miller Joins Ridley Scott's Nottingham as Maid Marian

June 18, 2008
Source: BBC

Sienna Miller

We already know that Russell Crowe will play the Sheriff of Nottingham in Ridley Scott's revisionist version of the classic Robin Hood tale, but who might play the lovely Maid Marian? Sienna Miller, of Layer Cake and G.I. Joe fame, has announced that she has joined Nottingham as Lady Marian Fitzwater. It looks like we'll be seeing a much more seductive and sultry Marian than the dainty and charming Marian that Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio played in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I've been looking forward to Nottingham ever since producer Brian Grazer said that the film "is the Gladiator version of Robin Hood." I'm not sure Miller really makes a difference to me, but it's good to hear that casting is finally coming together.

Miller told the BBC recently (via Filmonic) that she "just found out" that she was cast and, of course, "it's the most exciting news in the world." She adds that "there's this looming actor's strike, so it's not 100% sure that it's going to be made, but it's looking pretty certain." As is always the case, until it's actually shooting, nothing is official in Hollywood. However, I think Scott and Grazer really want to get this made and will be pushing for it. Grazer previously said that "I think it will have the same propulsion that Gladiator had - the same adrenaline hits." With that kind of enthusiasm, it's very likely that Grazer will be making sure this gets made sooner than later, despite any acting strike or not.

Our script reviewer Nick Valentine chimes in with his thoughts. Marian's character is less damsel in distress and more of an empowered female in Nottingham. Marian (who in this film is actually the fianceƩ of Sir Robin of Locksley) holds intellectual debates, shoots ferocious animals, and outrides Sir Russel of Crowe on horseback. Having never seen too much of Sienna Miller outside of her sexed up role in Layer Cake and her portrayal of the haughty and superficial Victoria in Stardust, I'm not too sure that she can play the part of the empowered female. Seeing her in the upcoming G.I. Joe film as the Baroness should give a good indication of her ability to be involved in the action. But as far as eye candy goes, in my opinion, she definitely hits the bullseye. Do you think Sienna Miller is a good choice?

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Who will be Robin Hood?

dac_fan on Jun 18, 2008


No. I'm really disappointed in Miller's casting. I don't think she was on anyone's short list as Marion, and not likely even on a speculative long list. She's a lightweight.. forgettable.

Sunny on Jun 18, 2008


Sienna Miller is hot! I think this role will give her a chance to shine. All she needs to do is step up. She's talented enough to pull it off.

Spider on Jun 18, 2008


I think she will do a great job. This is going to be a more mature role that she has ever undertaken, but I think she can do it. I've seen her in a lot of very different roles. I'm excited for her!

Courtney on Jun 18, 2008


Yum. Is all I have to say. Maid Marian should be a knockout, and Sienna most definitely is. She's underrated as an actress, too. She was edgy in Layer Cake, and great in Stardust. I've been wanting to see her in larger roles for some time now. GI Joe will be a wash, but Nottingham has real potential. Short list? Speculative long list? What lists? Who on earth could possibly jump off the page as a "perfect" Maid Marian, without sacrificing character transparency? On a final note, I really wish they'd stop bringing up Gladiator every time this movie gets press. Let's face it, the characters were dull, the actors uninspired, the constantly-rewritten script felt disjointed, the special effects painfully obvious... it's no wonder Russell Crowe told Bill Nicholson "Your lines are garbage." Enough of the Gladiator curse. Let Nottingham have a chance of its own.

Devon Shaw on Jun 19, 2008


Has Ridley ever really let us down? Granted some of his films were not up to par with Gladiator, Blackhawk Down, Matchstick Men or American Gangster...but I mean no one is 100% all the time, you'd die. So in my opinion, who cares who he casts because it is the Ridley Scott r envisioning of Robin Hood.

one on Jun 19, 2008


considering the last "robin hood" attempt was godawful casting....Kevin Costner as Robin? Mary Mastrontonio as maid marian? i think the casting sounds divine right now. and darker robin hood sounds brilliant!

Movie Lover on Jun 19, 2008


I saw Sienna Miller in Factory Girl and was impressed not only by her acting but also by her unusual beauty (with all the 60's makeup, she totally looked like a twiggy "it" girl). With that being said, I think she could do well in this role but Christ!, I wish she'd go back to being a bombshell brunette instead of a blonde. It's so boring and way too "safe".

hrm on Jun 19, 2008


Very very very disappointed by the casting of Miller as Marion. I won't go see the movie, and that disappoints me even more because it sounded interesting. But I simply cannot stand Miss Miller.

Little Hutt on Jun 21, 2008


sienna miller is by no means a maid marion i actually cannot believe she has been cast, maybe its due to the acting strike must be desperate. Seriously she can hardly act, yes she is pretty but has no substance what so ever, in my opion she is a pretty but plain clothes horse that copies everything kate moss wears only few months too late.

betty on Jun 23, 2008


How does Sluttyienna Miller get the part of "maid" Marion? She doesn't know what being a maiden entails! It's not in her relm of thinking! Maid Marion was a chaste woman and you know SM will never be able to act chaste, why she can't act at all! (& we all know she is far, far from chaste) Mr.Scott and Universal were crazy to hire her! None of her other pictures have done well. Give the public some credit , pleeeease! We will not be seeing Nottingham. Not with SM.

princess on Sep 29, 2008


Unless Maid Marian is now a trashy, used-up, alcoholic, smoking husbadn stealer, I don't see how she could pull this off. I know I won't waste my money finding out. Please, a woman of "virtue"? Nobody can act that well.

susanne on Oct 30, 2008

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