Sly Stallone Wants to Remake Death Wish?

January 11, 2008
Source: IGN

Death Wish

Sylvester Stallone has successfully opened and closed the book (for good) on two major franchises recently, but that doesn't mean his reign of terror is over. Alas, I have not seen the latest Rambo yet and will still hold my convictions, and I actually liked the last Rocky movie quite a bit, so honestly, it's hardly terror. Stallone recently talked with IGN and told them that he's interested in remaking the 1974 vigilante film Death Wish, and possibly even writing, directing, and starring (yet again). However, his modernized take "would be volcanic" and "would focus on defense attorneys" and "on [the people] allowing this crap to happen -- not so much the guy on the street."

Whereas the character of Paul Kersey, played by Charles Bronson in the 1974 original, was a completely pacifist man who turns violent after his wife is murdered, Stallone's version would feature a much different kind of character.

"He was a very violent human being, completely violent, an ex-convict who walked the walk, was accepted back into society and did everything he could to be a [good person] like these thieves and junkies who now work on the side of the law. They've gone that way, but when something happens he reverts back to that guy."

And as for what sets him off and how his character deals with it, Stallone explains the differences and how his character, who is coming from prison, is perceived by the street gangs. All in all it sounds like an interesting update on the original film and could be a promising film.

"What if it happened to you, that your daughter was grabbed and her eyes were put out? Would you want to sit there and defend that guy?"

"Now you've unleashed a man who really understands the world of violence," he said. "He isn't burdened with this passive-aggressive, conscientious-objector kind of thing. That's been done. It's like what happens when the wolf has gone from wolf to wolf in sheep's clothing back to the wolf. Now the fellow on the street has a problem because he knows how to deal with that kind of mentality because he was a prisoner."

Internal studio rumblings that this remake was in the works at MGM first appeared last November, and as long as Stallone's career continues to go well, it seems like this could be possible. You know what, I'll be honest, there is one thing Sly Stallone is great at - and it's kicking other people's ass. And you know what, if he's kicking their ass in the boxing ring, in the jungles, in a courtroom, or on the streets, it's all the same - it's all Stallone just kickin' some ass! And I'll end up watching it, and I'll probably end up enjoying it!

Death Wish

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I'm waiting for Sly to remake Smokey and Bandit and Animal House next. lol

Heckle on Jan 11, 2008


Didn't Kevin Bacon just release Death Sentence this summer? It was a remake of Death Wish. What is Stallone thinking?

Dean on Jan 11, 2008


Sounds a lot like Death Sentence but then again that was Death Wish. But Sly is unstoppable so just grin and bear it.

Ryan on Jan 11, 2008


Puaj, Puaj, Puaj. Stallone how Charles Bronson... willbe patetic. Bronson Rulzzz. Vengador anonimo hay uno solo y stallone mataria al unico superheroe ciudadano.

wenselao on Jan 13, 2008


i like sly stallone, but i love charles bronson rip. i hope sly would read this comment , don't you dare remake this classic no one can ever take the place of charle sbronson the one and only original. Bronson rules but on the othe rhand im up for watching rambo 4 😉

Youcef Laifa on Jan 15, 2008


How could anyone think they could compare to Charles Bronson? Stalone is Rocky & Bronson is Paul Kersey! I like Stallone in is movies,but to even think abt replacing him in Bronson's movie is rediculous. Why not use Bronson's great nephew if you HAVE to remake it? I won't be watching it if Stallone does it. How sad.

Bronson Lover on Apr 27, 2008


charles Bronson rules, i like the idea of the remake, but what about jodie foster's The Brave One, thats a Death Wish remake anyway. i would watch stalones version. But there is only 1 Paul Kersey. But there is only 1 Paul Kersey. thats Charles Bronson, the man whos actions speak louder than words. Rip Bronson, you will not be overthrown.

borochone on May 4, 2008


yo stallone...pls go ahead n make dis movie ....u r da best...yr droopie eyes n innoscent looks wld make u soot da role more dan bronson

siddhant issar on Nov 21, 2008


Actually, I'm waiting for him to retire. Cos he just plays the same character over and over. So don't be surprised when you see him in a wheel chair doing rocky 80. And also, by the way, no one can top Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey. Who could act and convince you he was the victim before turning vigilante. Something Stallone can't do do or even begin to wrap his head around doing.

T. G. on Aug 23, 2010

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