So Jon Favreau Is Officially Back for Iron Man 2?

July 10, 2008
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Jon Favreau

So I vowed not to write anything about this until Jon Favreau himself, or Marvel, officially stated that Favreau was hired to direct Iron Man 2. If you remember (who could forget?) the hoopla that all began when IESB reported that Marvel was considering not bringing back Favreau because he was "too expensive." That snowballed into one hell of an internet fiasco when fans took arms and proclaimed their support for Favreau, making Marvel seem like the idiot in the game. I'm not so bold as to say that Marvel is the idiot, because so many details were hazy, but now Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood comes out and claims that Marvel and Favreau have come to an agreement and he is now officially signed on.

Nikki reports that "Marvel Studios boss David Maisel was quick to put out a 'definitely' richer offer to Favreau," but apparently that's when rumors hit the web about Marvel being cheap. Anyway, she says it's not officially announced, but it is confirmed that Favreau is back. Phew! But was there ever any question that Favreau wouldn't be back? I know that the whole debacle definitely divided fans into two sides: those who love Favreau and those who thought someone else could direct just as well. Either way, we all win, because Favreau is back and he's hopefully going to bring us an even better film this second time around. To Favreau: if you need a lesson in how to blow the lid off a sequel, go see The Dark Knight!

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sorr on Jul 10, 2008


woot, indeed.

jertown on Jul 10, 2008


read about this earlier on, quite happy!

Garrett.king on Jul 10, 2008


Great news!

Marqwest on Jul 10, 2008


He'd better damn well be! Bring on the Armour Wars!

interl0per on Jul 10, 2008


I knew he'd be back all along! Great news!!!

Spider on Jul 10, 2008


Why is there a question mark in the title? Anyway...who should be the antagonist(s) in the sequel? It should be someone/something that requires both Iron Man and War Machine to work together to take down. I've never liked the Mandarin but some are saying the leader of The Ten Rings may end up being him, which doesn't make since considering Mandarin is a Chinese dialect. Personally I would really love to see Crimson Dynamo, even though Iron Man already fought a giant robot suit already. But I would only like it if the Crimson Dynamo looked like this incarnation. The leader of The Ten Rings could turn to Russia for help and share what he knows about the Iron Man suit and so they create the Crimson Dynamo or something. I honestly don't know the Dynamo's origins other than that solo mini-series that the picture is from so I don't know how well that would work. I would also love to see maybe in the background in Tony's lab (or whatever you want to call it) the Hulkbuster armor. It could work with the fact that Tony showed up at the end of The Incredible Hulk and asked if the General had a problem. He could reference it in passing in the Iron Man sequel. Here's a picture for those who don't know it: I think the Armor Wars has too many villains to be made into a movie unless it drags out over several movies -- unless they just have most of the villains be background characters like henchmen or something.

Viper on Jul 10, 2008


I don't mean Russia's government by the way. I just meant some Russian terrorist group like he was leading.

Viper on Jul 10, 2008


About time Marvel came to their senses.

Mayhem Studios on Jul 10, 2008


Im not trying to be mean to the internet fans here but their "support" for Favreau and the "marvel seemed like an idiot" (to whom by the way to the internet fans them selves ?), meant absolutely nothing to either Marvel or Favreau him self.

Shige on Jul 11, 2008


!toow Now if they can just get rid of that Robert Downey guy the second movie might just have a chance of not sucking like the first one did. I think Steven Seagal would be a nice fit for the role.

kevjohn on Jul 11, 2008


Better yet, Jean Claude van Damme!!!! YEAH BABY!

BRBomber on Jul 11, 2008


Steven Seagal?....Jean Claude van Damme? take it neither of you read the Iron Man comics.

Viper on Jul 11, 2008


personally i'm hoping the seagal and van damme comments were jokes, if not.....

forest on Jul 11, 2008

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