So That Live-Action TMNT Movie is Actually Hybrid?

September 9, 2008
Source: MTV


I'm not sure whether it's the Toronto Film Fest or something else, but there have been way too many rumors popping up in the last few weeks, some of which turn out true, others false. We've milked the Ghostbusters news already, so now we've got to turn our attention to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One week ago we posted an article where one of the TMNT creators had said that there has been talk about a live-action film, confirming early rumors. Unfortunately this scoop turned out to be completely fake. Thankfully MTV called up the other creator, Peter Laird, and sorted out this mess. Much to our delight, he does actually confirm they're doing another Turtles movie - but it'll be a hybrid instead.

The guys at MTV put together a very comprehensive interview with Laird in order to make sure every little question about this film would be answered for the time being. He confirms that Eastman's "blurb he put on his website was very inaccurate" but adds that "I can confirm that we have had several meetings with very interested people, and I think we are pretty close to making a deal." Considering I'm a big Turtles fan, I'm always anxious to hear about every little detail, especially if it pertains to a live-action movie. Laird also went on to talk about how this next film might not exactly be live-action, but a hybrid instead.

"As it stands now, there is no intention of doing another live-action film like the first three, with actors and stuntmen in actual Turtle suits, contrary to what was said by Kevin. We have pretty much decided that the next TMNT movie should be what we've been calling a 'hybrid' — that is to say, live-action humans and sets combined with very realistic CGI Turtles (and possibly some other CGI characters)."

This update actually makes me a bit concerned. I was excited to see the return of the rubber suits because I love all of those original movies so much (even still today). But as far as I know, I've never seen a successful or entertaining "hybrid" movie. What exactly would this look like anyway? Sadly I'm already guessing that they're going to go down the Alvin and Chipmunks route, which actually pisses me off. When the live-action news hit last week, it seemed that all of the fans were hoping they'd go back to the roots of the comic (where all of the Turtles wore the same color) and make a slightly darker film. Obviously the studios don't realize the potential that TMNT has and are just making another kids movie. When will they ever learn?

The only other interesting news to come out of this interview (which is worth reading if you're a fan) is Laird's mention of some actors. "I think Chris Evans and Sarah Michelle Gellar did wonderful work voicing the Casey and April characters in the recent CGI TMNT movie, and I think it would be really cool if we could get them to reprise those roles, but this time 'in the flesh.'" I like that idea a lot, but I doubt those two would sign on to such a pithy kids movie. I really hope I'm wrong about all of this, but for some reason I doubt it. After this interview, I've got a good feeling this may end up being a TMNT version of Alvin and I really do not want to see that. Hopefully the studios realize the actual potential of TMNT!

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Chris Evans and Sarah Michelle G. hopefully do reprise the roles "in the flesh", plus i hope they make this TMNT more darker. Have in the movie alittle blood/gore, coz no doubt it would increase potential. Wat u dudes think???

Riddler on Sep 9, 2008


Only because Dark Knight has topped the list and got to number 1, all these film makers trying there best to make it darker even though the character is not dark, i.e. reboot of Superman which was posted a while back. TMNT does deserve a darker touch to it, but should keep the cockyness in every character. A much more darker story telling must be behind Master Yoshi and Shredder as these would be the back bone of the story base. Although I agree with post #1, they should attempt a bloody action packed film, with a few emotional scenes. Any news on the ThunderCats Movie?? one of the classics! Agreed guys!?

Fearl3ss on Sep 9, 2008


Adam, I think you're missing the point... That's NOT hybrid. As I reference, Alvin and the Chipmunks and/or Garfield - that's hybrid. And TMNT is, to the studios, a kids film like those...

Alex Billington on Sep 9, 2008


keep it animated. but make it less childish and a bit longer.

Darrin on Sep 9, 2008


Not sure who Master Yoshi is, but wasn't there mentor Master Splinter? They'll never make the turtles as good as they were back when we used to watch it

BILLY on Sep 9, 2008


Uh, wasn't Transformers a pretty decent little hybrid movie? It can be done. I think the aim might be to make it darker and more like the comic books, more for the fanboys instead of the kids.

Adam on Sep 9, 2008


Robots in CGI is believable, especially since CGI can make robots look realistic. But CGI flesh and blood, not so much. The rubber suits aren't believable either, but they're much more entertaining and real because they're ACTUALLY there.

Kail on Sep 9, 2008


ha...rather than the Chipmunks or Garfield, i think they're thinking along the lines of 300. perhaps the foot clan will be all actors in ninja customs who get their asses kicked by cgi turtles.

Matt Suhu on Sep 9, 2008


if they make this movie into a hybrid i will have to have someone drug me and drag me into the movie. sad thing is that i would see the movie... but thats the only way i would do it. How do they not see the freakin potential of another live action movie! After the third one and the current success of the movies being remade right now ... it would be huge!!!! Please- Please i hope they take some serious consideration into this idea. Otherwise it would be a waste.

Great on Sep 9, 2008


Wait? Could they mean hybrid like the movie '' Beowolf '' ??? or however it was spelled.

Great on Sep 9, 2008


The latest TMNT animated movie was awesome, if a little short and shallow. Why can't they just continue with that?

Aldonn on Sep 9, 2008


Noooo!!! Complete live action FTW! This sounds terrible... will I still watch it yes. I'd much rather see real turtle suits though.

Joel on Sep 9, 2008


o.k live action "GARBAGE" like the TNMT of the 80s or 90's is done, might as well be the CGI/animation I have to say that me and my 4yr old liked it. forget Cory Feldom and all that, it was o.k for the time but live action is a "DONE" art. REST IN PEACE.

ATGEESKS on Sep 9, 2008


i agree wid Post #7 who the hell is MASTER YOSHI Post #4 Dude????? Its Master SPLINTER lOllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Riddler on Sep 10, 2008


#2 stole the words from my mouth, if they can pull a transformers then not all hope is lost.

vu on Sep 10, 2008


The original Turtles comic was pretty dark when it was an indie comic, but none of the films have really been any good.

Crapola on Sep 10, 2008


Master Roshi is who he is talking about I believe.He was Master Splinters master.

Grazatron on Sep 10, 2008


hybrids= me not see this kinda shit in the theaters! i wanna see those green guys kicking some real live ass! COWA-FUCKEN-BUNGA!

Ray G!!!! on Sep 10, 2008


whats hybrid?!

rcclasisks on Sep 10, 2008


TMNT was incredible. The story (well, the monsters) were silly, but the action was on point and the animation was jaw-dropping. Why they won't continue this is a mystery to me. It's going to be imbalanced--the Turtles are going to be doing crazy ninja stuff thanx to CGI, and everyone and everything else that's live-action is going to pale in comparison. But show me a decent trailer and I may change my mind.

NadaNuff on Sep 11, 2008


Master Yoshi was Splinter in the cartoon.....Himato Yoshi was the name. Remember in the cartoon the man turned into the rat. In the movie Master Yoshi was Splinters owner.... I am totally not down for a hybrid! That pisses me off. I do hope they add that pizza hut commercial before the movie tho:)

Cliffy on Sep 11, 2008


I LOVED the first two movies back in the day. Hell for my 18th birthday i just wanted all three on DVD. But the third one caved. And I wasnt thrilled about the animated movie when it came out. BUt it was ok. If the trailer is good, i think ill see it. If CGI can make transformers come to life, lets hope they can bring the turtles BACK to life. I would totally go back for the suits though. even the original suits. they looked real enough back in those days even watching them now. But man i Love the turtles.

Celeste on Sep 11, 2008


I want to see a hybrid Mario movie. Or make a Metriod movie with Angileina Jolie.

cheater on Sep 13, 2008


i think you should make it like the old moives cuz that shit kick ass

big mike on Oct 6, 2008


Hey, I think that what the film makers need to understand is that yes, alot of parents will be taking their kids to see this next movie but, the majority of there audience will be 20 something's like us. the turtles are one of those rare things that stick with you no matter your age. I'm 21 almost 22 and im watching the 2nd one waiting for the rest of the world series to start.. I liked every movie except the third one, even as an 8 year old it felt kid like. the first one is my favorite and most other peoples too,, so in my opinion, i think they should bring back the live action entirley and continue where eithor the first or second one left of considering the third really had no attachment to the series. And if they just do a sequal to the latest Tmnt, THEY BETTTER BRING SHREDDER BACK!!! and i saw a comment somewhere in here,(cowa-fucking-bunga) how funny would it be for mikey to say (cowa-fucking-bunga-bitch) at some point in the movie lol.. OOOK im missing the movie and the pizza dudes got 30 seconds.......

Tim on Oct 29, 2008


I agree with the majority so far. I think Live Action is awesome. The original movies were the best and yes even in the year 2009 those turtle suits still look real. they did an amazing job. You would think in todays age that we would watch these movies and laugh at them for how crappy the suits look and we cant. The new TMNT movie did nothing for me. Theres no possible way someone like me who grew up a Turtles fanatic can watch Live action movies and then at the age of 23 have to watch a cartoon. The whole CGI idea is so-so. It really depends how much effort and money they put into it. If they put Tranformers/Ironman money into it, then yes bring it on. If they put Alvinand the Chipmunks/Garfield money into it, then it will be a flop. How bout going with the old rule, "If it aint broke, dont fix it". Bring back Live Action!!! Look how bad Star Wars: Clone Wars did compared to the Live Action 6-movies.

TMNT Tim on Feb 7, 2009


I think that CGI TMNT is reaaly awesome. That's why I it would much better if they continue the CGI TMNT. Live action combined with CGI isn't interesting.

Lolia on Jul 2, 2009

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