So There Is Another Ghostbusters Movie Being Written?!

September 3, 2008
Source: E! Online


I'm not sure whether to call this a complete rumor or not, because this isn't he first time I've heard something like this. E! Online (via SlashFilm) caught up with Dan Aykroyd during a promotion up in Toronto for his new line of wines and Patron tequila (no shit?) and questioned him about the Ghostbusters rumor. Aykroyd's answer actually sounds quite promising: "Two sharp young writers are purported to be writing the sequel, the third movie now. If I could interest Seth [Rogen] and Judd [Apatow] to be part of it, that would be an absolute dream." That would be an absolute dream for me too, Mr. Aykroyd. We already confirmed the return of a live-action TMNT this week, so why not Ghostbusters, too?! I just hope this isn't a drunk "Ray Stanz" spewing speculative madness…

What's interesting about this third Ghostbusters movie is that everyone seems to be pretty excited about it. I think it was the combination of the video game and early buzz about a sequel that actually made this a movie most would want to see. I think most people seem to instantly despise the return of beloved franchises like Ghostbusters, but for some odd reason I get very good feeling when I think about Dan Aykroyd and the boys coming back to bust more ghosts. This might just be the perfect time for the Ghostbusters to return from retirement and deal with some epic new impenetrable force anyway. I just hope that these two writers that Aykroyd has mentioned know what they're doing. How awesome is this new?!

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Mmm... Im a little iffy about a 3rd movie.. I mean...its just a little too late now, is it? These guys aren't exactly in the same shape as they were in the 80's (Aykroyd) I mean, unless they mix their ages with the comedy (like Bill Murray throwing out his back in the middle of a smart ass moment) then by all means go ahead.. I'll just wait a little longer and see what happens.. btw Was the videogame any good?? 😮

carlos on Sep 4, 2008


The video game has been delayed until sometime next year, which is the Ghostbusters' 25th anniversary... The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express, ...Ghostbusters?

Ivan on Sep 4, 2008


I would love to see all the cast return but training new guys, Like Adam Sandler, Chris rock, Adam Sandburg and Tina Fey. Or just do a whole new cast and reboot it.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 4, 2008


I don't know how they are calling this the third movie when ivan reitman is on the record for saying the new ghostbusters video game is the third movie. He should know he co wrote the script for the game and they've been advertising at all the gaming expo's that the game is the third movie.

Jon Bertrand on Sep 4, 2008


If only they brought back the original cast, old or not they rule! [+would b nice to c rick morranis again :))]

sng. Sheep on Sep 4, 2008


@3 - I'll pretend you never said that. A reboot of Ghostbusters is simply unacceptable. GB is among my all time favorite movies ever. They got it right the first time, there is nothing to gain by starting it over. It has 80s charm, good acting, good writing, and SFX that have held up well. This has been an ongoing fear for me for years now. And the very thought that Seth Rogen could be let near it sends shutters through me. Another sequel I could stand, IF the whole original cast came back, but even then I'm not sure it's really worth it given everyone's age these days. I think they are better off leaving well enough alone and be happy the two films are so well loved.

Quicksilver on Sep 4, 2008


Forget about reboots, next generations is where this movie lies and would ultimately have a chance to succeed. I would totally be up for a new adventure of the paranormal adrift in NYC. Tap into the existing title, THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS and feed Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and Hudson (hell, even Moranis) the roles of comedic mentors to a new breed of Ghostbusters, taking over the business. Reprise Rogen & Ramis as father & son a la KNOCKED UP and open Ghostbusters to a new playing field. It could totally work. I dont think anyone wants to see GHOSTBUSTERS nuke the fridge with old ha-ha guys in jumpsuits pretending to be who they once were, but tell me you cant envision how goddamn fun it'd be to have a new wave of this franchise still featuring the originals but moving forward while blending the old with the new. No doubt in my mind that I'd cross the streams to see THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS.

Voice Of Reason on Sep 4, 2008


I have to agree with #6. A reboot of Ghostbusters jsut cannot happen. Personally it is one of my favorite movies of all time and I was thinking about how they could possibly make a 3rd right now and the way I can up with would be to go forward with it along these lines. The movie would take place 30 - 40 years after the original and 3 of the 4 original Ghostbusters would be in the asylum based on the ending of the second movie and a new mayor who thinks that they contaminated all of New York with hallucinagens to make a profit. The fire station is now condemed and all the equipment locked away in the crubmling building. As paranormal activity begins to rise again the mayor arrests and commits anyone that says that they have experianced anything along those lines. Enter 4 college students from NYU who are trying to make an underground documentary on the Ghostbusters and the new paranormal activity. They then examine the enter the building and find the still functioning equipment that they begin to play around with it and then run into their first ghost, which they then proceed to capture causing massive damage. After they capture it the older Ray Stantz, who is in hiding, and he agress to help train them to capture ghosts. The new Ghostbusters then go around capturing ghosts and avioding police until the mayor can't hide it anymore and the Ghostbusters are back in business. That's the basis of the story I came up with. Also I was thinking about who could be cast in the roles so here is what I thought about those. Egon type - Adrian Granier Ray type - Seth Rogen possibly Winston type - Kal Penn Peter type - Ryan Reynolds

CK on Sep 4, 2008


THis rumor has been on-going for years. Ramis was excited concerning the CGI possibilities because his idea had a cast of MILLIONS and no way he could pull it off with out this advance in film making. Harold Ramis is brilliant, and knows how to write and DIRECT Murry. The main cast would have to return, but alas if Rogen was involved, I just don't see how to stomach that. NO RE-BOOT! NO ROGEN! " You will perish in FLAME!"

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 4, 2008


@3 - after I submit this comment I'll be scrubbing my eyeballs with bleach in an effort to cleanse your words from them. I'm going to forgive all of Dan Aykroyd's failures and the animosity I feel towards him (I paid money (real U.S. currency!) to see Coneheads, Blues Brothers 2000, and Nothing But Trouble) just for the mere mention of Seth Rogen being involved in a Ghostbusters film! Now, where is that bleach...

kevjohn on Sep 4, 2008


this is just an attempt to make money off a fad of movies coming back. forget this tired old stuff. and who is the assclown who wants to cast ryan reynolds?!?! are you kidding me?? ryan reynolds??!! geez man, what a joke, come on!! he's awful, his whole "comedic" persona is an aweful attempt at ripping off Jim Carey. Here's an idea for a comeback movie with ryan reynolds... How about we remake Robocop, and he can play murphy (the dude who becomes robocop), but the movie only lasts up to the part where he gets blown to shit by all those gang bangers, cause this time he doesnt live. Now thats a movie Id go see baby!! F#ck You Ryan Reynolds!!

Hulk on Sep 4, 2008


I'd love a movie if it was the old crew. If it's seth Rogen and his friends then I'll be very sad. I just can't find him funny or any of his other 40 year old virgin guys funny. Oh and please no more pot or sex jokes. I've had it up to here with pot and sex jokes.

Jesse on Sep 4, 2008


"@3 - I'll pretend you never said that. A reboot of Ghostbusters is simply unacceptable. GB is among my all time favorite movies ever. They got it right the first time, there is nothing to gain by starting it over." You DO realize that if they reboot a movie you don't HAVE to go see it...right? Your DVD of the original won't suddenly stop working and you won't forget the first movie. Why do people always act like a remake somehow soils the original? I think it's just something for people to feel superior about and get their panties in a wad.

joel on Sep 4, 2008


They'd better attach another hot up-and-coming hip hop artist to do a song.

DCompose on Sep 4, 2008


yes #14 maybe MC HAMMER.

dac_fan on Sep 4, 2008


@13 That's b/c 99 out of 100 times, a reboot turns out worse. It's not an opinion, it's pretty much the truth. A reboot is just a way to cash in on an already established idea with more everything and less story. If I see one that's worth a head turn, I have no bias against it. But until that happens, reboots are still garbage.

L on Sep 4, 2008


Are you Bone-heads?????!!!!! Leave Ramis and Akroyd out??????!!!!!! You can't just throw a few imitations into a pot and hope it tastes the same!!!!!!!!! The guys are the foundation of it all, they're a beautiful comic trio. The guys look just fine! and it's called 20 odd years have gone by! And as long as they've kept their mischievious comic charm, it doesn't matter! What's going to matter is the plot, writing and direction!!!! Sure, throw, some young pups in there, apprentices, kids, whatever. Somebody find the spontaniety, the spark, of the first Ghostbusters! Don't just slap it on paper, like "GB II" or other sloppy seconds, if that's what you're going to do, I would just assume you all not bother! Make the franchise last, make the kids enamored with it' so it's "COOL" or "AWESOME" again. Make it funny, so that when the "Ghostbusters" set comes out, we'll darn well want to buy it! However the writers have to look at it, for it to be lasting, classic! Make it something you can be unbelievably proud of!!! Wishing a HAPPY SUCCESS with another "Ghostbusters" Sarah Reichow.

Sarhah Reichow on Sep 7, 2008


Evweryone, I never mentioned Seth Rogan. I simply said that they should either reboot it, or have the old guys train new guys like Adam Sandler, Chris rock, Andam Sandberg, Tina Fey (all SNL Cast). I wanted to see this happen years ago. I think the orignial guys are way too old. And yes redo the movie again. I am not saying I want it to happen, but Hollywood can not come up with anything fresh and new. meaning, they take from a TV Show, and older Movie and remake it, a Comic book, or they just make ONE more push in the long running movies. Like Rush Hour 3, Spiderman 3, FF2, Lethel weapon 3 and 4, IJ4, Star Wars 1,2,3, Rocky, Rambo. Now I am not saying I do not love most of these movies, but damn man, come up with some new stuff. brand new movies. Come on Hollywood.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 8, 2008


hmmm......... i as most people couldnt not watch another ghostbuster movie!!! of course i would!! when i heard the first buzz about it i was kinda psyched right away. i read through some of these comments and i like #8's ideas the most and really it is one of the only natural ways, but i think that that sequence is very raw, cronologicly correct though, and very fresh. anytime that direction is taken w/ a movie the out come is always very positive and allows the movie to be reborn into the next generation. it is a cult classic for me too, but there are such talented new directors and producers out there now, and the on screen ability w/ effects is unmeasurable to the old. i know that eventually they will write it, a year will go by and they will do it, you will all resist it. and then 6 mo. you will see a preview of the upcoming mega smash, and wont be able to live w/o having seen it. then you will love it and its rebirth, yearning for the sequil to it. when it comes out on dvd you will buy it, and prolly a couple more times after that as to always have a working copy of this more than likely unmade kick ass continuance of a movie. i dont think they will re direct termonator three, i am sure ghostbusters is safe from that. i am all for it

nick shink on May 23, 2009


Actually, I think Ryan Renolds is an exelent actor. I think he would be a great ghostbuster. Some of his movies were a flop but most of them were good. Blade and Just Friends are just a couple of examples of his good movies. I him think him and Rogen would be exellent.

Whit on May 27, 2009


Place Paul Rudd in one of the spots. He's hirlarious!!

Judi Chandler on Jun 9, 2009


they are going to have all the ghostbusters pass on their proton packs to a couple of young cadets i b et they'll be great as the old ones i fell in love with these movies beacause of ray and egon i loved when egon scanned that man and poked him to see if he was real i laughed so hard . and when ray thought of stay puft as a harmless thing but boy was ray wrong . i also liked in ghostbusters 2 when they said this peter : doe ray : ray egon : EGON! peter stares at egon i hope the make a new ghostbusters game after the movie beacause i already beat it at rookie now onto buster

greenflight on Jan 1, 2010

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