Sopranos Movie Rumors Surface... Ehh?

March 8, 2008
Source: CHUD

The Sopranos

Rarely would one trust the word of a strip club owner. Unless that owner is Nick D'Urso of the Satin Dolls club in New Jersey, also know in fiction as the Bada Bing. You know, from the landmark series The Sopranos? D'Urso was recently quoted by the Times-Herald Record (via CHUD) as saying, "I got an inside tip that they're going to do a movie." D'Urso is so confident in this tip that he's shelving plans to renovate the venue in order to maintain the appearance of the lead character's (Tony Soprano) home away from home. Take it for what you will.

If this turns out to be true, I wouldn't be surprised. While CHUD attributes the inclination for most to believe in a big-screen version as still-whetted appetites stemming from the abrupt series finale, I'd like to think there are other less ravenous variables at play.

Rather, I readily think of what's going on with Sex and the City. Immediately following the series finale, rumors started to abound about a follow-up movie. Speculation upon speculation and denial upon denial ultimately arrives at where we are today: awaiting the May release of the film. Will such a thing happen with another HBO hit? Maybe. If the success of these franchises is any such indicator, then get ready for some big-screen wackin'.

D'Urso also mentions: "I'm not going to reveal my sources, but we got a call from somebody (working) on the script." While Sopranos creator David Chase has always been a bit cryptic about his intentions (or lack thereof) to make a movie, he did state back in 2007 that "If something appeared that really made a good 'Sopranos' movie and you could invest in it and everybody else wanted to do it, I would do it. But I think we've kind of said it and done it." ( Michael Imperioli who played Tony's nephew, Christopher, recently echoed that sentiment. "I think we're done. I think we had our day, unless David Chase comes up with something great." (

That does sound a bit bleak. Adding to this, HBO has apparently denied the rumor (naturally). D'Urso's renovation plans have been postponed ’til the summer. I guess this is now our measuring stick, so we'll see what happens.

What do the Sopranos fans think - would it be great to see the show revived in a movie?

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I think the success or failure of the Sex and the City movie will ultimately determine whether this gets made. I havent watched The Sopranos so I cannot say whether a movie is welcome or necessary.

Keith on Mar 8, 2008


Hi Keith, just a word of advice: Watch the Sopranos. you don't know what you're missing.

Conrad on Mar 8, 2008


and just what if they do make a Soprano's movie??? hasnt the organized crime family routine been literally done to death??? just another example of the lack of creativity in Hollywood today...I'll pass on this one...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Mar 8, 2008


I hear you Conrad, thanks for the advice. Im trying to figure out how Id fit 10 seasons of a show into my schedule...

Keith on Mar 8, 2008


A Sopranos movie??? Get the f*ck outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spider on Mar 8, 2008


There was talk of a prequel. Chase was absolutely obsessed with having the "good ole' days" discussed in the show. He previously expressed interest in exploring that path, sort of. I think it'll be a prequel that shows' Tony's father and Uncle Junior with a young Paulie Walnuts going nuts back in the day. To be honest, I'd rather not have a prequel. I wouldn't mind seeing a movie that takes place in the middle of the series, a storyline that we didn't get to see in the show. Remember the Russian that Paulie and Christopher lost in the Pine Barrens? (sorry for the spoilers for those who hasn't seen this amazing show, and if you haven't then shame on you) It would be neat to see how the rest of that played out. We never saw the Russian or any mention of his boss (who considered the Russian lost in the Pine Barrens as a brother). It was a story simply left to our imagination as to how it played out. Of course... we could always get a REAL ending to the Sopranos through a movie.

Chris on Mar 9, 2008


I would love to see a Sopranos movie. I still feel cheated from the ending of the series and i dont feel that i am alone in that statement. I think they should start it off where the left it, I bet people would go see it just to see what happens in the dinner. Sopranos the movie is a must!

pFox on Mar 9, 2008


I hope they make a sopranos movie with a creater like david chase i think it will be there with casino and good fellas

Charlie on Mar 12, 2008


I would also love to see a sopranos movie! However, i do have a dilemma with a movie..Dont get me wrong i love the sopranos im a huge fan and it has been my life since episode 1 season 1. If there is a movie, there is going to be an ending. As Tony once said in season 6 pt. 2 there is only 2 ways for a life in the mafia to end...Death or prison, and i for one dont want to see either of those 2 endings. Yea the last episode did kind of leave everyone hanging, and you didnt really get alot of closure, but atleast you know life went on for all the characters, and nothing seriously bad happened (except bobby, and sil). Having said that if there is a movie that will come out i will be one of the first ones in line, but you gotta think..there will be a permenant end on the big screen..

Chris on Mar 12, 2008


If there was a movie I am sure it would "insist upon itself".

Sblaze on Apr 14, 2008


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for there to be a Soprano Movie. I used to live for Sunday nights when that show came on, now I have no show on television that I would cancel plans to watch.

shawn cornejo on Jul 12, 2008


kieth, please don't come on here and talk about sex and the city, and THEN say you've never seen The Sopranos....ok enough of that. I think hollywood might have beat the organized crime theme to death, but if they were to give the Sopranos a shot with a movie it would either have to be extraordinarily tragic..(like tony goes to prison and the families all go to war, everybody dies kinda thing) or they make a move from Jersey like the Corleones to really I just don't know if they can get away from the greatness they've ALREADY to just leave it alone

jeff on Dec 31, 2008


I am a huge fan and would love to see a movie made of the greatest HBO series ever. I have a great place for the movie to start. We all know what happened at the end, but if you back it up about half way through the final season when Tony was in Las Vegas, it could start there. Remember when Tony was tripping on paodi in the desert with the hooker ? From that point to the end of the season is all a dream/nightmare and he wakes up when the door to the diner opens up and Journeys "don't stop beleiving" is playing on the jukebox. The possibilitys are endless and I would be happy to script it to all of your desires.

Jorge on May 19, 2009


F--king A there should be a movie before they get to old to do it. When I say it was the best series ever I fall way short of being able to express just how good the series was. There was something for everyone. My wife hates violence but she loved the sopranos. It would be number 1 for sure. Maybe of all times even bigger then the Godfather. Just so long as they did it like the Godfather. There is way to much money to be made for them not to do the movie. It has to have all the originals in it and forget about how much it would cost because it would be the biggest selling movie ever. Tell me if you think so to.

Danny on Jun 10, 2009


i agree... they would be fools not to make this movie. i'm not just speaking as a fan who would love to see it, but from a financial stand point, it stands to make box office history. the build up to that movie would be incredible, and while it may fall flat on its face and not live up to the series (which i doubt it will), it would most certainly gross tons of money. i wonder if martin scorsese would be interested. i can't imagine him not being involved seeing as how he just guest starred on another HBO hit entourage. anyway, that's just my two cents... i would love to see this movie.

Jason on Jul 14, 2009


Id love a Sopranos movie, the ending of the series completely pissed me off. I believe the ending was like that with the intent of a film. I think Tony will get whacked out. I mean yeah we all think Tony is cool, but he did do alot of things against the rules of the mafia. Silvio was still in the hospital and they never say how it turns out. To many things left undone to not make a movie, David Chase owes a Soprano movie to all the fans

Stan on Mar 10, 2010


I think a Sopranos movie would rake in BIG $$$ and the creator should def consider this. We are getting into a second Sex in the City Movie and iam tired of these chick flicks. You want to talk about beating a dead horse these types of movies hit our big screens every other month. The fans really still want a real ending to the Sopranos not the non sense of the season finale!!

Pasquale on Apr 9, 2010


I agree with that the sopranos did leave a lot up in the air with the way the season ended. I think a good movie should take up where the last episode left off and also go into some flashback scenes. I wouldn't mind seeing how Tony got into the life and if his father and uncle brought him up into it, paulie and Junior in younger days , maybe AJ coming up into it also since he was always having problems with a career choice. I and everyone of my friends always enjoyed the sopranos and I am sure a movie will be a big hit. It doesnt necessarily have to have a permanent ending. There are possibilities for sequel after sequel . Look at Terminator and Rambo and countless other movies that resulted in continued stories. If they can do it with a bimbo feast like Sex and the City, they can do it with anything.

Guy on Apr 15, 2010


First HBO series I ever saw is the Sopranos. I really got into the story. I have not paid full fare to see a first run movie in 20 years. However, I'd wait in line in the rain to see The Soprano Movie.

Ron on Oct 16, 2010

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