Sound Off: Get Smart - What Did You Think?

June 20, 2008

Get Smart

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Although we're nearly half way through the summer season, Get Smart marks the arrival of one of the first big comedies this summer. Was Steve Carell able to capture the spirit of Don Adams and fulfill the comedic genius of Mel Brooks? Was there too much action and not enough comedy or vice versa? With Get Smart, expectations are high primarily because the film is based on such a beloved TV show and because America loves Steve Carell so much. Will this be the first big family hit of the summer? Was Anne Hathaway too hot for the screen? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Get Smart.

To fuel the fire, I thoroughly enjoyed Get Smart, but didn't think it was amazing. I hardly laughed except for a few scenes with Alan Arkin, but beyond that, I thought it was just too choppy and unstructured to be as good of a spy movie as any Bond and too serious to be as hilarious as any good comedy. I really wanted it to be much better, but it didn't even come close to meeting my expectations. The trailers had shown us all of the good comedic moments and all that was left were great action scenes that never really felt like they fit together. Overall a solid and entertaining film, but definitely not one of my favorites this summer.

What did you think of Get Smart? One of the best or worst comedies this summer?

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I liked it. Some good one liners from Steve Carell and I think he fit the role well. Anne Hathaway didn't look comfortable in the role. I will wait for it on DVD to see it again.

Tyler on Jun 20, 2008


Just saw it about ten minutes ago. I thought it was pretty well done. With movies like The Love Guru and that stupid Adam Sandler movie in theaters, Im glad someone was able to make an movie enjoyable

Sean on Jun 20, 2008


it was alright. steve carell and his usual character. anne hathaway is pretty damn hot in this movie. the plot wasn't well filmed though, too jumpy at times.

freestyLes on Jun 20, 2008


Liked it, didn't love it. But it was a lot of fun. It took about 15 minutes to really get into it's "groove". Was a bit awkward at first. Then kicked in. I recommend it. My rating: 6/10

Movie Fan on Jun 20, 2008


I really enjoyed the first hour and half, but the ending was cliche. I think all Steve Carell fans will really enjoy it.

Mike on Jun 20, 2008


I was pleasantly surprised. After the meager trailers, I was sort of worried about the film. But in the end I ended up laughing the entire time. An easy 8/10. And if the Love Guru makes more money than this it will truly prove that almost everyone that sees movies in this country are absolute idiots.

John on Jun 20, 2008


I agree about the Love Guru box office statement. If Love Guru makes more than this, I may have to take action. This movie was hilarious, without being sexual. Mel Brooks is welcomed with open arms!

Carter on Jun 20, 2008


Guys, I was just wondering if there was more than just the slapstick comedy they've shown on the trailers. Those gags got old pretty fast and if there's anything that's keeping me from watching it yet it's that.

Nate on Jun 20, 2008


goin to see it today! i was toatlly psyched until this week, when the critics made me really skeptical about the film i wish they would stop use the tv show as the control and grading the film based on whether it was better or worse than the show. cant you just review it purely based on being a typical action-comedy film instead of comparing it by the way is it just me or do more than half of the critics try to be witty by saying Get Smart "missed it by that much" how bout being a little original next time?

LeeMan on Jun 21, 2008


I thought it was brilliant casting. I always loved the show and seeing all these characters...Max, 99, the chief, hymie...was like a blast from the past. The museum with the original cone of silence was a nice touch too. I would give it a 8/10

Walter on Jun 21, 2008


I liked the movie. I am used to Steve Carrol's movies moving slowly at times. This one moved better than avarage. I've heard mixed things about the movie, so I didn't have high expectations. thus it more than exceeded what I expected. I laughed at a lot of parts, quite a few not from the trailers. So of the most funny things were very subtle references or quotes from the original series. So basically, if you were a fan of the old series and remember it pretty well, you will get a lot from the movie. If you come in expecting it to be another Austin Powers, you will be disappointed.

Keith H on Jun 21, 2008


Thought the movie was great. Steve Carrol and Anne Hathaway worked good together. Would give it a 9/10. Does anyone know what kind of puppy was shown at the end of the movie?

Ronald Gubrud on Jun 21, 2008


Second best movie of the summer just behind Iron Man, Alan Arkin + Steve Carrell = Great Movie

Derek on Jun 21, 2008


Alex: you didn't think it was amazing. You hardly laughed. You thought it was too choppy and unstructured. You wanted it to be much better, but it didn't even come close to meeting your expectations. And yet, you "thoroughly enjoyed it". You're such a whore.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Jun 22, 2008


Can't wait to see it!! LOVE Steve Carrol... even tho he plays the SAME character in Movie. I don't care... he's just funny to watch.

Yorek Hunt on Jun 22, 2008


i tought the film was absolutely hilarious why do the critics keep hatin on it hardly laughed? i cant tell how many times i laughed at this film. granted its no 40 year old virgin, but it blew evan alimighty away and the castin was near perfect. action=8/10,comedy=7/10, casting=10/10, overall=8/10!!

LeeMan on Jun 22, 2008


I wasn't expecting to enjoy the film as much as I did. I'd heard a lot of reviews that essentially labeled it a slightly below average movie. So when it turned out to be solidly average, it exceeded my expectations. Of course the last "comedy" I saw was Sandler's Zohan movie, so this was an enourmous step up in quality at every level. Carell did as expected, but I was surprised how well the rest of the cast did, especially Anne Hathaway. She didn't have an easy part but she pulled it off perfectly. Alan Arkin was great throughout, but he almost steals the second half of the film. And as soon as I realized they would be having the president in the film, I began dreading another lame Bush caricature, as in the Harold & Kumar movie. Instead we get an amusing performance by James Caan, who merely gives off a Bushian essence rather than do an imitation. Except for one (inhaling the blowdart), all the physical gags worked pretty well. They could have shown less of them in the adverts though, whoever's decision that was. They could have used better bad guys and a stronger plot. But it's Get Smart, not James Bond or MI. This isn't going to go down in history as a great film, but it's easily the second best comedic film out in theaters right now, behind Kung Fu Panda. That's no so bad.

kevjohn on Jun 23, 2008


I actually liked it a lot. Obviously, it is not the same Get Smart as the show - it is updated. But, if Mel Brooks says he likes it, it is actually funny, it has good action, and brings out emotion from it's audience (which it did at my theater), then it is worth seeing. I would recommend it, but I would also then recommend watching the original show, because that is a riot, to say the least. btw, everyone I heard leaving the theater talking about it said that they thought it was really funny. Granted, none of them were over twenty, and I doubt any of them had seen the show. I think that is why some people don't like it. The older people wanted the show in movie form, and the younger audience was expecting an awesome Steve Carell movie (which they got).

Josh on Jun 25, 2008


What kind of puppy was as at the end of this funny movie

Halee on Nov 28, 2008


the PUPPY was a shitzu!!!!

pj on Dec 17, 2008

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