Sound Off: Hancock - What Did You Think?

July 2, 2008


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? We don't normally do this on Wednesday's, but considering Hancock is this year's big 4th of July film, we need to ask you what you thought. Is it the Will Smith blockbuster that you were expecting? Was it refreshing to see a superhero without origins created decades ago in comics? Did the story hold up the entire film or did it fall apart part of the way through? Is Hancock as stupid and cheesy as it looked? Or was it one of the more entertaining films to arrive this summer? There are a lot of interesting questions to ask about Hancock because it was such a highly anticipated blockbuster. Will this become the new box office success to beat or will it crash and burn? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Hancock.

To fuel the fire, I was incredibly disappointed by Hancock. The first third of the movie was great. It was hilarious, the concept was genuinely entertaining, and I was having a good time. But the moment Charlize Theron's character gets revealed, it takes a turn for the worst. From their first fight to the hospital scene in the third act, the story became one big, ugly, confusing mess. It felt like it had a great concept to start with, but kept shifting tone so much that by the third act they didn't know where to take it because the characters were already a confusing mess. Others might be entertained by it, but overall Hancock was definitely not the great film I was hoping for and has way too many problems to even be called entertaining.

What did you think of Hancock? Is it the Will Smith blockbuster you wanted to see?

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The Will Ferrel blockbuster?

Josh on Jul 2, 2008


I was entertained by Handcock. I agree with the first third, or half being the best. However, despite some obviously faulty cinematic elements, the film resulted in a solid summer action/popcorn flick (similar to how I felt about Wanted). I walked into this movie with little to no expectations, and I think that is what allowed me to see a descent movie in the mix. Anyone who wants to be entertained should go see Handcock, and come to your own conclusion. Besides, the previews were pretty good, am I right? -John By the way, its Will Smith, NOT Will Ferrell 🙂

John on Jul 2, 2008


I liked it. It was a refreshing look at the superhero genre. It isn't perfect, that's for sure, but it wasn't bad either. I give it 3.5/5 Stars.

Cinexcellence on Jul 2, 2008


I enjoyed it. It was definitely an interesting concept. It was refreshing to see a new superhero and not one based on comics - and one that was so flawed. I don't really care to know the origins of where he came from. It added a mysterious element to him and his background. I thought the fight between Charlize and Will was pointless and only added for CGI effects and to look cool (which it did). The humor was great and the rest of the action was good too. I think it will make a shit load of money. The showing I was at last night was packed!

Jeff Warner on Jul 2, 2008


Alex you was against this movie from the beginning .... You critic the CGI from the beginning .... You had no clue about what Charlize Theron do in that movie ... and as I see again and again disappointed in the movie like another 50 movies in this year make everything big and make a big commercial for them in this site but in the end you are again wrong ... I saw most of your critics and your comments and it looks you never have one decision ... I never say any bad words about you but from now on I think people have the right to say what they want ... because you do not remember what you said in your first topic before 3-4 months and what are you writing now ... and as you know and maybe understand that I don't mean just for Hancock ....but at least you had to say 2 words about the CGI !!!! why you didn't say anything ? read your first topic for this movie's trailer and explain if you are wrong or right ? Why you just run to 3/4 was good but the end was bad was entertaining but not that much ... do you know that everyone can say these stuff ... again make your self with one decision and be a man .... 🙂 I mean with one character ... or just publish the news - become a man with a word and real critics or comments ... I am even defending you in some old topics just because your search and finding news ...but from now on ... even you didn't answer the critics that you got in : all these things is just because you point people to a direction ...but again you are so unsure about it by yourself .... Is that your job to lie to people to buy a ticket and go watch the movie and then you will say It was not good !!!???? By the way I didn't watch the movie yet ...but I am sure as the 95% of the other movies you are wrong again . and what the hell Will Ferrell ????? is doing in this topic ???? do you write and dream in the same time ???? Ferrell and Smith got a big distance of difference !!!

Shero on Jul 2, 2008


told you it was going to be crap from the start

harrison on Jul 2, 2008


I thought Will Ferrell was pretty convincing as a black guy in this movie. He's sure to get an Oscar nod. Take that, Heath Ledger!!

Krug on Jul 2, 2008


Spoilers below... I enjoyed it but really felt that it was an incomplete film. It seemed like there were only two acts to the story. And there was no villain! There wasn't even much of a conflict at all. The end was just too convenient with the bad guys breaking from prison and showing up at the hospital. I liked the burnt out superhero storyline. And I love Bateman's role as Hancock's publicist. The story with Theron's character was okay...I liked how when they are together they are mortal. But there was no balance. There was no 3rd act. There was not enough story developed with who they are or why they are here. This was like 'The Happening'. As in I was expecting so much more out of this film...but got an unfinished film in the end. 'The Happening' was much worse. This was a little bit like 'Last Action Hero' but even that film had a villain.

Tim C on Jul 2, 2008


This was definitely NOT the Will Ferrell movie I wanted to see. I haven't seen the Will Smith one yet. It seems like a rip-off.

The Better Bard on Jul 2, 2008


This flick was just a cynical studio gimmick. I can guarantee you that this is how it went down: Studio suit #1: "Superhero movies are big and Will Smith is Big, let's put them together." Studio suit #2: "But if Will Smith plays a Marvel or D.C. character, we'll have to share the profits, with Marvel or Time Warner." Studio suit #1: "We'll invent our own superhoro. People are stupid, the like superheroes, they like Will Smith - it's gold! Studio suit #2: "You are so smart studio suit #1!" What could go wrong - Hancock that's what. This sucked. Get a good story before you just throw any crap out there.

Matt on Jul 2, 2008


I really hated this movie from the beginning. Hancock was just a completely unlikeable character - and everyone he interacted with was unlikeable too (particularly that obnoxious little kid at the beginning). I had no empathy for him and therefore no connection to the movie. By the time he became interesting & sympathetic the plot was taking a turn for the worse. This movie was full of set-ups that went nowhere - it was completely dis-jointed. The "bad guy" setup was good but executed poorly - really poorly. People's actions in the second half made no sense either, particularly those of Theron's. After seeing it I went online to read about what other people were saying about it. Now I don't know if it's true but I read that the original cut submitted to the ratings board was nearly an hour longer (which received a hard R rating). Well that would explain a lot and I actually can't wait to see that cut if it's released on DVD. One critic's review I read said that it was worth seeing this movie if only to see what it could have been. What I did like about the movie were Justin Bateman's character and performance as well as that of the boy who played his son. There's a moment between Hancock and Bateman's son that nearly brought a tear to my eye. That's when I started to give the movie some credit but a reel or so later it just kicked me in the nuts.

Mat on Jul 2, 2008


I totally agree with you Alex! I couldn't have said it better myself! The Charlize Theron revelation plunged the flick into the ground and never recovered!! Very disappointing!!

Spider on Jul 2, 2008


I enjoyed the movie immensly. I did go in with expectations but Hey I Love 85% of what Will Smith does (regarding Movies). It kept me rivereted, My daughter 13, my son 20 and his girlfriend 20 also loved the movie. Yes by the third act it got a little confusing because when it revealed the facts about Therons Character it didn't ENOUGH detail. But overall I thought it was great and so did the crew I went with and the other Movie goers. Every one was clapping and applauding at the end. And Will Smith is not Will Ferrell 🙂

Ladyjay on Jul 2, 2008


WOW.. what a random rant Shero#6.. as I look at the history of articles on Hancock... it was 'Trash', 'reshoot', 'trash', 'interesting', 'dark', 'interesting'... and THESE WERE FROM THE TRAILERS.... Then Alex saw the movie, and GAVE HIS THOUGHTS... no where in that second paragraph did he state a motivating statement to go to the movie or not... he mentioned that HE was dissapointed.... When are you folks going to start reading the Classifications of the articles that Alex puts up? Sound Off: - an article to get audiences to respond to a movie they saw Review: - an article written to critique the cinematic virtues of a movie Rumor: - an article of random notable 'rumors' regarding a movie Rant: - an article for Alex to give his personal, pissing and moaning about a movie(hehe) Must Watch: - some new video, trailer, or clip regarding a movie First Look: - an image or video from a new movie Suggested Reading: - recommended reading about a genre or film Check This Out: - a random piece of cool movie info Honestly.. and that was just from taking stuff from the front page. People should stop bitching about someone reviewing a film, when all Alex may be doing in that particular article is expressing his thoughts on a movie. Stop the crying, and over analyzing peoples’ comment. Opinions are like…ya know the rest ... it has become a frustration to read all the comments, when all I want is to read an article and have conversations with many of the awesome folks that get on here and talk in these comments(you used to be one Shero), not F'in bitch sessions and whining. I like to read Alex, Kevin and the others commentary on a film or news piece... It is why I come to this site.... I despise the language and continuous rants on MANY of the other sites out there.... some of the same sites that come here and blast FirstShowing... I don't think this was the article to write all this on... cause it is not going to be read nearly as much cause the movie looks lame (TO ME), but I will still go see it for the popcorn. AND NO, I have no plot, CGI, or other damned reason, I just feel that way. I guess I might be flip flopping, cause originally I was really interested until I saw the most recent TV Spot that had him waking up and such… blah blah blah

Dusty on Jul 2, 2008


Sorry.. bad day at work... must stop reading the grumpy comments .. cause then I end up posting one.. sorry folks

Dusty on Jul 2, 2008


Holy crap that was Will Ferrell? They are getting good with the visual effects these days.

carterhimself on Jul 2, 2008


I agree with you alex, although i still felt it was an entertaining summer movie.

Sean on Jul 2, 2008


one word: horrible.

Tom on Jul 2, 2008


I thought it was entertaining. I liked a drunk superhero. Action was ok. But the story sucked. Angels really? I would have believed being dropped in a large tub of toxic waste or another planet.

Tyler on Jul 2, 2008


I liked. Want to see an extended cut with original R-rated action scenes. *** TYLER SAID But the story sucked. Angeles really? *** My impression was that the film left that question open ended. They really don't know what they are. They just know that they were "built" to protect Earth. And I think the choice of the "Frankenstein" movie is a huge hint that these guys have been genetically engineered. SEQUEL!

R on Jul 2, 2008


I thought it was great - i'll buy it on dvd - especially if they stick back in the r-rated stuff. Why is this getting such a slamming from the press?

dom on Jul 2, 2008


If there was one thing wrong with this - it would be the marketing campaign - kinda came out of nowhere and well didn't really sell the pic... and after I am Legend, to see a bum version of Will Smith - well it was hard to grasp... that said I still liked it and think Will has some amazing power on screen - this guy is so lucky!!

dom on Jul 2, 2008


Hancock= 1st half good + 2nd half terrible! This is one for video! Beware!!

Pickle on Jul 2, 2008


Best part of Hancock was the new 007 Trailer for Solice. See Wanted and Wall-E again....and skip this....... Bottom Line: When you are doing re-shoots at 1 month out of release, your in bloody trouble!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jul 2, 2008


There are some haters on here!!! That shit was sooo funny. A guy with powers that isn't Holier than thou was a very refreshing twist on the same ole bullshit we've been watching for decades. Superman returned as a homewrecker, Batman was a bum and convict, Iron man sold weapons to terrorist & really didn't give a shit till he got fucked up. Will Smith flipped the script and did a great job playing a depressed hero who lost his memory & connection with the people. ****************************SPOILER ALERT******************************** Lady: "I can smell liquor on your breath." Hancock: "Cause I been drinking bitch!" Was a classic line or when he was in the bar. Hancock: "Bitch I'll break my foot off in your ass." Alex you were disappointed cause you disappointed yourself! You put the movie on a mountain top and when it couldn't sit up there you shot it down. So be disappointed in yourself. The fight scene between Theron and Smith was good cause the two were husband and wife. From the scene when she's introduced you can see from the look on her face that she knew him and had feelings for him. I admit the story isn't strong at all, but the concept and comedy made it all fit together. Was it a 4th of July Blockbuster!? No. A good film. Yes. I would recommend it to anyone and buy the dvd with the R rating when its available which I expect to be way better.

Tirrell on Jul 2, 2008


I found the LAST HALF to be THE BEST actually! The drama worked better and showed what it could be. Spoilers- the film felt like it chopped off a good 45 minutes (should have shown Theron and them two through flashbacks a bit) and THERE WAS NO VILLIAN which really hurt it. Then the dumb inmates at the end with their "powers" being taken away was such bullshit and somewhat confusing. The escape too was a little crazy. Its tone changed too mcuh and went from real to fake at the drop of a hat. Then Bateman seems to be forgot about! Bad all around and never picked up any steam and not much action and the scenes were kind of dull too and short. Theorn though was SMOKIN' HOT! when she visited Hancock at his house. MAN! ** out of ****

Ryan on Jul 2, 2008


It was half comedy, half drama, but not enough of either. I really think that if it were longer it could have been great.

Ian Kazimer on Jul 2, 2008


I thought was well thought out actually. It was good movie With a Great Concept. The twist in the movie was sort of unexpected, but some how i knew sumthing was going 2 Happen. Overall it was a 4/5...

Tony on Jul 2, 2008


Chopped up film with the best parts left on the editing floor. Plain and simple, I don't like the MPAA or the NRA or the studio suits or cows well people acting like cows or sheep though I have a softer spot for sheep. Will Smith funny guy Charlize Theoron amazing skill to act wide range of characters with or without clothes. If I hang out with someone and they make me have superpowers I am going to hang out with that person day and night. If they zap my superpowers that person is lucky they get a christmas card. So, final thought rocks Hancock Not ( until the uncut unrated 2-disc DVD version comes out -MOO)

Patricia on Jul 2, 2008


The last half of this movie really sucked. I agree with most posts. This film was aimless and bounced around from action to comedy to drama to a stupid revelation that served the story no purpose. The fight between Hancock and Theron's character was stupid in itself instead of joining forces. Then to get shot (both of them) in a hospital. This seemed as though the last half was slapped on from another film. To those who are planning to see it: SKIP IT!!!

Mondo on Jul 2, 2008


What was up with the X-Men costume! I can just see the big Marvel lawsuit about to unfold!!!

Stinger on Jul 3, 2008


can any1 giv a description of 'the day the earth stood still trailer'

lostboy_1 on Jul 3, 2008


I loved it, it was nice to see something new that wasn't an adaptation, and yeah it did get kinda stupid when the girl was revealed to be another superhero. I think it would've been better if the movie was more about his journey from the superhero who didn't give a fuck about anyone but himself to a clean cut well made superhero.

Kail on Jul 2, 2008


Anyone wanna bet we'll get a much longer director's cut on DVD/Blu-ray in time for Xmas? What with their problems with MPAA, late re-shoots and resulting last-minute rush to meet the release date, I'm sure both Berg and the studio want to fix it for home video release. Also keep in mind that the movie running time is a factor when your aim is to max out the box office. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that the first cut was way over 2 hours but studio insisted on a shorter cut to allow for more showings per day.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Jul 3, 2008


I totally agree, Colin. I really think that if the movie had more time to explain what was going on, it would have been golden. Here's hoping for a director's cut.

Ian Kazimer on Jul 3, 2008


Easily could have used another 30-40 minutes of footage to explain, in greater detail, the history of the two. They could have "actually incorporated elements of the couple going through their tumultuous moments in the past." From their inception on this world, the other "great ones" who died and how they faltered to the streets all the way to each of the two scars on Hancock having a mini-background story. If they would have delivered some cinematic moments to extrapolate on this wounds, this movie may have received greater marks. In gist, this flick had SO MUCH potential to be great, but imo, the studios weren't too faithful in this release to give it any more depth than already presented in this finalized theatrical version. (Perhaps, the budget spent on the a-list actors obstructing/limiting what the studios intended on producing? Grab a plate, because that was a little food for thought.) Who knows, the DVD release may see some additional scenes we, the movie-going populace" were truly meant to be exposed to. Until then, i'm going to keep my fingers like a crucifix as they "stay crossed". *sighs* "LISTEN TO THE TRACK, B****!!!"

BinYe East on Jul 3, 2008


Ughhh ... 1.5 (maybe 2) out of 5. This was a seriously messed up movie, and, no, that is not a compliment. I don't want to spoil it for those who have not see it but there is one that threw me a loop. It confused me. Were he and her brother and sister (they mentioned this during their conversation in the trailer) or husband and wife? They were never straight on that. Not that the first half of the pic was a laugh riot, it had its moments, but the whole switching gears was unnecessary. It starts out as a redemption story then for whatever reason goes into an origin superhero picture. It was not coherent as all. Also, the whole camera style - the close-up, shaky camera - totally unnecessary. I can see in certain films - like the Bourne Identity, Cloverfield - where that is necessary and it works, but it doesn't here.

Joseph Kastner on Jul 3, 2008


Hancock is the fourth superhero movie I've seen this summer and it was my favorite. Maybe the problem is that people expect a streamlined comic book hero but it is really more of a love story. Pardon me for saying so, but it is sort of a "chick-flick." The woman I was with were crying. A cute superhero and a romance-- what girl could ask for more! I loved it

Mel on Jul 3, 2008


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the film, or any film for that matter, but I believe everyone's main problem is they are overlooking the underlying theme of the movie; which was the fact that fate was trying to destroy them, if you are looking for a villain there is it. Fate brings them together to weaken them and destroy them, why would fate not being the three goons in to help finish the job? The process is arguably slow or should at least be, but as Mary pointed out in the film "it's never happened this fast" so apparently they can tolerate each others presence for a time. Albeit much more sparse this final time. There wasn't anything drastically or catastrophically confusing about this movie as many of you seem to feel there was. Details that are so in depth would have caused the movie to drag along, it makes sense that the reveal would be in as simple terms as possible to help not only Hancock (suffering from amnesia) but the audience to grasp for now. As they (Mary & Hancock) would have forever to explain and discuss his origins at another point in time. The director, from what I have read, felt that the CGI was his least favorite part of the film in that it takes away from character development and focuses primarily on action. This is a movie fueled by character development, a man who has lost his way, not a smash and go film. The levels of comedy, action, drama, and romance were on par with an A grade film. Just because it isn't the conventional superhero movie does not mean it deserves to be scrutinized, it is outside of the realms of convention so let it be. Watch a film for what it is, and not for what it isn't. I never felt a decline from start to finish, yes this is my opinion but I believe it to be the way most viewers felt when they saw the movie. This year is full of wonderful silverscreen experiences, don't be so harsh on all of them.

Christopher on Jul 6, 2008


bring* not being cheers to not proofreading

Christopher on Jul 6, 2008


I gotta agreed 100% with Post #40 (Christopher) I just got throught watching Hancock. It was a very entertaining flick, and I'm not sure why there's seems to be alot of negativity about it. Some of the storyline seems to come out of nowhere but it's a fantasy flick. You have to suspend disbelief from the get go anyway. Instead of giving too much of an origin our hero is simply as Mary puts it: "A God, an Angel, or ...Superhero" There's so much more story that could be told here. I'd love to see a sequel to this.

TCox on Jul 6, 2008


This movie is just what I expected, a funny but cheasy fun family movie. Not a blockbuster, just a fun movie, a movie where you can sit back and not have to analyse anything. You almost know what is going to happen so you don't have to use those overworked brains of ours!! I like the fact that it wasn't the traditional superhero storyline, it had a little twist and I can see that they have left loads of opportunity for not one but more sequels!! Great!!

ALP on Jul 6, 2008


It was good. The graphics and action blew chunks, but the humor was awesome and I had a lot of fun watching it. I was a little irritated with the pairs thing. I'm not sure what it was that I didn't like, but I didn't like the introduction of the other superhero. I would have liked a government conspiracy thing better. I think maybe it took itself too seriously in the end when it shouldn't have.

Nettle on Jul 6, 2008


First act was good, second act decent, third act it fell apart. If I had to grade it I couldn't give it any better grade than C+....won't ever see it again, unless it's free on Encore and I have nothing better to go do and nothing better is on and don't have a good book to read. Will Smith was good...but when is not really at least decent in a role? Had a chance to be a really fun and funny movie and started to take it's self way to seriously, which seems to be a common complaint so far. Oh, NOT A FAMILY MOVIE AT ALL! Sorry but I've read that a few times and Hancock is not meant for familys at all, just short of getting an R, all it needed was a couple more F bombs

Lynn on Jul 6, 2008


A great film the first 30 minutes, hits a very poor turn in plot half way through, but then tries to make up for the mistakes in plot at the end. A bit extra in flashback scenes, removing the 'blond' goddess story line, and some better editing would have turned this movie into a real film that everyone could have enjoyed. 6/10 A good weekend DVD, but not worth a full price ticket at your local theatre.

AuthoroftheWorld on Jul 7, 2008


One of the best damn twists in movies in a long time. That makes Will Smith still out there doing his " fresh " thing.

Dave on Jul 7, 2008


Hancock was OK but it was obvious that the reason the movie seemed disjointed is because of the last minute reshoots, the eagle obvously had a important role in Hancocks life but we never got a chance to find out why(cutting room floor?), Remember Hancock says to Charlize brother and sister don't kiss like that but in the film the kiss never happened she tosses him out before their lips met, and when she showed up at his trailor she was dressed for battle dark costume and eye liner, the elemental reaction when they are together,remember she also stated that that they are opposite and he was built as an insurance policy to be a hero, so she must be evil, remember in the teaser Bateman says"good hancock make it look hard" not in the movie though. Probable story line has Chalize as bad character that Hancock has to kill at the end but did not test well so re shot

v720 on Jul 7, 2008


i was entertained but definitely could've done without the whole "made in pairs" thing. it would have been far more entertaining if the movie was just about the rise from drunk to superhero. all the rest was utterly uneccessary and ruined what could have been a really original movie.

Britt on Jul 8, 2008


#49 Britt There seems to be a common line here. People who say the movie could've been better without the "twist." And people who enjoyed the movie BECAUSE OF the "twist." I'm of the latter. I really enjoyed the twist. Like it's the heartbeat/emotional core of the story that hints at more depths that can be explored in the world of HANCOCK.

R on Jul 8, 2008


Its like Britt said... The movie without a twist : A flawed character being redeamed because somebody believed in him? Do you really think that is the best part of the movie? That is little more than a half hour after school special.

Anna on Jul 12, 2008


I enjoyed the movie, but yeh, it did go in the wrong direction. HOWEVER, at least you can say it wasn't predictable. AND someone said "There was no villain!!" Uhhhhh so why must there be a villain?! I felt there were enough "bad guys"... why must there be one main one?? I hate that every movie of this type has a Villain. Formula movies are tiresome. Although this movie went in a weird direction, at least it wasn't the same old predictable stuff. At my age, I appreciate unpredictable or else I forget the plot as soon as I leave the theater... ok, maybe two days later.

Kalina on Jul 15, 2008


Spoiler alert**** I was not overly impressed by the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It had it's dark moments with the comedy and was a lot deeper than what I had expected. I tend to analyze things too much and therefore the weaknesses that I had came for holes in the plot or actually the meager attempt to explain the Hancock character's origin. 1. Good job on the whole pairing off and becoming mortal segment. But now explain why Hancock and the female immortal had not died off a long time ago, since she kept bringing up times in the past where they were together e.g. 1850 and the head injury 80 years ago. 2. Not to start a racial debate, but I'm black and live in the south. So the whole part about Hancock and the lady going to the movies 80 years ago together in Miami was probably the least believable part of the film. Does Hancock look differently now? It at least explains why he was hit in the back of the head all those years ago, but really?! I don't think the writers thought that one through. I don't think they wanted another African American in the film so that it wouldn't have been a "black movie", but Theron's characte should have been black unless in the uncut version that is suppoed to come on DVD they will explain that they look different over the ions. Just my thoughts...probably looked way to deeply in the movie.

Adrian on Jul 19, 2008


Hancock is comparable to the best the Marvel guys churned out at the studios. Awesome! The drama drives the movie, not the action. Now, that's what I call a superhero film (ala Spider-man, Incredible Hulk , etc.) Will Smith gives another palatable, tongue-in-cheek, funny, spectacular performance in his unique style which brings in the audience to be entertained. Great, Will! Charlize Theron is as convincing (and sexy and beautiful) as Mary, the goddess turned housewife and mother. As good as any of her Oscar-winning performances. Beautiful, Charlize!! And Jason delivers a performance comparable to his co-stars. Great, Jason! Eddie Marsan is as good as any movie villian, though his character as Mr. Hook had barely minutes of screen time. He brilliantly performed Mr. Hook in so short a time. Great, Eddie! The movie was or is impressive with 1 hour and 22 minutes of playing time. The director, film cutter, writer(s), FX dudes, etc, deserves applause here, even a standing-ovation. And Vincent Ngo, the creator, should be able to see more of his creation donning the silver screen and other medium for a very long time to come. Much like the Marvel and DC characters are getting franchises. I, for one, expects a sequel and parts 3 , 4, 5, (and so on), tv series, comic books, books, action figures , etc. Charlize should reprise her role. So, should Jason. Eddie, too, if he is not dead. Let's see him with two bionic hands or arms battling John Hancock! And Will could don his uniform(s) for a very long time, and entertain! (#53 , for your number 2 observation, remember, Hancock and Mary are as old as the civilization and probably the Universe itself. It's more believable that the two never even thought about how their complexion looked, just that they LOVED each other. I think you understand now. )

NgooNam on Aug 1, 2008

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