Sound Off: Hellboy II: The Golden Army - What Did You Think?

July 11, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Hellboy and his pack of paranormal friends finally return four years since the first film arrived in theaters. After a great set of superhero movies this summer so far, including Iron Man and Incredible Hulk, how well does Hellboy II: The Golden Army compare to the rest? Has Guillermo del Toro learned from Pan's Labyrinth or did the success get to his head? Is the sequel any better than the original or worse? What was the best part: Guillermo's imaginative creatures, Hellboy's teenage quirkiness, the amazingly choreographed fights, or the fantastical story? Is Hellboy II going to crash and burn at the box office or be the sleeper hit of the summer? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

To fuel the fire, I unfortunately felt that Hellboy II was one of the biggest let downs this summer. It was imaginative and the production design was fantastic, but there wasn't much else that impressed me. That goofy scene with the young Hellboy at the beginning really set the tone for the entire movie - and that wasn't good. The script wasn't polished, the directing was sloppy, and overall it wasn't as extraordinary as I was truly hoping. Being a big fan of the first Hellboy, I had very high expectations that it didn't even come close to reaching. However, the film does get better as it goes on and I thoroughly enjoyed the final scenes with the Golden Army and Prince Nuala. Overall it was merely a mediocre summer superhero movie.

What did you think of Hellboy II? Summer sleeper hit or biggest let down?

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Ditto it was eye candy nothing more. But hey Dark Knight next weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Dave on Jul 11, 2008


I liked Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk better. I thought the first Hellboy was all right, this was better but nothing awesome. Ill wait for Dark Knight too.

Trinket on Jul 11, 2008


I loved the choreographed fights. I thought I was watching a Jet Li movie there for a second. I think it ran a bit too long and they could have shortened up the story a bit.

Tyler on Jul 11, 2008


This flick rocked! The story (for those of us who paid attention) was as crafted as it needed to be. Amazing visuals, well -rounded characters. The acting was great--it was where it was supposed to be for this kind of flick. All in all I enjoyed "Hellboy 2". It is a worthy sequel and does measure up there with "The Incredible Hulk" and "Iron Man" in terms of plotting and solid entertainment while improving upon it's predecessor. Yes, the fight choreography rocked too. It seems as though some of us movie goers are getting burned out a little on comic book flicks.(Not counting "Hancock", which was not good at all.) If it seemed that the movie straddled the line between movie and cartoon/comic book, well then what about "...Hulk", "Iron Man", even "Hancock". This is a comic book flick, nothing more--nothing less.

Spider on Jul 11, 2008


Alex, you are a tool and this is the final nail in the coffin, I only ever came to your site because it had a simple, clean layout and a fair amount of news. This is about the millionth time I've seen you pull this hype and hype and hype and hype and suddenly switch gears completely. from "t definitely looks like Guillermo has beefed it up and truly pushed it to the next level. The summer seems to keep getting better and better as time goes on and I think Hellboy II is not going to be an exception to that rule." to "o fuel the fire, I unfortunately felt that Hellboy II was one of the biggest let downs this summer" and yet, it is recieving large amounts of critical praise as seen by the 88% on rotten tomatoes with a 89% for cream of the crop. How is that one of the biggest let downs this summer, with movies like Hancock so poorly reviewed? Or maybe you should just come to the understanding that you seem to be very wrong on your hyped movies lately. TO FUEL THE FIRE I loved it. Great movie , amazing eye candy and the fights..oh the fights!

Billy on Jul 11, 2008


To further fuel the fire: I loved it too!! Need I say more??? Sleeper hit of the summer next to, "The Incredible Hulk". I'm with ya Billy #6

Pickle on Jul 11, 2008


Billy... Let me explain. There is a vast difference between my level of interest and hype BEFORE I see a movie, and what my opinion and thoughts are AFTER it. This article is purely looking at my thoughts on the film and my opinion about it. That is completely separate from my thoughts before and how much I was looking forward to seeing this and how excited I was for it. It's not like I'm purposefully flip flopping, it's just what happens. I get very excited for the movie, I go see it, it doesn't deliver and lets me down, and that's my opinion... There is no where that says just because I was really excited for it, I have to enjoy it. That's what happens - movies get judged and opinions come out. This post is purely used as a place to discuss what you thought of the movie, not my flip flopping of hype vs expectations. Unless I want to talk about how it didn't come close to meeting them in the slightest...

Alex Billington on Jul 11, 2008


Hellboy 2 was a huge let down. Cinematography, Lighting, Art Direction were amazing and what I would expect from a Guillermo del Toro. Now the script & acting were childish. The film broke the thin line between a movie and a cartoon. I felt I was watching a G movie not a PG-13. Even with the light nature of Hellboy himself the script didn't work for me.

Mr. Sifuentes on Jul 11, 2008


Thanks Billy #6 for finally saying what I have been wanting to say for a while!! Right on the money. I personally loved the movie.

Derrick on Jul 11, 2008


I plan on seeing it tonight but I'm gonna have to stick up for Alex here. There have been tons of movies that I was hyped for but didn't come close to reaching my expectations. Hopefully I'll disagree with his opinion when I see it later. Also, it seems to me that it is in the websites best interest to hype this movie regardless of how good it is.

Gene on Jul 11, 2008


I think.... I think I won't get a chance to see this until next Wednesday! πŸ™ DAMN YOU, CAR PAYMENT!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL(Boy)!!

kevjohn on Jul 11, 2008


Just goes to show how a blown up budget because its a "Del Toro" can corrupt a movie. A good effort, just not one of the best movies this summer.

Boris Van Der Ree on Jul 11, 2008


Dude, this happens ALL the time...I understand movies not living up to expectations, being a bit disappointed and not what (see indiana jones lol) but consistently you get super excited and then super disappointed!

Billy on Jul 11, 2008


First, Hellboy 2 is fine, not in the pantheon of Iron Man, Hulk and Wanted, but way more interesting than Indy4 and Handcock and pretty much everything else I've seen this summer. The visulas DO distract from the story (they just seem to be trying so hard to put eyes in unusual places that it seems needy) but overall it works. Hellboy himself did seem peculiar in his 'shape'. Narrow shoulders and big pecs. In some scenes he definately looked misshapen. I have to agree with Billy #6, this site is over the top with its effusivness. One movie after another, it gets to the point like I'm reading a high school girl's Facebook page and she's fingering herself over her boycrush of the week. Just keep reminding yourself, it's only a movie.

RandyG on Jul 11, 2008


Hes definitely reminds me of Lucas with big budget visual films and a poor childish script. What a let down and Im a huge hellboy comic fan. πŸ™

kerry on Jul 11, 2008


I haven't seen Hellboy II so I'll hold of judgment, but I respect Alex for being honest with his opinion and not just backing up his excitement prior to seeing the movie. I have seen quite a few movies that I was super hyped about only to be a bit disappointed. I saw WALL-E recently and was super excited about it after reading all the rave reviews. But I have to be honest, WALL-E was good but it wasnt even close to Pixar's best or the hype its been receiving.

John on Jul 11, 2008


John 16, Wall-e's a perfect example of what's turning out to be a summer of excessive hype. Really, Wall-e was okay but it's hardly a classic (by september I will have completely forgotten it as one of the movies I've seen this summer). Sometimes I wonder if there isn't something 'going on', some collusion behind the various media outlets to launch one mediocre product after another. I'm even starting to wonder about the bucketloads of Batman praise pouring down on us.

RandyG on Jul 11, 2008


This was a lot of fun. Can't wait for the home video release - one of my top 5 favourite movies of the summer so far.

amtt on Jul 11, 2008


Billy #6 and #9 too, are you honestly saying that you have never been excited for something that has let you down. Your such an idiot, it doesn't even make sense what your saying. "from 'It definitely looks like Guillermo has beefed it up and truly pushed it to the next level. The summer seems to keep getting better and better as time goes on and I think Hellboy II is not going to be an exception to that rule.' to 'To fuel the fire, I unfortunately felt that Hellboy II was one of the biggest let downs this summer'." What it means is this from "I am excited for this movie and I hope its great" to "It wasn't nearly as good as what I expected, I am actually quite dissappointed" Is that clear for you? Man people can be dumb...

Andy Adair on Jul 11, 2008


19 No sorry. Its over the top excitement followed by extreme disappointment. For referance, read #14 and #9 and to #14 - spoken like a true poet After sitting on Hellboy 2 for a few hours now, I'm slowly appreciating more and more of the movie and the commitment Del Toro put into it. Although, it had its flaws to be certain. The dialogue stands out (although I wouldn't say bad...just...medicore compared to the work put into the art side)

Billy on Jul 11, 2008


The point is that that happens sometimes!!! That really hasn't happened to you? Man, you must lead a pretty fulfilling life if all your expectations are consistently met.

Andy Adair on Jul 11, 2008


I miss liz's blue flames I hated Danny Elfman's score (seriously, the theme from the first movie is fantastic....why the chance to this) The first half of the movie was very choppy (because of the script) (I'm gonna get hell for this) but i didnt like Doug Jone's voice. He's not that good (or as good, at least) as David Hyde Pierce. Basically, i love consitancy between movie franchises. and there were many changes.....that didnt need to be made that being said, i LOVED this movie (tho not quite as much as the first). amazing cinematography, vision, character design, good acting (except Selma Blair...even tho i like her a lot), hilarious, and overall entertaining. good stuff

Josh on Jul 11, 2008


Hellboy 2 is a pretty good movie. i personally enjoyed it and didn't let the hype get to me, so i wasn't let down cuz i wasn't expecting a 10 out of 10. Overall the film is enjoyable and the special effects are something to enjoy. There are some odd jokes that don't seem to belong to the originality of the comic but as for the movie they work. if your going to see hellboy to be entertained and truly see a movie that doesn't flat out blow once you gotten your panties in a bunch, go out and see it. it's worth the time and money. side notes : yes at time Hellboy's body did seem misshapen and some of the parts of the movie r to mussy, and yes some of it isnt all that true to the hellboy character. Overall tho, this is defiantly one of the better movies put out this summer

Corey B. on Jul 11, 2008


I saw it tonight and I thought it was great. I enjoyed the story, the characters, and the images. I still can see why some would not like it though. Hellboy 2 is not a typical comic book movie. You can't compare it to Ironman, The Hulk, or Wanted because you'd be comparing to different styles. Personally, I enjoyed this more then the first one. You could tell that Del Toro had a lot more freedom in this one and it payed off. It took way to long for them to make a Hellboy 2 but I must say it was worth the wait. Can't wait for another Hellboy, hopefully I won't have to wait another 4 years.

Gene on Jul 11, 2008


I think people are getting entirely too excitable over movies lately. We're constantly expecting the newest love of our lives, the newest "best movie I've ever seen ... this summer." I enjoyed Hellboy very much, and took up the comics and loved them as well, for different reasons. I wasn't actually that impressed by the trailers for Hellboy II. I didn't like the story, or Liz's haircut. And now that I've seen it, I can say this is the least amazing Danny Elfman score I've ever heard. The inclusion of popular music threw me (but all but one I ended up liking the effect), too. BUT I walked in knowing I'd enjoy it. And I did, immensely. The character interaction felt to me like a tv show that you love to tune into every week: funny, and intimate and peppered with the sort of jokes that a fan gets. Sure the story was simple, but honestly, I'm not expecting To Kill a Mockingbird here, it's a comic book movie. I love the 'realism' style of comic book movie that's come about in the last 15 years or whatever as much as the next geek, but once in a while it's nice to just enjoy the ridiculous and fantastical and pulp. Conclusion: Johann was awesome, I didn't miss "Frasier's brother" as Abe's voice, the effects ensure repeated viewings will be just as fun... red vs blue and Barry effing Manilow!

Lana on Jul 11, 2008


didnt like it, all his movies are crap i hope that he goes no where near the hobbit with the fake and useless fx

bassbin on Jul 12, 2008


1. It looked amazing. 2. I about pooped in my pants laughing when I saw the young hellboy. 3. A few laughs and gasps. 4. Cool effects. I thought it was an amazing movie. Sure it's no Iron man, Incredible Hulk, or Batman ( The Dark knight opens in one week!!!! yay). I give it a 4/5. Reminder: The Dark Knight comes out in 5 days 19 hours and 34 minutes!!!!!! I am personally a huge fan of batman. All batman movie not just Batman Begins. And I hope, as well as many of you, this sequel will not suck. Let us pray for it.

daniel on Jul 12, 2008


I just got back from the showing and i throughly enjoyed Hellboy 2 it had some hysterical scenes were the whole theater burst out laughing and parts along the way that were pretty funny. The action was really intense the Prince showed off some kick ass moves, When Hellboy and The Prince fight at the end was really a treat really got the blood pumpin. Great movie with some great directing by Del Toro im really looking forward to the third. It wasn't perfect tho it had its problems i wont really go into because they have already been said above but i will say one thing the opening of the movie was bad and shouldn't have been put in the final movie (kid hellboy looked super goofy and dumb and was a shitty way to open off such a great movie) Hopefully Del Toro doesn't screw up the third one (with kids being involved could really mess the movie up like previous films that add kids to the mix) i have faith in Del Toro and im pretty sure he will pull it off. Im hoping this makes enough money to spawn another film.

Curits on Jul 12, 2008


A big let down? Well, exactly like the first one, then.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Jul 12, 2008


Liked it alot... funnier than I expected and just a real entertaining movie.... Del Toro is always going to bring something to all the films he does and he impressed me with this one once again... different than the first but all good... check it out for yourself... and the young Hellboy was hilarious!

Adam on Jul 12, 2008


its not like it even matters because this movie was just made to keep people busy until The Dark Knight. TDK MIDNIGHT SHOWING. ITS GOIN DOWN

jim on Jul 12, 2008


"To fuel the fire, I unfortunately felt that Hellboy II was one of the biggest let downs this summer." It was imaginative and the production design was fantastic, but there wasn't much else that impressed me. That goofy scene with the young Hellboy at the beginning really set the tone for the entire movie - and that wasn't good." Heaven forbid a summer movie have a little heart and camp. We must be dark! And gritty! Like Hancock! Wait... "The script wasn't polished, the directing was sloppy, and overall it wasn't as extraordinary as I was truly hoping." I really liked the script. It felt like the movie really flowed from scene to scene, and every action scene had an actual reprucucssion on the plot. And I think Del Toro was not just the best director for the job, but the only direcrtor for the job. Who else can capture the spirit of Hellboy like he can? "Being a big fan of the first Hellboy, I had very high expectations that it didn't even come close to reaching." I was a big fan too, and my exceptions were exceded. "However, the film does get better as it goes on and I thoroughly enjoyed the final scenes with the Golden Army and Prince Nuala." Now we agree on something. Oh, and it's Prince Nuada. "Overall it was merely a mediocre summer superhero movie." I thought it was better then Iron Man, and on the same level has Indy IV. Johann Krauss FTW!

CaptainNemo on Jul 12, 2008


This is what I think: The HULK>Ironman>Hellboy2>Wall-E>Indiana Jones>Wanted>Hancock man Ive seen alot of movies this summer. Hellboy was kinda campy (especially the music), almost too much in some parts (like the very very end) but I did enjoy like the drunk singing, thought it was good. The visuals were great and not since Jim Henson have we seen this style/level of visual imho. The story was OK, I still think Selma Blair isn't good enough, I didn't believe any of her emotion, even tho I believed everyone elses even Abes, which makes me think more and more she just sucks. All-in-all it wasn't as good as I thought it would be but it was good enough that I enjoyed it. Defiantly worth the money. Definitely buying the collectors edition DVD.

Richard on Jul 12, 2008


So basicly #6 Billy You are complaining about that Alex had high epectations for this one and then was disappointed after seing the film. Gee I can not imagine any other person with the same expectation path. (Irony ON).

Shige on Jul 12, 2008


So, but thanks for completely missing the point. You and that other guy would make good friends. I expressed a complaint that the same thing happens with virtually every movie (with a rare few exceptions) on the site, over and over. Put on your thinking cap gent and read the people who agreed.

Billy on Jul 12, 2008


Visually fanastic, incredible fight choreography......horrendous acting/delivery.

Nthngmn on Jul 12, 2008


Hellboy, I think is way overrated and overhyped. The first one was all right but not awesome. I think people just are saying Hellboy and Toro's vision is awesome because they are running offs the curtails of Pans Labyrinth brilliance, and following other peoples opinion.

Manic on Jul 12, 2008


First, I love "Hellboy" and think it's quite possibly the best comic book movie ever. It's definitely my favorite. And I watch it about twice a year and feel it gets better with each viewing. I caught "II" very early this morning at a near sold out show. I was surprised when I turned the corner walking in the theater noticing how crowded it was. Overall, I thought the film was great. Amazing visuals and sets. I did miss David Hyde Pierce's voice for Abe though. But overlooked it as the film went on. If I had one complaint about the movie, I'd say maybe it was a little TOO busy with the effects and action. I just kept thinking "How is Del Toro going to top THIS if he does a third!?". But over all, I'd rate this a 8.5/10. The original gets a perfect 10/10.

MovieFan on Jul 12, 2008


35 Yes ? A lot of trailers get me excited too and a lot of real move experience turn me of. What is your point here ? Please pretty please let me know since I am the dumb all assuming uy who gets excited about some flicks and you are the mature one who weights the trailer to your huge life experince.

Shige on Jul 12, 2008


Guillermo kicked ass again. The movie was really good. The opening sequence with pre-teen Hellboy was a funny surprise. Let's remember: It's a comic book movie. Things like these happen. This scene was a clear throwback to the opening sequence of the first, "Hellboy". I enjoyed the 1st one and loved this one. I sure hope we get a third. del Toro will, no doubt, top himself again. He's that good.

Pickle on Jul 12, 2008


Our family went to see the as a birthday present to me. We really liked the first movie and were really happy with the second. My daughter seven said she likes this one better. Hopefully there will be more to came!

tish on Jul 12, 2008


I think the first film had a more developed story, however I still enjoyed this film.

Sean Kelly on Jul 12, 2008


This is about the #6 Billy post. I completely agree, both on the movie and Alex's present demeanor. I am not saying Hellboy II was the greatest movie of this year but I did thoroughly enjoy it. I liked it alot more than the Hulk. I can't help but think that Alex has now become the jaded tool of a critic that thinks his opinion is supreme to anything else. I USED to love this site because his opinion of movies seemed to coincide with mine rather well and his take on movies was actually about the movie, not how overly joyed he gets at the thought of a director. From a fan of this site, Alex go back to when you would give an unbiased, nerdy idea and opinion about a movie. I do respect your opinion on movies but lately I would rather sift through the garbage that is IMDB to find out if I am going to see a movie. And now I look like a doosh because I was just monologuing.

Tom on Jul 12, 2008


Whoa, whoa, Tom... What the heck guys?! What I wrote above was my absolutely honest opinion about the movie! what I ALWAYS write is ALWAYS my honest opinion!! I'm sorry that we don't *always* mesh on every movie, but there are NO changes from the past to now - I still write with complete honesty. Shero, you're crazy... that is my own list and you're claims are insane. I saw The Dark Knight one day before Hellboy II. Once you all see TDK, nearly every movie pales in comparison. So my brain had the brilliance that is TDK on my mind and thus tore apart Hellboy even more. The second time I saw Hellboy, it was a bit better. But the film is sloppy, the writing and story was pretty bad, and it was, for me, a let down. I don't know how it's so hard to understand that I have opinions and that there is a vast difference between the pre-release hype and my expectations and what eventually turns out to be my opinion of a movie once I see it. That's naturally how this world of movies works and if you can't handle a change from hype to opinion, then I don't know what to say for you... But I'm going to stand my ground. Nothing has changed, everything I write still is and will always be my absolute honest opinion!

Alex Billington on Jul 12, 2008


I loved it! The action, humor, and drama all meshed greatly together! Better than the first by far!!!

Iron Man Fan on Jul 12, 2008


I thought it was a great movie.

DCompose on Jul 12, 2008


I agree with #46 I thought it was a really good movie However, Im ready to start seeing him turn into a bad guy like they keep telling us.

Tirrell on Jul 12, 2008


amazing!!!!!!! very well gordo, very well!!! great movie great entartaiment.

paulina on Jul 13, 2008


Hellboy 2 was like 'The Never Ending Story' for grown-ups.

AndrΓ© on Jul 13, 2008


I have been let down by a few movies. This wasn't one of them. Although i agree with one of you... the movie was very choppy at the beginning. The visuals were nice.. Did Hellboy lose some weight though??? Lol- the ( spoiler ) drinking scene was CLASSIC! So hilarious, i wish i could see it again with a larger crowd so i can hear the laughs. All in all i did like the first one better but the second one was done well and i enjoyed it. Very little complaints from me and i am more pleased... On another note. If they can make this movie WHY THE HELL NOT A NEW LIVE ACTION TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!! I'm begging for this, man! Del Torro would make it work and work hella well!!! Come on! I'm just letting it out in the air... Maybe someone will catch the tug at their ear. Anyway, Hellboy was great but at some point you gotta be more badass than funny AND funny it was. ^_^

Great on Jul 13, 2008


When you say he is a jerk because his pre-hype doesn't match up with his opinion after, you sound like an idiot. Explain to me how that makes him a jerk! Maybe you were seaching for a different word, but couldn't find it!

Andy Adair on Jul 13, 2008


Wow, a personal attack by calling me his bitch, I am not surprised that you start off your argument with that, its a low blow. You and others have been attacking his opinion, which is so dumb. I just don't understand how you can get so upset because one man has an opinion about a film? Is it so hard to understand that his opinion is just that? Or are you just jealous that Alex has a website and you don't? I just don't get it! And if you re-read your comment, jerk still doesn't make sense, i actually laugh when I read it. I don't know what you were going for there, i can help though. Maybe idiot? That would make sense. And shame on me? At least I am not the one formulating some crazy conspiracy theory about Alex and his "agents" commenting on his own website. I do know Alex, and believe it or not he doesn't do that! I understand that your frustrated, just don't attack a man's opinion. This article is about what you thought of Hellboy, not what you thought of Alex's opinion.

Andy Adair on Jul 13, 2008


Shero, plain and simple - you are a very ignorant person who will never admit that your wrong. I really do feel bad for you, it's a poor way to live. And I now realize how impossible it is to rationalize with the irrational. Thanks for the lesson, but your just a lost cause!

Andy Adair on Jul 13, 2008


From Shero's site Tuesday, July 08, 2008 My comments and critics on Firstshowing : Part 3 Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities Hi again in Part 3 of my Comments and critics on Firstshowing site ...this blog is evry long ... and that is why you need ( How to use this blog ) πŸ™‚ .... You can just watch the pictures and choos which of the movies you want to know more about it and read it ... end of the story πŸ™‚ have fun and injoy the blog another one is comming soon πŸ™‚

Joker on Jul 13, 2008


Nice site Shero; how much does it cost you to run it? I see you are trying to give everyone your opinion on movies. Hope no one is let down.

Joker on Jul 13, 2008


Saw Hellboy II yesterday morning and I thought it was fantastic. How can anyone say it was sloppily written? Everything in the movie made sense. The effects were great. They gave DelToro an 80 million dollar budget and it looked like 150 million bucks on the screen.

Obiwopkenobi on Jul 13, 2008


I like the drunk scenes.

roflcakes on Jul 13, 2008


ANYONE see on that Hancock almost beat out Hellboy2!?!?!?!? Wow, i thought that movie, Hancock sucked? Wtf? Man, i guess the audience knows what they want... Too bad the Wackness isn't country wide. Maybe it would of kicked Hancocks and Hellboy 2 's ass. Though shit... That sucks. To be honest i thought Hellboy 2 would make more money than this. It is a good flick and i would see it again. Cheers! Batman is almost here.

great on Jul 13, 2008


Yep, big let down. The story was just so overwrought and weighted down, it never really took off and made me care...

Rob G on Jul 13, 2008


HUGE let down... Alex, I'm always with you, buddy. I don't understand what people are so upset about, it's not like you have the ability to know how good the movie is going to be before it comes out... What people are saying is just stupid, they aren't using their heads before they say things. Anyways, my thoughts: AWFUL dialogue only decent fight sequences really cool visuals terrible acting Childish humor VERY SIMPLE STORY LINE way too predictable. That is all!

Chad on Jul 14, 2008


It's amazing how people can get so worked up over a mivie review. If what he does pisses you off time after time then why would you keep reading his stuff?

Gene on Jul 14, 2008


I love it, movies like this need not to take itself to seriously. I love that it brought back the fun to Comic movies. Not all movies work well being dark and gritty.

HEctor N on Jul 14, 2008


I love Ron Pearlman as this character. He just becomes Hellboy and seems to love doing it. I think that what I loved best about the movie is that I didn't really notice the FX and makeup. It just seemed real. Here were real people, who happen to be different, and they were doing their job. It is a great action movie, one of the best this summer, and it's a fun movie. No disappointment here.

Moviegimp on Jul 14, 2008


Hellboy 2, not complete garbage, but definitely a big letdown. Having been a huge fan of the first movie, this one was simply childish and goofy. Hellboy was dark, action based and sometimes funny. Hellboy two was a romantic comedy mixed with Lord of the Rings. Also, Alex was right on with the silly opening scene, with a child Hellboy, setting the tone. While watching that scene I tried to keep an open mind, and continually force myself not to think how stupid the scene was. I did however enjoy Price Nuada, and that was about all.

Drew on Jul 14, 2008


Hellboy 2 did suck. Wasn't that funny, cheesy script, half-assed plot. Didn't live up to my expectations. I'm a pretty harsh critic. I expect a lot from my movies, and if I don't get what I want, I tell people how I feel. You'll never find a shortage of people who like be jerks through a medium of anonymity. Jealous losers will pop up almost everywhere.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Jul 15, 2008


Looking at the other user comments I'm not going to bash anyone. But here is my two cents: I felt a little let down with Hellboy 2. I have watched the first one time and time again and it doesn't get old for me. I thought Guillermo did a fantastic job in Blade 2, Chrono and especially The Devils Backbone. Then I saw Pans and started to wonder if Guillermo was over creating his worlds. And that is the aftertaste of this film. Personally I'm done with the super creative creatures and scenery in his movies. I felt that Hellboy wasn't so much a character anymore next to the rest of the film. In Hellboy, he was the center piece of the film. And a film in its birth such as Hellboy is in most cases the best of the trilogy. I thought the addition of the Elves as a society amidst the 'otherworld' was a great. Luke Goss played an alright bitter prince and the fight scenes with were on par with my expectations. And although it was nice for Doug Jones to speak more than just act I felt it took the unique intelligence out of Abe. I loved Abe in Hellboy because he was extremely intelligent and eccentric, and with his new friend Johan Kruass he just wouldn't stop talking. Overall I wasn't satisfied as i'd hoped. I might watch it again hoping for better story additions and the actors words on the commentary.

Darren on Jul 15, 2008


Two words: AWE and SOME (feel free to add a hell in there). The film looked great, the creatures were fantastic, the action scenes rocked, and best of all, it was downright hysterical. Anyone who disagrees, I think Johaan Krauss said it best: "You can kiss my ectoplasmic (insert German word for "ass" here)!"

Andrew on Jul 15, 2008


In 2008, is it easy to stun us with something we haven't seen before? Obviously rhetorical, Hellboy II has made great leaps for sci-fi and shows del Toro's amazing potential. I'll cede the fact, that the storyline and characters were perhaps a little underdeveloped. I believe this movie alone could have been Hellboy II and III which would have allowed for more appropriate development. However, the last time I saw a scene as imaginative audiovisually as the Troll bridge market was the infamous bar scene in the original Star Wars. This director has time before he creates his masterpiece, (I DO believe he'll top Pan's Labyrinth), but I am so excited to have someone today with the creativity of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg 30 years ago!!!

Ed Sloan on Jul 15, 2008


I'm with 74. Really great film, I quite like the clunkyness of the world Hellboy lives in. I thought it was better than Ironman which was more of the same, it was good but the same. Hellboy is quite different from most comic films in that it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Crapola on Jul 15, 2008


Hellboy II - great visual, plot would have been decent if it was supported by better writing and some deeper character development. Overall it was a C minus at best. The truth is that you were spot on Alex. Your opinion just happens to be based on keen perspective this time. If folks who read your column can't take a difference of opinion - I wonder why you guys read reviews in the first place? Because logically speaking, your own opinions are enough to determine whether or not you see a film or get the DVD - who cares what a reviewer thinks? I actually read your column religiously because your views differ from mine on a consistent basis. Sometimes I've even changed my mind about a movie because of a point you brought up, or kicked myself for not waiting for DVD (in the case of Hellboy II).

Lifer on Jul 16, 2008


Good movie, drastic improvement from the first one.. Now they have to work on some flaws the movie had. Always wish for longer running time, action, special effects and CGI. Next sequel will take about 2 years to come and we'll have to wait for a long time. So make sure its worth the wait after watching the previous one..

steven on Jul 17, 2008


Huge let down!

joe on Jul 17, 2008


Somewhat of a letdown. Once the theater darkened and the "pre-show entertainment" (i.e. trailers and goddamn TV COMMERCIALS!) was over with, it never got much more exciting than those first moments of the film. No great story developments, no great charcters (beyond their designs), heck it didn't even have any truly great action sequences. Aside from the visuals, the whole affair was rather bland. And it suffered greatly from "giving away too much in the trailers"-itis. The only real surprise in the film, HB getting mortally wounded and needing to be lugged around by his friends, was a rather unwelcome one. The positives: Hellboy and Abe are fun, interesting characters. Just wish they were given more to do, really let loose. Princess Nuala was hot! If they ever make a Maxim-style magazine marketed towards albinos, she should be in every issue. Prince Nuada was somewhat bland and had far-from-original motivations (a simple power grab and revenge for an earlier wronging) but he was a bad ass when it came to combat. The CGI was just about perfect. When Hellboy and Mr. Wink were wrestling around during their fight, it didn't even register with me that it had to be CGI I was looking at. In the Summer of Greatness (I should trademark that!) with Iron Man, Witless Protection (just seeing if you're paying attention), Hulk, Kung Fu Panda, TDK, and Wall-E, HB2 is second tier at best. But hey, it goes on that second tier with some other flawed films that I enjoyed: Crystal Skulls, Hancock, Get Smart, and Wanted.

kevjohn on Jul 18, 2008


Hey! Witless Protection blew Batman out of the water!

donnie on Jul 18, 2008


I loved the art/visuals. The Angel of Death was particularly striking, although there were so many amazing creatures, and details. I never get tired of that--the amount of creativity and work that goes into such costumes, puppets, sets, etc. But the screenplay sucked. How many cliches can we pack into 2 hours? Such a letdown. And I don't know any of you people, but those of you who are attacking Alex for posting *his* opinions on *his* site need to grow up and move on. Yeesh.

S1516891 on Jul 20, 2008


I thought it was a really poor film. It looked amazing, but that's not enough. The script was bad. The acting was really bad. Stiff and wooden. Really forced. The first film was much better. This film felt like it was written by George Lucas. The jokes were not that funny. First film was much funnier. There was not real character development. I loved Pan's Labrinth. But this film felt like they tried to find as many Pan's Labrinth props they could re-use to save money and packed them into Hellboy 2. It didn't even have the complexity of an episode of the Brady Bunch. It did feel like it had all the depth of a cheap cartoon. I don't need to see it again.

bob on Sep 1, 2008


If you want to know why the first Hellboy movie was good, see the following interview with the writer that worked on it, Peter Briggs. Hellboy II sucked, Guillermo sucks, fire him from the Hobbit while you have the chance..otherwise the Hobbit will suffer the same fate and suck too. Why does he have a job? Mediocre at best. and quit giving him credit for Hellboy, it's not his baby, it's this guy's baby Mike Joseph Mignola ..oh and they should have used a little of the 85 million to get David Hyde Pierce to do the voice over for Abe Sapien. God that was messed up, humor, timing..everything was off.. Hellboy II, Guillermo actually had to think for himself this time and we end up with 3rd grade humor and patched up sentences from the staff of 2nd grade writers.

Ken on Apr 30, 2009


I liked Hellboy, but I was thoroughly disappointed by Hellboy 2. I found this to be childish and silly (as evidenced by the goofy opening sequence which really clued me in that this was going to be a film I wasn't going to like very much). Hellboy 2 is more of Del Toro's vision rather than Mignola's and trades in the pulp elements of the original in favor of fantasy. The director's imagination is on full display but Del Toro seems to have no clue how to stage action and his composition is horrendous. Most of the action scenes are anticlimactic, except for the final fight scene which is superb. Ron Pearlman is once again fantastic and brings Hellboy to life, but the film lacks the punch of the original.

SlashBeast on Jan 19, 2011

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