Sound Off: Iron Man - What Did You Think?

May 2, 2008

Iron Man

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The 2008 summer movie season has officially kicked off with Iron Man - the latest superhero flick from Marvel courtesy of director Jon Favreau and actor Robert Downey Jr. Did it live up to the hype and your expectations? How did it deliver? Is Iron Man really the right movie to kick off this year's summer movie season? And the best question yet - does Iron Man kick Spider-Man 3's ass when it comes to the first week in May? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Iron Man.

To fuel the fire, I've seen Iron Man a total of three times already, and I still love it. There is never a dull moment, it doesn't snag on any big flaws, and delivers the way a solid comic book action movie definitely should. I think Jon Favreau has stepped in a taken Sam Raimi's place and become one of the great superhero / action movie directors in recent years; I would say he definitely kicks Michael Bay's ass! While I don't think Iron Man is necessarily the best superhero movie of all time, I do think it ranks up there in the top 10 comic book movie adaptations. And besides the movies that are yet to come this summer, Iron Man is easily the best comic book movie since Batman Begins.

And the last bit of discussion I need to bring up - how about Nick Fury?! And the Avengers? Is this too much for Hollywood or could this really be the time for the Avengers to finally make their appearance? Bring it on!

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kick-ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hands down

lee on May 2, 2008


I liked Iron Man but didn't love it. I had some real problems with the degree of villainy. As I said in my own review, Obadiah is not The Joker. So I wish it had had more of a payoff I could rally behind. Downey was great, no question about that, but I didn't run out of the theater and get back in line, which is what happened when I saw the first Spidey and the most recent Batman. It's better than most but it's not on the Mount Rushmore of superhero movies.

Colin Boyd on May 2, 2008


Just come back home from the movies....IM kicks some major ass..and i'm not even a movies-from-comic-books fan (apart Batman Begins and TDK). I'm not an expert so I couldn't find any weakness comic book-wise but Downey Jr was awesome and I really enjoyed the movie. I couldn't stay until after the credits...DAMN -.-'

Samy on May 2, 2008


damn gta 4 taking up all my ironman time.... somebody had to say it

JNYCE on May 2, 2008


really good.. i enjoyed it very much...

sam on May 2, 2008

6 all i can say, someone finally made a comic book movie that is pretty inline with the comic, iron man, blew away all my expectations, thank you marvel for finally getting it right, ILM, spot on with the graphics, John Favreau fantastic job, and the surprise end...i am now even more excited! I will definately see this again in the theaters and will get it on DVD, i think it was successful on many fronts, funny, emotional, and action packed, i forgot at times that downey wasnt in the suit, phenominal job on the suit and action sequences.

taurinh on May 2, 2008


Saw the film last night. Absolutely a tremendous film!! This is exactly the way I was hoping to start the summer out with all these blockbuster films on the way. Hands down, Robert Downey, Jr. WAS the movie!! Yes, this was a great movie-comic book adaptation, there was great eye-candy to be sure, the plot was smooth, easy to keep up with and well balanced....but Downey's performance all around was brilliant! I'd put this in the top 5, if not the top 3 superhero films to date. I will be seeing Ironman MANY more times in the theater, you can bet on that. Thank you Jon Favreau Robert Downey Jr., for setting the bar extremely high...not for just this summer's film releases, but for all future superhero films to come!

Craig on May 2, 2008


I LOVED IT!!!!! Robert Downey Jr. made the movie for me, his personaility really carried the movie, and made it very easy to watch and have fun with.... way better for me than any of the spiderman movies...but not as good as batman begins.....only problem i had was with mrs. Paltrow...i though she was miss cast and wasted in this film, they could of gotten anyone to play that role...9 outta 10

COL. MUSTARD on May 2, 2008


Hands down the best superhero movie to date by a country mile. - Way better than Transformers which was already great - Wished there was more action (who doesn't?) but I guess that's what the sequel is for. - RBJR made the movie, he's got an awesome dead-pannish humor - References by Terrance Howard to War Machine - Stark's house was an architectural and technological masterpiece

Jason Ip on May 2, 2008


awesome movie. Great pacing. Almost perfect balance of comedy, action, drama. If the fight against Obadiah had been longer and if War Machine had joined IM against him, it would've put it over the top and sealed the lid as my fave comic book movie of all time. As good as Batman Begins was, not really sure why people say it's such a great benchmark... it had such big flaws it came close to ruining the movie for me.

Alfredo on May 2, 2008


It's an entertaining flick, great theater experience but I still feel there was something missing. I didnt think there would be a comic book movie were i would enjoy the "building up" a lot more than the fight scenes. Favreau has amazing resources tomake this film but the story felt short.

Tremolan on May 2, 2008


Damn good movie........ Wish they had a better Vilian oh well sure there will be a 2

SHANE D on May 2, 2008


Very good movie ! Top notch acting and good pacing. Now even though it was great I don't have the urge to see it again like I did with Spiderman and Spidey 2 and also Batman Begins. This one although good was not a homerun to me like the others. Anyhow I was entertained and stayed to watch the end after the credits! Go see it and you may or may not want to see it a couple of times that is up to you.

dee on May 2, 2008


What did I think? What did I think?? I think Iron Man owes me a new pair of socks, that's what I think. Because he completely blew mine off my feet last night! The villians could have been better, but the battles with them were pretty nice. I can't say anything that hasn't been said before about the acting and Downey's + cast's performances, so I won't say anything at all. Regarding my theatrical experience, I loved the digital projection with it's razor sharp images and clear sound. But I've had enough of the frat boys talking through the movie, whistling whenever Stark's flirted (or more) with a beautiful woman, essentially acting like 10 year olds with libidos of 20 year olds. I don't think I'm going back to an opening night showing ever again. I'll do my best to dodge the spoilers and try to see the movies on the first Sunday afternoon I can. This was ridiculous.

kevjohn on May 2, 2008


Awesome flick! Loved it. I'll be seeing it again. Good story and great a$$ kicking. Gwyneth Paltrow is HOT! Jon Favreau crafted a gem of a comic book flick. Terrence Howard, right on the money. Jeff Bridges --as ruthless as they get, but best of all Robert Downey Jr's performance did indeed MAKE the movie. *** Exhilarating surprise at the end of the credits--the few of us who stayed clapped in celebration. I can't wait for "Iron Man 2"!

Spider on May 2, 2008


...and let's not forget the legendary Stan Lee. Like #15, ibo4lyf, pointed out---he has a comically inspired cameo!!

Spider on May 2, 2008


I loved it ............ Great movie I can't wait to see it again this weekend. RDJ is this film the man turns in an amazing performance.

Andee23 on May 2, 2008


imo its one of the best comic book to movie adaptations seen it yesterday and definetly gonna watch it again.. it tells the story in a good way and its funny as hell too πŸ™‚

Dirk on May 2, 2008


The greatest Marvel movie ever made! This movie blows Spiderman away. Nothing wrong whatsoever with it. Everything was perfect. Now I wish after watching the new trailer for The Dark Knight that that movie would come out now. Jon Favreau is genius. Good job.

Fish on May 2, 2008


Okay, someone just compared Obadiah to Joker. You don't do that. Of course Obadiah is now Joker, but Joker is no Obadiah, two separate universes. Obadiah was perfect for Iron Man's new villain. If they do another they have to tap into the Mandarin. And get Rhodes involved.

Fish on May 2, 2008


I would say it is on par with those movies made by people who care about the characters and acknowledge the comic book fans. Like Batman Begins, Spider-Man, and Sin City, it is a quality movie to kick off a franchise. It was great, Downey is the perfect Stark in my opinion. If only the same caliber of people were availiable or interested in some of Marvel's other movies (FF4/X-Men). I can only hope that Incredible Hulk can do the same this summer. The movie was very entertaining and makes me want to see it again this weekend. As for Samuel L. Jackson playing Fury, come on he had to do it. They reimagined Fury in his image in the Ultimate universe, and those stories are awsome re-tellings or re-imaginings of Marvel characters. I didnt see the Hulk cameo, so maybe I will see a Iron Man cameo after the credits of Incredible Hulk. And the Avenger initiative!, how will this affect what movie gets made first? Will we see Captain America make his intro in the Avengers movie, or will we see his origins and eventual deep freeze in his own movie? Oh man im all antsy with anticipation just thinking aout this stuff. And whenwill Thor appear? So I am thinking Avengers my be made a movie first then spin off other movies. Either way the Avengers are comming!

JLA Reject on May 2, 2008


Oh yea, was the terrorist group calledhe Ten Rings a hint eluding to the Manderin?

JLA Reject on May 2, 2008


Worse than Spider-man 2 and the latest Batman, better than Superman. I enjoyed it, but it contained nothing that would make me want to watch it again within a year.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


I was incredibly impressed. Iron Man is definitely one of the best comic book movies ever, surpassing Transformers and, in my opinion, X-Men and Batman Begins. I'm a little biased--I've always preferred Iron Man and War Machine to the rest of the Marvel universe, save Nightcrawler. The storyline is strong, the acting is incredible. Robert Downey, Jr. is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors for his characters in roles such as Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and A Scanner Darkly. Gwyneth Paltrow shines, too, and really should stay a redhead for the remainder of her life (if only I were 10 years older and famous, and she wasn't married with children...). I hardly recognized Jeff Bridges until I heard him speak, and Terrence Howard's reference to the Mk. II suit as War Machine was probably missed by most viewers. Also, I think most viewers missed that Paul Bettany was the voice of Jarvis, who is an AI rather than a butler in the movie. The scarred guy was not shown to be dead. Who could he become, if his role is to be reprised? Also, Leslie Bibb as Christine Everhart is an interesting character, I wonder if she'll become "that annoying reporter" that the hero always has to deal with. I'm not one to drop another $8-$9 to see a movie again, but I think I might on this one.

Colin Dean on May 2, 2008


Just saw it last night and was blown away ,Robert Downey Jr. was awsome . I am going to see it again this weekend . I can't recommend it enough .

Dave on May 2, 2008


That was a ridiculously amazing movie. There was an 8:00 pm screening at my theater last night, and when I got out, I bought a ticket to the midnight show as well. Absolutely amazing.

Icarus on May 2, 2008


Oh yeah, and Leslie Bibb? You can walk around my apartment without your pants on ALL YOU WANT. And I swear I won't call you "trash".

Icarus on May 2, 2008


Very awesome. Loved it even though it skimped a bit on the action side (which I think benefited it) but when the action comes boy did it come :). The final fight scene could have been somewhat more extraordinary but altogether it was very great and the scene at the end was the icing on the cake. P.S. Was Hilary Swank the one blowing on the dice in the beginning???? I know she had a cameo unless they cut it out.

Ryan on May 2, 2008


Loved the film. I know nothing about the comics but still enjoyed the film. @Icarus Leslie Bibb can walk around your apartment pantless all she wants but she would be the ONLY one to do so.

scarlet on May 2, 2008


What a waste of Film and my time. All that anticipation for a real life drunk and drug user to attempt to act. What a disgrace to the iron man name. It was almost as bad as Transformers

Dj OT on May 2, 2008


SPOILER ALERT ************************************ Stayed after the credits DO NOT READ! SPOILER ********* After the credits Nick Fury shows up. Not only was I surprised but psyched to find out that is was Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Can't wait 'till Ironman 2!!! oh and Stan Lee plays Heffner in the movie, lmao. Great!

ibo4lyf on May 2, 2008


How can anyone dislike this movie? Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark. Gwynneth Paltrow is just lovely. You grow to hate Jeff Briges (he's so... treacherous in a shakespeare-like way). Hats off to the director (Go Favreau!), the special effects and mooost of the script. You learn to respect the movie also for some little details: all the clicks and clacks of the iron man suit, the problem with the freeze, and the staggered descent of Iron Man when the power goes almost off. Those where very cool and accurate details!! Bravo!

Jorge Leiner on May 2, 2008


Thought this movie was really amazing. I was surprised at how much humor was put into it but i think it helped it. I wish there had been more action but i know in the first movie of a franchise (read:origin) they build up to it at the end (which didnt disappoint) the references to s.h.i.e.l.d. and the surprise @ the end scene made this one of the top best superhero movies ever in my opinion. I just hope more studios take a cue from this film and start having cameos from each franchise appear (even briefly) in each of the film. This is a treat for the fans and I have no problem plopping down more money to go see it again when they're this fun!

mike on May 2, 2008


i have to agree with #2 but at the same time i'll let it slide with this movie, because in retrospect I.M needed a "origin" movie. okay, so Obadiah wasn't the Joker, but Ras Al Ghul (Batman Begins) wasn't the Joker either. the big time villains are best saved for the sequel which there will most likely be one in this case. "next time maybe" gave me chills, i'd love to see some Iron Man/War Machine action in I.M 2, also i don't know if anyone else caught it but the name of the terrorist group was " the Ten Rings" a very clear nod to the "ten rings of the Mandarin" so it leaves a huge opening for the Mandarin to walk in as the villain in Iron Man 2. as for John Favreau and and Robert Downey Jr. i'am eating alot of crow right now, when they were first confirmed as director and star of the film i threw a huge rant. i have to take alot of it back, no one could have pulled it off better than RDJ, he was cool, charming, charismatic and likable, i have to say i enjoyed the film more because of RDJ. i don't know how many of you are comic fans but as a die hard comic collector i have to say it made me sick to my stomach to see that Joe Quesada managed to crowbar his name into the ending credits, he who has gone out of his way to make Tony Stark one of the most hated people in comic book history. to add insult to injury he uncouthly added his name ABOVE those of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby who CREATED Iron man. in closing, i have to say i very much enjoyed it, but it only left me hungry for the Dark Knight, but still a must see for this summer.

The Delightful Deviant on May 2, 2008


Thank you for adding your valuable input into the conversation, Dj OT. It was much appreciated. Come on, everyone. Let's get a slow clap going for Dj OT. CLAP - CLAP - CLAP - CLAP

kevjohn on May 2, 2008


it was at best a c. rdj was good not really enough action really and 2 much time on making the 2nd suit and then when he told the press that he was iron man

john on May 2, 2008


I flat-out loved it, and I'm definitely not in the standard demographic for a superhero film (42 year old woman). I played hookey today and caught the 10:30 am show. It was so good that, after it ended, I bought another ticket and went right back in (!) It's a brilliant adrenaline ride. The writing and editing are top notch and the acting is dead on. Effects are amazing (check out the computerized designing of the suit). And Robert Downey, Jr., absolutely IS Tony Stark. He's etched Stark into a very real, multi-faceted, authentic person and an indelible, enduring character. The film is smart, sly, genuinely funny and has something to say. I loved the way the opening sequences established the character and I loved the press conferences (OK, I loved the whole movie!) There are going to be a ton of awards for this film. Also - stick around through the full credit roll - there's a cool pay off just when you think it's over. PS: Possible spoiler alert The use of a brief waterboarding scene was timely and may spark conversation. I hope it does. Granted, I'm a wimp, so I looked away until it was over....

Rachelle on May 2, 2008


Without doubt my fav superhero movie! Being a big fan of the rocketeer, this just tickled my fancy and it was just like walking into a modern day version. I love the concepts, the characters how scenes flowed and the direction John took it in... very much a different approach to making a superhero movie. AND I have to say, without Robert Downey, this movie wouldn't have been half as good! The visuals were excellent - kinda puts the hulk 2 to shame... this stuff was so invisible and flowed with the story. GREAT JOB! Oh and the end scene - hmm another movie with Samuel Jackson - Come on! I'm getting a bit fed up with the guy to be honest. P.S. With the news that a new Robocop might get made, the visuals from this should help prove it can be done to a great new visual level. I so want my own helmet!! lol

nha on May 2, 2008


Saw it in Beijing yesterday. I grew up liking comic book heros so watching the movies being made now is a real treat for me. IRONMAN is very entertaining and RDJ is excellent in the lead role. I think the movie is well worth viewing for all comic book lovers. Forget the gripes and grumbling---this movie is fun ---and thats what movies are supposed to be. Escape from reality and have some fun---and popcorn if they have it.

randall morgan on May 2, 2008


The movie seriously kicked major ass One of the best this summer

Urban on May 2, 2008


I've read a few of the comics, but not familiar with whole story line, RDJ, played Tony Stark so perfect, this get 4 out 4 for me. My only criticism is that I don't believe Obidiah could have bee familiar with suit so quickly. We stayed for the credits, I don't know what Avenger things is except Capt america is part of it but everyone cheered. I'm an Iron Man geek from here on out.. I'm going to see it again. P.S. Speed Racer preview makes it look like a pile of crap I grew up on cartoon. The Movie will be lame Great props to John Favreau on directing he's great

Tim on May 2, 2008


loved it! robert downey jr.-simply the best (i couldnt imagine other actors playing the lead) will go back to see it again? DEFINITELY!

ma_rissa on May 2, 2008


Robert Downey Jr. Yay! So glad to see him doing what he does best. Can't wait to see Tropical Thunder.

MIGS on May 2, 2008


just saw iron man tonight. was a fun movie. good amount of action, not as much as I had anticipated. but it was overall a solid fun movie. now comparing this movie to transformers or michael bay is complete nonsense. Tranformers had WAY more action in it than iron man did, and during the transformers my adrenaline was pumping the whole movie. iron man didnt give that to me. i would have to say the best part was the jet scene. it was fast, lots of action and it was just visually stunning. thats all i can say about it. but transformers, the whole movie was eye candy. not im not boasting that transformers was the best action movie ive ever seen but it has to be hands down the best CGI movie ive ever layed my eyes on. and i love how everyone over here at is boasting that iron man is just amazing and the best movie of the summer so far, but it wasnt that good, the acting was good, but it just felt a little repetitive. each scene almost felt like i had watched it already. lets just say the movie wasnt all that refreshing. just felt like a typical comic book adaption, with a short, lame villian fight at the end which was horrible btw, was not satisfied with it at all. very disappointed unfortunately considering i was looking forward to this movie and reading the review here on for me, it didnt live up to the hype. and why do you hate michael bay so much?? i really want to know. i think his movies are entertaining, and enjoyable to watch, i mean isnt that why we go to the movies??? come on.

Ck on May 2, 2008


Favreau did the important thing: he got the world right. He got the characters. Now only if we had a little more time to develop those characters it would be amazing. RDJ IS Tony Stark, hands down. But I wanna see what happens when the setup is out of the way and Favs can really have fun with the action.

Kgerm on May 2, 2008


The tone of the movie is exactly right on the money. Robert Downey Jr is pretty much the perfect Tony Stark. I don't know a whole hell of a lot about the comic book - I read a lot of comics, but not a lot of superhero stuff - but from what I know, this movie is basically the best sort of comic to movie conversion you could ask for. They don't tell the same story that the comics do, it's all original material with maybe a nod to the comics here and there, but they've gotten the mood and characters right and didn't do too much fan-service crap (which annoys me). The bit at the press conference came as a bit of a shock. I think Stark is 'out of the closet' in the comics now, due to the 'world at war' storyline (is that right?). To have him reveal himself like that at the end of the first movie seems like a really daring thing to do, and it sorta got me jazzed to see how they'd deal with that later on. Also, the fact that there seems to be a new trend of including other comic characters in these things as cameos... makes the whole marvel film universe more interesting. Will they start keeping a continuity between all of them? Maybe the Baxter Building, or the X-Men's mansion will pop up in a future Iron Man or Spiderman movie. Hulk supposedly has an Ironman cameo (possibly more than that...). This is all just really interesting, and it makes you wonder if Marvel doesn't have that sort of larger picture in mind.

Squiggly_P on May 3, 2008


I enjoyed the film greatly. Had read a few reviews (all generally positive), but you never know until you see it for yourself. I'm not a comic/graphic novel buff, so I'm not going to be obsessed with following detail from that media. The baddies were swarthy enough to give a current flavour, but the lack of a specific political/religious affiliation (very wise) will prevent the movie from "aging" too quickly. Robert Downey Jr. and Gweneth Paltrow were excellent in their parts, both giving their respective characters depth. Jeff Bridges (an actor I've always enjoyed watching) I thought wasn't quite right...until the "Now hold still you little pr*ck" line...maybe I just missed it, and a second viewing might cement his role for me. A little too heavy for the "Fantastic Four" crowd, and maybe just a shade too light for "The Dark Knight" set, but nevertheless a reasonably intelligent and entertaining entry into the superhero genre. Well done!

L'il Matt on May 3, 2008


I hated it. I'm surprised more people didn't like it. It was super simplistic, people in my audience figured out punchlines before they were spoken, on FIRST VIEWING. But I guess it would have to be to appeal to the largest number of people. I thought it was too long, and there were too many "comic book moments" like the jesus scene in spiderman 2. I cringed at the us military line about not stopping the terrorists because "they were using human shields." I thought the entire concept of a bunch of terrorists acquiring the most sophisticated missile technology and then using it to blow up....nothing...which they ransacked a village with Ak-47s to be so paper thin that even children should think twice. I think movies should have the balls to take a position, this movie took none. The fact is that any superhero needs an equally terrifying supervillian. Its what made the best of the batman, superman, and spider man (1) movies work. The only BELIEVABLE villan to an omnipotent ironman was the most powerful force on this earth - the US Military. But that probably didn't fly which is why the enemy turned out to be evil corporate greed. Listen, I know it was just a popcorn flick, but it just...was insultingly simple. And the CGI wasnt that good, AND the best scenes were in the trailer.

Xen0 on May 3, 2008


WAY WAY WAY times 100 better than Transformers. I actually felt for the characters, and even the scenes with the robots and just Robert Downey Jr. on screen got laughs and made me care about the character. I can't wait for the sequel and normally I hate sequels. The little winks at Terrance Howard looking at the suit and saying "next time" (War Machine) and also the Nick Fury at the end made me start dreaming of whats in store for Iron Man.

Obi Nneji on May 3, 2008


This movie exceeded my expectations.

Chris M. on May 3, 2008


It was definately fun, and pretty solid, but I don't think it was as good as some people have made it out to be. It's definately not to be compared to Batman Begins, they're completely different. One's gritty and rooted in a sense of realism, the other is over-the-top and outlandish. But, like I said, fun and solid. If you ignore the fact that everything that had to do with technology was near-impossible or incredibly ludicrous, it's a plain old blast.

Brad on May 3, 2008


I thought the movie was a great improvement from past Marvel movies that have hit the screen of late. Robert Downey's performance was a great compliment to the character of Tony Stark. And Jon Favreau did an outstanding job telling the tale of Iron-man, which I never doubted. It was one of those movies that if you had to go to the bathroom you held it to the end. Strong cast, story, and an amazing finish to what will be a comic movie sensation!

Jason on May 3, 2008


I can't say enough good about the movie. Every comic book fan should see this movie. Everything with the exception of the last scene everything does the comic book true and I found it an interesting change and probably more believable. It was an awesome way to kick off the summer movie spree and look forward to the sequel or spin off which ever we get.

Hawk on May 3, 2008


LOVED IT! I'm one of the few who are rating it above Batman Begins.

Mike on May 3, 2008


Really good. Downey made a good Tony Stark . Was not bored at any point. Spiderman caliber I enjoyed it.

Harris on May 3, 2008


Iron Man really didn't go over the top with bloated action scenes or unnecessarily complicated plot points- it was a good balance of all that makes up a movie. At no time was my attention diverted from the screen, as it would have if Iron Man became boring or bombastic. I disagree regarding batman begins as better- batman begins is the movie that went over the top with the ending to me, and became a convoluted mess with resolution you could spot a mile away. Started out well though, mostly satisfied. I will watch the Dark Knight, though Ledger's Joker in the previews I saw today didn't really do much for me. Maybe he offed himself cuz he sucked. We'll see...

davey on May 3, 2008


I think it was a great movie, been looking forward for something like this, great story, cgi, tho I think it did need a little more action, but it was great thumbs up!

Padme on May 3, 2008


Great movie loved it tied for my favorite comic book movie with Batman Begins. it was nice to see a lighthearted comic book movie that was actually good (yes you FF) cant wait for number 2!!

silver on May 3, 2008


Excellent movie. Right mix of humor and action for an "origin" flick. One of the better ones in recent memory. If Ed Norton can "get into" Bruce Banner like Downey did Tony Stark the Hulk will be awesome. I kinda feel sorry for those who can't get past Robert Downey, Jr's past transgressions and enjoy the movie for the fun ride that it was. They missed a great performance while they were being self-righteously grumpy. Oh well, the rest of us enjoyed a great movie. And to say the movie didn't "take a position"...?? What's that about? I guess realizing that profiteering from death and destruction and deciding to try and have the hero try and undo he's been responsible for isn't enough of a "position". Takes all kinds to make a world, I guess. Anyhow, I can't wait for the DVD then the sequel.

Sam J on May 3, 2008


this movie was da s-h-*-t. period! i can't wait for iron man 2... please don't make me wait! ha!

theTruth on May 3, 2008


Predictable, boring.

Vic on May 3, 2008


read # 48, he'right!

Vic on May 3, 2008


I really liked this movie a lot.. It was action packed, and it had a kick ass story-line.. Robert Downey Jr. really brings the part to life giving IRON MAN excitement and some humorous lines that made me laugh.. He played the part perfectly.. And if they change him in Iron Man 2, I simply will not watch it.. This goes down in my book as a Fav!!!

Tony on May 4, 2008


You know, i'm actually itching to see this again already...

Rob G on May 4, 2008


I saw this movie yesterday and i cant believe how great it was!! Robert Downey Jr. Played a great role.If he isnt iron man in the sequel i will not see it. It was one of the best(personally) movies ive seen from a marvel Comic book. Besides Transformers

Liz K on May 4, 2008


The movie was awesome. As everyone said Robert Downey Jr was perfect. Id say this is definitely one of the best super hero movies yet. The special effects were great without looking overly CGI. I actually liked this better than Batman Begins and thats saying a lot.

john on May 4, 2008


I thought it was amazing way to kick off the summer and kick off Iron Man in live action Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect fit for Tony Starks, the whole cast was well done and the action scenes were amazingly done everything fit well together i didn't think Favreau could have pulled of such a great Iron Man due to his last films but he surprised me and im glad he did.

Curtis on May 4, 2008


Make no mistake about it Iron Man will be hard to beat this summer. It was one of the best superhero movies ever. Downey was brilliant. I hope that the sequel is as good. They hit a homerun in this. Loved the Stan Lee cameo. As a fan of Iron Man from my childhood I hope they stick with just a Iron Man franchise. He is a strong enough character to stand on his own. I don't want to see a Avengers movie not yet any way. There needs to be at least 3 Iron Man Movies. I don't see it being topped this summer as the best blockbuster. Hulk will probably make more money only because it has a greater following.

DC on May 4, 2008


Fantastic! Downey Jr. is now officially my favourite actor. He's got heart, wit, and an amazing bod to boot. After Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and A Scanner Darkly, my antennae were up, but this has sealed the deal. The comic book nerds writing the clunky dialogue for movies like Spiderman III, Transformers, and Batman should have to watch this film over and over, taking notes. This is how it's done!

Cappy on May 5, 2008


Love this movie! If the talks are true, and if the plot thickens like anything we've seen in Iron Man, I can almost imagine how fantastic Iron Man 2 or Avengers or anything else would be... as long as when they get to Iron Man 3 they don't screw it up like they did with Spiderman 3, oooaahhh... that was a horrible choice.

David Alin on May 5, 2008


I have no problem with the entire movie, it lived through my expectation but I think it would have been great if Jon Favreau extended the movie's final battle scene between iron man and the iron monger a little bit longer.

xantern on May 5, 2008


good movie!!! never had a dull moment.. the almost two-hours felt like less than 30-minutes... at the end of the movie, i felt like "that's it?! no! i want more!"... this is definitely a NO-FOOD-whatsoever movie... keep those popcorns in the stands... save it for later when you're with your friends talking about the movie...

miracle disease on May 5, 2008


this is by far the most fun you will have at the movies this year so far. it set the bar very high for summer flics. so high i just hope the other films worked out their own "ice problem" and can make this a summer to remember.

hoffin on May 5, 2008


BOOOOOO!!!! Well, maybe not THAT bad, but nothing special, or even that good. Predictability might be the biggest problem. I also kinda wish the movie would have had the coconuts to actually make the US military into the "villian", and I almost thought they would for a second. But of course that wouldn't go over to well with the amendment pushers. Finally, what was supposed to be "wit" in the film turned out to just be rediculously corny lame jokes that made me facepalm more than chuckle. I was disappointed because I had high expectations. but I learned my lesson about those silly things called expectations. Harold & Kumar - thought it would be stupid, was great Forgetting Sarah Marshall - thought it would be a lame chick-flick, hilarious Iron Man - thought it would be great - bad. 4/10. The fact that the suit was pretty cool saved it.

B-jay on May 5, 2008


Saw it once and saw it again.............I am 53 and I want to be Iron Man this Halloween...

MIchael Alcantar on May 6, 2008


i think the people that didnt like the film were disappointed because of few fight sequences. who cares what they think i loved it.

darrin on May 6, 2008


Robert Downey Jr was great, but come on! It had the same ending as Transformers, Robocop and the Hulk! Get original, one bigger bot and/or body taking on another and guess what? our hero wins! geez... the lead up was good, but the climax was far too unoriginal. Batman Begins remains the superhero movie to beat... hopeful The Dark Knight will live up

michaelsdca on May 6, 2008


Iron Man was great!! Perfect Casting --- I liked "tony stark" as much as I liked iron man. Downey was great - it was closer to the first X-Men for me than the crappy Spider-man 3 -- that movie was awful! Great that it really was more than just fight sequences -- could have used one more with the suit but it was an awesome movie! Will go see again!! The Big Lebowski was one of my favorite movies -- hard to see Bridges as a serious bad guy!

Jay on May 6, 2008


TOP 5 of this year, hands down!!!! i really liked it i mean i really dont have any thing to critisize.....maybe could have been more fight scenes with the suit on....

ScorpionKing on May 7, 2008


I though the movie was great. Downey Jr. hit the nail on the head as Stark. Very Very good. But if you think about it the movie isnt really over yet, which in my opinion, is what makes it most exicting. The fact that Marvel is finally doing what Ive been hoping for for a long long time, by crossing over storylines is aswsome. This will be in escence a six part movie, counting the next iron man, thor, hulk,captain america and of course the avengers. I cant wait to see the rest of the story as it unfolds.

Cluffy101 on May 7, 2008


I like this movie allot, its an all around great movie! But why did marvel stray from the original story line. Sure it's the same story as the original except the theme and the bad guy are different from what I understand. The Iron Man cartoon movie that came out last year was the way the real story went. There has to be a reason why they took the Mandarin Out of the films story and why it takes place in the middle-east. Hint* I hope marvel didnt get funds for this film from the US government. Or maybe some one high up insisted not to use a Chinese theme for the film right now, considering all these issue's with China recently.

Jonny5 on May 7, 2008


I love it but staying for the clip....I don't know....Samuel L Jackson as nick fury??

MickeyBricks on May 7, 2008


I would just like to say I thought Ironman was one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. It had everything. Action, drama, humour, plot and character development and above all else it had heart. It set it up absolutely perfectly for a part two. To those who didn't like it, obviously you are either a superman or batman fan who is so use to seeing crap up on the screen that you don't know a good movie when you see one.

chester on May 7, 2008


Best comic super hero movie since original Superman and the first to treat the subject with maturity, tho it left me wanting more....

john on May 8, 2008


This was a very good movie. Yes the action could have been more but you can't overaction the first movie. This movie was more about setting the tone for the Iron Man franchise. I did love that they had many cameos for other heroes and villains to leave me wanting more of the movie. I am more of a Batman fan and will honestly say that this movie cannot and will not ever match the Batman franchise (the most recent ones). This movie does rate the same as Transformers in my book. We have to keep in mind that this was one of the best Marvel movies made. A true dissapointment coming from the third Spiderman, both Fantastic Fours, and the last X-men. This has become its own franchise in the making. Waiting for the other movies (Thor, Captain America, Avengers) will be unbelieveable, if they are down right and not half-assed like the Fantastic Fours, and Spiderman-3. Those movies have to have the same caliber as the first Iron Man in order to have any meaning with the comics. Having said all of that, the effects were amazing and looked real. Some of the technologies made me want to throw popcorn at the screen, but when it comes to movies you have to let go of reality and some sort of imagination. CAN'T WAIT TILL THE SEQUELS DAMNIT.

Dan on May 9, 2008


By far the best comic book movie ever made. Robert downey Jr. was so under rated and he so rocked. I loved it.

Craig on May 11, 2008


I really really loved it. RDJ is amazing, and I cannot wait to see more of him. A friend said that Marvel spent the last few years making movies that were just so/so in order to get the financial backing to pull out a movie like this. Hopefully now the superhero movies to come will follow suit. They have a lot to live up to now!

Jessica Lugo on May 11, 2008


Iron Man has the total pkg involvement of cast and crew puting their best efforts to the test. As a result, they achieve their objective to please the audience with two thumbs up and a nod.

R Sherril on May 12, 2008


Rarely you see a Movie adaptation better than the comic book.Kudos to Mr.Downey who played Tony Stark better than Tony Stark,Mr.Favreau who made a blockbuster of a movie. But Seriously think about this..If you were a billionare what would you make ? an Armored Suite or a Utility Belt ? πŸ˜€

Jopz on May 12, 2008


Absolutely the armored suit rules in every way. And Jopz, you are completely right in that Mr. Downey was better than Tony Stark in the comics. Amazing performance that brought a whole new dynamic persona to Tony Stark. Only Mr. Downey has been able to exceed the comic book version and make it so much better. Hugh Jackmen did it with wolverine but RDJ took a B- list hero and turned him into a A plus that just might rival spider-man. When it hits DVD, I think you could be looking at the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

chester on May 12, 2008


I saw it three times the First Weekend! Enjoyed it more every time... Can't wait to see the Sequel. Thanks Marvel for taking me back to my fun childhood years.

Marcus on May 12, 2008


Ironman II April 30th 2010!!!

Tirrell on May 13, 2008


Just watched it. Have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed. Lots of hype, barely any action not very funny weak dialog characters that were not easy to relate to. And the effects were very 2005ish. I have to say even the original Batman movies with biff and boom written across the screen were better superhero movies that this was. IMO

Iron Wuss on May 13, 2008


iron wuss can you please not ruin the party for everybody else. i get it, your a batman fan, that is easy to see. if tdk is a good movie, i will gladly admit it. but you batman fans have to keep disrespecting everything better because of your own, shall we say, p envy.

chester on May 13, 2008


Who the heck is Iron Man???? I loooovvvvvved Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. was amazing and had your complete attention from frame one. This is a super hero you can relate to. It was so good to really get to know him and what moved him to become this "hero". I loved that they didn't do "action overkill" this first time. I left the theater wanting to see the sequel right now!! I've never anticipated a sequel to any movie in recent memory as much as I am this one. Robert Downey Jr has always been one of the best actors around and I was pleasantly suprised to see an actor of his caliber do this type of movie. (he's the only reason I went to see it) Thank God he did, because he made Iron Man an instant hit and has set a standard for these characters that people will want to see again and again. Congratulations to Marvel for getting this superhero right and to Mr. Downey for this superhuman, supertalented, superlovable, superhero. Tonya on May 14, 2008

Tonya on May 14, 2008


Movie was sick...much better than all of the spider-man movies i am increasingly more dissapointed with as they roll out. Iron man didn't have as much action as originally predicted, but instead uses the screen time to weave magic. I haven't seen too many movies that develop a character or a story like ironman, and i've certainly never seen it in a super hero film, with the exception of the brilliant Batman franchise. Downey's acting is bar-none, probably because this is one of the few films he's been completely clean and sober for. I am teething in anticipation for the next couple movies from marvel, especially Captain America, a film endeavor close to my heart due to the fact Capt. America was my childhood icon. Touche to the creators of iron man, hope to see many more like it.

Weezy Baby on May 15, 2008


INCREDIBLE...a suprisingly entertaining picture which rivals all its predecessors!

Palanca on May 15, 2008


Excellent movie!! I agree with every comment of your on it.Though some people critized the villian, I judged it ok, aswell as in Batman Begins, the first Iron-man was used to introduce mainlly the protagonist, focusing the whole movie in his journey. On the avengers thing, IMO Marvel are getting a litlle ahead of themselves, I still want to see at least one more Iron-man before, but I judge it ok:the Avengers(especially after what the Ultimates meant) is a much better movie property than the Justice League.

Shinma on May 16, 2008


Superb movie. I have always been a fan of Batman and spiderman in the superhero genre, and i think that Batman begins was the best superhero movie made. (after the christopher reeves superman) I now have a new favourite.. this film was awsome.. the casting was perfect... RDJ as tony stark was inspired i loved him in Air America and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Paltrow was exquisite as pepper potts, and Jeff Bridges was perfect as obadiah stane (although Kris Kristopherson could have done too.. see payback). In an age where CG is king is was great to have an actual suit made for the charachter, and the action scenes were believable and not over the top. it was obvious that this film was a set up to indroduce charachters for the next 3 or 4 films but it still managed hold its own as a complete story. I have always like Jon Favreau as a director and actor and was happy when he joined the marvel family in daredevil ( a good film in spite of ben affleck) Iron man ( as does Batman) allows the casting of the right actor for the playboy behind the superhero and then allows the suit to fit the hero, and RDJ is a perfect playboy. I have only seen the film once so far but will definatly see it 4 or 5 times soon, i cant wait for the sequel and the connected marvel films

steve on May 17, 2008

100're new favorite movie is iron-man over batman begins?!?!?!?! i just saw iron-man today and i'd say the movie was good, but not great. the first half was too much like batman begins and the jeff bridges as the villain was predictable and boring. all the scenes with the suit were flashy and awesome, but that's about it. the ending needed more of a climax with more action and use of his suit. hands down, batman begins totally trumps iron-man in every single aspect. one big thing that batman has over iron-man is that batman uses bruce wayne as a cover, but iron-man is just a cover for tony stark. batman is so much more deeper than iron-man. i understand that this was the first of hopefully many iron-man films, and most likely his character and will become more powerful...but i personally just find it difficult to picture this iron-man becoming the most powerful superhero in the marvel universe. if you've kept up with iron-man and read marvel's civil war series, one would understand that iron-man is the most powerful hero in the marvel universe.

Matt Suhu on May 17, 2008


It was okay. Just okay. I don't know why everyone is getting so pumped by it. Downey Jr. was great, of course, with a few witty lines. Jeff Bridges didn't get enough screen time. But many scenes were just so predictable and clichΓ© (Pepper Potts copying sensitive info to disk and - surprise - gets caught *yawn*). The CG was impressive in some places, but otherwise looked as expected. Disappointing.

avoidz on May 18, 2008


Dear Batman fans (101 and 102), I cannot take your constant whining and your consistent comparisons any more. Batman Begins was simply a piece of junk. There's no two ways about it. If TDK is good I'll gladly say so. Batman Begins was only liked by Batman fans as evident by the box office. If you will check the current box office at box office mojo for Ironman, you will see that in the next couple of days a B list character is about to beat an A list icon due to one reason--quality. Maybe you should put more effort into the quality of character than the degradation of superior showmanship.

chester on May 18, 2008


P.S. Ironman will beat TDK at the box office so get your tissues ready.

chester on May 18, 2008


Its been a while since an actor has so galvanised film/comic fans about how well they potray a role, not since Jack Nicholson can I say that, for me an actor has really become the role. Now i'm a huge Christian Bale fan, he's a brilliant actor, but he was limited in Batman Begins by that bloody suit. We see more action in the first ten minutes than we are allowed to se in the rest of the film (as far as Bruce Wayne/Batman unleashed). But all in all, Christian Bale = Great Actor (possibly an Oscar later on) But Jack Nicholson, and now RDJ? (Shit he even sounds like my favourite droid!) GODS! hehe (PS. I will try to forget the ending to Batman Begins.Too much, too soon. And flying! Whats he gonna do for an onchore, go to the moon??)

swebb on May 18, 2008


Dear Iron-Man fan (#103) I cannot take your constant blindness and naivety. First off, just because a movie may make more money does not at all warrant its superiority to other films. Secondly, Christian Bale played a more complex character than Robert Downey Jr. Bale portrayed a complex character dealing with the death of his parents, the journey of discovering who he is, and taking the burden upon himself to protect those who were powerless. Downey portrayed a simplistic copycat character who felt sorry for himself for being a death-dealer. There is no possible way to say that Downey went through the pain and suffering that Bale went through as Bruce Wayne. And how can Iron-Man be labeled as a superhero. What, he saved a small village? Comon, Batman was fighting crime and saving the city while Iron-Man was fighting his business partner. In these regards, Bale played a higher quality character than Downey's Stark. Thirdly, Iron-Man was more showmanship than Batman Begins because of its (Iron-Man) heavier use of CGI with the various suits. So you can't possible say that Batman Begins was all showmanship. Fourthly, going back to the money aspect...I believe TDK will make way more money than Iron-Man because of Ledger's death. Yes, such a factor isn't fair...but if we are to play by your terms, then TDK will be more successful because fans and non-fans alike will desire to pay tribute to Ledger's last work of art and therefore pay money to see the film. And lastly...Iron-Man's storyline was just boring and yes, predictable. Can you name any surprises or twists that came just from the storyline? Thought so. At least Batman Begins surprised the audience by having Liam Neeson come back as Ra's Al Gaul. And aside from the flashy scenes of Stark creating and testing the various suits and its functions, the whole story was bland. Especially the "climax" (if there was one). Iron-Man was barely able to fight because he had less than 20% of his energy remaining. Such a limiting factor does not create intensity but foolishness. The suit was totally underutilized during the final battle scene which created disappointment from such a cliched storyline technique. In the end...I admit that Iron-Man was a good, but not great film, and definitely inferior to Batman Begins. Perhaps you (#103) should put more effort into analyzing your reasoning for liking and disliking certain films.

Matt Suhu on May 18, 2008


I have been reading Marvel comics since 1964. So far Iron Man is THE best adaptation of a comic book to date. Downey nailed Stark the way Simmons nailed JJJ and Jackman nailed Wolverine. I had my doubts about Downey but they were shattered when I saw the first trailer and the movie cemented those feelings. Stane could have been a better villian if he were not in the first movie. More character development would have brought out his evilness. I am VERY glad the Manderin wasn't part of the movie. His protrayal (in the animated features) as Starks arch-nemisis is over-rated. Tony's biggets and best foe's have always been other armor clad baddies. Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, Iron Monger and the occassional pissed off War Machine. Sending Stark off against Hydra or AIM in the first movie would have necessatated a four hour long show. I personally would have sat thru it, but maybe not many more. I think those who found this movie less than great have every right to say so, just as those who rally behind Ford, Chevy or Toyota's feel their choice is best. Truth is, everyone is different and has different tastes. I was also fortunate enough to stay thru the credits. Jackson NAILED Fury and I can hardly wait for the sequel!

MPDavis55744 on May 20, 2008


Okay, Okay. You guys need to quiet the nerd-caps for a second, and realize just WHY Iron Man has an appeal across demographics (including -gasp- Girls!). He is witty. He is confident. And if you draw a plumb-line through the whole movie, you have the outline of what would make a rather enjoyable, (and non-headache incuding, a'hem Wachowski bros.) ROLLER COASTER RIDE. The kind you want to get right back on, the second you're done with it. Fan-boys shmam-boys. The movie wasn't perfect. (NEITHER WAS BATSY DOES THE BEGUINE': not a well-shot action sequence in the WHOLE film, and Bale's voice croaked once he put the suit on. C'mon. Admit it!) Nonetheless - people have been starved for a good popcorn popping roller-coaster ride, and Iron Man not only delivered, it delivered (yes, dismissively jaded fanboys who have no time for something an ordinary person would enjoy) SOMETHING FRESH. Downey's Stark was the POLAR opposite of every other Superhero who's come to the screen. He. Was. A. GROWN UP. And grown ups like cars. And grown ups like girls. And grown ups like drinking. And gambling. And both younger AND grownup girls- like. Confident. Men. Which Downey's Stark was. The Dark Knight will be a cinematic masterpiece, costumes, FX or none (and since they used live stunts & almost no CGI, that counts as next to none). You could've put Bale, Ledger, and Eckhart in ANY film - "Super Hero" or none (and, at this point, I think Batman's world is more resembling a surreal take on the CSI / 24 type crime genre, populated w/ genuine, certifiably insane criminals - portrayed w/ more conviction than most actors give ANY role, in ANY film), and people would show up just b/c of their Cred. It's time to get off our high horse, boys. COMIC. MOVIES. ARE. A. FAD. They don't mean a thing, if they don't have that ___(fill in the blank)____.

Djo on May 20, 2008


#108 Djo, I understand what you're saying and I thank you for pointing out why the masses love Iron-Man. And I agree that Iron-Man is something fresh when compared to the recent selections of films in theaters right now. However, I do not believe that Iron-Man is anything fresh to the superhero or comic book-to-film genre at all. If you strip away all the flashy effects, you have a copycat storyline of Batman Begins. Both were away from home for an extended period of time where they evidently find themselves. Upon returning to their respective cities, both promise themselves to use their talents and resources to help save lives. Then throughout the films, the audience is invited to watch how the heroes evolve and invent their alter egos out of necessity. And then both stories climax with the heroes battling their teacher and surrogate father figure, and coming out victorious. Iron-Man is just not original in any serious aspect. The main difference I see is how you pointed out that Iron-Man is more superhero-ish and batman begins is more gritty in which it takes itself seriously. Nonetheless, I still view batman begins' storyline more complex, its character development more deep and emotional, and its roller-coaster ride more fun and exciting. I suppose I prefer my superheroes to be as real and complex as possible.

Matt Suhu on May 20, 2008


Matt: Did I ever say I didn't like Batman? I was singing praises to Batman Begins- all I said was that it was not perfect. I like Bale's Batman. Batman's a grownup, too. And (I'll say it, apologies to those I'm about to traumatize-) Grown Ups. Don't. Like. COMIC BOOKS. I like 'em. But that's b/c I make 'em for profit and can validate my occasional purchases as actual research. But use yer noggins for a second here: People WILL flock to see the Dark Knight- as in ordinary, non-comics fan people who see movies not BECAUSE they're based on comic books, but IN SPITE of the fact that they are. They'll see the Dark Knight, just as they're seeing Iron Man, b/c they're both starring excellent, talented male actors at the pique of their craft, w/ a hot young auteur at the helm steering an either fun or compelling story w/ daft technical prowess, and ICING on the cake- is that it's an update of a familiar character who they remember from their childhood (Iron Man excepted, in most cases). And yes, comics fans will see it, too - but guess what? It's because it's BETTER than either Iron Man OR Batman have ever been portrayed, even in the comics. Iron Man. Is the FUN. Batman. (For now...) Pick up a single Batman comic today and try to pawn it off on someone who's never read comics before. It's not going to turn them ON to seeing the Dark Knight. The DARK KNIGHT is what's turning people on to see the Dark Knight. If you want to start nit-picking about where the movie departs from the comics, I'll gladly take your girlfriend to the nearest bar for a bit, while you try to figure that out. But she'll be PERFECTLY happy to accompany you & see the Dark Knight, b/c it's starring (Ta-DAAA!) Confident. Grown Up. Men. Iron Man had two GQ cover options. Dark Knight has at LEAST five. And NONE of these guys would be caught dead wearing tights. The Spider Man fad is over. We don't need more movies about so-so guys shooting goo out their hands, while repeating mantras ad nauseum. The Hulk franchise, I think, hinges on it's wise combination the popular 70's tv show w/ the comics, and milking Ed Norton for EVERYTHING he's worth. (He's kind of an incredible Hulk of an actor, re-writing scripts, demanding final cut, etc. But so far I think they're handling that well - hey, I know I"M gonna see it. And I know my SISTER will see it w/ her son, b/c of that KISS that Liv Tyler shares w/ him, before he jumps out the helicopter.) Hulk's MAIN selling point should be : American History X. Fight Club. The Illusionist. And now. The Incredible Hulk. Before you nay say, takeyour nerd caps off (don't worry, I've got one, too) & put them ON the ground, and think like your average person for a sec. I like complex stories, books, & films too. But I also like me a good roller coaster. Ever been on one? Those guys work pretty damn hard planning those things, to make sure you get your money's worth. But the GOOD ones - are the ones that make you want to get right back on, and do 'em all over again. Make it too complex, and man- spare me the headache, PLEASE! Next ride!

Djo-Bot on May 21, 2008


IRONMAN! has to be hands down one of the best marvel hero movies ever made! RDJ nailed the role, he really brought stark to life! story line was great, action packed flick, loved it! i cant wait for the avengers movie to come out! at the end of the movie when the agent mentioned the code name "S.H.E.I.L.D" i knew, then i saw sam jackson, oh yes it was on! i just hope that when Tinseltown makes the avengers flick, it proceeds expectations, i am ready to be wowed! shocked! and just plain out of control about this movie! come on hollywood, lets see what u got! pce, Murdock

Murdock on May 21, 2008

111 This clip is super hilarious and it sums up how I feel about Iron-Man when compared to Batman Begins.

Matt Suhu on May 25, 2008


Go to youtube and search for "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Iron Man and Batman #2". It's hilarious and it beautifully sums up how I feel about Iron-Man when being compared to Batman Begins.

Matt Suhu on May 25, 2008


Forget what Iron Man has done for superhero movies, this film has restored my faith in movies all together! Stop whining and picking it apart. And for all of you that are raving about any of the Spiderman films, did you watch the same movies I did!? GARBAGE!

Caitlin on May 27, 2008


how would it feel like living in Tony Stark's house? That would be a dream. I LOVED the movie. And that's an understatement. Watched it 5 times and planning to watch it again. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play the part. He's perfect. I don't see RDJ anymore after watching the movie, I see Tony Stark. HE doesn't only play Tony Stark, he IS Tony Stark. It was like his imperfections before Iron Man molded him for the role. RDJ did do jail time for drugs and alcoholism. Plus the fact that even at 43, he's still drool worthy. The fact that Tony Stark wasn't the typical super hero was the vocal point of this movie. He's a womanizer and a drunkard. Compared to other goody two shoes super hero he's the least you'd expect. I didn't fall in love with Iron Man, I fell in love with Tony Stark. ------------------- "I think Iron Man is cooler. `Coz he doesn't wear fake, rubber nipples." -Me

chu on May 27, 2008


"WHY Iron Man has an appeal across demographics (including -gasp- Girls!)" -#108 Even in the comics, Iron Man caputred women's hearts. Stan Lee revealed that most fanmail for Iron Man came from the female population. Most of them saying they'd like to have a go making Tony Stark a better man. Tony Stark's imperfections make him perfect. And Robert Downey Jr. brought those imperfections to life. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” "I think Iron Man is cooler. `Coz he doesn't wear fake, rubber nipples." -Me

chu on May 27, 2008


Sweet movie, awesome graphics, just wish they made it more family friendly.

superhobo on Jun 2, 2008


The fact that this theme was in the film makes it awesome! RDJ was divinely inspired casting. Best hero movie to date. Can't wait for DVD!

HornetSting on Jun 4, 2008


I have seen Iron Man 3 times. Robert Downey Jr did a fabulous job. I loved this movie. I can hardly wait for the next one. I will definitely buy the dvd when it comes out.

Terri on Jun 13, 2008


I watched this movie 5 times, yeah 5, that's just how good this freakin' movie is. I love IRONMAN! Robert Downey Jr. is such a BADASS player! He did great, this movie couldn't have been better and the action/humor ratio is just great for the movie. The whole cast really brought it and is definetly the BEST superhero movie to date. I really hope Favreau will direct the sequel, it just wouldn't be great without him. It's like Ironman w/o Downey.

Sally on Jun 23, 2008

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