Sound Off: The Dark Knight - What Did You Think?!

July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's finally here! Three years since Batman Begins, two years since we first heard about casting, and now one year since the first trailer. The Dark Knight is finally upon us! Does it live up to all of your hype and expectations? Were you surprised by its length and immense story? How was the late Heath Ledger as the Joker - the best villain or the worst villain you've seen? Has Christopher Nolan created a masterpiece on the level of The Godfather II or instead just a lengthy and boring mess? The Dark Knight is easily the most buzz about movie this year and now the full experience is upon us which means it's time to let it at all out. Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of The Dark Knight.

To fuel the fire, I absolutely loved this movie. I've seen it twice now and after watching it the second time, I can officially confirm that it is an epic and incredible masterpiece. Nolan has shown us that there are no rules in Hollywood and that he can make a comic book movie that's vastly better than the first - an amazing feat considering that one was already brilliant. The Dark Knight may truly be the best superhero movie ever made and is undoubtedly the best superhero sequel ever made. Not only is Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker flawless and unquestionably deserving of an Oscar, but the story, the visual effects, the music, the filmmaking, every last element of this masterpiece absolutely stunning - nothing else has ever come this close to perfection! The Dark Knight is, hands down, a phenomenal film!

What did you think of The Dark Knight? Nolan's masterpiece or nothing amazing?

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Wow!, nuff said

mangelo on Jul 18, 2008



SillySil on Jul 18, 2008


I haven't seen it yet. It's already out on Brazil, but what i'd really like to know is if Max Payne the Movie is gonna launch simuntaneoulsy like Batman.

Diego on Jul 18, 2008


I was overwhelmed. I'm going to have to go watch it again just to take it all in. What a movie. That was just nuts. I didn't "get it" till the end, and even now I'm not sure I got it. But what a ride. Seriously, what a ride.

Brent on Jul 18, 2008


wow so lucky u lot have seen it 🙁 i can't freakin w8 i watched batman begins again and again and also watch gotham knight to keep me entertained b4 i see this but i still gotta wait till it hits theaters here in the uk 🙁

Krupz on Jul 18, 2008


I'm totally going to be lazy and post my review from elsewhere: So I spent the moments before I left for the theater reading bad reviews of this film; the same bad reviews that I thought of when the end credits rolled. I understand them now and why they are wrong. This is not a superhero movie and anyone who went to see it just for that will be let down, as these reviewers were. It is not a comic book movie filled with amazing powers and fantastic fights. The Dark Knight is a brilliant crime drama about villains and heroes, and the thin fragile line that separates them. Before I go on, let me say this... This movie cannot really be spoiled. It is a story too complex to give away, without writing a novel to explain it all. You know, I use to think that the advertising for this film was slick and tricky in a neat way. All of its intricate pieces felt like it was leading us somewhere to distract us without ruining the good parts we had yet to see. Yes, all those hints were slick, but still, the plot is too thick to ever truly be taken away by one source other than itself. And in the end, all those advertising moments that seemed so random, were just small slices of something larger, something more than a dozen sound bites and clips can show. This is why it is amazing. The word epic is thrown around so much these days, we've damn near forgotten what it really means and feels like to witness. The Dark Knight is that reminder. It is larger than life in the way movies are suppose to be. It is just so fresh and original with the right amount of classic and true-blue tossed in for good measure. Of course the performances were strong... we expected that from the minute we heard they were making it. What is somewhat unexpected is the level of writing that drove it. This is not the movie you go to see for fight scenes, we've seen that, and they decided to show what else was missing from the equation. This is something new and deeper. It's about crime and punishment above all else, and the cost of both, on all sides. If you go to see just heroes and villains, expect to find yourself reevaluating your definition of both several times over. As I said, it's a thin fragile line. Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart both deserve equal praise. They are so awesome in their roles to the point of wondering if these two were born to plan these men. Their moments on screen rise and fall in waves of well-crafted depth and intensity. Their stars will remain bright as long as people still watch this film. The performances are just that timeless. Though, it's not just them; all the acting is great even down to barely-supporting parts. Together, with the film-makers, they put on a show that is so believable it's down right scary to think of such a city, like Gotham, existing in this day and age. By the end, you just hope that someone can save the day because, damn it all, you don't see how anyone good thing could succeed in a place as bad as that. Is it a masterpiece? An answer on either side of that question is just an opinion, so I won't say. What I can tell you is that if you skip this movie because of preconceived notions and feelings based on the past work, you are one dumb motherfucker, and I'd be happy to call your mother to tell her so. Love it or hate it, the Dark Knight is something different from all else that has come before it. You should all watch it, because it might be your only chance to see the future of film-making before it's here in greater numbers. Nolan has definitely taken something we all know and given us something else within its borders. It is a great film. So great, in fact, that I don't feel the least bit bad about going to work in an hour and a half. This movie was worth the sleepless night, ten fold. The Dark Knight is a work of art.

not yo mommas cat on Jul 18, 2008


TDK was simply an amazing movie to the core - brilliant acting (especially Heath), beautiful visuals and an ominous tone that trumped even what we saw in Batman Begins. One of the rare occasions where the sequel blows the original out of the water. And on Heath, I know that people will ask the question of who was the better Joker between Ledger and Nicholson. But I honestly think the question should become "Should anyone even try to play the Joker again after Heath's amazing performance?" - any subsequent ones are bound to be a let down. So glad to see that TDK matched the hype - can't wait to see it again.

Link on Jul 18, 2008


I thought it was amazing. Ledger was the greatest villain I've seen in a movie since Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York. I will say one thing, though, and I'm probably in the minority here. I liked Batman Begins better. I loved the backstory, and most of all I thought batman's approach in that movie was much better. In dark knight he just wades through bad guys out in the open. In Batman Begins there was suspense and fear for the criminals. They'd hear something, then one of them would instantly vanish into the dark. Then they'd hear something at one end and shoot blindly, moving their guns at every noise. It was so much cooler imo to see batman use that stealthy approach. Besides that complaint of mine, I loved it. I'll be seeing it again, and I think the ledger oscar hype is definitely warranted. I won't spoil it, but holy shit was that pencil trick awesome. So was the entire hospital scene. When watching ledger you were either laughing at some sadistic humor, or saying "holy shit" at something he did.

Yohnstoppable on Jul 18, 2008


What an AMAZING movie. Fucking brilliant. I loved it. Everyone was so on point. ON POINT.

DCompose on Jul 18, 2008


Fantastic. Honestly it makes other superhero movies look juvenile. I appreciated Nolan's direction for its dark adult tone and the absence of lighthearted campiness. The acting was phenomenal and Ledger's performance specifically was, IMO, absolutely without question Oscar-worthy. My two issues: 1. I was bothered by nothing on screen but by some audience members in my theater who found Ledger's performance to be humorous and laughed during the most inappropriate times. I'll admit that Ledger brings a bit absurdity to the role accurately portraying the Joker as a clown, however this never was funny to me. Instead I found him jarring and insane, exactly how I felt Nolan intended. This is such a personal matter dealing with our own reactions to films, but being in an audience that can properly respond to tone and themes in film can really make a big difference. Anyone else feel that way/experience the same thing? 2. It had a moral. Nolan made that moral very apparent and kept pushing it. Explicitly. Over and over. Other than those tiny tiny qualms, its the best superhero movie I've ever seen and my favorite film of the year.

Taylor on Jul 18, 2008


#7's comment about the Joker is perfect. That said, not juz the Joker, but the whole script went deeper than I expected. Usually I enter the theatre with so much expectation that I come out somewhat disappointed no matter how good the film was. But this one, simply blew me away.. I mean, forget ur expectations, its much much more bigger & better than that. Nothin can prepare u for what Nolan has in store for u. Therez nothin wrong with the dark side of the movie. No one really ventured into such a side of a superhero & this is exactly the kind of movie that really stands out.. About the run-time, if its going to be this good, I'll watch the movie even if it runs for 5 hours. I'll go to this movie again & have no doubts about it, u will too...

Gdn | TD on Jul 18, 2008


#12 I agree. I will be going again. When was the last time I had a repeat viewing at a theater? I don't even remember. TDK is that good.

Taylor on Jul 18, 2008


Agree with comment #10. Some friends of mine met up at my place before heading out to see the midnight showing, and batman and robin of all movies was on. We watched it for about 30 minutes, just laughing at how incredibly bad it was. It really put the point across as to how much better the nolan batman movies are than the predecessors. As someone who never really got into comic books, I always considered batman to be the worst superhero ever judging purely by the movies. They portrayed such a terrible batman, that I just could not imagine the newer movies being so good. The only reason I gave begins a chance was due to nolan's involvement (memento is one of my all time favorites). The new movies, to me, are like if someone remade a pee wee herman movie and made it oscar worthy

Yohnstoppable on Jul 18, 2008


Without a doubt, the best superhero movie ever made. And I can say that without being afraid of sounding cliche because it's just absolutely true. I've never left the theater with such a sense of awe. The story was perfect, the acting absolutely divine (Heath obviously takes the prize here, but I was also surprised by Aaron Eckhart and even Gary Oldman), the visuals stunning, and the tone purely dark and real. I can't get over how wonderful this was. As a fan of all comic book movies, I'm afraid I've held the Spider-man franchise at the height of all superhero fandoms. But Dark Knight shattered that world completely, showing that realistic, believable heroes are the ones that we really feel for.

Lindsey on Jul 18, 2008


Ledger Leaves a LEDGEND, 18 July 2008 Author: damitchl20-1 from United States Without wanting to see it, my friends made me see "Batman Begins". I fought the idea of anyone living up to Keaton and Nicholson in "Batman". I walked out of the theater completely blown away on June 15, 2005. I submitted to the fact that Christian Bale was the best Batman ever and Batman Begins was one of my five favorite movies of all-time (a top 5 with the most recent movie made in 1995; a tough list to crack). I also said there will never be another Joker like Nicholson. When Ledger was cast, I questioned it, not really being a fan of his (not because of Brokeback but because of A Knight's Tale, etc). Well, after three years of anticipation, tickets purchased four days in advance and an hourly countdown for the past two days, I went into a theater at 11 pm on July 17 to get good seats for what would become on July 18, 2008, the best movie I've ever seen. I can't imagine a better film ever being made right now and it is mainly because of the best supporting performance of our generation. While you can't compare Nicholson to Ledger because of the different styles of 'The Joker' they played, you can no doubt say Heath Ledger played the most spectacular part on film that I can ever remember. This guy had so much talent that I never realized until I saw "The Dark Knight". It is a true shame he is gone, and not just because of acting. It's a shame for so much more. But his part was so real that I never once saw Heath Ledger; I saw "The Joker" for 130-plus minutes. I couldn't even imagine a picture of Ledger in my head while looking at "The Joker" on-screen. If someone plays a better role between now and Oscar Nomination time, I've got to see it; because no one has played a better role to date. Bravo and I'd give it 20 stars if I could. "TDK" did what "Star Wars: Episode I", "Batman Returns", "The Lost World" and so many others have never done: Live up to the hype. And this was more anticipated a movie than I can ever remember in 29 years on this planet.

Michael on Jul 18, 2008


@ #10, Concerning your first problem, I dont usually make a sound during a showing of this magnitude, but yes, the other people I was crammed in my theater with did laugh at those few precious one-liners. But I disagree with you that that was not not Nolan's intent. I think he wanted you to laugh and then think "Why am I laughing at something so sadistic." It all just plays into the twisted mindest of the Joker. I agree with the moral thing though, but its not really a nuisance.

Boris Van Der Ree on Jul 18, 2008


The movie was below my expectations, it moved too fast, hard to keep up with the film, Ledger is satisfying to say the least- batman and wayne are a very silly experiment in this movie, the first one works better for me for some reason. Too much realism, plots and twists. in othe words: this movie is too smart for it own good. The average viewer in the theater that I was at were teenagers and college guys- sorry for Nolan and crew. The movie almost falls flat if it wasn't for ledger this movie would be a disaster. Over and out, the waiting is over and now I can move on with my life. on Jul 18, 2008


I loved the movie. It was LOOONG, but was great. Exploring the motivations and psychologies of three obsessive (in their own ways) individuals takes a lot of time. Every single part was written and played brilliantly. Heath Ledger was the superlative Joker. There it is, I said it. Aaron Eckhart's Dent was no less fantastic. And Bale's Batman is again, up there with greatness. Even the supporting characters, major and minor, were up there. By the end, when it all came together to what Batman was to become for Gotham City and the significance of his alias (the title of the movie), I was blown. Away. One of the things that made Batman Begins great was its believability, and again, Nolan nails it here. He makes the city just plausible enough to really make you think, "What IF a city this corrupt and dark existed? What IF there was a person this far gone?" Someone above called this movie the reminder of what "epic" really means, and I couldn't agree more. Frankly, I was geniunely surprised at the pure scale of the movie, but I was enthralled the whole time. Unreserved Recommendation. Go see it! I absolutely can't wait to see it again (and excited to see how Nolan can possibly plan to top this -- I have faith that he can!)

MasterCKO on Jul 18, 2008


#17 I agree. And I'm like you, not a peep during this kind of film. I guess it was the little high school giggling that really irked me.

Taylor on Jul 18, 2008


I enjoyed this movie alot. I will only leave one comment that I hope people will agree with. I think this movie was set apart from other "epic" movies because of the death scenes. This is the first movie I can remember in a long while that when somebody died, there was a story behind it. This wasn't a LOTR where it was a massive battle with people flying all over the place. The best example I think is where the fake batman is killed and we know who he is and his story. The other notable deaths I won't talk about for the sake of spoilers but I hope you understood what I meant.

Tom on Jul 18, 2008


I would like to perform for you, a magic trick...

Kevin on Jul 18, 2008


Finally i can talk about it more in depth, all i could do for the past 4 days was tell everyone how great it was. Cuz I hate spoilers It was the best movie I've seen in years and quite literally had nothing to do with it being a Batman movie, and I love Batman. The fact that it was a Batman movie just made it all the more awesome. From the first moment the Joker was on the screen it was just amazing, Heath Ledger was simply brilliant and unforgiving even to the end. And there was Two-Face, and Gordon, and everything else. it was a great crime drama best I've seen since Godfather II and on par with The Departed. This was literally Batman come to life, if he were a real person, this would be him. In fact, just as Superman boasted you will believe a man can fly, the Dark Knight made me believe that Batman was real, hero, man, and superhero. The effects were so perfect I forgot they were even special, everything was just perfect. The cinematography was just so grand and huge,(i saw it in Imax) I can't wait to see it again tonight and just revel in it's intricacies. Every movie maker and "greenlighter" should see this movie and study it, this is how you make a movie, sequel or otherwise those responsible for the atrocity that was Batman & Robin should hang their head in shame and seek other means of employment. Can anyone tell me when it's spoiler safe to talk about my favorite part of the movie. Those who have seen it should be able to guess.

Lucky on Jul 18, 2008


I am easily disappointed by hyped movies, it happens to me all the time. Needless to say as one of the most well marketed films of all time, I was considerably worried I was going to cry myself to sleep in disappointment after making the effort to see this film as it debuted across America... Never been happier to say I was wrong. Batman Begins was a favorite for me, maybe not for all aspects of the film, but it was incredible, and DK could not have been more perfect in its follow up. My only disappointment with the entire film was the lack of connection to his whole set of principles as gained from his extensive training and spiritual focus through his martial arts. Many of the initial connections to eastern religions and principles were given up to a layering of personal psychologies, but don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, just missing it a little. It actually seemed very disconnected from Batman Begins, but I'm strangely ok with that. On the subject of laughing during this film. I'm a loud film watcher, I laugh out loud, I cry, I jump in surprise, and this one got me on all accounts. Well maybe not crying, but I definitely laughed a lot, it was an extremely witty script and Heath Ledger was incredible. The End

emil Lamprecht on Jul 18, 2008


Best movie of the year. One of the best movies I've ever seen period. Agree with the comment #7 made about Heath, if he dosn't at least get an Oscar nod then I htink the people at the Oscar's have some serious issues. I will go see it many many times in the theatres which I haven't done since Lord of the Rings.

AJ on Jul 18, 2008


Awesome! I am satisfied!!! That's important. It exceeded my expectations.

Fisherman on Jul 18, 2008


Oh, and this is certainly, CERTAINLY, Nolan's masterpiece (at least up till now; who knows what he'll do next). This is a man with pure, unadulterated movie-making talent at the top of his game. Seriously, wow.

MasterCKO on Jul 18, 2008


Serously, in the aspect of the acting, action, storyline, and believabilty, this movie left me no holes to complain. I can say that The Dark Knight is without a shadow of a doubt the best movie ever with no pause or second guessing. Don't get me wrong, there are so many phenominal movies (Iron Man, The Lord of the Rings, The Departed, Hotel Rowanda, The Matrix, The Godfather, etc), but as a comic fan and a movie fanatic, this has met my every desire. I have never sat through a whole 2 hr and 40 minute movie on the edge of my seat...even when their just talking. Heath Ledger, God rest his soul, delivered the Joker as he truly was...Psycotic and persistent. No homo or anything, but I loved the way he walked, talked, flinched, laughed, everything! He showed no fear and no remorse. This is the Joker that I know that shot Barbra Gordon, tourchered the Comish with pics of her naked, paralyzed body, and that beat and killed the original Robin. He was like what the Hobgoblin was to Spiderman, but better. Christian Bale, once again, has delivered the Bat that I loved and only settled my decision in that he is the best Bat, placing Michael Keaton in 2nd. And don't even get me started on Aaron Eckhart...THE BEST 2 FACE EVER. I love how they wrote his role. I don't think they could have written him in in any other way without making it cheesy or stupid. It's not like how they killed off VENOM in spiderman 3 and made that idiot Eddie Brock...morons. Let me let go of that before I go off on a tangent. All in all, the story was amazing (every time you thought it would end, they one uped their game), the actors disappeared and the characters shown through, and the action was pant crapping awesome. I give this a 20 out of 10. Serously...I even prayed to thank God for implanting this movie in the writers and directors head.

Lazarus on Jul 18, 2008


Amazing. The best superhero movie so far. I loved Batman Begins, but this surpasses it with honors. Heath Ledger is one of the key reasons its so good. His acting as the Joker deserves an oscar nomination, if not the statue. He makes you laugh and scares the living hell out of you at the same time. His mannerisms are incredible and Nolan shows the audience a Joker that is no joke, he is a representation of pure and utter anarchism. Bale is great as Batman, not portraying him as a hero, but as the flawed human he represents. Gary Oldman (one of my favorite actors since Leon) portrays perfectly Lt. James Gordon, an idealist lieutenant that believes in the goodness of Gotham city. Batman's ideals, as well as Gordons, become in danger when the Joker appears, causing chaos and desperation in a city that needs its heroes. This factor makes the film so incredible. Every character in the film becomes touched by evil and is affected by it to different degrees. No character is left untouched and no one is saved from the joker. The action is incredible and Nolan builds up to the climax with perfection. The tempo is the film is rapid and filled with adreline, there is not one moment in the film when action does not fill the screen, something that can ruin several films, but because of stellar direction, makes this one work. The only problem I had with this film is Aaron Eckhart. I liked him, but I did not love him. He portrays a Harvey Dent that everyone loves, yet, I lacked the love. He wasnt as charismatic as in "Thank you for smoking" or as sassy in "No reservations", he was dark and at times seemed resented and egocentric, even when he was supposed to be the White Knight. The audience does not feel for him like for the other characters, he has a negative quality to his Dent that makes us want to stay away from him. Maybe Ryan Gosling or Hugh Jackman could have done a better job. This is not to say that he did a bad one, he could have just been recasted better. Apart from that, the movie is incredible and one of my favorites. It is by far the best superhero movie by date, and as a crime thriller it can be compared to "The departed" because of its constant action and suspense. Fantastic film (9/10)

Mario on Jul 18, 2008


I was in awe. When the movie ended, I realized that every other superhero movie I'd ever seen had suddenly seemed so hokey. This masterpiece has raised the bar for all future superhero movies. Sam Raimi is probably in the fetal position on his bathroom floor crying right now. I had chalked up all the talk about Heath Ledger's final performance to respectful mourning, but he deserved every bit of it. Ledger made Nicholson seem like Krusty the Klown, and made for the most chilling movie villain I've ever watched. This movie was fantastic. I hope they're discussing future villains for the franchise now. I'd love to see what Nolan can do with the Riddler.

Nick on Jul 18, 2008


All I can say is WOW. The Joker was incredible and unlike a few comments above I actually did laugh at a few points when he delivered certain lines. I think that the way they were written and the way he delivered them made you laugh. In particular I laughed when he was backing away from the mob and his answer to the question was just "Yeah". The delivery, facial, expressions and line itself made you laugh. SPOLIER ALERT ============================================================ The one thing that I don't know if I liked iwas at the end with Two-Face. I was hoping for more and then they just go and kill him off. Did anyone else have an issue with that? I thought he was going to be the main villian in 3. ============================================================

CK on Jul 18, 2008


This movie......can't find any words to describe it...but dreams have come sleeping tonight...

Subhradeep on Jul 18, 2008


My only worry about this movie... ... They won't be able to top it with another sequel. Regardless tho, awesome movie. When leaving after the 3 AM IMAX showing, everyone was quiet, probably trying to take it all in. Goes to show you the depth of it.

Alfredo on Jul 18, 2008


Obviously, here be spoilers. I loved every second of it. The only, ONLY, thing I did not like was that Two-Face died at the end. There wasn't enough screen time for that character. I hope he ends up still being alive somehow in the next movie or something. I mean come on...the guy gets half of his face completely burned off exposing tons of flesh and he's fine...but he can't handle a two or three story fall that didn't bother Batman one bit? Technically...did Batman just kill Two-Face? He's gotta still be alive somehow. I was surprised that Scarecrow was in the movie as much as he was, which wasn't much. I was expected just a few seconds in passing or something. So Batman took out Scarecrow, The Joker, and Two-Face all in one movie. I hope Nolan comes back for a third installment with The Riddler (and Two-Face but of course don't have them team-up like in Batman Forever. Two-Face is a solo act - he works with or for no one). Only Nolan could make The Riddler work. And personally I hope that Robin Williams finally gets the role he was promised so long ago. He can definitely be joking around one second with riddles and then the next second yelling like a psycho killer. (I haven't mentioned The Joker because there are no words to describe him.) @ #10 - The Joker is SUPPOSED to be funny in a sadistic way. He's suppose to make you laugh and then feel bad for doing so. Haven't you read any comics with him in them? I dare you not to laugh while reading one.

Viper on Jul 18, 2008


The Dark Knight could be the best movie ever made. I say this only because it is completely, and utterly fantastic. I have seen this film, and own now a copy of the soundtrack. The combination of music, multiplied by the force of the images, creates of world of magnificent chaos. Christian Bale returns as the black cloaked crime fighter, is back and more troubled than ever. The conflict of what he's trying to do, and who he is, is portrayed excellently. Flawlessly making it feel as if he were of two minds, not knowing what the best judgment is. Aaron Eckhart comes in as Harvey Dent, the District attorney of Gotham City. Working tirelessly to take down crime in the city. I must be honest I was never really a big fan of Aaron Eckhart, and I realize now, he's worth a second look after his portrayal. I found him to be heroic, and tragic hhonestly. I didn't think he was I would be invested in his story, but I was just as interested as I was in the Joker's story. I was, to say the least, very impressed. Christopher Nolan, who penned this script with his brother Jonathan Nolan, have written what (will in time) be considered one of the best films ever made. This is a well crafted, amazing piece of work. I was pretty keen on where the story was going, and still my jaw was on the floor a multitude of times. I found myself laughing, crying, and wincing at every turn. I never took my eyes off the screen once, and the solid two hours and forty minutes went by before I was ready to let go. If you have enough money left over from filling up your gas tank, go out and buy the most important soundtrack you will ever listen to. Soon-to-be Legendary Composers Hans Zimmer (Academy Award Winner, The Lion King), and (Seven-Time Academy Award Nominee, Wyatt Earp, Michael Clayton) James Newton Howard, have teamed up again since the previous, Batman Begins (2005). This soundtrack is a masterpiece in it's own right. The haunting melodies, combined with the heavy base drums and tempered strings set the mood perfectly with a sense of eeriness, and danger that lurks behind each corner. Hans Zimmer' one-note motif is nothing short of incredible, and James Newton's tragic strings bring your heart rate down for a breath or two between chaos, and anarchy. Easily one of the best scores for a film, ever. Which will lead to Hans Zimmer receiving his second Oscar, and James Newton Howard his first. Which brings me to, the most important and, majestically haunting part of this whole experience The Joker (a.k.a. Heath Ledger). As I sit here, pondering all the adjectives I can remind myself of to describe what he did in this film, I am still speechless. There really are no words to describe it. Heath Ledger made a man who had no more pity, or remorse left in him. He forces you to see the mind of a mad man who wants to destroy the good, and wanted to take everybody with it. If I could think of a word right now, I could only say: astounding. It's simply out of this world. I have not seen a performance as mesmerizing, and perfect, as that. This is not some comic book movie that a big studio produced just to make millions during this long, hot summer. This is a film that will make history at the box office; change the way movies are made and written; and sets the bar so high into the stratosphere, there is no way to see it. Everything about this movie seems to be perfect. I can't think of anything bad to say about it, other than I wish it were a few more hours long. I could have sat through it again, and again. The entire time I was in that theater my heart was pounding, I was sweating profusely, and when it did in fact end – I was shaking from the core. This movie is as intense as it gets. The fact that it's primarily an action film, has nothing to do with it. This, from beginning to end, is non-stop intensity. Two and a half hours feels only like thirty minutes. It leaves you wanting more, but your body seems to not be able to take it. There will be so much energy in you from the, adrenalin rush, you will want to run five miles. In short, I would give this movie an A rating with one billion plus signs next to it. This movie lived up to the hype, and delivered more. What you see in the previews is only half of what this movie has to offer. So, take what you have left over from gas money, or better still, walk to the movie theater and buy a ticket to see The Dark Knight. When you leave that theater, the walk home will seem like the best idea you've ever had.

Brian on Jul 18, 2008


The Joker's character is made to be laughed at, even if it's nervous laughter. If you didn't laugh (even just on the inside) that's a problem with you, not the movie. His lines were witty and timed out like comedy is suppose to be timed, but not like comedy normally ever is. The Magic Trick?? Shocking, yes, and also darkly humorous... just as the Joker is intended to be.

not yo mommas cat on Jul 18, 2008


In recent years I've noticed more and more I've been coming out of certain movies thinking to myself that the movie I just saw was one of the best I had ever seen, knowing the entire time that that wasn't really the case. This time, I could not have been more right when I left thinking that same sentiment. To be honest, I didn't know much, if any, of Heath Ledger's work, so I didn't know what a magnificent performance he was capable of. I loved Batman Begins, and was truly excited when I first heard of The Dark Knight, and when I first saw the pictures of the new Joker, I knew that this movie had the possibility to take the story in a darker, more serious direction that was approached in the first film. I realize that many people will probably want Heath Ledger nominated for an Oscar simply because of the fact that he was so well loved when he died, but in all honesty, the most prominent thought going through my head when I was sitting in the theater was that it seemed like Heath wasn't acting, that he really was the Joker. His performance was so breathtaking and powerful that he truly deserves to be nominated, as I can't think of a single performance that rivals his this yet this year, let alone in the past several years. Nolan truly created a masterpiece with this film, and I hope that a third film will only be made if he actually believes that it could rival this one, which will not be an easy task.

Jeff on Jul 18, 2008


Awesome flick! I will not spoil a thing! This flick rocked from beginning to end with layers and textures of rich storytelling, phenomenal acting, and unequivocal filmmaking craftsmanship!! Go see it!!!!

Spider on Jul 18, 2008


i was totally blown away by this movie... amazing

Mr Pockets on Jul 18, 2008


EVERYTIME the Joker was on screen was so fucking delightful, horrifying, and intriguing. Two face is this movie's best kept secret, though. He stole the show when he showed up.

DCompose on Jul 18, 2008


I loved this movie- i thought it was a great sequel to 'Begins' However, what i missed and was kind of dissapointed in was the absence of Wayne Manor, the Batcave and..the bats! I understand that Wayne Manor and the batcave were under construction, but the new "cave" reminded me more of something out of equilibrium than out of batman. The absence of bats changed the mood of the film for me- it was more about batman fighting alone...I would've appreciated some bats... I'm really hoping that we see all three of these things return in the third installment! Overall, however, this movie was fantastic!

Sally on Jul 18, 2008



Cmurder on Jul 18, 2008


This Movie was the ShitsNutz!!!!! Best movie this year, best movie of it's genre. The two things that stood out to me with this movie was the story line and of course Heath's Joker. Definitely should at least be nominated for an Oscar, and it ain't no sympathy vote either. The only slightly bad things that I have to say about the movie is that I didn't really feel the love triangle story line and Dent's crossover to Two Face. Most memorable scene... The first time when the Joker walks in on the Mob meeting. That first visual of the Joker walking into the room gave me the chills. Now the only thing is how is Nolan going to follow up with this? It'll be hard, if TDK was the Godfather II then I hope the next installment won't be like the Godfather III. Also, DO NOT bring back the Joker! I just can't imagine anybody else trying to do Heath's Joker. Two Face, finally Eckhart gave this character it's due, Tommy Lee Jone's Two Face was a Joke. I really hope that Catwoman is in the next sequel... Like Nicholson's Joker, it'll be hard to out do Pfeiffer's Catwoman. Well the only thing left to do now is to go and catch it at the IMAX.

omega728 on Jul 18, 2008


Let's not dance around the superlatives. This film was impossibly good. It's legendary. Everything you hear is true. Best film I've ever seen. Truly incredible.

Joe H on Jul 18, 2008


It was great seeing it with a theater full of people who were genuinely giddy to be there. During the introduction of the Batpod (hell, that whole friggin scene) there was one big collective gasp and cheer. What a wonderful weekend to be a geek. 🙂

not yo mommas cat on Jul 18, 2008


I loved this movie. One of the best movies I have seen in years. Dark enough but with a little humor mixed in to give it a good feeling. I loved the Joker. Ledger reminded me of a little Nicholson mixed with some De Niro from Cape Fear and John Lithgow from Ricochet. He was amazing. Ledger performance is Oscar worthy. I just hope that they don't ruin this effort by messing up the third. Hopefully they left enough footage on the cutting room floor that they can do some sort of flashback in the third movie that let's ledger's character move on. I am wondering who can play The Penguin!!!!

Tyler on Jul 18, 2008


This film is the perfect combination of brilliance, from all ends of the spectrum.

Brian on Jul 18, 2008


Going against the fanboy crowd here Im giving it a mere 9/10 and just saying that this is a great flick but it is not Batman.

Shige on Jul 18, 2008


First of, it is a great movie. I just got out of if 30 minutes ago and my head is still spinning. I am not exactly sure how to feel. I feel like I need to take a shower because the movie was so dark and grimy (in a good way). I feel almost tainted by the movie. The one thing I missed in this from Batman Begins is the humor. Batman Begins seemed to have a few moments of levity, especially between Bruce and Alfred, which gave you a chance to catch your breath. This one never had that levity. At the end it felt like an anvil had been sitting on my chest and I needed to get outside and take in some fresh air. I have to admit, I don't recall another movie making me feel quite this way. You almost felt a bit perverse in watching it, like you were condoning the actions. I urge you all to go see it and judge for yourself. I think you will see in the movie what you bring into it based on your own experiences. We have all had tough choices in our lives and we have all had tragedy, this movie makes you feel a lot of that anguish over again.

Tom 13 on Jul 18, 2008


There was lots of humour in this one...

DCompose on Jul 18, 2008


I probably can't add anything that hasn't already been mind is still racing after seeing this movie. The movie is intense and I think I'm going to need another viewing to fully soak it all in. Ledger absolutely floored me with his performance (the rest of the cast didn't slack off either). The bar has been rasied awfully high for a third flick (which we all know is coming), but if there is anyone that can pull it off it's Christopher Nolan.

Boo-Yah on Jul 18, 2008


care to elaborate? Give me some examples of how this was as humorous or more humorous as Batman Begins.

Tom 13 on Jul 18, 2008


An amazing film that completely lived up to all of the hype. Heath was tremendous in the role, and I don't think that anyone could ever play the Joker again without Heath's portrayal casting a long shadow over that character. I honestly don't know that it can be done that well ever again. The Joker was sinister, brazen, sick, twisted, humorous and absolutely brilliant. Kudos to Heath Ledger--amazing, buddy. I'm feeling your loss all over again, and it's sad to think about what might could've been in the future. Christian Bale was amazing, as always. His portrayal as Bats may be just as definitive as was Ledger's Joker. Bale is the new Batman that defines how the character should be portrayed, in my opinion. Good performances all around--congratulations to Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman as well. So, when is the third Christian Bale Batman movie scheduled to start shooting---I'm ready right now.

leothelion on Jul 18, 2008



Adam Knudson on Jul 18, 2008


This was by far my favorite movie I have ever seen ... Heath's portrayl of the Joker was so spot on I forgot it was even him ... I believe that far from any superhero/villan the ability to play this role with such insanity yet still making sense in what he was actually doing was incredible...And big props to Chris Nolan for a great movie!

Matt on Jul 18, 2008


@ 18, you're joking, right??? Too smart for it's own good? Since WHEN was that a fault? Maybe if you believe that movies should ONLY be made for the masses. Sure, the masses are important. Filmmakers need someone to hear their morals and their stories. But really, where's the point in having that audience without a proper message? Even if you don't understand the darker subtext of the film, you DO understand that it's a damn fine movie made with an enormous amount of love by everyone involved, resulting in one of THE best movies of 2008. If it is denied any type of recognition by the Oscar voters, then God help them and Hollywood because they've lost touch with what is truly good filmmaking. I'll stress it again.......THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO SMART.

Reza on Jul 18, 2008


#57 People who say a movie is too smart are generally the same people that need all their fingers and toes to count to 10. heehee. Brilliance is rare gift, not a curse.

not yo mommas cat on Jul 18, 2008


It was intelligent and entertaining. One of the best movies I've seen. IT completely blew me away. I can't wait to see it in IMAX!

Sam on Jul 18, 2008


Space Chimps was better. -Bruce Batmen

Bruce Batmen on Jul 18, 2008


Was lucky enough to score tickets to the 7pm pre-screen Visa Signature Event at the IMAX last night in San Francisco. TDK - WOW! TDK at the IMAX - hasn't even set in yet, how WOW!!! Would have to think long and hard for an action film this completely good.

NorCal SEM on Jul 18, 2008


LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!---"Why so serious?"

Craig Bogue on Jul 18, 2008


the dark knight was absolutely brilliant. I loved every minute of it. the late Heath Ledgers Joker is freaking amazing. i cant put into words how great he was in this role. I was scared out of my mind after the second time you encounter him in the movie. Pencil Anyone? He was so threatening and scary it was brilliant. I really cant put in words, or even get close to words that can describe the joker. such great acting. This movie is not just a superhero movie, it is art.

matthew on Jul 18, 2008


I WAS NOT AMAZED BY THIS MOVIE. For the past like 2 years I've been following this movie and drooling over the trailers, watching the amazing viral marketing, and spending 3 nights in front of the Cinemark to watch this movie. I went to the IMAX version at 12 with one of the biggest Batman fans in America. I thought that maybe I ruined the film by hyping myself up too much, similar to Spiderman 3. But then I decided that wasnt it. I realized it just wasnt the "greatest film of all time" (for me atleast)that everyone is claiming it to be. We all have those films that strike us differently and make us think about how we live, that make us realize we are men no longer boys, whatever just films that pretty much change our lives. The Matrix, Fight Club, are a few examples and everyone ive talked to has made TDK one of those. It just didnt do it for me. Two-Face looked AMAZING, and Heath Ledger did a GOOD job, BUT NOT OSCAR WORTHY(in my opinion). But near the end my friend and I were just like, "this is getting wierd" with the last two scenes. I would discuss the last two scenes "wierdness" but I dont want to spoil the ending for anyone. My friend actually said he like Snakes on a Plane better than TDK.They did follow the comics very well which was cool, and there were some cool special effects, but this movie DEFINITELY does not top Batman Begins or Spiderman 1.

Kyle G(KG) on Jul 18, 2008


#63 You know comparing SOTP to TDK takes any of the credit you might have had and throws it out the window, right? With that one single line, you made the reader believe that you're know-it-all-but-really-knows-nothing type of critic, and even if you told us we were on fire we probably won't believe you now. Just because you trash something amazing doesn't prove that you, yourself, are amazing. That's how that works. Now get back to junior high, ya skamp! Scoot! three hours until viewing number two! WOOT la sweet WOOT!

not yo mommas cat on Jul 18, 2008


I said my friend the huge Batman comic fanatic liked Snakes on a Plane better than TDK, saying thats how unamazed he was with it.

Kyle G(KG) on Jul 18, 2008


Impossible #63. Did you sleep during it, and have a dream of something that wasn't? You are as out of your mind, as the Joker is! We all have our opinions, and not everyone likes the same things, but to even put "Snakes on a plane" ANYWHERE in the same sentence or comment about this film is like: castrating ones own self. Just plain dumb!!!!!

Brian on Jul 18, 2008


It was a masterpiece; much better than the first and definitely one of the best movies Hollywood has produced lately. And let me say that watching Heath play such an amazing role on the big screen was incredible. I hope he gets the Oscar. 11/10.

Lorelei on Jul 18, 2008


A masterpiece. An epic drama, the comparisons to Godfather II are fully warranted. Put simply, (I stated this earlier somewhere) I have never had one single favorite film. The Dark Knight is my favorite film. No joke, I was surprised myself.

Keith on Jul 18, 2008


The Dark Knight A review by Ben Wydeven When Batman Begins was released, I knew it had truly began: Batman was back and that movie made sometime in the late nineties staring George something never happened. The Dark Knight only furthers that realization. I am not going to go very far into details about the film. But what you should know going into this epic, is that this is no average run of the mill comic book movie. Hell, it doesn’t even LOOK like a comic book movie. It’s terrifyingly brutal, no one’s safe, nothing should be taken for granted. It’s more about a city burned by corruption with a comic book twist. The Dark Knight is about a city in chaos. Batman’s introduction to Gotham has encouraged corruption. It’s caused fear in the supposedly fearless: the mob. In turn the mob looks to the Joker to kill Batman and everything goes to hell. This is not Nicholson’s Joker. Not even close. Gotham runs amok with imitation Batmen and the Joker does not hesitate to kill at least one of them. Heath Ledger takes this roles and runs with it, all the way to the Oscars. And then there’s Harvey Dent, Gotham’s white knight. His ironic words and bold moves against the mob prove that even good guys can become bad. Batman sits right in the middle of everything as his use of fear slowly becomes out of control as citizens rave for his arrest. But there’s more to this film, much more that I will not touch. I will no doubt go back and see this film again and again, not because it’s a Batman film, but because it was such an incredibly detailed film to take in. The Dark Knight is two and a half hours long. There was a point as I was watching it for the first time, that I was afraid it was almost over. I was enjoying it too much, I NEVER wanted it to be over! But it probably went for another 45 minutes or so after that, and I was fully satisfied by the time the credits came up. It was the same sort of satifaction that I have when I watch Raiders of the Lost Ark or Back to the Future. There’s just so much to those movies that once they’re over, you feel like you’ve been on a long trip. The Dark Knight feels that way too. However, there were a few things in The Dark Knight that I did not particularly agree with. In the beginning, there’s a lot of smiling going on. Thank God Katie Holmes was replaced by Maggie Gylenhal, but Gylenhal has a bad habit of smiling all the time, even when she’s interrogating a suspect. Even the mayor was smiling as he explained how dangerous Harvey Dent’s plans are. It’s distracting. Overall the film is a masterpiece. The hype was worth it; Ledger practically has the posthumous Oscar, and I have to wait at least three years to find out if the quality of Christopher Nolan’s Batman will keep it’s quality. In short, stop reading this review and go by a ticket. Kevin Smith was right: It’s the Godfather 2 of comic book movies. Hell, it’s the Godfather 2 of the 21st century!

Ben on Jul 18, 2008


This movie was far more intricate in character and plot development. Heath Ledger, this opinion not being bias towards his death, changed his acting style overnight to do something incredible in molding the Joker into something you feared and shivered at every time you saw him in a scene. Bale was superb as usual and it is very clear that Christopher Nolan is not hesitant to take risks in his casting and his plot (referring to Rachel Dawes, see the movie to find out what I am referring to) Nolan and his brother are phenomenal film-makers at the very least and all of the hype that was built up towards this movie for the past year does not do it justice in the least. This psychological and dark thriller redefines the Action-Hero genre, the bar has been permanently raised in my opinion and the cast have been almost perfect in their roles. Now when people mention the Joker, they will no longer think of Jack Nicholson, they will remember the late Heath Ledger.

Robert on Jul 18, 2008


Best movie of the year!

Franke on Jul 18, 2008


First off, this definitely was a great movie. No question. An actually fairly simple plot coupled with deep emotional and psychological underpinnings. Fantastic elements of drama and crime, and some amazing acting by all parties. However, I couldn't help but feel throughout the film that this was WAY OVERHYPED. I can understand the excitement about Heath Ledger, who was already getting rave reviews before his death. But upon his untimely death, what was hype, became this uncontrollable flood of excitement that I think has really washed over peoples' minds. I am not sure there would be this much excitement or praise if Heath had not passed away. The first hour for me was SO slow. I understood the need to set up the plot, characters, etc... but it felt so much like a courtroom drama, that I forgot I was watching a super-hero flick. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE that this was dark, visceral and more of a realistic crime drama. BUT I do think we still need to feel some sense of fantasy. I think the film got so wrapped up in being a really serious drama at times, that it forgot to entertain and bring Batman into the spotlight as an amazing hero. Let's have Batman do a bit more than kicking and punching. I'd like to see a slightly more dynamic Batman. As for the action, there are a couple of spectacular sequences. But again, they fell short of greatness to me. I constantly felt like we were amping things up, but never quite got there. The chase on the Batcycle was flippin awesome, and probably came closest to being a complete action sequence. But as far as I am concerned, the ending needed to finish with a bang, and it never did. As for the actors... Heath Ledger as the Joker: He really was amazing. I won't say he wasn't. He embodied his character to the extent that I did believe the Joker was the Joker. But strangely enough, I didn't think he pushed the Joker as far as he could have. Throughout the film I felt the Joker was an incredibly intelligent and frightening person, but never at one point did I actually fear him. He was disturbing, but I wanted to feel disturbed. I wanted to feel scared. But he never pushed the limits on Batman. He messed with his mind, but I really expected a brawl between the Joker and Batman like nothing I have ever seen, and it simply never happened. That's not to say that they didn't have some awesome moments together. it's just that in looking at the history of the Joker, he's not simply a mastermind criminal. He's a freakin psychopathic killer who will stop at nothing to take down Batman. That being said, I absolutely appreciated Nolan's take on the Joker not wanting to kill Batman. I just think the Joker should have pushed Batman further. A little more of a violent edge and some more psychotic laughter would have made Ledger's Joker the true villain of all time. He came SO close! Aaron Eckhart as Dent / Two-Face: This was a pleasant surprise for me. Eckhart played a palpable character whose torn emotions were completely relatable to all of us. And by establishing this character flaw from the beginning, they really did a fantastic job allowing it to evolve in an organic and believable way. Dent's outbursts were riveting and made his transformation into Two-Face all the more believable. My only complaint is that I feel Two-Face was revealed too early on in the film, and I would have liked to have seen his disfigured face for the first time just minutes before the film came to a close. I think I got a bit too much of him in the end, dampening my excitement for the third installment to the trilogy. And as much as I loved him, I'm not sure how strong he will be as a lead villain for Batman 3. Bruce Wayne/Batman: One of my biggest letdowns. I am a bit tired of Bruce Wayne being a posh unlikable person. Even though this is just a cover to hide his identity, I think it's about time for Nolan and Bale to humanize Bruce a bit more. It seems to me if he is so willing to fight for Gotham as Batman, he could use his money in the daytime to invest in a stronger less corrupt police force, or something else for the greater good of Gotham. i just didn't buy into him as much in this film. Especially Batman. I don't mind that he wasn't in this as much as in Batman Begins. But I would have liked Batman to have had a bit more presence in this film. And not as a whiny overanalytical anti-hero. I believed in his internal struggles in Batman Begins, but in Dark Knight, I could never quite take him 100% seriously. This was a very good film that came so close to greatness, but seemed to lose itself in its own desire to be taken seriously. It seems clear to me that Nolan was a bit afraid to push things too out of the box, which ended up making this feel a bit claustrophobic to me. It may have felt incredibly realistic in many ways, but a hint of fantasy really would have taken this installment to the next level. From the action to the locations, things could have been pushed a bit further. I mean, did anything look like Gotham? Or did it look like a crime drama set in Chicago? At least in Batman Begins you felt like you were actually in Gotham. I can't help but think that there were plans to bring the Joker back for the last half of the third film to wreak unthinkable havoc upon Gotham. What will they do now? How can you cap up such a stunning trilogy without the likes of Batman's most equal villain? I am very curious to see what Nolan cooks up!

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 18, 2008


This film was a complete masterpiece best movie i have seen in a long time, it kept me on the edge of of my seat all the way through it never gave up. The entire cast did amazing job specially Heath Ledger as the Joker he gave me goosebumps, Harvey Dent/Two Face was really creepy and Christian Bale was amazing as always. This movie was a masterpiece and i cannot wait to see it again on Sunday, the only thought i have now is how is Nolan gonna make a 3rd that lives up to this film.

Curtis on Jul 18, 2008


#72 says: "He really was amazing. I won't say he wasn't. He embodied his character to the extent that I did believe the Joker was the Joker. But strangely enough, I didn't think he pushed the Joker as far as he could have." Are you serious?!?!?! How much more could he have pushed it?!?!?!? Talk about a bulls**t comment.

Brian on Jul 18, 2008


The script in this film was nothing short of amazing, WOW, say it last night at 12:05 and again this afternoon. but I have to agree with Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films living in Milwaukee, and going to Chi town a lot, it was like been there, been there, and yes been there, I would agree its a small detail, and one that I won't take points off, but yeah it could have been a little more Gothem-esk. Other wise HOLY CRAP, and that pencil trick was crazy funny

atgeeks on Jul 18, 2008


It's not a bulls**t comment. It's an opinion. I think Heath Ledger was fantastic and created a believable character. He came across as a psychopath to normal people, whereas to him, it was normal. I would have liked to see him lose it at one point and show the side himself that even he would consider psychopathic. I always kept his cool and it would have been great for him to utterly break down in laughter at one point, then look up at Batman with a complete look of terror. Again, he was fantastic and freaky, but never felt like a true threat. Instead of being scared of the Joker, I simply felt bad for him throughout the film for being such a tortured soul.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 18, 2008


Correction-- I said "I always kept his cool..." should have been "HE always kept his cool..."

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 18, 2008


As a tribute to Heath (and an indirect shout-out to Nicholson), all I have to say is "LOVVVVVE THAT JOKER"

Amazing on Jul 18, 2008


Heath danced with the devil by the pale moonlight and stabbed him in the face and rigged him with explosives.... The people over at marvel should be just a little worried as to how they could top this one. The Dark Knight = simply amazing

Jim Neutron on Jul 18, 2008


was it just me, or was it that in every scene that the joker wasn't in, you just couldn't wait for him to return. that's the case with me. well anyway i thought the film was pretty good, it wasn't a masterpiece but it did live up to the hype and i definitely got my money's worth. this movie would be NOTHING without heath ledger, he not only steals every scene he's in, but he is the movie. but i do think they should have provided a brief background of the joker somewhere in the film, bcuz every villain needs some sort of past childhood. THREE PROBLEMS I HAD WITH THE FILM: -the ending was pretty lackluster. i think the joker should have died and the last scene should not have gone to two-face. and i thought that the scene with the two cruise ships was the worst bcuz nothing happened and it didn't advance the story in anw way. -what happened to that guy that was held at knifepoint when joker was talking about his scars. they didn't show it, did he faint, get his throat slit, get the knife put down his throat, what??? -what's with batman popping up out of nowhere without ANYBODY seeing him. i mean he even surprised the joker. he has to enter your field of vision when he shows up, it's impossible not to. THREE BEST PARTS OF THE FILM: -the beginning bank robbery, hands down best part -so i wanna show you a magic trick. i'm going to make this pencil disappear... -heath ledger in a nurse's outfit=priceless

LeeMan on Jul 18, 2008


I don't know Marty Martin, I guess, to me, the fact that he wholly believed that anarchy was just the best way for the world to operate and was calm, calculated and cold when it came to achieving that goal, but in a psychotic, you-have-no-idea-what-I'm-gonna-do-next kinda way was plenty scary. If he presented a self that wasn't in control of his faculties, I just would have been oh, whatever, he's not in control of himself. That's usually the kind of person that I feel sorry for, because they don't know what they're doing. "They're not responsible for their actions," as a defender in Law and Order might say. 😛 The fact that he was completely in control of himself, just in a way that you still had NO FREAKING IDEA what he was going to do was the most threatening thing about him.

MasterCKO on Jul 18, 2008


well, maybe not "calm," exactly. Heh.

MasterCKO on Jul 18, 2008


It's this simple... Aaron Eckhart is getting shafted in the press... his performance is just as good as anyone elses and his character is immensely tragic.

Kent on Jul 18, 2008


I climaxed! Literally in my pants.

Chacarron Macarron on Jul 18, 2008


#53: The joker made light of practically everything. Everyone in the theatre was laughing, even when he was being disgusting. Alfred has a lot of funny lines, and so does Fox. I mean... Let's see what I can quote, the "I told you so" line, "poor choice of words," and then he drops her, all the Bruce Wayne scenes have a lot of humour. When he showed up with three women. Think about it...?

DCompose on Jul 18, 2008


^ that is totally understandable

Mr Pockets on Jul 18, 2008


Thinking back to it now, I laughed at rouglyl half of Joker's lines. That's why the Joker is so great in this franchise: he's the only one who can look at Batman and laugh cause he's a grown man dressed like a bat. He's the only one'll make fun of Gordon's moustache. He is the comic relief and the principle villain, and I think that resonates with people. Anyway, remember when batman beats him in the interrogation room? The magic trick with the pencil? Him walking around the room with the shotgun acting like a sicko? A lot of his scemes have a comical edge to them, like the "phone call" escape plan.

DCompose on Jul 18, 2008


By far one of the greatest cinematic experiences I have ever sat through. Litterally pulling me out of my seat laughing at the sadist acts of the Joker, cringing as every possible wrong situation happened, and cheering as each and every character proved his worth in a different way. A masterpiece would be an understatement. It had the best range of dark dark humor I've seen in a long while, some of the best action scenes to every be devised, and the powerhouse performance form every individual was stunning. Ledger's performance went above and beyond every single expectation I had, right down to his odd quirks when he would flip out his tounge after speaking. A work of art, pure beauty. Thank Hollywood that movies like this are still made. And only one question remains......who will be the next villian? Or will they even bother with another? I believe in Christopher Nolan. ~Movieraider321

movieraider321 on Jul 18, 2008


wowowo awsome awsome awsome awsome i have not sseen a movie like this since lord of the rings series this movie fucking rocked my world wow this was a movie that truly deserves all its praises its getting now here toronto canada wow the lines werr long as a subway train i mean wowowo ledger is stunning Christian bale is amazing Aaron eckhart and maggie are superb wowow wowowowowowow there should be third part i wanna see the last battle i mean wowowo this is one of the best movies i have seen in a decade. Excellent job nolan my man awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

alan on Jul 18, 2008


Alex, I could not agree with you more! TDK has met my every expectation and then some. Ever since the viral campaign started, I couldn't wait for the release date-I hyped up the movie so much, I was afraid I might be disappointed. I've seen it twice already and the second time was even better than the first, in my opinion, this is by far one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. My next question is when will they release the DVD? Hopefully they will load it up with hours of bonus features and a directors commentary. In the meantime, I just might have to see it a third time.

jeanine on Jul 18, 2008


#8 -- I'm actually intrigued by your complaint, and it didn't really occur to me until you pointed it out. Batman really doesn't fight "in the shadows" in this movie the way he did in "Begins". I suppose it is a trivial complaint when it comes down to it, because the rest of this movie is so brilliant and epic that it easily overshadows this tiny fault. But it's still a point worth considering when it comes to future sequels. I sincerely hope that when Part 3 comes along (hopefully with Nolan once again at the helm), they will get back to Batman's ninja-style attack-from-the-shadows way of fighting, because it really was a very important and effective ingredient in Batman Begins. Good point, #8. Cheers.

Rob on Jul 18, 2008


lol..."Let me show you a magic trick..." the best trick i've ever seen...on and off screen EPIC hands down........

K-Dawg on Jul 18, 2008


Start the flame throwers. I knew there was to much fan boy hype. Best movie ever, please. Best movie of the year, doubtful. Best superhero movie, liked Iron Man and Hulk better. Best Nolan film, that's called Memento. Heath was incredible, I will give it that, while he is on the screen you can't look away. Bale as Batman though is as annoying now as he was last time. I can't stand that stupid voice he uses. Batman should be authoritative but not sound like he is gargling lighter fluid. Robert Downey makes a better rich guy jerk than Bale's Wayne. I did also like Harvey once he became Two-Face, that was a perfect characterization by Ekhart. I found it a bit long. The trip to China was a waste of time and seemed to only be there to show off the trick where the plane pulls Batman out of the building. It was done by Bond and better and didn't they use that in a Mission Impossible film as well? The slower moments worked much better than the action scenes. Unlike a movie like Heat you have to get big, or a least someone thought they had to, with the FX shots and overly long car chases. They wanted to make a superhero movie and a deep drama and it just didn't come together. We had two great characters but only one was great on screen, the Joker. I don't know what it is about Batman but he doesn't play as well on screen as he does in the books. Maybe it's because the books can give a look inside his mind and they can't do that here. Oh well, Watchman looks good. 7 out of 10

Oldschool on Jul 18, 2008


simply awesome. i'm gonna watch it today again.

joeg on Jul 18, 2008


amazing amazing amazing- no words. i totally agree with you alex, heath ledger absolutely owned that movie and i'll be damned if he doesn't take an oscar win for it.

john on Jul 18, 2008



sean on Jul 18, 2008


Simply Amazing! Heath has cemented himself as one of the greats in this performance alone. I am happy they kept in scenes that were really creepy to see, a la the body bag scene. It was important for the movie and also set up how crazy his joker was. What kept this from being a 10 out of 10, and believe me I loved the movie was some scenes could have gotten cut, Dawes interrogation with Lau etc. No need for it or could have been done better. I also felt the last action scene was a bit confusing to follow along. The best action sequence was in the middle of the movie and it was tough to beat, especially watching it on IMAX!!! Anyhow this was one of the best crime drama's right up there with HEAT. This was better and will probably go down in my top three of all time greats. I am set to see it two more times on saturday and on IMAX again on sunday. Let's put a smile on that FAAAACCCEEE!!!!!!

Bubbahotep on Jul 18, 2008


Certainly the greatest movie of the year. Dark and tragic, this was a metaphor laden epic. Heath Ledger's performance was legendary. Ledger was swallowed into a character that symbolized the embodiment of chaos. His was the most brilliant performance I have EVER seen on film. No joke. He deserves the Oscar no matter what else follows this year, and not because he died, but because that was acting at its finest.

Reverend on Jul 18, 2008


Just got back from seeing the movie for the first time and I was blown away. It was so much more than what I had expected. The acting in this movie was flawless....especially Heath Ledger. I have to say Nolan created a masterpiece. I will be seeing this movie again and again and again.

Mike on Jul 18, 2008


Loved it, loved it, loved it. Heath Ledger was great as The Joker.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jul 18, 2008


I stopped reading Oldschool's post when he said he liked Hulk more.

DCompose on Jul 19, 2008


Does anyone have an idea as to what the plans for a possible third movie are. Is that maybe in the works? If so who could the possible villians are? Also what do you think about this..... Harvy Dents son who almost got shot being a potential Robin. I know the ages dont match up well but what do you think?

Blake on Jul 19, 2008


Also, this movie set new goals. One goal was to show how Batman fights, not just as an untouchable shadow. I think they succeeded in that. There were fewer quick-cuts, so you could see who was getting hit, and where. You got to see the weight of the punches he gave and the flexability of the suit. I dug that.

DCompose on Jul 19, 2008


i wouldnt worry about #3 right in the moment of #2!

Mr Pockets on Jul 19, 2008


see...I told you all that Iron-Man would be forgotten in a month! now everyone has a new favorite movie. i said it before and i will continue to say it...Iron-Man is NOTHING compared to The Dark Knight. PERIOD!

Matt Suhu on Jul 19, 2008


I love how the movie gripped me from the beginning bank robbery to the very very end. Not letting go for one second. I found myself on the edge of my seat, then back sunk into it over 10 times throughout the duration. I did notice that it's the small things in this movie that make it so great. What I mean by small things - the things the cliche directors and screenwriters won't think about. Take for example (no spoiler here) Commish Gordon meeting Harvey Dent in his office. There is no chair across from the desk for him to sit. Gary Oldman (Gordon) has to search around and find a chair himself to sit in. Any other director in any other film would have placed the chair in front of Dent's desk, ready for the dialog. But instead, our minds are treated to a fleeting quandary of 'where the hell am I going to sit.' It may be a small thing, but it's these small things that keep us drawn in and kept in the movie. It makes the characters so much more believable and real. I am amazed at Ledger's performance of the Joker and agree that he will forever be memorialized as 'The Joker.' He is flawlessly flawed. In the hospital, his simple one-word line of "Hiiiiii" speaks volumes of the current situation, without needless dialog. It's movies like this that remind me of what cinema is all about, and why we love the movies. I was envious of the people in the long lines outside the theater after, of all the people who had yet to soak in everything that is The Dark Knight.

Whereswayne on Jul 19, 2008


Best movie ever made. All there is to it.

John on Jul 19, 2008


I have been waiting for this movie forever and it was absolutely magnificent. We keep hearing about Heath Ledger getting Best Actor and what not, but I haven't read anything as far as what about a Best Picture??? Would that be a possibility this year???

Spencer on Jul 19, 2008


Heath Ledger stole every scene he was in. I just could not get enough of him as the Joker!!!!! My only complaint about this movie is Christopher Nolan did not have enough scenes with the Joker!!!!

AngelMG on Jul 19, 2008


First of all this was an amazing movie! I always tell people before I see a highly anticipated flick that I will probably see it more than once in the theaters, but never do. After experiencing this one, I already have plans to see it 3 or 4 more times! This is, without a doubt, the best comic book movie ever made! With that said, however I do have a complaint. Heath Ledger's portrayal as the the Joker was so phenomenal, that it left me wanting so much more! I think he could have been in every scene and I still would have been craving more Joker! Even though he was incredibly sinister, I thought Nolan could have pushed him even farther by killing more people than just 5 (I think thats the count). I know some people will say that is a disturbing comment but the Joker is a disturbing character, and I just felt that Nolan should have completely let go of the reigns with him. I guess I was just expecting and hoping to see a character that was so evil and so psychotic that his actions would have burned him into peoples' minds as the #1 movie villain of all time and left people purely shaken and sickened when they left the theatre. He will be up there but the top spots still belong to Michael Corleone and Hannibal Lector, in my opinion. I also wish that Nolan would have killed the Joker off so we wouldn't have to think about what might have been in future Batman movies. His plan however, might have been to bring him back in the next movie and this one was giving us a taste of the chaos to come. So with that said, I hope that people don't take my comments as a stab at Nolan's masterpiece (which it is a masterpiece) I just am selfishly wanting more of the greatness of Heath Ledger's Joker. Sadly we will never get the chance to experience it.

JD on Jul 19, 2008


#102 I think you mean Gordon's Son, the only problem with that is that the story of Robin is that he was an orphan and Gordon also had a relationship with Batman and Robin. *similar to the one portrayed in the new films* Potential villians: Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman*but not really* Could bring back the Scarecrow but that would be awful, Bane, Clayface*too close to Sandman though*, The Mad Hatter*not really renown* Those are the possible villians that some people would know. In all honesty if they are doing a 3rd one I would love to see Mr. Freeze portrayed MUCH BETTER than what Ahnald did. In the comics he was a skinny nerdy doctor kind of guy. Not big buff Mr. Universe. However I think they could just end it here. I HOPE however they don't do The Riddler because Jim Carrey captured that role incredibly well. #108 There have been a few articles regarding this year as the "Superhero year" And how if one of the superhero movies were to be nominated it would be this film. Ebert and Roeper commented on the fact that it actually has potential to be a Best Picture winner because it has everything the academy could really want in a film. They also mentioned that Heath Ledger doesn't need the sympathy vote for Supporting Actor, that he could win it anyway. All in all, Wonderful film, 2 or 3 more times here I come!

movieraider321 on Jul 19, 2008


On a scale of meh to awesome it was EPIC. I was watching it at the edge of my seat the whole time. I think, in a whole row of Batman fans, I made it clear I was a Joker slut. That "I'm a Marvel/ I'm a DC" skit about Jesus making his second coming for Dark Knight is totally believable. Now with the immature response out of the way. Yes, I thoroughly was not disappointed with it. My friend might have been, but only because I punched her in the leg quite a few times out of pure fear that that had made a horrible mistake when Gordon gets shot. However, that cleared up and I settled back down. It's probably the best movie I've seen in months...years...hell, EVER. It's deffinately my favorite comic based movie. (I won't say superhero movie, because I was there for the villian...Okay, the villian and Jim Gordon.) My friends and I are seeing it at least twice more for the pencil trick alone. And at #102: Nolan and the others better know better than to make Gordon's son Robin, because it's Gordon's daughter, Barbra Gordon, that becomes Batgirl and eventually the Oracle. Correct me if I'm wrong, however.

Katy on Jul 19, 2008


Is anyone else not that into the Batman voice? You know, tough-guy voice? Other than finding that cheesy, the movie was killer. Dent was GRRREAT!

Shoop on Jul 19, 2008


# 93 and #113 i couldn't agree with you more about Christian Bale's "batman voice" he's simply trying too hard, and every now and again it almost sounds like he has a lisp! i can appreciate that he is trying to distinguish bruce from batman, but it comes out sounding ridiculous....he really needs to work on that for the next film

cms on Jul 19, 2008


Batman: WHERE IS SHE?!?!!?!?!?! Joker: Jesus, what are you yelling like that for? Are you ok?

Brian Ricci on Jul 19, 2008


I think i just pee'd a bit That movie was awesome, great story , great visuals , i better stop now , i might pee again.

vanstone on Jul 19, 2008


Wow, i am completely blown away by this movie. The cinematography was beautiful along with the acting. Heath Ledger was absolutely amazing as the Joker, and gave Jack Nicholson a run for his money. It made the character so much better because there was no back story on how he became who he was, and that's just the way he is, crazy and sadistic. There were times during the movie where i wasn't sure who was siding with who (that is Gordon, Dent, Rachel, and Batman). The only thing i didn't expect was that Two-Face would be in this movie for a good amount of the movie. I was expecting them to reveal his face right at the end, and then cut to black so he'd be set up for the next movie. However, with how much they showed of him, I'm glad the movie ended the way it did because it would have been pointless to make a whole movie with him in it again. Another thing I wasn't expecting was what happened to Rachel. That really took me by surprise. As my final note, I just want to say that Christopher Nolan has created probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever. I have no complaints about this movie.

BAMF47 on Jul 19, 2008


it took me two minutes and fifty two seconds to open this page.......didn't know there were already so many comments. glad to know so many people(even non comic book fans) loved this film. i'm just so amazed at how i was so lost in the film,i just totally forgot about heath ledger(and reality) and was so suspended in fantasy. that's the whole point of fiction (may it be a novel,comic or movie) isn't it? that's the whole point of art in view reality from outside the box and question your own view about reality. TO MR. ALEX BILLINGTON!!!! PLEASE START A THREAD IF THIS FILM DESERVES AN OSCAR NOD FOR BEST PICTURE......with regards to heath, i think that's a given as long as hollywood doesn't think they're better than us (anyone remember "the english patient"?) THE DARK KNIGHT IS THE REASON WHY FILMS WERE INVENTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! it's right up there with all the epics now, from casablanca to ben hur to godfather to star wars to braveheart to gladiator to lord of the rings, etc....etc...etc...!!! all hail chris nolan!!!! ALL HAIL HEATH LEDGER!!! RIP!!!

damuh_yuzah on Jul 19, 2008



Andrew on Jul 19, 2008


MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw dis movie today.. n now m on ma way to watch it again... every1 potrayed their character so well.. i love this movie n m gonna watch it several times.. credit goes to chris nolan...

DK on Jul 19, 2008


I hate to bring this up on such an epic thread, but the thought of it pisses me off. How long until we see those "(Fill-in-the-blank) Movie" guys shit out a parody/desecration of Ledger's Joker?

Justin on Jul 19, 2008


I went in with high hopes. and had them fulfilled beyond what I could have ever imagined. Heath Ledger was beyond amazing. I am still completely disturbed and sickened by how pure EVIL, CHAOS he was. I loved it. I hope that they don't ever try to cast another Joker for years to come, decades preferably. Anyone else playing Joker would be an insult to the memory of Heath Ledger and the brilliant performance he gave. I don't know what it was he channeled, but it was something purely dark. The entire movie was more than you could hope for in any movie with the theme of good vs evil, hope vs despair, chaos vs order, not even just for a comic book movie ANY MOVIE. Ledger should get the oscar, and this movie should too. Was this movie perfect? No, you can never have perfect. however, I think it is as close as any movie can ever come to being perfect. Little things like Bale's voice (still don't like it), and more screen time between Batman and Joker. That said, I need to see this movie again. So much happened in this movie, from depth of plot and characters to action sequences to just small little things like someone mentioned above about Gordon having to search for a chair in Dent's office. I wonder what other little things I missed. Hopefully after seeing it a second time, this time in IMAX, I'll be able to absorb more of the movie. Something tells me I'll still miss things even after 5 viewings. Nolan, you have set the bar incredibly high for any movie, not just comic book movies. Thank you for reminding us of what a cinematic experience can truly be. Rest in Peace Heath Ledger.

dave13 on Jul 19, 2008


Im sure you have already seen this Alex but TDK broke Spiderman 3's opening day record taking in 66.4 million. Its on pace to do big numbers.

Franke on Jul 19, 2008


in response to # 102 There will be no robin, i can almost absolutely say that because im pretty sure i heard an interview (or read one) that said that christian bale would not do the 3rd installment if there was a robin and he would REALLY have to think about it if Nolan wasnt doing it....luckily, nolan and bale recently signed on to the 3rd movie. Also- i saw this movie opening night and then again opening day and i want to say this: if you are an audience member, be fucking coureous. opening night was amazing - from the moment the credits started to the very last second, there was basically silence (only a little applauding when you see gordon again) on opening day, people wouldnt shut up- they were dissapointed when they didnt see two-face's bad side immediately after the accident, they applauded too much (so much that lines were dropped and if i hadn't already seen the movie, i would've missed major lines).. If you found that this movie was TOO funny or something, i blame the audience that you are with. one more thing- I want to point out (because SO MANY props have been given to ledger, and agree with every single one of them) but Bale was fabulous- in the scene where he finally has joker hanging off the building, even though he is wearing the expressive cowl (which forces his face into a certain expression), you can see his emotions through the mask!

Sally on Jul 19, 2008


Well what could be said that 123 ppl have not all ready said? My favorite part was when the joker was shooting at bat man and sorta playing chicken, just goes to show you he was really @#$!#$ up in the head lol. Also liked when the joker was in the cop car with his head sticking out letting the wind hit him, i kinda in that moment felt sad and took in really took in that he is gone forever. gonna miss him hope the best for his family ..............

james-jimmy on Jul 19, 2008



greentea on Jul 19, 2008


joker and dent just stole the damn show, batman paled in comparison to them. a few things that i think they could have improved upon: batman's enhanced voice - i think it was too deep and too enhanced, made it sound cheesy than what it meant to do. i cringed every time batman spoke. CQC - all of CQC fight scenes sucked with the camera too close and shaking too much. batman should know many martial arts etc but it seems in both nolan films, all the CQC fight scenes suck. batsuit and batmobile - i felt they were a waste in the movie, neither had any real impact at all.

kurapika on Jul 19, 2008


This film was so great what can I say that hasn't already been said even with it's flaws. It still stands out as one of the best comic book films of all time. I will go as far as to say it's a new classic of the comic book/superhero genre. It delivered on so many levels whether your looking for a great action film,crime drama,moral play,or character film not to mention, a really great comic book film it has it all go see. If nothing else then for the great performances from all the lead actors including Ledger's phenomenal performance as the Joker.

Andee23 on Jul 19, 2008


What sucked for me is that I waited in line for 11 hours to watch a 3:10am IMAX showing. Painted my face and everything, right? Having a good ol' time enjoying the entire hype of waiting all day. FINALLY, the time comes, go inside, get some damn good seats, movie starts. I'm giddy as I can ever be, butterflies in my stomach and whatnot. Then like a bit more half way through the movie...THE PROJECTOR FUCKING BREAKS. THE FUCKING THING BROKE AND I DIDN'T GET TO FINISH THE MOVIE. But, you know, regardless of that, the movie is AMAZING. Luckily the theatre gave free admission tickets to make up for not being able to fix the projector. I was completely outraged but I'm just going to watch it again. And again. I demanded an extra free admission since I wanted for 11 hours :]

roflcakes on Jul 19, 2008


Let's get real guys: Darren Aronofsky should've directed TDK! END OF STORY!

vic on Jul 19, 2008


speaking of possible villains, did y'all catch when Lucius told Wayne that his suit would "do fine against cats"...foreshadowing or just a joke? 🙂

kevin powers on Jul 19, 2008


it could be both..... but i did not catch that till now

sean on Jul 19, 2008


#27 I agree with you the way Batman speaks. I always thought I was the only one who felt that way when I watched the first one. But I thought that was due to me expecting Bale from Equilibriem. It does definiley sound fake. They should have taken the less is more approach. I'll admit I haven't seen Dark Knight yet but I have heard his voice in the trailers. That being said can anyone tell me if his new Batsuit lets him turn his head? (the other thing that has always bothered me.)

me on Jul 19, 2008


o ya sry, but i went to the bathroom during the end of the movie, cause i couldnt hold it anymore, but when i got back, 2 face died and gordan and batman were talking, but i did nit get that whole conversation and why the batman signal was destroyed..... anyone care to explain?

sean on Jul 19, 2008


Just came back from the movies. One word: EPIC. Best money spent on a movie since... I don't even remember when!

Mandilaras Michalis on Jul 19, 2008


Such an incredible movie! Heath was amazing and deserves every great thing being said about his joker but I don't think they are saying enough about Aaron Eckert, that was another great performance as well. I don't think it will win but if this movie is nominated for best picture and Chris Nolan isn't nominated for best director it will be a crime in my opinion. I could see this movie getting 8 to 10 nominations easy. Wally Pfister has to win one finally right, he's movies are always so beautiful

Lynn on Jul 19, 2008


Holy crap. There's just too many good things to say about it. My review:

Andy Reid on Jul 19, 2008


I saw it yesterday, and I agree with every single comment on this page except the people who had petty complaints. Amazing is the only word I can use and i can't wait to see it again

theotherbluth on Jul 19, 2008


Certainly entertaining, but I liked the first one better. I thought Nolan tried to cram a little too much into this movie: Harvey Dent's descent into insanity happened too quickly for my tastes, and two-face would have been a great character for the third movie. Also, the Hong Kong sequence was really tight-- they could have done more with that. I would have liked to see it end in the hospital, with more time in China. I also totally agree that Batman the ninja (like in the first one) is cooler than Batman the thug. Side note: what's up with Batman jumping off a building with Rachel and landing on a car un-injured? Obviously Heath Ledger was awesome, 20 years from now that will be this movie's legacy-- much like Nicholson before him. Maybe it's just because the joker is that kind of character?

Chris on Jul 19, 2008


Good, but not great. Heath's performance was incredible. Sold me with the disappearing pen trick!

Joe on Jul 19, 2008


I Hated it. 🙁 I didn't want to, but I did. It was way to long and just boring in places. Two-Face was lame. Look, I have a half assed 3d head!! It looked bloody stupid!! Harvey Dent was cool but. That Bike Batman had was the gayest thing I've ever seen, he could hardly even turn it. Have always hated his blood car too (glade thats blown up now). Joker was amazing, but his story was a little lame. 'Batman, you make me complete!!!" Gay. Can not stand BM voice. Wayne didn't really have much of a roll in the movie either. None of the action was really that good either. Gordon dies and then come back again, I was just waiting for Rachel to do the same thing (maybe next movie, as a Cat?) Really disappointed with this movie. The second half of Batman Begins was the weakest part of that movie, and I felt this movie over all was weaker than that. But, I glad a lot of you people loved it!!! I think I like my movies a little more fun.

louis on Jul 19, 2008


i cant describe how utterly great this movie was, i was left speechless at the end! it is truly a masterpiece that should be praised and was worth every second of waiting and anticipation. this was a 12/10 movie, ohh and everyone should see it in an imax theater it is incredible

jc on Jul 19, 2008


Awesome!! Beyond my expectations even the hype. For those who hated it because it was too long I thought it wasn't long enough. I was left wanting more. The story was great and action. A movie that transcendes the comic book genre and becomes a masterful piece of art and entertainment. Im going to watch it agian anyone with me.

Trivial on Jul 19, 2008


was shit. I don't know how much nolan put into directing Heath's performance, but other than that, nolans dialogue was shit. plot was shit. score was shit. Most of the clever ironic phrases, werent clever at all. and the movie dragged like hippie tits. i hate batmans voice. batman is sopost to be elusive and mysterious, I know hes sopost to be borderline vigilante lending to his less-than-hero, humanistic attributes, but even so, his character development through the movie was non-existant. all the acting was horrible, especially bale, and gyllanhall. harvey dent, had a few moments where his character translated across screen, but very few, like two? Batman's plot naturally cant be realistic, so why insult the audiences intelligence by trying to make everything soo plausible, it not only dragged the movie, but i felt like i was force fed these little inclusions to understand the character depth, but in doing so did no such thing. I dont know who to blame. nolan, bale, the writers, or everyone else accept ledger. I understand that the movie was sopost to be artsy and deep with metaphor, though most of the times it tried to be it ended up just being cheesey. and with all due respect, anyone who thought the movie was "smart" obviously can't see through the movies incoherent, and transparent attempts at trying to be deep and "smart". I will most likely watch this movie another ten times or so. Why? Ledger's performance, was iconic, and gracefully and artfully executed. I cannot praise him enough. HIs character transcended time across screen. Ledgers. death only added to the joker's mysterious aura. the body movement, and his voice were more than genius, but embodied something greater than the film in its, entirety. the joker's character was deeper and more intricate than the entire storyline. i waited from scene to scene only being interested in the joker’s character. Ledgers performance not only created great depth in the joker’s character, but in it self became, something greater, not bound by human restraint, or even an ideal. His character in itself became an atmosphere that embodied the world around me, that wasn’t one sided, or simply “evil”. His character became a testament to the human condition creating a world with characters and relationships within itself as far and as deep as the mind can fathom. And more so.

channel 16 on Jul 19, 2008


I want to see the movie again, maybe twice more, just to really take everything in, but am I the only person who didn't skip out the The Dark Knight singing its praises and dubbing it "THE Best Movie Ever"? I liked the movie, but I'm not gonna jump on the "best movie of the year", "best batman film", "best Nolan film", "best comic book film", "best movie ever" or whatever other Best list it's being put at the top of. I've been reading a lot of comments on various blogs that are just slapping on the praise. While I agree with a lot of it, I'm willing to admit that the film was not perfect. Don't get me wrong -- the acting was incredible (except for Maggie Gyllenhaal), the story was engaging, the cinematography was stunning, and the score was effective AND affective -- it just wasn't flawless. The Joker -- Before I saw the film, I was convinced all the Oscar hype over Heath Ledger's performance was something of a pity thing because he's dead. Now sign me up, because it really was an award winning performance. I can't remember being that creeped out by a character in a film before. Ledger is unrecognizable in the character; he literally created The Joker from the ground up -- voice, mannerisms, style, everything. He was funny, creepy, and sadistic. The Joker is probably the only perfect thing in the film. Harvey Dent/Two Face -- I'm not an Aaron Eckhart fan, but I completely bought him in the film. The transformation from Harvey to Two-Face is incredible, and it's a shame that his performance will most likely be overshadowed by Ledgers. This movie really is Two Face's movie, but that was part of the problem, in my opinion. I felt he didn't become Two-Face until a little too late in the game. That's fine if they put him in the third installment, but they killed him. It felt to me like all the build up to Two Face just had such a brief pay off. I think it's going to be impossible to make a third film better than this one, but they had a shot if Two Face was in it (with Eckhart playing him). Length -- It was too long. I'm all for a movie having length with substance, but there were a lot of unnecessary scenes like Rachel Dawes interrogating Lau, the Batman kidnapping Lau, the Scarecrow cameo scene, etc. Action -- Batman definitely steps up his game, and there are some great action sequences but the pacing felt odd. The climax of the film didn't feel as "big" as, say, the Joker/semi-truck scene. That's not to say I didn't love the action scenes, though. The semi truck flipping was awesome, and the car chase sequences were really well done. The opening sequence with the bank robbery was one of the best opening scenes I've seen. The End -- I already mentioned how offing Two Face was a letdown for me, but the Joker's ending was even more so. What exactly happened with the Joker? It's just over? Like that? I didn't completely buy it. I didn't want him to die (I doubt the studios could have run that kind of ending anyway after Ledger's own death), but I didn't want him to be left hanging (literally) either. I gotta say it -- Lt. (excuse me Commissioner) Gordon's speech about Batman being a hero and a dark knight and blah blah blah felt so corny. I got it the first few times it was hinted at, I didn't need to be beat over the head with it at the end. The ending of Batman Begins was much more satisfying in my opinion, although, come to think about, Scarecrow's demise in that film was lame as well. Maybe Nolan has a problem getting rid of villains? Maggie Gyllenhaal -- Ugh. I liked Katie Holmes a lot better in this role. When Rachel Dawes died, I didn't even care. I was just happy I wouldn't have to see her on screen smirking anymore. She had ok chemistry with Eckhart, but I didn't buy it at all with Bruce Wayne. Overall, though, I did like the film. It's very dark, in fact, I was a little down after seeing it. I don't know, maybe it was just watching the ghost of Heath Ledger, or some of the brutal content, but there really aren't a lot of "light" moments in the film. Not that there needed to be. I'm definitely going to see the film again. I've heard it's better the second time around and I might change my mind about some of this stuff. It's a lot to take in the first go around.

SB on Jul 19, 2008


The new Batman movie I thought very good. Yes, I agree with everyone that Heath Ledger was astounding. He very well may and would deserve an Oscar/Academy for his performance. But I do think everyone else was good, not like Heath, but definitely solid performances. The story is OK, but I feel this story will continue on, maybe even including more scenes with Heath Ledger. Maybe I'm wrong but the movie felt incomplete with too many loose ends, not that I don't like this movie - I very much do - but it lacked a finish that explained the story. So I feel there HAS TO BE more. This movie is definitely worth seeing, you may not love it but you will surely like it and without question find Heath Ledger entrancing. I love Jack Nicholson but Heath makes his performance even more intimate. He seems like just a guy in make up - Jack Nicholson was an "A" performance - but it was very choreographed and extremely fashionable - Ledgers performance seems more real and less rehearsed. If anything this movie does is leave me with a feeling I want to see more - I feel the ending leaves me mystified but not in a good way - if I hear that there is a sequel that directly connects or continues this story - I may ageee with some that this is one of the best superhero movies ever, if not - then I feel this movie didn't live up to it's entire potential. It's the ending that bothers me about this film - it is unresolved, but it gives me hope that we may see more of Heath Ledger (yes, I know he is no longer with us but I hope Christopher Nolan has kept him alive for the next installment). And I hope in the next movie we see more of Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale's strength is when he is Bruce Wayne, he is my favorite Batman but as Bruce Wayne no one compares, nobody. Christian Bale really is more electric as Batman the more we see him as Bruce Wayne. Yeah, go see this movie but the ending will leave you wanting resolution and more. Heath Ledger - hope you get an Oscar, so far this year no one even comes remotely close to your performance. Not even. GO SEE THIS NOW!!

!hype 2008 on Jul 19, 2008


This movie didn't live up to the hype. Great performance by Heath Ledger that's about the only thing I'll agree with most people. A superhero movie deserves at least three good action sequences, this had ONE. The semi-chase. The remaining "action" scenes seem sub-par. The story becomes incoherent towards the end with characters "popping up" all over the city. An editorial nightmare. Too much loose ends. What happens to the dead characters in this movie, they just seem to disappear and nobody refers to them again? Visually unimaginative, except for the "JOKER" scenes. The Batman suit sucked. Where did the $180 million dollar budget go? For $180 million I normally would see it on the screen, but this movie looks like it was shot on location in "Chicago" - whether or not it was, it shouldn't look that way. I love most of Christopher Nolan's films especially Memento and The Prestige, but this felt incomplete compared to the first one. Batman Begins overall was a more complete and better film. There is no climax to this movie, it ends with a "shudder" when it should end with a BANG!! I think people want to love a movie so much there lying to themselves. I would give this movie between 3 and 3 1/2 stars out of 4, and only because of Heath's performance. Without him, 2 1/2 to 3 stars out of 4. Over and out.

ET on Jul 19, 2008



Cinexcellence on Jul 19, 2008


AMAZING. hands down in the top 3 of my all time favorite character films. Ledger was Flawless!

Nick S. on Jul 19, 2008


The best follow up film in this decade. I must say that Ledger's Joker was absoultely incredible. The Joker an insane, murderer with no consicence, and a wicked sense of humor, was appalling, but in a way you loved him for it. Every phrase utterted from his mouth was filled with humor that laughing was the first response and then awe at how evil it was the second, especially when he perfromed his magic pencil trick, everybody laughed and applauded in the theater. I for one loved the scene when he freed Harvey "Two-Face" in drag. His smile when he sat in the chair and said "Hi" had me rolling, and when he left the building the way he carried himself was just funny. Overall the Joker was perfect and He wasn't killed off, in the end. Aaron Eckhart as the white knight of Gotham City was amazing, and his performance as Two-Face was awesome. He wasn't the bad guy like in the comics but a burned out pissed off, broken hearted man, looking for jutice over the death of Dawes. Christian Bale was perfect as usual. Batman was firece and dangerous, and able to fight off murdering The Joker in the end. Makes all other Batman's look like second rate super heroes. Overall I was impressed by the superb acting skills of all the actors and actresses in this film. I have hopes for a follow up, but if not I happy with just two films of Nolan's, Bale's, Ledger's, and Eckhart's version of the Batman universe. I give this film 10/10.

Xerxex on Jul 19, 2008


I will the same thing that everyone else has send, but I will agree with them. Well, most of them. I do want to bring something up, I apologize if this was mentioned but I gave up reading the same thing somewhere in the 50's, but I had read on this site awhile back about a particular scene Warner Bros was thinking about cutting out of the movie. I remember the scene being The Joker laying in a coffin. As we all know, it wasn't in the movie. I don't know where it would have been placed, but I wished they had kept it in. I am not one to be a sensitive person, but if Nolan wanted it in the movie, he should of kept it in. Did he buckle to the pressure of the big boys or the media??? I wonder if they will keep it in the BluRay? I know directors have to keep everyone happy, Ledger wouldn't have filmed it if he didn't feel comfortable. I didn't know the man personally, but he didn't seem the type to care about that as he becomes the character as we all saw on screen. Does anyone agree?

Chuck Freelander on Jul 19, 2008


WOW! Will try and express more when I get back to earth.... although 2 words - I MAX!!!

Daniel on Jul 19, 2008


it was a great movie! heath ledger did a good job on the joker side of things. he delivered. But jack will always be a better joker in my eyes!

Ray on Jul 19, 2008


i cant wait for the unrated dvd to come out! the movie seemd like it could have been grittier! especially when joker killed michael jai white!

Ray on Jul 19, 2008


Chuck Freelander: Could the scene you're referring to be the one when they bring in the Joker in a bodybag? Also, Ledger's feelings about the scene are null since he probably didn't know he'd be dead before the movie was released.

Justin on Jul 20, 2008


I had been a little worried that all the hype and anticipation would lead to a big letdown, especially considering how much I absolutely adored Batman Begins, and the tendency for sequels to suck so badly (I didn't like Batman Returns all that well, even), but WOW. Just... WOW. I need to see it at least two more times before I can process it enough times to form coherent thoughts. It will probably be up there in my top 10 - or top 5 - all time favorite movies. I don't know about number 1 - ESB was pretty good, and I'm very fond of Terminator and Alien... I need to do a Batman marathon, ending with Batman Begins and then going to see TDK in the theater! I will say, as some others have said, that I did notice Bale's "Batman voice" during the movie. I don't remember noticing it during Batman Begins - was it worse in this one? My brother and sister-in-law commented on that as we were walking to the car, too. It did get distracting. He has a mask, does he need to disguise his voice that much? I kept hearing people say that they thought all the talk about Heath Ledger's performance was just hype because he died, but they hadn't seen the previews, and I had, so I was fairly certain it wasn't just hype - and after seeing the movie, now I know for certain. It was the most amazing performance possible. Jack Nicholson was great - it's like apples and oranges, their Jokers were just different - but... wow. The only time I even remembered who he was during the movie was when Joker told Batman that he thought they would be doing this forever, and I had this pang of regret when it hit me that no, sadly, they would not. Someone said that they didn't like the scenes with the ferries. That scenario was one of my favorite things about the movie, and set the scene for what the Joker would later do with two other characters - and the lying involved. As a morality play, it was fascinating. What would people really choose, in that situation? The Joker obviously had his idea of what they would decide. I definitely need to go see it again, soon. I doubt I see it as many times in the theater as I did the original Batman - ticket prices as much higher now!!

Laura W-A on Jul 20, 2008


"are" much higher. D'oh. I'm tired.

Laura W-A on Jul 20, 2008


I love it. I was very uncomfortable watching. I was in the middle of the first row. I was hurting my neck by turning to see all the action. But a sore neck was worth it. But i have to say that two-face was my favorite character. I like how the a hero can turn into a villain in an instance. But the Joker still kicks a**

daniel felts on Jul 20, 2008


Every comment above just about covers it...most comments I've seen for a 'soundoff' on yet

Peloquin on Jul 20, 2008


I am in LOVE with this movie! "The Dark Knight" will you marry me?

Brian on Jul 20, 2008


Amazing. Phenomenal. Prestigious. I can't find any other words to describe this overwhelming and history-breaking film. It has just brought those comic superheroes-turned-movie to the next level. It is in its class of its own. In its own league. Surprised, and awe-strucked having to watch this film, i can't wait to hear and read the responses given by its audiences. I have been following Alex Billington's articles on the Dark Knight - day by day; searching for more teasers and trailers. Reading every single details about the movie and the background stories regarding the castings and the concepts that were being implemented to create this phenomenon. And every time I found a new story about this film, i felt overjoyed and hungrily wanting for more; the viral marketing - referred by the columnists, made the audiences, the public and even the world at large became eager and more and more enthusiast to watch this film. What's so great about it is that it has grabbed my attention; pulling out my thoughts and concentration and dragged it into the silver screen. I felt like I was not in the cinema, Nolan has successfully made its audiences (especially me) to forget that they were in a dark cinema; and has absorbed us to be a part of the tremendous film. I was still amazed, from the very beginning. On top of it, it was shot realistically and yes, the 65mm film reel was truly and even more than worth it to shoot with. All in all, Nolan had never frustrated its audiences, though his previous movies there were slight imperfections but this one, has really made me thinking and keep on thinking about the movie though after a few days has passed. It will surely leave a mark on its audiences. All in all, the elements which have made it a superior sequel are as follow (in my opinion, that is..) : 1. The great castings, the performances by the actors. (it seemed like it consists of all those all-star actors with brilliant talents...and the connection between them- the joker and even everyone in this film,is them, they ARE those characters and the attitude and even the gestures were sharpened to make the roles more crucial in the movie.) 2. The viral marketing. Enough said. The handphones all around the world. A call by jim Gordon, The highly-anticipated websites, campaigns were just a ground-breaking way to promote this awesome movie. 3. Its storyline. It was brilliantly crafted and arranged, the climax - and everything. Just strucked me so deep inside with its realistic and logical settings and plots, had made me thought that it is not impossible to be a superhero, and it has also taught me how was the perception that of a psychotic villain. I truly applaud to that. 4. The sounds. Ever noticed that even the voice of Aaron Eckhart or even the Joker, shouting in the big screen were well-projected ? Yeah, i was wondering why too, the sounds and other elements could not be found in any other conventional movies. I concluded this lengthy comment by saying this movie reflected the amount of effort, by all the crews- be it the director, the actors, everybody; were combined in this film thus creating a masterpiece and has left a mark in the film history. Let us hope that this film would win several oscars and other glorious awards. Cheers to the Dark Knight Crews who had made it happened! And thanks to all the comlunists (especially Alex Billington) for contributing so much of your time and work to share those sneak peeks and reviews with us internet users! Cheers to the Dark Knight. Truly splendid. A brand new comic super hero movie, redefined.

h44f1z on Jul 20, 2008


Just finished watching the movie a second time...the girlfriend hadn't seen it yet...Truth is this movie is really not that great. (My most humble of opinions, of course.) I LOVE The Prestige. Love it love it love it. Maybe because they're aren't horribly staged fist fights where Christian Bale merely bends Hugh Jackman over and bashes him on the back. Yeah- I hate the fighting style. For a guy who trained with world class ninjas he surely does rely on his backhands a lot. The voices get on my absolute last nerve. Both Batman's man-lisp and Joker's whine are freaking annoying. I suppose Heath Ledger did an acceptable job. But Oscar worthy? Really? I dont think so. Honestly it seemed as though he were trying a bit too hard. It seemed like they wanted The Joker to be all about anarchy and chaos that they spelled it out for us far too much. It would have been far more chaotic to show us what that meant. Don't tell me and Harvey Dent you're an "agent of chaos." Show me. Push the envelope like you promised us, Mr. Nolan. Dont talk about it, be about it. The city-scape felt nothing like Gotham City. It looked clean and metropolitan and contributed little in the department of urban decay or what have you. And what the hell was that end 'action' sequence about? Batman-Daredevil-vision felt really awkward and I really think they could have come up with something else. Easily the best aspect of this film is Gary Oldman, who seems more than anybody the closest to their source material. Truly a Tim Sale illustration come to life. Good to see Scarecrow for a quick moment though. Very brief but I'll take it. I cant get my head around why everyone loves this film so much. I am ultimately broken-hearted after so much anticipation that this film did not deliver. Whatever. I'll take Nicholson over Ledger any day. I'll take Keaton over Bale. I'll take Tommy Lee Jones over Eckhar......ok maybe not that one. And for those of you who lash out at us who dont love this film, get over it. I'm glad you all enjoy your movie. I'll find my summer goodies elsewhere....

Dom on Jul 20, 2008


@Dom I totally disagree but still value your opinions. Did you see the same movie as everyone else? lol All I have to say about TDK is WOW! It was sooo good! This is DC's Iron Man. I wanted to get back in line and see it again. When the movie ended, everyone clapped, then the kid sitting next to me, turns to me and says, that was good. lol It didn't even feel like a super hero movie, more like a police crime drama. If they would have changed all the names and were regular people. The movie would still have been pretty awesome. It just happens that the main characters are super heroes and super villains. I can't see how Christopher Nolan can top this one. All the acting was great from everyone. Heath Ledger, totally was the Joker. Deadly serious and funny like a homicidal maniac. The story and writing was pretty tight. No slow downs at all. A couple of surprises that threw me. I really liked the ending, it gave me chills. I was also surprised by the positive message in TDK. I wasn't expecting anything. It kind of makes me want to be a better person. lol The only one complaint is Batman's voice. It was kind of districting and hard to understand at times.

Mayhem Studios on Jul 20, 2008


#80 "-what's with batman popping up out of nowhere without ANYBODY seeing him. i mean he even surprised the joker. he has to enter your field of vision when he shows up, it's impossible not to." I don't know if you have ever read a Batman comic or seen the animated series...b/c... IT'S WHAT BATMAN DOES!! If you want realistic, go watch MMA. If you want COMICBOOK excitement with ninja moves, watch Batman.

L on Jul 20, 2008


Wow...this can only be described as revolutionary, a masterpiece, gut-wrenching, fantastic, dark, intense, sinister, brilliant and awe-inspiring. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it, or anything that could ever live up to it. How is Nolan ever going to do a 3rd installment? I think he'll make a plan. If the man can come up with this films like Batman Begins, the Prestige, and THE DARK KNIGHT, I have total confidence that his next film will be great 🙂 RIP Heath, though.

Kess on Jul 20, 2008


Man what to say about this which has not been said above AMAZING - simply i did not know what was going to happen next in that movie - so many questions social philosophy, breaking all records so far People have there views but i'm very open minded if somebody could actually provide a constructive view point about this being a let down Put it this way - the last words of the movie "the dark knight" - Batman kills - Joker wins - yet you can say batman wins as joker is locked up and that also is correctly two sides of a coin ahhh i love it - bring on the debates and questions this movie is going to generate oh sorry it's only a comic ? he he GOLD =

Obichop on Jul 20, 2008


Batman sounded slightly rabid. grrrrrrrrrrr.

Brian Ricci on Jul 20, 2008


To me, this was probably the best movie I have ever experienced in a theater. I'll need more than one viewing to say it's the absolute best, but I'm leaning strongly that way. The Dark Knight can be described in so may ways that I find it hard to actually write out an actual review. With that in mind, I'll just list some adjectives for you: dark brooding dramatic disturbing intelligent thought-provoking scary unsettling epic classic mind-blowing insane thrilling manic sad horrific brilliant heavy Well, that's just a few.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


angry batman is the way to go - i recall begins with the rain scene where his chin starts to do some moving or something like that which i took as a sign "oh crap he it comes" and bats unleash his shit he has in the voice but again in this movie he seems very focus taken that voice to the next level - 10/10 on the Angry Bat Voice

Obichop on Jul 20, 2008


i also say it's a comedy the fact i did laugh a couple of times makes it a comedy as well the range of emotions it generates before even the questions ask also has given me a spark in a movie which i honestly can't recall for a long time the fact i'm posting this up knowing in the back of my head some post will appear with a "its only a movie" response and i say bring it on 🙂

Obichop on Jul 20, 2008


AMAZING!! Far exceeding expectations. The whole movie was one non stop intense ride. Heath Ledger, not only best villian ever seen, but best job period I have ever seen!!! Nobody could ever match that... I dont know how anyone could ever top this movie.

HOLY SHT on Jul 20, 2008


Best Batman movie ever! Ledger (whom I tease my wife constantly about) wasn't Oscar material but he definately brought the character to life. Cerebral only begins to describe his role. I saw earlier someone wrote where does Batman go now. As long as Robin, Batgirl, Arnold and Jim Carrey aren't in it we will be good.

Hawk on Jul 20, 2008


The Dark Knight is the best movie ever! Best villain, best direction... I loved this movie!It's unforgettable!!!!

Rodrigo Junqueira Perticarari on Jul 20, 2008


The Dark Knight is 4/5ths of a very good movie. Actually, to be fair, 13/15ths of a good movie. Don't agree? How many of you really liked the ending as much as the rest of the film? Is your hand up? Are you lying? I went into the theater half expecting that the Heath Ledger reviews that I had read were fed more by sympathy than by honest reaction. I liked him as an actor, but these reviews just seemed a little over the top. They were not! Ledger is everything that you want from a movie villian. He steals every scene. His is creepy, funny, frightening, interesting and most important, charasmatic in a way that Jack Nicholson's 1989 Joker totally missed. the 130 minutes or so with Ledger is a thrill ride for fan and non-fan alike. *** Spoilers******** But there is the rub, after Ledger makes his final appearance with more the 20 minutes left the air goes out of the film like a balloon. We then proceed to go on a maudlin 20 minutes romp with Aaron Echardt's two face, who by the way if he was burned that badly would have not just every infecton known to man but also a serious case of dead. He has been given all of two hours to develop the character from DA to murderous menace and the final showdown produces the first and only real sniggers from the audience. I had assumed with less than 30 minutes left that they were developing Two-Face to be one of the villans in the next film. This ending seems tacked on and stinks of Big Studio. Here is my other problem. Chistian Bale's Batman stinks in this movie. I have to watch Batman begins again because I don't remember dislike his portrayal in that film. I think I know why, however, he does a good job of with Bruce Wayne, its just Batman that stinks. Tell me the hoarse voice deadpan delivery doesn't get stale. Big surprise for me, because I have alwyas thought he was a fantastic actor but he is every bit as lame as Keaton, Kilmer and Yes! even Clooney in this one.

Nik Drumm on Jul 20, 2008


AMAZING! My expectations werew so unbeilably high. SInce I was a child, BATMAN was always my favorite superhero. I knew I had to be letdown but instead I was just blown away. Seeing it in IMAX made the experience so much more immersive and captivating. I saw it directly after on the regular screen and though the effect wasn't as surrounding, it still was just as amazing. 12/10. I couldn't imagine a more perfect film. I am sure come Oscar time this film will definitley be nominated for ATLEAST best supporting actor, best picture, best costume, best make-up, best cinematography, best original screenplay and best directing.

Ryan on Jul 20, 2008


if u haven't heard by now, the dark knight has taken in $155.34M at the weekend box office, defeating the terrible spiderman 3 once and for all. although it sold slighlty fewer tickets than spiderman 3, nobody really cares. long live the dark knight!!

LeeMan on Jul 20, 2008


OMG!!!!!! I was half-expection (lol) Two-Face to look kinda like that Tommy Lee Jones version, I WAS WRONG!!! HES ALL COOL AND BARBIQUED AND NARSHTAH!!!! (>'-')> I would expect nothing les of my favorite Batman villain!

Two-Face on Jul 20, 2008


Batman beat out Spider-man 3 for the top weekend gross 155.6 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Freelander on Jul 20, 2008


This movie isn't just a movie, it is a masterpiece. Every single part of it was incredible and stunning. It is a movie that will not be forgotten, ever. The acting is incredible, Heath Ledger's performance has just raised the new standard for villains in movies. The whole time that I was watching the Joker, I didn't know whether to laugh, or be like, Oh my gosh! that's horrible! There was only one time that I could tell for sure that it was Heath Ledger. I don't think that I can watch another movie without wishing I was watching Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman is even more amazing then the first one. Christian Bale has always been a great actor, I think now though, he's proven himself. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, no matter how small the part, they're always amazing. Can they possibly deliver nothing more than amazing? Maggie Gyllenhaal, WOW! I never knew a performance like that could come out of her (loved her more than Katie Holmes from the first). Aaron Eckhart, the perfect Harvey Dent. I loved him and hated him. Gary Oldman, I wish that he would get an Oscar nod, but I don't think he will, because of Heath's amazing performance. Last but certainly not least, the wonderful script writer and director, Christopher Nolan. superb, smart, and amazing are not good enough to describe the talent he has. When you want to compare movies, no movie can even come close to this one. Christopher Nolan, hats off, you're a genius!

The girl who saw it 3 times opening weekend on Jul 20, 2008


50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally spot on with that brief analysis of the film... I just saw the film today and really enjoyed it, although I really could not put into words the feelings I had about it. That description fits the bill.

Deuces on Jul 20, 2008


Well saw it 3 times. Everyone I took from my Best Friend, co workers, to my GF Loved it.... It can arguably be the best segual EVER. And without a doubt one of the best films in 20 years, and maybe the best film of the decade. RAW, NO HOLDS BAR, IN YOUR FACE, CHAOTIC. What else can you expect from pop culters GREATEST villan. The JOKER. The Joker deserved a good Batman movie and a portrail like Heath gave him. Worthy of an oscar??? YOU BET YOUR BUTT! I have not seen an actor lose himself in a character in a film in so many years.... The movie as a whole is incrediable in the first 6 min Nolan told us THIS IS NOT A NORMAL COMIC BOOK FILM. The box scene between the Joker and Batman could be the best face to face encounters since Pacino and De Niro in HEAT.... The film had everything that comes with Batman. Dark, Tragic, heroric, and a story still yet to come.... From Morgan Freeman to Gary Oldman, who´s Jim Gordon is the best secondary character portrail of ANY Super Hero Movie....... Everyone gave something to this movie... Who in the end will give Batman3 a difficult challenge... But with the MOB gone, the Joker locked up, but a blue print for future nut jobs to Follow an OUTLAW Batman will have much work ahead. And who ever takes over the mantel heath left behind will have a challenge as well.... So thats why I think for 3 the Joker may stay in his padded cell... BUT NOT FOR LONG......

Kelvin Loyola on Jul 20, 2008


My seats where horrible, the theater was smelly, and my shoes stuck to the floor, but that was easily the best movie experience of my life. I haven't stopped crying yet. I WILL BE BACK.

Dustyman1505 on Jul 20, 2008


I am usually never short on words... but I was stunned to silence... utter disbelief and sheer awe...this is a masterpiece... no two ways about it... and everyone can just forget about sending in their applications for the Oscars... this is signed sealed and delivered... not that it is any mark of greatness.. But as far as pop-culture goes Heath Ledger has left an undeniable mark on what acting can be and just why the villain can be the hero of the movie.... Here’s my 2-bit review Christian Bale : Solid as ever... this guy cant put a wrong foot down... he as batman is everything batman should be, brooding, honest, powerful conflicted heroic, tragic... everyone of those emotions and more are portrayed with the greatest justice... Michael Cain and Morgan freeman: small roles but significant nonetheless. Michael Cain in particular left me impressed with he bandit in the forest story... and Morgan Freeman's "so much power in one man's hands" was so apt and so relevant if-you-know-what-I-mean with bush's wiretapping etc... Maggie Gylenhall: well I didn’t like her before the movie... but I must say I don’t resent her anymore... Gary Oldman: one my favorite actors... one of my favorite all time characters (Sirius Black from the harry potter series...) as Gordon he is terrific. And the last part where he does the voice-over monologue, you'd have to be made of concrete to not feel a major chill down your spine... is there an award for voice-overs? Then it should go to Gary Oldman... Aaron Eckhart... liked him from erin brokovich, loved him in Thank you for smoking... and as Harvey Dent he does justice... and as two-face he does even more so... And now Heath Ledger... any accolade I can come up will fall short... there simply is no comparison to anyone... Heath is in a world of his own... his psychopathic maniac turn as joker is so perfect that the 1989 jack Nicholson portrayal pales in comparison... don’t get me wrong I love jack Nicholson to bits but Heath is jaw-dropingly brilliant for a lack of a better word... someone has to invent a new word to express what Heath has achieved... there is nothing that compares to this...every single scene he is in is a work of genius... his smirk, the madness in his eyes...the immunity to pain... and the penchant for suffering is striking... even the scene where he claps at Gary Oldman... is so utterly disgustingly devilish that its pure cinematic magic... Christopher Nolan has entered the echelon of the great directors... this sweeping epic of a movie hits all the right notes and more... the background score is brilliant, the special effects used to intensify the drama not just for the sheer heck of it... every single bit of the movies scripting is tied in so beautifully and so relevant that its astounding... My favorite moment? when the joker tells why he's got the scar around his mouth and you think you have this maniac figured... you know the reason for his malice... but then he turns around and spins and entirely different story to another one of his victims... there go all your theories about the joker... you know that this guy is nothing but evil incarnate... There will be no greater loss for cinema goers than the knowledge that Heath will not be able to reprise his role... there would have been nothing better... just to see heath as the joker one more time... RIP Heath Ledger... this is your legacy...

Viral on Jul 21, 2008


Had to remember to pick my jaw off the floor from time to time, I anticipated this movie to be awesome, but not so relentlessly awesome! Congratulations and many thanks to the cast and crew of The Dark Knight. There have been some really good movies lately, but this one is an iconic classic for this generation!

Chidi on Jul 21, 2008


I did laugh at the Joker's scenes, but it was not a comedic laugh as much as a uncomfortable "should I really be laughing at this" laugh. I don't tihnk you can compare the "pencil trick" humor from TDK to BB where Alfred tell Bruce, as his mansion is burning, "What good is all of those push-ups if you can't lift a bloody log". I will concede that humor is subjective so we will all see it differently.

Tom 13 on Jul 21, 2008


I don't know who said it earlier but I was stunned walking into the movies and the people leaving that had just seen The DK were utterly quiet......This scared me....aren't people supposed to be talking so outrageously about a great movie that you cant wait to sit down and see it....Dont let this scare you is all I can say. Not only have I been a Batman fan my whole life but also a very big movie fan my whole life, There is no way you can sum up this movie in any amount of words, from the characters to the action to the plot line, this movie left me utterly speechless and just like the people who left before me "QUIET" when i walked out of the theaters. I was so captivated by this movie my eyes did not leave that screen for the whole 2 hours and 40 minutes. Every scene with the Joker was as everyone else has said just completely captivating and left you wanting more, it really was a testament to Heath Ledgers work as an actor. He was the Joker to a perfect Tee. In even the creepiest scenes or most adrenaline pumping scenes he could still make you laugh and thats what the Joker is, he is so enthralling that you question yourself laughing at his sick sadistic jokes. Only one line i can say is "Why So Serious?", the most intense scenes in the movie. All in all even if you are not a Batman fan you will leave the movies wanting to go see it again, and again, and again. I know I plan on it

Ryan on Jul 21, 2008


Never have i left a film wanting to walk back into the theatre and see it again.

Arnold on Jul 21, 2008


I've seen it twice already and am waiting until the Imax here isnt sold out so i can see it there.

Arnold on Jul 21, 2008


Wow this thread has grown huge and I haven't read everyone's responses but I don't think I'm alone when I think that this movie was "over-hyped" and I'm not saying that anyone over-hyped it specifically other then myself I think I may have set my standards too high and the film was great just not as great as I wanted it to be. When I say that I'm saying it as a movie within a realm of all my favorite movies of all time, I can easily names movies I liked more, Braveheart, LOTR, Matrix, 300, Good Fellas. HOWEVER when it comes to genera specific movies, comic book movies, I think it ranks right up at the top. Its hard to dismiss the feeling of seeing spider-man swing the first time or Wolverine whip his claws out but still, this movie is exceptional and I can genuinely see how it can be some peoples most favorite comic book movie of all time, its not there for me yet, however the more I think about it and reminisce about it the closer it gets. I think what makes me feel this way was the fact that Batman was almost a side-effect of the movie, he was in it and important but we only briefly explored his ingenuity, his darkness, his grief etc. We touched on them all but feel that it fell short in my eyes. Actually I wanted him stripped bare, no gadgets, almost dead, pushing past everything to triumph, maybe well see that in a Bane movie. I liked that Rachel Daws died, it gave the movie a twist and to tell you the truth I didn't like Gyllenhaal at all. First, she was unattractive (I know its superficial but I never felt any attraction to her character, emotionally either), you can see how Katie Holmes could kinda hold her own against all the supermodels etc that Bruce dates, but Gyllenhaal, bah no way. Second she was the 2-face, promising Bruce one thing and doing another, horrible heroine. Maybe that's just my deal tho. I did in fact love this movie, I cant stop talking to people about it or pushing people to go see it, I just felt a slight bit of disappointment overall for the above reasons. With that outta the way, Heath Ledger, amazing, Oscar worthy, the best performance of the Joker ever, in his career ever, in a comics movie ever. period. IMHO that is. He played this guy as a true Psychopath. The way I always wanted Joker portrayed, his actions were erratic, terrifying, he was insane he was a liar he was tricky, you never knew what was gonna happen with him and I loved it. I also must say that there were idiots in the theater laughing at things the Joker said or did and it really pissed me off, they didn't get it, they are dishonoring Ledgers memory in my eyes to laugh at this performance, sure some stuff he did was funny on purpose, but not all his actions were funny, some in fact were scary. It made me wonder if those kids would laugh at small animals being tortured or something you know. Anyway Harvy Dent was great as well, kudos to Aaron Eckhart, its hard to keep up with performances such as Ledgers but I think he did it, he pulled it off. So with this all being said this movie gets 4.5-5 stars, 9.5-10 thumbs up, anything .5 away from the best because I think it could have been better, given Bale more to work with, had room for improvement, it wasn't *perfect* for me, so that's why the .5 factor exists. Awesome movie, I'm seeing it again this week.

Richard on Jul 21, 2008


As a sidebar to what I just wrote, I'm thinking the ending could have been better as well, I wanted a better showdown with Joker. I cant remember exactly which comic it was, I thought it was Dark Knight, but the Joker was killing so many people and hurting Batman so bad (physically and emotionally) that Batman actually was driven to kill him. That may have been too much for this movie, too dark, they hinted at Batman going overboard in this movie but I wanted something to fill that void in the story for me, I needed more closure, both the to story in the movie and also to Heath Ledger for myself.

Richard on Jul 21, 2008


Fantastic review richard...i agree with you on subtracting the 0.5... But what you said about the ending...don't you think that it was much more greater on batman's part for making a sacrifice as big as that...which tainted his longrunning war on crime?? I think this ending gives us a lot of social message.. Please correct me if i am wrong...

Subhradeep on Jul 21, 2008


This movie blew me away past my wildest expectations. I was so afraid that there was no way it could live up to all of the hype but it proved me wrong. I want to go into more detail but I just saw the movie and need more time to process it all. But did anyone notice (you probably did) that when Bruce was getting new armor from Lucias at the begining of the movie he said "It works against cats too" or something like that. Catwoman anyone? I hope so. Back on track, though, I thought that Ledger probably was going to give a very well done performance but part of this was coming from simpathy for his death. He proved me wrong. Ledger was beyond amazing, he was so real feeling that it scared me more than any Freddy or Jason type out there. This Joker made you have to look inside yourself and see every discusting flaw to your morals you have. He plays with your mind that you can't help but doubt yourself and all your beliefs of good by the end of the film. I was getting scared towards the end of the movie that The Joker's messages would burn stronger in my head that any message of good, but Bruces sacrafice at the end was what saved an audience from thinking that evil had truely one. This movie was well done to the extreme and left plenty of room for even more story to develop. I also enjoyed how this version touch on so many deeper layers than any of the previous Batmans I have seen. This movie was just an exscuss to see a cape wearing guy punch tons of baddies so a bunch of action loving guys can get their violence fix. No, this movie touched on psychology too. I just saw this movie less than an hour ago, so bear in mind this is my initial take. I will see this movie again. I will tell everyone to see it. This movie reminded me why Batman is my favorite super hero, because he's a guy with no special powers, but the ability to make the choice of not just good vs. evil but of sacraficing yourself or not too see good win through

Lolly on Jul 21, 2008


visually delightful, but...sheers away from all other batmen by taking itself seriously as a forum of debate on the ancient division between the existential view that the universe and human behavior both lack any moral substrate or are ultimately ruleless altogether, and the obvious counterargument that moral behavior is not only possible, but inevitable, and has absolute consequences...pretty heavy stuff for an action adventure this way, i think knight overreaches badly...i do not expect to extract any serious philosophical lessons from any nameable lecture or entertainment in the space of 2 and 1/2 hours...nolan has undertaken an impossible task for such a limited the end expedience comes up for the b man as the easy winner afer all this striving, and i regard that as the point of exhaustion for his thesis.

patzer on Jul 22, 2008


I totally saw it 3 times this past weekend, and now going to see it in IMAX for the 4th time tomorrow. I can not wait to see it again. It's INCREDIBLE! It's a movie you do not want to miss!

crescendo423 on Jul 22, 2008


FINALLY caught a showing at your illustrious Cinemark home turf IMAX, after refusing to see it any other way. Exhaustively epic in every sense of the phrase, and will require many more viewings to fully appreciate. Absolutely astounding work across the board. I only wish they were able to film the entire movie in the IMAX format, since the scenes they did were nearly enough to induce vertigo. This is the reason why I go to movies. Period.

Devon Shaw on Jul 22, 2008


Im not going to try and sound more intelligent than I really am. I just watched it in IMAX last night. And yes it's good. Is it the best movie ever? No. But is it worth the money? yes. The only thing I have to say is if you watch it, make sure there's a good sound system. It's the one thing that stood out for me. The IMAX screen coupled with excellent sound makes you really feel the movie, not just see it. When Batman crashed through that wall in the beginning in the tumbler, it was on. You felt like you were standing right there hearing that engine. Very cool. I had no trouble keeping up with the fight scenes,(I've heard alot of people complain about) I paid attention. His vioce sounded less corny in this one(something I complained about) AND BATMAN CAN FINALLY TURN HIS HEAD!!!!!! (something I also complained about) HALLELUYA!!!!!!!!!! (however you spell it) Worth $9.95 at IMAX.

vu on Jul 22, 2008


I half agree with that dude who made that one comment. Batman in this movie was actually like a side character >_> its kwazy. You know how in the tim Burton films Batman was the main character and the Joker was the secondary character. In this movie the Joker was the main character, Batman was the secondary character and Two-Face is awesome. Anyway the point im trying to make is that Batman in this movie couldnt breath, he sounded like he wasnt getting enough oxygen. Maybe they should cast The Joker as Batman. Id like to see that. You guys are probably wondering "WTF IS THIS GUY TALKING ABOUT?!!?" Well ill tell you. The Dark Knight strayed to far from the actual Batman character. Its not a bad thing. Im not dissing the movie, its probably one of my favorites of all time. I do unfortunatly think the characters The Joker and Two-Face were too big to put in the same movie, Two face deserves his own movie! Can I get a WOOT!!!! Yes I can Look, Id take my mother's grandchildren to go see this movie if she had any. I dont even know what im saying anymore. Gotham in this movie was too clean, I miss the Batman Begin's Gotham. The Dark Side of Gotham is what it is! Correct me if im wrong, but patato chip are made with saturated fats. Metaphor? I think so. I hate the Batcave in this movie now. In Batman Begins, It was a cave. Now its the Bat-old-abandon-warehouse-disquised-as-a-pile-of-junk. Im starting to think that the Tumbler isnt the Batmobile. That being said, the Batpod was ooglay. Down to the next senceless comments! Was this movie really worth $6.00 Matenee? I personally think crabs used to look like iguanas. But that doesnt stop me from going to see this wonderfull movie does it? Its your choice. Heads it is, Tails it doesnt. It landed on fiber-glass, and im not picking it up. To sum up this whole post. Its not a bad movie and its not a good movie (comic wise), in fact, I wouldnt call it a movie at all, Id call it, THE BEST THING EVER CREATED BY MAN!!!! DONT YOU THINK?!?! Yes....yes you do.....

Two-Face on Jul 23, 2008


the dark knight is definitley one of the best movies ever made. but seriously heath ledger performance was too good, if that film was rated R with an extra spice of graphic violence. Heath ledger would be the greatest actor we have seen in years. the movie had some great twist and turns which i loved and it certainly was not predictable like other movies. One thing people saw but are afraid to admit is Aaron Eckhart's performance. That guy was one person that surprised me not that he came two face but that his acting was to me the second best in that film. He pulled of Harvey dent perfectly. All hail the dark knight.

Darrin on Jul 23, 2008


Best movie for me since No Country For Old Men. To call Dark Knight the best comic book movie ever is wrong, because it isn't (dead heat between Spiderman 2.1 and Sin City in my opinion). It's much, much better than a 'comic book movie''s a fantastic piece of film making and story telling which anyone can watch, whether they know who\what Batman is or not! I can imagine lots of disappointed kids walking out of the cinemas while their parents have just sat through one of the best movies they'll ever see... maybe the box office promise forced a 12A instead of a 15 rating but it didn't really hurt the film, and if they ever make any changes or a directors cut then it MUST be shown in the cinema again. Now we know who's seen The Dark Knight, the next question is: who's watching the Watchmen?

chrisUK on Jul 23, 2008


^ i watched TDK... Watchmen?! i watch this... but i doubt Oldschool will be watching this coz he's more interested in WatchmAn... one great movie... now i know why at IMDB, TDK surpassed The Godfather in the Top250 films... loved everything about it...

miracle disease on Jul 23, 2008


I saw the trailer for Watchmen, I am aware that its a comic that being adapted to the big screen. But I cant garentee Soda will make you thirsty. you see where Im going with this? no doubt theres going to be some disapointments and some who say "golly this was better then I expected" but thats for chance to decide. can we really leave this kind of thinking to pepermints? its not our decision to judge this movie before the chicken hatches

Two-Face on Jul 24, 2008


It is a masterpiece. I think the only thing these 204 posts forgot to mention is that Ledger and the Nolans created a version of the Joker that topped anything that ever came out of any of the comics or graphic novels. It amalgamated many of those versions, but brought something new to it, and really brought out what the character means in relation to the themes of the Batman story. This Joker is very mythological in a way, the prankster god who simply is a force of nature and a logical question in response to the questions raised by the hero,(No answers here.) In this way it was well done, and I think the most important thing about the movie is that it asks a very disturbing question overall. What is truth? What is justice? Batman at the end becomes a messiah figure, carrying off the sins of the world on his back, all apparently for a hope that doing so will bring a ray of light. The hope he's trying to save for the people is based on a lie, but isn't this the ultimate faith or optimism, that no matter how hopeless everything seems, you must never stop believing in something better? The movie is almost like asking people if they believe in God, or at least in the purity of concepts bigger than themselves, that bind them together. I don't know, that's heavy s#it for a movie, and that alone ranks it as possibly the greatest movie all time. I've heard the Godfather 2 comparisons, but sorry, Coppola did NOT open up questions and themes like this. This is something new, it is something more. We have met a new era of filmmaking.

Kellhus on Jul 24, 2008


I just hope that Robin does not return. It would be very bad if he did show up. Christian Bale portrays Batman perfectly, is a complete badass, and doesn't need a sidekick. Heath Ledger's Joker was great as well. That bike looks cool but and whoever is riding it is amazing, i would just fall off of it.

Kellie on Jul 24, 2008


The only thing that really disappointed me about this movie was: not enough Christian Bale!! It is a movie about Batman, right? Don't get me wrong. I LOVED Heath Ledger and all the other supporting players. I just wanted to see more of Bruce Wayne in particular. We didn't get enough of him at all... most of the time when we saw the character, it was as Batman, and it is a shame, yes! a crying shame, not to see more of the beautiful Mr. Bale's face.

Sarah L on Jul 25, 2008


Kellie, from what I hear Robin isn't in the Dark Knight Series. Sleep well.

chris on Jul 25, 2008


I still regard 1989's BATMAN as a classic. I appreciated Tim Burton's vision of Gotham City with its gargoyles and misty towers. Nicholson is a great actor but looking back now, he was too outlandish in his portrayal of The Joker. Michael Keaton was always my favorite Batman incarnation. So I took my 12 year-old daughter to see THE DARK KNIGHT to see if it lived up to all its hype. In the film's opening sequence, we witness a brazen bank robbery in broad daylight. I thought I was watching a Michael Mann film for a minute there! But then the robbery begins to unravel and the last man who stands removes his mask and we see the grinning face of the late great Heath Ledger as The Clown Prince Of Crime takes off in a school bus with all the loot! So the film opens with a bang! Then I was laughing when The Joker intruded on Gotham's mobsters at their little pow wow! Got to love his trick with the pencil! The guy sure knows how to make an entrance! And an exit as well! I liked the play between Bruce Wayne and Alfred The Butler. Wayne gets badly hurt by a vicious dog and the ever caring Alfred warns "You've got to know your limits, Master Bruce!" Exactly! When he wears all that rubber we tend to forget he is only human! Wayne is stymied by this new villain who is shaking up things in Gotham. He tries to figure out what makes The Joker tick but Alfred offers "Some men just want to watch the world burn." Great dialogue in a post 9-11 world! Later in the movie Wayne wants Lucius Fox to spy on Gotham's citizens so he can weed out The Joker. Fox is infuriated and he tells Bruce that "Spying on 30 million citizens is not in my job description!" This is some deft writing for its genre of "comic book movie" but au contraire this is not your typical comic book fantasy! The Brothers Nolan outdid themselves with their screenplay. Ledger does manage to steal the movie with his performance of a twisted man who sees himself as "an agent of chaos" as he tells Harvey Dent. Now I did not care for Rachel Dawes' story and while The Saga Of Two Face is gut wrenching I wanted to see more of The Joker! My only complaints about this movie? Gone is The Gotham City of yesteryear. Now all we get is modern-day Chicago! I miss those fabulous movie sets from the Tim Burton entries. My other complaint? I wanted to know what made The Joker the man he is in the movie. Oh, he does offer varying stories of his past but the guy is a pathological liar. Now I do not know who inspired Ledger's Joker but I will say this. When he delivers his chilling line "What are you staring at? Is it my scars? Would you like to know how I got these scars? I'll tell you!" He then launches into a monologue of an abusive father or a nag of a wife! Those scenes with Ledger firing his tommy gun wildly all over the city remind me of RICHARD WIDMARK in the old film-noir KISS OF DEATH. And when Ledger grabs a minicam and addresses Gotham that he will kill one person a day until the Batman takes off his mask it's as if he's channeling ANDY ROBINSON as The Scorpio Killer from the first ever DIRTY HARRY movie! And Ledger nails the bone chilling laugh of a psycho killer and not some silly circus clown! This film is a true testament to the acting prowress of Heath Ledger. In one scene a Major Metropolitan Hospital is blown to Kingdom Come. Now there is nothing funny about a hospital getting blown up but Ledger makes us laugh just the same as he beats the crap out of his detonator which has jammed and runs away in his nurses uniform in perhaps the funniest scene in the whole entire movie! Yes the special effects are top drawer. Batman gets a new outfit that allows him to turn his head and its about time! The stunts are wild. Batman plays chicken with The Joker! The Joker dares Batman to run him down with his Batpod(a real radical motorcycle)! Batman takes out trigger happy SWAT men in order to save some hostages in a volatile situation! Bruce takes a trip to Hong Kong so Batman can literally bag a bad guy! So theres too much action and plot to get bored by this movie! Some say its too long with its impressive running time of 152 minutes! Hey SUPERMAN(1978) was also two and a half hours long! As long as you got a story, then who cares about the damn running time? Does THE DARK KNIGHT stand against all those other so-called comic book fantasy films? Let's put it this way folks. DARK KNIGHT took in $238.6 million in just 5 days! It has passed GHOSTBUSTERS! If it doubles that amount, it stands to topple the first ever STAR WARS movie! Kathie Lee Gifford trashed this movie. She's an idiot because she stands alone in her critcism. Everyone I talked to loves this movie. Does Heath Ledger deserve The Oscar for Best Supporting Actor? No he does not. He deserves BEST ACTOR because HE STEALS THE DAMN MOVIE! So go see this one and judge for yourself. Back to Ledger, I almost cried as the movie came to an end with The Joker hanging there upside down admonishing The Batman for not letting him hit the cement! I was sad suddenly because it dawned on me that this was the last we'd ever see of Ledger on the silver screen....

Tony on Jul 26, 2008


It must be me; everyone loves this movie. I did not care for The Dark Knight movie; I wanted to but just couldn't accept it. I was never on the edge-of-my seat. I like that fact that all of Batman's 'toys' have a legitimate source. I never could believe that one man could develop them and keep it a secret. Everyone thinks Ledger's performance was fantastic. Was that because he died or it really was great? I thought that it was acceptable at best. The Joker was written as an insane villain. Yet, at every turn, he was two steps ahead of the cops and Batman. I'm also tired of the same villains over and over again. The only true villains that Batman and the cops should be fighting are the existing ones - the gangs. Has anyone noticed that every super hero movie has a super villain. And, if one doesn't exist, then one is created the same way that the hero was, such as the recent Hulk movie. We as Americans are so starved (lazy - read a book and use your imaginations) for entertainment that we'll accept all of the hype publicity and go with the flow. I haven't seen many critics really bash any entertainment or performer. Before you slam me with negative comments, think about this. A movie cost $50+ million (cheap now) and we get a weak or non-existing script, poor acting, etc. But, we'll accept it because it was hyped out of the stratosphere and we don't want to be in the minority.

jim on Jul 26, 2008


Don't be jealous

kellie on Jul 26, 2008

209 I have now seen this movie 4 times, dont laugh at me.....and I am still on the edge of my seat every time I see it. I don't think a better movie could be made. And all you idiots who say this movie was not entertaining and that we Americans are so lazy and just want to be can go to hell, ITS CALLED ENTERTAINMENT FOR A REASON!

Mike on Jul 26, 2008


This was probably the worst movie ever made. Where was the storyline.......Christian Bale needs to learn how to act. I could barely stay awake for this movie after half an hour.....I dont see how all you other people found this movie so interesting. Go get a life and read a book.

Eric Schultz on Jul 26, 2008


Hey Jim maybe you should go out with Kathie Lee Gifford! Here here Kellie! Hey Mike for your info a**hole I have read a great deal of books in my 41 years. Also, I am an aspiring screenwriter. I wrote a rough draft for BATMAN III back in 1992 so yeah I've had a love affair with The Bat! Eric you are a moron because this movie had more story than you could ever conjure up my friend!

Tony on Jul 26, 2008


Jim, why are you so angry with me I left a great review with no negative comment what so ever....WHAT GIVES!?!?!

Mike on Jul 26, 2008


I'm not angry with anyone. I just seemed to expect more than most people. Especially. when hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to create something and then it's promoted as the best. You never heard peep one out of anyone about Heath Ledger's performance until he died. Hollywood has found the formula that when something is promoted to the hilt and a few high powered critics get (are bought) on board, then everyone agrees. I'd rather have an interesting plot and poor special effects, than visa versa. My favorite movie is the original Wizard of Oz. Great plot, acceptable acting, and fantastic special effects for that era.

jim on Jul 26, 2008


Jim....Gordon ????

ukip on Jul 26, 2008


I believe...what doesn't like the movie...creates another thread (about not liking the movie)??? People who didn't like the movie are trying so desperately to prove they are right?? Ha,ha... Look @ them write..the legacy of the Eidelstein Critic... One guy even compared Snakes on the Plane to TDK...and blamed it on his friend... Tell u what .... opinion matters...every one's....but if you- i didnt like it, the movie sucked, it was over-hyped, i liked jack's joker better than heath's- film critics really had a point AND an solid could have brought a few..if not everyone in this around. All you can say is "I didn't like.....", Wizard of Oz is Classic, but so are Felini's, Eigenstein's movies. So is Ben Hur....But half the casts and crews of those movies are dead now...loving those movies doesn't mean one should cling to them and close their eyes forever...not appreciating any good movie... In that comparison these non-believers (lol) may even say that in this age the Chronicles of Narnia series is better than Nolan's Batman series.... Hey TDK-lovers ..let them say "the end is f***ing nigh"...this is just the beginning...

ukip on Jul 26, 2008


jim what are you on... wizard of oz? its heart warming but acceptable acting... LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY. it was overacting. but anyways. plot. magic shoes. wicked witch killed by water (contrived) I loved the dark knight but i did have a few problems with it. it was the sequel to batman begins and i ask you where did the gotham trains go. my brother was more bothered that you never see the narrows and arkham. another issue i had was the joker. Heath was amazing. he was scary and i laughed but the make up was make up (the joker's is usually his regular skin) and it throughout the movie the jokers makeup starts to fade and crack so when the joker is taken into police custody. no one thinks lets wash off the make up. and why did they put the joker in a cell with the other people. shouldn't he have been put in irons and legshackles. on the other hand the acting was great. heath ledger disapears. gary oldman is fantastic too. michael caine and morgan freeman acted as themselves but we all love them. ive read some people saying christain bale cant act. i was entertained i couldnt hear his british accent ever. i was annoyed by the gritty voice he puts on when hes batman same with echeart. oh another problem the blue sonar vision was rather pointless cg for cg's point the whole rest of the movie kept petty non cg and kept with traditional stunts but that blue stuff obnoxious. oh ive complained too much go see this movie i saw it twice. and i loved it twice planning to see it again on imax. someone complained about the writing or the plot. please be more specific. i cant argue if you won't be specific

jonan on Jul 26, 2008


oh im watching the watchmen are you

jonan on Jul 26, 2008


Yeah Jonan..sure !!! I'll be watching the Watchmen...I have my faith on Snyder...Liked 300 a depends on the representation though..... Heard he is also thinking about doing Miller's The Dark Knight Returns...If it happens it gonna ruule maan...fancy seeing the complete DKR on screen in its stylized form...Hope its a 'Go' from Warner Movies... Just pointing out..the gotham monorail was destroyed in Batman Begins and this movie starts iff just when BB ended...i think thatz the reason the monorail wasn't there.. And Jonan, forget about people talking about the plot...either they didn't get it..or they have to see the movie again to comprehend...but i know they wont' be watching it again because then they wont be able to prove their point..coz why would you be watching the movie you dont like??? Hoping trashing excellent things comparison to Snakes on the Plane, and Wizard of oz (which never had a cult comics following)...would give them a high stand...

ukip on Jul 27, 2008


Do you think there was a hint about the next villain when Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) said that the new batsuit would protect Batman from dogs and CATS. I thought it sounded a little odd but during the movie but then later realized Catwoman could be the next villain. J

J on Jul 27, 2008


J you are astute! What a valid point you make! A lot of people are complaining about the ending of this movie. The ending kind of reminded me of MAD MAX with its eerie voice over! But the Nolans have done it again! They are setting us up for the next movie pretty much the way they set us up for The Dark Knight as Batman Begins closed with Gordon handing Batman a Joker playing card! It is briiliant! But what's next? With Batman on the run, you can count on one thing. Gotham City will be overrun with villains and The Dark Knight will have to return to restore order once and for all! Sound good? Who will take Batman's place as he runs from the authorities? Will it be Azrael? He stepped in when Bane broke Batman's back in the comics. Will it be Nightwing? Now that would be interesting wouldn't it? Not some wimpy Robin but rather a kickass dude like the Nightwing. What will become of the Batman? Will he fall in with some bad people? He was once kidnapped and he was brainwashed in the graphic novel BATMAN THE CULT. A reccomended read. Could Batgirl enter the picture? Just one note here. The Nolans fucked up on Barbara Gordon. They made her the wife of Commisioner Gordon. In the comics, Barbara Gordon was his daughter not his significant other. And as we all know, Barbara Gordon became Batgirl/Oracle! Did they do this on purpose? Look at Jim's wife. She's too old to slip into that spandex! Now this brings us to Catwoman. Who will play her? I cast my vote for Vanessa Ferlito! She used to come on CSI NEW YORK and she gives ragged Kurt Russell a very enticing chair dance in DEATHPROOF. Check that flick out! Lee Meriwether was cute as a 60's Catwoman and Michelle Pfieffer was sexy and playful but then Halle Berry drowned the cat when CATWOMAN sank like a stone(no pun intended for Sharon Stone her over the hill co-star). So will the Brothers Nolan resurrect the Catwoman? Will Mr. Freeze try to make Gotham City into a snowglobe? Once again, BATMAN AND ROBIN sucked and Ahnold was no Freeze! They shuold have gotten Patrick Stewart for that role! Oh well what are you gonna do right? The Nolans blew it with The Scarecrow! This guy is supposed to be scarier than The Joker, but in the hands of the Nolans he comes off as a joke! Did you guys know that Howard Stern was once approached to play The Scarecrow? Yeah! But Stern wanted a rated R Batman and he wanted to play Scarecrow to the hilt like Freddy Krueger! Naturally, Hollywood said no way to a rated R Batman! Go figure! Let's see, you got Anarky. He'd be a good villain in this day and age of living in cyberspace! Then there's The Ventriloquist. He's an old nerd whose dummy Scarface thinks he is real! Could you imagine this guy running the mob? Hillarious! Then you got Clayface and his Mud Pack. What would happen if old Clayface were to take the form of Bruce Wayne and start issuing orders to Alfred The Butler and sly Lucius Fox? That would be interesting. Wouldn't it? I got a million ideas kiddies! I'm The Joker with a WordPad! What of Pengiun and The Riddler? Will we seeing Oswald Cobblepot or Edward Nigma anytime soon. Noone likes BATMAN RETURNS. Too bad. I thought it was a decent film. Let's face it, it wasn't gay like BATMAN AND ROBIN. Jim Carrey was okay as The Riddler but he came off a little too fruity for my taste. And I love Tommy Lee Jones as an actor(check him out as Gary Gilmore in The Executioner's Song) but his Two-Face was cartoonish! So Bat Fans what waits in store for us? Stay tuned! LOL! Hmmm. What will they call it? BATMAN REBORN sounds pretty cool. DARK KNIGHT RISING sounds even better. BATTLE FOR GOTHAM? Or is that too Power Ranger?

Tony on Jul 27, 2008


Oh and for all you assholes out there saying Bale cannot act! Have you seen this guy in AMERICAN PSYCHO? He makes Tony Perkins look like Mister Rogers! And Bale went down to 98 pounds to play THE MACHINIST. So shut your mouths before you critcize! And congrats to Mister Bale for getting the coveted part of John Connor! Rest In Peace Heath. And long live The Bat...

Tony on Jul 27, 2008


Right you are tony..Bale is a hell of an actor.. Guys, To see him act watch The machinist and Rescue Dawn....u'll know

ukip on Jul 27, 2008


for #222 J, I think that while teasing the 3rd installment for Batman David Goyer said they wont be using Catwoman... But who can say??? Lets see...what happens...I'm hoping they wont disappoint us...heck, sure they wont

ukip on Jul 27, 2008


314 million and counting...You know they are talking SEQUEL right now! Who would you guys like to see play your favorite heroes or villains in The Batman Sequel? These are my suggestions. Anyone feel free to weigh in with your choices! 1. Elijah Wood as Anarky 2. Steven Strait as Azrael 3. Big Van Vader as Bane 4. Rose McGowan as Batgirl 5. Vanessa Ferlito as Catwoman 6. Ben Kingsley as Clayface 7. Patrick Stewart as Freeze 8. Amy Smart as Harley Quinn 9. Adrien Brody as The Joker 10. James Franco as Nightwing 11. Oliver Platt as The Penguin 12. Matthew Lilliard as The Riddler 13. Alicia Witt as Poison Ivy 14. Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Ventriloquist 15. Adam Beach as The Deacon Blackfire. WHOO! So what do you guys think? Whatever happens, I'm sure The Brothers Nolan and David S. Goyer will have a fitting end for their Batman trilogy. One can only hope. Right?

Tony on Jul 28, 2008


Rose McGowan? What?! HA HA

kellie on Jul 28, 2008


What were the 4 or 6 scenes that were shot in IMAX. I know 2 for sure?

Jane on Jul 28, 2008


Yes Kellie I said Rose McGowan. 1. She's stunning. 2. She can act 3. She's acrabatic. Check her out in GRINDHOUSE. In PLANET TERROR she's the hooker with a gun for a leg! Hey go ask Robert Rodriguez what he was smoking! Then in DEATHPROOF she's the pretty blond who dies in Kurt Russell's car. I stand by my choice! GOD I should have been a casting director instead of a scribe!

Tony on Jul 28, 2008


Yeah, I know who she is. And, I don't think so

kellie on Jul 29, 2008


Let's review The Dark Knight, because so many others are doing so & I am becoming obsessed with this film after only seeing it yesterday. This has become one of the most hyped movies ever and also managed to become one of my favourite movies of all time. The sudden, unfortunate and untimely death of Heath Ledger haunts this film contributing to the DC curse (previously the Superman curse I believe?) yet even if you are not a comic book movie/Batman/action movie fan but consider yourself a fan of Ledger you should at least pay your respects in witnessing his best performance. Ledger's Joker completely outshines Christian Bale's Batman, dominating every scene with characteristics that are psychotic, disturbing and somehow, at times, funny. The Joker's sinister movements, twitches and frequently questioning others if they "wanna know how I got these scars?" establish an instantly popular villian within cinema. The film's studio would surely have loved to leave the Joker dangling for a possible future return, however considering the circumstances, it would take an astounding amount of pressure on another immensely talented actor to bring the Joker out of the pack again. Despite being in the superhero genre and carrying a 12A rating, this film cannot be labelled as "for kids". Something I admire about Christopher Nolan's direction. Batman amongst many other "superheroes" is arguably "not for kids". I don't feel that it is because the violence or themes and issues are too graphic for them but more that it would be difficult for kids to understand. The concept of what is required to return a corrupted society to justice is thrown at the audience, but is far too complex for a young child who just watches for explosions. I urge everyone and anyone to see this film. It is truely remarkable and I wish for Nolan's series to continue even though it would be hard for him to better this one. Whatever your opinion on Batman you must remember that "he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian . . . a watchful protector . . . . a DARK KNIGHT."

Peter H on Jul 29, 2008


Two Face ruined the movie for me, he kind of .. sucked. If it was just the joker I would have given it a perfect 10/10 but i deduct one point for Two-Face and another point for them Killing of Gamble he was tight. so i give it a 8/10.. Incredible Hulk was more injoyable thou. he ripped a car apart you just can't get any better than that I'm sorry well that little spin movie on the wall that batman did with the batpod was pretty sweet thou but it doesn't beat the car splitting.

Don P on Jul 29, 2008


Yeah Don the story of Two-Face did seem kind of rushed huh? As for Gamble he was a piece of shit. I'm glad The Joker cut his throat! TEE HEE! And The Hulk is a big green retard who grunts and destroys things! I ain't gonna pay ten bucks to see shit like that! BATMAN KICKS ASS DUDE and don't you forget it! That's why The Bat has endured for nearly 70 years! Do your homework pal!

Tony on Jul 29, 2008


I wouldn't pick anyone. I don't like the charactor. Batgirl is worse then Robin! If this new Batman ever has a side kick it will ruin it.

kellie on Jul 29, 2008


my god. incredible. yet batman begins made the bat. it got me hooked. i left the theatre after tdk feeling disturbed and drained. bb was abou the bat. tdk was abot gotham and everybody inside it, and who needed the bat, and who blamed him. i can consider 236 to be very reasonable - nolans style may never require robin. you never know.

alan on Jul 29, 2008


i agree w/ 234 ; the two- face story was rushed. It wasn't a problem with the performance, eckhart was great...but the script did not develop him with the same kind of psychological depth as it did the characters of batman and joker. one moment he's a nice guy.... and after rachel dies, whadaya know, he suddenly starts torturing and shooting people. The "transition period" in the hospital didn't tell us anything interesting about what is going thru his mind, but consisted of him revealing bits of his new face to the audience little by little, until finally we see the whole thing and a few people gasp, some woman screams "YYAAAHH" and others snicker. and what was his coin doing on the bedside table? so we can say "oh my god, one side of the coin is blackened. just like his poor face."? what kind of audience wants (or needs) this kind of symbolism with a capital S? it's already self explanatory. also i felt like the plot had maybe one two many bomb threats - couldn't they have been a bit more imaginative with the joker's scheming? he poses all these interesting ethical dilemmas, but it's like, everything comes down to big explosions. i suggest something different, like bribing city pharmacists to randomly mix cyanide in prescription bottles. so yeah, i just felt like being a LITTLE critical after seeing all these raves. but the truth is i loved the movie too. 9/10 from me 🙂

yxm on Jul 29, 2008


Robin can be done folks. Just get a deft writer to do it(like myself). For BATMAN III my Robin was tough not some sissy la la like on that GOD awful TV show. Robin can kick some ass when he has to. He's written well on THE BATMAN cartoon show. He sucks on TEEN TITANS though. That shit is just gay! And for all you guys who don't like Robin make him into NIGHTWING. Problem solved!

Tony on Jul 29, 2008


"Batman with a sidekick would not work!" as quoted by good old Kellie. Observe people. I call this Screenwriting 101. The scenario: Batman is on the run. Two-Face is dead. The Joker and Two-Face are loocked away at Arkham. SWAT is hunting Batman in the ghettos of Gotham, so Nightwing takes his place. Later in the movie they meet. It would go something like this. BATMAN: Nice costume. I didn't know it was Halloween! NIGHTWING: And you're one to talk about fashion! BATMAN: Touche. (Beat) So why are YOU here? NIGHTWING: The Justice League sent me. BATMAN: Yeah? Well I did not ask for your help! NIGHTWING: Take a look around you, Batman. Your beloved Gotham City is burning to the ground. Face it, you need all the help you can get! BATMAN GOES TO LEDGE AND STARES OUT AT HIS CITY IN FLAMES. RIOT ALARMS SOUND LOUDLY. NIGHTWING: So what are you going to do about it? BATMAN PUSHES BUTTON AND HIS WINGS POP OUT. HE GLARES AT THE NIGHTWING CHARACTER. BATMAN: I'm going to take MY city back! AND WITH THAT HE FLIES AWAY. Any questions? ANY CHARACTER CAN BE WRITTEN PEOPLE. ANY SCENARIO. Just get a good writer like me to do it....oh class is dismissed!

Tony on Jul 29, 2008


Famous last words. "You see,Batman? It's a lot like gravity. All you need is a little push."

Tony on Jul 29, 2008


Kellie does not like Batgirl. (Turns to Kellie and gives her a raspberry salute) Guys go to BATGIRL IMAGES on AOL. There's a poster of her that will make your tongue wag. I mean this bitch is hotter that Catwoman. I shit you not!

Tony on Jul 29, 2008


Everyone just remember, it's not complete yet.

Dustyman1505 on Jul 29, 2008


And as VAL KILMER said in BATMAN FOREVER. "Women!"

Tony on Jul 30, 2008


Want to see Bruce Wayne take on SWAT bare handed?!? Then read BATMAN YEAR ONE. Ever wonder how The Joker got so screwed up? Then read THE KILLING JOKE. Want to find out how The Joker hooked up with Harley Quinn? Then read MAD LOVE.

Tony on Jul 30, 2008


Richard the book where Batman actually kills The Joker is DARK KNIGHT RETURNS by Frank Miller. Very controversial to say the least especially since Robin was played by a girl and Batman was pushing up on 60!!! Pick this one up folks if you have not yet read it! Right up there with WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA when it comes to great Graphic Novels!

Tony on Jul 30, 2008


Some asshole trashed Ledger on this thread. SIGH. First off, Ledger was the only good thing in 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. Ask the critics who said he had a bright future as an actor. Secondly, Ledger beat 2000 other performers to play Mel Gibson's son in THE PATRIOT. And third, Ledger was nominated for his gutsy performance in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer turned down BROKEBACK because of its gay themes. Ledger was bold wise and creative and he will be missed. And as for the statement that THE DARK KNIGHT was only successful because Ledger died, I drop my pants and invite you naysayers to pucker up and kiss my ass! BATMAN continues to be one of the most successful film franchises ever! I admire Heath Ledger in this movie and I love The Batman and I will defend both. Enough said!

Tony on Jul 30, 2008


#223 He had a wife and daughter named Barbara Gordon.

Darknight on Aug 1, 2008


Darknight(248) thank you for clearing that up for me. But isn't it confusing having two female characters with the same name in the same movie?

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Remove The Joker's performance... the movie is CRAP!! Specially, Batman trying to put on a heavy voice... wow that looked so fake.. Ha ha HA ha..... ! HEATH LEDGER (R.I.P)... Amazing...No doubt!

Rick on Aug 1, 2008


#249 Yes it is but I doubt we will be seeing the Batgirl anytime soon since his daughter is like 4 or 5 in TDK

Darknight on Aug 1, 2008


People have mentioned the voice Batman uses... At first listen it comes across as bad acting. Since Bale doesn't seem capable of such a thing, I thought long about why they're doing it and how it escaped a "cut, Chris, we need less" from Nolan. Here's an idea: it's part of the costume. It's a disguise, but it's not Christian Bale applying the disguise, it's Bruce Wayne, and Bruce Wayne isn't necessarily a good actor, despite his "taste for the theatrical." It's also part of the intimidation. I find that when I think of it that way I don't mind the voice because it's the last part of the costume; Bruce ensuring no one recognizes him. (Having said that, Bale is the hardest of all Batman actors to recognize under the mask, so perhaps the voice isn't necessary... The first time Bale/Bruce uses the voice (on Flask in Begins) watch his mouth. He's working himself up to be over-the-top angry. It's jarring because you don't expect someone to talk like that but if you look for nuances and reasons it's easier to swallow. This made me think of something else. No one is born to be a crimefighter (unless there is a personality type that makes its owner pursue police work) so, if Bruce Wayne were a real person, what would he be? A businessman? Probably not. He inherited his father's business--that doesn't automatically give him the personality type that excels at business. Would he be an inventor? Nolan has taken that ability away from him and given it to Lucius Fox. If everyone makes their mark somewhere then Bruce's is in crimefighting/vigilantism. That's an interesting story angle they could play up because it epitomizes just how lost Bruce is. The thing he excels at isn't even a recognized profession or honest job, despite his intentions. When he hits 45 years old and can't punch, kick and jump like he used to, will he find what his life was actually supposed to be about, or will he become a mentor to a protege?

TDK Lover on Aug 1, 2008


#252 I agree about the voice and what some people need to relize is at the end he is obvisouly in pain. The beat down from the Joker, the dogs, the swat battles, and being shot by Dent. My voice or "decoy" voice would be different too.

Darknight on Aug 2, 2008


Uh I have no problem with THE VOICE. Would you guys rather he sounded like PEE WEE HERMAN?? Sweet Jesus you effing people complain about everything!

Tony on Aug 2, 2008


P.S. Darth Vader sounded like had asthma! LOL!

Tony on Aug 2, 2008


yeah pee wee herman as batman...

kellie on Aug 2, 2008


Plain and simple, I loved it. All I really have to say is...."no wonder the poor guy killed himself" with a role like that. Joker scared the crap out of me and got me really thinking about people that are like that in this world, because there are! RIP Heath Ledger. Your last performance was ground breaking.

Krissy on Aug 2, 2008


Heath Ledger was the epitome of the tortured artist.

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


And if The Joker is "scaring the crap out of people" then the Late Great Heath Ledger has done his job. Kudos to Mr. Ledger. His Joker ranks with Sir Anthony Hopkins and his Hanibal Lector.

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


I took my son to see the movie but really didn't want to see it. I didn't think I would like it. Boy was I wrong!!!! I've now seen the movie twice and really enjoyed it both times. I completely forgot that Heath was the Joker. To me that is a sign that the actor did a phenomenal job. My best description to anyone who asks is that the Joker was disturbing. (in a good way of course!) It was great!

Amanda on Aug 3, 2008


I would love to see this movie get nominated for BEST PICTURE. I mean let's face it folks it has been a lackluster year so far for the movies! IRON MAN made a buttload of money and for awhile there it was "the movie to beat." People were wondering how THE DARK KNIGHT would fare with its dark mood and heavy themes. Add to that the abrupt death of Heath Ledger hanging over the movie like a dark, gray cloud. Would The Joker prove to be too scary? Was Batman too mean this time around? Would people buy the Harvey Two-Face angle? The critics were waiting to pounce on Batman! But THE DARK KNIGHT has grossed 394 million dollars in the US alone to date! That's not bad! Not bad at all! It ranks #8 out of 1,000 movies of all-time(top US grosses). It is ranked #1 on the IMDb, even edging out THE GODFATHER! WOW! And GODFATHER is MY all-time favorite movie! So what is it about this new cinematic phenomenon(now playing at a theatre near you) that has all of America talking? Could it be the tight direction by Christopher Nolan? Could it be the fine ensemble acting in this movie? Let's face it, the whole cast is good BUT Ledger prances into the movie and manages to make it his! Could it be the deft screenplay(with twists and subplots) by Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, and comic book meister David S. Goyer? Could it be all those wild stunts and top-drawer action sequences? Or uh is it all of the above? In 1977, STAR WARS blew everyone away. Everyone thought it would win BEST PICTURE. "Go see it! It's awesome!" they would tell their friends. But STAR WARS, when you break it down, is a "bubble-gum" movie. You sit there with your popcorn and coke with awe as George Lucas and company whisk you away to a galaxy far far away. Is STAR WARS entertaining? Hell yeah! Is it Academy Award worthy? Sure it is. For its technical achievements, anyway. Did STAR WARS deserve BEST PICTURE? No it didn't. Just because it make the most money that year doesn't mean it was the best picture of that year. In fact, I thought 1900 was superior to STAR WARS. But hey that's just me! Getting back to THE DARK KNIGHT. Is it a "bubble-gum" movie? No it is not. You see, the Nolans and Goyer elevated this movie. This movie IS NOT EVEN ON THE SAME LEVEL WITH STAR WARS. Sorry, Lucas! But hey it's the truth. HEATH LEDGER deserves the Academy Award for BEST ACTOR and I probably will cry if he gets it! THE DARK KNIGHT(I hate that corny TDK abbreviation) should be nominated for BEST SOUND, BEST MAKE-UP, BEST COSTUME, BEST EDITING, and BEST PICTURE as well. As a film buff and aspiring screenwriter, I stand by my statements. And for you people out there who haven't seen this movie yet, I have one question for you. WHY HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE?

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


I also think THE DARK KNIGHT deserves nods for BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY but I don't know if the Academy will swing that way. Too bad too beacuse this movie has tight dircetion(lot of tense scenes in this one) and a wonderfully written script(Dark humor, twists, subplots, and a whammo of a surprise ending)!

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


I think every Batmaniac in the audience wanted to weep at the end of this one! The tragedy of Heath Ledger and the movie is THAT powerful!

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


Let me start by saying that I am not particularly a batman fan. But - this film is a masterpiece, a cinematic achievement. Best action movie ever made. Best crime drama ever made. Top 5 films of all time - period. All actors were flawless.Health Ledger's performance surpasses Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lector), Jack Nicholson (The Shining) and Daniel Day Lewis in anything (hard to do...) It MUST be seen in the theatre as opposed to waiting for DVD. Film schools should study it, as should all aspiring actors and directors and cinematographers.

Tracey on Aug 4, 2008


I lurved Dark Knight so much!! it was the greatest film ever!! Heath Ledger was the best person they could have picked to play the JOKER! He such get an oscar for his performance!! Plus the cgi was great like for harvey dents face. i was sitting 2 seats away from a little boy. He was like 8-10 years old. he was covering his eyes on any scene of harvey dent after his accident! aww bless!! LOL!! DID ANY ONE HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT MORGAN FREEMAN? HE HAS HAD A CAR ACCIDENT SERIOUS CONDITION IN HOSPITAL BROKEN RIBS AND MANY MORE INJURIES i beginning to think this movie has some wrong with this movie. Heath Ledger dying Christain Bale attacking his mum and sister. now Morgan Freeman in hospital. Something must be wrong!

Cazzy on Aug 4, 2008


Tracey you are right. THE DARK KNIGHT is one of the better movies to come out of Hollywood in a long time. Its screenplay should be dissected and studied by young writers! Cazzy our prayers will be with Mr. Freeman. Hell I wanted him for a couple of MY movies! As for the movie being "jinxed" that is just so much malarky! Assholes are saying DARK KNIGHT won't beat TITANIC or STAR WARS. They can suck my balls because TITANIC is overrated drippy TRASH! YEAH I SAID IT! BITE ME! And I AM SICK TO DEATH OF GEORGE LUCAS AND HIS STAR WARS FRANCHISE! Long live The Bat!

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


I've seen it twice. First time I went I took my 12-year old daughter. She loved it, by the way! When the movie ended I was the only one applauding! LOL! My eyes were watering up. My little girl asked me why. I told her I was thinking about Heath Ledger. "Oh." she asid. The second time I went by myself so I could absorb myself in the movie. It was a matinee and only 6 bucks for the ticket so yeah there were some assholes in the audience! This time when the movie ended everyone clapped! My wife has not seen it, my best friend has yet to see it and my brother-in-law wants to see it again so I will probably see it a few more times before it hits the Best Buy shelves just in time for Christmas!!!

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


In my years of excistent this is the best movie ever. I seen Ironman twice in theaters only the first time was I not thinking "how much longer". I have seen this movie three times every time when its over I think "I could see that again, whens the next showing." Heath Ledger should at least get a Oscar nod and so far has it won. Seating next to a high school senior she couldnt handle Two-face's face, but then again she is a she. #267 As a Star Wars fan Im tired of it, and other than one scene Titanic sucked, that scene being the credits. #266 On the Freeman thread I mentioned a Dark Knight curse and as I said there Michael Caine may want to stay home. #263 Dont forget it should win Best Score also.

Darknight on Aug 4, 2008


While I can't say enough about this movie I miss the music by Danny Elfman and Elliott Goldenthal. Plus you had some great songs by PRINCE, U2, and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES in the original Batman films.

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


The first two had good music score wise that is and some occasional good work on the soundtracks. The scene at the end of Batman with him and the signal and the music is one of the great scenes ever. and what kid didnt use there toy Bat-plane to copy the scene when he goes in front of the moon. Although I do wonder how The Jokers gun shot down that plane?

Rodan8812 on Aug 4, 2008


LOL! You ever notice how long that gun was??? Made DIRTY HARRY's look like a cap gun!

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


As for The Batman Curse, just remember this. They said the same thing about SUPERMAN! So.....

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


#272 It was very long. I wonder if that was shooting normal bullets (which I doubt) he would of had to hit the fuel tank, or Bruce Wayne should get a refund because that plane was not built very well. Since we've seen the batmobile, bat-(pod)cycle, will we see the boat or plane in the next one. Im also confident the next Batmobile will be awesome.

Rodan8812 on Aug 4, 2008


Or possibly the BAT SUB? LOL! For my script I converted a 1942 Sherman Tank into THE BAT TANK and Catwoman had her very own purple Coup THE CATMOBILE complete and replete with gadgets just like The Batmobile!

Tony on Aug 5, 2008


HMMM, come to think of one scene of THE DARK KNIGHT Bruce Wayne realizes that Lucius Fox is using sonar. "Like they use in a submarine." Fox tells Wayne. Are the crafty Nolans throwing us a hint?

Tony on Aug 5, 2008


THE DARK KNIGHT has grossed 400 MILION DOLLARS in the states alone. Closing in on SPIDERMAN!

Tony on Aug 6, 2008


A Masterpiece.

Dre on Aug 6, 2008


I've seen this film 5 times now and could easily sit through it 5 more without complaint. What really gets me about this film is how deep the themes run throughout the plot. Sure there are holes in the surface story, like how did Gordon survive, and how did they even set up that whole scheme? Normally things like that would bother me, but there are so many other things to think about in this movie that it hardly seems relevant. My mind races when I see this film analyzing the philosophies presented on both sides of the coin. The whole idea of standing up for the truth and whats right and wrong no matter what the costs just continues to run deeper and deeper with each viewing of this movie to the point it's actually started to make me question my own political beliefs. For years I've had a general dislike for George Bush, as most of this country has, but I love Batman and what he stands for in this film. It suddenly struck me that President Bush and Batman actually stand for the same thing. All of these years I've been calling for the President to remove his mask, to stop sending people to war, to stop making horrific decisions....all while never stopping to think about how hard that must be, and why it must be. I'm not saying this movie has made me a new found fan of George Bush, or that George Bush is Batman as a recent NY Times article proclaims (if anything he's closer to Will Ferrel's character in Step Brothers with a dash of Maxwell Smart) but it's really something for a film to be so full of ideas and questions that it would shake beliefs I've held for quite some time. I even thought about the fact that sure it's easier to accept these harsh realities on film, but it's a different story in reality....but the movie even addresses that thought. It continually points out that the truth isn't always the answer, and that more often than not it's going to be hard, it's going to create villians out of hero's, and in a way when the truth is too severe it makes heroism impossible because as a whole we're too evil as people. The references to Dent as being "the best of us" and towards the end as "the fallen" leave me with thoughts on faith and religion. Dent being a representation of the fallen creation, Batman carrying off his sins on his back as a new found Savior for our cynical age. The film almost shows us that in a way our culture is tired of the sparkling white purity of Christ like figures, we don't want to love our savior, we want him to work for us, we love our anti-hero's these days. We were excited to see Dent fall and turn into Two Face. We want our morals and our rules to keep us safe, but we don't want to be governed by them. Batman represents all of this....and I'm not even going to get into the philosophies presented by The Joker that are delivered with such precision I don't have enough time to mull them over in my mind before another one lands smack on my forehead. It was his role to point out our flaws, the main one being we don't like to be a part of anyone's plan but our own, but we don't like it when things don't go according to plan either. The perfect antithesis to Batman, he points out our own contradictions as well, all while playing on the desire for evil that we all have inside of us. Ledgers Joker is the type of madness that is contagious, a character of temptation that can split peoples moral compass right down the center because his chaos is frieghtful but appealing at the same time. That's why we love his character so much. I simply cannot get enough of this film. What I initially thought was a well written story with superb acting is so much more. I'm slightly baffled by this films brillance.

ImaginaryVisionary on Aug 7, 2008


Finally got round to seeing the film last night. I was completely blown away. Heath Ledger's portrayal of a sadistic, maniacal genius was beyond compare. Where do we go from here?? Can perfection be improved upon?? Lets bloody well hope so!!!!

Steve Wade on Aug 7, 2008


Only 1 word to describe The Dark Knight- AWESOME. A movie that grabs u by the throat from the first scene & does not let go till the very end. No movie in recent past (say 20 yrs) has been able to do that for me. Plus superlative action, stunts, haunting background score (listen to the siren like sound in every scene with the Joker). What can I say abt Heath- a standing ovation, a performance that will never be forgotten. A story mirroring today's troubled times, a time when bad seems right & the good has to fight just to survive. Could go on & on . Hats off to the Nolan bros. Waiting for the official copy of the DVD. It's a collector's item if there ever was. And would not want to demean this movie by rating it 5 stars. Don't limit it so maan. The Nolan's sure will hv a tough time besting this. Only 1 regret. The Joker (Heath) is no more.

Pooran on Aug 7, 2008


This movie made me not wanting to watch any other movie in my whole life.

Stefano on Aug 7, 2008



Tony on Aug 7, 2008


I enjoyed 2001 Space Odyssey, March of the Wooden Soldiers, Doctor Strangelove... But I matured Rap and Hip Hop slapped me in the face - that stuff is crap. I don't like hip hop and rap so don't listen to me. I saw Iron Man and thought it was trash so what do I know. I wasn't going to Dark Night but the reviews were all WOW so I went. What a waste. I don't mind that my ticket money is gone because I can earn more but how can I get my time back. I feel better after losing money at a poker game.

Podie Poday on Aug 7, 2008


Immediately going on my top 5 list of favorite films of all time! An incredible revival of an aging franchise! One for the history books.

Patrick on Aug 8, 2008


I'm just totally miffed at Podie Poday! I can't believe he did not like at least one aspect of THE DARK KNIGHT! The movie has a 94% approval rating for Chrissakes!!! Unbelievable! Maybe he should ask Kathie Lee Gifford to a Poker Con! LOL!

Tony on Aug 8, 2008


I'm with Podie. The film sucked. Here are my thoughts:

CCF on Aug 8, 2008


The movie was dark and good like batman should be. Let me start by saying I liked the movie andfor the most part I think Bob Kane would be proud, but their are two things that bother me and I believe would bother Bob Kane. 1) They kill off Jim Gordon, are you serious? Gordon is batman's link to the police and outside world and is a prevalent character throughout the mythos. Killing Gordon off in this, only the second movie, just to get a tension build up and to force batman to reevaluate his priorities is not worth the loss of a strong supporting character like Jim Gordon. 2) A smaller point by far. Gordon has a daughter, not a son. He may have one later on, if i'm wrong correct me, i'm not as knowledgable on the batman mythos as the superman mythos, but still, nevertheless, christopher nolan messed up with these two parts, whether minor or major, depending on the person.

EyesOnly on Aug 8, 2008


oh, and to followup, spiderman is a complete d-bag superhero who would get his butt whooped by pretty much any superhero except for maybe "the question" lol, superman would crush him, batman would kill him, the list goes on and on, lol. sorry, i had to go off on that little tangent. Hell yeah. batman dropped kicked spiderman's gross take!

EyesOnly on Aug 8, 2008


#288 Jim Gordon comes back he faked his death hoew did u miss that. He does have a son in the comics.

Darknight on Aug 9, 2008


Wow, CCF, you are an idiot! We are going to make you watch this movie 25 more times until you get it.

Don't wanna say on Aug 10, 2008



Tony on Aug 10, 2008


I told everyone on this thread that THE DARK KNIGHT would topple STAR WARS. People laughed at me. I hate being right all the time.

Tony on Aug 18, 2008


I have a picture of Heath Ledger on my desktop. Him in his Joker regalia holding his signature card. It's a tribute to him. That's how much this movie has affected me...

Tony on Aug 23, 2008


The guy touched greatness with his jaw-dropping scene stealing Joker portarayal and now he is gone. The only fiitting end would be a posthumous Oscar in his memory for his wonderful performance in by far this year's best film-THE DARK KNIGHT. And have Jack Nicholson accept The Oscar For Best Actor in honor of the late great Heath Ledger. How's that for a kick in the pants?

Tony on Aug 23, 2008


Okay. 489 Million Dollars and counting. Now let's say THE DARK KNIGHT gets a buttload of Oscar noms, they rerelease it like they did with THE DEPARTED and BAM! More money in the bank. Now let's say it wins for Heath Ledger(Best Actor) and Best Picture(a longshot I know) POW! Even more money in the bank! You know I think The Bat and The Joker are going to torpedo the TITANIC!!!!!

Tony on Aug 25, 2008


GLUG! GLUG! That's TITANIC sinking after THE DARK KNIGHT blows it off the throne! LOL!

Tony on Aug 25, 2008


The Dark Knight is closing in on $500 milion! Somewhere Heath Ledger has got to be smiling.

Tony on Aug 30, 2008


THE DARK KNIGHT has taken in $502 million. That's twice as much as 1989's BATMAN! To all the assholes who put down this movie,I point my finger and laugh at you! Kudos to the cast and crew!

Tony on Aug 31, 2008


512 million in less than 8 weeks. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Tony on Sep 8, 2008


THE DARK KNIGHT is now #2 on All-Time Domestic Box-Office and #5 Worldwide! Number One in my book...all the other films of 2008 were crap!

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


My name has been stolen.

Joker on Sep 19, 2008



Tony A. on Sep 19, 2008


One thing's for sure. Thanks to The Dark Knight,comic book movies will be taken more seriously.

Tony on Oct 6, 2008


And perhaps we will see a welcome resurgence in comic books as well.

Tony on Oct 6, 2008


The Dark Knight is closing in on a billion dollars worldwide box-office take!

Tony on Oct 10, 2008


i think the joker is awesome! my favorite part is the nurse scene, where the joker dressed up as a nurse! can u people tell me what the joker's last lines were? oh, and tell me your favorite parts?

niiki on Oct 22, 2008


The Joker's last lines were "You see,Batman? Insanity is a lot like gravity. All you need is a little push! Tee Hee Ha Ha Ho Ho! (Sigh)" Then SWAT appears to take him away. My favorite parts??? The whole fucking movie! And you wanted to know who's Tony? I'm Tony! Why the fuck you want to know who I am???

Tony on Oct 22, 2008


The Dark Knight is the best movie that I have ever seen, Heath Ledger as the Joker was one of the best acting performances i have ever seen. I am tired of people thinking that just because a movie is new that it cant be good. I am glad to see the dark knight being considered one of the best movies ever

Bret on Nov 1, 2008


Did you hear that this is going to be re released in IMAX and theatres in January? YAY! I've now seen this movie 11 times-- 5 times regular theatre and 6 times IMAX... and I still love it more and more every time, and everytime I sit to watch it I feel like I'm watching it again for the first time! 😀 Heath and Nolan deserve a flipping Oscar!

sallygirl on Nov 2, 2008


Yes Bret I think The Brothers Nolan have reinvented The Comic Book Movie with The Dark Knight. And they elevated the so called "superhero movies" to a whole other level. Here,here! Sallygirl,you saw it 11 times? Wow! I thought I was obsessed! LOL! Yes Heath and Nolan do deserve Oscars. I am behind Ledger all the way. His death was tragic and his Joker was way better than Papa Jack's! And Nolan is a wizard! He has totally reinvented Batman for the ages! Kudos to the cast and crew!

Tony on Nov 2, 2008


thankya tony! i just love talking to people that love the movie as much as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole on Dec 16, 2008


hey tony. remember the part when lao was in the jail cell and the joker picked up those keys? he walked by lao's cell jingling them at him and said, "hello there." no one remembers that part but it was awesome. the joker is da bomb!!!!!!!!!! good evening ladies and gentlemen.

nikki (nicole) on Dec 16, 2008


i finally saw this dam movie for the first time last night and nobody told me it was so dam long and my ass had to be to work early but one things for sure.....WORTH EVERY F@#$%& MINUTE... i mean good lord that shyt was ridiculas....bravo bravo....and im still tired

ill will on Dec 17, 2008


amazing! this movie has interpreted superheroism into extreme level. exciting pictures make me very impressed.

Alice Radio on Jun 19, 2009


Best movie!

George on Nov 14, 2009

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