Sound Off: The Happening - What Did You Think?

June 13, 2008

The Happening

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Auteur M. Night Shyamalan unveils his sixth movie this summer - The Happening. This was one of the most spoiled and one of the most questioned films to hit this summer. Did Shyamalan get himself back on the right track? How did Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel do? Was this even worse than Lady in the Water? Unfortunately I don't think the answers to these questions are as positive as you might be hoping, but that's because no one really knows what to expect with Shyamalan. Has M. Night finally lost his marbles? Or is this one of the most original films this summer? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of The Happening.

Sorry for the delay in getting this out today, as I just saw The Happening tonight. To fuel the fire, I really did not like this movie. What happened Shyamalan?! The Happening was absolutely terrible - I can't even say any of it was enjoyable. I will admit that I was freaked out for a few minutes, but that feeling quickly went away because the script is so atrocious that I laughed at nearly every spoken word. It never really lead anywhere - the ending was just bland and boring. Hot dogs? Seriously? What happened Mark Wahlberg? You used to be good! I'm not sure how this all happened (pun intended), but Shyamalan has really hit rock bottom with The Happening. He better pull himself out of the gutter soon or he'll quickly disappear forever.

What did you think of The Happening? M. Night Shyamalan's best or worst movie to date?

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First of all I HATED this movie!! there was nothing redeeming about it. My reasons, Acting was so wooden and dialog delivered like a high school play that I couldn't figure out if it was on purpose or M.N.S. just is that bad of a director and couldn't get anything out of good actor's. My reasoning for it being on purpose was that maybe he had the actors and everyone in the movie act so distant and disconnected to go along with the theme of the movie but if he did it was a bad idea. I wasn't even into the movie from the start it had a very "off" feeling to it and the only parts worth seeing were already in the Red Band Trailer. I really liked M.N.S. and he must have hit a high with Sixth Sense and I do still argue that Lady in the Water was unfairly picked on, Great fairytale. But I think he just tries to disconnect himself from Hollywood as much as possible and in the long run it has effected his movies too much because of it. I think he should hang up the camera and the pen and call his career good and leave now because I'm afraid of what his next movie will be after this. Here's hoping "it happens" to his career before he tries.

Unseen on Jun 14, 2008


Wait...was it really THAT bad?

Chris @ on Jun 14, 2008


First off, I'm a big MNS fan. I enjoyed all of his previous films and did not understand why people hated Lady in the Water. Unfortunatly this movie is by far his worst effort to date. It's so bad it's funny. Everytime something happened that was supposed to be frightening everybody in the theater laughed. The acting was terrible as well. If I had never seen Marky Mark before I would have thought he was the worst actor in the world. Seriously, he's the funniest part of the movie and I'm pretty sure thats not what he was aiming for. I will say that if creepy old people scare you, then there's about 5 minutes of the movie that are creepy. I hope people will see the bad reviews and stay away. I can't believe I wasted $16.50 tonight. I should have seen the Hulk.

Gene on Jun 14, 2008


$16.50?!!! WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU LIVE? Hope that wasn't just for you..

Garrett.king on Jun 14, 2008


Stop and think what they said about The Rocky Horror Picture Show when it first came out. Now imagine a movie with no music and people saying the same thing. Just got out of the theater and I think this movie could pass as a dark comedy. I was laughing more than I probably should have at the imagery of creative suicide. There were hot dogs, shared bullet launchers and finally an answer to pesky gardeners with leaf blowers. Go see it; it is worth it just to see how bizarrely funny it was.

CecilSaxon on Jun 14, 2008


oK Seriously, this movie blows harder than a russian whore. I don't get this movie because with M. night most of his movies are great, but this one was fucking horrible. it was a melodramatic comedy, not even Mark wahlberg was good in this movie, he was bizarrely wierd, in a funny way, so was that one girl. it was creepy, not worth the eleven bucks i paid to see it, so wait to rent it, that way u can laugh at home with ur friends. **Spoiler alert***The best part of the movie is that scene when josh got his head blown off it was unexpected and darkly funny. But the new Hulk is great so if u need to get out , c that movie not "the happening" cause nothing worthy happened>>>>. So wtevr, nite movie lovers Peace

jOSH on Jun 14, 2008


*I don't say what happens in the movie, but I do talk of the general aspect. So this is a "Spoiler Alert"* Really, this movie was great! A bit of Asian philosophy, Bio-communication, Earthly energy and more. Many people are use to being told what to think these days that they become too lazy to even look for a well displayed message. So many people want to be told at the end of the movie exactly what happened in big bold letters, but life doesn't do that and really what happened to actually thinking and coming to a conclusion? I was so disappointed by some of the comments I heard after the movie ended, I just wanted to stand up and shout out that they didn't pay attention. I wanted to know if any of them have ever really thought outside the teachings of their bias schooling's. For me this was exactly what I thought it would be with even more of a message then I expected. It was funny in parts, gruesome in others and above all it made me think. This world is full of negative energy and egocentricity. Some people are so centered in on the "individual". What happens when people are so individual based (as much of the Western culture is)? They do for the "me" and not what is best for the "all", the planet which is the house for all is suffering. When people are so focused on themselves they do things without thinking about how in the "big picture" they are hurting others. Not caring for the planet is one of the outcomes of egocentric people. There is also so much negative energy that it creates more negative energy and it is really affecting people and the planet. I think his choice of the East coast area was a good one, because of the high population. The higher the population the more crime, hate and negative energy develops. This was a smart choice that makes the point easy to find, if the viewer is paying attention to all the details and then thinking about it. We need to think of others, respect other and love others. Realize it is not about ourselves, but about us all. We are all here together and if we were to realize this and work together we would intern take better care of our planet as well. Why? Because it is part of us, we can't live without it and if we truly cared about others we would care about the future of humanity. If we care about the future of humanity then we have no choice but to care for our planet, which is our life source. I love this movie. 🙂

Amanda A on Jun 14, 2008


The problem with this movie, as is with few shyamlal movies before, is that though the story built up is excellent, it fails to captivate the audience in the latter part of the movie. I feel he tries to accomplish too many things at the same time. Night is a good director with the potential to become a excellent one, he should try to dab into different subject matter other then super natural, may be he might hit jackpot with comedy or a love story.

Mihir on Jun 14, 2008


M night is brilliant any person should be able to see it, I jsut get the feeling taht his movies are so personal and personnaly insighted that, he expects the audience to be thinking what hes thinking. He puts deep meaning into his movies expecting ppl to catch on and find it as brilliant as he did when yet they have no clue what he is trying to say. I have heard enoguh about this movie to go see hulk instead but I get the idea this movie is very misunderstood.

Cody on Jun 14, 2008


I liked it, but then I again I really like 'the Lady in the water', so what do I know? The movie has creepy moments but is no scarier than an episode of 70's sitcom, 'What's Happening'? But I was entertained the entire 90 min, . . . plus, Zooey Deschanel is quit lovely!

Stanley on Jun 14, 2008


I thought the movie was alright. I think it was about on par with Signs. Not as strong as Unbreakable or Sixth Sense but it was watchable. I think MNight should really think about doing a straight horror movie. I think he did a really decent job with the more gruesome aspects of the film. If I have a major compaint its Mark Wahlberg. WTF was he doing? I've heard that whiney bitch voice he does and I've always hated it. Hated it in the big hit and now that he's doing the entire movie in that high pitched girly tone I really hate it now. He was unlikeable in this film to the point where his scenes were bothersome. It pains me because I have always enjoyed him as an actor and honestly when I see him attached to a project its a selling point for me. All in all tho I dont think this was a complete abortion.

A on Jun 14, 2008


Worst MNS movie EVER. I could not take this movie seriously. I think Wahlberg is a good actor, but he spent 80 minutes of this movie with wide eyes, furrowed eyebrows, and a "what do I do" expression on his face. He annoyed the crap out of me. And PUH-LEASE, just a RANDOM mention by the crazy lady that there's a speaking pipe in the shack next door? Talk about HORRIBLE writing. "Hey guys, we need them to know that there's this pipe here, so let's just have a character talk about it out of NOWHERE." Bad writing, bad story, bad acting, BAD MOVIE.

Icarus on Jun 14, 2008


Yup awful movie - AND I LOVED LADY IN THE WATER by the way!!! So leave off - this is 100 times worse!! P.S. I think M.N.S needs to speak up and comment on this!!

nha on Jun 14, 2008


well i was going to go to the theater and see this one but i may wait until it gets to netflix, what do u think

sam on Jun 14, 2008


I liked it

Sean Kelly on Jun 14, 2008


I can tell you all right now I'm not going, only 3 out of 15 of you liked it.

Tirrell on Jun 14, 2008


I saw it last night and came out saying, "Maybe that is his version of a comedy." Because I really laughed a lot. Some things stratled me but for the most part I laughed more than anything else.

walter wood on Jun 14, 2008


I loved this one... I could see the movie was misunderstood by many people.. or Its not the type of movie which everyone will love it.. But I loved it.. Really.. its not that bad to stay away... I needed to see a movie like this after all those special effects and popcorn flicks... The movie goes in enough pace to engage you and it will entertain you definately if you get into that mood.. I would say its not the type of movie you go with ur friends.. You might enjoy it more if you watch this alone.. It has moments.. and magics if you believe it... Its not the regular type movie.. Its really original and when you started to c the bright side you will really love it.. I can;t say its flawless movie.. but I loved this one.. But I went to c this movie with out any expectation.. Bcos I been told the earlier review was terrible.. But its only helped me to enjoy the movie.. Either you like it or hate it.. People will remember this movie for long time..

Suresh on Jun 14, 2008


First off: I LOVED LADY ON THE WATER & THE VILLAGE! I get what youre saying about M.Night thinking everybody is thinking the same thing as him but com'mon when you're watching a period movie (the village) & all the sudden a car drives by YOU SHOULD GET IT! I cant tell you how many people i heard in the theater going "what? i dont get it? why's everyone suprised?" Seriously people, quit looking at your cell phones & watch the movie thats why you came, remember? & Lady in the water? AMAZING! The storyline was fun to follow & the message was pretty clear, also there were many parts that made you jump & others that made you think. Okay, I realize this is a forum for The Happening so I will stop defending his earlier movies & will instead rip apart his new one.. oh & ***SPOILER ALERT*** So, I was psyched out for this movie the second I saw the poster. I had a countdown on my Mac for crying out loud. Basically, if anyone wanted this moving to be good, it was me. So I get to theater after finding that there were no midnight showings anywhere (which is another thing I dislike, although besides the point) & am nervous, thats how bad I wanted it to be amaizng. i get in the theater earlier than should be allowed to get premium seats & then the movie finally starts.. & im thinking "yes, okay I get it its not plants, no way theres a twist, its emotion or something, this is good" and the story is building & its okay nothing too scary, though, so im a little disappointed with the scare-factor but Im thinking "Hey just wait for that moment when the twist is revealed" so Im waiting & thinking "Well this movies been going for awhile, why isnt something happening? (get it,haha) So then they get to the part where the two boys get their head blown off & im thinking "okay, somethings going to come of that"..but no. They just were killed so that they could be seen being killed. Nothing happens. They just go somewhere else. Then I get to the part with Mrs.Jones & im thinking "yes, this has every element needed to be scary & the movie is going to get better right now. & there was about five minutes where it did. but then it just went even farther with the whole "I want to die together" schtick & then, again, NOTHING HAPPENED! Then comes the worst part of all..the end. Which really, shouldnt even be called an end. It should be called a stop because thats what it is-the movie just stops. & shes pregnant? WHY?! what does that have to do with anything?! & then the news saying"an act of nature we'll never fully understand" thats it? IT was plants or something? That were never going to understand? WHAT?! I love M.N.S movies because they have clues & if you watch close enough & pay attention you can figure it out, you'll get it. Well, I tried as hard as anyone could & I definitly did not get it. I can kinda see how the twist is theres no twist & the end is theres no end. or something like that, but there comes a time when you need to stop trying to be progressive & new & just stick to making a good movie. Although, I am being hard on this movie because Ive seen what M.N.S can do & I was expecting his best yet. There were many funny parts & maybe this was his attempt at a dark comedy in which case, he sorta succeeded. I will still go to see the next movie he makes the second it is released & I will still be just as psyched out for it. Every director has a few off movies. & maybe when I watch it again (which I will, just to see) I'll finally get it. or maybe not.

Sunny on Jun 14, 2008


I stop seeing this guys movies since Signs.... waste of money and precious time...

Jerry Vazquez on Jun 14, 2008


Suck. Fest. Shero, if you want a full review, head over to my site. 🙂 Vic on Jun 14, 2008


Man!!!!!! This movie sucked more ass than House of the dead! This movie will go down in my list of shithole movies. I do not want this guy to make the last airbender now! Fuck him for making this movie. The only one that was pretty good was lady in the water. oh yeah and the sixth sense. Signs sucked and so did this one! What happened to Mark Whalberg? I thought he wanted to be taken serious as a actor. The only thing this movie accomplished was stealing money from my wallet and stealing time from my life. Thanks alot m. night shamafag!

Ray on Jun 14, 2008


Wow! So many of the posters are ready to dismiss a movie based upon someone else's opinion... See for yourself and form your own opinion on the movie. (My official opinion is post 7.)

Amanda A on Jun 14, 2008


~Sunny~ Hi! I wanted to let you know that I am happy to see that you loved MNS other movies and that you didn't totally dismiss this one just because you didn't "get it". Watch it again and know there is a lot to get. Read my response which is #7 I didn't go into everything, but it is a good start to getting the movie. If you read what I wrote and then think about the two boys being killed and the pregnancy it will make more sense. The man in the house represents the egocentric/individualistic people of today. He is in it for himself and not even a child will get in his way. The key part of him killing children is that is especially symbolizes killing the our future. The pregnancy is a symbolization of hope for the future. Elliot and Alma going out in the field and then the "plants" stop is a pivotal moment in the movie where the people stop being in "it" for themselves and start being in it for others. In order to preserve humanity and the earth humans need to stop focusing only on the me and focus on the we. After Elliot and Alma go in the house they comment that it must have stopped before they went out, but they fail to realize that it was there going out that stopped it. I could go on about so many more things, but I don't want to bore you...I am a stranger after all. (One more thing, I wonder if the last names of Elliot and Alma are meaningful as well..."Moore")

Amanda A on Jun 14, 2008


LOL, I haven't seen the movie but from what I've read of the spoliers on here it seems as if "negative energy" plays a huge part of the plot? Somebody please tell I'm wrong.....cause now it sounds like ghostbusters 2.... OPEN ON NYC - LIBERTY ISLAND MARK WAHLBERG and M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN are spraying ooze all over the Statue of Liberty. Once that's done, they blast "Higher" by Jackie Wilson and stomp through the city in lady liberty's majestic crown. They get to the museum, vanquish Vigo the 16th-century Moldavian ruler, and a good time ensues. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Now that's what I call a Happening. TOTALLY psyched for it now. Woop Woop, go Venkman!

Nthngmn on Jun 14, 2008


I feel vindicated in my Shyamalan hate.

John on Jun 14, 2008


it was shite! shot poorly, it looked more like a tv movie than a blockbuster!

john S on Jun 14, 2008


Amanda A. I enjoyed your explanations so much. I found the movie creepy and beautifully shot. I agree with your view that our society (focused as it is on individual, in it for myself philosophy) that is the real menace to life on this planet. If you remember a pan to a newspaper in the movie referring to Philadelphia as "Kill"adelphia due to the highest homicide rate in the nation. That is a FACT and it's "happening" day in day out and no one seems shocked or overly concerned with changing it! That is true madness! Why IS Philadelphia the homicide capital of the United States? No one know that either! This movie needs to be seen without the western point of view, he may have overestimated the ability of the audience to see the movie from the eastern asian philosophy point of view, thus making it unreachable to the general population. One can enjoy "The Matrix" on a pure entertainment value level and yet if you know Eastern Philosophy it s so much more. His cerebral take may have been too much for what people expect from a fun, summer movie. It was beautifully shot, some of those suicide images are stuck in my mind forever, but it was not easy to categorize as a horror movie, a mystery movie a "dark comedy" seemed to be all those with eastern philosophy thrown in. Again, it speaks the the "sickness" of a western mind that watching people kill them selves by lions, knitting needles, leaping off buildings isn't considered HORRIBLE enough for a horrow movie! Love HNS, may he keep on making these movies! I've loved them all. Big Messages carried by the small groups of actors set in M Night's setting.

Lina P on Jun 14, 2008


You are a complete moron if you think this movie is good.

Carl on Jun 14, 2008


Spoiler" I agree with Carl. How can the man in the house represent individualism if he's not alone? There were others in the house and the boys were going to break his door down. The idea for the movie is interesting and I understand that some of the things they discuss are true but MNS and the actors whiffed with this one. I'm still a fan but this one is probably the worst movie I've seen all year. That is unless it was meant to be a comedy, in that case it was great.

Gene on Jun 14, 2008


I saw it last night. I honestly tried to get into this movie, but I couldn't. People in the audience were laughing at the bodies falling from the construction site...which I didn't find funny at all. I get what MNS was trying to say here. Humans have ravaged the planet, and now the planet uses it's only defense to try and stop the infestation. Which I think is a great story idea. The problem was that this movie had zero suspense, some of the worst acting I've ever seen and to top it off the cinematography was almost as bad as the acting. It pains me because this could've been a really great film. An invisible force is surrounding you and causing mass suicides. That shit would scare most people to death. Instead, they would walk around calmly like zombies and just search from town to town, waiting for whatever it was to catch them. There would be rioting, mass panic and all that crap. And if I had an inkling of an idea that it was the trees, plants, or grass doing this...where would I go...somewhere where there are no trees, no grass, no plants. Take a boat out on a lake...head towards the ocean...get in the subway...I would not go prancing through huge grassy fields full of trees, plants and grass. That made no sense to me at all. It's like the same questions I have with some of the other MNS films. In Signs...why would aliens, that can die from a little water splashed on them, invade a planet that is 75% water??? Why didn't they die from the water vapor in the air. One humid night and they would all go poof. So this movie is a could've been in my opinion. Had the writing been better, or the acting, or even if it had been shot a little better I could give it more than 1 star...but I only give it 1 out of 5. I think it's time MNS started listening to some of his critics right about now...because he's quickly starting to lose his grip on filmmaking.

Tim C on Jun 14, 2008


Amanda.. I can see how much you enjoyed and loved this movie... So did I.. I would like to add my views about this movie with that.... Shyamalan put lots of theories in this film.. which might be little confusing for many people.. As per the movie, Nobody knows what is really happening.. So everybody comes up with their own theories and few comes close to wats really happening… If you think like what ever people saying in this movie is the right theory.. then it will lead you to the confusion state.. Even those attack on large number of people is just an assumption by the people.. It can be right or wrong.. The whole story is from people's perspective.. I can not believe some critics questioning about that.. Only the Trees perspective can tell what has happend and why has happend.. This movie will leave you with lot of questions.. The general perception will be " its the warning from trees for wat we have done to the earth" I guess people will not have any problem in getting that message.. SPOILER ALERT ...... About the Old lady part.. The lady is crazy.. and her part does prove a point that plants are attacking people even when they are alone.. Before that incident Elliot and Alma was hoping Plants will not attack them if they are not in the crowd... So after that lady part they realise its the end... There is no hope at all and its the end of their life.. And when they come out they plants didn't attack them , Bcos they didn't just forgive them.. The attack ended tat time ( thats why Shamalan tells the time 9.58 AM )... There was a guy ( scientist ) who was predicting when the next attack will b.. he predicts that it will b 9 AM in the next morning based on the previous attacks.. About the pragnancy.. Shyamalan tells us.. Elliot and Alma back to their happy life.. Just Like Signs.. he tells about the family problems in the begining and in the end he tells us they are back to the happy life with the pragnancy test.. Its really sad to see these many people complaining about this movie.. I aggree that it could have done bit clearly for the mass... But Its original and brilliant movie... Its just didn;t follow the usual hollywood formulas... I loved it .. I rather watch original films like this than visual effects popcorn movies ( even though I am computer graphics artist)..

Suresh on Jun 14, 2008


Tim C, I just want to answer ur question regarding the movie "Signs"... Its as simple as this... We have Nitragin in the air mixed.. which don't harm you in that form.. But if you go into a room with Nitragin filled maximun you will be burned alive... Why they landed in Earth where more than 70 % is covered with water.. We did land on the moon where you can't even breath ... is n't it ? I can argue.. Its water for us... They may not even know what was that... and they are not like our farmers to know well about the water... When they found out it hurts them They left the planet... Can it be just as simple as this ? we do know we cannot survive in mars.. yet we are trying to land ourself in there to examine that.. In your theory all NASA ppl are stupids.... I would say these type of questions are just to outsmart Shymalan and they want to feel they are smarter than him ? I am not trying to say He is the smartest director here... I am just saying he is not that stupid person... He puts lot of thinking and efforts behind his work...

Suresh on Jun 14, 2008


Tim C Yeah Its clever idea.. if trees are attacking .. then we should go towards Ocean... Yeah man.. its perfect.. But don;t you realise the whole part was happening between 25 hours ? And they were trapped in all 4 corners by the time Elliot finds out Its the trees that causing the deaths... It only shows you havn't gave much attention to the movie.. You can;t blame Shyamalan for that.. If you say this movie doesn;t interest you .. its fair enough.. But I disagree with you if you think its made stupid or illogical..

Suresh on Jun 14, 2008


7.5/10 M. Night has always been my favorite director. He has the skill to craft a beautiful story, and make it into a moving and sometimes terrifying thriller. While I can't say that The Happening is as good as The Sixth Sense (which I consider to be one of the greatest thrillers of all time), or even Signs. We love to see things that creep us out, confuse us, and scare us. I had seen most of the violent scenes from the movie in the red-band trailer and it still freaked me out in the movie theatre. The scariest parts were not the shocking bits, they were the intense shots that left everthing to the imagination. Best of all, there was no twist ending, and that officially makes it better than The Village. There were aspects of the film that seemed off. Some parts (like the crazy old woman) were almost irrelevant, and some of the character interaction was just plain odd. But the single thing that troubled me most about this movie was the blatantly-obvious "protect the environment"/"go green" message. I am sick and tired of "green" (the working title should have given me a heads up.) If the movie wasn't so amazingly intriguing and horrifying, then the little global warming bit at the end would have ruined it for me. I'm sad that everytime I watch it I will have to roll my eyes.

Walter on Jun 14, 2008


I'm not going to see the movie, but WHY do people put spoilers on here, really? I mean, can't you say it was bad, and move on? Why get way into detail about it. You guys are like the people that ruined "The Sixth Sense" for everyone else who hadn't seen it. That is all.

Brian on Jun 14, 2008


Suresh First the "Signs" issue. Yes we know we can't survive on the, no air. Same with Mars, we know that if we went there and took off our space suit, we'd die in seconds. These aliens had all this technology to build ships that can travel through the galaxy and they did not know to check to see if this planet cold sustain them? See that doesn't make sense to me. Plus there is moisture in there air. This is what we call humidity. The clouds are full of it. It is water. It's not in a liquid state, but it's still water. It's not a small mixture of the's tons of H2O. These aliens were landing all over the world..surely one of them would've ran into a rainstorm, some snow or something. All that being said, I actually enjoyed "Signs" very much. It had great tension, suspense and it kept you on the edge of your seat throughout. This is what was missing in "The Happening". There was no suspense and I just felt bored throughout. It was the dialogue and the acting that pulled me out of this movie mostly. Maybe that's what MNS was going for...but honestly who would want such dry emotionless acting in a movie on purpose. I never felt this movie was above me in it's thought process. I totally got what MNS was going for. It's his delivery that is way off the mark. I gave this film my full attention, as I do every film I see. If you go back and watch "Signs" you will see that; A: The tension is built up gradually and continuously throughout. B: The acting is fairly well done. C: You are kept on the edge of your seat the entire film. Both of these films are very similar in that there is a mysterious force that's suddenly popped up. Only he seemed to do it all better with "Signs". I really think we didn't need to see the central park scenes or the random people getting affected on the streets. Or at least only see them through the TV or something. It took away from being the one family's perspective. How cool would it have been if it's just through Elliot and his wife's eyes that we see the story unfold. No showing bodies falling from buildings, unless they are running from this mystery attack. Pulling away from them to show these other people that we care nothing about destroyed the feeling of suspense. Had MNS stayed with them the whole movie and gotten some better acting from them, I know they can do it, then I think it would have been lightyears better.

Tim C on Jun 14, 2008


Also, did anyone get the feeling that this movie took 3 hours? I thought I was in the theater forever.

Gene on Jun 14, 2008


There certainly were redeeming points to the film. For example, the soundtrack was composed by James Newton Howard. That's about all I cared about.

Josiah on Jun 14, 2008


*May contain a Spoiler* Gene~ Thank you for reading my response. To clarify, a person can be "individualistically" driven and be in a crowd of people. It is not about who was in the house but the way the person thinks and acts. This type of individualism is parallel to egocentrism. That is what I meant when I used that word, the way the person thinks and views the world, very centered on the "me". So that house could have had 50 people and all of them could be very egoistically/individually centered on the needs of themselves as an individual rather than the needs of the others. Thanks for pointing out that I may have not been clear on that comment.

Amanda A on Jun 14, 2008


very bad film. nms should stick to directing other people's work from now on. he's too close to his stuff. the dialogue was horrible. the set-ups were contrived and the big reveal was unrevealing. wtaching paint dry and grass grow is more entertaining. wait..., scratch the grass bit. he might get mad and release neruotoxins on me.

flixfan on Jun 14, 2008


Did anyone like the ending to this too? In Paris or whatever...

Ryan on Jun 15, 2008


AMANDA A & SURESH.................. You 2 are complete morons............ get a life this movie sucked and you guys have dedicated way too much thought to try to make a complete shit movie good..... its not.... nor will it ever be. I have liked all of MNS films some more than others but this one was horrible. And you can say its my opinion, which it is, but anyone who says that this movie was good has some problems and should up there medication so they dont leave the house anymore. Acting was terrible and all the scenes of interest were in the trailer, MNS took a real step back and should be embarrassed by this film. Its hard for me to beleive the same person that made Sixth Sense and Signs made this movie. I liked his home film better than this waste of time and money.

Adam on Jun 15, 2008


You know what. It was a good Summer movie. Y'all need to take a pill and stop hating the guy. I didn't see Lady and the Water based on the reviews last year. I am sorry I didn't. It was an entertaining movie. I will agree that it was hampered by MNS's need to appear as a character but overall it was great. I have wasted monay on some awful movies including some First Showing have reviewed. American Dreamz anyone!!! Overall, The Happening is not unlike a good Doctor Who episode, entertaining, scary and corny and the motivational/scientific premise should be ignored. Just go with the ride. If an Incovenient Truth and Farenheit 911 were brought under the same degree of scrutiny as an MNS movie they would be exposed for what they are, a bunch of cheap, shrill lies masquerading as truth. At least with MNS there is no duplicity.

James MacCrossan on Jun 15, 2008


James I went in with expectations of this being a great film. I didn't go just to hate on MNS. I really wanted to like this film. Unfortunately it all just fell flat for me. It was an emotionally gray film that was hindered by poor writing and acting. And it is the director's job to make sure all the pieces fall into place, but MNS just totally missed this one by miles. It feels like he had an understudy direct this for him or something. It just felt off. I'm still not hating on MNS..I think he has some good left in him, but if he keeps heading in this's not gonna be good. I'm not seeing how bringing some documentaries into the conversation is relevant. But I did enjoy both of them very much.

Tim C on Jun 15, 2008


I have been a MNS fan always and was very excited this movie was coming our because I have loved everything else....even The Lady in the Water. But this movie was horrible. You are waiting for the classic MNS twist ending and it never comes. It just ends. If this is a sad attempt at the whole "Global warming lets all hug the earth" thing (which is exactly what I came away with) the movie sucks even worse. Bad, Bad movie....don't waste your money. So sad.....

Belinda V on Jun 15, 2008


Whit? That film was turdburgers. He can make good films, but really that film didn't need to be made. The acting was bad and I think the scale of what he was trying to achieve was what made it look like a tv movie. We are killing the world, quickly and effieciently, it would be good if it did the same to us, but nature is a big fat loser and we're going to win. That's what the dinosaurs thought too. Aw MNS I love you. Eh?

Crapola on Jun 15, 2008


OK seriously I watched this movie with all hopes that it would prove the reviews on it wrong, But I found myself uninterested with the movie within the first 20 min because of the horrible acting. I still sat through the whole movie waiting for an actor to get in character show something, but no the whole movie it felt like they were reading cue cards. The best acting was by people who had small parts and thats sad because you have a movie with usually great actors. So Go on with your theories about why this movie is great because yes I agree with you the story could have been great, But seriously can you have a great movie with such poor acting??? It felt like this movie was rushed to be made and the only scenes that were important were the death scenes .

Savannah on Jun 15, 2008


Well, i agree with some other comments. I went to see this movie so it could prove the previews like with "LADY IN THE WATER", by the way was a good movie, yet even with a great director the movie sucked big time. The drama and it's build up was good but who wants to see a movie were the main villian(s) are trees, bushes, and grass. Don't get me wrong, the actors did a great job it's just the story line. i have always like Mark Wahlberg's moveis like 4bros and shooter, but i don't what he was thinking taking this role or how low his was. This summer the movies have been so far......with two exeptions, this movie and the strangers!!

Hex>>> on Jun 16, 2008


I wasn't aware who made this movie, what it was about or anything before I went to see this movie. I had a couple of free tickets and Hulk looked too busy. All I can say is that this movie WAS complete tripe. Dress it up how you like with back stories about the Director and past merits... It still doesn't escape the fact that as a piece of work, it failed. We all make mistakes sure, even if your considered to be one of the best story makers to date (Star Wars) we are still fallible to mistakes (Ja-Ja-Binks anyone?!!) so one must show a little compassion. However, it is difficult to see how this made it off the cutting room floor and it's easy to imagine the editors cringing in their seats and chuckling when the Director isn't looking... It's awful. Don't go and see it. Go see Hulk.

L0FTYWISEMAN on Jun 16, 2008


First off, I thought this movie was terrible as well. I was really really really looking forward to it because I've had a greater appreciation for the Shamhammer's films recently, but this movie was a total letdown. It wasn't so much the story, which I actually found quite interesting, but the execution was terrible. As someone mentioned previously, it looked as though it was a tv movie. And the acting! Dear God the acting! I usually like, sometimes love, Marky Mark, but he was abysmal in this film from the very beginning. As if there are any science teachers as buff as he is! But that's only a small gripe. I really like open endings in films, yet halfway through I just knew that we weren't going to get any answers, so it kinda felt like the lack of ending was predictable. An utterly abysmal film Shammie! But I still reckon he can redeem himself! On a side note- the point where the film lost me was the stupid slow motion when John Leguizamo was driving away from his daughter! Talk about movie of the week type melodrama!

Ginger on Jun 16, 2008


I have to agree with the points made in posts 44,46 and 51. I don't personally think this movie can be defended in any way, I personally felt very let down by what could have been a very interesting story. Like some other people here I went in wanting to enjoy this film and had enjoyed all of MNS's past films (some more than others) but about 20/30 mins in I started wondering what was going on: Why is the dialog so laughably bad? Why did I see the boom mics about 6 times during what were meant to be serious emotional conversations (It was so blatant that I actually started thinking this was intentional and would be explained later on in the film! I find it strange that there have been no other comments on this!) Why did the shocking moments or what where meant to be shocking moments make the whole theatre burst out laughing? Why did the film actually go nowhere with such an interesting premise? Why did MNS think that an old lady repeatedly sticking her head through glass windows in a house would be scary or shocking? It was just so silly I think the majority of people would be hard pressed to at least not smirk a little! It's a shame to see such an original film maker get it so wrong, I hope this doesn't put the final nail in the coffin for someone who just seems to be getting further and further from the mark. Saying that it will probably do alright at the box office as it seems so many people have went to see it thinking that the story had so much potential. To sum up I think it was said better by a fellow movie viewer I heard on his mobile as we walked out of the film who said something along the lines of "you have to go and see it, just to see how bad it was, I honestly couldn't explain it to you, you have to see it! I laughed more than when watching alot of comedy films I've seen. He's a genious" I'm guessing from that last bit he thought that it was completely intentional but as far as I am aware this was meant to be taken as a serious horror film at least that's what I went in expecting. Like somebody else also posted I think MNS needs to come out with a couple of comments and personally for me I think we the movie going public deserve an explanation!! (Please don't attack me for my views the explanation bit was a joke it just bothered me how much I wanted to like this film but couldn't and I know right now it is not because I'm stupid or just don't get it. There are enough people in agreement with me for me to realise that I didn't miss anything and nothing went over my head!)

Mike on Jun 16, 2008


Adam, I am going to be in detail as its getting personal.. Well .. I would say you are complete moron who cann't even understand what is good movie.. and what is fav movie.. I said I loved this movie .. which by the way makes its one of my fav movie... There can be very very good movie and you end up disliking it.... And there can be suckass movie and you end up liking it bcos of who you are and what you like to c and what makes you laugh... It just reflects ur personality.. I am the person who loves nature and this movie interested me bcos of my likes.. I could point out flaws in what ever movie you name it.. Well its not for you go and watching a movie... Its like you are paying to get urself hurt and stressed.. If you couldn't find the way to enjoy then its your disability... If you are smart enough then you won't do that... You are the guy stressing yourself and yet you are looking for arguement here to stress urself more ? ha ha... get a life man... Get smart and move on to do whats good for yourself.. First of all who are you to judge what is good movie and what is bad movie ?... What I said was my personal opinion.. There may be tons of reasons for you to hate this movie... At the end its just your personal opinion... Village was hated pretty much in US.. and it was much appriciated in Europe.. People have different opinions.. Who are you to tell what is good and what is bad ? and yet you are calling me moron ?

Suresh on Jun 16, 2008


If I read one more comment praising this movie as an enlightening, subtly cerebral film experience that anyone criticizing it simply didn't understand, I'm going to be violently ill. Yes, we understand; humans are destroying the planet. Bees are disappearing. Humans are killing each other. There are aspects of nature that we cannot understand. Hot dogs are delicious. Mark Wahlberg is capable of speaking in a whiny voice for what seems like an eternity. Mood rings are trippy. Paranoid old ladies that live in the middle of nowhere and eschew society are creepy. Random strangers will decide to impart plot-critical information apropos of absolutely nothing, and then go about their business. Deus ex machina is the favorite tool of lazy writers. Nature is reacting to humans' destructive behavior. Did I miss some deeper subtext because I don't have a masters in philosophy? No, and neither did anyone else. M. Night's idea of subtlety is to make the moral of this movie the only theory that's given any substantial screen time, and then repeat it ad nauseum, in such a ham-fisted, poorly scripted manner that during the movie, people (myself included) laughed out loud at 'serious' moments, and before it was halfway over, handfuls of people had walked out. The acting was atrocious. Just to be clear, I mean it was absolutely horrendous. Every actor on screen walked through the movie like it was a first dress rehearsal. Moments that should have carried some weight or intensity had none due to a combination of the terribly written dialogue, pathetic acting, and film-school-dropout level cinematography. Adding insult to injury was the fact that every, and I do mean every single notable on-screen suicide or suspenseful corpse reveal had already been seen in all the trailers and TV spots. I liked Sixth Sense, Unbreakable was good (but poorly marketed), Signs was passable (genuinely intense in parts, and good character investment, but such blatant use of Deus Ex Machina as to be nearly unforgivable even if it is the point of the movie, and plot holes through which a house could pass), The Village was bland and predictable, and Lady in the Water was just a phenomenal waste of movie-goers' time (although it's Citizen Kane compared to the Happening). I went to see the Happening in the hopes that M. Night had recaptured that brooding intensity and spine-tingling creepiness that embodied Sixth Sense, but just left feeling satisfied that although I'd ruined an evening watching The Happening, it was an experience I'd never have to repeat.

vertigo on Jun 16, 2008


Honestly, this film is diabolical...

L0FTYWISEMAN on Jun 16, 2008


Suresh... Oh my.... are you kidding me .... please keep posting these responses they are epic!! I see where you like this movie...oh sorry I mean that this is your FAVORITE movie(ha ha aha ha ahh ha) That is still killing me. And that your someone that loves nature (ha ha aha ha ha haaa) That is great stuff... I hope you especially liked the boom mic bush that made its appearance in the movie more that once and that added to the deep meaning of this movie that only you understood. Absolutely phenomenal I was waiting for the ' I know you are but what am I' type of rebuttle but I guess the I could find flaws in your fav movie too comment will do. But this one is the topper: "Its like you are paying to get urself hurt and stressed.. If you couldn't find the way to enjoy then its your disability… If you are smart enough then you won't do that… You are the guy stressing yourself and yet you are looking for arguement here to stress urself more ? " (aaaaaaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha) That is some great stuff... The only stress I get is knowing morons like you are actually telling other people this movie is good and they may go waste the time and money. My best recommendation would be to go to the Hulk show(Visitor, Counterfeiters, any other movie in the theatre basically) and go early so you can stick your head in the Happening for a few just to cheer you up and get a few laughs and I promise it will make the movie your are really going in a real treat to see. Suresh..... you go for it I think trees and nature are great too.... but be careful because you tell the wrong person about this movie and try to recommend it to them in person and they saw it.. they may punch you square in the nose and then you will be hurt by this movie too.... Where is Amanda A cant wait for her response I hope its half as entertaining as yours and it will make the price of admission I wasted on the Happening worth it........ So thanks Suresh

Adam on Jun 16, 2008


Hi Jim C., I'm sorry I didn't make my point clearly. I just fell a higher degree of scrutiny is brought to bear against what is essentially a "B" movie than against An Inconvenient Truth and Farenheit 911, or worse, American Dreamz. I chose these two documentaries as they are the darlings of the left and are not subject to the almost violent scrutiny given now to an MNS or Wachowski movie. I feel there are double standards of reviewing on First Showing which go across various genres and political viewpoints. Michael Moore and Al Gore can do no wrong and get a free pass. "Hey these guys are Democrats lets give them a big thumbs up and not examine too closely their work, their claims and the diatribes they make." MNS on the other hand, "his movies, his career, his life, it's all going down the tubes." Why so much scrutiny given to a Summer B Movie and so little given to the aforementioned propaganda? It remains to be seen how First Showing responds to "W" in the Fall. I can guess what side it will come down on.. Anyhow, a final thought: Maybe The Happening was hijacked by FOX. Maybe a Director's Cut might produce a better movie. Who knows?

James MacCrossan on Jun 16, 2008


Adam~ Thank you for giving me your opinion. I don't believe in personal attacks, if anything I said above seemed to be attacking you or anyone else I apologize. That was not my intent. I think that everyone has the right to be or feel however they want, with out being called names or being told they are right or wrong. I think I might have overstepped my own boundaries so I want to clarify that I don't think any person is lesser of a person or a moron if they did not like the movie. In fact one might think of the word "tolerance", but I would move a step more and use the term "allowance" I not only believe in tolerance, but I believe in taking it a step further and practicing allowing. I don't mean it in the way that one person is superior to another and allowing another to be a certain way, but accepting that we are different and have different views and ways of living. Instead of saying "you are wrong, but I will tolerate you" one would say "I think differently than you and I accept that and I don't judge you for thinking the way you do". If you are looking for me to call you names and argue with you, that is not what you will get from me. I accept your opinion and stand strong in my own. I am open to hearing other opinions, because I feel I can learn from others. I don't believe that argument and trying to push my ways on others is the way for me to live my life. I also know other people feel the need and I will not judge that either. I know who I am and I am happy with that. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions and I appreciate you pointing out the boom mics. I will take note of that when I watch the movie again tomorrow. Have a nice day, I hope your next movie experience is better than this one.

Amanda A on Jun 16, 2008


Amanda A See now that is a more intelligent response and I also apologize for any personal attack you may have thought I took at you but it was just an attack on your opinion of this movie and the absurd reach.. ............WHAT!! when you go and see it again tomorrow!!!........Noooooooooooooooooo!!! Are going to see if maybe you have a different opinion I hope, WOW you must.... bite tongue.... bite tongue.... I hope something comes up and you decide to go into a movie that has one ounce of quality rather than this bad after school nature scare movie.... Whats playing let me recommend one, come on.. Good day ADAM

Adam on Jun 16, 2008


Adam, No wonder why you hated the movie so much... You just don't get others.. do you ?... I have to point it out as you keep getting the wrong idea of wat I have said earlier... I never recomended anyone to watch this movie... I am not here to sell this movie.. It wasn't my intention.. I just wrote my opinion on this movie... I again say it.. I loved it... I will see it again this week.. You may not get this why I am saying as you don't have the ability to respect other's thoughts.. Come on man... I never claimed its great movie.. or good movie.. Calling a movie good or great is general perception which is the odd case here.. I know right from the begining I will be a minority here.. Seriously man... first listen and understand ( which you might have to try harder ) what people are saying before you judging them.. Most people here have bad opinion on this movie... I donno about others.. But I know one thing.. Shyamalan failed to make a movie which can be understood by you.. But I really cann't blame him for that.. You can't even understand the clear statements.. and yeah... you got two tongues it seems... it may be difficult to control them..

Suresh on Jun 16, 2008


Suresh, review #18 (response to 61) I get 'others'....I don't get you, the 1% that has such terrible opinions on movies and keep going to see crap like this so more keep coming out...nor do I care to 'get you'.... and in your 'review' you say the movie has its 'magics', is 'really original', (what!?) and that people should 'go see it alone not with thier friends and make sure they get into that mood' what the hell is that... I just think your outlook on the movie is a real reach or your just wacky...nothing wrong with being a little wacky bro.... I find this part of it entertaining because the responses that you come back with are just hilarious... And now your starting to flip flop and say you didnt say it was a good movie... I dont get mad at a terrible movie or someone that disagrees with the facts such as you ..... so dont worry about me... me and my tongues are gonna be ok....Go see it again this week too you shouldnt have any trouble being alone, and its a smart move by doing it this week because it will probably be gone next week....... And really just face the facts the movie sucks, it has no 'bright side', and no one will 'remember this movie for a long time' (thats the greatest)....... ............ so stop reminding us Nature boy

Adam on Jun 16, 2008


Whilst normally I would be in front of M. Night and defending his storytelling genius, i must concur. Twenty dollars...$20.00's my friend and his girlfriend spent on the three of us to see this movie today. Twenty bucks to watch a sub-par, late to the conversation Marky Mark battle wind and trees. Why does it seem like there was more disturbing imagery in the TV Spots than in the movie? WIND AND FUCKING TREES PEOPLE. I live in OREGON..I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY TWENTY BUCKS TO WATCH MARKY FUCKING MARK FROLIC THROUGH THE FIELD TRYING TO OUTRUN THE WIND, WHEN IN REALITY IF YOU WERE TO PUT MARKY MARK IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING OREGON AND LET HIM RUN AROUND FOR A LITTLE WHILE, IT WOULD BE AN EXACT FUCKING REPLICA! The story would have been better had the actors performances been good. I think the actor choices were a bad decision on M. Night's part. now before all of you people who loved The Happening start trying to tear me a new one whilst simultaneously putting your feet up my old one, follow me on this. I have loved and enjoyed, nay, admired ALL of M. Night Shyamalan's previous films...ALL of them. I haven't found fault with one, and YES that includes Lady in the Water and The Village (I know..SOOOO taboo!) But this was an utter waste of my friends money, our time and our life. PLEASE, just wait for it to come out on DVD if you wanna see how it is. It is sunday rent worthy.

Garrett.king on Jun 16, 2008


Roger Ebert gave this film 3 stars!

MNS fan on Jun 16, 2008


Out of how many? 10?

L0FTYWISEMAN on Jun 16, 2008


never gave a damn what Ebert had to say. He's never been right about a movie I've seen and enjoyed.

Garrett.king on Jun 16, 2008


Awful acting, awful script, shot like a tv movie, plot goes nowhere, lions taking arms of a guy easier than the black knight in monty python, dialogue that illicits laughs when it isn't meant to, BAD movie. Its bad when John Leguazamo (i know i misspelled that) is the best actor in the movie. Zooey needs to stick to comedies and even wahlberg was bad. How many times do the say "happened" or "happening" in this movie?

Mike on Jun 16, 2008


All the people leaving the negative comments about this movie are extremely shallow people who can't form a deep thought. Especially the idiot who said "How can the guy in the house represent individualism when there are other people in the house? He's obviouslynot alone." You sir, are a shallow self centered idiot. You are the guy in the house! You really need it to be blindingly obvious, don't you? How's life at Burger King going for you? And everyone who's talking about "oh, it's another global warming, save the earth, go green, whatever movie", 2 things. 1., So what, you don't care about the earth? 2. Neither does M. Night! In an interview, they asked if he was an environmentalist and he said "No, I'd be the first one the trees would kill". So you guys can quit using that reason as to why you hate the movie. I really feel like I'm surrounded by idiots more and more everyday because they can't form a complex or deep thought in their heads. Also, all the haters of this movie need to chill out. No one bashed you (until me, someone needed to) about your opinions, so why do you need to say sh*t like "people who liked this movie are morons and they need to up their medication so they can't leave the house anymore". I hope you are sterile. You are the kind of people who shouldn't be allowed to procreate. Everyone who knows what "procreate" means is laughing at those who don't right now. And those same people laughing probably liked this movie 🙂 LOVED THIS MOVIE, IF YOUR IQ IS ABOVE ROOM TEMPERATURE YOU WILL TOO!!!

Zac on Jun 17, 2008


AND, did any of you people saying "There was no twist" ever stop and think that maybe having no twist WAS the twist? Everyone going to an MNS movie expects a twist. So maybe he thought "they'll be expecting a twist, so that defeats the purpose of a twist, so if I go no twist, that will not be expected." Hence, A TWIST

Zac on Jun 17, 2008


Zac, Some people have good taste in movies and some people bad thats all there is to it .... The movie was terrible just accept it...... And when your speaking about procreating you should be the first to step aside..... above room temp is not so bright my friend but I'm glad you passed that goal you set for your self.... twist!?.... please 'having no twist is a twist'... so desperate...... If you think this was a deep movie that inspired deep thoughts, obviously..... you are not that deep my friend... Hence, SHALLOW

Adam on Jun 17, 2008


Adam, I showed it (#18) to my friend.. You know what... he said.. it can be misread as I am recomending this movie ... Well that was n't my intention.. I just left my opinion as how I enjoyed the movie... I thought I should give more explanation for that.. My friend didn't like this movie. He went to c it with his group of people and he told me he didn't like it. we get the same view on movies in general but not this time.. He told me it didn;t engage them in the whole and it disapointed them.. Thats one of the reason why I put that point.. Well tats apart... Now .. when I read your reply... it really made me laugh... this guy won't get it even if you tell him like you talking to 8 year old kid... Go thru my posts... Have I ever claimed its good or great movie.. ? I said I loved it... FAV and GOOD... two entirely different words... they don;t mean the same... man I feel like a teacher now... ha ha... Yeah I said it has moments and magics if you BELIEVE it... you didn't believe it.. then how can you expect that will happen to you... I clearly said its not the type of movie everyone will like it.. Anyone can hate this movie... It doesn;t matter.. Liking this movie is my personal opinion.. You are expecting me to be not myself and wanting me to say It sucks... ha ha ha... Well .. what can I say.. I think you rate yourself very high and you think in a way whatever you like will be good and rest will be bad.. Dude wake up.. You are not the only person in the world.. May be Zac is right... May be you need medication.. or you need to ground yourself ... you never really answered my questions in the previous posts.. you just tried to bash more and hide with that..

Suresh on Jun 17, 2008


HAAAHAHAHa, I haven't seen it yet, but from all these posts and comments, I want to go see it just so I can give my opinion. I like movies that make you think or make you wonder. I enjoy movies that are odd. Sometimes, it's the 'terrible' movies that are more memorable.'re an idiot. You're not going to win this argument. Suresh has given an opinion from her point of view. You've given yours. Big whoopdeedoo. Now leave it be. Stop trying to overtake another's opinion or downstrike it. My recommendation to everyone? If you want to know, go see it for yourself and stop relying on other's opinions or reviews. How can you be sure that what another says is how you will see it? Maybe if one of you people reading these actually goes, defiant of the bad reviews, you just might see somehting everyone else missed! Or, it could be just as horrible as they say. Only way to really find out the truth? See it for yourself. And if you don't want to waste theater money on it, then wait. It'll come out on video soon enough. Then, not only can you watch it once, but you have it there to review in case you think you figured something out, or maybe you missed something. MNS even stated before the movie came out he wanted to get away from the 'twist' stereotype everyone had on him. HE SAID IT AHEAD OF TIME. NO TWIST. Read the news for goodness sake! Not to mention, of his previous movies, ONLY THREE of them had true twist endings. Unbreakable and twist. Just a true ending. NO TWIST.

Duran on Jun 17, 2008


Have you seen my baseball?

Ollie on Jun 17, 2008


All I have to say...... Train Conductor: "We've lost all communications sir..." Wahlberg: "...With WHOM?!?!" ...this movie whomps...I want my 10 bucks now.

jep on Jun 17, 2008


Oh my God! Obviously "The Sixth Sense" was a fluke for M. N. S. I wasted my time and money on this and "The Village" and Lady in the Water. I went for scary "sixth sense" kind of movie and got crap in all the movies after the Sense and Unbreakable. I quit! I give up on M. Night....This movie was more than not scary, it was boring and flat and not even a little exciting! BOOOOOOOOO!!!! F- Four thumbs down Never again will i waste my money on an M. Night movie Good Night Mr. Night and farewell

JoeyMarie on Jun 17, 2008


M. Night missed the mark on this one. I've been able to watch all of his movies and either say that I REALLY liked it, or that they were at least "tolerable". I genuinely wanted my money back for this one when I walked out of the theatre. I did NOT get what I paid for. Shall I discuss it further? OK! **Contains spoilers** The opening sequence was very 80's soap opera to me. Clouds filmed in reverse? Uhhh...OK. Not only that, but the opening credits were unusually long. Get to to friggin movie already. Now, the first "happening" that we see is basically 2 girls in a park. One describes what she's seeing "happen" in the worst scripted way possible while the other plunges a hair needle into her throat. I can stomach that, but it sure was more like an After School Special than an M. Night flick to me. Then there's the guys falling off the roof. OK, I have to admit, that was disturbing. Then we get to Mark and Zooey. Now look - Mark really is a gifted actor...I dunno what the hell happened to him in this film. The only thing I can figure is that I'm so used to seeing him in the very macho role, that maybe I'M just not willing to accept the kind, super-nerd role he took on in this movie. Either that, or he just couldn't make the poorly written script work for him. Zooey - yuck. Sorry, she never had a prayer with me. I wasted 3 of my evenings watching Tin Man on Sci-Fi. She can't act worth a damn. However, I thought it was really funny that M. Night paid homage to her work in that film by using Dorothy Gail gingham and an oil can as props in the farm house in this film. (Hey, M. Night...let's not try to pay homage to OTHER movies while working on your own. See what happens when you're not paying attention?) DUDE, if I was Steve Jobs, I would have been LIVID at the way the iPhone was used to let us all "view" the WORST sequence of the flick which was some "infected" guy feeding himself to the lions at a local zoo. I watched "Land Of The Lost" in the 80's, and I SWEAR the visual effects were better on that 2 bit show then they were in that sequence. If Stan Winston didn't see that before he died, trust me...he's rolling over in his grave now (RIP). Running a close second was "the guy under the lawn-mower" sequence. YAWN. Oh, and the lady who loses her daughter over the phone. We can't hear anything from the daughter, so it's just the lady "acting" the death out. Dude, who was that chick? SERIOUSLY. Was it the executive producer's best friend's sister? It was all I could do to keep from laughing. THEN, to make matters WORSE, the script calls for Mark to put the call on FUH-REEKING SPEAKERPHONE so we can "hear the death", which sounds like glass marbles being dropped into an empty Folger's can. NICE. And I wanna know...who the hell get's cellphone coverage out in the middle of nowhere like that? I understand red tide, and all that. I get the references he was (not so) ambiguously making about treating Mother Earth better and loving each other. I get, I get it. But, DAMN...trees? Killing? Does anyone else find that downright COMICAL? Not to mention the fact that he used some weird, half-looney "hot-dog" guy to reveal the plot to us...and that was IT. Yes, that WAS the plot. OK, and other than the shock factor, I didn't get the whole "abandoned house scene". Yeah, it's an easy way to kill off 2 kids, but did we HAVE to use the high-school off-stage actor to play "the voice in the house"? HORRIBLE. It was poorly shot, poorly edited, poorly directed, and VERY poorly acted. I really think it would have fared better as a "thriller" on Lifetime Movie Network. Plus, Melissa Gilbert would have been a better leading lady. Two good things about the movie. Betty was GREAT. She creeped me out - BIG TIME. She was the only character that I wasn't quite sure about. Kudos to you, Betty. Never a better female loaner was played in an M. Night film. I just wish you would have smaked M. Night rather than the little girl. And, making sure the phenomenon happened in France at the end was good (?) as well. But, once again...more comical than good. Here's hoping for something better next time, M. Night. You got my money on street cred alone this time, but next time...I'll have to wait for the reviews before rushing to opening day...

J-Girl on Jun 17, 2008


There's been a ton of response to this film, mostly negative but a few positives. I guess I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said already. This film wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible enough to make me gouge my eyes out. Then again, I just saw "Doomsday" for the first time earlier this week, and compared to that film "The Happening" is Citizen Cane. The acting was completly flat throught the film. I don't know why MNS didn't coax more emotion out of his actors. If the world was ending, which it was more or less for the folks in this film, I'd think that there would be a far wider range of emotion displays, from anger to abject cower-in-the-corner fear. Sure there would be some people who keep their head and remain calm as Wahberg did here, but when everyone is acting cool and rational then just boring. And that's what I'd call this film -- not bad, but boring. I also did not care one lick for the "no trick ending" trick ending. What kind of director needs to depend so heavily upon trick endings anyway?? I'd have been more impressed if the plants started uprooting themselves and began attacking people as if Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy was controlling them. Here, essentially the plants were giving off 'bad vibes' and causing people to off themselves. That was not a crowd-pleasing move. At the end of my showing I heard A LOT of groans and hushed mumbling. I think this movie might have done well at some other time of the year, or on DVD, but a summer blockbuster this is not. Duran: The endings to Unbreakable and Signs sure do seem a bit twisty to me...

kevjohn on Jun 17, 2008


I forgot to say one more thing i hated about the movie....The Fucking BOOM MICS showing up in serious shots, What the hell? Is this a college made movie? Did the director or perhaps the editors not see the giant mircrophones in the shots? Very sloppy work!!!

JoeyMarie on Jun 17, 2008


Are you serious? I don't think I was paying enough attention to notice them. What scenes where they in?

jep on Jun 17, 2008


ZAC (#68 and #69) read my post at #63 and then I dare you to tell me I'm fucking shallow. I HAVE LOVED EVERY SINGLE ONE of M. Night's films, even the ones that some people decided to hate simply because the masses did. I loved Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village AND Lady In The Water. I AM NOT FUCKING SHALLOW! I wasn't even expecting a twist, I'm not limiting my director and storytellers to things they've done in the past..but I was thoroughly unimpressed with The Happening because the acting fucking sucked. As much as I hated the movie, there were moments where I couldn't help but laugh that were MEANT to be laughed at, the joke about going to the store and asking about cough medicine I found funny...but I digress... MARKY MARK, MARK FUCKING WAHLBERG HAS NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE A COMPELLING ACTOR. HE'S BORING, AND FUCKING TALENTLESS. EVERYONE WHO AGREES WITH ME ON THIS POINT, PLEASE RESPOND Remember how someone would state something...and then like..oh I dunno..let's say FIVE FUCKING MINUTES LATER Marky fucking Mark would respond with "What? What's happening?..give me a moment...hey..what?" GOD THAT WAS FUCKING ANNOYING. SO YOU SEE, ZAC. I'm not fucking SHALLOW. My favorite movies are the ones most epic and touching...The Happening (As much as it DEPRESSES ME TO SAY THIS) Was fucking HORRIBLE. And that still doesn't turn me off from seeing any M. Night movies in the future. I'm not one of those ass holes who think he's always been bad and is incredibly vain and egotistical..I think he's charismatic and in general can get the best out of his actors. This time was a miss. And all directors have misses. Look at George Lucas (and I'm not talking about the fucking prequels, which I ALSO enjoyed thoroughly)..we remember his good movies..and we try to forget about the bad ones..half the time I forget that he made Howard the Duck. HOW BAD was that fucking horse pile? And yet he's still king of an incredible saga. so...NAH!

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


This movie SUCKED! I just saw it on Sunday. I was so excited to see it. Half way through it, I found myself looking at my waatch hoping it would end soon. I mean, come on, plants?!?!?!? This movie had so much potential. I was hoping it wouldnt be another cheesy 24 days later knock off. Got what I asked for, maybe I should keep my mouth shout. (LOL) All well. One word to round it off, GARBAGE.

Brian on Jun 18, 2008


just to warn you all, this could be a long one, oh yeah and alittle bit of a spoiler i think that people who have seen this movie have both read too into this movie or just didn't like the movie because there wasn't a whole lot of action, or maybe feel alittle let down by thinking this was going to be some crazy horror movie that would scary you and leave you feeling shocked and frighten. Every movie MNS has made has never been anything like that so you shouldnt have expected that in the first place. I dont feel this movie was the best movie ever made, but i think its his second best movie made, only second to 'The Sixth Sence'. And the ending could have been a bit better, but I would have been alittle pissed if it had a twist ending like 'The Village'. I do feel that this movie was misunderstood though. In my opinion, 'The Happening' was more of a "what if" kind of movie. Because if you actually think about it and do the research, you would know that what the plants do in the movie is all based on actual facts, it is really amazing. So really this movie isnt too far fetched. To me this move was more of his view of life in this world. Like how at the dinner everybody took off and left and just ignored. It is exactly what I would expect from people in america today. And if you dont agree with the watch the video clip of the guy being hit by a car while he was crossing the street. (Nobody helped the guy, there was even a guy taking pictures of the guy on his camera phone and then just walked away, also another guy on a scooter who circled the guy and left. Nobody called the cops. A cop showed up minutes later for a police call that was unrelated.) And also the constant reference to the environment, its a simple message, we need to become more aware of what we are doing to this planet. And finally, having them live through what was happening and her being pregnant was a simple "if we unite as one we can survive" message. So to round it all up, the way i see it is this.... we are too focused on this hectic world we live in, that we created. we dont take the time to focus on real problems. we dont care about each other enough. We have no respect for the people or the environment (plants and anaimals). The love in this world for others is dwindeling. And what if the world does consider us a threat and does try to exterminate us (like the reference in the movie about the plants giving out a chemicals in the air to attract certain bugs to eat the the bugs eating the plant). Is it really too hard to believe that plants can do that or out smart us? Can we stand together and survive a happening? OR to just put in plainly..... We take for granted we what have. We have a lack of respect for everything in this world. Life is so simple yet we always have to complicate things by trying to analize and figure out an answer for everything. Love life and everything within it. There are things in this world we will never understand. oh yeah, and id give this movie 7/10 (good, not great)

BoB on Jun 18, 2008


BoB Ya I think we all get what the movie was TRYING to say and that the IDEA behind the movie could have been good ............ But it was made, acted and expressed absolutely horrible.... basically a bad B movie. MNS has the ideas and does usually a better job of putting them together and expressing them... and filming by the way with the mics coming down... and I'm still waiting for the person that explains that was part of the message too... and it will happen! Someone will say 'the mics were swinging in the picture to show that the trees affected them too and they were sad' .. or some BS like that..... BoB we get the world and the environment and all that crap about we dont take time to care for one another ... You can see that in any after school special or a talk show.... I dont want it at the movie theatre ..unless it is done well............ This wasnt... it sucked.......BAD you think its MNS second best movie..... get a life!

Adam on Jun 18, 2008


'i think that people who have seen this movie have both read too into this movie or just didn't like the movie because there wasn't a whole lot of action, or maybe feel alittle let down by thinking this was going to be some crazy horror movie that would scary you and leave you feeling shocked and frighten.' - BoB (#82) erm...BoB..FUCK NO. How 'bout reading some of the longer posts before you post. Read mine. Perhaps I'll delve a bit deeper into why I was disappointed with MNS latest film. I live in an incredibly small town in Oregon..Oregon is known for it's rolling hills and a bunch of freaking trees...that coupled with the fact that there is LITERALLY NOTHING to do in this town. The nearest theater is twenty minutes away, the "mall" (also twenty minutes away) has 8 stores on the one level of the store. This is a small town. AND TREES ARE FUCKING EVERYWHERE, alright?! EVERYWHERE. If I wanted to see sub par acting coupled with trees blowing in the wind I would have stayed home and made a porno involving my friends fucking a douglas fir tree. I could have been drawn into the film a WHOLE lot more if the ACTORS DIDN'T BLOW and if the shock factors (which ARE supposed to fucking shock you and disturb you) weren't shown in all of the trailers and TV spots already. Hell, I could have stood Zooey Deschannel more if Mark Wahlberg was a good actor like he's..NEVER been. I DON'T NEED ACTION TO LIKE A FUCKING MOVIE, IF I DID I WOULDN'T LOVE ALL OF MNS OTHER FILMS..ALL OF THEM. All I wanted was a compelling story with some dark humor and some loving moments that would pull at my heart strings. This film simply did not deliver on the level that M. Night's movies usually do. And I wasn't anticipating this film to suck, so don't pull that shit either. I was defending the film against people who were saying it was going to blow, and telling them to see it before they judge. I saw, and now I'm judging just like everyone who knows what the hell they want from a film. THIS MOVIE WAS A LET DOWN! ACCEPT IT!

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


//This is from the imdb forum.. an excelente point of view of the film. [credit: smallmytable @ imdb ] Spoilers included below I have never posted on imdb before, so please take a moment to read the post before beginning a flame war (sorry if it ends up being a long post, but I think it will be worth the time). I have to start by saying that I enjoy M. Night's films greatly, and that initially I was disappointed with the Happening until I had a chance to think about it further. Also, I'm not trying to sound snooty or anything, but I have a graduate degree in playwriting, so I probably spend way too much time analyzing things like character, plot development, symbolism and other imagery, plot contrivances, etc., to the extent that I realize I probably attribute things to an author that even the author may not have intended. That being said, I realized that the brilliance of this film, and why I think M. Night even made it in the first place, is to make a larger statement about human nature and our inability to effectively communicate with each other. In this way, the movie has nothing to do with plants and trees, or any kind of toxins released by nature, or nature fighting back at us for our environmental destruction, etc. Whether or not these plot elements were intended, I believe they are more of a foil to throw the audience off track. The concept of the plants releasing toxins is a plot foil intended to throw us all off: a crazy hot-dog eating guy says, "I think it's the plants, they're releasing toxins." or something to that effect, so the characters (and audience) think for the rest of the movie that it's a movie about nature fighting back. On a side note (not to get too sidetracked) I think that the clouds and wind are really responsible for carrying a toxin of some sort, whether nuclear, bacterial/viral or otherwise, but it is not the plants releasing anything. The only time people get infected is when the wind kicks up in their direction, or there are clouds in the scene, or the sky is overcast (look closely); plus, the movie begins and ends with scenes of clouds rolling, which would otherwise have no significance if the story was simply about plants. But ultimately, this is what I believe M. Night was trying to get across to the audience, boiled down into one over-simplified sentence: POOR COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PEOPLE LEADS TO MISUNDERSTANDING, WHICH IN TURN LEADS TO BAD RESULTS. I'll give 15-20 examples of this in the movie, and you can feel free to agree or disagree. This theme seems to be constantly expressed and reinforced throughout the film, with examples as follows: (1) The three stages humans go through when infected by the "toxins" are first, the inability to speak (lack of communication); second, disorientation (not understanding what is happening), and finally suicide (bad results) (2) Cell phones are never effectively used throughout the film (poor communication): Alma tries to ignore calls from Joey, Eliott has poor communication with Alma when he calls her from the school, Julian can't get through to his wife on the train and tells her to text message him, the iPhone is used to watch video of a guy getting his arms ripped off by tigers which only serves to further frighten people, the woman can't understand her daughter in Princeton or convey to her to stay inside, Julian can't get through to his wife, so he makes the terrible decision to leave his daughter to go find his wife, which leads to his death, etc. (3) Everyone has trouble with other forms of communication technology: the television reports keep spreading reports of nuclear fallout, plants releasing toxins, terrorism, etc., without any strong evidence, which leads people to overreact (i.e. all of the people in the diner taking off in every direction in their cars, most presumably to their deaths); the isolated woman does not have a telephone so she does not know what's going on in the rest of the country, and also Eliott and Alma can't make any calls; the radio in the field gets terrible reception, the train conductors lose contact with everyone, so they just stop and let everyone off in the middle of nowhere, etc. (4) Both Alma and Jess stop speaking when they are frightened (poor communication) (5) People constantly talk about how the trees, bushes, grass etc. are able to mobilize so quickly and effectively against humans, because all the forms of plantlife are able to "talk to each other" so well; this is contrasted with the humans' inability to communicate well with each other (6) The closed-in farmers with the shotguns refuse to listen to Eliott, while the kids begin yelling and trying to kick in the doors; Eliott is unable to communicate to the boys to stop acting that way, and the farmer reacts out of fear that the people outside are infected, so the farmers shoot the children (7) The isolated woman slaps Jess on the hand at the dinner table, and Eliott and Alma just give each other strange looks without saying anything (8) Eliott doesn't say a single word to the old isolated woman when they first meet; she does all of the talking; she comes to the irrational conclusion that Eliott is going to kill her in her sleep and screams at him to leave the next morning (9) It's an old saying that when people are having a hard time communicating something to another person, it's as if they are "banging their heads against the wall"; this is literally how the old woman kills herself, by banging her head against the walls (10) Eliott and Alma spend almost the entire film together, but cannot seem to communicate their differences effectively, speaking to each other as children do (this was pointed out in another post), until they are physically separated at the end and only able to communicate through the pipe systems. Even then, they say "it sounds like you're right here" and they are finally able to communicate well (this concludes their character arcs, particularly when they brave the outside to be with each other); they have finally learned how to speak to each other well, and they are rewarded by being able to live (11) Julian judges Alma's love for Eliott almost entirely on the way she looked at Julian (when she was crying) on her wedding day; this was without saying a single word to Julian, even though there could be a million other reasons why a woman would cry on her wedding day (12) The army guy loses contact with his base, putting him in a place of disorientation (i.e the cheese and crackers comment); and eventually he dies from the "toxins" (13) The mood ring is a type of communication tool, telling others how a person is really feeling even if they are saying something different (14) All of the infected people kill themselves by suicide; suicide is often called a "cry for help" or a last ditch effort for someone to try to communicate something to other people before they die. This is particularly true with hanging (i.e. the gardeners hanging themselves with garden hoses in the middle of the street for everyone to see), with wrist-cutting (Julian sits in the middle of the street and cuts his wrists with glass), jumping off of buildings (all of the construction workers at the beginning) and death by handgun (the series of deaths with the cop's gun at the beginning, and the army guy and presumably others with his gun); it's as if people can't speak to each other, so they are confused about what is happening with their lives and act out of fear/irrationality and bad results happen when they take their own lives (15) Alma pleads with Eliott to not let them be the type of people that watch others die without saying anything about it; this is literally a plea for him to communicate with others to stop bad results from happening (16) Jess's character arc is completed when she verbally tells Alma at the end, "I love you" whereas before she was too afraid to speak (17) Eliott is a terrible teacher; I was struck by this during the first classroom scene and attributed it to bad writing and bad acting, but I think it was part of his character arc to be a poor communicator early on; in the classroom scene he tries to get his students to talk but no one wants to say anything, he gets them involved by joking with one student that his looks will fade over time; he poses questions without having the answers, runs and truns out the lights when the principal comes in, etc. (18) When the army guy and others start killing themselves, they all look to Eliott for guidance, and he tells them constantly to shut up and let him think; his inability to communicate with others leads to his own confusion and making bad decisions, including his rationalization that the plants sense groups of humans together, so therefore they should all split up I could go on with more examples, but I think it is safe to say that communication is heavily emphasized throughout the movie, particularly showing what happens when there is a mass breakdown in communication, leading to fear, confusion, and ultimately, making bad decisions. I think there is genius in M. Night's works, particularly this one, that can only be seen in subsequent viewings. For example, in the 6th Sense when you go back and see how no one speaks directly to Bruce Willis's character because he is a ghost, and all of the scenes with red are scenes with ghosts. In Unbreakable it is always raining, or bad things happen when it is raining, and water is the hero's only weakness. In Signs, the underlying theme of the movie is perception, i.e. how people are able to interpret signs they see, and M. Night distorts perception throughout the movie by making the audience and the characters see things indirectly, i.e. reflections in glass, through windows, through hazy recollections of past events, through water, on a reflection in a knife blade, etc. In the Village, you pick up on nuances in their voices/accents which betray what time period they are living in. And in Lady in the Water how Paul Giamatti loses his stutter whenever he is around Story (i.e. when he becomes part of the storytale, rather than outside of it). Obviously from the length of this post you can tell that I am a fan of M. Night's works, and I hope he continues to provide entertaining movies that still have me thinking days later.

RodNeilman on Jun 18, 2008


alright..i've read about 6 paragraphs..and every-time something "deep" or "important" was stated..I met it with a flat out "Duh". of course the story was about communication breakdowns..I knew that when the't talk to eachother on a level that they should? and..DUH the wind carried the toxins, killing the people. What you're saying is nothing that the people that are complaining about this film haven't already thought of. The ACTING sucked..the ACTING..again ACTING!.. ---------------------------------------------------- alright, I'm leaving what I said up there and I have finished reading the post..and I have to say I'm not entirely convinced that it was supposed to be that way..but if it was..I think I may actually wind up liking this film. I'll have to watch it again and keep this in mind..I may have hated all of Wahlbergs other performances and chocked this up to being just more bad acting on his part. We'll see. I'll personally recant all of my former statements if this is indeed the case. Thank you for an insightful find from IMDB RodNeilman. You smell terrific. I leave my original post up there, I suppose as a way of leaving my communication open. PFFT!..seriously though, cool find.

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


Wait... If trees are killing people, then shouldn't we ACCELERATE the killing of our planet, before they retaliate? (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha just kidding)

Ajax on Jun 18, 2008


//There is some more... it was a long dicussion I just really like M. Night's works because each one has something unique to say about society, and how we would be positively served by either: finding your life purpose (6th sense), knowing where you fit in in the world (Unbreakable), having faith in a higher authority even in the face of adversity (Signs), risking your own safety for the well-being of your loved ones (Village), helping others find their way (Lady in the Water), or learning how to communicate with each other before it is too late (Happening)

RodNeilman on Jun 18, 2008


// and more.... I believe the acting was appropriate for the characters being portrayed. Walhberg's character has a childlike innocence and idealism in the beginning; he tries to be "one of the kids" with his students to get them interested about science, he can't understand his wife's emotions, relates to kids better than adults, etc. I believe this is well reflected in his acting. Leguizamo's character is unjustifiably opinionated, bases his decisions on percentages, and is confused about his priorities (he leaves his daughter behind based on a 62% chance his wife is still alive); his acting seemed appropriate under the circumstances. Neither a science teacher nor a math teacher would start spouting Shakespeare in such a situation; more likely they would act like they're trying to be strong, when inside they're just as confused and scared as everyone else. The dialogue was intentional. MNS takes great pride in his writing, and I assure you every word was chosen intentionally. If you think the dialogue was stilted, it was probably stilted for a reason, for instance to show the difficulty people were having communicating with each other. For a movie that emphasized society's disconnection from each other, stilted dialogue seems entirely appropriate. I forgot to mention in my first post that most of the characters in the film are completely silent. Even the wind and the trees (yes, I consider these characters) are silent. But most eerie to me are the reactions from the infected characters after they take whatever action to kill themselves. They don't make any noise as they are falling from the buildings, or after they shoot themselves, cut their wrists or get mauled by the lions or a tractor, they are always silent. I don't think anything else in the movie reinforces more M. Night's emphasis on the lack of communication as a theme. As a final note, I saw the movie again this afternoon, and this time I watched specifically for signature M. Night moments/techniques, such as the use of color and character distance. Here are a couple of interesting points: (1) Safety is always marked by something blue. We are told that blue indicates peacefulness (at least in mood rings). The three main characters are almost always wearing blue, either a blue shirt, sweater or jeans, or Eliott's mood ring is showing blue, or there is a close up of Alma's eyes (which are VERY blue). Also, whenever they are inside a building and safe, the door or the door frame, or color of the wall is blue. It's interesting to me that the two boys are also wearing blue, but they are killed only when they start exhibiting violence. Even then, nature does not kill them, it's the farmers. By the way, the two boys are the only deaths in the film not caused by the "toxins". (2) Apparently purple means you're horny (again according to mood rings); Alma is wearing a purple shirt in the last scene when she finds out she is pregnant (3) The whole character arc for Eliott is about growing up. I think that's why Wahlberg's acting was so intentional and "out of character" from his normal tough guy routine. His whole persona throughout the movie is that he is basically an adult child. He interacts better with kids, has a very high voice, plays with mood rings and talks about Alma's horniness in a very sheepish and teenager-like way. Also when he is walking with the two boys, here is the dialogue exchange (paraphrased, but more or less accurate): Boy: "Do you have any kids?" Eliott: "No." Boy: "Why not?" Eliott: "She wanted to wait." Boy: "Wait for what?" Eliott: "For me to grow up." And then Eliott says something to the effect of, "Give me back my mood ring." But by the end, Alma is pregnant and happy about it, because Eliott's finally grown up. ;)- What a (inpired) review....

RodNeilman on Jun 18, 2008


I really don't understand this.. Why are you people wants to convince others that this movie sucks.. May be its not the best work done by Shyamalan for you guys.. But it does n't mean he failed all of us.. For example I didn't like the Lady in the water.. I couldn't get involved with that movie.. But there are people in this blog who liked Lady in the water.. But I liked this movie.. and they didn't.. Its as simple as this... There are billions of people outthere... Some movies get appriciated by all ( ex.. Titanic, Lord of the rings.. etc.. ) Some only find the specific audience.. I know people who didn't like "the sixth sense" either.. Its their choice.. What happens if everyone get the same taste... It will be a boring life.. it will be like talking to yourself when you talking to someone... and the movie result will be decided in one screening with 1 audience... I can understand most people who did n't enjoy this movie using this blog to reveal your frustration.. Thats okey... But why you have to convince those who liked this movie and wants them to say it sucks.. Rod Neilman wrote a very long post I ever seen .. ( He may be right or wrong.. It doesn't matter ) It shows how much he liked it.. You didn't get the entertainment for the money you paid.. But you want to destroy those people's happiness.. Let people decide what they like and what they don't..

Suresh on Jun 18, 2008


I wasn't trying to convince anyone, I was putting forth my unhappiness with the film until I read a compelling post from RonNeilman. and how was Titanic and Lord of the rings accepted by all? I hated Titanic and I know plenty of others that do too, and there are plenty of people that hate the film incarnations of LOTR. people have opinions dude. That's why we get on here. So we can speak our mind. There are some that go WELL OUT OF THERE WAY to convince, whether it's positive or negative shouldn't matter. Those who grow and actually learn to like The Happening (as I have and plan on seeing it tonight with new eyes) are the ones that are effected by the powerful insights of others, and I'm quite thankful that I can add another M. Night Shyamalan film to my list of films I like, that's 6/6 now (haven't seen the film he made before Signs) People will always go out of their way to convince people one way or another on a subject. Or sometimes it will seem like their trying to convince someone else of the goods or bads, when all they're really doing is voicing their opinion. However when someone says that people that hated it are morons, that's not necessarily true. I study film and writing in many different forms and found tons of fault with the film, not because I'm an idiot though. I was incredibly disappointed that the shock factor was gone because of all the TV spots, every good kill off was already shown in trailers and TV spots and I got nothing else. No jumps..hell, I even got a jump from that damn costumed retard in The Village (too harsh?). All in all. people have opinions, some of them you aren't going to agree with. So my suggestion to you, Suresh, is to FUCK OFF! SO KIDDING ON THAT, I'VE ENJOYED YOUR POSTS. take it easy.

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


Rod, I liked what you wrote... It leads to healthy discussion now.... You see .. I like to see these sort of movies... leaving the clues everywhere and constantly make you think or wonder... But sometimes it could backfire ( which is the case now for many people ).. I could understand Night wanted to make 60s, 70s sort of paranoia movie.. I would say its the simplest movie ( or minimalised) Night made so far.. Even the Credits open with the old yet interesting way... Even those cars are old type if you noticed.. His intentions were there but it backfired... Its the problem with these sort of movies... You will get it only when you believe it.. I also thought Mark character was made intentionaly in tat way.. I thought those laughable moments were intentional too.. I felt like Shyamalan wants to show some dark humar in those places.. I did give enough attention to the characters... Honestly I thought few characters could have done better.. or acting could have been better ( not the main characters).. But It didn;t look odd to me.. Newton haward's Background score was amazing... He composed one of the saddest score ever in "be with you" track.. I am keep listening it.. Overall I felt Night could have done it better with initial scenes.. I didn;t like the initial shots.. It didn't give enough built up... But I loved the film over all.. I want to c this movie again.. I will c it this week..

Suresh on Jun 18, 2008


I am blown away by how any sentient being with half a brain can believe -- let alone admit -- that Lady in the Water (LITW) was a good movie. It's apparent the studios are listening to dolts like you, with all of the EPIC movies and inane sequels excreted on the public in recent years. Just do me a favor LITW lovers. Please, please, please do NOT breed.

What the ...? on Jun 18, 2008


All the text in my post are copied from IMDB, where were an immense discussion... i just cherry picked from there and all the credits goes to 'smallmytable' from IMDB. That said,... The movie also grown on me, at first I leave the cinema feeling sad but driving home i knew there was something i was missing... Definitely see it again. I hope people who felt something but culdnt get the whole idea read this forums and maybe get a free smile.. Just for the record, M. Nght stated that this was a 'fun b movie', but i like to think that this is a bad communication aswell...heheh... leading to bad results (or haters and c- critics reviews) guess he can afford that! Artists... 😉 Rod

RodNeilman on Jun 18, 2008


(dear moderators, thank you for taking away the senseless comments made by Ken, and my retaliation) I'm very much in the same boat as you Rod. It is SO much better now that I've viewed it in this light, thank you so much for finding and posting It's very helpful.

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


I'm sitting here wondering what color M. Night used for the sophmoric dialogue? Poor acting? What hue did he choose to illict uncomfortable audience laughter? Eye rolling? Stating what colors M. Night is so ingeniously using (a weak nod to past directors who've done it better) while ultimately creating a movie that should've been named "unwatchable," is akin to the proverbial (and in this case, apt) comparison of not seeing the forest for the trees.

What the ...? on Jun 18, 2008


Garrett , Ha ha ha.. well played... you got me for a moment :D... yeah I could aggree with you... There are ppl who don;t like those two movies either... But I stated that as they collected more money than other films worldwide just for example... I wanted to point that to say people have different opinions... Now about the happening... I would say its wrongly marketted... To me Its not tat scary movie... Its kind of paranoia movie... You don't know whats happening.. everyone throws their own theories and ideas and nobody knows whats true... It made from people's perspective ( in this case as its about people vs nature or trees) .. By marketting the film as scary movie leads to disapointment for many I guess .. I would be very much interested to know your second opinion after ur second visit to this movie.. About the acting.. Mark acting was questioned... Just becos trees are poisioning we won;t get scared of tree .. right ? I mean its like you getting afraid of a statue... If you been chased by a giant tsuanami , it will scare you to death... But here in this case... I donno ... I think nobody will be afraid of standing trees... People were just paranoid in this movie.. they are not scared of anything... People just bother.. talk about theories and stuff when they are paranoid... so I thought it was intentional... I enjoyed it as I did n't go there for getting scared with those death scenes.. I always interested to c the human relations Shyamalan deals with in his films.. I really loved this one.. I found this movie very simplistic and original in between all those visual effects films... ( Even though I love watching those films.. as I am a CG Artist ) I would be very much interested to know your second opinion on this movie.. Bcos now you know its not that scary.. So I wonder if its the marketting failure.. or just unpleasent surprise for many..

Suresh on Jun 18, 2008


ok..What the...?...What the hell's the matter with you, seriously. Go back to posts 85, 88 and 89 so you can rethink your shit, unless you're too shallow and going to let your first viewpoint cloud your judgement in a refusal to let yourself grow and accept the fact that maybe you could be wrong about something. My mind has been changed by those posts I have guided you too, and you should see some of the posts I made before them, stating that this was the biggest and shittiest disappointment I've ever had with a film experience, and now that I got it through my thick skull it's actually a great viewpoint. As the Spider-Man graphic novel is titled "Evolve or Die"

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


SURESH, my good man. I just had to pull your leg at the end of my post to ya, haha. I can actually already give you my second opinion on things and give you a third when I get back tonight. I think this may have been one of the incredibly rare occasions, this being like one in a trillion, that I may have actually been sorta dooped by the marketing for the film. I really don't think that's the case though. You see, I have an extreme dislike to Marky Mark, he hasn't impressed me with anything he's ever done and thus since I thought that his acting was what was off I was immediately blaming his performance on why everything else was lacking and was seriously considering the notion as to whether M. Night may have been forced to hire certain actors or was just being lazy. I don't go to movies to get scared, there really isn't anything that can scare me that well in cinemas these days..cuz most all horror is fucking bad. But I do classify M. Night's movies in the Thriller section because I do get creeped out, in a way, and pricklys and thrown back a bit. But that wasn't what he was trying to do with this film. I see that now. For the standard movie goer who isn't used to seeing a bunch of dead bodies hanging from trees and doesn't really get dark humor, this woul probably be something of a shriek fest for them. In my heart that wasn't the reason I went to the film, but my mind couldn't wrap my mind around why something wasn't working. Everything seemed askew and I couldn't, for the life of me, find the undertone that M. Night does with every film. I even went as far as to say to one of my friends who asked me what the twist was. I told them "The twist was that I payed money for it.." but I digress.. my eyes have been opened to this theory and I will be sure to get back to you tonight on the subject. so..Suresh..have you checked my chart yet?..might I have superpowers? god I hope so..

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


Garrett, Oh nope.. what chart ? Oh .. people really laughed on those dead bodies hanging from trees ? I just thought they talking about the scene he jokes about the store.. and when he talks to the plastic tree.. But I didn;t really find that dead bodies hanging on scene funny.. well its sad to hear that if they laughed on that scene.. and about the marketting opinion .. I honestly thought it should been marketted as simplistic movie.. bcos when I had conversation with my friend he said it disapointed him and he expected somthing else.. and many ppl (horror fans I guess ) complained that all the killing shots were already shown in the trailer..

Suresh on Jun 18, 2008


assumed your screenname was based on Heroes character Suresh. No? ...damn. In Heroes Dr. Suresh has a chart of all people who may contain superpowers..meh. I wasn't saying the bodies hanging were funny, I just said people not used to them may find them horrifying. I on the other hand have a really dark sense of humor..(I'm into really..really strange things) I really found the talking to plastic tree and the scene where he's talking to Alma about the cough syrup girl, and those were obviously meant to be funny and I did find them funny even though I though the movie was sucking. And no, I didn't laugh at the people hanging or any of the death scenes..but wasn't shocked either cuz I'd seen it about a thousand times already and thought it was cool and then..there was nothing else. This reminds me of how Unbreakable was marketed, they the powers that be though Unbreakable should be marketed as a spooky story like The Sixth Sense when it REALLY WASN'T anything like the previous film, but they still did that. And the commercials didn't phase me at all..hell..don't even remember them. But I saw the film with a friend on TV about a year after it came out and fell in love with it. If you're not expecting something, movies tend to be better. So I ask again, did you get the online name Suresh from Heroes or did I just somehow make a racist remark?

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


Garrett.king -- I choose to evolve, of course, so I re-read the posts you mention with a newly opened mind. (I ain't perfect but I've never been called "shallow," so off I went ...) RodNeilman did a standup job explaining some interesting insights regarding the movie. I kind of dig that stuff, actually. But, like Lady in the Water, the movie just didn't work for me. So to talk about hidden meanings and communications metaphors and whatnot while the general movie-going experience was a the very least misunderstood and at the very worst painful to watch is the proverbial lipstick on a pig. I state the above while proclaiming that I really want to like M. Night's movies.

What the ...? on Jun 18, 2008


fair enough What the ...? no complaints from me on this front. I agree that the average movie-goer won't, and hasn't, appreciated the film for all of it's underlying ..erm..things. I think that he may have missed making it better for more audiences. But again..I don't know if that's what he's really trying to do. He's trying to make the movies that he wants to make and will possibly do well. I think he's done a smash up job on The Happening, now that I look back at it. But someone just out for a good Friday night flick is going to be thrown way the fuck off course. Appreciate you admitting to going back and reading some thoughts on it and at least attempting to find something interesting within it. Better than a lot of other idiots on here. by the the screen name.

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


Garrett.king -- Another analogy from the animal world just struck me ... a quote by Writer and former Princeton grad Arthur Quinn: "Style, is like a frog: you can dissect the thing, but it somehow dies in the process." If we have to continually dissect M. Night's style to glean the merit of his films ... well, you get where I'm going with that ... I think we can all agree that M. Night should be commended for making movies he likes and not simply to line his pockets. I do admire that. Honestly. I think we can also agree that the real crime here, perhaps, is the faulty marketing of this movie, which makes it out to be something it really isn't, now that I have re-read and re-considered. And that's a shame for everyone.

What the ...? on Jun 18, 2008


Oh no... Its my real name :D... Yeah I was told by friends , there is a character with my name in HEROIES.. but I hardly seen that series... tats why I didn't get it what you are mentioning... I guess they named that character after me... ha ha ha... Oh yeah.. the same case with me in Unbreakable... I saw it on tv too.. then bought a dvd after that...

Suresh on Jun 18, 2008


(WARNING: does contain a small spoiler if you have NOT seen the movie u may not want to read this just yet) Personally I have enjoyed all of MNS movies .... ALL first off i do understand that Lady in the Water was a bedtime story for his kids turned into movie which is why a lot of people didn't like it. But thats not what we are here to discuss The Happening was different than what he has done before. What was different was that there was no realization conveyed at the end (ex. end of signs he goes back to being a Father, end of sixth sense he's actually dead, end of unbreakable elijah is an evil man.) This does NOT mean that the plot was bad (In truth I thought it to be a very creepy concept because we all "need" a green lawn, there are plant activist wanting to keep "green" areas in cities; in a sense he made it seem that we are committing suicide by agreeing with these ideas.) With that said, I personally noticed a lacking of not a resolution but of a secondary twist not involving "the Happening." Also he had done something similar to what the directors of Alien did; they reeled you in close to the characters face with almost impending doom and immediately everything is calm. However there were times where he also showed you the gore after building the anxiety, which he normally hasn't done and is more or less disturbing because you aren't expecting gore in his movies (at least I'm not) disturbing images sure (ex. glimpses of dead people in sixth sense) but not gore.(Let alone hearing a woman's 12 year old daughter commit suicide over the phone.) This last point I am sorry to say was NOT understood by those who went to the movie expecting a Rob Zombie "horror-gorer" movie. If you want "that" type of movie just go see Midnight Meat Train. All in all it seemed (if only to me) that MNS is back in the game of making movies that create the odd feeling of "I don't understand, but i cant stop watching!"

Sam-Graeme on Jun 18, 2008


Also before I forget, has anybody considered the fact that MNS "MIGHT" just might have been pointing to the fact that nobody can control everything and that in the end only God does because he IS what scientists talk about when they say "An act of nature, and we'll never fully understand it." or better yet "There are forces at work beyond our understanding." Can there be anymore blatant an in-your-face saying that proves scientist's believe in God? Just thought I'd throw that out there for discussion.

Sam-Graeme on Jun 18, 2008


Ron Nielman I printed your postings. Great explanations for a film I thoroughly enjoyed but thanks to your postings I will eagerly go see again.

MNS fan on Jun 18, 2008


Rod Nielman, I enjoyed the observations you made about this film so much I'm going to go see "The Happening" again. I am a teacher and I thought Elliot was a terrible teacher too. You've pointed out many examples in the film of poor communication. Can't wait to go see it again and find them all for myself!

MNS fan on Jun 18, 2008


im gonna sum all this up really fast.... ready? 1. If you did not like this movie based off not being shocked, disgusted, or plain entertained, you might want to stop drinking heavily, go back to school, and learn to think a little. 2. ALL YOU NEED to enjoy this movie is some intellectualness, otherwise you are severely lost. While in your misunderstanding, you blame the director for creating such a "horrible film." Thus diluting the fact that you lack in brain matter and can not be entertained by nothing other than big BOOMS! and GORE and OMG YELLL!!!! 3. For all you fans who enjoyed MNS previous movies, i recommend you see this, although its slightly less pleasurable than The Village in its creativity. 4. For the rest of you general movie people, Bet you feel stupid don't you? I suggest you stop wasting your money trying to watch a movie from a known director who is creative and invest your time in some other BOOM movie of sorts. WHY u ask? because its obvious after watching his previous movies that MNS has made, you will NEVER be satisfied ^_^

Poptarts on Jun 18, 2008


In M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" or "The Crappening" as I now like to call it, there's something in the air that causes people to stop whatever they're doing, slide into a trance and commit horrible suicides. I would have liked to breath some of that air too so that I would not have to endure this terrible movie! Perhaps next time, M. Knight, the cinema's P.T. Barnum can provide me with his home address so that I can just mail him the $20 that I inevitably pay each year to see his increasingly worsening pictures. Then I can spend a couple of hours doing something productive instead of staring at a movie screen in utter dismay. It's just that Shyamalan initially grabbed me with the unique story telling of "The Sixth Sense" and because of that, I am always hopeful that he will deliver again. So each year I eagerly watch his next offering with expectancy but in this case…disappointment! M. Night Shyamalan has had a rough streak with his past few movies "The Village" and "Lady in the Water". I suggest M. Night relinquish some of his roles as director, writer, actor and producer and bring in some different perspectives. If you are expecting M. Nights trademark twist, forget it. In fact forget characterization, plot, motivation and resolution. What you do get is flat deadpan acting, unrealistic dialogue, plodding pace and silly but violent on screen deaths. I could stop laughing When Mr Walberg talks to a plastic plant!

Christopher on Jun 18, 2008


Christopher, have you taken the time to read RodNeilman's posts 85, 88 and 89? Read them'll make a whole lot more sense..hell read the difference between my first reactions to the film (63, 80 and 84) and then my reaction(86) after reading RodNeilman's repostings. It'll make a whole lot more sense and maybe change your mind, not trying to convince you just maybe give you some hope that it's not complete shit. I dunno. do what ya want. ALRIGHT SURESH and all of those people who have kept up with my hatred for the film. LISTEN As a brief recap, saw the film in theaters and I know that I looked at my watch about fiftythree different times, and even asked my friend if he was as bored by the film as I was. I came back home and posted my ass off on the facts of why the movie sucked in partial attempt to make people see that it really was boring bullshit. and then a post found by one mr RodNeilman from the IMDB boards was copied and pasted right into these posting made a lot of fucking sense. And thus, rejoicingly, I went out to the theater to see if it was still the crapfest that I thought it was when I sat down for my first viewing. IT. WAS. WAY. THE. FUCK. BETTER. THIS. TIME. AROUND Everything meant so much more, everything had a meaning. No one could really communicate with eachother that well and the awkwardness was supposed to be there. I'll tell you how different it is, last time it couldn't get one reaction out of me. This time it tugged at my heart strings a couple of times and I actually shed a few tears for the characters. The movie is now water fucking tight, the plot is intact and deep. And whilst I think some editing choices were bad, and this was the first time I noticed the microphones coming into screen, I can get past those and enjoy the story. Anyone who's thinking about revisiting the theater based on RodNeilman's reposts, again at 85, 88 and 89, I strongly suggest that you do and I have no doubt that you will be pleased. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FIND RODNEILMAN, I can add yet another M. Night Shyamalan film to my belt of films I love. PEACE!

Garrett.king on Jun 18, 2008


WOW!!!! People have nothing better to do than write long ass posts defending this sh@tty movie. Go see a better movie instead of wasting your time here. MOVIE SUCKED! Enough said.

Brian on Jun 19, 2008


Shut up Brian. how about READING some of those long ass posts. You apparently have nothing to do accept post incredibly short posts about others posting long posts. whose really stupid here? I defend this movie after I've seen it and get it, read the posts by RodNeilman and change your mind or don't bother us. How is it hurting you, huh? piss off.

Garrett.king on Jun 19, 2008


OH, Damn hadn't even read Poptarts post. NICE ONE.

Garrett.king on Jun 19, 2008


Im feeling sad, just like the movie... people are bad communicating and now there´s silence... too bad i copy the posts of IMDB so late in this thread... moderator Alex billington is reading? does he agrees or disagrees? "An educated mind can exercise though without accepting it" Plato

RodNeilman on Jun 19, 2008


Looked at all the new posts.. 85 sparked a little interest, like the cloud deal more than the plant thing, and I hope that when it comes out on DVD and I rent it that maybe that will work for me .. not too convinced by the color theory as much, there are too many interpretations of colors and mood ring etc. to make that a part of the major plot... if it is that and about marky not growing up and all the color bs ... it doesnt interest me, its weak... my opinion... but especially after the movie has been completely marketed wrong and maybe another way of marketing could have changed the public perspective on the movie which unfortunately is going to go down as MNS's worst so far, people are not interested in reading reviews and posts as much as we are and will be looking for the big 'gore,boom, scream feature............ But still think the movie itself could have been done better .. acting ... filming .... my problem was more with zooey than marky mark... kind of understood his character was supposed to be kind of a puss and thought he portrayed what was written for him......... anyway I hope the movie turns out better for the few that will give the posts a chance .. I like MNS and look forward to his next movie because the general public will never get this movie and say that it sucked bad, I have not run into one person yet that saw it and liked it (in person)......and I also dont know anyone that gets into movies as much as I do either......... but bad reviews will lower standards so a shift is inevitable..... And hopefully he will get even better for all of us in his next one....

Adam on Jun 19, 2008


His next film's are going to be three live action adaptations of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which I am looking forward to. It was kind of jarring not seeing any of his signature camera moves, and The Happening isn't going down as my favorite, for me my M. Night Hierarchy is this. Unbreakable The Sixth Sense Signs Lady in The Water The Village The Happening It's going in as my least favorite, kinda like I love all the star wars films but can't really stand Return of the Jedi. HEY trees in that too.

Garrett.king on Jun 19, 2008


Its great to hear that you liked the movie in you second visit.. Garrett... Well I saw the movie again today... I agree with RodNeilman about the Mark character growing up.... Its very true... He does act like a kid in the begining of the movie... Especially when he ask Jullian for his train ticket hes very kiddish in tat place... and I agree the mark character is made that way and palyed intentionaly.. His body language is like a grown up man in the last scene... And the conversation with the kids does make a huge point about his character.. Moodrings theory was interesting.. but I saw few people wearing blue got killed too... I am glad I found few more things that engaged me in the second visit for this movie ..

Suresh on Jun 19, 2008


Sound like you're almost regretting that, Suresh. lol.

Garrett.king on Jun 19, 2008


ha ha ha... no way Garrett.... nah I meant... I thought I got it all in the first visit itself.. But there were somthing more left for my second visit..

Suresh on Jun 19, 2008


Garrett.king Ya I'm with you on the Star Wars thing and kind of looking forward to the new clone movie coming out think it will be done better and how the first one was supposed to.. that was my least fav of them.... as for MNS Signs Unbreakable Sixth Sense Lady in the Water Village Happening ps.............. and Suresh...ya you 'got it all in the first visit' ha ha ha....just didnt mention any of it in your posts... come on dude you posted alot of jibberish ... now someone found an actual reasonable explaination/theory of the movie rather than being in a 'special mood and alone' and you act like thats what you've been saying all along..... love it......keep em coming

Adam on Jun 19, 2008


I'm sorry, folks ... I'll give you all the benefit of the doubt regarding The Happening, but I stick by my earlier opinion concerning Lady in the Water. There was no excuse for that. It was embarrasingly bad. Again, sorry. I'm an M. Night fan. Really.

What the ...? on Jun 19, 2008


I don't know why The Happening is recieving so much bad reviews. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe M. Night wanted to try something new, like maybe making a movie without a twist this time. This surely isn't another one of his "Bedtime Stories" I tell ya'. Maybe all of his fans are used to his sort of style.

Gregory on Jun 20, 2008


I know I have no place here, commenting on a movie I haven't seen. But I am more interested in making a brief mention on the majority of the comments on this page. There are a few of you who are not guilty of it, but most of you, for the love of sweet God: LEARN ENGLISH. It doesn't surprise me that the multitudes of people who actually enjoyed this critically (and financially) panned film are also those guilty of using constant run-ons, lack of capitalization, etc. I know this isn't an English class, but half of your comments make no sense. You just look hapless and mentally-challenged.

Jeremy Mullins on Jun 20, 2008


Oh, and PopTarts (who's guilty of the agregious English errors as well), YOU should go back to YOUR "BOOM!" movies. You obviously have no idea what kind of energy is put into crafting a well-made film. While it's true that to each their own, and that different people like different movies (even the bad ones), saying that someone who doesn't like a Shyamalan film needs to go back to their "OMG YELLL!!" is completely ass-backwards. For the record, "The Village" was ridiculous. "Lady in the Water" had Paul Giamatti going for it, and that's it, and I have no intention on seeing this film. As a filmmaker, Shyamalan has obviously been giving us diminishing returns (especially after "Signs). I could see you, PopTarts, defending someone like Ingmar Bergman to those "BOOM!" movie lovers, but Shyamalan? You really shouldn't bring anything to the table if you are completely void of any cinematic intelligence. And that goes for the lot of you. Don't sit there with the idea you know squat about films and carpet-bomb us with your embarrassing lack of intelligence towards film. It's possible that on a second viewing this film might actually get better (it seems to work that way a lot of times). And as far as post #85, I have a quick remark: while I didn't read the whole thing, I think your viewpoints are completely valid. There's just one little problem about your remarks on the clouds. They actually have a lot to do with the release of some sort of toxin by the trees. Clouds are, as I all hope we know, just a large collection of condensed water vapor. Well, to get to the point, we wouldn't have rain if there weren't small particles from plants, etc.; rain isn't just water - it's nucleus tends to have small bits of whatever is evaporated into the cloud, and when water becomes wrapped around it, it condenses into rain (or even just a cloud overhead releases a good amount of vapor as well). So that idea actually makes sense, even though the film's whole premise is pushing the boundaries of sanity.

Jeremy Mullins on Jun 20, 2008


As a real fan of M. Night I throughly enjoyed this film. I felt he delivered another solid movie. I have a couple theories on the actual movie, but first I'd like to address the masses. Masses- It is imprudent to continuously compare all of M. Night's films to one and other (comparison is the thief of joy). They are completely different creations. I attribute this need for continuity to the rising trend in sequels. And I can understand the frustration and disappointment of viewers who enter into a movie expecting to have the same experience as before. People tend to draw on previous experiences in attempts to create expectations for a new experience. Mr. Night brings a freshness to films. So my challenge is this...if there is a particular M. Night movie you absolutely hate, watch it again, it might surprise you. The Happening- Good work to whoever first discovered the communication theory. A few things I found interesting: A- I thought the phrase "It's an act of nature we will never fully understand" is what the whole movie hinged upon. In a world where information and knowledge is so easily accessible, thank you new I-Phone, I thought this was a huge statement. It's huge (that's what she said) because we're never content with not knowing. The truth is there are things we aren't suppose to know and things we will never know. Accepting that, and I mean really accepting that, is unnerving. We're told to be in charge and be in control, when really we're all as fragile as the rest of this world. 2- I thought the process of how people died was interesting. First, repetitive speech. Then confused speech. Then walking/retracing steps. And lastly, ending life. I have some thoughts, but would love to hear if anyone else has any insight or thoughts about this process????? D- I thought the acting was right on for the movie. Elliot's character isn't the typical hero. By showing more vulnerability, which in my opinion works great, we're allowed to see a more imperfect and genuine character. In other words it's more likely that somewhere there exists a real life Elliot (E.T. pointing with a shiny index finger). I won't go into detail, but likewise I thought Alma was believable and I can imagine that somewhere there actually exists a real life Alma. I'll stop there for now. Would love to hear some thoughts.... p.s. I'll give a cookie to whoever knows what movie I'm hinting at with my paragraph labeling.

LJ472 on Jun 20, 2008


@#37 - this article starts off: "Now that you've seen it, what did you think?" - that should have been your first clue as to what comments might contain, so stop whining about 'spoilers'.

Tari Akpodiete on Jun 20, 2008


The Funky Bunch controlled the trees

Brian Ricci on Jun 20, 2008


I went to the website and in the notes you can read that the style fits the paranoia type of film, like the classical birds or body snatchers... who recently saw these 2? is there any parallels? (im from brasil, hope my english is rigth for you Jeremy...)

RodNeilman on Jun 20, 2008


Rod, If thats wat Shymalan mentioning... then he did wonderfull job... Like I mentioned in the earlier post ( # 97) .. It doesn't look like scary movie... Its well made paranoia type movie... He made it simplistic to get the classy look.. I have seen birds.. but not body snatchers... Birds I liked it.. Birds deals with characters more.. It talks more about the main characters in the first half.. It doesn;t reveal any reason why birds are attacking the people.. Just the theme may be similar but I don't think its much to do with this movie..

Suresh on Jun 20, 2008


This movie sucked. So does the guy that wrote that lame ass comment about alex. #20, i am talking to you.

Andy Adair on Jun 21, 2008


Amanda A, I totally agree with you. I love the film for its message. Too bad most people miss the point.

ang on Jun 21, 2008


to #78 Joeymarie- Someone may have responded to your complaint about the boom mics but I just wanted to point out that if you saw boom mics it's the fault of the projectionist not having framed the image properly - or being presented in a ratio with more top & bottom than 1.85:1 (like 1.66:1). We're running our print correctly and there's no visible boom mics. In any case boom mics or not - total waste of film and talented actors.

amtt on Jun 22, 2008


jus saw it today! at first i thought the critics were a little harsh, but when i saw it i found out they werent it was the acting. it was so unbelievably bad, and john leguizame wasnt even in half the film!!! it was so bad it was seriously laughable, and the ending was so stupid. it makes you wonder what the movie was for the only really scary part for me (besides the acting) was when mrs. jones came into the bedroom and scared eliot. the noise startled me, but that was it i will say that the movie was not as bad as lady in the water, bcuz as bad as this was, it kept me awake with all of the suicides, but it actually made the village look watchable

LeeMan on Jun 22, 2008


I thought there were trees in the theatre when I got out because everybody looked dissorientaited to me LOL

AL on Jun 22, 2008


I didn't think this movie was half bad........... I mean it was no Sixth Sense but it was decent............... it was entertaining.................... It was not even that scary for an R movie...... It was suspensful and it kept my attention............. Now if you are bored on a rainy day this is a great movie for that............ The only scary part was when Elliot was in the room looking @ the doll and the old lady came in and yelled @ him...............or............... when then old lady banged her head aganst the window

Courtney on Jun 23, 2008


First off, I hate horror/scary movies - but i was dying to see the Happening since the very first trailer because despite the deaths shown i perceived this more as a suspense thriller and I'm a sucker for doomsday scenarios... if you're expecting more than that you'll be very disappointed.... I loved/hated the movie - the acting was sooo terrible, the tempo was off and the ending was rushed as if they suddenly remembered "oh yeah, we only have 15 minutes left! let's wrap it up!" But conceptually i love it, it left me w/plenty of food for thought (that is once i got over the so called acting) and a bit spooked on the drive back home - lot's of trees... I definitely cracked up - the bit at the show house was hilarious! - but at the same time i was chilled at how casually the deaths were embarked... I could see what MNS was trying to accomplish but it just did not fully deliver on its promise... I enjoyed it, but i could've waited until it came out in DVD

Liz on Jun 23, 2008


This was the worst movie I have ever seen, and I've seen some bad ones.(x-men 3) Where can I get in touch with M.N.S. and get my money back? If you have seen the previews, then you have seen the so called best parts of the movie. The plot was so bad. I mean come on does everyone in hollywood have to be a tree hugger. The only thing this movie is good for is a good fire starter. I love all of his movies, but after this one, he has lost a fan. I want my money back. rent Dare Devil it was more interesting

HTrimm on Jun 23, 2008


Amanda A comment #7, I wish they were more people like us in the world. Great movie indeed i just saw it, so take care and thanks for the comment, i hope tat those with primitive brains learn to observe insteand of just seeing and to listen instead of just hearing. xoxo

UBV on Jun 23, 2008


I liked all of his other movies and was so anxious to see this. It SUCKED! The dialogue, the acting, the whole freaking sotryline. STUPID> waste of time and money!

Denise on Jun 24, 2008


Simply saying "it sucked" isn't an opinion. At least provide some tangible reasons to your viewpoint. "I enjoyed the movie" also isn't an opinion. For my opinion see post #127.

LJ472 on Jun 24, 2008


A bit behind the curve of movie watching coupled with reading what the 'wanna be movie critics wrote'. I would like to share my opinion. First, it was not what I expected but happily entertained. Night's movie bare a cinematic theme which americans either don't understand or forgot; the narrative. We have lost the art to tell a good story by our felt need to be entertained by men flying around with rockets attached. Which is entertaining, but not a good story! Night's stories are always introduced by simplicity if life [ie. wind, the movie unbreakable, or death as in the sixth sense.] Second, I'll agree with most people that it's not his best work, but deserves it credit for what it is. A story about phenomenal aspects in life that can't be explained by rational, which furthers the point of being a GOOD STORY. All good stories are unbelievable in the sense of premises. We know all too well that no tornado can take you to the land of OZ but in believing in something so simple as weather [tornado] allows us with childlike faith to be swept away in wonder and awe. I like Night. I like his courage to step out and be someone who is true to himself and not cave into the Hollywood expectations of a good movie. Well done.

Midas on Jun 24, 2008


This movie was a garbage dump. The plot was hilariously stupid. The dialogue was miserably written. The ending was anti-climactic . . . the whole thing was a mess. In fact, I despised the movie so much, that I immediately went home and produced a parody: (Be sure to watch high quality version!)

Frank on Jun 24, 2008


Great movie... Not the basic "bucket of popcorn" movie experience most of the masses go to the theaters for(a la The Hulk)...and most likely won't win any awards, but a great movie nonetheless. Personally i dig these types of movies, ones that tend to make people think, more than entertain(Revolver was a recent movie in the same fashion, which i loved) wife is just the opposite, ironic considering she's a psychology professor. It just goes to show how the movie experience vastly differs from person to person. I like to discuss, rationalize, and get into the theories and ideas of the movie, while i'm watching...i tend to pause the movie, and want to discuss the scene with my wife...who in turn just looks at me like i'm completely insane for stopping the movie to discuss the philosophical aspects of the current scene...and then pointedly tells me so...:) and if you go back over the thread here, you can see the 2 distinct groups engaging in "justifying" why their opinion and view matters more... basic human nature...

Nicc on Jun 24, 2008


i was very intrigued by the trailer when i first saw it and when i knew that it was a M.Night Shymalan film i had to go and see it cos all his films have that certain intrigue and unsettlement. BUT i really didn't like the happening. it was useless at times on what was the message about the film. i undertstand that yes the message was simply that nature does things that we can't understanfd but still this could have been cleverly put across without just shots of the trees and plants blowing hysterically. and the ending was even more dissapointed because it was open ended. i didn't understand why at the point of Mark Wahlberg and his on screen wife coming together and holding hands in the middle of the field. what was the point of that!!! what love overcomes nature or somethin, please give me a break!!! i didn't like the happening and am angry that i wasted my money to see it. A REAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!

Steph on Jun 25, 2008


Have you naive insects heard of the word 'Satire'?

zakeed on Jun 25, 2008


OHMYGOD....what a HUGE disappointment!!! There was such build up for this movie and we were so looking forward to seeing it, but was it ever a bust! It seems as though M. Night and Al Gore sat and re-wrote "An Inconvenient Truth" as a scarier version - without the scary! The gore factor in this movie was ok, but the storyline sucked! After living through 9-11 and working only 1 block away from the towers on that day, I totally did not appreciate the opening with the construction workers jumping to their deaths. After seeing that in real life, it brought back some really gut-wrenching scenes I witnessed on that horrific day. That was just in bad taste! M. Night is done! Gone are the days of the "Sixth Sense" and "The Village"! Don't bother spending the money to go see this and wait til it comes on Pay-Per-View!!!

Amy on Jun 25, 2008


haven't seen it yet, and now i'm not too sure i will. though for those who attack the director and smash the actors, remember how big a hit The Fast and the Furious was? after seeing that i thought rob cohen was done but sure enough he came back. so i take that back, i just might go see the Happening.

that guy on Jun 25, 2008


M. Night has produced 5 incredible movies in a row and I absolutely love his work, but this film was just creepy and so typical of a Hollywood horror movie. I have always loved his movies because they are not just surface stories in which the viewer walks away completely understanding all that occurred. M. Night always has underlying questions and symbolism and meaning- they are so rich and deep! But The Happening was caught up in the surface stuff such as the disturbingly realistic suicides that modern audiences seem to crave. Violence in movies/stories can add intensity and be beneficial, but when the violence is what stands out as opposed to the story, then it's just another of what I call a bubblegum movie. I'm not a tree-hugger or anything, but I do believe we need to take care of the earth. M. Night could have gotten out the same message by creating a story that is more intricate, complex, and inspiring; instead, he chose to deliver the message through a rather boring and creepy movie. Don't give up, M. Night! I'm your biggest fan and I just hope you'll go back to the creativity you've displayed in your last few movies.

Sarah on Jun 25, 2008


I hate to say this b/c I Love M. but this movie was terrible. I really really wanted to love it but I didn't. I don't need to get into why I think the 100 other people on this blog have. I just really hated it and I don't ever hate movies.

Kevin Bay on Jun 25, 2008


have you oblivious gentlefolk ever heard of the word 'Satire'?

zakeed on Jun 25, 2008


This movie was freaking horrible and in response to the first comment about it blowing harder than a russian whore lmfao... that pretty much summed it up heheeh. I paid 9 bucks to seet his movie and it was at otal waste of money!!!! Everyone that was walking out behind me were pretty pissed off... There was this stupid st ory line of how trees were killing people omg thats like the stupidest thing I have ever heard of give me a freaking break... after that it just lost my attention. The acting was ridiculous have enver seen such worst acting and directing.

Melissa on Jun 27, 2008


I'm living in Venezuela, and here there are problems about marketing that I think help the people to dislike this movie (I don't think it's that bad, I found Signs much worst, cliché and non-sensely ended). The name of the movie was translated as "The End of the Days" that sells a totally different movie. When we encounter a "nature affair", then we can feel a little "mmmm". I think people also wants to find a second "sixth sense" hit... I don't know what could be the expectations in other countries, but every movie of Shyamalan here is received with that level of comparisson... and I think i's cold be prety unfair, because he is the director of "his" movies, and not me or anybody else, he tells the story he wants to tell. Of course, it's no proof that all his movies are the bests only because he is "authentic". Despites of all, it's funny that this movie rescues a couple of things from "sixth sense"; strong images of dead (or dying) people (the neck-hanging people in Princetown is almost a "deja-vu"), the music score has the same mood, just two examples. Finally, I think the great mistake of Shyamalan was to succeeded the way it was with Sixth Sense, we wont forgive him for that... 😉

Alfredo on Jun 28, 2008


Did anyone else think it was absolutely absurd to have characters outrun the wind? Or think they can escape the poison in the air by simply closing doors and windows? This would have made a decent little Twight Zone episode, but not a whole movie. And yes, lose the boom mics. That is just sloppy editing.

Pam on Jun 28, 2008


I do not think M Night. (director/writter) will get another chance in hollywood. If so I will boycot his next film regardless of how good it might be. I thought the Lady movie was crappy, but was willing to give him another chance to see an improvement. I was wrong to do so. We should all get together and demand our money back and tell him it Happens.

crabby on Jun 29, 2008


plz read my post at 85.

rodneilman on Jun 29, 2008


So, this movie is the best Shyamalan movie to date by far and quite possibly the most original movie of the summer. I love this movie. After seeing it twice, I think you'd be a fool to not realize the real intent behind it. This is so clearly M. Night saying "Fuck you" to the general movie going public and all the people who said his recent movies were shit. It's true, his last 3 movies before this were complete crap. Night seemed to be fucking with you throughout this entire movie. Setting you up for so many things that never happened. The one thing Night was known for was having a huge twist in all his films. The twist in this one, is that there isn't one. He litterally told you what was going to happen in the first 10minutes. He forced you to sit through some of the worst screenwriting (I believe intentionally bad) and performing (except for Zooey Deschanel who is always awesome) ever and in the end, nothing happened. He pulled you along and along and then...BAM! FUCK YOU! If you've seen the movie, really think about and you'll agree. There's no way you can disagree. Anyway, Kudos M. Night Shyamalan for you are a fantastic director and hopefully no one will question this in the features to come!

Peter Peter Peter Beater on Jun 30, 2008


Rodneilman and peter peter peter beater....your nuts and probably still play with star wars toys

crabby on Jun 30, 2008


Suresh, Post 34 = you're a dumb shit. Don't talk about "chemistry" or even just the basic principles of this just to appear smart (as you were bashing Tim C about). You look like an asshole if you can't even spell Nitrogen... Look at a periodic table. For half of that comment I had no clue what the fuck you were talking about.

Chad on Jun 30, 2008


Well.. Chad, yeah I spelled Nitrogen wrong... so yeah my english sux if thats wat you are trying to say here... You can say that if English is my first language.. for the record I speak better English than G.W. Bush.. 😀 But I don;t doubt my chemistry knowledge.. try google it if you donno what will cause Nitrogen in the liquid form or dense form.. By the way , wat the heck to do with periodic table and Nitrogen ? You mean to say .. you know that word ? or you mean to say earth was fully covered with Nitrogen in the past amd no life harmed ?

Suresh on Jun 30, 2008


Peter, Peter, Peter . . . . . . Christ . . . listen to yourself. You're actually saying that a good director intentionally made a bad film to say "FUCK YOU" to the general "movie going public" (which, by the way, is his audience). That's the last thing a director should do to his audience (you know, the people paying him) if he wants to keep making movies. Using your same logic, I could say that The Patriots intentionally lost the Super Bowl this past year and devalued their franchise/brand just to give a big "FUCK YOU" to their paying fans . . . you moron. Also, if the twist was "there was no twist" . . . well, he already pulled that in LADY IN THE WATER, which I personally think is even worse than THE HAPPENING. Also, Zooey was as entertaining as a block of wood. Objectively, the movie's horrible . . . you must be having trouble letting go of your bias because you're still in the hero-worship stage of development.

Frank on Jul 1, 2008


I think the real reason Shyamalan made a bad movie is because the little rich, snot-nosed brat from the suburbs has finally run out of ideas . . .

Frank on Jul 1, 2008


how can anyone think this was any good?? i am a huge M. Night fan but this was GASH!!! what was more scary? the woods giving out toxins? or wooden actors spewing out a shite script?? M, you better make up for this!! last chance.

philthyphil on Jul 1, 2008


I loved this movie. I guess so many people were critical of it I went in with that attitide,that I wasn't going to be impressed and I really got freaked out and enjoyed it. My neice and I talked all night about it. Really makes a person think abut the what ifs in life. There were a few moments when actors seemed a bit off..maybe there was some timing issues..or script problems, but I thought every actor was outstanding in his/her role. Go with an open mind, think about the afterlife and are you ready for it or the end of this Earth as we know it.

Judy Lynn on Jul 1, 2008


Well, Suresh, This is officially the stupidest conversation I have ever had with another individual. Are you being serious? You completely missed my attack. YOU were attempting to "appear" smart by bashing someone else, and you ended up making a fool of yourself. Now you're just making a bigger ass of yourself by arguing about something fucking stupid. I promise you that I know very much about Nitrogen. I've played with liquid nitrogen before... By the way, the boiling point of Nitrogen is VERY low, around -77K, so it was contained in an insulated box. And what the hell are you talking about in the last two sentences of your previous comment? I literally laughed out loud reading them. Also note, bringing GWB into the argument is a fucking stupid idea. You have no idea where I stand, and there you go, bashing another individual on a topic that really isn't important. The only reason I'm doing it to you is because otherwise you wouldn't understand how big of an ass you are. So go ahead and be smug with yourself while you read this... Love, Chad

Chad on Jul 1, 2008


Chad, I am glad to know you played with liquid Nitrogen before.. so yeah.. the boiling point and melting point for Nitrogen is very low.. around -160 C or somthing... I am just curious to know that wat happens when the environment temperature is much much higher than the boiling point of an object ? lets say the what happens when u keep an object which has boiling point of around - 100 C in a room temperature of 20 C ? I am just curious to know the result as you have played with it... I mean anyone can get a general idea from it... right ? it gets burn easily... you don;t even have to heat it up... its like you end up overheating the object.. tats why I said its dangerous and can cause you burns easily.. I googled to find out what Nitrogen can cause in the liquid form for you... here it is.. "Liquid nitrogen can cause severe burns – call for help - warm area slowly with tepid water and beware of severe pain and shock as wound thaws. Except in the case of very minor burns, call 2222 and transfer subject to hospital. " source link : " " So now the very basic question from me... "Who is trying to appear smart ass ? you or me ? " I can clearly see you want to become a smart ass with this post.. well I don't mind you doing that.. show what you got and become a smart ass instead of making someone else look stupid.. Its cheap shot... Now about the post # 34... I was defending Night shyamalans story.. I wasn;t trying to project myself as smartass there... I was defending him, He said why would alien land on a planet which covered by more than 70 % water.. we did land on moon knowing that there is no oxygen.. Its like an expedition... It can be as simple as that... I brought that topic just to make a point for his post.. So yeah, you said... "YOU were attempting to "appear" smart by bashing someone else, and you ended up making a fool of yourself" You should have thought about it before even you writing that post.. Bcos I see "Chad" instead of "YOU" in that sentense... Look man I am not here to show off.. That was a simple science example for that topic.. I am a movie fan and I am here just to discuss about movies not to show off.. So my friend I give you one advise.. think about yourself before you accusing someone.. you should have figured it out before itself.. bcos you are smartest one right ?..

Suresh on Jul 1, 2008


I seriously like this film. I also don't mind other people disliking it. Obviously, an average movie goer wouldn't like the film, however, if you have clear understanding on Science, you will be amazed by this film. It's true, plants react and communicate via stimulus and that they secrete chemical properties that sometimes could be a neuro toxin when mixed with air.... Where do you think all the drugs came from?

Kurt on Jul 2, 2008


Kurt... I have a clear understanding on "Science" (as you put it) but I am not amazed by this film whatsoever. The plot is basic enough for anyone to grasp and its really unfortunate that people who like this movie have to dig so deep to find the good in it. I'm sure if I wanted to I could brainwash myself into believing MNS had a deeper meaning/purpose to this movie but even he himself stated that it was a really good "B-movie". I think he came up with this excuse just to try and save his ass when the film started recieving its horrible reviews. There is no getting around it; when you sum it up the Happening is just a Bad movie. Sad to say I've given up all hope in MNS after seeing this film.

Realistic on Jul 2, 2008


HATED THE MOVIE!!.....BUT, the cool thing was i was watching this movie in chesterfield, mo and a young couple come in and sit 5 rows in front of us, as i looked toward them i did a double-take because it couldn't be who i thought it was....then i noticed his arm in a sling and that confirmed he walked out to get his pregnant wife some popcorn i hollared "HEY RANDY' with a smile he looked toward me and waved....i followed him outside to an empty lobby and talked to one of the nicest people i had ever met.......he was former WWE Champ RANDY ORTON!!!!!! im pretty sure he hated the movie too..

John on Jul 2, 2008


Suresh... Are you like nine years old? like honestly... Every attack you have had on me I have already defended in a previous post. This is the stupidest thing. I'm so tired of you trying to defend yourself being a dumbshit. I already admitted my intentions in every post I have made. I admitted the fact that I'm bashing you on a fucking retarded subject, but only because you needed it to happen. And BFD if you googled to find the effects of liquid nitrogen... What exactly are you trying to prove? That I'm a liar? I obviously know my shit... And I'm not lying. I've experimented with Liquid Nitrogen. A few years ago in high school we made ice cream with the shit on a regular basis in an Organic and Biological Chemistry class. Also, who is in a room that's fucking 20*C? And, Yes, Thank you, I am the smartest one. Chad

Chad on Jul 2, 2008


Chad.. Ha ha ha.. sorry man.. I coudln;t help it.. I don;t need to defend myself anymore.. I was considering your post seriously before.. you talking shit based on your highschool shit experiments... ha ha ha.. Have you ever heard the term diluted form ? tats how it will b in high school laboratory.. you are comparing that with the theoritical example I gave and you calling its stupid theory.. ha ha ha... If you want to get into details I am ready for that shit... Everything can be usefull if you use it in a goodway... yeah you can make icecream.. you can use it for medical treatment too... its all about how you use... When it exeeds the level of danger it will cause serious damage.. It will burn you.. Its called Cold Burns.. and it could take away ur life.. your body can even resist to little amount of poison.. It will increase the immunity level.. I used the word "little" ... tats for how you use that shit... Very little ( or diluted form ) of anything can be made usefull.. Ha ha ha.. really its the stupidest discussion .. knowing a little doesn;t make you have complete knowledge about it... I am not saying I know everything about it either.. I am no scientist.. but I trust the scientists and professionals than some high school kid's word... I gave you the proven link .. Please do me a favour... read that.. and let me know if you want more info... I googled it bcos I considered your post seriously as you said you have played with Liquid Nitrogen and tried to prove my theory wasn;t wrong... I didn;t even say you lieing.. You are the one mentioned that I was stupid with that chemistry logic... I only had to proof that my statements are real and I did with the proven links ... If I was wrong I would have admitted in the very next post itself.. Now I know I was just talking to a dumbshit who knows little and pretend like a smartass... You go to highschool to evolve.. you gotto evolve kid... your theory is like this.. "Hey.. I am right... so this guy must be wrong... hes stupid.. bcos I am smart.. " ha ha.. face the reality.. understand this kid... Just becos you are right that doesn;t make me wrong... you donno the shit I was talking about and yet started bashing my theory and called me stupid... which only makes you look stupid now... what needed to happen to who.... its really a fucking retarded subject... especially with you..

Suresh on Jul 3, 2008


Well that's true... I WAS in highschool. I'm not anymore... Didn't you see what I said? A FEW YEARS AGO. I'm actually studying medicine currently you dumb sack of tits. And now you're talking shit about taking me seriously based on something I did in highschool. Hmmm... I don't know you, you don't know me; but if I were to read one of your posts then compare it to mine, I would say, "This guy Suresh is a dumb fuck". Would you like to know why? These are the reasons: -My grammar makes sense -I actually spell out the word "because" -I don't misspell things when I attempt to point out the idiocy in other people's posts, ironically enough (If you didn't catch what I'm referring to, here's an example: it's NITROGEN not NITRAGIN) -You're a bitch So yes, "kid", there is a possibility that it might not have been legitimate Liquid Nitrogen... But I wasn't dunking my face in it and showering it on my classmates, we just played with it. It wasn't in a lab either, we went to go get it. I was fucking there. How much have you been around? Now which one of us would know more? And yes it was cold... like I mentioned before. It didn't feel good against my skin, but I didn't need my fingers amputated from your little "cold burns". You just need to limit your interactions. Also, I don't "google" things when I need information. If I'm going to discuss or argue about something with someone, I don't do it unless I already know what I'm talking about, like I do with liquid "nitragin". So good fucking job having the ability to type words into a search bar and taking everything you read seriously, because we all know what happens to people who play with fireworks, they blow their fingers off because that's what it says on the label. One more comment. Do you expect people to take YOU seriously? When was the last time a major figure or really anyone with any hair on their balls typed like this: "lol lik omg u r dum bcos lik cold burns lik u could lik die from dat" You post similar to someone who isn't even IN highschool yet. So there you go, Genius. Chad

Chad on Jul 3, 2008


M Night said, " This is a B movie". I think that people are forgetting what a B-movie is supposed to look, sound and smell like. This wasn't meant to be an Independence Day or some monstrous summer movie. It is a freakin B movie, people. B movies are intentionally made, and they are a different breed of movie altogether. We weren't expected to crap our pants or even be mildly scared (albeit some jumpy scenes, that were intentional and I would believe were thrown in there to say " Look, see I know how to scare you. I'm just not, because I'm like making a B movie here". ) The scene when the kids get show is in some odd-ass slow motion, the dialogue scenes between Wahlberg and Leguizamo are obviously played out as being awkward as hell, and the whole of what's "happening" in this movie is just a big old joke. And if you don't get that or you don't find enjoyment in watching these types of films, then you will undoubtedly and wholly hate this movie. As for me and my movie date... we thought it was pretty good.

Lizzy on Jul 3, 2008


one amendment to my post. i take back saying that the whole of what's "happening" is a joke. there is a strong, clear message behind it.

Lizzy on Jul 3, 2008


ha ha ha... yeah talking shit and showing immaturity man... yeah I read that you did highschool FEW YEARS AGO and I used the word kid.. I said "you go to high schoo to evolve .. and you didn't " thats why I said you are still a kid.. use ur brain once in a while atleast you fucking egoist.. you don't even get what ppl talking about.. you are biased and with egoism you don't want to admit when you made mistake.. you keep claiming you are right... you are right... I never really said you are lieing.. I said I did't lie either.. you still talking like a kid or immature person.. you donno me at all to judge me.. you got zero information about me.. yet you called me stupid bcos you think you know somthing and you are smart.. I told you about ur theory in the previous post itself.. here it is again... "Hey.. I am right… so this guy must be wrong… hes stupid.. bcos I am smart.. " you need to grow up.. or put ur egoism outside and learn more things that you donno.. Now read your recent post again.. or ask someone to readout.. they will explain to you wats ur problem... first you completely ignored the theory and said its total stupid and now you are saying just limit yourself from interaction then it won't harm.. ha ha ha.. I donno wat to say man... may be next time you will say, stay away from it then it won't harm you at all ? good luck kid.. "Which one of us knows more ".. ha ha .. are you fucking kidding me ? you missed the whole point.. Have I ever claimbed that I know more than you ? My point is you may be knowing more.. but I know somthing that you donno.. seriously.. understand this... "knowing somthing doesn't make you have complete knowledge" thats how you acting now.. My whole theory was based on "possibility".. you put possibility theories based on the fact that exist.. tats wat I did... first you said its stupid and impossible.. and now you saying its impossible if you limit your interaction with it.... I will explain to u with ur fireworks example... I played with fireworks too..but I am always aware of the fact its dangerous and I have to be carefull... Just bcos you played with it carefully.. that doesn;t make its not a dangerous material.. fireworks can cause life too... You are saying its just the caution warnings but will you dare to go into a room full of fireworks and try light them ? My whole theory is like that.. Now you want to switch the topic into English and grammer... I admited my english is not great in the very next post when you said that.. I said it may suck but I speak better english than GWB... tat was suppose to be a joke and state the fact I can speak better english than some of the native Americans.. you didn;t get that either.. if its based on your english knowledge .. then all the European , chinese and korean scientists who dont speak english or speak very little english are stupids.. ? I told in the very next post English is not my first language which means I speak different language.. you didn't get it either.. you really a fucking moran if you think you are smart based on ur english knowledge or if you think ppl don't speak english are stupid..

Suresh on Jul 4, 2008


Ok thank you for that last stretch, Mr Fantastic. I was speaking of COMPOSURE. You do not present yourself in a manner that is to be taken seriously, you cunt. And no, you're not funny, and I would appreciate it if you did not attack a leader of our country. Whether or not you like or support him, he still represents America, you fucking twat, and he's a human being. And on the "Hey.. I am right… so this guy must be wrong… hes stupid.. bcos I am smart.. "- That is pretty much how I feel. I AM right, you ARE stupid, and I AM smart. The only correction is the fact that I KNOW you are wrong. I don't need deductive reasoning to prove that, bitch. I also still find it humorous you calling me "kid"... You're the one with the intellect of an infant. So go ahead, once again insult me with a misspelled title. MORON you fucking pussy... not MORAN. And once again, that last comment was quite the stretch.... YOU are the only person who I am claiming is stupid right now. And you're a fucking "moran".

Chad on Jul 4, 2008


It's a shame that most threads - incliding this one - end up descending into personal insults and attacks. This is a thread about how we thought the movie was and is NOT a experimental area to see who has the biggest/wittiest insult for another member. Jeeeez, it's like a school playground in here...

L0FTYWISEMAN on Jul 4, 2008


ha ha.. composure.. yeah you were right about that.. the only reason why I took you seriously is you accused me of stating wrong information.. Apart from that ur content is like an immature person.. I could only laugh on those.. I used GWB.. bcos hes famous and everybody knows his name... If I say I speak better english than John or Sam , you think anyone will understand my point ? ha ha.. lol... you need someone to explain each and everything to you... oh yeah.. you really smart man... ha ha ha.. I guess you are the most self obsessed person I ever seen.. I am glad I got one important msg even from a "moron" .. from now on I have to watch out for my spelling... COMPOSURE... ha ha ha.. tats good joke.. you better watch out ur studies Mr. smart .. there is a chance you might not pass ur degree if you don't use ur brain and think like you know everything... good luck kid..

Suresh on Jul 4, 2008


Hahaha you are a fucking funny ass dude. I really enjoy reading what you say and knowing you are one hundred percent serious. Actually It's not every day I laugh that hard at someone else's expense. You get me good everytime. "Mr. Smart" -ZING- Got Me! So don't worry I'll "watch out my studies" too, don't you worry. Thanks for checking on that. Yours truly, Chad

Chad on Jul 4, 2008


you are most welcome dude..

Suresh on Jul 5, 2008


B movie or not, this film was was crappoburgers.

Crapola on Jul 15, 2008


I couldn't wait to see this one. I've always enjoyed MNS. I thought Signs was an outstanding take on religion. However, this movie stunk. One, the plot was pointless. The characters did NOTHING to effect the outcome of the story-well except for staying in small groups ? Please. Although the plot DID mirror the character development which was minimal. The film didn't even "end", we are lead to believe at the very ending of the movie that the whole story was again taking place in Europe...Thank goodness I didn't have to sit through it again !!! And one other BASIC annoyance, WHAT WAS UP WITH THE BOOM MIC ???? Something so simple can really destroy a movie. After the 7th apparence, the whole audience was looking for it and laughing at every apparence.... I look forward to MNS's next attempt, but this one STUNK

cinema on Oct 3, 2008


Honestly I think this movie was realistic. What do you think would happen if this actually took place in real life? Nobody knew what was happening, and at the end on the news one guy said it was the plant and the other said they would believe him if it happened somewhere other than the NE of the US. Then the ending happened (i'm not giving it away, if you saw the movie you know what I'm talking about). I honestly think if this happened in real life it would of happened the same way. This movie makes you think at the end instead of being spoon-fed what happened. I think there is a lack of movies of that nature. Don't get me wrong, if all movies made you think what would happen in real life it would be boring (this is why we have Hollywood), but every now and then a movie that makes you think in perspectives of real life is good in my book.

Mike on Oct 23, 2008


this is definitely one of the most disappointing films i have ever seen in my entire life....i think Barney and Friends has more substance. the movie did not distinguish a plot, a specific, or a fucking conclusion. i mean, all they did was walk around, avoid grass, and argue. why the hell would you tell your husband you ate dessert with another man when random people are committing suicide in the streets???? and what was up with the old mean beezy??? she was tripping. overall, i was pissed when i left the theater and i wanted my money i watched Kung Fu Panda after....and guess what? it taught me a lesson, dont make fun of fat pandas...because their ass will squish you. seriously, i think Mr. M. Night has lost his looooonnnngggg time ago. How do you go from The Sixth Sense and Signs to The Happening?? or even Lady In The Water.....terrible. this goes to show that just because you are rich doesnt meant that you have the talent to make a decent film....sure the cinematography will be beautiful, the make up MAC, and clothes Christian Dior, and actors Mark (including myself) will still be disappointed in you. so yes, i think a stimulus check for all those who saw the film should be put in the mail, so that i can get therapy and healing from this terrible ordeal.

lalafrog2003 on Oct 27, 2008


The only thing that "happened" in The Happening is some 2 bit wannabe director with his "worldly" insight and message wasted a lot of people's money and time. The best scene in this ridiculous comedy was the guy's head blowing up. I don't even remember his name because I couldn't even bring myself to care about the characters. You losers who liked this and managed to come away with some bullshit message in order to validate the movie must really be desperate. M. Night should say good night and stick with Stuart Little...a tiny talking mouse adopted by a Yuppie family who then has some zany adventures and learns the value of family. Wow, almost as good as the aliens making groovy shapes in corn crops and a preacher and his brother whacking them with baseball bats and throwing water on them. Oooh, compelling.

Paul Marione on Dec 4, 2008


My honest opinion, I liked it.

glass tile on Jun 19, 2009


@glass tile. Really? You're the only one mate...

L0FTYWISEMAN on Jun 19, 2009

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