Sound Off: The Mummy 3 - What Did You Think?

August 1, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The first official movie of August, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, arrives in theaters today and it's not off to a good start. It's been 7 years since we saw The Mummy Returns and now most people are saying this Mummy should've never been revived. Is it as bad as everyone is saying? Does it actually have any redeeming value? How is Brendan Fraser on his third time around? Is this the worst action movie all summer or is it actually entertaining? With The Dark Knight's brilliance still looming, I'm guessing that this is doomed, but we'll let the fans decide that. Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of The Mummy 3.

To fuel the fire, since I personally decided to skip seeing this movie at all, I'll leave you with this fitting excerpt from Brad Brevet's review on Rope of Silicon. "This film is inspired by the idea that a group of people should get in trouble over and over again and the only goal of the project is to get them out of said trouble until we all live happily ever after… A lot of Tomb of the Dragon Emperor could have been fun, but it all seems so uninspired… Rob Cohen may have finally proven he hit his niche with The Fast and the Furious and anything outside of fast neon painted Hondas is beyond his limits. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor should have never been made. It adds nothing to a franchise that was dead several years ago and should have stayed that way." Yep, it definitely is that bad!

What did you think of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor? Good or terrible?

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I walked out 30 minutes in. Got my money back.

The Mummy Sucks on Aug 1, 2008


Well, I'll get through the bad stuff now: the editing was jumpy and made the action scenes more difficult to follow than they should have been, Jet Li hardly got to do anything, Luke Ford (who plays Alex) was bland overall, Jonathan felt unnecessary throughout the whole film, the jokes were mostly mediocre at best and painful at worst, and the whole film mostly felt rather dull. Though, something is preventing me from saying that this movie's total crap. The majority of the effects were pretty good, and Michelle Yeoh, for what little she got, was kickass. But it's Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello that really save this from completely sucking. You can see that Fraser is trying his hardest, and while at moments his boredom seems to get through, you come to appreciate his overall effort. And Maria Bello actually becomes a good replacement for Rachel Weisz, and she's probably the only person who's having fun throughout the entire film. She even has a few brief sparks of chemistry with Fraser. One last complaint: the final fight sequence was absolute garbage. The editing was some of the worst I've ever seen, and the effects work was painfully sloppy. And Jet Li is REALLY beating on Brendan Fraser, as if to get revenge for getting him involved in this movie. Overall, if you're a mummy fan, you may as well go, but keep your expectations in check. For everyone else, either wait to rent it or don't bother.

Andrew on Aug 1, 2008


I just watched and I think that it´s a great movie. As Brendan himself said, it´s not Shakespeare folks! Go and enjoy yourselves, empty your mind and more an hour and so, let your mind be part of something unreal and, after all, you´ll have some laughs (at least). The two firsts are the best (the first one the best of all), but this one is really cool. I totally agree with Andrew about Maria Bello being a good Evy. Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh were great. Well, I had a good time.

Cibele G. on Aug 1, 2008


i just watched and this is movie is fighting with meet dave for the worst movie of the year. TDK must rules this weekend, and again and again and again!

Tomica on Aug 1, 2008


I have NEVER walked out of a movie early before. That was always my one rule. well, "I had to break my one rule last night"

KG(Kilogram) on Aug 1, 2008


I havnt even seen it, but this so seems like a desperate attempt to soak up any residual dollars that may be left from the Mummy franchise.

Breach on Aug 1, 2008


Evelyn was CRAP!! I missed Rachel W. as Evy... 1 (Best)... 2(Better)....3(Quite okay)...Not so bad.Yeah it cannot take down TDK thats for

Rick on Aug 1, 2008


Brendan Frasier is just annoying to me. Drives me insane. Hated this movie with a passion. Definitely up there with Journey to the Center of the Earth as one of the worst movies of the year. I can't think of anything worse than those two.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Aug 1, 2008


#9, two words: Meet Dave.

Andrew on Aug 1, 2008


The acting from start to finish is limp. The filming is sloppy. The dialog is weak as well as the story and plot. Very, very, very far fetched, but in a disappointing way. C.G.I. is very unconvincing as well. It was painful to watch.

Joel on Aug 1, 2008


I usually don't fall asleep while watching a movie in the theater. But I almost did, several times. I wasn't expecting too much from this movie other than the special effects and those weren't even that great. When a big colossus is supposed to look real but looks 3D. That's not good. The first time we see Jet Lee get all muddy it is done pretty badly. Looks fake. There are some note worthy parts though. The dragon and snow big foots were pretty decent and some of the action scene were all right. And then there's the acting!! Cheesy all around. The snow big foots did a better job of acting than most of the cast. Is Brendan Frasier supposed to be funny? Because I'm not seeing it. Was the movie supposed to be funny? Because I'm not seeing that either. The actress that replaced Rachel Weiss's role was in my opinion, bad. Worst of all the movie was very predictable! One word: CHEESE.

Phontsolo on Aug 1, 2008


#9----Journey to the Center of the Earth was NOT a bad movie, I was pleasantly surprised simply by the fact that I enjoyed it. I expected it to be just mildly OK but I was entertained throughout and they did a great job with the 3D effects. I hope you've actually seen it. May not have been as good without the 3D, but it was FAR from being one of the worst movies of the year.

Jon on Aug 1, 2008


I liked it! (This'll fuel the fire). Brendan was at his usual dingy best. Maria Bello stepped in as a spunky Evie. John Hannah was pretty funny. It was pretty much what I expected out of a "Mummy" flick. I know most will compare it to "The Dark Knight", but apples to oranges. Jet Li was good, although under used. The effects were good enough. Sure, many will hate the "new" Evie, others will hate Fraser, etc. But I had a good time at the movies. It's a pretty entertaining "popcorn" flick. That's my take on it!!!:)

Spider on Aug 1, 2008


I am huge fan of The Mummy movies, especially the chemistry between RW and BF. To me having Evie replaced was too distracting and lacked that all important chemistry. Everyone just seemed to be trying to hard. It was a great movie other than that. Most importantly for me, my daughters, ages 7 & 8, LOVED it, but they too didn't like a different EVIE, and were actually excited about Peruvian Mummies. RACHEL come back.

Anita Surrett on Aug 1, 2008


I think this movie really kinda sucked. I wanted to leave as soon as I saw that Rachel W. was not in it. I hate sequals where the original characters are not re-cast. I also did not like the fact that "Rick" and "Alex" could have passed better as brothers, than father and son. I think it would have been better had they mad Alex a bit younger. I took my 5 year old daughter with me to see this because every time either of the other two Mummy's are on, she devotes her total attention to it. She said that she did not like this one as much as the first two. She didnt think the mummies were as good. Anyway, I think it would be best to save your money. i am dissapointed that i went out of town to a better theater than the one in my town to see this, and spent more than I would have had i stayed in town. it was really crummy. Really

Traylor on Aug 1, 2008


Should have waited till "The Dark Knight" wore off a bit. But I think that bringing "The Mummy" back was a much better idea then bringing Indiana Jones back. He's old now, and its just not the same watching your old hero OLD

Tak on Aug 1, 2008


I actually found this movie quite enjoyable. The special effects were limp for some parts, but the laughs were good, for what it's worth, and Michelle Yeoh was, like #2 said, very kickass. My biggest problem was that Rachel Weisz wasn't in it. Maria Bello is alright, but recasting is NEVER a good thing (Maggie Gyllenhaal is the lone exception).

Kyle on Aug 1, 2008


'The Mummy 3' was pretty good. I enjoyed it! Maria Bello was ok. I missed Rachel Weisz. Maggie Gyllenhaal was ok too in 'Dark Knight'. I also missed Katy Holmes (believe it or not), yet no one seemed to care about the replacement. How many films have I seen where some key peeps are replaced---too many. Big deal! It worked well for the aforementioned films. The effects were quite good. I don't get why too many gripes about this. #17 As for Indiana Jones-- I disagree with you---it was damn good to see him on the big screen again(like Stallone as "Rambo")! The biggest problem with "Indy" was the weak and cheesy script. Had the right, kick-ass script been chosen and with Sean Connery in the fold, "Indy" might have been as huge as 'The Dark Knight' will be!! 😀

Pickle on Aug 1, 2008


Hey 17! How many 60 somethings do you know that still look good and can still kick ass???????????? Indy still has the tune of 300+ million

Socrates on Aug 1, 2008


Complete and utter crap. 'Nuff said. It had no plot. No character development. The dialogue could go back down to the toilet. And the fact that it destroyed what the past two Mummy movies tried so hard to build just makes it even worse. The effects were horrible and watching it, you would really believe that the entire budget went not into paying for the movie, but in paying for the godsend less than 2 minute action face off between Li and Yeoh. That my friends, was the only segment in the movie worth paying for. The rest, as I said, was complete crap. The 'magic' they told us to expect from the father son duo of Alex and Rick was the most misleading of all. You made the right decision Alex. Skip it.

Hyacinth on Aug 2, 2008


Hey #21! "The Mummy 3 and X Files are really bad sequels due to the lengthy period between prequel and sequel" WTF?? X-Files was good, yet a smaller movie than it's predecessor, but still good. Lack of promo didn't help. Mummy 3 was everything a summer popcorn blockbuster should be; however no Rachel Weisz? Since when does time between chapters influence whether a movie is good or not? Make sense man!! (Example: Terminator(1984); Terminator 2: (1991)= 7 yrs(same as Mummy 3) Yet, Terminator 2 was AWESOME! So don't use time as a gauge! A good script+promo=HIT (Dark Knight)

Socrates on Aug 2, 2008


Let the movie experts chime in with their unequivocal dissection of what makes a movie 'utter crap'. Is it that we have gotten too picky for our own good tastes? Do some of us really know when character development is needed in a movie where we already know the main characters from previous installments? Hancock sucked because character development and plot were sacrificed midway, yet most found it ok and didn't bitch about it. It's true that the media can manipulate some of us into believing what's good and what's bad--even though we get spoon fed the same rehashed plots, reboots, and sequels in various movie incarnations. One remedy to our absolute boredom and dissatisfaction at our local multiplex: Read a book!

Blue Silver on Aug 2, 2008


By the way, there was nothing Mummy 3 could destroy when the previous 2 Mummy movies were equally engrossing special effects extravaganzas that veered off into far fetched territory. Mummy 2 was a rehashed and almost a parody of Mummy 1. Those of us buying a ticket to see this know darn well what we are about to get. Let's not get stupid and ignorant. Mummy 3 is watchable. It's the reason why we go to the movies in the first place, to escape the real world for an hour and a half or two hours.

Blue Silver on Aug 2, 2008


The Mummy 3 does not have a good plot and the actors are not very convincing either. Unlike Indiana Jones, The Mummy 3 and The X-Files: I Want to Believe are really bad sequels due to the lengthy period between the prequel and the sequel. Sadly, as we heard in the movie, the next Mummy movie will be focusing on Peru. Let's hope they have a better storyline.

James on Aug 2, 2008


This movie was awful! There was no chemistry between Ricky & Evy like in the previous 2 Mummy movies! Actually, there wasn't any chemistry between of the actors like the previous 2! Whatever the lady's name who replaced Rachel was terrible. She did not portray the Evy character well at all in my opinion. The son lost his accent, which was definitely in the 2nd movie. The father-son relationship in this movie was horrible. The beginning of the movie was very slow unlike the other two! I'm sorry, but this movie was a real let down, especially since I loved the first two movies which I can look at over and over again. This one will not even grace my movie collection due to the terrible acting, the "no kind of sense" plot, and the lost of chemistry between the actors. If you are a true Mummy fan, you will be greatly disappointed. In my opinion, save your money and go see Batman instead! I wish I did! I want my money back!

Stephanie on Aug 2, 2008


I thought the 1st 45 minutes was both entertaining and involving but after that the whole thing falls out of bed with an uninspired storyline and to much ok to bad CGI! on Aug 2, 2008


My answer is that it is actually entertaining despite it being unnecessary. Enough said.

Sean Kelly on Aug 2, 2008


I second that #31. This was an entertaining film. All three Mummy movies were implausible, far-fetched, special effects popcorn films. All three were good in their own way!! And this is my point of view.

Pickle on Aug 2, 2008


I haven't even seen TDK yet...And am I the only one that always found Rachel Weisz annoying as shit in the first 2 Mummy movies? I was happy to see someone replaced her, and I love the movies for their cheap old Hollywood goofy antics. So I'll probably love this movie.

Garrett.king on Aug 2, 2008


It's a freaking Mummy movie - and most of all, a sequel! What the hell do people expect? It's stupid to even talk about TDK and the Mummy in the same SENTENCE. Beyond that - I liked it for what it was: dumb escapist entertainment. It's fast, its entertaining [so all of it sounds really lame - let me say it again: it was MUMMY and DRAGON in the same damn title - again, what do you expect?], it looks great, and the acting is servicable. Anyone expecting more than that shouldn't go, and instead go see TDK again. As a Mummy fan, I will stand behind this one and defend it. It is most definitely not the shitfest people make it out to be. That's for sure.

gina on Aug 2, 2008


gina!, i agree with on most of what you said!, except for the part about going to see the dark knight!, i quite honestly will never go and see the dark knight again after i had seen the the mummy 3 !, because the mummy 3 is a definately better movie anyways, dare i say it!, yes i do!. So you know what?!, we all have got to give the mummy: tomb of dragon emperor some short period time anyways!, to beat the dark knight anyways!, because it's been since 1999 and 2001, that the mummy and the mummy returns came out and so now people are gonna wanna see what happens in the rest of the mummy trilogy anyways!, and dare i spoil some of you!, reading this, that there is a scene at the end of theis movie where they mention that they will be going to puru where the amazon is and will find cursed tomb and mummies there too, along with there definitely being a new super-natral being enemy in human form!, like the first three movies!. The reason i know this is because maria bello''evelyn o'connel'', mentioned that in a interview video over at either or!, one of those websites!, this all what i've said is absolutely 100% no lie what so ever!, just incase you don't believe what your reading what i typed on here and don't believe me!............ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sean on Aug 2, 2008


Sorry!, i forgot to mention that the mummy 4: end of time is coming to movie theaters in 2010 !. Check out this website below for proof of what i previously said on here! =)..................... . ENJOY! =)..........

sean on Aug 2, 2008


Haven't seen the movie yet, but by reading the reviews on RT and most of the reviews on here. Sounds like the movie was exactly as I thought it would be, not Good! When I first heard that Jet Li was going to be in it, that did it for me. Pretty much all of his US films sucks!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Jet Li and his Chinese films, but most of his US films are corny, cheesy, and bad scripts. Too bad cause I rather enjoyed the Mummy series too. Looks like a rental, or i'll wait until someone I know buys it on DVD or Blu Ray.

Omega728 on Aug 3, 2008


Yes!, we can call this the best movie of the summer and of the year too, because man o man!, have you not seen it or something!, i mean gosh!, all the excellent action and special effects and visual effect and storyline too!, i mean come on now!. Yeah!, of course the mummy 3 is definately way beeter then the mummy and the mummy returns!, we all know that!, but just don't want to admit it!, do we?!?!?. And last!, NO!, of course i didn't think i was watching something different!, i'm not freakin' stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=/.................... As for Omega728!, DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO SAY THIS MOVIE IS BAD!, THEY ARE COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY FULL OF TOTAL CRAP AS FREAKIN' USUALLY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=/, I'M NOT KIDDING ABOUT THAT EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ By the way!, i assuming that probably half of you all on here are giving this movie bad reviews, when you still have not even seen this movie yet!, now haven't you?!?!, well let me just re-assure you most of you, that it's actually a heck of alot smarter to go and see the movie first and then decide if the movie was or not!, AFTER YOU'VE ALREADY SEEN IT!!!.

sean on Aug 3, 2008


Don't listen to the fools that did not like this movie or walked out in the first 30 minutes. What? You will not waste your money if you go to see Mummy 3, it's as good as the first two. There is so much action and so many laughs. Now if you didn't like the first two movies, than this isn't your genre and why are you wasting your time seeing and reviewing this movies. We are going during the week to see this a second time. I can't wait for more installments of this franchise.

tina on Aug 3, 2008


After this movie and Journey to the Center of the Earth I declare Brendan Fraiser critic proof. Mummy only got a 9 on Rotten Tomatoes and it still is only a few hundred grand behind DK overall and is beating it per screen. I liked the movie. I do think it had trouble with so many characters and not giving anyone enough screen time but it was still fun.

Moviegimp on Aug 3, 2008


I thought it was a great popcorn movie. At least it made up for the time I lost with Indiana Jone and the Kingdom of the Crystal SKUNK......

Obiwopkenobi on Aug 3, 2008


I really miss Rachel Weisz. She's much hotter than Maria Bello (no offense, lol) and it is her role. She did the sexy librarian thing sooooo well. The effects were very good (the Yeti were awesome and provided the best laugh of the movie) and I loved what they did with the Dragon Emperor. I've always liked Brendan Fraser and I think there isn't anything he can do to mess up a role he plays. I've never seen him in anything I didn't like, he is really, really underrated. I admit the story was kinda "blech" , but the movie was amusing and I liked it. I might have to buy this on DVD, just to complete my "Mummy" collection.

Jeep-Fu on Aug 3, 2008


Great responses from everyone. Hmm..maybe I'll check out the early show and see it. Very interesting points. I love the folks who post here. You guys are great.

Bry from Chi on Aug 4, 2008


Here's something i knew you all will be interesed in checking out when i first discovered it!, it's something on the mtv movies blog website about the mummy 4 !. Check it out and see what i'm talking about click on this link here!, . This is proff to those of you who don't believe me if and/or when i've said previously that that, yes there will be a mummy 4 !!!!!!!. Enjoy the site in the link above!. If it does not work when you click on it!, let me know and i'll try to re-post it on here for you on here again to see it!=). Enjoy!=).

sean on Aug 4, 2008


Sounds like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor met everyone's expectations... Brendan Frasier tries too hard to act, so you can tell he's acting

yay movies on Aug 5, 2008


Well !, what the in the world was he suppost to do then?!?!, i mean hey now!, think about it!, it's not a real live situation that hes in, in the movie!, it's a movie!, and in a movie, you act!, not be serious like if you where catching something on camra!, that's life threatening or anything like that!, right???. That's why movies are called movies anyway!!!=/. And it's an awesome movie and was done extremely well by rob cohen the director!. No one should ever question his great work on this new movie!!!, sorry!=/.

sean on Aug 6, 2008


"Yep, it definitely is that bad!"- "I personally decided to skip seeing this movie at all" Rrrright. I mean, sure, there's no need to actually watch a film to declare it bad.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Aug 7, 2008


#50: "And it's an awesome movie and was done extremely well by rob cohen the director!. No one should ever question his great work on this new movie!!!" Rob, is that you?

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on Aug 7, 2008


No Colin!, i'm sean!, this is not rob cohen sneaking on here with a different name!, if that's what you thought?!?!. I'm just trying to make a point everybody on here that, no!, this movie is actually not bad at all !, if you really think about it!!!. Theres no way to tell if the movie is good or bad with out even watching it!, i mean duhh!. So no!, theres no reason to act so sarcasic thinking that, that was rob cohen him self!, because no it wasn't. I'm sorry to disapoint you on that one!!!. By the way!, for those of you on here who think that this movie is actually bad!, probably didn't even see the movie or even acted immaturely by leaving the theaters early when the movie is still playing!, i mean come on now!, how stupid of people to leave a movie theater, that they paid for to go and see it!, in the first place and still leave, how much more stupid can people now adays get!!!. Thi movie is not bad like that total failer of a movie that came out a few years ago, called a sound of thunder!, remember that on?!?!, well that's the point i'm basically trying to make to you here!, o.k.?!?!.

sean on Aug 7, 2008


My family and I really liked the Mummy 3. We also liked Journey to the Center of the Earth. Oh yeah, maybe its because we didn't expect either one of them to be Oscar material, just fun for the family to watch. And we hope there is a Mummy 4 because we will go see it, too!

Kay on Aug 8, 2008


Yeah!, i saw the mummy 3 also and thought it was the best movie i've seen this summer!. I have not seen journey to the center of the earth yet!, is it a good movie???. The mummy 4: end of time, will be released to movie theaters in the summer of 2010 !=). I bet the mummy 3 will be awesome to watch when it comes to dvd and blu ray disc in january 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!=)....................................

sean on Aug 8, 2008


The mummy 4: end of time, will be released to movie theaters in the summer of 2010 !=). I bet the mummy 3: tomb of the dragon emperor will be awesome to watch when it comes to dvd and blu ray disc in january 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!.

sean on Aug 8, 2008


Pass. Not the real eve.

Buttons on Aug 8, 2008


awesome movie!! <3 loved me some brendan fraser

taylor on Aug 8, 2008


Taylor!, I loved everything about this movie, after i had seen it in the movie theaters!. Yes!, brendan fraser is an awesome actor!=). Can't wait to see him in the mummy 4: end of time, which comes out in summer 2010 !!!!!!!!!!=)...

sean on Aug 8, 2008


Yes!, that's right!, i'm not rob cohen and No!, i'm also not even one of the producers or distributor either from the movie, so no you your wrong about that!. Yeah!, i have read what you asked me to read on #46, but yeah the way you had made this movie sound on that reply was not entirely accurate because!, the movie itself has much more in it then you had said it had!, are you even sure you had seen the movie or at least the movie in it's entirety?!?!. I quite honestly enjoyed it when i saw it!, this movie does make sense and does have a great storyline, and awesome special effects and visual effects and great actors and actresses!, and the movie itself is not just all about the special and visual effects, because yes!, there is a story in it and a plotline!. Also it does not bother me like it might bother some other people, about the fact that it takes place in china!, i mean who cares that it does, it's actually just as good as the first two movies anyways!!!!!, and i'm beginning to wonder when people will accept that and get over it!, and just go and see it, without having such low exceptations for it, just because it does not even meet there exceptations before they've even seen it in the movie theaters!!!, i mean come on now. If i where anyone out there thinking about going to possibly going to see this movie, i'd go and see it first, and then decide if it was a good or bad movie after i'd have seen it anyways, so there you have it!!!=/.

sean on Aug 9, 2008


O.k.!, now you've seriously gone way to far!, all i was trying to say before was that i already know that that even thought the mummy 3 and the dark knight are in the movie theaters being watched by people at the exact same time!, i'm pretty sure that at least 50% percent of the people who go to movie theaters every day with both movies in the movie theaters, will go and see the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor which is pretty much happening as we speak!, and the other 50% of those people will go and see the dark knight!, both movies are literally in compition at the box office and then when that's finished being the case, they will be released to dvd and blu ray disc in december and january, in december for the dark knight and then in january for the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor!. Thats all i was trying to say before!, you don't have to get so upset about someone elses replies to you when they're just talking to you about movies and not about each other!, i'm just glad that you and i both have our own favorite newly theatrically released movies in mind!, but!, i still don't understand why your replies to me are so long and always have so much to say to the other person your replying to, and why your agueing with me about it in the first place either?!?!?!. I wasn't trying to sound so out of reach with what i was saying to you before!, but if you ask me now!, i'd say you are!, sorry=/.

sean on Aug 9, 2008


O.k.!, shero!, fare enough!.

sean on Aug 9, 2008


I saw the movie, and really enjoyed it. I must admit, however, that I was not thrilled with the replacement for Evie. But once you get past that one little fact, the movie is action-packed, and very entertaining. I don't know what some of these other people are talking about, and why so serious. Most people go to the movies for fun and entertainment, not to critique something which I rather doubt they know much about to begin with. And this movie is both. It is definitely worth it.

MaryK on Aug 10, 2008


MaryK!, you are absolutly 100% right!, the mummy 3 movie is very entertaining and action-packed!, and thats definately a very good thing to for this movies case!. This movie is ment to be good and so there we have it!, it is!,and thats that!. And for those of us who don't like that!, well face it!, it's the fact in this case and it's also reality!, thank you very much!=). I mean besides the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor is a really realy awesome movie anyways!, so for all you dark knight fans out there, dare i say this!, think again!, yeah!, thats right!, i said it!, whos laughing now!!! =). And as for shero!, please!, i give up already!, lighten up!!!=/=), i was just trying to make a point to you before and you basically didn't get it at all, did you???!=/, sorry!................................

sean on Aug 10, 2008


People walked out on the mummy? Why it was good I was entertained and I've seen worst (the happening just saw it at the dollar show) the mummy 3 was fun I didn't like that Evie was replaced but I still liked it. I wouldn't call it better then the first mummy and need to watch 2 again but would definitely enjoy another installment this probably rates number 4 on my action movie list under Dark Knight iron man incredible Hulk the mummy 3 (hellboy and Hancock were ok )

Samuel on Aug 10, 2008


Samuel!, No!, people aren't walking out on the mummy 3!, what made you think that!?!?. Yeah!, that happening movie sucks!, no kidding!. I actually didn't care that rachel weisz was not in the mummy 3, i didn't bother me at all !!!, and i also still like the movi too after i saw it in the movie theaters!. Well i would call this movie better then first because of everything this movie contain with in anyways!. I saw all the other movies you mentioned too, in the movie theates except for hellboy 2 and hancock!, those two, seem kinda suckish!, if you get my dirft?!?!?.

sean on Aug 10, 2008


What happened to Evie? Why was she replaced with the all-teeth Maria Bello? Evie was supposed to be English. No English gal in the 40s had HUGE perfect teeth like MB's. Couldn't concentrate on anything when those teeth were on the screen. They're mesmerizing. Jonathon was less of a drip than he was previously portrayed and therefore lost something of his endearing stupid cowardice. The original three, in the first two movies, were good. Why mess with that? I was a bit disappointed about there being no Mummy, but the terra cotta army was good. All in all, I shoulda saved my money to do a 7-day DVD rental later on.

Grimalda Factori on Aug 10, 2008


Jet li was the mummy in the mummy 3 !!!.

sean on Aug 11, 2008


Wow! Some of you guys are just brutal. Step back once in awhile and watch some of the cheesy monster and sci fi flicks of the fifties and especially the early 60's when I was growing up and you will see how good you really have it. Even Harryhausen's much lauded films (which I still have a warm feeling for) have some pretty ham fisted acting and the effects can't hold a candle to what is done these days. Story--what story? Lets just get on with the monsters! Now I realize that folks like Lucas, Spielberg, Jackson, and now Christopher Nolan have raised the bar still can't we take each film as its own unique offering and take pleasure for a couple of hours. No M3 was not a great film but still a lot of fun and I think actually better than the second one in the franchise. The whole concept is so far over the top to begin with that folks need to get a life. Have any of you actually seen the original Karloff vehicle. I really love that one, but it would probably appear much too creaky to most of the ADD generation that looks at movies these days. (By the way I was raised on peanut butter and Ritalin so I can identify).Yet I think it actually is much creepier than the first Mummy film in this franchise. Still I enjoyed that one for what it brought to the table and I enjoyed this last one as well. In some respects I felt the acting was superior though there were some lapses. Also I actually liked the first Batman movie better than TDK, though Heath Ledger was pure genius. The film was a bit too long and seemed to drift in a few spots whereas the first one had one surprise and revelation after another. Still this seems like a lot of quibbling to me. and I have actually seen TDK three times as well as getting to be a cop as an extra in this film so I am trying to be as objective as possible. I am not really sure why we have to trash one film to elevate another one anyway. So now just go out and get some popcorn, enjoy, and I will still be curious to see those Peruvian mummies.

Richard Geer on Aug 12, 2008



OmgITSUCKED on Aug 12, 2008


O.k.!, fare enough!, to whoom ever calls him or her self richard geer!. And to the other person after you who left his or her comment after yours!, NO!, it was not horrible at all !, sorry to birst your all you peoples bubbles "sorta speak", but NO!, this movie absolutely does not suck at all !!!!!!!!!!!!. It's just that you all don't like the fact that it's set in china instead of egypt!!!!!!!!!!!!=/, i mean so what!, who gives a "you know what"!?!?!. It's not big freakin' deal!, for god sakes!=/. Also!, who the heck cares that it does not have the original actress rachael weisz!, to those of you whom mentioned that before?!?!?!. Maria bello!, did an outstanding job!, in this movie!. I'm gonna definately buy this movie one blu ray disc for my blu ray disc movie collection!, when it comes out on december 2nd, 2008 tuesday!=). I found out that, thats it's dvd/bl ray disc release date on a "special hard to find webpage", on there is a dvd/blu ray disc release date list on there!, that i've discovered!=, that's how i know of it's true dvd/blu ray disc release date!!!=).

sean on Aug 12, 2008


O.k.!, now you've seriously gone way to far!, all i was trying to do was to make a point to somebody!, and plus!, i was not even talking to you shero!, so please don't get all up in my face and angry with me!, just because you obviously thought i was only talking to you!, well let me just reassure you, i was not!!!!!!!!!!!!!, end of discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=/. Now lets move on like people should do!, thank you very much!......

sean on Aug 13, 2008


The preview was better than the movie

Ohio Knight on Aug 16, 2008


It was terrible.. I loved the other two movies, but this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen, I must say!

Shibsy on Aug 16, 2008


Ohio Knight!, yeah!, maybe they decided to just show the best scenes from the movie in the trailer!. Shibsy!, i don't know about that for sure!, i presonally thought the movie was the best one this whole entire summer!, all of the other ones where kinda sorta dumb anyways!. There has not been a mummy movie added to this franchise for a while anyways so, it was time for there to be another one added regardles whether if it was going to end up being a good or bad movie at all in the first place!!!. That's quite honestly how i pretty much already see where this trilogy is going!, if you ask me!!!. O!, and i know i've said this before but!, Keep an eye out for the mummy 4 coming out to theaters in 2010 !!!=). Maybe the fourth one coming out in 2010, will be better then the third one that came out august 1st this year!. Do you any of you think that could be a possiblity???, i'm just curious!!!.

sean on Aug 16, 2008


Well, having just seen the Tomb of the dragon emperor I have to say my feelings were mixed! I loved the 1st two mummy movies, but this one seemed to take an awful long time to get going. Later on though, things livened up and we got some terrific action scenes. Maria Bello as Evie was ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL!! who on earth cast this pitiful "actress" as Evie needs their head testing. Unconvincing performance, her sword play was clumsy and amateur compared to what we saw Evie doing in mummy two, she forgot she was supposed to be English and let her accent slip into american more than once and she was just soooooooooooooo BORING!!!!!!!!!!!! Likewise Alex; I seem to remember he had an accent more English than American in m2, what happened? did he get sent to university in America? and how did his supposed dad managed to look more like his brother despite the passing of years? It would have been nice too to actually have a mummy putting in an appearance give the frequent references towards mummies. The action scenes when they eventually made an appearance did save the day somewhat but on the whole I think disappointment was my main feeling having anticipated and hoped for another mummy movie so soon.

Kath on Aug 17, 2008


O!, come on!, we all should give the people all involved in this movie a little more credit then that!, i mean gosh, am i the only one here who actualy enjoyed every single thing about it when i saw it!, or what???. The whole movie it self was great in all ways!, but i also know theres alot of you on here who actually disagree with me on that!, but, i will, also say that i already know that, that is the truth!, now isn't it!?!?. I mean come on now!=/. This movie is definately enjoyable and entertaining no matter what anyone says!, they just don't want to admit it for some strange unkown reason!=/.

sean on Aug 17, 2008


I had to keep watching in hopes that it would get better. It didn't. I knew it was gonna be bad when Rachel Weis did not play the role of Brendan Frasier's wife.

Kelli on Aug 18, 2008


was it good as mummy 1&2,NO, but it was'nt that bad and richard gere was right about the 60's movie, it wasn't fantastic , but it was a good popcorn munching movie and i do hope the peruvian mummy movie's will have longer screen time to develop the plot better and i do hope rachel weiss will be back , but i enjoyed it and so didn't my young nephews ( ages, 15,14,&13), it certainly was not the worst movie of the summer and definitely the best, but enjoyable

tammy on Aug 18, 2008


My fav part was the shirtless scene even though it was only two seconds long. One of these days folks well figure out girls need "beefcake". Shoot, what can I say, I'm a chick. 🙂 Everything was okay...but you all are right..they did need much better writing. Oh well. 🙂 Now..when is Wolverine coming out! 😉 (beefcake at it's best)

Bry from Chi on Aug 19, 2008


Sucked even more than I expected. In a fit of nostalgia, I went to see the movie. Because I went with my brother, who liked the meager jokes and terrible over-the-top useless explosions enough to stay, I had to "go to the bathroom" several times in order to sneak into a TDK screening instead. Each time I came back, it wasn't getting any better. As soon as I went home I popped in the first Mummy movie to make myself feel better.

anonymous on Aug 20, 2008


Ive not seen this movie (and i doubt i ever will) but it must have been better then Indy4??? Apart from The Dark Knight i thought this years "blockbusters" were all really poor! There were some good moments in both Iron man and Hulk movies....but still nothing worth seeing twice!

vegasdanny on Aug 20, 2008


Wow--what a cross section of passion about this movie. I cant wait to get the chance to see it! That way I can make my own decision on how good or bad it is. You sure can't tell anything about it from reading here! Randy

randy on Aug 22, 2008


Well !, let me just tell you that all of us here obviously have our own little thing to say about this movie but, let me also just re-assure you that, the people on here such as myself who have actually seen this movie and are saying good-positive things about it!, are the people who know what their talking about!, but the people who either scene it and/have not scene it!, and that are still saying untrue-negative things about are wrong in all ways thinkable!. That's quite honestly just how it might as well end up being!, because of how people act about this in the very extreme firse place!. By the way!, i'd say!, go and see the movie, and then realize how hard it was for everyone involved in this movie to get this movie done and just get that yes!, it is an awesome movie anyways!, whether if we like it or not!=). Besides!, who doesn't like an entertaining movie like this anyways?!?!, i personally like every single thing about it!, if you asked me!!!. I also can't wait to finally have it on blu ray disc on december 2nd, 2008 tuesday!, which is when it'll be coming out to dvd and blu ray disc in stores to be sold at!!!=), where they sell movies on those formats!!!=)..........

sean on Aug 22, 2008


I went to see the movie because of Brendan, and because I LOVED the first two of the franchise. To this day, though I own them both on DVD - if I'm channel surfing and they're on, I'm stuck watching it til' the end. So I REALLY wanted to like The Mummy 3, and I think it had definite potential, BUT OMG! Whoever cast Maria Bello as Evy should have a conversation with someone about the definition of the word CHEMISTRY. There was ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, between Maria Bello and Brendan Fraser. For the most part, he looked like he was doing a job, and wasn't really enjoying it. There were times when she looked more like his mom than his wife. AND what happened to the fact that Evy was half Egyptian? Bello's English accent was HORRIFIC to boot. You want to see CHEMISTRY - Rachel and Brendan didn't even need to speak, if they shared the scene - all they had to do was look at each other and you could feel the SIZZLE. It's funny, but there was this one thing that Brendan and Rachel used to do, where he would rub her nose with his... I think Brendan actually tried to do that in the last scene, but it JUST DID NOT WORK. Luke Ford, though handsome, looked more like his little brother than his son, and what happened to Alex's BEAUTIFUL English accent from The Mummy Returns? All of a sudden he's a full fledged American? I was really disappointed. Though I'm one of those that will have to buy it on DVD, because it would ruin my collection if I don't, and because I LOVE Mr. Brendan Fraser. They should have written Evy out of the story, left her at home in England while they chased the dragon emperor by themselves. I would've enjoyed it so much more!

LoveThatDoll on Aug 22, 2008


I see and understand what you've said!, but i just don't see how it could be possible that, maria bello did a horrible job in the movie at all !. She did perfectly fine and i was completely saticifed by her entire performance in th mummy 3 !, and i'm not gonna complain about anything involving this movie what so ever!=). I can't wait to finally get my darn hands on the mummy 3 blu ray disc on december 2nd, 2008 tuesday!, which is when it'll be released to that format and dvd too, and reason i exactly why it will be out on that date is because a webpage on amazon that's basically got all the upcoming blu ray disc release dates, and the mummy 3 is one of them with that date for this movie!=). By the way!, i know i've said this before but!, how many of you on here are aware of the fact that there will be the mummy 4: rise of the aztec in 2010???, i had recently found out about it on!, and they are definately a truth-worthy movie website!, so i know already that, that title and release year for the mummy 4 is no lie!, and i mean that as good thing for this franchise!!!!!!!=).

sean on Aug 22, 2008


The three-headed dragon and the yetis were cool but the rest of the film is just a corny, forgettable action flick.

SlashBeast on Aug 25, 2008


I agree with LoveThatDoll, Maria Bello was terrible as Evie, no spark whatsoever with Brendan Fraser. I hope they bring back Rachel Weisz for the fourth movie, I feel it'll be a big mistake if they don't. I saw The Mummy on cable this weekend, and noticed the nose rubbing between Brendan and Rachel, too cute! The scene where they see each other for the first time is amazing. Funny what you pick up on when someone points things out to you.

NotSoFast on Aug 25, 2008


SlashBeast!, i disagree!, there was definately way more to it then that!. And the movie is way better then that!, we just have to give it some time in the box office world wide!, and then we'll all see how good it'll do!, it's just that nobody realizes that just yet, but we'll see!, how it truely does at it's very end of being in theaters!, then it'll be released to dvd and blu ray disc on december 2nd, so in other words it'll basically be in total limbo for about 3 to 4 months, more or less!, and then by the time it comes to dvd and blu ray disc disc, there may be more people who will want to buy it, then see it in theaters!. NotSoFast!, who left his or her comment after SlashBeast!, I'm very sorry to have to inform you this!, but now after they've involved rob cohen as the director and maria bello as the main actress!, theres actually absolutely no chance what so ever that she'll be able to return now, because maria bello and director rob cohen from the mummy 3 might not let that happen at all !, so theres a good chance that it's just to late for that to now be the case!, i'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=/.......

sean on Aug 26, 2008


SEAN: You're saying that a film is great purely because of the amount of money it makes which is not true. The film is probably worth at least one watch but it's nothing memorable or even close to being considered a "great film". The dialogue and the plot were in general just corny and this franchise has really gotten stale.

SlashBeast on Aug 26, 2008


Well SlashBleast!, i guess we all have our own thoughts on how this movie really is!, but!, you know what!?, i quite honestly feel alot more satisfied and happy with how the movie turned out to be in the movie theaters once i went to go and see it!, better then how it seemed at first with the teaser and theatrical movie trailers!, that were released before it came to theaters!!!. I liked it enough to want to go and definately buy it on blu ray disc, once it comes out on that format and dvd, on december 2nd, 2008 tuesday!, and so there for, i will !!!.......................................................

sean on Aug 26, 2008


Ok i recently saw the film and i came out happy. Lets start by saying for those who loved the mummy series will actually remember there is always cheasy humour in it so its nothing new but why are people giving so much stick when its always been there, is it that with recent films like batman is it our fault for expecting so much from films these days. Overly i enjoyed it apart from parts that seemed to cut story short and the ice bear monster things were a awful move but the idea of it all was good fun oh and i did not like the new evy as she was not good for the part. It's not a great film but a enjoyable one for the family.

Adam on Aug 27, 2008


I went to see this movie for two reasons. 1. Isabella Leong, who plays Lin, who wasn't that great. She is much better in Asian films... 2. Isabella Leong speaking with Yetis. I got what I went for, therefore I am happy. Although, I hate to admit, Ford cound't keep is accent straight, that drove me up the wall...

Memoriae on Aug 29, 2008


Please Take out the cornyness its horrible, ruins the movie. what in the beginning she was dancing around and sliding on her furniture.sliding on the piano, because she was bored. ...stupid

Mike on Aug 30, 2008


soooo bad on Sep 4, 2008



werdnafaz on Sep 5, 2008


mummy 4...good news and i think they will take note not to go too far with the cheesy things so its gonna be good, and aztecs are very interestng and scary...just look into the human sacrifices they made....that would worry you if you were in aztec land.

adam on Sep 8, 2008


I liked Mummy 3. If i expected more than a mindless, over-the-top popcorn flick then I was fooling myself. It was fun if you let it be. Not as good as the first two, but fun and fast-paced.

jmoney on Sep 8, 2008


i dont know why so many people hated it, it was an alright movie, not as good as the Egyptian ones, but still a good movie to watch

Steve on Sep 9, 2008


O.k.!, steve, yeah!, that's fare enough!. I totally agree!!!....

SEAN on Sep 9, 2008


A total waste of time. Expected something better in this movie. They should have ended the series with Mummy 2.

Jerry on Sep 9, 2008


Nope!. Jerry!, i totally disagree!. Sorry!=/...

SEAN on Sep 9, 2008


I didn't think it was that bad. I mean it isn't the best in the series but its an interesting entry.

Kyle on Sep 10, 2008


It was a lot of fun, not as good as the two first movies, but whatever. I'd give it a 8/10.

The Awsome Dude With Sunglasses on Sep 11, 2008


I was SOOOO Dissapointed watching this movie. There was too much on love triangles, not enough on action. AND EVE WAS NOT EVE! That ruined the entire movie for me to begin with because i completely thought Rachel Weisz was going to be back. It was just too long of a Gap I think. THe mummy returns should have just stopped on good terms. I still enjoy brendan fraiser.... but it made me mad the way JEt Li was very little shown. Just a flash back and a few little fight scenes. Not even no real fight scenes. THEY DIDNT EVEN SHOW HIS MARTIAL ART SKILLS. Which I always look forward to seeing in a movie. His wushu is excellent! Im a big fan. But this movie blowed. I was so tempted to walk out and take my money back within the first 30 minutes but i had a friend there whowas semi enjoying herself so we stayed. Bleh.

Celeste on Sep 11, 2008


I think the movie would have been awesome if all the original characters were in it. Fair enough the Boy (Alex) was older and they would have needed another other guy to play him, but it just wasn’t the same with the different wife (Evelyn). It just didnt seem like we were watching the same movie!!!! Sequels and Prequels never make it big when they chop and swap the characters... Have we not learned this yet film directors!!!???

Lauren on Sep 12, 2008


O.k. look!, as far as i'm pretty much aware of!, i went to go and see the movie when it first came out!, and i will say that, i enjoyed it 100%percent through it's it's whole entirety or in other words whole length in time playing at the movie heater where i went to go and see it and had not one complant about the movie it self at all, what so ever!, so i am definately planning on buying it on blu ray disc when it's released to that format!!!.

sean on Sep 15, 2008


I have just found out on, which is theatrical and dvd release dates website, that the mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor dvd/blu rya disc release date has unfortunately been changed from december 2nd, 2008 tuesday, to december 16th, 2008 tuesday, which is two weeks later in december 2008 for this movie, then originally planned!. So for those of us who really were planning on getting it on that original date, will know have unfortunately wait an extra two unnessessary weeks to buy it!!!=( =/...............

sean on Sep 17, 2008


yes!! this is a total crap movie... iwish mummy 4 bring back the chemistry in it in the viewers.... rachel weisz should do the Eve part again, her son is big by now.... and will appreciate her mother to be a action super hero fighting egyptian mummies and so....

maria on Mar 27, 2009


Right look! this movie maybe escapism but that doesn't mean i want to escape into shit. I have watched this movie and it lost all the greatness of the first two. witty one liners from brendan fraser. the stupidty of jonathan and the great intensity of evie and rick!!!! don't try and make this movie sound good. it is just not. which is why Brendan Fraser may not even return and i don't blame him!!!!

Stef on Jun 7, 2009


sean, you're a whore, shut the hell up and rape your mom.

SlashBeast on Jul 10, 2010

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