Spider-Man Will Return in 2011! But Do We Want Him To?

June 20, 2008
Source: LA Times


We all knew this was going to happen. The Spider-Man franchise has earned over $2.5 billion at the box office worldwide since Peter Parker swung into theaters back in May of 2002. Producer Laura Ziskin told theaters owners on Thursday that Spider-Man 4 is tentatively scheduled to arrive in May of 2011. Although rumors have been circulating surrounding both Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire's return, nothing is concrete yet. The farthest they've gone is to pay Marvel to secure the rights yet again, which is at least confirmation that they will continue. Spider-Man will be back - but do we really want him to return?

If this ends up being true and Sony does get another Spider-Man made in three years time, let me be the first to say that 2011 is going to be one hell of an incredible year. The Hobbit is going to make its triumphant debut, most likely in the fall, just like Lord of the Rings. Additionally from Marvel, Captain America will make his debut and we'll most likely see the biggest geek dream of all - The Avengers. If Transformers keeps up on its two year schedule, we'll also be watching Transformers 3 in the summer. And if Christopher Nolan keeps up with his three year schedule, we'll probably be watching Batman Begins 3 in 2011 as well. Add Spider-Man 4 to that list and I think most geeks will have fainted.

In theory, that kind of summer, packed full of even more sequels, sounds like something that most of us wouldn't appreciate, but thats only because we're still trying to get the bad taste of 2007 out of our mouths. By the time we get to 2011, we'll all be looking forward to Transformers 3, Batman Begins 3, and The Avengers as much as we were looking forward to Spider-Man 3 in April of 2007 just before we ended up seeing how bad it really was. But out of all of these potential films, Spider-Man 4 is the one that I'm just not so sure about. I actually don't blame Sam Raimi for Spider-Man 3 being so bad, but I'm wondering if they can still stand up to the big guys like Christopher Nolan and Jon Favreau nowadays.

One of the only ways that I'll really be satisfied with Spider-Man 4 is if they bring back Tobey Maguire and if Sam Raimi returns in some fashion. Maybe if he doesn't return as a director, but is involved as a producer, I'll be happy. But of Sony starts taking this off on their own, fitting in new talent that doesn't blog in Raimi's franchise, then it'll really start to bug me. And that's where I bring up the question: do we really want him to return? Even if, let's just say, Raimi could pull Spidey out of the rut he was in at the end of Spider-Man 3 (and I mean his reputation, not his actual problems), would it still be something you'd like to see? Would you welcome the return of Spider-Man in 2011?

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I wish that spider man 4 would be more tailored for adults like rated R movie. i kind of liked the first movie but 2 & 3 was letdown for me but that is just me.

Davor on Jun 20, 2008


Spiderman can join Venom to fight Carnage, there's a R rating right there!

chrisUK on Jun 20, 2008


I want a spider-man 4!!!!!!! me! me! oo i want one!! 🙂

ha1rball on Jun 20, 2008


As a novelist and fledgling screenwriter, I gotta say this: it all starts with a great script. If they can get something great on the page, in the vein of a "Batman Begins" or even an "Iron Man", then hell yes - sign me up. And ten bucks says if you get that great script, great actors and directors will not be far behind, be it Rami or Maguire or some new folks. But if it's anything like Spider Man 3, then you might as well not bother.

William Mize on Jun 20, 2008


Marvel needs to get Rami outta the picture (he had his chance with the last two). As for me I absolutely loved the first one...and dislike the later. I've grown up with Spider-man since forever ago and the movies need to do the character justice. Its B.S. when your getting quality comic book films...and mean while you got peter parker swinging around in a jazz club acting like some pathetic emo-turd. I'm expecting a Re-Boot (like The Hulk and Punisher)!

Marqwest on Jun 20, 2008


I'm all for it, but only if they follow Marvel's lead with Ironman and Incredible Hulk by opening up the Spidey movies to the greater Marvel Universe. Let's see a cameo by Stephen Strange in a coffee shop reading a book on the occult, have Peter get pissed at J. Jonah for firing him yet again and Peter trying to hire a lawyer a certain blind attorney, or Peter at a night club and he accidently bumps into Johnny Storm and they get into a minor altercation. I want to see the wider Marvel U displayed in Spider-man. Oh and give Curt Conners the damn Lizard formula I've been waiting for that character for the last 6 years.

PimpSlapStick on Jun 20, 2008


Ugh, after the last showing no, Spidy should hang up his leotard and make way for the Avengers.

interl0per on Jun 20, 2008


I didn't think that Spider-Man 3 was a bad movie (though it's certainly not as good as the first two), but for Spider-Man 4 to be any good at all it needs Sam Raimi. I have myself devised a law of movies: ALL FOURQUELS ROYALLY SUCK. There are only 2 exceptions that allow a fourquel to defy this rule: 1. The director of the fourth film directed all 3 previous films in the franchise (this is why Lethal Weapon 4, while not that good, at the least wasn't crap). 2. The period of time between the releases of the third and fourth films is 10 years or more (ex. Live Free or Die Hard). This rule does not include films based on books or prequels (Harry Potter 4 and The Phantom Menace don't apply). Seriously, any fourth film in a franchise that doesn't fit into either of these exceptions has been god awful. Batman and Robin, Superman 4, and Alien: Ressurection were all terrible, and without Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4 will most likely wind up the same.

Andrew on Jun 20, 2008


I would love to see a Spiderman 4 but, I think it should have a new director and star. Don't get me wrong, I think Tobey Maguire was brilliant in all 3 films, but I also thought that the third film was utter pants. It would be good to see the series updated now. I quite liked the rumour that Jake Gyllenhaal might star as Peter Parker in Spidey 4 for example. I think the series needs a revamp!

Me on Jun 20, 2008


Ill take spiderman 4 if it is part of all the marvel crossovers going on, spiderman appearing in the avengers wouldnt be too bad either.

Dre on Jun 20, 2008



Brian on Jun 20, 2008


Spider-Man 3 wasn't bad, they just tried to put too much in it. I never believed that the Venom storyline could be done well in a single film and Spider-Man 3 sort of proved that. Spider-Man 4 should go back to having a single villain. I would personally love to see Mysterio in a movie. If they MUST have more than one villain, add a subplot involving The Lizard, since the foundations have already been laid.

Sean Kelly on Jun 20, 2008


#9 I gotta be honest Tobey Maguire made a good Peter Parker, but when I think back on it he sucked as Spidey. Tobey seems to be devoid of any comedic wit aside for the physical comedy and mishaps Tobey suffers as Peter parker, but that was mostly Raimi's added touch or an 'Cameo' by Bruce Campbell and other bit players (Hal Sparks in the elevator with Spidey etc...) I need a funny Spidey, Spider-man is like the Bugs Bunny/Dave Chappelle of superheroes and Peter Parker is the Daffy Duck. I'd like to see a new guy as Spider-man someone with real wit and humor.

PimpSlapStick on Jun 20, 2008


Spider-man 3 had horrible acting in it, the bridge scene with Peter and MJ was god awful and if I had to see acting like that again I might actually throw myself off a bridge. Spider-man 2 was the best so if they could pull together a solid villain with believable acting I would be down for a number 4.

Tyler on Jun 20, 2008


As a die-hard Spidey fan, I would love to see a return, I thought the 3rd movie ended on a very somber note, and Spidey needs to swing off into the sunset like the previous 2 movies. I also think that the 3rd movie gets a bad rap, it was only sub par compared to the other two. Looking at other terrible movies that Hollywood churns out, Spider-Man 3 was quite good. It may have crammed too much in, and left certain portions shortchanged, but it did tie everything together well, and the action scenes were fantastic. I would love to see a new director, but with some involvement from Sam Raimi. I would also like to see Tobey Maguire return, though he may be too old by 2011. And he definitely needs to be funnier!

moviefan15 on Jun 20, 2008


I hope raimi returns. i love his vision with the film. and it seems like i am the only one who loved the third film (dancing scene and all...). it had it's script problems...but that was the only thing i didnt like about it (the news caster woman at the end during the fight scenes...ugh). he has such unique vision and creativity. im all for him returning. and, seeing as how i do not think maguire will return without him, he better return

Josh on Jun 20, 2008


I can't imagine a better person to be Peter Parker/Spiderman than Tobey Maquire. In fact, of all the super hero movies, he's probably the best match, second only to Christopher Reeve, who was born to be Superman, on film and in real life.

Scott on Jun 20, 2008


#13 - lol, I like you're bugs bunny/daffy duck comparisons but surely not? I never really saw Spiderman as the comedy character of Marvel. I do agree that I'd like to see a new guy as Spiderman, but I think maybe someone older to show the progression in the comics. I think Tobey Maguire was perfect to play the teen/college version of Peter Parker but probably not the older version as portrayed in the comics.

Me on Jun 20, 2008


No emo-Spider-man and I'm in. Any word on if they are going with this rumored script that had a story arc spanning two movies?

Boo-Yah on Jun 20, 2008


#18 I see your point, but what I'm trying to describe/explain is that Spider-man in the comics is freakin hilarious (When written by a writer who has the funny...) it's an established part and partial part of Spider-man, he is funny not just slapstick funny, but observational/thinking out loud/foot in mouth/New York funny. If all the Marvel superheroes where confronted by Galactus on earth Spider-man would be the guy who would say "Wow a purple people eater literally" or some such, in fact the more scared or unsure he is the more the quips fly, also he uses it as part of his fighting tactics, he pisses a villian off so much with his jokes that it makes them careless trying to take him out.

PimpSlapStick on Jun 20, 2008


As a big Spidey fan I think it'll be great to see another film added to the series. I agree with what William Mize said, it all starts with the script. I thought Raimi did what he can with what was given to him the last time, I can name tons of other comic movies that are a lot worse than Spidey 3. So give the guy a break, he's been great for the franchise and I think he and Maguire deserves another chance to pull this off. Please!!!! No reboot.... the only thing they need to change in the next film is get rid of Kristin Dunst. I would love to see Rachel McAdams play MJ instead.

omega728 on Jun 20, 2008


Please no. Leave it alone. no good can come of this. I fear Sony will beat spidey into the ground over the next decade until they have a film that costs $200M and makes $150. Then they will stop in 2017 and Marvel can relaunch in 2020. Ugh. Let Marvel do these movies and somehow let Sony share the money. Marvel cares about doing these characters right and wouldn't have thrown 3 villians in one movie. Please no. Please no. Please no.

Matt on Jun 20, 2008


Heck yeah. I'm always up for a Spider-Man film.

Cinexcellence on Jun 20, 2008


Nope not interested. Spider-man should be funny and witty and Tobey Maguire is unbelievably boring. I would be somewhat interested if they do a reboot and higher Topher Grace as Peter Parker. (which I really thought after seeing spider-man 3, should of been done for the first 3 movies)

Nate on Jun 20, 2008


Ok first of all. ONE VILLAIN!!! Sandman was a classic villian & Venom was a kick ass villian as well, but shoehorning both of them along with Goblin Jr into one movie didn't give enough time to develop their characters. Second, the villian needs to be The Lizard. They had Doc Connors in the last two films so he's already established in the movie continuity. Other than that keep Avi Arad out of Raimi's way, which is rumored how Venom got wedged into SM3.

jason_md2020 on Jun 20, 2008


Please no. Terrible series. Batman Begins, Iron Man, and now Hulk, have set the bar too high for this plastic Spidey franchise. If they want to re-invent the thing (new director, new actors, and BETTER effects), then perhaps. Oh...and if you do re-invent...skip the origin story. We know that story better than we do our own country's history.

Christopher on Jun 20, 2008


I'd be moreintersted if Marvel was in charge and they could mesh it with the rest of the universe. A change in director might not be bad, I think Rami is getting a little worn out.

Staatz on Jun 20, 2008


As long as they promise to fix the injustice that was Spiderman 3 am in.

rodan8812 on Jun 20, 2008


i so want another spider-man they had two phenomenal films and one average, im pretty sure if Sony brings back Raimi and Tobey and the rest of the cast (excluding Dusnt) and Sony lets Raimi do his own thing then i think will have another 1 and 2 but if Sony starts sticking there nose in this project we could have another 3 and that will be the end of Spider-man and we dont want that. Spider-man can deffinatly hold his ground against Batman and Iron-Man. I really hope we get two more great Spider-Man movies im all for it..

Curtis on Jun 20, 2008


I would like to believe that it can't get any worse so sure why not do a fourth? Hell, why not just start over at the beginning! That's what I'm afraid is going to happen with all of these big comic book movies. They're going to do them and then 10 years later they are going to do them again and so on and so on.

Janet on Jun 20, 2008


I would have liked the movies a lot more if they did one central thing. made a Spider-Man movie so far all I've seen is Emo parker try to stick it out with MJ for three movies. Whoopdi doo. ALL OF THE BANTER WAS GONE! That's why I loved spider-man. Whenever parker put on his mask, the wit would flow like a gushing river. in spidey 1-3 (though I totally geeked out and bought all of the speical dvd's, I have contradicted myself a bit there as is a humans right) there was no wit and therefore no spider-man. It would be interesting, however, if after the Avengers came to theater that they did a theatrical trilogy version of the graphic novel "Evolve or Die" that's what I think anyway. Maybe it'd be a good idea to go the way of the Hulk and try again?

Garrett.king on Jun 20, 2008


i think it needs to go back to when Spidey was a teenager, those were (and still are) the best parts of the comics.

Tristan on Jun 20, 2008


I wonder if they'll do a franchise reboot. Like make Peter Parker a meth addict, explaining why he's so spidery. Anyone?

DCompose on Jun 20, 2008


gotta say, DCompose. that would definetly put a new "SPIN" on it. anyway I'd hate to say it..but that might actually be cool. Spider-Man a la Requiem for a Dream. Can see it now...

Garrett.king on Jun 20, 2008


You know I think Spiderman has run it's course. It brought in the new comic book film era, and I liked the first 2 films, but like Batman started the trend in the late 80's, Batman also ended the trend with Batman Forever and Batman and Robin in the late 90's. Spiderman could see the same fate, bringing in the comic books in the late 90's and carrying it out in the late 00's. Spiderman 3 was a carbon copy of the mistakes Batman Forever made. Too many characters. Too many villians in particular. Not enough story development, and not enough action. Venom is one of the coolest villians and he should have had his own Spiderman movie just as Goblin and Dr. Octavious had theirs....but he got what...15 minutes or so of screen time in Spidey 3? Horrible movie. The series needs to bow out gracefully, or re-root and come out fresh. I'm not sayin, brand new Spiderman franchise. I'm saying a 4th movie with the simplicity of the first one, with new special effects, and a little less candy coating than the previous films. I think Ironman was about on par with Spiderman 1, so I don't think the new comic book films have set the bar that high, but if Spiderman is going to return I think they need to reset the bar even higher in order to survive. And if 2011 is indeed the summer they plan on shooting for they really need to be careful. I've said it before on this site. The audience is going to get burned out on super hero movies sooner or later, and with the slate this article mentions for that summer....I think that will be the summer the audience finally gets a distaste for the comic book movies, and turns their back on them no matter how good or bad they may be. So if Spiderman 4 continues on the trend it's been heading towards, not only will it be a huge bust, but it could drag the rest of the super hero films down with it.

Ricky on Jun 21, 2008


in my opinion i dont think people will ever get sick of Super hero movies there is such a big fan base that even if the public gets sick of them there will still be the comic book fans there to drag there friends to go see it. Comic Book movies will go on for a long time to come and make a lot of dough for the companies. Spiderm-man was one of the first great marvel movies that started then trend of making so many super hero movies and has made the most money and needs a 2nd chance.

Curtis on Jun 21, 2008


How can anyone NOT want another Spiderman movie ? I just hope they do something like the new Hulk and make a new movie without any relation to the old ones. Some cameo (Hulk Iron man) would be nice too. Tobey was perfect as spiderman and Peter Parker but he could not really do anything about the horrid script of the 3rd film.

Shige on Jun 21, 2008


Shige As I'm something of a loyalist and can't say I didn't love the first Spider-Man movie..the second and third were really bad. I really think they should just go back and try again. maybe wait 5 years before doing so.

Garrett.king on Jun 21, 2008


I honestly think that the spiderman series is sorta cr*ppy, the last one being an insult to my my poor little eyes...And i seen po*n u couldn't beleive!!! 🙂

sng.Sheep on Jun 21, 2008


#6 I'm with you on that one! Personally I would have liked to see Spidey crossover with some other Marvel heroes,but isn't that out of the question since Marvel sold the rights yet again? Any thoughts on why besides the money,Alex?

Zerge on Jun 21, 2008


it was announced that the villans will be vulture and electro

Bryan on Jun 21, 2008


"do we really want him to return?" Yes of course we want him to return. Why wouldn't you? All its gonna cost us is $10. We're not exactly making the purchase of a lifetime. Watch the movie and enjoy it. Don't pretend that you people are personally offended if you didn't enjoy it as much others.

Arslaan on Jun 21, 2008


I want Spiderman to return as a transvestite who's just trying to get their kid back. Anyone?

DCompose on Jun 21, 2008


I'd love to see a Spiderman 4 but with less villians. I like 1 major villian, 2 at tops. When you get outside of that and start making 3 and 4 major villians it doesn't work. You are trying to develop too many plots and characters in a finite amount of time. I like Toby and Sam and hope they both come back for the Spidy 4. Even Kristen is fine as MJ so long as they stop screwing up the color of her hair, MJ hair is red not the color it was in Spiderman 3. THe sscript of course needs to be good but as I said earlier the best Comic book movis have been the ones with 1 or 2 bad guys in them. ( of course X-men I think of Magneto as the bad guy and the others his henchman and X-men two same deal) IF they stick to that idea I think they will be fine

AJ on Jun 21, 2008


I want to see Spider Man 4 if Marvel Studios has it. They way they could do some cameos and make the movie a bit more deep and darker.

Tyler on Jun 21, 2008


Tobey sucked. He ruined the movies for me. MJ too. Get some new blood in there. Somethings gotta change in that franchise after Iron Man. It set the bar, high.

Matt on Jun 22, 2008


I didnt actually mind Tobey as spidey if i blame anyone it probably be the writers or possibly Raimi when spider-man went into the final battle in the films the jokes and the wisecracks were gone thats how spidey deals in those situations. Spider-man was to me honestly the best of the 3 it was like a moving comic book with actual people i was left speechless. and the train scene was the best no one could copy that and make it as entertaining as that was not even supes in returns with the plane was as exciting as the plane scene. Kristen Dunst as MJ yeah probably not the best choice she's more of a gwen stacy then the modal/ acttress mary jane watson. but anyway Spidey should be handled like a bond film let it contiue if tobey;s to old replace him if needed no reason for a reboot just because the 3rd movie was bad it probably wouldnt of been so bad if everyone wasnt putting their 2 cent in when raimi was trying to put the thing together at best we would had is goblin and sandman (or just sandman it was said the movies would continue why not hold up longer on the second goblin give harry his own film as the villian alone? and venom deserved much more respect then that (and yeah i know Raimi said it was his last film at the time so understandable everyone wanted harry to become goblin under his care)) a darker or rated R spider-man just dont float with me why would it be rated R? sure in ultimate he's usually catching a beating and spidey deals with hard issues but since when has his world been dark? i dont see it if it was rated R i think that would be pushing it is all and darker well thats just moving him away from who he is.

Samuel on Jun 22, 2008


Omit kirsten dunce(cap) from any forthcoming sequels and you will automatically have an awesome spidey flick. (Sorry, i'm very partial to any other actress than her playing MJ. A pretty co-star would have made the Spidey movies more interesting... perhaps, the producers wanted movie-goers to focus primarily on spidey and the special fx because a bombshell of a MaryJane would have taken away from that notion?). Okay, somebody grab me a stool, because i'm probably reaching... *sighs*

BinYe East on Jun 22, 2008


So Alex, you can get excited over something like GAME but NOT Spiderman 4???? Sometimes I really don't understand you.

Ryan on Jun 22, 2008


I'm all for it. Hey, they can "reboot" the series at any time they want to: next year, in five years, or 20 years from now. This will be the only chance the original cast & crew will get to finish their saga properly and redeem themselves and the franchise after much disappointment with the third film. I'm one of the people (the silent majority I'd suspect) who think Spidey 3 was actually good, but nothing special. There was nothing in Spider-Man 3 to make me truly dislike the film, say like in the third (6th) Star Wars film we were introduced to the EWOKS! Give me the skinny "70's Show" kid as Venom over some Ewoks ten times out of ten! Some fans, err... fanbois, were disappointed with the way the last film played out. There were a couple of large mistakes in the story, but not enough to shut the series down. "Spider-Man" isn't about Spider-Man; it's about Peter Parker, and the ups-and-downs of his life. Spidey 3, despite all its flaws, did a pretty good job of showing a particularly dark time in PP's life. I don't want to start a debate over which is the best superhero or superhero film series, but it's clear to me no matter how much I like Iron Man, Hulk, Superman, or Batman, as far as their alter egos go, I care more about Petey Parker than I do about Stark, Banner, Kent and Wayne combined.

kevjohn on Jun 23, 2008


I want to see a revamp after #3 maybe "redo" 3 with a nice opening credits montage like in Incredible Hulk with Ang Lee's Hulk. Erase the memory of the third. Just a thought.

Silver on Jun 23, 2008


I'd have no problem with a retelling as well...let marvel studios get the rights to spidderman (spelled wrong on purpose lol) and make the movie right (ala Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk). I really didn't not like Spider-Man 3 (with the exception of Sandman) and the replay value of 2 and 1 has dropped off to the point where I won't buy them. I love Spider-Man and comic book movies in general but I think they should be made by the comic book studios or written by loyal comic book fanboys who won't screw up the stories. Although spider man has done its run...give some other comic book characters a chance in the spotlight before throwing spidey back into the mix.

JeepFu on Jun 23, 2008



Sinner on Jun 24, 2008


tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,tobey,its not a movie with out tobey

antonio rosario on Jun 29, 2008


I personally think that Tobey Maguire plays an excellent role as Spidey. He typifies the geeky character of Peter Parker and the witty character of Spider-man. I think Topher Grace was the biggest downfall in Spider-man 3. Anyone who has read the comics or even watched the cartoons would agree that Grace isn't the type of actor to play venom. Eddie Brock is pig headed and obnoxious. However, the Eddie Brock portrayed by Grace is a geeky and immature Eddie. As for the " ferocious " venom voice he made - don't get me started. I hope they bring venom back because he is perhaps one of the greastest vilians in the marvel series. But this time have an actor that looks and plays the part better. I think Kirsten Dunst is a great Mary Jane also. So i think they don't need to revamp the series. I just think they need less villians and better script writers such character development and witty one liners along with powerful drama just like Spider-man 1. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REPLACE TOBY MAGUIRE!!!

Darren on Jul 28, 2008


spiderman 4 should have the best villan of all,which would be carnage.who wouldn't want to see that

horner on Oct 6, 2008


Only if Bruce Campbell gets a bigger part this time!

Jimmy Ray Von on Oct 6, 2008


i really want a spiderman 4 tobey maguire is my idol i wanna be spiderman and an actor when im older i also want a spiderman 5 6 7 that would be really cool i have every action figure of spiderman i am tobey maguires super number 1 fan and spidermans super nuber 1 fan i have everything of spiderman stuff i think the villians that should be in spiderman 4 is the lizard and carnage. tobey if you ever read this i want you to call me i want to be spiderman and i really want to meet you

brandon on May 31, 2009


craven and lizard are the villains that raimi wants in spiderman4 but spider want that great and that may effect who the villains will be in spiderman4

villians for spiderman4 on Jul 17, 2009


i really hope their is another spiderman but as the writer of the newspaper article said if Tobey Maguire does not star as spiderman i do not think i want to see the 4th spider man but if he stays then i am all with it cause i am a big fan of our friendly neighborhood SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trevor on Sep 1, 2009


3 was entertaining if u was real fans u would have saw creation most of the fans stink!!! let tobey, and kirsten come back again!!! i luv 3 there was more than 1 goblin..wasnt it?

catbabygirl on Sep 4, 2009


i would like to see sm 4 esspecially if black cats in it (2nd favourite villain ever) 3 was a pretty big fail, just cuz venom and thhe black suit buissness wasn't really explained like eddie brock was preety much pete's bro when they were kids but in sm 3 he was just some random guy. and alotta people are complaining about the whole love triangle thing but personally i like it it gives the movie a more intresting atmosphere. thats why i want black cat in #4

bray on Nov 27, 2009


Im a die hard fan of the wallcrawler, I always desperately wait for spidey series movies. though I didnt liked d 3rd one.

PRAVIN on Aug 7, 2010

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