Spielberg Adapting Ghost in the Shell into Live-Action 3D!

April 14, 2008
Source: Variety

Ghost in the Shell

After 19 years since its debut in 1989, DreamWorks has finally secured the rights to adapt the Japanese manga and anime series Ghost in the Shell into a 3D live-action feature film. Both Universal and Sony were also chasing the rights, but Steven Spielberg himself took a personal interest in it and made sure it ended up in the hands of his company - DreamWorks. Spielberg says that Ghost in the Shell is one of his favorite stories and is "a genre that has arrived and we enthusiastically welcome it to DreamWorks." This plays off of the announcement from February that Akira, one of the other heralded Japanese anime properties, is being adapted by Warner Brothers as well.

Street Kings screenwriter Jamie Moss has been hired to write the adaptation. Ex-Marvel CEO Avi Arad and Steven Paul, who originally brought the project to the studio, will both produce. A director has not been announced yet. DreamWorks president of production Adam Goodman enthused that Ghost in the Shell is a property "that epitomizes 3-D live-action motion picture possibilities." A production schedule has not been announced, however it's likely DreamWorks will be aiming to get this together to follow Akira's debut in the summer of 2009.

Created by Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell was first published in 1989. It went on to generate two additional manga editions, three anime film adaptations, an anime TV series and three videogames. Ghost in the Shell is a futuristic police thriller dealing with the exploits of Motoko Kusanagi, a member of the covert operations section of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission, Section 9, which specializes in fighting technology-related crime. Although supposedly equal to all other members, Kusanagi fills the leadership role in the team, and is usually referred to as "the Major" due to her past rank in the armed forces. She is capable of superhuman feats, and bionically specialized for her job - her body is almost completely mechanized; only her brain and a segment of her spinal cord are organic.

I'm a huge fan of the two Ghost in the Shell anime movies and am incredibly excited to see this finally come together under Spielberg's discretion. It looks like the new trend in Hollywood definitely is adapting anime and it looks like both Paramount (Ghost in the Shell) and Warner Brothers (Akira) have their big properties. I only hope that Jamie Moss is a talented enough screenwriter to maintain the brilliant subtleties and undertones of the Ghost in the Shell series and not turn it into a steaming pile of Hollywood crap. For now I'll remain confident and maintain my excitement as this project develops.

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Oh fucking God no. Spielberg is the last person on Earth that should be doing a live-action adaptation of any anime, let alone Ghost in the Shell. I can't even begin to imagine how many thing he will fuck up with this movie.

NamelessTed on Apr 14, 2008


I must disagree the spielberg is perfect for this after ET you know your gonna get the full whack just from the shots and lighting style without the possibility of some idiot making a mess of the best manga to side 21st century internet Add to this Dreamworks ( thats his mouth) and theres every possibility of it beign better than the real thing ? Ok maybe not

Matt on Feb 24, 2011


Whoa, why such hostility? What's wrong with Spielberg adapting an anime??

Alex Billington on Apr 14, 2008


I mean, Spielberg is a good director/producer and everything, but I just don't want to see him doing anime. But, the types of movies that Spielberg is involved with is very different from the type on anime that GitS is. I am excited to see anime getting more attention as of late, but I don't want to see a trend of hollywood doing mediocre Hollywood adaptations of anime.

NamelessTed on Apr 14, 2008


I think it's safe to say Spielberg will be producing the film through Dreamworks rather than directing - his slate is pretty full over the next few years. Speaking of Zack Snyder, there's a guy I would like to see make this. But even if it's Spielberg, it has a lot of potential. He did a fantastic job with Minority Report. Still, it's not the director that's going to make or break this thing. It's the screenwriter.

John on Apr 15, 2008


Could you please help me with something guys? when you say live action 3d movie are you talking about live action like with real actors and everything in between and 3d glasses? or a movie a la beowulf? It might sound kinda dumb, but I live far far away from hollywood!

bltzie on Apr 15, 2008


Nah bltzie, the first thing you said. Beowulf is CGI 3D, live action is basically a live movie in 3D - e.g. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D (sadly I reference that piece of crap).

Alex Billington on Apr 15, 2008


Yet another sign that Hollywood is running out of ideas and are bridging a gap that should've only been widened. Anime does not deserve to be translated over to live-action Hollywood movies. They are world's apart and quite frankly I'm not a fan of anime at all.

Brad on Apr 15, 2008


Doesn't deserve to be translated to live-action? Are you kidding me. I mean, I don't want to see anime adaptations turning into comic book adaptations. I mean, there are a couple really good comic book movies (Batman Begins) but most of them are either just mediocre or plain bad. But I don't understand how you could say that anime doesn't deserve Hollywood remakes. I would like to ask you what anime you have even watched. If you say Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z then you have no idea what you are talking about. There are some really amazing animes out there, you just need to find the right ones. Although I do also agree that Hollywood is running out of ideas. All of the original screenplays are indie films. A majority of the hollywood movies these days are remakes, book adaptations, or the same story we have heard a dozen times only with different characters.

NamelessTed on Apr 15, 2008


@ John I agree that Zack Snyder would be an excellent director for this film, but I disagree that screenwriters make or break a film. It's totally the director who determines how the film looks, feels, and progresses. The screenwriters only control dialogue and general movements and direction. It's up to the director to bring the screenwriter's script to life. But nonetheless...I trust speilberg.

Matt Suhu on Apr 15, 2008


Good luck to him! I'm not a huge watcher on anime,but the anime to film record is pretty bad: Devilman - TOTALLY crap film, great anime Initial D - REALLY crap film, great anime Fist Of The North Star - RUBBISH film, ok anime There are probably other examples i've forgot or not seen (Gunhed?) I'd love to see the 3 Cyber City: Oedo 808 stories adapted, give Cyber City to Frank Millar and Robert Rodriguez to adapt and it could be AWESOME.

chris on Apr 15, 2008


It makes me sad that Shirow would actually let someone else take charge of his work. I love Spielberg, but I just don't seem him doing this great anime any justice. It just shouldn't be messed with. Same thing with Akira....... now they're going to mess that anime up as well. Hollywood needs to get a new wave of writers, there's plenty of people out in the world with great ideas but they don't have the means to get in contact with the right people.

Diego on Apr 15, 2008


@#9, The script of a film can absolutely make or break it. It doesn't matter how well a film looks or feels - if there isn't a good story to tell, it's not going to be a good movie. That's what the screenwriter controls - the story. Which isn't to slight the role of a director, simply to make the point that this film's script is going to have a very real impact on the movie. As they all do - But particularly this one. If you watch the original GitS, you'll see that it'll be quite difficult to adapt this directly. It has a lot of "information dumps", where the characters engage in on-the-nose discussions of how their technology has progressed, what certain things mean, etc. Which works for anime, but not for a Western film. The role of the screenwriter, then, is to CRAFT A STORY that's going to be able to communicate all those things.

John on Apr 15, 2008


Another thing to #9, A director isn't "totally in control of how a movie feels and progresses"... Film is a collaborative effort. Talk about the feel and look of a movie, and you're talking about not only the director's role, but that of the DP, production designer, composter, etc. Talk about how a movie progresses, and you're talking about the editor. While the director can guide those people, if they're not talented, you're not going to get the movie you should get. And don't forget the person that's REALLY in charge - the producer.

John on Apr 15, 2008


Don't we have one Hollywood equal of GITS already? Why can't the Wachowski brothers do it? I can't see Spielberg adapting GITS without making it cheesy.

Guarayakha on Apr 15, 2008


The Wachowskis actually used GITS as a reference, sitting down Silver making him watch it and saying "We want to do this with real people." That's why they wouldn't do it, they've kinda done it already. (Not mention they're already adapting an anime..."Go Speed Racer, Go...") It kinda figures that Spielberg would be interested in GITS. As post #4 stated he did do a good job with Minority Report in portraying a realistic near-future society. Also some of the main themes of GITS, (who am I, what's really the difference between human & machine, where does the line blur), Spielberg started exploring with the film A.I. so it's not completely new territory for him. As for a director, you need some one who can do intelligence & action at the same time, conveying a lot of info while still keeping a tight pace. Someone remind me. Who did the Bourne movies again? Get that guy. Three things I'm a little iffy about: 1. The 3D. Could be really cool or really cheezy. I hope they pay a visit to the set of Avatar and have a chat with Cameron. 2. The music. The original score to the first films are brilliant, and I hope they at least make reference to it. Especially the main theme that opens the movie. 3. Americanization. If anyone has been reading my posts on Akira, then they know my stand on the whole "New Manhattan" B.S. Other than that, this thing is begging for an IMAX release!

jason_md2020 on Apr 15, 2008


I just wanted to add to the discussion on who makes or breaks a film. Obviously there are a handful of people that have a large portion of control in the movie, but if you want to pin one person with more control over the film than the others it would be the editor. Sure, you need to have a good story to tell so you have to have a good screenwriter. But, do you realize how many times there were good scripts and when the director or producer get a hold of it they decide that they need to do things like add polar bears outside of Superman's ice cave thingy? The editor has final say on how the movie is played. Lejt us look at a movie like Pulp Fiction. I think Tarantino is a great director. He does a great job getting a phenomenal performance out of the actors. That is the most important thing for directing, making the actor give the performance that you need. But Sally Menke does all of the editing. Tarantino basically hands all the film over to her and he doesn't influence her at all until she has a final version to show him. He might then want to make a couple tweaks, but about 99% is done by Menke. Can you imagine any of Tarantino's film if they were edited differently?

NamelessTed on Apr 15, 2008


As long as they have the chick jumping off of that building all naked and 3D...that's fine with me.

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2008


well.. I think I am in the minority here... I JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT with excitement over this live action adaptation. HOWEVER, I have to also state some concern over Spielberg... but then again, I can't expect Guillermo to do every film I want to see.

Dusty on Apr 15, 2008


Ghost should only ever be manga/anime. at a stretch games but never ever should it be infected by the "live action" effect. Spielberg should be taken out and shot through the head if this adaptation ever sees the light of day. I will personally track down Spielberg and drive a stake through his foul heart for even considering the masterpiece that is Ghost to ever be toched by western hands let alone the jackass self loving person that Spielberg is...

Keiko on Apr 15, 2008


Two things I wish people would get straight: 1) Spielberg is not attached to direct. He's not even producing it himself! It's just at his frickin' studio. This will have less of Spielberg's fingerprints on it than Transformers did. Wait 'til we have a director named before you start crying. 2) IT WAS A FUCKING COMIC BOOK FIRST. They're not remaking the anime. And the anime film was an adaptation of the comic. This has nothing at all to do with the anime or the TV series.

Gordon on Apr 15, 2008


@ #21 saying "This has nothing at all to do with the anime or the TV series." That's the main problem all of us fanatics of GitS see! They're going to basically use the name and milk the story for all its' worth like almost everything that's made in Hollywood. And Dreamworks making this is also a bad choice, their movies have always been inferior when you compare them to studios like Pixar. If anything they should get the people that did "Final Fantasy Advent Children" to make this movie, it would certainly fit better.

Diego on Apr 15, 2008


Honestly I'm excited for this. A long time ago I thought it would be awesome if they did a GiTS live-action movie. It just has this while cinematic feel to it that begs to be turned into a movie. I hope they get Japanese actors and they keep the Japanese names, otherwise they might as well do a whole 'nother movie. Oh, and the soundtrack better be kick-ass.

Alfredo on Apr 15, 2008


Hmmm, if it wasn't for Speilberg's name on this I would turn my back on it now. Anime to live action never mesh that well but I have faith in Steven.

Ryan on Apr 15, 2008


This movie will never happen. It's just studios flexing their buying muscles, further infuriating fans of what is already a near perfect work of art. Btw- Spielberg's A.I. was, in actuality, Stanley Kubrick's TREATMENT of A.I., bought by Spielberg (whose work Kubrick openly despised) and produced, post mortem (to prevent doing anything 'against Kubrick's wishes), with inserted over-the-top, unecessary FX sequences, concieved by Spielberg. "Spiel": A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade. That's my take on Spielberg. He'll talk alot of hot air, if he thinks its good for business. Likewise, he'll make alot of crap films, even if he's capable of making excellent ones- again - if it's good for business. This entire rumor REEKS of "Spiel".

Djo. on Apr 15, 2008


look, if it looks like Final Fantasy, i will be happy, those were amazing movies for an amazing series. i trust dreamworks.

taurinh on Apr 15, 2008


Diego, I didn't realize you had a time machine in order to know that "they're going to basically use the name and milk the story for all its' worth like almost everything that's made in Hollywood." Give me a break. Name ONE Hollywood adaptation that you actually liked (Batman Begins? Ghost World? anything?), and you've proven that passing judgment on this film -- which doesn't even have a script or a director yet -- is just reactionary, pretentious fanboy bullshit. Also, you're taking my comment about this having nothing to do with the movie or the TV series entirely out of context. My point was, Ghost in the Shell is Masamune Shirow's story -- NOT Mamoru Oshii's, and NOT Kenji Kamiyama's. Their works are, like this Dreamworks film, adaptations of the original. At this point, this version has every chance of being just as good as theirs, and any fanboy bitching to the contrary is just reactionary, pretentious fanboy bullshit. Christ, when did movie news sites turn into a racetrack for geeks to see who can be the first to bitch about something on the internet?

Gordon on Apr 15, 2008


agreed lol, I'm was under the impression that the films and series were based on a manga, produced bye different people (please correct if wrong) so why all the hate on a new take on it, as long as it has decent visuals a creative, different plot with these added undertones we see in the series so far, I'll be happy

jamie nicholl-shelley on Dec 30, 2012


Well how about that for a general consensus? Spielberg NO for GITS the live action! I'd have to say I'm with everyone else on this. Admittedly I've always wanted to see an anime such as Ghost In The Shell or Akira made into live action, but Spielberg was most definately not one of the directors I would have immediately thought of. I'm in a agreement with #3. I've follwed GITS very closely as an anime ever since the first film, and although Spielberg can do epic war films such as Shindler's List, he doesn't have the right stuff about him to make a film with this much Grit. If he wasn't already doing so much Directing-wise, I would have said Bryan Singer would be a good candidate...maybe, just maybe Guilermo Del Toro could do it justice too if he gave cyberpunk a go.

Adam on Apr 15, 2008


First off, to the guy named Gordon-- cool your engines. The "fanboys" as you put them have every right to be upset. While Batman Begins was a good movie, track record will tell you that it, Holywood has a habit of screwing up and using the love of the same fanboys simply to get their money. Batman Begins was good-- but how many other Batman movies failed horribly before it came out? They often care very little about if the movie is actually good-- as long as it sells. When you have a fanatical fanbase that screams "OMG I'm going to buy and watch this because I'm so uber into it" then you don't have to worry about actually doing a good job. They'll buy any crap you put out simply because it has the logo on it. However, that is why fans SHOULD be much more critical. It should be demanded that they stick with original story, because the story is very much the reason it is famous in the first place-- not the cool looking characters or animation. Those aspects always come secondary. Someone mentioned FF7AC as a good example-- to God I hope those people (SE) never get their hands on Ghost. The FF7 prequels and sequels all were examples of how SE exploits their fans for the sake of their own profit. It wasn't until DoC (Dirge of Cerberus) that fans started waking up and realising how crappy things were being handled. SE showed a bunch of matrix-like action and cool graphics, but once you actually start watching for true story content... it is very much unsatisfactory-- even contridictory; which is quite enraging since it is suppose to tie in with the original story and do it justice. But I digress. You should learn to respect the opinions of those who are hardcore fans. It is the number of those fans that brought Ghost it's wealth in the first place-- so their opinions matter quite a lot. And they have every right to worry about the well-being of it's story. Constantly accepting bullshit will only allow for more bullshit to be produced. So instead of lossing your mind and getting all pissed off, try to understand it from their perspective.

Allen on Apr 15, 2008


I feel the need to re-iterate. Spielberg is NOT signed onto direct. Spielberg's studio, Dreamworks, is producing the film - THAT'S why he's speaking here. Spielberg has been the most influential director in Hollywood since Jaws invented the summer blockbuster. I marvel at the hubris it takes to accuse the man of not having "the right stuff" to make this, should he choose to (which I highly doubt he will). How many masterpieces must he make before elite know-nothing film snobs afford him his due respect? Jaws Close Encounters of the Third Kind Raiders of the Lost Ark E.T. The Color Purple Schindler's List Jurassic Park Saving Private Ryan

John on Apr 15, 2008


Sorry I will not judge this film yet. I have a great interest in GITS. I will reserve my judgment anythin g is better then Uwe boll

SHANED on Apr 15, 2008


To Dijo: This is Innacurate. Kubrick had talked to Spielberg for years about doing AI, starting at least in the 80's when Spielberg was doing Raiders and Kubrick was doing The Shining. Kubrick said that AI was closer to Spielberg's senceabilities and he wanted him to do it. Spielberg declined back then but in the meantime Kubrick decided not to do it because the technology was not good enough. So after he died, the producer of many of Kubrick's films brought the notes and treatment to Spielberg and asked him if he wanted to do it. ONLY THEN did Spielberg decide to do it.

ED_1138 on Apr 16, 2008


oh thanks Alex! by the way, this post has been very popular!

bltzie on Apr 16, 2008


IMHO if he plans on doing it the entire thing will henge on who/how the role of Major Motoko Kusinagi (spelling) is handled. the others are easy enough to work around but she's a pivital character. The fans of this anime won't be fooled by a lesser person than anyone who can't handle the strong personality type the series/movies has potrayed thus far. I however think that in the name of $$ they will compromise and thus ruin the entire thing for everyone.

azurie on Apr 16, 2008


i am still confused, is it going to be like Beowolf, or like sin city, were everything but the people are green screened?? and i think it should just be a live action, with some cgi.. it will make a great movie.. i know most anime fans think that hollywood will ruin it, but when i see these things i think of it as a completely different project than the anime, to keep me from getting mad.. kind of like chronicles of riddick, as a sequal to pitch black it blows. but as a completely seperate project, its actually a really interesting movie.

blake b on Apr 16, 2008


Completely unnecessary. Hostility is a perfect feeling to have. I dont read this sight much but if the sites owners/writers support remakes of movies that were done right the first time then they and this sight can kindly fuck off

Slappy on Apr 18, 2008


Spielberg hasnt made a good movie in a long long time. he's just a name, there are better directors. yeah, i don't really want to see a a Spielberg ghost in the shell. the anime is one of my fave movies of all time, and i can't see this to improve it in any way

quads on Apr 19, 2008


"Someone mentioned FF7AC as a good example– to God I hope those people (SE) never get their hands on Ghost. The FF7 prequels and sequels all were examples of how SE exploits their fans for the sake of their own profit. It wasn't until DoC (Dirge of Cerberus) that fans started waking up and realising how crappy things were being handled. SE showed a bunch of matrix-like action and cool graphics, but once you actually start watching for true story content… it is very much unsatisfactory– even contridictory; which is quite enraging since it is suppose to tie in with the original story and do it justice. But I digress." I never considered anything "FFVII" released after the original psx to be worth a damn. I saw all those FFVII spin-offs and saw they were milking people through the "love" of the original FFVII... I didn't fall for it. Squaresoft made great games... Square-Enix only throws out a decent game every other Final Fantasy. Anyway, about GitS... It's sad that I'm going to get to watch one of my favorite animes get adapted into garbage. Spielberg--and most of the other big shots in hollywood--does lack experience in this field... I can tell you this all ready. Animes like Ghost in the Shell WILL NOT translate into "blockbuster" hollywood type movies....apples and oranges pretty much. Do you seriously think that your average american movie-goer will really watch a movie to think? It really is sad to see that hollywood has finally gotten around to destroying anime.

Robert Paulson on May 5, 2008


Spielberg is not directing this film, chill out. He's a principle at Dream Works who was interested in it and actually outbid Sony and Paramount(?) for the rights. My choice for director: Alphonso Cuaron. He's a master. He can handle the nuance of the characters and story and wouldn't shy a way from the violence.

elijawan on May 31, 2008


I knew it! It was only a matter of time before this anime hit would be reinterpreted into live-action. ...But Speilberg isn't the right guy for this, if he's directing it or whatnot. His style wouldn't mess with the context in which Ghost In the Shell is well-known for.

some chick on Jun 24, 2008


The live action GITS will have a hard time re-creating the style and spirit which can be found in the anime, Dreamworks is certainly brave to take on this project. I can foresee many problems that the director will have to face just to give the movie any credit from the fans, for one thing finding an actor who resembles the Major or even Batou will most certainly be difficult. Other characteristics of the series will probably have to be scrapped to make it more acceptable to the general audience, such as the Tachikoma’s high pitched speech will probably be dumped through fear of irritating the hell out of Joe public. Then there is the more subtle problem of storyline complexity and atmosphere of the series. The series antagonists are often highly complex and are much more than your standard bad guy (Laughing Man, Hideo Kuze, Project 2501) if the director can fit this in as well as the subtlety and style of the originals all in a live action movie then he certainly deserves his pay cheque. I doubt this somehow, it will more likely be Ghost in the Shell only in name, all the charm of the anime gone and sharing all the most convenient elements to churn out a Hollywood blockbuster. Still, all this isn’t going to stop me from watching it though.

Aries on Jul 10, 2008


If this film is going to work at all it will have to make a break from the originals, trying to copy the anime is nigh on impossible. We are just going to have to put up with the new film being a copy of the concept of GITS but being its own entity. It is the way to success as decreed by many comic book films (I’m thinking of Spiderman here). Let’s just pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that a dodgy sequel isn’t made.

Casual observer on Jul 10, 2008


well it could been worse: at least paul anderson and uwe boll dont get to do this.

it could have been worse on Jul 11, 2008


I always pictured Shannon Sossamon as a live version for this. I trust Speilbergs special effects but I hope he stays true to the anime so it has deep substance still.

vu on Jul 24, 2008


ok so im a huge fan of gith i also saw someone saying something about the violence being downplayed have you seen any of spielbergs movies??? jaws wotw saving private ryan jurassic park etc etc also i think it has ALOT of potential and yes they could keep to the basic story line of the first season at least do i think they will get it right no but i think theyll do a decent job on a lighter note who do you think they'll get for the major? i thought angelina jolie for a min but realized shed make a better faye for cowboy.....

anime to live... eh... on Aug 8, 2008


I'm scared to death of both Akira and Ghost in the Shell remakes - Hollywood style. After another generation or two, I think the first decade of the 21st century will be known as the decade of mediocrity. The lack of originality is truly staggering to me. I've worked in the entertainment industry (movies - rental, sales and *other*) for over 10 years in one form or another, and the sheer volume of idiocy that is released EVERY TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH is embarrassing. There is so much money and so little talent in the film industry now, that I can only hope for an economic collapse, simply so that the studio/company execs will be forced to retire. Maybe the next generation can have a fresh start, a renaissance in film and the arts, digital or otherwise. Recycling foul air is useless, we need some fresh air in our films. Akira and Ghost in the shell are MASTERPIECES of Art. Remakes are vain attempts by lazy people to share in the greatness of their betters. It is not a sincere form of flattery, as some would claim. For shame people, for shame, have you none? I am very displeased with the rights of those classics being optioned for American film companies. But hey, what does my opinion matter? I mean, after all, I'm only one of those people who has bought Akira and Ghost in the Shell in just about every media format available since their initial releases. Comics, VHS, DVDs, Toys, Games, etc. etc. So are many of you that are reading this, I imagine. Yes, I'm sure in a severe bout of irresponsibility, the studios with throw HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars at the special effects of these films, play up the action to a point where the story little resembles its former self, and the mindless fools who feed off of eye-candy will cream in their collective baggy jeans as they say "WOW, TH4T MOVIE WAS TEH AW3SOME!!!!11!", while the people that were truly moved by the original stories, the people that really GOT something from them, will be left out in the cold, wondering why our ghosts have stopped whispering to us. Wash, rinse, repeat. My friends, please stop giving your money to these people simply out of curiosity. These films are nothing more than car wreaks that you slow down to see as you drive by. A spectacle, nothing more. If you want it done right, DEMAND that the CREATORS do it. NO ONE ELSE will do. That is what made them special in the first place. I've said my peace. (Deep breath)

Moon on Aug 12, 2008


To tell the truth I was excited that there was going to be a live action of GITS but at the same time I was also concerned like most people here but I'll wait and see and compare to the Hollywood and the I.G Lives and see which is better and who better portrayed the sense and essence of GITS but to tell the truth I don't think that it will be the same and as beautiful as the Anime and the Manga... and like someone said before it is another example of Hollywood losing ideas and loss of creativity in this, but the reason that is is because people now have too many expectations for movies made by famous producers, so they don't want to disappoint anyone really. So I'm going to go ahead and give GITS a shot (By the way quick question: wasn't Transformers made by dream works as well?)

Neko-chan on Sep 8, 2008


The way I feel is, all these remakes they're doing of various anime are really just an inult to anime itself. What they're saying is "hey guys, we're fresh out of ideas and these things seems to be pretty popular, why don't we "reimagine" them with tons of special effects, ignore the original subtle artistic aspects, and make them mainstream so that they can be stupid piles of action shit for self respecting american adults to watch? never mind the beauty of the animation. never mind the lood sweat and tears that went into making the originals. What they're saying is, "this stuff is interesting, but its not good enough to expect "normal" people to like this. its not good enough. here, we'll make it BETTER for you, cause we like were your going with it, but c'mon guys, ANIMATION? Who'd want to watch that? thats KID STUFF!" THey are not intentionaly disrespecting anime, but they are. They are taking for granted that live action is OBVIOUSLY BETTER. THey are laughing in the faces of people like me, who love anime all by itself. I don't need f**ing KEANU REEVES playing SPIKE SPIEGEL to know that Spike is freaking awesome. I LOVE ANIME. I don't need stupid, bland, tastless hollywood crap. you can keep that for yourself. that is all.

abby-chan on Sep 22, 2008


I'm inclined to agree with those afraid of Hollywood screwing it up but would caution that occasionally Hollywood hits it out of the park with dark science fiction. Two easy examples are Alien and the masterpiece; Blade Runner which has a very similar tone and feel to GIST IMO. If only we could get Ridley Scott to direct it I think it could certainly be a good film with Spielberg involved.

Tom on Sep 23, 2008


I for one can't wait to see how this turns out, particularly how they show prosthetic bodies. It'll be a lot more challenging to show hidden weapons and other compartments in live action than in animation, but I hope they use as much non cgi tricks as they can to avoid the overly glossy 'iron man tank scene' style scene. And most importantly, I wanna see how they do Batou's eyes, 😀

Rich S on Oct 5, 2008


Abby-chan: I think that is a little to exaggerated... just saying; it is true that they are adopting it, but it also has to get an approval from the creator itself in order for anything to go on.... (if im not mistaken) so at least some of it will be like the anime and/or manga.

Neko-chan on Oct 6, 2008


Before I say anything I must admit i kind of want to see a ghost in the shell movie. Live adaptation, anything like the final fantasy movie, or just 3-D in general (unless its like Beowulf). However at the same time I don't think america is ready for this type of film, and I am very afraid if hollywood does make it, it will be just another action movie and it will fail to connect with the hardcore fans. There is also i think a difference ( a big one) with what hardcore GITS fans will expect and with what the general american audience wants to see. Im 18 years old and the truth is ive heard a lot of kids around my age talk crap about anime. So... Basically that's why I think this movie might fail with the general audience,(cuz people won't want to see a anime movie) or it will just be shot Michael Bay style so that a lot of people will see it and all the hard core fans will be pissed off. If it is made it better be damn good. P.S. Rotoscoped Ghost In the Shell sounds badass. kind of like A Scanner Darkly. Definitely without Keanu reeves. IDK... just throwing out ideas.

Danny Z on Oct 9, 2008


Currently wondering what they will do with the plot, to my knowledge there is a lot of gaps in GITS background, perhaps a montage depicting Kusangi's interesting little trip into being a cyborg and some background of her participation in 2 world wars will hook in some fans. These were only touched on by the SAC series, it would certainly bring me in. However this alone would never make a good movie, some intrigue at New Port City and politically oriented butt-kicking would have to do for the main part of the film. As for my take on the background; perhaps a highlighting of the fact that Kusanagi (or her body at least) is owned by the state for use as a weapon, now that would be an interesting hollywood plot. A fine deviation from the usual "you've killed/kidnapped my family!" pitch that is in so many badly scripted actioners these days. Apologies for the stereotype-have recently seen Taken.

30 Mulberry Trees on Oct 9, 2008


Down with live-action remakes of anime FILMS

Soda on Oct 13, 2008


I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HOLLYWOOD DO THIS TO JAPANESE ANIME!! Spielberg only has one movie that gives him the experience to work with this famous anime, and that was Minority Report. But Minority Report is a far cry away from Ghost in the Shell. To tackle a powerhouse like Ghost takes a lot of experience. Ghost has 3 theatrical films, 3 manga series, a TV series spin-off that went on for 2 seasons (and was ended at the high of its popularity, and 2 or 3 videogames. Akira is the same. As it is that have moved the setting for the film to Neo- Manhattan. I don't know much about this production, but what I do here about is that they want Leo DeCap in it, and the director only has one film credit under his belt, and it wasn't even a neo-futurist film either. That one is sure to disappoint. I will likely not even bother. But the one film that I have total faith in is James Cameron's Battle Angel. James has the Terminator series under his belt as well as the first season of Dark Angel. These are the perfect ingredients to bring Battle Angel to life. Not to mention of few outside of Hollywood consulting projects that James has done involving foreign film companies.

Tony Villarreal on Nov 4, 2008


WHY!! DEVIL!!!!!!!!!! They f**ked up everything now.

zwandaba on Nov 9, 2008


Wow this is a popular topic. I think what makes fanboys really pissed of is that Hollywood has the ability of making things too commercial, which unfortunately does not bode well with Anime, especially the adult oriented Anime. I saw all the GitS movies & watched the series intently to know that Anime has one thing that most American movies, shows or even cartoon lack & that is the subtle message being presented. Anime for fanboys means multiple arching messages & themes, & lets face it American translation does not get it - Aeon Flux though not an anime is the nearest thing to Japanese storytelling & look what Hollywood did just to make it simpler for the average audience. That unfortunately is where Spielberg lacks, he is a good storyteller but as of late most of his work (A.I. comes into mind) are to touchy-feely type of film. Though if he goes back to his old form(Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List) were he touch the fear inside all of the movie goers, I think the end result will be a good movie, since one of the many themes of GitS is the blurring of the line between man & machine. So on that I give him some credit(I know he is not directing, but still he will have some inputs in the final form)

Bishop8496 on Nov 11, 2008


As a die hard fan, i think this is jus wrong, disney? hollywood? oh jeez, why can't they leave the movies ...infact, anything to do with GitS to the genius's that produced such a master piece! The greatest annoyance is that i know for a fact that Spielberg just wont be able to put forth a storyline so full of twists so intricate that it could live up to or satisfy us GitS fans! I rather this film not be put out, because if it was (chances are it wont be up to par with what the fans expect) it will smear the name.....HOWEVER i would be absolutely amazed, happy and willing to eat my words IF (and thats a BIG if) Spielberg can pull it off, but following 2 series and 3 brilliant movies, producing something to equal those is going to be like walking on the sun and not bursting into flames. So i hope Spielberg REALLY knows his stuff and the philosophies/character's demeanors with in GitS. On another note, i hope he does a little research and actually gets some insight from Kenji Kamiyama or even Masamune Shirow, people that could really help make this a success, may take this production way further (as opposed to Spielberg taking it on by himself).

????? on Nov 12, 2008


3D Live action meaning?... i dont think real actors should be used for this at all, cause as a fan it would be pretty disorientating to see the major in the flesh after seeing 3 movies/2 tv series of her and the others in anime form, i just dont think the switch over could hold any weight, it would always seem...jus not right through out the whole film. Kind of like when i saw street fighter (yes, the van dam horror show) I'm an Uber Chun Li fan and seeing her in the flesh played by Ming-Na just killed it, ITS JUST NOT THE SAME!!!!!!! On another note I agree that if Spielberg's company want to make this a success then seeking advice from Kenji or Masamune could go a long way, but will that really happen? i hope so, chances are it wont. I guess we'll have to wait and see. GitS 4 eva!!

Julez on Nov 13, 2008


What's with all the bad feedback on Spielberg? Could you imagine what Transformers would look like in 3d? People would go nuts. I watched GiTS when it first came to U.S. and have waited for it to become a movie ever since, (just like Transformers) go get em Steve.

Shaggy on Nov 13, 2008


The bad feedback is only devoted GitS fans concerned that this film will come out messed up and GitS by proxy, its totally understandable. I mean c'mon, this isn't any franchise we're talking about, Transformers was obviously easier to do (great transaction from the animated world to film) but that doesn't involve the same level of intricacies that GitS does, the same deep levels of philosophy, why? because transformers was made for children as well as those grown. However GitS? No lol, you cant sit a 10 year old infront of that, its not the same. When hollywood takes the task to convert GitS to film, it takes on something monumental...and lets face it, who are they going to pander to? the mass populus who've never strayed upon GitS or the fans? Is pleasing both possible? Sure, wont be easy though. If Speilberg wants to do a completely new story line using GitS then i have to agree with the guys before you Shaggy, insight from Kenji/Masa will be invaluable in order to nail this....I dont think anyone can doubt Speilbergs credentials, but this is something big.

S.A.C on Nov 15, 2008


Nice work S.A.C. I agree with you completely!! I think Quentin Tarantino would be a good fit for making this live action adaptation. its cause Quentin has that no holds barred, gruesome, pushing the envelope directing style that this sort of film needs...and get the Wachowski brothers involved while your at it. look here GITS is hands down one of the best [if not the best] anime that has ever been created. Look at the response from the enormous response from the excited as i am at hearing this news, I'd rather that they not make the movie at all than have a bunch of jackasses produce a half ass mediocre GITS movie. I've seen Speilbergs work and he shouldn't be doing this film. The people working on this film need to be huge fans and damn well better be serious about doing justice to the original anime, storyline, characters, cool factor, and especially the look and the music!! Comeon this isn't no Aeon Flux??!! This is GITS for goodness sake! And no the original anime was not intended to be viewed by youngsters, and there's no way that this film should be either!! It should be true to TRUE anime form with the subliminal Hentai, the gory scenes, and over the top fight sequences...with no reservations. Anyways I don't see how they could do this without decimating our idea of SECTION 9. Some things should just stay in anime form. I'd rather see them come out with more anime episodes SAC GIGS....please more episodes

Charles on Nov 20, 2008


I will explain now, to everyone, plain and simple, why this will NEVER work: The people involved with this movie are NOT JAPANESE. There, that's all there's to it. You see, Ghost in the Shell came forth from an entirely different culture, a different mindset, a different mentality and even spirituality. The Japanese people have an open-mindedness to them that allows for such artistic masterpieces to be spawned forth. Studies even show that Japanese people are better at processing what they perceive. Better at accepting what appears in front of their eyes. Whereas western audiences (american in particular) are generally close-minded and would probably not be able to understand or accept half the things that the japanese could show them. Every year new manga and anime come out that explore plotlines and storytelling angles that have never before been explored. Which creates a sort of paradox for this film, cause with hollywood this is nearly never the case. Honestly, the only way this would ever work is if the story, production and direction are trusted to Japanese people with experience with this series. BTW, democracy would be a great tool to prevent these kinds of fuck ups: if the fans could vote wether this'd be a good idea or not, it probably wouldn't even have gotten on the drawing board.

Omnia on Dec 11, 2008



JUICY on Dec 19, 2008


I just wonder if they will go off the original manga, the original movie, or Stand Alone Complex? Until we can see some indication of the general path they are taking, then I will reserve judgment. Spielberg has done some good movies and some bad ones.

Patrick on Dec 24, 2008


Currently thinking the plot will be at a parallel to the original movie, SAC is too big to copy, the manga too extreme leaving only the movie by Oshii. Probably have Project 2501 for phiosophical punch, but cannot be sure. There is one critical factor to the sucess of this movie in the eyes of the fans and that is the main charachter Major Kusanagi. Many have previously said that the deep philosophy and atmosphere is key and I agree but if the Major is even slightly off in appearance or personality it will be a just another sci-fi flick and not much else. I speak with Hitman in mind when I say this, the original game's cutscenes provided an enigmatic yet distinct charachter that Timothy Olyphant did not portray in the movie. Very good movie, great action, good plot but the man who was the lead charachter was not 47. The GITS movie has a very real possiblity of falling into this catagory of film, no matter the effects, no matter the plot, a badly scripted Motoko will make a bad film.

Mentl on Dec 24, 2008


NO no no no! oh god.. Ghost in the shell is one of the best films I've seen(I'm not even a fan of anime), and AI from spielberg is one of the worst movies ever made. Why does Hollywood always want to ruin every good film that comes from asia? Feeling jealous? Want part of the profit.. I think one of the reasons why Ghost in the Shell works as well as it does is because it is an animation. It doesn't have anything to prove when it comes to special effects. Which leaves the viewer free to enjoy the actual story. This is what I am afraid hollywood doesn't understand. They will make it into a special effects blockbuster without any depth. It sends shivers down my spine even to think what they will do with the dialogue to make it "accessible" to the masses. I wish there was a way to stop these idiots

Markus on Jan 9, 2009


Well no matter what we say they are going to make the film. So who do you think they will get to play the top 4 roles. These are my picks which I'm sure most will disagree with. 1. Rhona Mitra as Major Motoko Kusanagi 2. Dolph Lundgren as Bato 3. (Beat) Takeshi Kitano as Aramaki 4. Takeshi Kaneshiro as Togusa The rest I'm not sure about.

Mike on Jan 14, 2009


Hey I actually get my say Well im not gonna go into it too much but theres only one Bato As for the others and great movies remember the man who out run the tiger ?

Matt on Feb 24, 2011


To Mike 67- This is a perfect casting, Mike! I mean Takeshi Kitano is not quite good choice, but, hell, Dolph Lungren as Bato! Perfect!

Medwed ala Rus on Jan 20, 2009


Spielberg is far from Kubrick. I watched "A.I" and I don't want to watch any Spielberg movies anymore. "A.I" is a disneylike movie,it isn't Kubrick legacy at all. This movie is like a tale. Ghost in The Shell by Spielberg gonna have great special effects but rest gonna suck in Spielberg style.

Henryk ?yczkowski on Jan 20, 2009


To Medwed ala Rus 68 Trying to pick someone for Aramaki is really hard for me. I would like someone who is from Japan to do that part. Since both Kusanagi and Bato are cyborgs you can get nonJapanese actors to play their roles, but Aramaki and Togusa are not cyborgs so I would like to see Japanese or other Asian actors playing those parts. Pat Morita is who I really would have liked but since he is not with us and my second pick Mako passed away as well I went with Kitano he is a good actor and I think he could pull it off.

Mike on Jan 24, 2009


for the love of god, why?!?!?! look, spielberg sucks. thats al there is to it. E.T.? crap. Close Encounters? ok-ish. Jaws? Funny, but crap. A.I.? hahahahahahahaha... crap. the only good things that came out of spielberg's claws were saving private ryan (thanks to tom hanks) and the old indiana jones movies (thanks to harrison ford). somebody made a great point in saying thats GitS was good BECAUSE it is anime. hell, look at transformers: that movie sucked! i wasn't a big fan of the original show in the first place, but the live-action was crap. it jumped all over with horrible continuity, the story was lame, the effects were iffy, the script was complete horse%&#$, and the sound sucked too. okay, so spielberg isn't directing, but you can be damn sure that he'll be bending someones ear by telling them to "change this" or to "change that." they want to do a remake? ok, fine update it and remake it in live-action. go ahead... line for line and scene by scene... it'll never happen. all you are gonna get is a bunch of loud noises and flashy lights to distract you from the lack of a story. same sh-- different movie.

niccohel on Jan 27, 2009


also for someone to direct GitS, i think ridley scott would be perfect. All his movies hold tons of complicated information while at the same time supplies so much action, fighting and at times, gore, (aka movies such as gladiator, alien, black hawk down, kingdom of heaven, american gangster)

JJJT on Jan 30, 2009


Spielberg should sit back with his mouth shut and be a producer. Let someone like Michael Bay be the Director. Bay has hit it out of the park with Transformers and gave new life to Friday the 13th. As for Major Motoko Kusanagi here is my top 5 picks. 1. Grace Parks (Battlestar Galactica) 2. Maggie Q (M:i:III) 3. Stephanie Jacobsen (Battlestar Galactica: Razor, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) 4. Ziyi Zhang (Memoirs of a Geisha, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) 5. Youki Kudoh (Memoirs of a Geisha, Rush Hour 3)

Ryuu0470 on Feb 26, 2009


hahahahaha u think bay is a better director than spielberg!!!! ur retarded ryuu

JJJT on Mar 1, 2009


dude... chill with the criticism of peoples ideas, i think speilburg would do an ok job, not a brilliant job of directing

Neko-chan on Mar 3, 2009


this could be interesting, the legendary director gonna adapt an anime into live action but i'm more interested in the philosophy it going to integrate in the live action, hopefully something new instead of going for the puppeteer again ^^; p.s. the upcoming dragonball movie really scratch up my eyes @@;

hibi on Mar 5, 2009


I think that the ppl@ Hollywood should lay off anime, they are only gonna spoil it . I pity the fans.. The Dragonball movie was a wreck =.=" Please, lay off GITS!!! T.T I love it too much T.T

Rii-chan on Mar 29, 2009


I don't agree with anime being made into live action. It's not that anime isn't worthy of being live action, it's that live action isn't worthy of anime. Anime has a whole different feel and I don't think any live action film can recreate that. Even though I'm against the live action GITS, I'm glad they at least chose a good director. I would have supported a cgi GITS more, but still would've been against in general. There's basically nothing we could do to stop them from doing what they're doing. We just have to hope they don't fuck this one up.

Niseki on Mar 31, 2009


I truly wish they wouldn't do the film as an 'action adventure', but as a back-story character evolution. Leave the flying, falling, tumbling flips to the the illustrators. To me the most memorable episodes are the quiet ones, the story lines that bring a thoughtful tear, the personal stories that catch the breath and move the soul. True this might leave the under 14 crowd complaining, but if it's done properly it would certainly endure for decades. A good futurist would be able to tap into the day-to-day existence in the rapidly approaching setting of the 'twenties' (2024 to 2033 decade) -- creating a Kubrickesque 2001-like icon of film. To be honest, there is no amount of 'real' action that can ever help to solve the core issue of the 'Ghost' and while it might make for a fun movie for the kids, it would certainly be forgotten by the following summer.

CTYankee on Apr 30, 2009


@CTYankee: I think that is very true some of the really good episodes in both GITS and Second Complex were the very story enriched episodes, and it might be true that the movie will probably forgotten by the next summer, but who knows maybe they will make it the right way with the right amount of action to satisfy the "non-fans" but enough of the truly extrordinary story of GITS that is well known here.

Neko-chan on May 1, 2009


Original tatchkoma; God is a concept similar to 0 in mathematics young American/target audience- AGGGHH that there done fried ma brain, ima here to enjoy myself not THINK, an why that robot talkin like a little girl. "improved' New lots of CG target audiance- ooo pretty lights and bad ass fights. Sorry people, but its probably going to go down like that Steven/Dreamworks, prove me wrong. You have a goldmine have integrity and keep the intelligent dialog and SUBTLE emotional aspects.

jack on May 19, 2009


I'm not a fan of hollywood at all: The movies look great, but the plots are written so that the average american can follow it - therefore they have to be simple and predictable. I can't see the emersive storyline from ghost in the shell being popular unless hollywood brings it down to the level of their mainstream audience. They surely won't include any quotes by confucious 😛 Plot is the most important part of any movie.

Lobe on Jun 25, 2009


Hey Lobe, You said plot is the most important thing... It's certainly right up there with character & setting :^) Imagine my surprise this AM when I got a call from "BigSky..." they're releasing a flik called Spring Break '83, and they want investors... Just what we need, another mindless coming of age, big hair, tight shorts, comedy flashback. I wanted you to know that you are right... it's gotta be simple and predictable. "I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes" "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." -- John Galt The Light is Green!

CTYankee on Jun 25, 2009


I just hope he understands that Ghost in the Shell is for young and older adults and not kids. I hope he treats it seriously like Munich and doesn't make it retarded family oriented like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

justin on Jun 27, 2009


Let the Japanese anime creators doing the director... Hollywood will loss the Asian subtilization!!! (Very sad, money can do)

dodum on Jun 30, 2009


I feel a little bit awesome, but I think sometimes watching such horrible movie are really stimulative.

Hadara Olga on Jul 2, 2009


lol Hadara is masochistic 😛

Niseki on Jul 6, 2009


If Masamune Shirow, the creator of Ghost In The Shell, is not involve in the LAM project, the movie will be nothing more than a brainless action movie. Since? GITS is a Masamune Shirow's creation, the guy is the ONLY ONE who can come up with brillant plots and ideas that fit the style of GITS. Other than that, the movie will a mess in the storyline department. For me it's clear, it's Masamune Shirow or IT'S NOTHING AT ALL.

Thierry Saint-Jour on Jul 11, 2009


Really, Do you think the ultimatum will work? I'll just hope that the working team takes the time to consider the magnitude of the project. It doesn't take but a few minutes of research to discover how many serious fans of GITS there are; how many derivative works, and the magnitude of the influence GITS has had on the entire genre. Plus the simple and obvious fact that Motoko is the *hottest* and most *intense* female lead in the universe. Need I say more :^)

CTYankee on Jul 11, 2009


hell no..... i don't want to see they screw ghost in the shell up. just like how horrible became dragon ball holywood version and street fighter legend of chunli.

haliel on Jul 16, 2009


NO! NO ! NO! damnit! even though i like Spielberg's films alot but this is going to change it a bit and i'm starting to hate Hollywood very much for adapting VG's and anime into live action. freaking corporations only see money from a mainstream public. if this was Shirow Masamune decision he just had to say NO! just like Hideo Kojima says NO to Uwe Boll ffs!

Blitz on Jul 23, 2009


gits was the first anime i saw that showed animated material can be used to create mature (not rape monsters with penis tenticles thank you) but simply a film that has used animation as its medium and that for me was the spirit of anime-anything goes. i also belive i find this medium most attractive to me- i might not have liked ghost in the shell if i watched a live action version first- its like you have a desire to see something because it has an associated reference to it- you can't justify a desire to see an anime made in live action because you(I), as an animation loving freakbot love to watch anime over most live action material-why would you say 'anime made in live action, that would kick-ass'? well because it makes you curious to see something you like rendered in a more visually tangible manner but it will be a short lived exorcise in bating curiosity. the pain starts when you see yourself obligated to hate/love the movie for the sake of the franchise- its an adaption of some original source and adations can be ignored if they're bad ones (eastern movie makers don't do it so great all the time- applesssed 3d 1& 2 were gobshite- low buget anime stiil better)

stenen on Jul 24, 2009


Brainless action flick with no philosophical depth AT ALL ahoy! Dear Mr Shirow, please get your beautiful masterpiece-daughter out of there, I love her too much to watch this happen. If you're at all unsure of the wisdom of this choice please watch both versions of Aeon Flux. If they have to do it I hope they get Del Torro.

Ode to a Grasshopper on Jul 26, 2009


Meh....make Akira live-action 3D-set in Neo-Tokyo instead plzzzzz

David Banner on Aug 3, 2009


I think Spielberg would be great for GITS. I mean he is a good special effects coordinator and you guys picture him as only one thing for a certain type of movie. Now take into consideration GITS is very close to human characters and I think it will turn out to be somewhat like a starwars kind of sci-fi graphics. I jst say what the heck and give it a go! it doesn't really hurt anything. People just get a liittle too spazy and say OMG don't ruin GITS. Good luck Spielberg!

Tanner Narkoff on Aug 3, 2009


I want to copy and paste #80, but I'll just ask that it be re-read; #94 too. Let's not all forget that it is a business, and it's entertainment. Keep your fingers crossed that it becomes something far greater than the expectations of the folks entrusted to continue the legacy. "I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes" -ibid

CTYankee on Aug 3, 2009


Please no Zack Snyder. GITS is not an balls out action movie. It is a thinking man's cybernetic sci-fi epic. Snyder has not proven to do anything other than eye candy.

casualsuede on Oct 18, 2009


Hey, I just had a funny idea... Would Oliver Stone be able to recast the company from "The Doors" to make GiTS??? Mind you I'm just going down the list and on the superficial facial appearances of their head-shots on IMDB... ;^) Val Kilmer as Batou Meg Ryan as Kusanagi Kyle MacLachlan as Togusa Frank Whaley as Saito Kevin Dillon as Pazu Michael Wincott as Ishikawa Michael Madsen as Boma Josh Evans as Proto Dennis Burkley as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Billy Idol as Aramaki (I told you this was supposed to be funny) Kathleen Quinlan as Prime Minister Kayabuki ... Sean Stone as the Section 9 trainee that got killed in "Embarrassment" (too much??? ok, sorry) OK, OK, that's enough... this is supposed to be funny and prompt some activity on the thread.

CTYankee on Oct 19, 2009


Anyone know how to get into one of the highly secretive but all important focus groups?

elijawan on Oct 20, 2009


Focus groups -- yeah, just make sure you're randomly chosen. But other than that, try lottery tickets.

CTYankee on Oct 20, 2009


AWESOME...can't wait to see some trailers

bailon on Nov 28, 2009


The matrix was a takeoff of GITS, the W. bros admitted it in an interview. Not to put down the matrix, or GITS. Ghost in the shell is one of the best anime ever. - on your above list who would play Chief Aramaki?

jakeNoff on Jan 5, 2010


#10 in the list -- Billy Idol as Aramaki ^_^ I got worried for a moment; then I thought nah I couldn't have forgotten...

CTYankee on Jan 5, 2010


i am trying for the life of me to think of ANY manga or anime that was made into a good live action film, and you know what? i cant think of a single one. the matrix was based heavily on GITS and we saw how that turned out. just enough plot so that people can claim its deep and the rest of the time was filled with slow-mo pew pew and non stop action. why is it even necessary to make another GITS film gits there are already several films and 2 full series, not to mention the original manga. there is no reason at all to make another GITS other than as a money spinner. which is exactly what this shall be. big boobs, big explosions, big budget and a small minded audience.

surruk on Feb 23, 2010


I’m a big fan of GITS in Japan (for almost 20 years!). Since DreamWorks announced this adaptation last year, I’ve been keep eye on this page. Many fans are so worried about this adaptation; however Steven is not the worst (but not best either) director/producer in Hollywood. I pray for the slight chance of he will create the movie which can be acceptable for many fans. To be honest, Universal Studio should invest all money they are budgeting for this project to Production IG, and let them to make new GITS SAC series!! They have the best animator, producer, story writer, and screen writer for GITS. Sophisticated story writing and concept is the “key” of GITS. This is why GITS allures many matured audience… At least, DW should hire very smart writer as Production IG did for Solid State Society (SSS’s screen writer is Tokyo University grad’s who studied at mechanical science major…). We don’t need unnecessary visual effects, meaningless violence, or PG-13 brainless story. Hope DW staff use their “brain” to create the good movie ever! (Sorry about my bad English.)

Rei on Feb 26, 2010


Moon´s comment (Comment No. 45) is best... have the exactly same opinion... old movies are best... dont need no remakes....

from outer space on Jun 30, 2010


i will follow the 3D filmproject ...stay tuned.. hope ... Steven wont make any bad film out of the "ghost in the shell tale".

Laughing man on Jul 29, 2010


ive got nothing against Spielberg and to be honest haven't really watched many of his works so i can not say that he is good or bad but with that said all i have to say is HE BETTER NOT SCREW THIS UP and he BETTER MAKE IT EVERYTHING IT SHOULD BE!

net28573 on Aug 23, 2010


Yo, spielberg surely wont screw this up. There are two things you will know for certain if he is directing: 1) the technology portraying the future will be AWESOME, maybe even a step further than the anime. 2) the storyline will only vaguely follow the anime, yet maybe not at all. Also, there is a fair likelihood that the actors will be caucasian not japanese. In any case, who cares? I didn't watch this anime growing up for the storyline or the characters, both really seemed quite boring and just like any other anime. What made this anime special WAS the technology, something which spielberg excels at in his directing; have faith people.

GutsFan on Dec 18, 2010


look what they did to AEON FLUX....IT WILL NOT TRANSLATE

CONSTRUCT on Apr 21, 2011


spilberg fuk 

Dr-grunge on Jan 22, 2012


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superman on Feb 29, 2012


Omnia is right,its obvious when you see that warner wanted to make the movie of Akira for all ages....come on Akira cannot be watched if you're under 16yo, 95% of Akira is death,drugs,fight,blood,guns,explosion,rap and disgusting human mutations....Spielberg or whatever's first goal is only to make monney and we are not in Japan ,the only way to make the big monney with in our countrys it is to transform every Japanase things (Every things that make those kind of Mangas legendary for us) into a super American movie with a lot of explosion,super stars (who dont even know where japan is) and things that every non-japanese dumb could understand .So we could forgot evry thingds that make gits what is it. And Who Could play the role of the Major ?????? a white f-----g pale bimbo??? and batou ,even schwarzenegger have less muscle than him

Dante on Sep 20, 2012

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