Stephenie Meyer Talks More About the Twilight Movie

April 10, 2008

Twilight Cast

If you haven't already heard of Stephenie Meyer and her cult-following series "Twilight," you soon will. The collection of books ("Twilight," "New Moon," "Eclipse," and upcoming "Breaking Dawn") is a new kind of teen-lit that deals with romance, fantasy and interestingly vampires. "America's J.K. Rowling" sees her first novel in this saga released come December through director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown). The books have already done exceeding well - "Eclipse" actually knocked "Harry Potter" off the #1 spot on USA Today's bestseller list - and judging from comments by Robert Friedman, CEO of Summit Entertainment, we could be in for a real treat. "We always saw this as more of a Romeo and Juliet set in the very interesting world of vampires. The obvious success of the books, and what we knew to be the franchise potential, was something we couldn't resist."

I heard allusion to Meyer and her growing success last year when "Eclipse" debuted and the Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling comparisons began to run rampant. Prior to that, the "Twilight" series remained under my radar. After all, I'm not a teenage girl, nor do I jump at the chance to read a story about teen angst and pining for a "beautiful Edward." It's all a bit too The Covenant for me.

Grade 9 Up–Headstrong, sun-loving, 17-year-old Bella (Kristen Stewart) declines her mom's invitation to move to Florida, and instead reluctantly opts to move to her dad's cabin in the dreary, rainy town of Forks, WA. She becomes intrigued with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a distant, stylish, and disarmingly handsome senior, who is also a vampire. When he reveals that his specific clan hunts wildlife instead of humans, Bella deduces that she is safe from his blood-sucking instincts and therefore free to fall hopelessly in love with him. The feeling is mutual, and the resulting volatile romance smolders as they attempt to hide Edward's identity from her family and the rest of the school. You can grab some copies of the series on

I have to give the whole affair some credit. Beyond the intriguing mix of vampires and high school love, the author is a rather interesting topic herself. The genesis of the storyline came to Meyer in a dream back in 2003. Inspiration comes at odd times sure, but why is a Mormon stay-at-home mom that doesn't watch horror movies dreaming about vampires? Despite a dearth of exposure to traditional material on the nocturnal creatures - she's not even read Bram Stoker's "Dracula" - Meyer obviously has a hidden knack for this unique dark and romantic concoction she's managed to create. Props to her.

So will I run out to see Twlight on December 12th? I'm not quite sure. The whole vampire inclusion strikes my horror fanboy chord, of course; but don't be fooled, the series doesn't sit in the horror genre at all. Meyer told Entertainment Weekly that the centerpiece of the storyline is really the romance. "I think that it's romance more than anything else…romance tends to be my favorite part of any book or movie, because that's really the strongest emotion."

If that wasn't enough, Twilight almost jumps off my list when I read another of Meyer's comments. "I've seen little pieces of Interview with a Vampire when it was on TV, but I kind of always go YUCK! I don't watch R-rated movies, so that really cuts down on a lot of the horror. And I think I've seen a couple of pieces of The Lost Boys, which my husband liked, and he wanted me to watch it once, but I was like, it's creepy!"

The project and series are interesting, sure, but it amounts to a horror tease for me. Take out the vampires and I probably never would have noticed "Twilight." The author actually has another book in the works called "The Host," which seems to similarly flirt with the nefarious. She recently described to MTV that the upcoming book is like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers, if the aliens had won. That gives you a sense of the horror, but these body snatchers are so kind and so good, and the world is such a good place when they're in charge, it makes it hard to hold their colonizing against them." The author goes on to say that she'd love to see Matt Damon in the lead. Depending how Twilight does this December, that may not be such a pipe dream after all.

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I myself have been a fan of the book since the start. I can't wait to see this, and hopefully, its sequels in theaters.

DavidR on Apr 10, 2008


I'm a great fan of YA fiction and know quite a few people who adore the books, but I myself can't understand their popularity. I cringe at the phrase "America's J.K. Rowling." Honestly, the Twilight series runs on the ridiculous side, with glittery vampires and quotes such as: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." / "What a sick, masochistic lamb." ... Which isn't to say I've got anything against urban fantasy, but Meyer's prose isn't my cup of tea. As for the "intriguing mix of vampires and high school love" ... Buffy, anyone?

dk on Apr 10, 2008


Bring it on!

Spider on Apr 10, 2008


It's a pretty cool series, not the usual vampire stuff. FYI, the author's name is spelled Stephenie with an E not an A and Edward is not a senior he's a junior (it's kind of key to the plot)

Jeanne on Apr 10, 2008


exactly, dk (on the Buffy mention)...the author actually claims to have not seen the Bufffy series! although Buffy wasn't exactly focused on ornate romance was it? (can't say I watched much of the series)

kevin powers on Apr 10, 2008


didn't point this out in the article, too, but stiffed-jaw, pretty boy Robert Pattison from Harry Potter (Cedric Diggory) plays the lead...interesting considering the Rowling comparisons

kevin powers on Apr 10, 2008


I love it that one of my favourite book's adaptation is being discussed on one of my favourite blogs. However, I do find it bizarre to have this story analysed from the fanboy perspective (can't wait 'till AINC gets wind of this one). It's a complete disconnect for me. Twilight does not have the geek appeal that Buffy had. I mean, lets be honest here: the novels' audience is mainly female Gen-Y (although lets not discount the men, younger girls, and TwilightMoms). Bram Stoker's "Dracula", Interview with a Vampire, & The Lost Boys has absolutely NOTHING to do with this shiz. From my point of view those movies (with possibly the exception of IwtV b/c of it's cast and source material) lack relevancy for the novels' audience. As in, "oh... that Keanu movie with Sirius Black in it? Yeah, no. It was weird, and not in a cool Coppola/Anderson way." You mentioned that "Take out the vampires and I probably never would have noticed "Twilight." Well, duh! Take out the vampires and there would be no Romeo and Juliet element. As for The Covenant mention; comparing that film to the Twilight novel just doesn't work on so many levels. For example, although in both cases you've got the pretty people and a fair bit of supernatural goings on, the characters and the writing are incomparable. There's a reason why this series is so popular and The Covenant wasn't. From my perspective, a lot of fans are worried that the Twilight movie will turn out to be a The Covenant-level production. Full of promise, but ultimately a complete disappointment. Finally, that description was atrocious and I really think you could have found a more accurate and interesting one, Kevin. Also, the need for lazy people to compare two completely unrelated entities ("America's J.K. Rowling") is infuriating. I hope you guys keep writing about this production!

bronwynmaye on Apr 10, 2008


Oh! And that photo of the cast is also pretty god-awful. It was fun for like two second when it first came out but the wigs, hair colour, and wardrobe reflect the very early nature of that photo. Can you guys please find something fun from the set for future articles? There are couple of awesome ones with the vampire siblings all in a convertible floating around.

bronwynmaye on Apr 10, 2008


I wonder if this if this makes you feel any better about the movie: Meyer's vampires dismember each other. So there is some gore there albeit a small part. As for the Buffy comparison, I personally could not stand Buffy, but found Twilight enjoyable. The cheese factor is probably the same; Meyer's prose is far from amazing, but there's something strangely addictive about this series. Lastly, she's not going to be another JK Rowling. Not possible.

Katie on Apr 10, 2008


"As for the Buffy comparison, I personally could not stand Buffy, but found Twilight enjoyable. The cheese factor is probably the same; Meyer's prose is far from amazing, but there's something strangely addictive about this series." Completely agree with you on all that.

bronwynmaye on Apr 10, 2008


Kevin -- Very true, Buffy's overall premise is unlike Twilight, although I have to point out that Buffy/Angel had the same ill-fated soulmate dynamic going on (Romeo and Juliet indeed). Which is not to say that they equal Bella/Edward... And I never thought Robert Pattison would play Edward, either! Don't think he fits the part, though it's an interesting connection. bronwynmaye -- As for the "geek appeal," I'd say that Twilight certainly does have a following -- if it's not fanboys, it's fangirls as you said, who are a force in their own right. I think it's fair to at least bring up other vampire media, if only to contrast Meyer's world to the others. Vampires tend to range from horrific (30 Days of Night) to sexualized. And Meyer includes werewolves too -- not sure about other creatures. I guess it's easy to jump on anyone's idea of what a "vampire" is or entails because it's pretty subjective. Katie -- I can sort of understand the "strangely addictive" appeal though it doesn't work for me personally. I think it has to do with the fact that fans have a chance to grow attached to characters since it's a series. Which is perhaps another reason for the Rowling/Meyer analogy (though glad we all seem to agree that the analogy isn't right). ... on a side note, I'm thinking this production will stick more closely to the original than, say, Blood and Chocolate.

dk on Apr 10, 2008


i was a major fan from the start and this brilliant writer Stephenie Meyer got me hooked for good!! I love this book!!!! =) 4ever

jay-c on Apr 11, 2008


Edward wasn't a Senior in Twilight. He, Bella, and his sister Alice were all Juniors. The rest of the Cullen clan were Seniors, thought.

Daphne on Apr 11, 2008


I am doing a research paper on being a novelists...That is what I really want to do when I grow up. I would love some advice on how to get started. Your books inspired me so much!

Tiffany Edwardson on Apr 11, 2008


Stephanie Meyer is a genious! Her stories are incredibly addicting

Melissa on Apr 11, 2008


sorry im a little bit over sensative about these books lol and edward is a junior along with alice and bella. rosalie, emmet, and jasper are all seniors btw luv the article

lecia on Apr 13, 2008


To me, the book and the movie are seperate. I am ecstatic for the film, and I think it will be amazing, but nothing will take place of the books and my first experience reading them. As for Meyer not being your cup of tea, I know of others, though I think they're insane! HOWEVER, those people actually READ twilight. (Like my husband, he didn't like it, but he is entitled to his opinion because he read the book). I think the movie will appeal a lot more to a general audience because its has more action, whereas the book it written from Bella's POV. Stephenie Meyer herself said trying to summarize Twilight sounds like a bad episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Obviously, these books are #1, there is something more to them. Just read it already!! Then tell us your honest opinion.

Forcelle on Apr 14, 2008


I think you may be looking at the series the wrong way and I believe it starts with the Harry Potter comparison. Harry Potter is told from the male perspective and while most woman don't mind reading novels with a male voice, men are much less inclined to do so. Therefore Twilight and it's sequels will never rise to the popularity of Harry Potter nor should it be scrutinized because it doesn't achieve those goals. Plus Stephenie didn't start out to make a true vampire anthology like Ann Rice or even Joss Wheden. She wanted to write a love story that would be tested time and time again and in that regard she succeeded marvelously. So in essence until people start viewing the novels for what they are, a romance with extraordinary obstacles, will they get and appreciate the hype.

Psappy on Apr 14, 2008


These books have touched so many people in different levels. I for one, love these books and everything that comes with them. These books have not only captured the teens but also the moms [ visit, they are the coolest ]. This movie is only being compared to Harry Potter because it has had the same or maybe more results as Harry Potter. i have heard of fans all over the world that live and breathe the Twilight Series. It's not a coincidence that they are comparing this marvelous film to the money maker Harry Potter; they have similarities. No matter how the film turns out, if all of the fans go to see the movie I am sure it will be a hit. I urge all Twilight Fans to promote this film, and to support it. Continue updating on Twilight.

Ruthie on Apr 14, 2008


Psappy & Ruthie: I absolutely agree with your comments!

bronwynmaye on Apr 14, 2008


Oh... and Forcelle: I agree too. Damn! I sound like an echo.

bronwynmaye on Apr 14, 2008


All I really want to procure is that all Twilight Fans help the promotion! I do not care for any Rowling/Meyer analogy. Meyer is brilliant, and Rowling too. That is enough for me.

Ruthie on Apr 14, 2008


I wish people would stop comparing Stephenie Meyer to J.K. Rowling. Stephenie is in a whole other league of her own. Her ideas stem from her brain while J.K. Rowling's ideas have stemmed from other places. Stephenie has made the vampire thing kewl again, without the whole gory-horror thing! And besides, I really think you should read the book before writing anything about it. It's a fabulous book that you would not want to put down (I have faith that if a normal teenage guy read the first chapter of this book, he'd want to read more, so you should be no different :P). And if you won't read the book, at least go see the movie and see what all the hype is about! It's going to be action-packed without all the corny crap! Thanks for reviewing, Kevin. Keep reviewing more Twilight-related topics!

Rave on Apr 14, 2008


I'll definitely continue to follow it, and appreciate everyone chiming in on the subject. it's definitely intriguing. watched this earlier as well (if folks haven't seen it yet):

Kevin Powers on Apr 14, 2008


maybe that's why this book is interesting to most people, cuz its not the typical vampire u see on tv or movies. That's why she's a great author, cuz she has a great imagination. And Twilight isn't only a book for teens...adults seem to enjoy it as well ( ... i even know some guys that reads it =) so please don't judge anything abt this book frm wat u heard or read frm those summaries... i really wish you READ THE BOOK! mayb you'll like it and you'll see why and how we're obssesed wid these books.

Faith on Apr 14, 2008


okay, first this is not like 'Buffy' so get over that right now. second the casting director should be bit...absolutely wrong choice for bella and edward and pretty much all of the cast except carlisle. ugh! LEAVE IT TO the movie people to screw another fantastic book up. the characters were described as utterly beautiful and they are so dead wrong for the parts. give me a break. stop production and recast!!!! UGH!!!

SIRIUS on Apr 14, 2008


Say whatever you want but just because the movie has vampires doesn't mean it needs to be rated R and have nothing but blood and guts. This is a love story about a boy and a girl with a little bit of action. And whether they picked the right cast or not, which I think they did, they still deserve our full support for even agreeing to make the movie. So if you don't like it then don't go watch it, but it at least give it a chance before you start talking about how bad it's going to be when you haven't even seen it yet. Oh and please please please stop comparing this to Buffy! That show was aweful and has NOTHING to do with these books other than there are vampires in both, that's it.

Alyssa on Apr 15, 2008


I work with a lot of middle and high school students and I can aver that one thing Stephenie Meyer and J. K. Rowling have in common is their ability to engage readers, especially young readers. They have been able to make reading enjoyable for many children. Granted their prose will not compare to Dickens, but that is highly irrelevant. Children and adults want to have fun, and that is exactly what these authors have been able to create. A world of fun, make believe, and fantastical indulgence. I see children super excited to pick up their books and that is one of my greatest joys! I, for one, am very grateful for their contribution to the literacy community; and tonight, I think I might indulge my need for make-believe with a little Meyer 🙂

Stacie on Apr 16, 2008


STOP COMPARING TWILIGHT!!!!!! GOOOOD!!! This is infuriating! Harry Potter - magical world - ALL audiences. It has been on best-sellers lists for 10 years. Twilight - vampires world - YA & Adults audiences. It has been on best-sellers lists for 1 or 2 years? Buffy - vampires with fangs and "hollywood" stuff like that world - YA audiences. I never liked it. I never liked vampires stories until I came across Twilight. Twilight is about vampires but not "Hollywood" vampires, no fangs, no coffins. Please stop comparing this book. There isn't another JKR, there won't be someone like her. Meyer just created a world as Tolkien and C S Lewis and Christopher Paolini did. Stop already.

Bren on Apr 16, 2008


Ok really Stepheny Meyers done a kick butt job with the twilight series. Me and every single one of my friends enjoyed the books. I even got a friend who hates to read to love the books. Now she can't wait for the fourth one to come out. As for the movie I hope it's as awesome as the book. I don't know about the casting of Edward, but I would like to see the casting of Jacob to go to Robert Strait [played Kaleb in the movie The Covenant]. I do have to say though that Stepheny Meyers is an awesome author. She made me cry like a baby when Edward left Bella in the second book. But I do have to say this, the casting role of Bella [Kristen Stewart], they done an amazing job on that Kristen Stewart is a great actress. And oh yeah, Edward is a Junior not a Senior. Why do you think Bella and him are seniors in the third book?

courtney on Apr 17, 2008


i love the series! it is hte best thing since harry potter! i love harry potter and i didnt think the series could beat it! its pretty close. i love the books. i re-read them all the time! stephanie meyer did a great job i can really get into the im there. i feel like im there and i can picture what is going on. but i am a little worried once i see the movie i will lose that image. but i love the books no matter what!!

nicole on Apr 23, 2008


harry Potter is only okay compared to the magnifecence of the amazing Twilight Series I am forever in Stephanies debt for writing this trmendously awesome book. The movie is going to be really good ans hopefully attract more readers

sarah on Apr 28, 2008


I am a father of 3, my oldest(girl) being 11 and the one who brought the Twilight book into our house. After Mom started reading it, I couldn't help myself, hearing bits and pieces of them talking about it. I suppose now I'm more excited than the rest of my clan to hear news of the movie and we are all satisfied with the casting. I'm a huge fan of all types of movies and literature, but I don't feel that comparing Stephanie's work to another is fair at all. That would assume some other work had been so well received as to set a standard? I've never taken my que on what I fill my life with based off majority, art is about expression and envoking feelings in those that absorb it. Not everyone likes the same painting or color of carpet. I am just now starting book 3 and we all look forward to the 4th book and the movie. I applaude the other writers for their varied success, but even if I had been the only one to read Twilight, my thoughts would remain the same. Thank you so much, Mrs. Meyers for adding your visions and creative talents to our lives.

Chris Powers on May 4, 2008


I love the books i read all of them .You made Edward sounded like the best boyfriend ever end really hot at that i cant wait for the movie to watch . i hope its as good as the books ???

Sonja Hilderbrand on May 7, 2008


Um just to let you know Bella is not in ninth grade... shes a junior. she clearly states it in the first book.

victoria on May 10, 2008


I loved the books, i thought the were and still are the best books i have ever read. Though, i'm not really into the idea of the movie. At first i was like,"Oh My God, really Twilight a movie." But now, i don't know, i just don't think this guy is hot enought to play Edward. Sure, sure, he's hot but Edward is suppost to be smokin hot. I also love to write and Stephenie was my inspiration, for my writing, so thanks. Anyways, can't wait for Breaking Dawn, keep up the good work Stephenie.

Sienna on May 11, 2008


I love her books im realy excited that the movie is coming out really soon ?

holly on May 13, 2008


I have been a huge fan of this series for a very long time, such a fan that i've read the whole series twice. I truly love the books, but i have to say.. i cringe when people compare the series to other "peices" such as Buffy, and the Harry Potter series. Let me tell you, i have seen episodes of Buffy and Ive read the HP series and all i have to say is that Twilight stands entirely on its own/ cannot be compared at all. With most people, when you begin to describe the book once they hear the word Vampire they think " uh oh, another one of those..." Twilight is not your typical vampire saga nor do i think it should be treated as one. It's not just your typical sci-fi/ teenage kicking ass tale, its purely a book filled with true friendship, sincerity, and the kind of love that is rarely ever found. As for new readers to twilight, i was captivated, you'll be too. ~you know it's a good book when it haunts your thoughts

Liz on May 17, 2008


I LOVE these books...i just learned they existed this like obsessed with these books...i have read them all at least 2 times....i cant wait for the movie to come out!!!

Felicia McMullen on May 21, 2008


I LOVE the Twilight series. I read a lot and I have to say its the best series I've ever read. I don't think you can compare it with Harry Potter. Its so much different in the style of writing and the story itself. Even if you could Twilight would win. You get pulled into the twisted love story of a normal teenage girl and a vampire. My friend had me read Twilight and I read it in 6 hours I could not put it down. The next day I begged my mom to get the next two because I couldnt wait. I'm not to sure about the movie. I'm hoping its not going to be a lot different from the book because from the trailers I've seen it seems like they're trying to make it eerie and its not! Stephenie Meyer is an amazing author. She can make me me feel the emotions of a character and put me right in their position. I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SERIES! I'll never be able to watch a vampire movie without thinking "Why isn't he sparkling in the sun?"

Cait on May 21, 2008


Ok, so I've read the first book only, and I've seen the teaser trailer...a lot of people are complaining that Robert Pattinson was cast as Edward, but no one on earth is actually god-like in appearance (or personality for that matter). He's good looking, and I think he'll actually be able to act the part well (from what I've seen so far), so get over it. Comparing Harry Potter and Twilight....I was not into wizards etc. when I first read HP (the 4th book was my first) and about 1/4 of the way in I was hooked, obsessed. I've always loved love stories and vampires always have the potential to be sexy (Meyer knows this and has definitely played off that potential), and while I enjoyed Twilight, I don't think the book translates well into a movie as it is. Not enought action, too much dialogue and time just spent chillin' in the caf. Even the way Bella finds out about Edward is kind of ...meh. And her reaction is not what I'd expect either. I think they're going to change things up for the movie so it's a little scarier, their relationship is a little more tense, and there will be more action and high stakes. All good things. The book is fine as a book and provides a good premise for a movie, but it definitely needs more action to translate to film. And lastly....comparing Twilight to BtVS....well each is good in its own right. Twilight is wish-fulfillment romance (which I am a sucker for, let's be honest); Buffy was an amazing show that dealt with so many issues while pretending to be about vampires and the occult. I wish people would stop bashing Buffy; it was seriously one of the best shows I've ever watched, and while it doesn't leave you feeling satisfied with an ooey gooey mushy feeling like Twilight does (Edward is sooo perfect after all), it has some achingly, hauntingly beautiful moments (see, for example, Spike's speech to Buffy in Touched, one of the last episodes of season 7). So in conclusion...don't compare the movie and the book...enjoy them seperately (and with this, stop complaining that the actors aren't good looking enough...give them a chance to ACT before you say nay). Don't compare HP and Twilight; don't compare BtVS and Twilight. Enjoy (or don't enjoy) each of these works on their own. Who cares if one is better than the other? Apples and oranges and...bananas, my friends.

Shannon on May 22, 2008


Is it only is our house or... does Pattinson not fit the Edward description fully? As I've mentioned elsewhere, he's a young talented actor, sure, but he doesn't really fit the bill for us. He's to thin to be Edward. We were really looking forward to someone a little more muscular to play Edward. Is it just us???

M'sMom on May 30, 2008


my friend is totally in love with the series. I don't really get what the big deal is but, since her birthday is around the time the movie comes out, I'm gonna try and buy tickets so, we can go see it.I'm also gonna buy her the new book in the series when it comes out.

chibz on Jun 7, 2008


stephenie meyer u are the best !!! u have a God given talent and hopefully the movie will be just as good as the books!!! thanks for making my life just a little bit better!!!

celeste' on Jun 24, 2008


Stephanie Meyer, It is really great to talk to you i love your books they are fun romantic awesome thats for sure. Twilight is the book i think has the most romantic touch to it. Carlisle is the best vampire and alice is the coolest. jasper is awesome and Roselie is Iffy and emmett is the "Awesome Dude" and esme is the sweetest and Edward is the bomb and i hope in Breaking Dawn that bella gets turned into a vampire and when is Midnight Sun coming out anyways? I cant waiyt to read it also i am reading The Host it is awesome and cool at the same time well that ends my Letter Write Back Soon Sincerly, Tucker Torman Book Reader

Tucker Torman on Jun 25, 2008


Stephenie, I love your books and am very excited to see the movie. I am disappointed in the actors that were chosen for the film....Edward was much more BEAUTIFUL in the book. He needs to be the tough, muscular, amazingly handsome guy that he is in the book. Not the Harry Potter "pretty boy" that isn't even that good looking. In my opinion I don't think he could take anyone's breath away with his smile and voice. I've seen this actor in action and I don't think he's the person for the job.

Emily on Jul 20, 2008


mmmmm i really luv the books and i think the movie will be good , but dont compare it to harry potter or jkr cause it'll never has as much fame i mean most boys dont read twilight and everybody reads harry potter and while twilight is famous in the us harry potter is like a world wide phenomenon , it is like a classic i mean anybody who hasnt heard of it or read the books is living in a closet. meanwhile , i ve met plenty of people who when i ask "have you read twilight?/do you know what twilight is? they go huh? while you can ask just aabout anybody about harry potter and they will know , i ve yet to meet anybody who doesnt know about harry potter. so , there you go. and while some people in other countries know about twilight it is mostly like people who love to read or something like that and the difference with harry potter is you can ask any ignornat person who hates to read or whatever and theyu will still know about it , even if they havent read it , even in the most remote country , i should know cause i ve been to one down in south america and harry is just as well known as in the us , while twilight hasnt even appeared there yet , i m the only one who had read it while i was there.and thats why you should never compare those two.

sara mcguire on Jul 23, 2008


Sara writes -"mmmmm i really luv the books and i think the movie will be good , but dont compare it to harry potter or jkr cause it'll never has as much fame i mean most boys dont read twilight and everybody reads harry potter and while twilight is famous in the us harry potter is like a world wide phenomenon , it is like a classic i mean anybody who hasnt heard of it or read the books is living in a closet. " I've never read the Harry Potter books, and only saw the movies while my kids were watching it. I in fact had not heard of Harry Potter until the first movie was announced. The Harry Potter series is a tad older and has also had toys, games, etc to market it. It was also written for a different age range. I think people make that comparison between Harry Potter and Twilight based largely off the fact that Twilight knocked old Potter of the top of the best selling list. Correct me if I'm wrong there. And using an actor for the movies of both doesn't help either. The targetted group of both book series are different. The content of the books are vastly different and its these reasons they should not be compared. If you want to try just focus on the popularity(which Sara tries, though I had to read her post very slowly to make sense of it), that simply isn't fair for the reasons I've stated already. I look foward to the movie and we've made plans to get our two copies of Breaking Dawn at midnight, attending a Prom themed pre-party at a bookstore an hour drive away. I'll be taking my wife, 2 daughters and son. I'll take lots of pictures! Now where can I get my Cullen family crest?

Chris Powers on Jul 25, 2008


so idk if im REALLY willing to c twlight its totaly gonna be outa this world. but they have the actors like 80% wrong. thie only actor im slightly okay with is bella. of course her actore and bellas voice in my mind r soooooooo differ. im am utterly appaled be the stupididty in choice for EDWARD CULLEN! im meen COME ON!!! cedic digary is 120%disgusting he has no charm a GAY voice and TOTALY wrong for playing the hottest guy in the universe. (he is not fictional to me NO-MATTER what u or anyone els tells me!!!) and cedric is a bitch. edward diserves better. and you no what - so dooo us. the readers!!! So yes i no i am the only one who thinks this but my ALICE is blond not read-headed no matter what they have squered up because ROSILEE is read- headed and prissy and NOT blonde!!! but after talking to like my whole universe of fucked up freinds ive ded=cided im the only one who thinks this. O-WELL!!!! that is not chaninig my openion!!! BRING ON THE CHAMPANE!!! soooo back to Alice if they WANNA MAKE HER BROWN HAIRED fine! but she better make a good alice o i might just have to learn murder skills to use on that non-bottle blonde fakester quich of hers. OWELL!!! i never relly relized how addicted u can ge to a book! but i guese i still dont know because im prette=y sure it isnt a book. we r the fiction that is the real life and we r totaly missing out!!!!! good luck to the real world!!!! C -YA!!!!

jenna ve on Jul 29, 2008


is Twilight really going to be rated R?

Amber Taylor on Aug 6, 2008


# 51 **warning mild spoilers** After reading breaking dawn...if they make the movie into films...lets just say, twilight might become rated R XD

Loves the Twilight Books and the Movie(s) on Aug 6, 2008


i love these books oh so much :]] ive had dreams about edward but im really dissapointed to see who they are having play his character. not what i imagined. kinda a let down :[[

Renesmee on Aug 6, 2008


i agree with jenne [above] they have ALL the characters so out of place. this sucks. cant they go back and fix it? they should have let us vote on who to play the actors. ive been thinking nothing of this for MONTHS now and im still excited to see it but i wish they would have gone with diff. actors. oh well. LATA!

Renesmee on Aug 6, 2008


The casting for the movie took my family by surprise as well. Some we think are ok, some we don't agree with. It is certainly too late to change that, which wouldn't be so bad if not for, after reading Breaking Dawn, the idea of more than just Twilight for a movie. They most certainly have to use the same actors/actresses if they make more than one movie. I personally think that they should make New Moon with half of Eclipse into the second movie and the second half of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn into the third movie. I'd love to see each book as a movie, but I don't think it will gross enough to fill greedy pockets to warrant 4 movies.

Chris Powers on Aug 6, 2008


Twilight is so different from any of the books that I ever read. Also, I do think that Stephenie Meyer is different from J.K Rowlings because they are a different person but I think they are equal to me, but I like TWILIGHT better than Harry Potter.

jarmaine on Aug 11, 2008


Ok. Personally I loved the series, but I what I love is the love story aspect of that, and that is for my own reasons. I read the books recently for the first time thinking they were a bunch of silliness that my students (yes I am a teacher - 8th grade) were reading and had picked up a copy at the book fair and threw it in my book pile. Hence it is summer got around to reading it and loved it. Actually I am rereading it more closely right now because I kinda raced through it. That being said, this is one of those books that I enjoyed so much in my head that I can't really picture liking it that much on the screen. I am a purist when it comes to the romantic novels I like and I can't see losing so much of what is important in this book and its the stuff in peoples heads. I also have a few casting issues. Didn't really like who they cast as Bella based on the trailers. There doesn't seem to be passion there, in the scenes between her and edward, in general. She seemed...flat. Moreso Bella after Edward leaves but not the intensity I would have hoped for. Oh well who knows. We all are critics.

Katie on Aug 12, 2008




Stephenie Meyer could never compare to J.K. Rowling. And I much prefer Cedric Diggory over Edward Cullen.

Maggie on Aug 16, 2008


Just a heads up Edward isn't a senior. He is the "same age" as Bella a junior as well. And btw Edward is much more appealing then Cedric considering Cedric is dead and all.

Edward Lover on Aug 18, 2008


Oh as as for the comparison, there is none. There aren't any vampires in HP. I believe the comparisons started at the point when Rob was cast. Just because Edward = Cedric it doesn't mean that they should be compared. Now I may be wrong about when the comparisons started but I think that both of them are brilliant creative writers. I myself am not an HP fan but I still give props to J.K. Rowling. And even though I am one of those live breath twilight fans I still don't want them to be compared. I love Twilight and I don't want it to be put down because the movie doesn't live up to HP standards. Let's just say those are big shoes to fill.

Edward Lover on Aug 18, 2008


Okay, now I happen to agree with a lot of people in the casting of the movie. When I was reading Twilight for the first time (I have read it nine times overall), I imagined Edward to look a little more like Emmett does. Except for the buzz cut and a little less muscular, that was Edward Cullen in my mind. Oh, and by the way, Alice has short, spiked black hair, and she is so not a blond!!! I imagined Bella to look a little younger. To me she looks a little older then seventeen, maybe twenty or so. Anyway, I do give all my props to Ms. Meyers. I think she has permenatly etched Twilight into my head. I love this book and have a countdown started on my calender!!! 92 days to go!!! 🙂

Shelby on Aug 21, 2008


I pretty much like evryone cast as they are, esp. bella. however i am seriously disappointed with the choice of rosalie. not that the actress isnt pretty - she is. she just isnt rosalie. rosalie should be willowy with natural pale blonde hair - she shouldnt look like a cheerleader! i was thinking more like evan rachel wood...i'm a bit disappointed...

TJ on Aug 27, 2008


I also pictured Bella with a higher voice. No offense to Kristen Stewart but in the second trailer she sounds a little boyish. I have grown to like her as Bella, but I still can't picture her as Bella. I pictured Bella a little more fragile looking, and girly. But just a little.

Edward Lover on Aug 31, 2008


i really like the movie that is coming out . but i heard that breaking dawn isnt becoing a hit movie why is that?

edward on Oct 7, 2008


I think second movie should be books 2 and half of 3 and the third should be 3 and 4. I think we just have to get over what we want to see in the movie, leave book/movie comparisions at home and just enjoy what a handful of people envisioned as the cinematic expression of the story. Love the new trailer.

Chris Powers on Oct 10, 2008


I can't wait fo the movie

josh on Oct 14, 2008


i mean i don't really know if they chose the caracters i would have i mean no one looks like i thought they would but oh wellwat can i do right lol

josh on Oct 14, 2008


I was an AMAZING book and i am sooo exited for the movie i cant bear to wait! i want to see how good this one turns out before i get exited about them making the other books into movies never know it might be really crappy?

Kody on Oct 23, 2008


I was really impressed by the twilight book seriers. I hope that Stephanie meyer can come out with other brilliant novels that i will also enjoy reading. I enjoyed the movie twilight and hope the new moon movie is equally as good as the book. The only thing about the movie is that i dont know if they got the correct character to play the part of bella or some of the other characters but other than that it was great.

nikki on Jul 14, 2009


I loved the Twilight series when I first read it, but then I discovered Buffy. Then I found out some of horrible things Twilight fans have done to those who dislike it. Buffy slays Edward.

meh on Jul 26, 2009


The more I watch of the Buffy series, the more I think Stephenie got ideas from it.

Helen on Oct 25, 2010

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