Stephen Chow Directing Seth Rogen's Green Hornet!

September 19, 2008

Stephen Chow Directing Seth Rogen's Green Hornet!

This is a dream come true for Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg! Stephen Chow, the Chinese director known for Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, will star in and direct The Green Hornet. For the longest time, Chow had been rumored to be Rogen's top choice for the character of Kato, the Green Hornet's sidekick. But now we learn that not only will he take on that role, but he's going to direct the film as well, which might just be the best news we've heard all month! I was already looking forward to seeing Rogen's take on the Green Hornet, but now I'm sure this is going to be something truly great. Bruce Lee previously played Kato on the classic TV show, but now it's time for Stephen Chow to step in.

In a previous interview with ComingSoon, Rogen explained that his version of The Green Hornet is "a very intense action movie and the relationship between Green Hornet and Kato, a lot of comedy comes from that." He mentions that they weren't sure whether they wanted a Kato with more humor or not, but decided "in the version that we've made it seems like a Stephen Chow type guy would be more suitable for the role." Hence why this is a dream come true for Rogen, and for all the fans, because this means Green Hornet now has the potential to turn out incredible. Anyone who has ever seen any of Chow's previously films (including CJ7 earlier this year) knows that he can perfectly combine comedy and action.

I've been excited for The Green Hornet from the very beginning, even knowing that Seth Rogen wrote the script and that it would be more comedic. I think there's just something refreshingly unique about this entire concept and I like that he's bringing back a character that really isn't too well known. I was nervously waiting to see who they'd choose as a director, because that could really make or break this project. But Stephen Chow couldn't be a more perfect choice. Even though I didn't love Kung Fu Hustle, I feel like he's one of the only directors who could really do this film justice. The release date is still set for June 25th, 2010 and we'll be sure to follow this project closely as Rogen and Chow prepare to shoot.

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I just hope it doesn't turn into another Phantom.

Jesse on Sep 19, 2008



D-9 on Sep 19, 2008


This is going to be the wackiest film ever. This movie = The real world, call-to-action writing style of IronMan and the hilarious condescendingly frank yet improvisational goofiness brought by the dialogue of Pineapple Express (stay with me haha) + Stephen Chow's character, Sing, from 'kung fu hustle' fused with Seth Rogen's Ben from 'knocked up' + wildly dramatic yet colorfully engaging cinematography and fight choreography from kung fu hustle and/or kill bill - which would be awesome. The Action Comedy library continues to grow. Closest estimate to a million different plot potentials. Whatud everybody else get?

Nick Sears on Sep 19, 2008


Correction - "real world, SUPERHERO call-to-action writing..."

Nick Sears on Sep 19, 2008



Keith on Sep 19, 2008


This is awesome news. I love Stephen Chow films and Seth Rogen is awesome. I can't wait. I hope Kung Fu Hustle 2 is still on though.

John on Sep 19, 2008


wow! color me excited!

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 19, 2008


Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet! Sorry, but I can't get used to that. This will not be a michael Keaton as Batman transformation. I think he will really hurt his fan base with his decision to play games with this property! His involvement makes no sense whatsoever! on Sep 19, 2008


This is superb news! I like Stephen Chow, he has a great sense of zany action humor. But I must digress...I personally LOVED "Kung Fu Hustle" I thought it was great, lots of action, loads of fun. "Shaolin Soccer" was good too! Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow working on the "Green Hornet"! gooooood work!

Conrad on Sep 19, 2008


Bravo #8 The Hell with his fan base. This is BULLSHIT!!!!! Is nothing sacred? I love FS, but constant reporting on this hack playing the Green Hornet is blasphemy. Boycott NOW! It takes no talent to play a loser, stoner. God I am so pissed!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 19, 2008


It is obvious none of these comments regarding The Green Hornet, NEVER SAW THE SHOW back in the day. You are completely INSANE if you this Rogen can potray a legend. I am sick to my stomach. With the exception of 8,2 and 10.

Nut-Meg on Sep 19, 2008


yes. shephen chow is the man, he is funny and a great action star.

Darrin on Sep 19, 2008


Stephen Chow is my hero, and this movie will surpass vivid expectations.

Ali on Sep 19, 2008


COOLNESS! The Green Hornet was never a super serious comic book (at least I hope they weren't trying to be serious.) but more laconic like Eisner's The Spirit during the Feiffer / Wood period. Yeah, I've heard about the original radio series and G.H.'s relation to The Lone Ranger, but really, how many people have actually heard those shows or built a fanbase around them? How many of those fans are still alive? Most fans remember the original 60's show (mainly for Bruce Lee and mainly for syndication), which tried to outcamp the more popular Batman TV show of the perid, IMO. It went too far with the camp - unfunny camp - and died. The character has been comatose ever since. Because of that, there is nothing really legendary about The Green Hornet these days and its interpretation can be wide open. So Go Chow and Rogan! I am TOTALLY on board with this!

Feo Amante on Sep 20, 2008


Hellz yea Stephen Chow is the man, im so looking forward to this cant wait to see some footage.

Curtis on Sep 20, 2008


No with the Camp- Not un-funny camp. Lee was discriminated against. THUS the network cancelled. Rogen is the worst and even though Chow is on board. This will and could be the Worst of all Time. get REAL. Rogen does not derserve this classic, yes CLASSIC situation. Anyone that tells you differnt is just plain WRONG! Period! Any YES,,,,those fans ARE still alive with the radio and the TV series. How bloody rude.

D-9 on Sep 20, 2008


Un funny Camp and out camp Adam West? Plain Wrong! The Green Hornet was NEVER ment to be that, not at all. Yea and you can still purchase the entire Season in China on DVD which was renamed "The Kato Show" and can purchase many items from that era. My gosh, why some people have to be such snobs about things. But if you want un funny, then Seth Rogen would be perfect, because he is that to be sure. He is going to make a farce out of a one of my all time favorite heros. Sad, very sad. I guess I am glad I am still alive though FEO>

Nut-Meg on Sep 20, 2008


Stephen Chow is a fantastic director, the pace in his movies is always spot-on. In my humble opinion Seth Rogen is slightly overrated, but still he´s very likable. Can´t wait for this one, thanks for the great news!

Mario Tenorio on Sep 20, 2008


Oh yeah. The TV show wasn't camp. What AM I saying? And all of those millions of Green Hornet fans, the legions of whom account for all of those big box office movies and TV shows and comic books that were all so wildly popular over the years? My humble apologies. And while we're at it, because The Green Hornet is just so DAMN popular with fans, and because the TV show was not in the slightest way camp, some trailers and clips to refresh everyone's memory of just how serious a show this truly was, from the only fan website I can find: katoman. com/intro. swf (remove spaces) Actually, Katoman is a fansite dedicated largely to Bruce Lee, with tons of Bruce Lee memorabilia, and a remembrance of the rest of the cast on the side. But it has loads of images and audio. There are no actual Green Hornet fansites. Because G.H. is Just That Popular! You know, I remember making this kind of apology to the fans of the old Battlestar Galactica who were dead set against the new show. Sheesh!

Feo Amante on Sep 20, 2008


what apology? What a DICK!

Nut-Meg on Sep 21, 2008


You're right, Nut-Meg. I am. And I feel just awful about it. I apologize.

Feo Amante on Sep 21, 2008


Cannot stand this anymore Sir. Have to make my first comment. Alex, this is getting out of control. Way too many asses, idiots and snobs. Nut is a High School girl, D-9 is a film studies teacher in SoCal in his 50's, I know Cloverfield is a 30 year lighting designer with a serious resume. It seems to me everytime they express a view, they are attacked. Alex, please help these people. I have been fortunate to speak with all of them due to one thing they all have in common. They are fans of and have met them. And I am one of the old guys that does remember Green Hornet. Looks like to me what they are all saying is Mr. Rogen is not the right "actor" to become many folks favorite, yet they are not allowed to express an opion with out ridicule. And obvious several of them have the moxey and experience to back it up. Un-like the attackers.

chip reese on Sep 21, 2008


I agree with chip! Cloverfield has shown nothing but respect and no ridicule at all with his comments in #10 D-9 showed no ridicule What So Ever in his comments at #16 and anyone who tells you diffrnt is just plain WRONG! Period! I hope everyone enjoys the totally serious, absolutely uncamp trailers and scenes available at YouTube. I wish I had the moxey and experience to back up what I'm saying (like, perhaps, suggesting the Green Hornet clips at YouTube). So let me apologize to Nut-meg (for not recognizing the sober drama that was the original TV show), again. I feel just awful about this. Meanwhile, I'll continue to look forward to this Green Hornet collaboration between Chow, Rogan, and Goldberg, even though that makes me a snob.

Feo Amante on Sep 21, 2008


This is pretty cool, and all you gays should stop whining. Every director takes creative license with their movies and this is just gonna be a little different. Gonna be a really good movie, like the abrasiveness of Rogen mixed with the niceness of Chow i dont even know what to expect

Al Sharp on Sep 21, 2008


Don't u just love the TOUGH GUY BEHIND THE KEYBOARD syndrome?

sobercity300 on Sep 21, 2008


Yea, cloverfield really hammered you 23. To me he or she does think Rogen is a waste, and gave kudos to #8. The others seem to not like Rogen as well. Whatever toughy 23. U seem to be the problem. toughguy syndrome in your mom's basement.

sobercity300 on Sep 22, 2008


You bet Sober! What's more, he "Hammered" me without ever addressing me and even BEFORE I posted! How tough is that? Actually, if you read these posts in chronological order, Tim Cloverfield doesn't seem to have a problem with me. He's never said a word to me at any rate. As for Rogen, some like him, some don't. I do. Chow too. And I'm really looking forward to this movie. So anyway, this whole "tough guy" thing. I come in here looking forward to the Green hornet with Rogen and Chow, others pile scorn and ridicule on me, I reply, and that makes ME the tough guy? Love yer logic! And your keyboard courage!

Feo Amante on Sep 22, 2008


Gosh even Alex said "Classic TV show". Maybe there are alot fans we don't know about. IDK. I don't like Rogen anyways.

mulder on Sep 22, 2008


This is just a plain bad idea. Mr. Chow being involved is a good sign, but how can anyone take Seth Rogen seriously. There could be almost anyone else play the Green Hornet but him. Yuch!

u22u? on Sep 23, 2008

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