Steve McQueen's Hunger Poster Finally Revealed

October 21, 2008

Steve McQueen's Hunger Poster Finally Revealed

The official poster for Steve McQueen's Hunger has finally been revealed. This film has been gaining quite a bit of buzz from various film festivals and critics worldwide. Don't believe any of the quotes on this poster or any of the hype - it really isn't a great film. The only reason it's "breathtakingly beautiful" or "a work of cinematic art" is because of Sean Bobbitt's cinematography. McQueen's actualy direction, on the other hand, is amateur and didn't impress me one bit. But I guess critics are tired of the same boring Hollywood crap these days and wanted something even more boring and they got it with Hunger.

Thanks to IMPAwards for debuting this poster. As much as I hated the film, I know there are people out there who do love it and I think it at least deserves some recognition for its cinematography.

Hunger Poster

Hunger is both written and directed by first-time filmmaker Steve McQueen. The screenplay was co-written by both McQueen and Enda Walsh. The film first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where it went on to win the coveted Camera d'Or award. IFC Films is distributing the film here in the US. Hunger will hit limited theaters in the US starting on December 5th.

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That last quote on the poster cracks me up... "THE MOST SHOCKING AND IMPORTANT FILM OF THE YEAR." Come on....

TBone on Oct 21, 2008


I like how you contradict yourself by saying "don't believe any of the quotes on this poster or any of the hype" and then later telling us that "there are people out there who do love it". So, instead of trying to turn us off of giving the film a chance, the least you could do is tell us that you didn't like it, but we might.

Kelley on Oct 21, 2008


I think it is kinda cool,lets give it achance

George on Oct 21, 2008


I have to say the film seems to be getting a lot of attention, to be directed at an "amateur" level. Cannes is a tough crowd to please, and the Esquire magazine quote is a bold statement. I am intrigued by the film.

tyler ford on Oct 21, 2008


Billington... You have absolutely NO! appreciation for the vision of the director, and the commitment of body and soul by the actors.... I've seen this movie twice. This movie is amazing... It truly is shocking, and completely fearless... It's real, it's raw... It makes you feel! You feel every bit of what you see... You really have to step back and re-evaluate how you critique, or if you should even be doing it period. DON'T TELL US WHAT TO THINK, OR WHAT TO BELIEVE MAN!... Who the hell do you think you are? I say to those who are intrigued, to those who understand! GO!... GO! and watch this movie, go and watch what you want, don't rely on uneducated and unappreciative people like Mr. Billington who lack the vision to see this craft of movie making, and acting, and everything involved at it's finest.

Logan X on Oct 21, 2008


Alex did say he hated the movie, but others loved it...not to mention he wouldn't be posting this article if he wasn't trying to garner some buzz among his fans. So #5 and #2 I think you're overreacting and Alex explained his case as clearly as he could. Remember film is very subjective...Alex enjoyed Body of Lies and I couldn't stand it, but that doesn't make him or me an evil no need for the hostility just because of a difference of opinion, it just makes you look immature.

Peloquin on Oct 21, 2008


But still, trying to tell his readers not to believe the praise that others gave the film does seem a little off to me. He could have easily said "I don't agree with any of the quotes on this poster."

Kelley on Oct 21, 2008


as much as i hate alex c'mon he deserves to dislike something if he wants to the poster/trailer looks very generic indie to me-although i'll see it for the intriguing premise

twispious on Oct 22, 2008


? How did my comment conjure up the word "evil"? #6 (Peloquin) lol!... Listen my point was to enlighten him on his indiscretion, and his contradiction, like #2 (Kelley) did... I'm sure your a frequent visitor to this site, as am I, and in case you had not noticed he does it all the time... and by the way #7(Kelley) My point exactly that could have been a much better way to get his point across to the readers.

Logan X on Oct 22, 2008


I wonder if they'll make a film like this in 30 years about Al Qaeda prisoners in Guantanamo, after all these men were considered terrorists. Though through starving themselves and covering their prison cells in their own urine and excrement they became 'political prisoners'. I can imagine the brutality and shock value of this film with be pushed hard, but will not be anything we haven't s seen before

Crapola on Oct 22, 2008


I was exaggerating by using the word "evil"...but I'm sure you understood my point. I do come to this site every day and for the main reason that I appreciate Alex's critiques. I value his opinion which is why I enjoy the articles, but I also enjoy the comments because it's a good sample set of others who share similar taste in my film choices. Alex does do this a lot, but it's because the people coming here want to hear his subjective view of the movie...if you want straight up film news than check out Variety or rottentomatoes for more concrete evidence regarding the pictures potential... Just need to personally attack someone for doing their job and having a different opinion than your own. I'd rather read your opinion on why you enjoyed the film than why you're mad that Alex didn't.

Peloquin on Oct 22, 2008

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