Steven Soderbergh Making 3-D Rock 'n Roll Cleopatra Film

October 24, 2008

Steven Soderbergh

Oscar winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has announced his next project - a 3-D live-action rock 'n roll musical about Cleopatra. You heard that right, he's going all the way back to ancient Egypt and bringing Catherine Zeta-Jones and Hugh Jackman along with him! Apparently Zeta-Jones will star as Queen Cleopatra while Jackman will play her lover, Marc Antony. The budget is set at $30 million and the project will queue up behind two of Soderbergh's other upcoming feature projects. The music for the film was written by indie rock band Guided by Voices and the script was penned by James Greer, a former bass player for the band and writer. Is it just me or has Soderbergh officially gone mad?

As much as I love Soderbergh (he's one of my all-time favorite directors), I'm really not sure what to think about this. I guess I need to hear more about the story, or what the heck is even going on, to really understand. This seems like a project better suited for Baz Luhrmann, not Soderbergh, but then again, who really knows? Soderbergh's other projects include The Informant, which he's already finished; Liberace, a biopic about the famous musician starring Michael Douglas; and The Girlfriend Experience, a low-budget indie film about a $10,000-a-night call girl. Add this musical to the list, and the epic Che Guevara biopic that he just finished, and Soderbergh has one hell of a crazy line-up of upcoming films!

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Robert Pollard of GBV did the soundtrack for Soderbergh's Bubble so the relationship isn't completely out of left field. The 3D angle seems the most unlike Soderbergh, but the guy is on-point for so many different movie genres, so I'm sure he's put a lot of thought into this project and will deliver a unique product.

Jay on Oct 24, 2008


i always saw a little bit of cleopatra in catherine zeta jones... i dont think soderbergh is mad, he's made good movies in teh past (Traffic. Erin brokovich) and amazingly entertaining ones (Ocean's series) i think he might bring a different perspective to the musical... plus anything with hugh jackman is bound to be good.

viral on Oct 24, 2008


For the love of God man. It's 3D! Soderburgh, Cameron, Jackson, Spielberg, Burton, Lucas, Zemeckis, Aja, Stiller, Selick, Bruckheimer, Romero, McCallum, Jane, Dante... ALL have 3D projects!! Do I HAVE TO GO ON? Ok, maybe a little - ALL future tentpole animated movies from PIXAR, DREAMWORKS ANIMATION and DISNEY will be in stereoscopic 3D. Period. Don't you think it is time to open your eyes (both of them at the same time that is) and embrace 3D? 'Cause it's comin' whether you like it or not. It is actually kind of funny to watch the scrambling that is going on now with the old guard movie blogs refusing to come to grips with what is soon to be reality. Oh well. Can't say that I didn't try to warn you. Oh and the movies will be superior in 3D. Gotta love it.

Jim Dorey on Oct 24, 2008


Soderbergh peaked at Oceans 11. He's turning into a whore just like the rest of them.

Lefthanded on Oct 24, 2008


Hmm, is it me or does $30M sound a bit skimpy? that will probably only cover Jones and Jackmans pay.

Ryan on Oct 24, 2008


Peaked at Ocean's 11? Who the fuck are you, the comic book shop guy from the Simpsons?

Ropert on Oct 24, 2008


the fuck

Kail on Oct 25, 2008


Perhaps Soderbergh is not one of your "all-time favourite directors" Alex. I only say this because I've read previous posts regarding Soderbergh and your own admission that you have not seen all his films, I believe it was Bubble. What is so great about Soderbergh is that he really doesn't give a fuck when it comes to conventions and he does his own thing. He does not limit himself to any particular genre or style and consistently looks to make different films. Sure this concept does sound bizarre on paper, but I have faith in Soderbergh. And for the record, Bubble is not as terrible as everyone says it is. It is not a conventional film by any means, but I think that was kind of the point.

OJ on Oct 27, 2008

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