Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li Cast Confirmed

March 20, 2008
Source: Capcom

Street Fighter

Back in February we brought you some casting updates for the upcoming flick Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li that is currently in development. Capcom, the developer and publisher of the popular video games series, just announced an official cast for the second film based on the franchise. If you recall, the very lacking first movie was released in 1994, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as the lead character Guile. Now it's time for Capcom to redeem themselves come 2009.

Speaking of Van Damme, his non-existent career seemingly continues, as he is not a part of the main set of characters according to Capcom's statement. However, many popular Street Fighter characters are absent, as well, including Ryu, Ken, Blanka, etc. Presently, the team leading the film only includes the five we bring to you below.

Interestingly, Capcom states that the movie's intended 2009 release is part of their 20th Anniversary for the widely popular game. Street Fighter came out in 1987, so when the movie hits, it'll actually be the 22nd year the game's been around. Sorry for being picky, but come on.

I haven't located any details about the film's plot and why they're basing it on the character, Chun-Li. There's been allusion to the flash-kicking female being one of the most popular characters of the franchise. I never thought that, personally, when I was into the games. Chun-Li seemed forgettable, but perhaps there's a deep back-story there I'm unaware of, or enough potential to develop a feature-length film. I suppose we'll see. First-time screenwriter Justin Marks authored the script and Doom director Andrzej Bartkowiak is helming.

Given the roster of characters, I did a bit of research to find the thread between them. Here's what I found: At one point in the Street Fighter series, M. Bison kills Chun-Li's father. Working as an Interpol investigator, Chun-Li teams up with Charlie Nash (of the US Air Force), to take down Shadaloo, the crime organization headed by Bison. And at some point during his tenure as crime boss, Bison employed both Balrog and Vega as henchmen/assassins. It's anyone's guess if these details will turn into an actual plot.

» Chun-Li - Kristin Kreuk
Plays Lana Lang in the WB series "Smallville." She certainly has the look, but does she have the legs?

Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li

» M. Bison - Neal McDonough
Most recently, McDonough played the naïve sheriff in The Hitcher. Can he pull off the bad boss M. Bison? McDonough has a slightly devilish look, but he doesn't exactly have a threatening physical presence.

Neal McDonough as M. Bison

» Balrog - Michael Clarke Duncan
Given his size, Clarke Duncan has played many an imposing figure (e.g. Kingpin in Daredevil). I imagine this was an easy choice.

Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog

» Vega - Taboo
Now this is an interesting casting choice. One fourth of the Black Eyed Peas, Jaime Luis Gómez (aka Taboo) doesn't exactly have a breadth of acting experience. (Not that it really matters in this instance, though.) But with his unique Mexican/Native-American look, he seems a decent fit for the exotic, cloaked Spaniard.

Taboo as Vega

» Charlie Nash - Chris Klein
I'm sure young girls will swoon at this choice, especially if Klein goes blonde for the role. At 6'1" he has a decent frame and physique that aligns well with the character.

Chris Klein as Charlie Nash

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how can you make a movie with out the mainstays of the street fighter universe.... Ryu and Ken... straight to dvd IMO

JNYCE on Mar 20, 2008

2 be dissapointing. I'd even go far as to say, utter low-budget bollocks. Admittedly I've always wanted to see a decent Street Fighter, but ever since the previous attempt, that pretty much killed off all of my interest in the idea. After the first film was out, I wrote up a casual list of actors that would do a better part of playing the cast of Street Fighter, and reading this latest development as to who's lined up to act, again I would never have picked this bunch. Perhaps the only one that remotely fits their character is Michael Clarke Duncan, the rest seem like they've been picked from the bottom of the 'Barrel O' D-list'. I should have expected as much from the Director of Doom, yet another guy who's killed my dreams of decent game-to-film franchises. In my oppinon, Andrzej Bartkowiak=Uwe Boll.

Adam on Mar 20, 2008


Wow! Is Uwe Boll a part of this?

Ryan on Mar 20, 2008


So surprising that Jean-Claude Van Damme even knocked back an opportunity to reprise his Col. Guile role. It seems likely that this flick will go straight to DVD. However, it could be a lot better than the 1994 Steven E. DeSouza directed "Street Fighter". I'd prefer another "Mortal Kombat" flick instead!!

Spider on Mar 20, 2008


Anything can be better then the first attempt................ Kristin is hot and would make a great chun-li. But Chris klein please god no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHANE D on Mar 20, 2008


this is disappointing news. i was hoping for a more authentic casting, and actual martial arts actors cast in the role. come on, chun li is one of my favorite female streetfighters ever. her moves are classic as ken and ryu's fireballs and dragon uppercut. goodness.

ronald delapaz on Mar 20, 2008


Does anyone think that Kristin is too short to be Chun-Li?

Matt Suhu on Mar 20, 2008


This is coming from the mouth of a hardcore Street Fighter fan... Is Ryu and Ken not marketable enough for Hollywood or somethin'? The arc among Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Gouken and Akuma can literally turn into something epic along the lines of Gladiator. But whatever, I'll turn a screenplay in to Capcom one of these days and strap a bomb to my chest. ANYWAY, I think we all know that this movie will be trash. From the production staff to the on-screen talent there's really nothing pointing it to the right direction. I'm sure it's a given, though, that this will be handled better than the original (too easy) even though it was entertaining in an unintentionally hilarious way.

Frame on Mar 20, 2008


give it a chance people

JONO on Mar 20, 2008


Maggie Q or Zang zigi would have been a better choice for chun li hands down. Chris klein...come on!

Norrawit J. on Mar 20, 2008


#10're right! Maggie Q or Zang Ziyi WOULD make an awesome Chun-Li. now Kristin Kreuk will forever be second in my mind.

Matt Suhu on Mar 20, 2008


This movie is a joke.

avoidz on Mar 20, 2008


sheeshhhh... totally agreed with Matt Suhu & Norrawit J. ... better anyone else other than Kristin.. ... .. im very dissapointed... chun-li used to be my favorite character since i was a kid.. .. nvmind then.. boycott 😀

lilyz on Mar 20, 2008


It's a shame really, there would be only one director I'd think could pull this off, and he's currently focusing on other projects. Christophe Gans. Not only is he VERY faithful to the fans of a game-to-film, but also to the source material. Although he does cast relatve unknowns for his roles, you can be guaranteed that they've been thouroughly reasearched and that they fit the role they're playing. Not to mention the guy can actually direct pretty good combat scenes! Anyone seen Brotherhood of The Wolf? WTF!? lol I'm in full agreement with Norrawit J and Matt Shu, established highly skilled martial arts actors need to be used, it might just be a little tricky fitting those roles. Still worth a shot. It's either that or the alternative *shudder*, going with wide-shots of martial arts doubles fighting then drawing in close to the actors faces as they flop there arms about unconvincingly. I forsee this being a stunt-double fest for sure. It's a shame though don't have Ken or Ryu in the film. They ARE the film. Ryu= Mark Dacascos Ken= Ray Park

Adam on Mar 21, 2008


its has a nice cast but this movie is gonna fail so bad, you cannot make a fighting game into a movie there just isn't enough to do it. Dead or Alive anyone.

Curtis on Mar 21, 2008


I would have liked to see stephen chow direct a street fighter movie, hell I think all martial arts heavy video games or anime live action movies should go through him, since he seems to be the only one to pull off the over the top special powers correctly in live action.

Avelanch on Mar 24, 2008


Micheal Clarke Duncan as Balrog = WIN

Coquito Von Tito on Mar 26, 2008


No actress alive could live up to those massive but oh-so-delicious looking thighs.

Brad on Mar 27, 2008


where the f*** is Guile???!!!oh!!come on!!!!!!!

horng on Apr 2, 2008


Maggy Q and Zang? Gimme a break! they look nothin' like Chun-Li. Kristin fits perfectly as the character. she gots the right exotic look like Chun-Li. Besides, she does martial arts and purple belt is good enough 😉

chun-li on Apr 6, 2008


WHAT THE F*** IS THIS, first off you cant make a street fighter movie without Ryu and Ken, thats like making a PBNJ (peanut butter and Jelly) sandwich with out the peanut butter and jelly, and now all you got left is two plain tasteless dry peaces of bread, and even so how come the only asian person in the movie is a half asian girl, im not racest but asian men arnt used enough in movie cause we are not sexy enough for the female audience, and if you dont believe me go watch The Slanted Screen and youll understand, and thats why harold and kumar was such a big deal, now for martial arts i believe they should be able to pull it off fine, kirstin is a purple belt in somthing and taboo is a black belt i think in somthing else, but i think people are gonna go to the theaters just to watch kirstin on the big screen, people are gonna be disipointed and want their money back others will riot in the street and burn down move theaters showing the movie, man am i pissed at the production of this movie, BTW i give it 3 weeks in theaters and 1 month before dvd release.

Pai on Apr 21, 2008


first off no ken or ryu = bad movie its goin to be a bad moviethe only up is that charlie is in it but other than that its a bad movie

mexico on Apr 22, 2008


first of all.... no ken or ryu what is this.... MY BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT IS VEGA... HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE BLODN AND HANDSOME ... this guys is dark and ugly just like the first street fighter movie ... GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE ... this taboo guy is not right for the part... if you are going to make a movie about street figheter or other game try to get all the actors that look like the actuall character!!!!

ragazzo on Apr 30, 2008



WAR DRAGON on May 2, 2008



CHRLZ on May 2, 2008


chun li should be played by a real asian chick.Is hollyood so racist that they got an american to play the role of an asian girl.Too bad.Anyway i have lost interest in the movie.

carnage on May 2, 2008


WTF is this crap! This is a disaster waiting to happen.......... A Street Fighter movie without Ryu and Ken?? Who the hell is this Taboo to be playing Vega? "Legend of Chun-li"?? omg! Was the first attempt not bad enough? You just had to go and try to make an even worse one? (As hard as that already is to believe) Major let-down! Just drop this whole thing and let's pretened it never happened..........-.-

OMG on May 3, 2008


first of all, Kristin is Canadian, not american.. i understand that she is only half chinese but she is pretty enough for the role and she can actually act. I know they have tons of other asian girls in hollywood right now but i don't think they will be able to handle the role in terms in speaking english.. well i think maybe maggie q or lucy liu would do a good job though.

crack on May 4, 2008


The important things of the game action movie is the martial art actions must be totally chaos fighting. So "Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li" will be success if the fighting scene totally incredible, full new trick martial art, etc. Don't talk racist here, this is pure business movie. Kristin is the right choice. People want to watch her in Street Fighter.

ron on May 13, 2008


Although I do not understand why now.. But its about time... I believe Capcom is Introducing one story line at a time. If you're a hard core street fighter fan you would understand why they started off with chun li because Ideally thats where the true chaos started. With the death of her father, her trainer (gen) teaching her the arts to avenge him and the obstacles she'll have to go through to seek that revenge. However, I hope Capcom sticks with the true storyline as there is a huge story about Gen as well where Akuma is one of his goals to find that fight he's looking for. This should Introduce Ken and Ryu in the next Street Fighter Movie.

Stephendeo on Jun 1, 2008


Stephendeo, Shut the hell up, you poser! M. Bison did not start "the chaos" because he killed Chun li's father. He did it for his own psychotic reasons. Last SF live movie is already bad enough because it didn't star the true main characters Ryu&Ken instead going for Guile (which is a shallow move of trying to capture American audience). First of all, Street Fighter is never about the journey of Chun Li. The center is always the adventures of the 2 shotokan brothers. Second, this movie is already bad because they choose a half-asian chick to play a chinese character. The producers are on crack or what? Make a huge audition in China and they will find the true Chun Li there. There are more than 1 billion ppl there for G$$'s sake.

Stephendeo is not a true SF fan on Jun 20, 2008


thats weird i thought Bison was an evil syndicate boss from Thailand but claerly i was wrong he's a white blonde haired blue eyed pin up.

ceo on Jun 26, 2008


hmmm lets see. befor you start casting look at the photo's of everyone from street fighter, then cast the RIGHT people for these parts. you people should at least do SOMETHING right

Jamie on Jul 10, 2008


Taboos native american/mexican looks make him decent for plaiyng the spaniard vega??? Have you ever been to spain? Have you ever seen a spaniard in your life? Please dont make a fool of yourself, Spaniards look nothing like native americans or mexican mestizos! Their facial traits an complexion are much closer to other southern europeans (Italians, Portuguese, Greeks, etc..) Taboo looks nothing like a spaniard and would be much betther fit for a latin american or even a asian role!! Bison should be from thailand and not a blonde blue eyed anglo-saxon guy! Bison should also be a misteiros BIG built up guy with a very badass look. Not sure Mr McDonough will able to impersonate that in his role. Kristin Kreug is a gorgeuss princess and she is indeed half chinese! But she is to fragile for the part and unexperienced, so i think would she not be a very convincent shun-li. Im not even going to comment about Chris "American Pie" Klein as Charlie Nash.... The only one wich seens somewhat convincent and righ for the part is Michael Duncan as Balrog! Let alone that is much likelly that none of then have any experiences in martial arts. Well said that, i thing this movie has good chances of beiing even WORST then the first one with JCVD wich is really an achievement lol lets wait and see folks...

Emmanuel on Aug 7, 2008


You should have an open mind. Where did X-men started? there is no beginning.. ONE character at a time ONE story at a time. Just like the game...streetfighter

To the jerk who answered to stephendeo on Aug 7, 2008


This looks like it could be made by WWE films. I doubt it will have the budget to be antthing other then just okay. In the pictures ive seen it looks like Balrog is working with Chun li which is a ridiculous deviation from his character (cant have an american badguy can we). Im guessing this film will be mostly guns faceless cannon fodder badguys some cheap bullet time knock off scenes and none of the characters will resemble their in game counter parts apart from some slight nods to the game done in tongue in cheek because nobody working on the script will have the imagination to pull off the larger than life feel of the characters without going too overboard. Oh and does anyone else think casting a guy with a nose thats obviously been broken as a character who goes to the lengths of wearing a mask is a bit silly.

clark on Aug 8, 2008


S.F. does not revolve around Chun-Li! (Period) Might as well make it about Blanka or Honda! or wait! WHAT !

Akuma on Aug 8, 2008


i grew up on street fighter video games .. we were forever having tournaments .. i wanted to BE chun- li when i grew up lol casting kristen whatever her name is .. bad move. utterly stupid, my first reaction was wtf? im confused. especially with all the beautiful asian women who would have killed in this role OR the hundreds of thousands of undiscovered beautiful asian women who are actually skilled martial artists.. watching the trailer this is going to be a special effects overdose. it looks weak and they killed a potentially amazing film. may it rest in peace.

anywhereNEARher on Feb 1, 2009


PLUS! Vega was a blond!!! omg ... this movie is going to suck sooo bad!!

anywhereNEARher on Feb 1, 2009

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