Suggested Reading: Mark Millar's Wanted - Curve the Bullet

June 21, 2008

Suggested Reading: Mark Millar's Wanted

Super heroes. Super villains. The never-ending struggle. But what if that battle could end? The world would rejoice. No more bad guys endangering the innocent. People could walk the streets feeling safe, just enjoying life. But who's to say the heroes would win that fight? We always just assume that good prevails over evil. What would happen if the final battle was waged and the villains came out on top? Wanted answers that question. Published by Top Cow Productions, Wanted is a vision of a world where the big fight happened and the bad guys won. Not only do they win, but they either kill or horribly defeat the heroes and remake the world to their (The Fraternity's) specifications. And that's not even giving away the plot.

WantedJam-packed with action and vulgarity, this R-rated, mature comic book delivers on violence and dialogue. You will have to read it to believe some of the crazy shit that goes on in this book. In Wanted, we follow Wesley Gibson, your everyday run-of-the-mill working stiff. Bored with his life, job, and hating his two-timing girlfriend, Wesley wants something more out of life. Be careful what you wish for. He discovers that the father that abandoned him is actually the world's most feared and deadly assassin. Without giving away too much, the death of his father sets into motion events that will change Wesley's life forever.

I love this book! It's not set in any major comic book universe so you don't see any of your favorite heroes getting their butts handed to them and you are not conflicted with statements like "that wouldn't happen to Superman." It's definitely a guilty pleasure. Most of us always want the good guy to win and save the day, but deep down we would like to see the hero show up ten seconds too late. Some of the greatest moments of comic book history are tragic. What was also so cool about this comic series was that we got to see what some of the most powerful super villains do with their free time. How they relax, what they work on. Some seemed down that there were no great challenges anymore. It was just a very unique perspective of how villains would run things.

WantedNow, the Wanted movie looks to be a bit tweaked. From the trailer we seem to get Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) going about his business and day-to-day life when the character the Fox (Angelina Jolie), shows up and tells Wesley his father has died and is also the world's best assassin. I try to stay away from watching all the TV spots and viewing all the trailers online so that I don't get too much of the movie spoiled, but it seems that the Fraternity in this movie is a league of good assassins. "Kill one, save a thousand," I believe is the quote that Angelina Jolie's character says. This already is a huge difference from the comic book series but, honestly, I can see why.

The book is so over the top with its violence and villainy that if it were translated perfectly from comic to screen it may push the bounds of an NC-17 rating in my opinion. That would be great, but it's almost impossible to find a theater anymore that will show a film of that rating. This movie, however, is R-rated and I can totally see Hollywood throwing us a curve ball and revealing that these would-be "good assassins" are evil as all hell. But at the end of the day, Wanted has an all-star cast that I don't see could make out a bad film. The stunts in the few trailers that I have seen look amazing and everybody I know is excited about the film. Who likes assassins? I do!

I highly recommend this comic book. It sure is the way to break up your everyday comic book grid and really shakes up the super villain genre. You will want to ask yourself "is being evil really that bad?" Mark Millar writes some of the most realistic characters you have ever read. He makes you care about them even when they are evil S.O.B's. Matched with J.G. Jones' brilliant pencils, you have a winning combination. For all you villains out there, read the Wanted series. And the rest of you borderline heroes, check out Wanted in theaters next weekend. So long from Roman's Land and keep on reading.

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I will follow the advice and give this a read. Haven't read a comic book since i was 10, but should be fun.

Discateia on Jun 21, 2008


Here's a better suggestion. Don't read the book unless you want to be completely disappointed by this movie. You see the book has a plot line. Where as the movie has... special effects?

D on Jun 21, 2008


i agree with no.2

Darrin on Jun 21, 2008


So i read the books, and then i came back and watched those replies. I can't help but laugh. These books were trash. A piece of crap, pointless piece of crap. I'm not even excited about the movie anymore, or maybe i am because the movie sounds very different from the books. Which is a good thing, maybe it won't be as crap as the books. I can't believe people like this stuff lol

Discateia on Jun 21, 2008


Well, you know, nobody's seen the movie yet, so...

DCompose on Jun 21, 2008


4. I bet you're a huge fan of Michael Bay.

D on Jun 21, 2008


actaully #5 DCompose i saw the movie like 3 days ago 🙂

ha1rball on Jun 22, 2008


#2 - Uh, have you SEEN the movie? To be frank, it kicks ass, a lot of it. And it follows the story of the comics quite a bit. Don't make claims like this unless you've seen the movie. Plus, the movie is it's own thing. It's inspired by the comic, it's not a direct frame-by-frame adaptation!

Alex Billington on Jun 22, 2008


Thank you Alex For those people who keep saying that this movie is trash, has nothing to do with the comics, deviates too much from the original, and a total ripoff of someone else's idea to make money... have you not seen the behind the scenes featurete that was posted here a while back? Now after watching that, Of course its to make money...but how can you say this is not a tribute to the comic?

Nate on Jun 22, 2008


6. I bet you're a huge fan of Uwe Boll.

SOLID SNAKE on Jun 22, 2008


Didn't someone already confirm that there are no super-villains in the movie? What about Angelina's big speech in the previews "kill one save a thousand"? This all seems to contradict everything that the comic was about: secret society of super-villains (not assassins) and kill/rape whomever you want because you can get away with it.

Marc on Jun 22, 2008


The fraternity looks a little villainous in the previews to me. I'm still looking forward to this movie, and the series sounds like a great read. Hey, nobody likes Uwe Boll. Thanks for jumping in to keep it real, Alex.

Reverend on Jun 22, 2008


Marc, #11, I suggest you see the movie before you make claims that it contradicts everything... Don't you think they'd keep that a secret in the movie for those who haven't read the comic books...?

Alex Billington on Jun 22, 2008


all i got to say is that there is a character named "Shithead" in it...made entirely guessed it,shit."death by dysentry",lol classic.

blud on Jun 22, 2008


He curves the bullet atleast 3 times in the movie. Now I read the comic well over a year and half ago, but I don't remember a bullet being curved such a huge part of the comic. Nor anything to do with a train. Or it colliding with anything, or it crashing off a mountain. I also don't remember Wesley (eminem) jumping over cars by hitting a corvette straight on. Infact like 2-3 of the first comics were just a bad ass set up with no action what so ever.

D on Jun 22, 2008


And not only am I a huge fan of Uwe Boll, I'm also a huge fan of spawning barrels and rolling over people with them. SOLID SNAKE STYLE! Crotch grabbing and blending into statues by grabbing their marble wieners. Solid snake lolz.

D on Jun 22, 2008


The movie was awesome. Saw it 3 days ago and loved it. The one word to describe it as is hot. Must see.

Ryan on Jun 22, 2008

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