Sukiyaki Western Django Sizzle Reel Trailer

March 18, 2008

Sukiyaki Western Django Trailer

The first footage from Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django has arrived and its actually quite impressive. However, I really despise this movie. I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival last year and it was utter crap. The 3 minutes or so you get to see in this trailer make up the first 5 minutes and the last 30 minutes of the movie, that's it, seriously. It's a 2 hour movie, so what's left is an hour and half of the most boring half-English talking scenes you could ever imagine. Some may call it a masterpiece, but I call it a waste 2 hours, despite how much I enjoyed that last 30 minutes.

It was painful to even watch this. I was at a midnight show after about five days of hardly any sleep, so I was kicking myself to stay awake. Each new scene I was hoping that just minutes later someone would fire a gun, but I had to wait a full 90 minutes before something remotely exciting ever happened. That gatling gun, yea, it's pretty cool, but you don't see it until the last 20 minutes and they use it for about 10 before the guy gets killed and it's forgotten. I'm just telling you the truth, because I don't want you guys wasting your time either. Anyway, enjoy the sizzle reel - it's the best part.

Watch the sizzle reel for Sukiyaki Western Django from YouTube:

Set during "The Genpei Wars" at the end of the 1100s, the Minamoto and Taira gangs face off in a town named Yuda, while a deadly gunman (Ito Hideaki) comes to the aid of the townsfolk.

Sukiyaki Western Django is directed & co-written by renowned Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, known for countless horror films including Ichi the Killer, Audition, Gozu, and One Missed Call. The film arrives in US theaters sometime in August of 2008 courtesy of First Look Studios. The latest poster is seen below.

Sukiyaki Western Django Poster

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if this is supposed to be the best parts then yea its going to be a terrible movie, looked like shit

harrison on Mar 18, 2008


Video seems to be down. I had mixed feelings about this movie, I still haven't seen the trailer for this western. Takashi Miike is one helluva' film maker, would be a shame to see this title flop under his name. Honest to god they're running out of ideas.

nemes1s on Mar 19, 2008


ehh. tarantino is only a good actor in small doses, like his roll in Pulp Fiction or From Dusk Till Dawn

Alexander on Mar 19, 2008


I agree with Alex; I saw this at the Kosmorama film festival in Trondheim, Norway, and I really thought this would be something I would like. It wasn't. It was a load of crap: piss-poor acting, baaaad script (knock-off of Red Harvest, same book Fistful of Dollars, Yojimbo and Last man Standing is based on - and most importantly Django, of which this is supposedly a remake), horrible, confusing action scenes (that probably works fine in horror, but guess what, Miike, THIS AIN'T IT), in addition to being just plain boring. You forgot to mention that it's impossible to understand what anyone is saying, because they speak bad English with Japanese accents, and it is NOT subtitled... No, this experiment was a failure.

JBQ on Mar 19, 2008


Wow this looks bad. Why did the cut the trailer like the trailer for a comedy?

David on Mar 19, 2008


I guess I'm the only one who enjoyed the film. It's definitely better than some of the crap he's putting out the last couple of years. The cinematography was excellent and the story definitely reminded me of Yojimbo. Which is a good thing.

Mike on Mar 19, 2008


As well it should, since it was based on the same story.. Well, can't really blame you for liking it, although I myself did not find the cinematography that excellent at all - rather messy and confusing, and not at all among the best of the last few years.

JBQ on Mar 19, 2008


Well I haven'tread Red Harvest, so Yojimbo is all I have to go on. I really don't know what to tell you, I thought the cinematography was pretty good and yes, it's not close to being the best but it was still good. Especially in the last scene with the snow, even though that's been seen many times in other films. And I loved the overacting and the terrible broken English of the actors. I guess since I knew what to expect from this movie, I was already braced for what it had to offer.

Mike on Mar 19, 2008


In a sense, it was the right story to base it on - the penultimate samurai/western-tale. Being a big fan of Takeshi Kitano, and other surrealist Japanese directors, I also thought I knew what I was going to. In fact, I was a little bit sceptical since I don't care for Takashi Miike's work in general, but by no means negative in advance. I thought it was a waste, you liked it, that's just how it goes, I guess.

JBQ on Mar 19, 2008


Battle Royal series was great Guess I have to dis-agree I liked the trailer. Takeshi Kitano can do no wrong and I would watch this. Maybe too much Tarantino could kill it.

SHANE D on Mar 19, 2008

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