Summit Moving Forward with Twilight Sequel New Moon

November 22, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Twilight - New Moon

We all knew this was coming. Based on Twilight's $33 million Friday box office total, Summit Entertainment has announced that they're moving forward with the Twilight sequel New Moon. This follows a previous announcement that stated Summit had officially picked up the rights for the remaining books New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. This is great news for fans of the books and movie, and not-so-good news for everyone else. Stephenie Meyer commented on this, saying, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on New Moon."

This really is not the most exciting news for people like myself who can't stand the franchise and its fans. However, it is a confirmation that my prediction about Twilight and Summit in my Sunday Discussion was correct - picking up the Twilight rights was the best thing they've ever done. If everything stays on track, Twilight might end up with a $70 million weekend, making Summit an overnight success. I'm already expecting New Moon to be an even bigger hit (sequels always are), but I'm curious if the franchise will remain strong all the way through four books. By the time we get to Breaking Dawn, will the Twilight series have shifted to TV of straight-to-DVD or will it still get a small theatrical opening?

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I think you're underestimating the fan-power behind these books Alex. The same fans who saw Twilight this weekend are going to see the next three films as well. The fan-base is going to grow as well, so if anything the opening weekend of the next films will be even bigger than Twilight's this weekend. Based on most reviews, because I haven't seen it, the films can only really get better from here, which will also help their BO.

Keith on Nov 22, 2008


Again Alex, I posted that this franchise is NOT 4 us! WE are NOT the demographic....Do u actually think that voicing your displeasure 4 this franchise makes a difference? Disliking the movie is one thing, but disliking the fans??? That is sooooo biased. Whatever happened to being impartial? Great news for Summit though!

Blue Silver on Nov 22, 2008


yeah can you please stop reporting on twilight here. i really don't care about seeing it here. having articles on twilight here, not the target demo, just makes me have to scroll through more unnecessary headlines especially if i haven't read the news on this website in a while. pls. i am really really lazy and only like your reporting on actually well-made films (ahem twilight ahem). also this movie cements my theory that the younger generation is severly ill informed on quality entertainment. someone needs to start educating them on what is quality and what is not. and yes before you start ripping on me i do like romantic or what is considered lady-oriented films. stupid CW/MTV/MUCH pop culture!

andrew on Nov 22, 2008


At least there'll be werewolves next time around. Long Live Underworld, you screwy Twilighters!! Haha jk

McScottsonfelds on Nov 22, 2008


@Keith I don't think this is the kind of franchise that is going to have a far reaching effect. These are tweens we're talking about after all, and as much as they love to obsesse over something now they have the tendancy to drop it like a hot potato once the new shiny thing comes along. With no new books planned for the series on the writing side (the one book, a rewriting of the first novel by Edwards point of view has been put on hold indeffiantely) there's nothing to fill in the gaps between films. Without anything fresh on that end to propel the story there's no way in hell the fandom will hold together long enough for all four books to become movies.

duca on Nov 22, 2008

6 Just thought Twilight fans might find this kinda interesting. It's not a great article, but parts are intriguing.

McScottsonfelds on Nov 22, 2008


I'm happy with the news but of course I'm a fan. I do think it's unfortunate that you hate the franchise and fans so much. I always have such a hard time understanding why some people get so angry when people like something that they don't. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. I've had my share of boyfriends/friends/whatever who I haven't shared movie interests with but I would never begrudge them their happiness over what they enjoy. It just seems like you get really angry about Twilight and I really don't understand why. You don't have to like it but I certainly wouldn't let it upset you so much. At the end of the day is any of this going to really matter? Doubtful.

janet on Nov 22, 2008


@5 The tweens and their younger siblings will ride out the fantastical stretch of four books! Look at the Harry Potter franchise! Since '01 and STILL going strong.......a lot of buzz and anticipation.....and those are 7 books! I applaud Summit for their success and hope that they improve the sequel. I respect the fans because without ya, the film would bomb. Just like comic book fans( and there are shitloads), we dictate the success of the films! NO need to hate!!

Blue Silver on Nov 22, 2008



The Rambler on Nov 22, 2008


Personally, I dislike Twilight fans because I hate Twilight (but I'll digress)... no real surprise there, particularly when fans are obsessed to the point of rioting. It certainly is a "phenomenon." And as biased as Alex or may be, they're entitled to their opinions, just like you all are entitled to leave positive or negative comments in response. I'm not surprised with Summit, either. I guess I'm just wondering if Robert Pattinson wants to go for Round 2.

DK on Nov 22, 2008


@10 Hating the fans is not an opinion, it's an affirmation. Big difference! A pro will either like or hate a film, not go so far as to criticize the fans too. For all we know that could be us in a couple of years when the next 'Batman' movie is released!

Blue Silver on Nov 22, 2008


Hugh fan of the books, more so with the first one then the others, but I just don't like Twilight the movie when I compare it to the book. On its own its an ok teen movie filled with love and action, but as a fan its f*cking horrible. They ruined what could be a great book-to-movie. The books are written with great details. Very simple in my mind, so was it so hard to adapt it to screen? I will probably end up see the other movies but waiting for DVD instead of first night now. *Oh and I'm not a crazed fan of the books. Most people wouldn't even know I like them if they looked at me. Not all fans are crazed just to let you guys know.*

Samantha on Nov 22, 2008


@Blue Silver I'm sorry, but Twilight is not Harry Potter. Besides, the final Harry Potter book did not come out until last year so there have been novels to keep the kids interested. They're almost done the movie version and they have proven to be fine movies on their own without needing to relie souly on the audience generated by the novels. Harry Potter has mass appeal and is a big time Hollywood franchise. There's really no comparison.

duca on Nov 22, 2008


I'm not a fan, but why is it bad news that there's a sequel? I couldn't give a rip one way or another.

David123456 on Nov 22, 2008


News of a sequel so soon? That just shows that they're making a killing at the box office and they want to do it again. I'm not sure that the ticket sales are going to be so good in a week or two, reviews look bad for the movie, no one but fans are going to go see this movie more than once at the theater. Cool fan site for Twilight I thought I'd share. Thanks for the info!

Ethan Meadow on Nov 22, 2008


Like several book to movies, some work, some don't. I've never read them and probably won't because the idea of vampires and romance is overrated and overdone. I disagree with the author's comment "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment". I think J.K. Rowling has more positive experience. Several book franchises that have movies. But the sign of sequel being made is not always positive, don't forget usually sequels are horrible no matter what they're based on. The only vampire movie I really appreciate is Underworld. I don't even know why I'm commenting, I could really care less.

andrew on Nov 22, 2008


"This really is not the most exciting news for people like myself who can't stand the franchise and its fans." Then stop reporting it. Idiot.

Dom on Nov 22, 2008


I'm not so sure that a series of films will be a good move. While the money for the premier weekend is astonishing, historically only male-oriented series of films have been financially successful. The reason is simple: Date Night. Or more long-winded, guys pay for the movie and choose a mutually acceptable movie. This ain't it. Titanic made loads of money but had no real sequels or copies, because all the money came at the back of the theatrical showing. Hollywood took notice. Meanwhile, the Spider-Man movies made a boatload of money, and so too did the Batman movies. Hit movies typically are built on the male quadrants "plus" being acceptable to women. That's the road to a $1 Billion USD theatrical box office. You're talking one "quadrant" i.e. young women. That's who is the audience. You CANNOT get young men to watch this stuff, for obvious reasons (they HATE Edward Cullen). Harry Potter Blue Silver could appeal to both sexes. It had a male hero. No Guy is going to watch "perfect" Edward and not even "perfect" Bella. Guys hated Titanic and Di Caprio too. I suppose if the movies can be made on a budget, quickly, it might be smart. Sex and the City made tons of money, did not cost that much, even though it was guy-repellent too. However that was relatively "cheap" i.e. no real effects, TV actors not up and coming "screen idols" and not much going on.

whiskey on Nov 23, 2008


Cost control will be critical to making the movies a financial success. I don't like the movies or the book, I've said so on Dirty Harry's site, but Hollywood USED to be able to make lots of movies like this (appealing to women only) and for cheap. I just don't know if Hollywood has it in them to execute a movie that satisfies the fans, does it cheap and fast, and can do it with craft and care. Sigh. There are a lot of bad things about Hollywood's Blockbuster mentality. One positive thing, if sequels are able to make money, conceptually the same techniques for controlling the budget could make more mature, intelligent movies that have a more limited appeal, profitable.

whiskey on Nov 23, 2008


i agree with alex. i don't like the books and will avoid the movies. i do understand the studio reality: they can make lots of money on the teen fans of this "bubblegum stuff". once a fad is started......the kids will eat up anything they put out. harry potter ring a bell?

dan on Nov 23, 2008


it's a shame that the movie is as bad as it is, in the right hands, this could have been an excellent movie. The studio cheaped out, though, and made this movie about as poorly as it could have been made. I've seen HBO movies that had bigger sfx budgets. That said, this thing is going to keep going and going. my g/f wants to see it again next friday, and I bet she and all her friends will probably see this at least five times each. Expect this thing to do at least 200m. And the next movies will only be better, because the story gets better, up until the 4th one, at least.

jason on Nov 23, 2008


Why, world, why???? I wanna move to the moon, i'm sick and tired of this shit -.-'

samy on Nov 23, 2008


It made more than Q.O.S. this weekend. It made $70 mill. wow

big r on Nov 23, 2008


70.5 million. Wow! That'll piss off the many on this board. Sequel time! LOL! 🙂 I am thrilled 4 Summit. An underdog studio that is coming out swingin'. I hope they make the sequels 10x better.

Blue Silver on Nov 23, 2008


Great for Summit. I always like it when fledgling studios or faded stars or semi-forgotten personalities emerge from obscurity and into the limelight. Although I haven't seen the flick, I will reserve judgment and hope that the sequels are much better, based from what I'm reading!

Spider on Nov 23, 2008


I'm not sure why there is so much bashing on Twilight from this website. Alex why do you hate this franchise so much? Is there some kind of bad blood? Ex g/f maybe? Good for Summit Entertainment though, for getting a movie under their belt. The movie wasn't horrible by any standards. Bad special effects and some cheesy parts but I can name your worst movies that came out this year. This fan base is huge! All these movies will do well.

Curtis G on Nov 24, 2008


All I'm going to say is that Twilight was not at all a great movie and yes some liked it and some hated it. I felt that the movie didn't even hite the heart of the book. Don't tell me that there was a lot of information that couldn't get into the movie, all I have to say is Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter can do it so can this book. If I were the author I would be very disappointed in the outcome of this movie. I might try watching it again in the future when the book is not as freash in my mind but until then I will not ever suggest that any one watch this movie. The book is not about being a vampier it's about love, so focus on that leave the special effects out. The book doesn't even call for them.

Meredith on Nov 24, 2008


I must put my 2 cents in here. This movie was not meant to be taken as a cinematic masterpiece. At least not by anyone above the age of 13. This was not a film to be given a four disc collectors edition with tshirt, vial of Edwards blood and a graphic novel of how to fight renegade blood drinkers. It was not a great movie. It was an interesting story, a neat idea of vampirism (for kids) and it was something for me personally to remember never to do. I thought it was poorly done in most respects. It seems the movie was a bit obvious with the advice it gives to younger women, which in all fairness is important. Since it hit the target audience like a freight train congratulations to the people behind the movie. Hopefully they cast it better next time. My favaorite part of it though was the vampire that most resembled Beaker from the Muppets. Without him i'd have nothing to laugh at to make this movie the least bit enjoyable to watch.

Nosferatu on Nov 24, 2008



SHARLA on Nov 28, 2008


Okay, so I'm not a teen myself and I AM a huge fan OF THE BOOKS...but let's call a spade a spade people....the movie sucked. Was it enjoyable??? Yes. it's fun to see characters that you've grown to know and love 'come to life' on the big screen...but that's about where the novelty ends. I have no idea how ANY TRUE fans of the books could say that "Twilight the movie" was "better" than the books?? Seriously?? C'mon!! The special effects were laughable. The acting, sub-par (except for Kristen...she was quite good!). Not to mention the make-up...omg....could they have caked on the white make-up ANY MORE obviously?? The close-ups of the Cullens was a joke!! And I won't even touch on the book-to-movie story line. SOO much was NEEDLESSLY changed in the translation...I am very disappointed in Stephenie Meyer for approving so many changes from the book that I don't feel were necessary at all. I was really hoping for a new director and screenwriter but it looks like Summit is sticking with Hardwicke and Rosenberg. Let's all hope that with more money, the cast will get acting coaches, the make-up artists will learn some different techniques, and the special effects guys will step up their game, big time!! I wish Peter Jackson's special effects guys from the "lord of the Rings" trilogy could be signed on for this!!! NOW THAT would be some cool movie-making!! One can only hope...

Rachel on Dec 2, 2008


Oh c'mon hating the fans? I am not a 13 year old girl nor am I in my teens at all! I think those of you who thought the movie "sucked" went in expecting it to be better than the book. Seriously, you can say you didn't but you know deep down that you were. I am a HP and LoTR fan just as much as I am a Twihard fan and I have to say that out of the 3 LoTR was probably the only film adaptation that really truly stayed true to the heart of the book. I mean c'mon now with like gawd knows how MUCH money to make the film! And I can't even begin to say how HP films get on my nerves, they just turn the whole story around but just keep the same characters! It just makes me sad to read some of these comments, Twilight wasn't even supposed to be this huge epic movie phenomenon. Hardwicke is indeed more of an indie film maker but I do believe that she captured the essence and soul of the book. Bella and Edward were supposed to be awkward in the beginning that's why we didn't get the full KAPOW of their relationship! They've only been dating for like what a month? I think being attuned to their relationship in the books we fans only expect to feel that electricity between them (which I totally understand! I got goosebumps at the end when he's about to bite her while Flightless Bird, American Mouth was playing!) I do have strong hopes and the faith that New Moon will be, if not amazing but SUPERB because of the plot and story line.

marianne on Dec 3, 2008


I appreciate your comments Marianne, but I do want to point some thing out to you. First, when the movie was coming out, I told ALL of my fellow Twihards "not to expect anything". I KNEW it wasn't going to be good. I'm telling you the honest to God's truth on that. What I DID expect, was SOME kind of depth and honesty in the movie in regards to the book. I mean take this for hard would it have been to have Bella and Charlie eat at home with Bella making him dinner, not at the diner for every meal, so the audience could SEE how much of a 'caretaker' Bella is?? That was a DEFINING part of her character in the book...I mean, that is one of the big reasons Edward was so drawn to her....she is selfless and good, remember?? It felt like the only reason they shot scenes in a diner was so Stephenie Meyer could have her 3 seconds on-screen. Here's another thing...Did Katherine (or Rosenberg for that matter) even TOUCH on Jasper's gift of altering people's emotions?? No, they just made him walk around like he was constipated....again, he could have done that role a little bit better, if not a LOT better and the essence of HIS character was completely lost. Another thing, why did they have to change the physical appearance of James and Laurent?? In the book those guys had short, cropped hair....again, something so easy they just changed...why?? And don't get me started on Jacob. Where did that long stupid hair come from and WHAT was the point in it?? We KNOW he's Indian, but couldn't they have made it shoulder length and pulled into a ponytail LIKE THE BOOK SAYS??? I mean, I could go on and on. I know they didn't have a lot of money to do this, but these little things really bug me! And seriously, don't hold your breath for "superb" on New Moon. I'm saying it right here....Twilight (the movie) did SUCK.....New Moon may suck just a little bit less with any luck (and bigger budget).

Rachel on Dec 3, 2008


Well i agree with Rachel on the fact that twilight the movie sucked I really think New Moon will be better though or there will be alot of disappointed people out there and no more sequels.But the only reason i would watch New Moon is because of the Volturi as for the sucky cast that makes the Cullens i hate that they are a package deal but if Catherine keeps to the book then i won't have to see much of them.

Cherry on Dec 3, 2008


Now yes Twilight is a young adult novel, but really if you have read the saga you would know that it is very adult in material and by the end of the series the books are adult books.

Meredith on Dec 4, 2008


I am 33, never really liked reading, much less a 600 page book. But I went to watch Twilight..LOVED the movie and then bought the book. Yes books are always better than the movie,but not reading the book first I really enjoyed the movie. Finished the book in 2 days, to go out and buy the rest of the series to only finish them all in 1 week. New moon is a lot more about the wolfs..a little less interesting to me but I am interested to see how the movie will turn out. I would have to agree with Rachel, Jasper did look constipated. But I really love Edward and Bella...even on screen

Jen Ray on Dec 6, 2008


Well, me too dont like reading also..but when i started reading twilight i cant stop it...i finished reading the 4 books already and its great!! i watched the movie also bella and edward gee i love them..looking forward for the new moon movie.

Lily on Dec 8, 2008


First and foremost does anyone remember Buffy. Same concept,huge sucess. Also has anyone else on this comment board wrote a book and had a huge success from it, movie and all. Obviously not! So why doesnt everyone who doesnt like Twilight mind thier own buisness and quit knocking people that do. Maybe get your own hobby and turn it into a success. As for your information not just tweens like the movie, ages range from tweens to adults. I mean come on you think a bunch of tweens had 69 mill dollars.

lORI on Dec 8, 2008


I am a huge fan of twilight and i think this article was wrong the movie was amaizing and hopefully if the new director gets more into the book the next movie will be amazing. I think that all the movies will be a hit especially sinse evryone i know who has read the books are going to see them all. Ive read all the books ella and edward are amazing together and the books are terrifect. I know everyone has their own oppion but even people i know who have never read the book and seen the movie said it was amazing so I dont know what your talking about.

Jane on Dec 13, 2008


I almost agree completly with Rachels comment on Dec. 3,2008. Except that i dont think the movie completely sucked i thought that alice was soemwhat good charcter but everything else was to switched around that it made it an good movie but not great.

Lea on Dec 13, 2008


I agree complelty with sharla (nov.28th). YES! someone has some sense here.

Jane on Dec 13, 2008


Katherine Harwicke is officially OUT as Director of New Moon...Let's HOPE AND PRAY that whichever director comes in and takes this over can do OUR FANS JUSTICE with the next 3 movies!!! (or 4 movies if they're smart and make Breaking Dawn into 2 movies!!! 😉 AND COULD SOMEONE TELL PETER JACKSON WE'D BE HAPPY TO HAVE HIM ON THIS PROJECT?!?!?!?!!?

Rachel on Dec 13, 2008


I don't believe that this movie is just for teens i am 52 yrs old and a friend of mine is 48 we have both been to see this movie at least 30 times since it has been out. I have read all four books and totally praise summit for their vision of what a great movie is. as far as alex is concerned i think that knocking fans is a bit below the belt, i am a sheriff's deputy and i would love to see him say these comments to my face. you know what they say about someone's trash.................

rose mickelson on Dec 28, 2008


Hey, I don't know what you guys see bad in the twilight movie. I've read the 4 books and think is the best fiction books with a terrific love story involved. is the best; i don't agree with those who say that it was shit because it wasn't. it was the best love story that i've read and i enjoy the reading with bella and edward. Boy i love those guys they are great. stephen meyer is a great writer and i agree that she is the best writer in today days. i am against those who says something bad a gainst these great books and the wonderful movie the have done.

Valerie on Oct 11, 2009

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